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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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smugness, and groupthink. have a happy, well-deserved weekend with the ones you love. see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we are tracking multiple developing stories in moments, we will have more from the democrats. again, they are rush to judgment, their snap impeachment, their latest political charade, we are now learning more about one of the rioters who was just arrested, a left-wing activist who recently appeared on the fake news cnn, how appropriate. in just a moment, we will have a breaking news development from the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in american history, the media mob nowhere to be found, they were pushing
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conspiracy theories and lies in yet another promise fulfilled by the president, what is now a trove of documents surrounding the russia folks are now in the process of being declassified and are expected to be released at any moment. john solomon will be here with an exclusive preview, only hours ago at the senate judiciary committee released for their own set of documents, including transcripts from interviews conducted during the committee's investigation into crossfire hurricane, remember, that is an fbi code name given to comey's probe into b trump, russia collusion hoax. according to the transcripts, one federal agent told the u.s. senate that without a doubt christopher steele's material was politically motivated. the agent said, it was completely obvious that this
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information intended to be used by one of the parties against the other. while back. at that didn't stop the fbi agents from coordinating with steel even after he was removeds an official fbi source. according to this transcript, they continued to communicate with steel by using doj official bruce ohr as an intermediary. his wife worked for fusion gps, where steel worked with the dossier. joining us now to unpack all of this and to help us preview what we expect all of these exclusive documents to show coming from the white house and elsewhere, john solomon, let's break this down completely. there's a lot here, you've been trying, i've been trying, many of us have been trying out for years to get a lot of this information. it now in the final moments were going to get it? >> we are going to get it, it's going to chop our job, even thoh
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we've seen many revelations over the years. one example that is certain to be in the documents, the fbi into working with christopher steele wanted to revalidate him at the beginning of his surprise appearance saying, i've got a dossier for you. if they were turned down by their supervisors. imagine if they went through that validation process, they would've found all of the connections to the oligarch, all of the concerns in the community. there was a willful blind eye turn to all the flaws about krista close to himself and the poor quality of his intelligence reporting. we didn't get to know that before the 2020 election, certainly not the revalidation request. all of the documents the president has declassified, their explosive revelations. i think one of the big arguments these arguments will put to rest, you remember james comey saying, there was no spying, stop using the term spine? there was spying, and the fbi
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was using -- giving him tasking orders saying, pretend you are interested in a job inside the trump campaign, don't get hired, but use it to spy on the campaign. a record that person, get this information. those were the tasking orders. if that's not spying, i don't know what he considers spying. they are going to be completely debunked by the president documents that are now declassified. >> sean: people say, hannity, why do you keep talking about hillary and her subpoenaed emails and -- because the heart of all is where it all began. we were lied to by democrats in the media about trump russia collusion that never happens. she paid for a dirty russian dossier, and now we know why, to distract away from the subpoenaed email problems, which was a legal problem. defendant was used to secure for
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pfizer warrants , they have verified what they found. the findings are, we know what was on verifiable. comey signed three of them. and now we know he even told them it was manufactured. we know the sub source in january 2,017th said it was manufactured, but yet they drag to be country through for how many years over a lie that they knew was a lie? >> you couldn't say it better than that, the fbi and the intelligence community participated willingly and willfully and a dirty truck to cover up the email problems and to defeat donald trump. they may have had different motives, but the motive of christopher steele is no longer going to be uncertain when they see his extraordinary admissions to the fbi and 2017.
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he wanted to distract from hillary's clintons problems, and he thought donald trump was bad for great britain. he tried to interfere in our election for interest he had in his country, and four hillary clinton, they paid for that foreign interference, is irrefutable. >> sean: let me go to another story where a following, that is the snap impeachment and the fact that we are now learning. "washington post" is telling us, even cnn is telling us, now we have a liberal radical, now we are being told that people might've come to town as early as the day before, that day i'm going the capital early with sophisticated weaponry and what would be a planned, orchestrated the attack, all of which would contradict the narrative that led to the snap impeachment that donald trump's rhetoric incited the insurrection, when donald trump said at the rally, you will now peacefully and patriotically marched to the
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capital to let your voices be heard. okay? is that narrative now blowing up in the faces of democrats and the media? >> it is. to just a few minutes ago, the fbi revealed that a liberal activist -- anarchist john sullivan had a gas mask on and had a knife with them. this was not a man coming to be a journalist even though cnn and "washington post" tried to portray him as such. he had a prior record for being involved in violent rioting, and he came here and participated. we are going to learn so much, the stories going to develop just like russia, just like benghazi. we were told ben because he was a spontaneous event, it was a planned terror attack. we have to follow the facts, and as you like to say, appeal back the onion, we're going to learn and enormous amount. it was a planned event, not a small spontaneous, combustible
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moment. >> sean: it's on full display without any real investigation whatsoever, rushed to judgment, house democrats, snap impeachment of the president of united states claiming his january 6th speech encouraged his supporters. he said to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. if they are saying that that resulted in a riot and caused their new favorite word, insurrection. in reality, the second impeachment was never ending rage and hysteria directed that all things donald trump, like the summer 99% of peaceful protesters after the death of ordered dominic george floyd were honorable people. now we are learning so much more. as we have long pointed out, democrats, the media mob, big tech, have all been guilty of
