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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  January 7, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> harris: directly from the president, a promise to an orderly transition of power on january 20th. after congress affirmed resident is like joe biden's win overnight. "outnumbered overtime," now, i'm harris faulkner. cleanup underway. tensions running high, still, after what is typically a formality for members of congress, descended into cass yesterday. and when began with the president urging support is too much to the capitol and protest the election results. we showed you all about live right before this show. just hours later, bob stormed into the capitol.
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leaving a trail of destruction. four people died. team fox coverage now on the story, live for us in washington, d.c., on the aftermath of the violence on capitol hill. let's go to john roberts. john. >> harris, good afternoon to you. we have heard nothing from president trump yesterday since his social media director tweeted out a statement from that president following the certification of the electoral count ballot very, very early this morning. the president did present the medal of freedom. but nothing from the president so far on camera today. plenty, though, on president trump from other people, including his recently departed attorney general,
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william barr, who scorch the president, saying "orchestrated a mob is inexcusable. the president's conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters." even his partner, lindsey graham. listen to it he said. >> trump and i, we have had a hell of a journey. i hate that it ends this way. i hated. all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. i tried to be helpful. when it's over, it is over. it is over. >> and a number of administration officials resigning in the wake of yesterday's violence, including a special envoy for northern ireland, mick mulvaney. also white house chief of staff. stephanie grisham, matt pottinger. sarah matthews, deputy press secretary, white house social secretary. and ryan tully.
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at the national security council. acting dhs secretary, chad wolf, says he will stay in his position, but also calling on the president to do more to denounce the violence, and his statement saying "what happened yesterday was tragic and sickening. i implore the president and all elected officials to strongly condemn the violence." not long after that statement was put out by chad wolf, the white house informed us that his nomination to be permanent secretary of homeland security had been withdrawn from the senate, but the deputy press secretary insisted that was mere coincidence. in a statement, saying that withdrawal occurred yesterday. it was not related at all to wednesday's event or the acting secretary's comments this morning. secretary wolf remains the acting secretary and continues to perform the duties of his office. a number of officials are wrestling with the idea of dui resign, or do i stay in my position to help ensure an
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orderly transition of power? it's a difficult decision for many and one that they will spend the next couple of hours or maybe days mulling it over. they would be better to stay where they are. they could be more effective in terms of the nations future if they did that, rather than pulling the record. >> harris: newt gingrich just told me absolutely stay so that he can be helpful. you only have two weeks. john roberts, thank you. meanwhile, heavy security today and our nation's capitol, following what protesters did, some of them, storming the capitol building. you can see some of the damage here. dozens were arrested during the chaos. at the top dhs officials of this today. >> it is not acceptable anywhere by anyone. will he sent reinforcements, hundreds of our officers, and we
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stand ready to continue the level of support. >> harris: mark meadows is live outside the u.s. capitol with more on the aftermath. mark. >> harris, good afternoon. things much, or at the capitol today. we seen a person increase in the number of police officers, national guard, media here. we are nothing any demonstrations, and we've been here since sunrise. however, of course, the investigation into what happened yesterday remains underway. police making at least 69 arrests since the cans unfolded, including 14 arrests for unlawful entry into the capitol. as you mentioned, one woman killed in the officer involved shootings. three others died from medical issues, and more than 50 officers were also hurt. the fbi asking for help in identifying those responsible for all of this destruction. this after officials confirmed that explosive devices were also found not far from the capitol at the nearby republican and
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democratic party headquarters. as for the damage inside the building, fox was able to get some video of what the cleanup is like today. workers cleaning up graffiti, repositioning furniture, boarding up windows after glass was shattered. these images are not only disturbing but really acceptab acceptable. >> i had a lot of anger reviewed many of my colleagues, that the capitol got overrun. these were anarchist and terrorist. there is no place for it. >> the chief of the, anticipatig first amendment activity, but make no mistake, these mass riots were not first amendment activities. they were criminal, riotous behavior. what we have seen in lafayette park over the summer and what we are seeing now around the capitol complex. barrier standard for an operation, going up maybe a little bit earlier then we would normally see. normal sized barriers that are up around the office buildings, but these are much bigger, going up today.
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when we got here this morning, we saw a lot of people coming into like. the public now being pushed out as security is based on. >> harris: just real quickly, just through its acting attorney general, jeff rosen, had said they are looking to identify perpetrators, charge federal crimes where warranted. actually being charged today. and we will continue to methodically assess evidence, make arrests in the coming days. that from the doj. to add to your reporting which was already so thorough. thank you very much. appreciate it. senator bill cassidy, republican senator from louisiana joins me now. senator, first of all want to get your first person take on the day after. where do you go forward from yesterday? speak up first, thank you. the first thing to think about .
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we came back into session. we had a peaceful transfer of power. we certify the electoral college votes. our democracy works. and no matter what these insurrectionist what attempted you, they failed. our country's institutions stronger than they. that is what i think the day has. >> harris: amen to that. "the new york post" piece is out today, senator cassidy, and it says "political violence must be done by the right and the left." "there is no reason to accept the escalation. millions of trump supporter's are horrified by wednesday as evidence. just as millions of liberal democrats no doubt were shocked by the post george floyd looting. but this is the digital age. the folks in the middle don't assign the debate. the resistance does. the country needs more than anything else right now and
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immediate bipartisan embrace of zero-tolerance for politically motivated violence of any sort." senator cassidy. speak up i am totally accepting of that, although i would add to it, i'm pretty concerned. i'm real concerned. and so, i would say even when you push the right on the left of center, you are still with those who do not tolerate violence. we are americans first. and it is only the fringe that would embrace it. we are always united against the fringe. they wish to impose their narrow vision of how the world would work upon the rest of us. those are called fascists. and that is not what our constitution is about. so, we need to work together, for us as americans, solutions for americans, but frankly also, to protect our freedoms. the more people abuse our
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freedoms, the less freedom that you have. one more thing. as i listen to your message, barricading off the capitol grounds, normally people jogging there. back there. now it's barricaded. we lost our freedom of mobility because people abuse to the freedoms they have. we have to visit that. >> harris: i want to get you this now. mike gallagher of wisconsin said this on tucker carlson last night. speak well, i think anyone who is telling you that business as usual in d.c., somehow these people are going to move on, is lying to you. what we are witnessing is not just a specific frustration about the election but a culmination of a loss of faith in the basic institutions of our country. foremost among them, congress. >> harris: how do we get that back? senator.
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>> we get it back by having a goal of getting something done. i will say from my own perspective, on addressing surprised medical billing. you go to the hospital, you've got a $10,000 bill. what we came up with, 34 senate cosponsors, 17 republicans. 17 democrats. we ended up getting all of the democratic committee chairs on board in the house of representatives. it took us two years. it was a lot of work and give-and-take. it happened. the group that when pelosi and schumer weren't talking to mcconnell and the white house, we came together independently of them, came up with a plan, and that was implemented. it can work. it just takes effort. it takes commitment to put our country first. >> harris: a lot of people were looking at that kind of work that you're just describing for a stimulus relief package.
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going forth, let's see if what you have outlined could actually begin to take hold. i appreciate your time so much. senator cassidy. glad you are okay. >> thanks. >> harris: lawmakers are considering whether we were not prepared to contain yesterday's chaos. what must be done to make sure there is not a repeat on inauguration day or anything like it. >> they just need an overwhelming police force. nothing deters criminal activity plan like an overwhelming police force. it said that we have to do that when we are celebrating the peaceful transfer of power. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. and nutrients to it's a newith va loans.ran homeowners with mortgage rates at record lows
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>> wasn't like people didn't know yesterday was going to be a contentious day. it's been building for weeks. there should have been a better plan in place to secure the united states capitol. it was an embarrassment not only in our country but around the world for people to see that happen to the united states b-17. should have never happened. cannot happen again. >> harris: that was steve scalise. lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle are now questioning how a mob managed to breach the capitol yesterday. head of the subcommittee in charge of funding capitol place. "there will be an investigation. someone will be fired. "this is an embarrassment. a heads will roll." can rest when beyond d.c. police responded to demonstrations outside trump tower in new york city and chicago last night, and in kansas, 200 people in the streets, storming the statehouse. in washington, d.c., excuse me,
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washington state, the grounds of the governor's mansion were breached. joining me now, former chief of police, fellow at the institute. daniel, great to see you today. first of all, talk to me about the preparation that you personally saw from your own experience, leaving so many. >> so, the capitol place had a reputation for handling large-scale events and large crowds. there should have been a multifaceted, multi-response plan implies that when the frontline got breached, additional resources would have surged in quickly to reinforce them. it is all about maintaining the crowd behavior. if you've got individuals who start engaging in violence, you need to have resources that can overwhelm them, and in quickly, change the attitude of the crowd, that they realize there are consequences for the action, and that didn't occur yesterday. there needs to be a full accounting of what was the plan? what was the intelligence, and
10:19 am
what exactly played out? we need to have a report of the good the bad and the ugly. make sure this never happens again. this was end of the building that was attacked. this was our democracy that was attacked, and it can never happen again, and we need to learn the hard lessons to prevent it from ever occurring. >> harris: you know, it's interesting. you said what was the plan? what was the intelligence question it started with the rally with the president speaking for over an hour. people were singing. there was a complete shift in town for some of them. what do you look for a head is something that was so joyous? speak up you are looking at what's being said on twitter, what's being set on 4 chan, to then engage in hijacking and violence. that was clear and out there.
10:20 am
and that should have been appropriately addressed and a plan to have resources. the best thing that could have happened, predeployment of national guard and regional troops to be standing by. hopefully we don't need them, but if glass is broken like yesterday, and not figurative but literally, you can put resources and very quickly to overwhelm those crowds that are trying to deal i'm here >> harris: yet, it be really interesting to see. i'm always kind of a personal responsibility type of woman. i want to see who exactly was doing what. i don't make any assumptions about jerseys that people where or any of that. on the ground, all this came is to tell us who did what. today, the chief of capitol police with a statement. "it was unlike any i have ever experienced in my 30 years in law enforcement here in washington. have a robust a plan to address anticipated first amendment activities, but make no mistake. these mass riots were not
10:21 am
first amendment activities. they were criminal riotous behavior." almost echoing some of what you just said, daniel. >> the other challenge we have both, a lot of the protesters were people who trespassed. what is the appropriate use of force for people who are trespassing? you can use lethal force against the crowd that is getting into a building ordinarily. if they've got weapons, putting people's lives in harm's way, that changes. it is charged as a misdemeanor. they can to use lethal force, which is that was an option, that crowd would have started turning back if officers did that. we don't want to have lethal force he is like that, but we need to have alternatives. the best is to have an overwhelming number of officers who could have prevented people from making a decision to engage in behavior that they came criminal and taking it away from what was started as a peaceful protest but turned into a
10:22 am
criminal attack on our capitol. >> harris: that is a fascinating point of fact because they are so many questions about it look like people were being let in. exactly what is your list of options, then, if it's trespassing? that is really fascinating. >> if we've got 85,000 people coming at me, and i've got eight cops. we can't put handcuffs, we can use our pepper spray and our sticks on them. if they are doing is walking at me, i don't, i don't have the ability to use lethal force. hopefully we have some distance thing we can do. but other than that, you can overwhelm officers, and unless they've got reinforcements and get there very quickly. >> harris: 56 police officers, at least, that we know, who were harmed. our thoughts are with them, along with the four people who died. it's good to see you. thank you so very much for your time and expertise. >> thanks, harris.
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>> harris: with georgia going blue, democrats are signaling they want to waste any time pushing the progressive agenda. however, widespread condemnation, i should say plus, widespread condemnation of the riding in the nation's capitol. whether that media has different standards for different events, different groups, different people. ♪ >> please, show me where it says that protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful. ♪ it's time for the lowest prices of the season on
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10:28 am
secret service friends were calling me with a mob outside of the white house during the summer protest? who are genuinely in fear for the first time. that way making fun of president trump for being evacuated by his security detail. not his choice. >> harris: former secret service agent, taking the media to task after many condemned yesterday's riots while singing quite a difference in the summer. remember this from cnn's chris, as american cities were literally burning. >> america's major cities are filled with people demanding this country become more fair, more just. please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful because i can show you that average citizens are the ones who have made america what she is and lead to any major milestones. they are here to yell, criticize, blame, and shame.
10:29 am
>> citizens have no duty to check their outrage. >> harris: well, at one point, they killed officer doran. remember that? a security guard trying to help out a story that was being looted. a piece in the "washington examiner" says "at least the media finally came around to the idea that riots are scary." i am now joined by fox news contributor jason chaffetz. uni called it out in real time over the summer. i remember many times when we were on the air. writing in criminal behavior are exactly there. no jersey that you wear, none of that. if you are a criminal committing a crime, you need to be arrested. >> you need to be arrested, and then you need to be prosecuted. you need to be in jail. people need to know that there is a consequence. instead, you have people like kamala harris running around, raising bill to get people back out on the streets as fast as possible. they took policy positions that
10:30 am
there should be no cash bail to make sure that these people get out as quickly as possible. there are consequences to those types of actions, and the media did not report it. now, that's no excuse for what happened at the capitol. that was one of the most shameful, unpatriotic days that there is. it is the patriotic thing to protest, and that's what most people were doing, but when you step over the line and attacked a police officer, when you're smashing windows, going on the floor of the senate, that's as un-american as you get. and i want to see those people in jail with maximum sentences. but i want them to do the same thing to those people that were attacking the federal courthouse for more than a month in portland, oregon. how come those people and prosecuted? >> harris: look, i remember police officers coming to work and learning about the doors to their present have been locked from the inside and in fact there were some people in there as they were doing things like trying to set the place on fire. those are not protesters. those are writers.
10:31 am
those are criminals. it's like you say, it doesn't matter which day on the calendar it happens to fall on. you know, jason, the democrats and republicans newly came to blows during pennsylvania's certification debate last night over one congressman said about yesterday's unrest. let's watch what we can see from the scene on the floor. >> the gentleman will clear this chamber. the gentleman will clear the chamber. will proceed. >> harris: it was an emotional day for sure, but i'm sure that's not the first time that happens. what is going on? >> throughout our nation's history, there have actually been a lot of physical altercations on the floor of the house. that's not acceptable either. there is a reason why we have a sergeant of arms to help restore order and make sure that everything is done in an orderly way. there is no excuse for that. we are unique in the united states of america. we are self-critical.
10:32 am
we do go out and debate these things. i want to see more debate, not less debate. it shouldn't be off to the side. it just shouldn't. >> harris: i know the cameras weren't exactly turned, but someone told me that it was like those -- you know what you see up on twitter that goes viral. you will see them in other countries, just on the floor, screaming at each other. jason chaffetz, i am so, sublet everybody's okay. i know you know a lot of people on the hill still from when you serve. >> a lot of people aren't. whether you are a capitol policeman, member of congress, there's a lot of people that were hurt physically but also mentally, and i've got to tell you, it's just not who we are as a country. it's a very shameful day. >> harris: jason chaffetz, thank you for being on the program. >> thank you. >> harris: police now have identified some of those people on capitol hill grounds from yesterdays chaos.
10:33 am
what investigators are now saying about at all. plus, this. >> we can't just give up now because we lost. we have to pick ourselves up off of the playing field, dust ourselves off, get back going in the game. >> harris: fallout from the democrats we both to senate races in georgia, giving them full control of congress, as the left pressure is biden administration to enact a bold agenda. so, exactly what can we expect? karl rove is next. ♪ it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at all time lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000. that's me. that's money for security today or retirement tomorrow. that's me. refiplus.
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♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> harris: democrats a key ring and i majority in the u.s. senate after jon ossoff send raphael warnock won there senate races. republican senator tom cotton on his party's response and what it should be now.
10:38 am
>> what the republicans need to do now that the selection is behind us is to focus on the radical agenda of the democrats because they are coming in with a plan to raise your taxes and to defund the police, to slash military spending, open our borders, and we cannot allow that to happen. >> harris: reporting for us to live outside in atlanta. good to see you. >> good to see you, harris. neither georgia senator has conceded their runoff races. the violence in washington has put a chilling effect on all of the election challenges here in georgia. last night, senator kelly loeffler withdrew her plan to dispute the certification of president-elect joe biden. georgia secretary of state brad raffensperger said capitol hill lawmakers a detailed letter debunking widespread rumors of election fraud. and lieutenant governor and house speaker condemned both the washington riots and threats at
10:39 am
home against state officials who refused to overturn the election results. >> for those of you that have been calling on a special session, you can now see what that would have worke look like. every georgian who can hear my voice, put down your differences. put down your partisanship, pick up your freedom. >> according to the current tally, the public service commissioner got more votes in his ballot runoff then either republican senator at the top of the ballot. some g.o.p. officials speculate senator loeffler and david produce may have lost some g.o.p. support because of republican infighting at the national level during their campaigns. meanwhile, democrat leaning voters are expressing optimism. >> having a trifecta in congress or in the government, presidency, senate, and the house, i think the democrats are really going to be able to make
10:40 am
changes that mitch mcconnell and republicans have been blocking for years. >> but harris, these narrow margins are far from a mandate, and some democrats fear of their party moves too far to the left, it may alienate some centrist voters. republicans are keeping a close watch on this. senator tom cotton points out the next election is just two years away. harris. >> harris: no doubt. jonathan, thank you very much. meanwhile, the far left with a new opening to push their policies with democrats having the house and senate majority. politico put it this way. "the democratic win would bring joe biden's agenda to life. with demands from progressives to go big and bold and centrist to not overplay their hand." as congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and two of her squad allies have said, appointed to the influential
10:41 am
house oversight committee. let's bring in karl rove, deputy chief of staff. you are in charge of the electoral movement, if you will, previous to the election this week. first of all, your topline thoughts on how it all worked out. i know how hard you worked. >> well, i was in charge of raising money. i think that campaigns both ran excellent races. it was the best i have ever seen, but frankly, when you've got the president of the united states talking about how you can trust the election results in georgia, there is no wonder that they ran better than the ballot republicans. the present call on saturday was a disaster. it is an appearance on monday failed to spark enthusiasm among rural black trump supporter's. 86% of the vote, that turn in whitfield county, 86% of what it was in november. and in other counties, it was 100 north 110%.
10:42 am
he turned on the opposition. >> harris: wow. let's talk about how you move forward with the majority now. and the kinds of democrats that we are looking at. talking about alexandria ocasio-cortez, bernie sanders still on the hill. you got some pretty far left leaning people. >> that's going to be a problem for the democrats. they have a majority in the house. 222-213. so, you've got a lot of sort of more traditional liberal democrats who realize that they come out for some of these nutty things that the left is pushing, they're going to get defeated entering the house over to the republicans, and in the center, you still have the dash most items have to be taken up with the 60 vote -- vote. taking the measure up. but there are items that can be done on a strict party line
10:43 am
basis, that is to say get 50 democrats to back it and have kamala harris and the presiding officers seat, and tax increases can be done under budget reconciliation. the house and senate have to approve a budget resolution that would allow for a tax increase, and then once that is created, once they get an agreement on the number, they can then pass it. these other things, covid relief, congressional review act. it can all be done with the majority. >> harris: karl, i'm so sorry to have to rush you. we have some breaking news, and i want to get your take on it. this is the first cabinet member level resignation from the trump administration since the chaos yesterday. secretary of transportation, elaine chao, is set to resign. she says -- she tweeted this out.
10:44 am
"it has been the owner of a lifetime to serve the u.s. department of transportation," and she sends a statement as well, which is simply saying more on her honor, obviously, but as we get it here, our country experienced a traumatic and entirely avoidable event as supporters of the president stormed the u.s. capitol building following a rally he addressed. as i'm sure is the case with many of you, it deeply troubled me in no way that i simply cannot set aside. "karl rove, your response to a cabinet level member of the trump administration resigning. >> pretty significant rebuff to the present here cheese the wife of senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. her husband has been personally vilified and defamed by president trump and an unbelievable way over the last several weeks for his refusal to go along with the president's
10:45 am
attempts to the results of the november election. strong figure in her own right. secretary of transportation under president trump. i think particularly after her president had been abused, to incite his people, to go to the capitol, overturn the election, she couldn't take it any longer. and for the people who are leaving the white house as well, matt pottinger and others who have resigned, this is a statement of how they reacted to what the president did and what he's been doing in recent weeks. >> harris: she says that her resignation as u.s. secretary of transportation will take effect on monday january 11th, and she will help her successor, mayor pete buttigieg, with taking on the responsibilities of this department. karl rove, please come back on
10:46 am
another day so we can slow down and keep it all in. always good to have you on the program. heightened security today on capitol hill with thousands of troops now called out. authorities identifying some of the rioters. we watched as the spectacle unfolded. ♪ is that net carbs or total?...
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>> harris: there's so much -- the chaos on capitol hill turn deadly yesterday. this is 35-year-old ashli babbitt, air force veteran, who was shot and killed by capitol police. the officer who shot her has been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation. now police are identifying some of the rioters that you see pictured here. william la jeunesse is live for a sam los angeles, taking a closer look at some of them. >> charged with terrorism, which carries a 10-year sentence. metro police did address, caressed to succeed, but there will be more. many rioters posting pictures of themselves on their own social media pages. this guy, well known from protest, seen at the capitol.
10:51 am
this man, sitting at speaker pelosi's death, "the new york times" identified as richard barnett from arkansas. another man from brooklyn, he sits inside the capitol with a stolen police shield. and this texas lawyer has over a million views after his video was tweeted by a reporter. he has now been fired from his job. and this is ashli babbitt, the 14 year air force veteran from san diego, killed by capitol police inside. several conspiracy theories around his defeat, tweeting this on tuesday. "nothing will stop us. they can try and try and try, but the storm is here, and it is descending upon d.c. in less than 24 hours. dark to light." her husband spoke to her san diego affiliate. >> i don't know why she had to die inside the house. the pictures i could see, that picture is of my wife diane.
10:52 am
>> of the 68 arrests by d.c. police, all but one is from outside the district. harris. >> harris: so sad to hear him. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. social media companies are reacting to the violence on capitol hill by blocking president trump on their platforms. our panel, next. ♪ it's a new day for veteran homeowners. home mortgage rates are at record lows. which is great news for veterans with va loans. that's me. now's the time to use your va streamline refi benefit you earned with your service one call to newday usa can save you $3,000 a year. that's me. with no income verification and no appraisal va streamline refi from newday usa ú6now every bath fitter bathbath fis installed quickly, safely, and beautifully, with a lifetime warranty.
10:53 am
♪ >> harris: president-elect joe biden talking about the events yesterday and expected to announce nominees to the department of justice including his pick for attorney general. let's watch. >> the rule of law, an assault on the most sacred of the american undertakings, ratifying the will of the people and choosing the leadership of the government. all of us here grieve the loss of life, grieve the desecration of the people's house. what we witness yesterday was not to sense, it was not disorder, it was not protest. it was chaos. don't dare call them protesters.
10:54 am
they were a riotous mob, insurrectionist, domestic terrorists, it's that basic and that simple. i wish we could say we couldn't see it coming. , but that is untrue, we could see it coming. the past four years we've had a president who's made his contempt for our democracy, our constitution, the rule of law, clear and everything he has done. he unleashed an all-out assault and yesterday was what the culmination of that unrelenting attack, attacking the free press who dared to question his power, repeatedly calling the free past the enemy of the people. language at the time all i others said has long been used
10:55 am
by autocrats and dictators all over the world. the enemy of the people. language is being used now by autocrats and dictators across the world, only this time, with an outgoing president of the united states of america. he's attacked our intelligence services, who dared tell the american people the truth, the effort of a foreign power to elect people for years ago. choosing instead to believe the word of vladimir putin, over the word of those who have sworn their legions into this nation. many of whom have risk their lives in the service of this nation. he deployed united states military, to your peaceful protesters in pursuit of a photo opportunity in the service of his reelection.
10:56 am
even holding the bible upside down. the action that led to an apology of the chairman of the joint chief of staff and the outspoken denunciation of the use of military for domestic political purposes, from scores, scores of former military leaders and secretaries of defense, led by secretary chen cheney. he thought he could stack the courts with friendly judges who would support him no matter wh what. they were trump judges, his judges. he went so far as to say he needed nine supreme court justices because he thought the election would and up there and they would hand him the election. he was truly stoned were the judges he appointed didn't do his integrity, following the
10:57 am
constitution, upholding the rule of law, not just ones wer once , but over 60 times. more than 60 cases in state after state after state. and then at the supreme court, judges including people considered "his judges, trump judges." look at the allegations that trump was making and determined they were without any merit. nothing was judged to put this election and question or doubt by any of these judges. want to understand the importance of democratic institutions in this country, take a look at the judiciary in this nation. take a look at the pressure we are subjected to by a sitting president of the united states of america. at every level, the judiciary
10:58 am
rose in the moment of this election, did its job, acted with complete fairness and impartiality, with complete honor and integrity. history looks back at this moment, that we've just passed through, i believe they will say our democracy survived in no small part because of the men, women, who represented the judiciary in this nation. we owe them a deep, deep debt of gratitude. and then there is the attack of the department of justice. treating the attorney general as his personal lawyer and the department as his personal law firm. through it all, we hear the same thing from this president, my generals, my judges, my attorney general. and then yesterday, the culmination of attack on our institution on our democracy. this time congress itself, and
10:59 am
citing a mob to attack the capital, to threaten elected representatives, the people of this nation and even the vice president to stop the congress from ratifying the will of the american people, and i just completed, free and fair election. trying to use a mob to silence the voices of nearly 160 million americans who summoned the courage in the face of a pandemic, that threatened our health and our lives, to cast that sacred ballot! i made it clear from the moment i entered this race, what i believe was at stake, i said there was nothing less at stake than who we are as a nation, what we stand for, what we believe, what we will be. if the center of that belief,
11:00 am
one of the oldest principles in the nation has long held, where our government of laws, not of men, not of the people, of laws. i said it many times in the campaign, our democratic institution is not relics of another age, they are what set this nation apart, they are the of our democracy, and there is no president, that is why there is no president who's a king. no congress that's a house of lords. a judiciary doesn't serve the will of the president or exist to protect him or her. we have three coequal branches of government,


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