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spewing much more violent and incendiary rhetoric. yet, those politicians will never be impeached and those liberal boilers dominic voices won't be silenced. one of the riders was a far left activist. according to federal authorities he wore a gas mask, carried a knife, and was encouraging people to light the building on fire, screaming, we've got to get this [bleep] burns. do democrats want us to honestly believe this far left activist was in the capital on behalf of president trump? this is why you don't rush to judgment. but this why this program, issue after issue starting early in my career with richard jewell, and of course ferguson, then baltimore, uva, duke lacrosse, issue after issue -- russia collusion, ukraine, quid pro quo, zero experience hunter. we end up being right on the big issues of the day, the propaganda mob and the media,
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democrats are almost always with their snap judgment and rush to judgment, no snap impeachment, proven wrong. now it appears it happened again. multiple reports that the breach of the capital was organized well before january 6th, in fact, the fbi was actually monitoring online activity from individuals who appeared to be planning some kind of attack on the capitol building. at that contradict the snap impeachment narrative that donald trump through his rhetoric encouraged and made all of this happen. even more chilling, according to the hill, dozens of people on the fbi's terrorist watch list were actually in washington, d.c., the day of the capital riot. on six different occasions before january 6th the capital police chief requested, begged for national guard assistance. he did it before and during. he was denied every single time. now we need to know what
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happened with a full, thorough, transparent investigation, i'm calling it the equivalent of the 9/11 commission report. every one of our enemies abroad, terrorists, and a hostile regime in russia, and putin, and china, and iran, they are watching this. they knew saw a vulnerability nobody thought would ever exist in this country. it can't ever happen again. remember, the capital police reports to congress. that raises questions about nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. if they need to explain why they didn't approve, why didn't the mayor of d.c. -- why did she say no, and the mayor say no to the national guard? democrats are trying to capitalize politically, and it's sick. remember the doctorate, never let a crisis go to waste. if they are tempted to use the capital breached to silence all of the sons and punish their
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political adversaries without providing any evidence. they are now accusing republican colleagues of aiding the capital writers. they are calling for republicans to be silenced and booted out of congress. including freshman congressman in support of election integrity, that is seditious behavior. did anyone watch what democrats did in 2017 and back in 2000. meanwhile, congress woman presley who called for unrest in the streets over the summer is now accusing republican lawmakers of engaging in chemical warfare during the capital riot because they weren't wearing masks. you can't make this up, take a look. it's because they've been complicit from the very beginning, and their willful criminality of caring the four
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donald trump. at what it lowers the pandemic to rage out of control, by refusing to wear masks -- this is criminal behavior. that's chemical warfare, so far as i'm concerned. again, this is exactly why we should be moving. i was proud to be a cosponsor of the resolution calling for the expulsion of these members. >> sean: this kind of hysteria is extending well beyond the halls of congress. according to a report, harvard university students are actually lobbying their school to revoke diplomas already received from anybody connected to president trump. keep in mind, these students made no such demands about the q&a bomber ted kaczynski. he also apparently holds a harvard degree. do you see why democrats will
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rush to judgment? they don't care what went wrong. they don't care about what pain they inflict on the country. no republican should go along with the spirit of mitch mcconnell, not one. you should not be a party to this. while the constitutional scholars that say, that's unconstitutional anyway -- they just want to use the events here to silence dissent. cancel. we're going to cancel anyone we disagree with. make no mistake, this will not stop with twitter or the fact that they silenced parler, tried to silence conservative talk radio for decades, facebook, the president, members of congress. as you well know, cancel culture now has permeated every single part of our society. by the way, sadly, i predicted it's only going to get worse. here with more fox news contributor, dan bongino, matt gaetz, good to see you both.
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congressman gaetz, i understand mr. firebrand, your best selling book, they are targeting you, there targeting dan bongino. he's a tiny owner of parler, he invested in it because he believes in free speech. i know what he did it. i would be a risky investment for anybody, he wants it to succeed, and i support him in that effort. it now they want to go after you, too. >> you are absolutely right. we should take note of the language the left is using, chemical warfare, insurrection, domestic terrorism, that's not by accident. if there are exquisite authorities international laws that allow our government to do things to terrorists that we would never allow against our own people. in the incoming biden in to administration, they want to use those authorities against maggot. if they are targeting paul gosar, it andy bigs, madison
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cawthorn and myself because we had the nerve to actually standp and point out the need for election integrity, and we also pointed out their hypocrisy. for all of the criticism they have leveled against it donald trump, they were the cheerleaders, fund-raisers, and apologists for the people who burned our cities, attacked our police, and were on offense against the very notion of america for months the summer. they don't want to account for that, joe biden doesn't want to answer for it. they're going to go after the president and his allies, and they are going to use national security authorities that you should never use against our fellow americans. >> sean: dan bongino, it's not enough, we saw the video of mr. jack dorsey, the twitter guy, it's not enough that he is silencing the president and shadow banning, and all these
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other practices. it is big tech about the use, like apple and amazon, they join forces to shut you and parlor down because you are providing competition. he wants to be a liberal radical, do whatever he wants, but you shouldn't have section 2:30 protection pad he's going to align with these powerful companies not only to withhold information about hunter biden's laptop, now they want to shut you down. i mean, they want to shut us all down. we all have to be canceled, will wipe us clean. >> i want to be crystal clear, as an investor in parler, i haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks, maybe one day i got six hours or so. i'm on the phone with lawyers and people of parler all the time. he had the scenes, it's ten times worse than you even -- how can it be worse?
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you are being attacked by apple, amazon, and google. $3 trillion companies. it's worse. i don't think you understand. not you specifically, but really how malicious and evil the left is. they want us wiped from the face of -- of their attitude is this. at the beatings will continue until morale improves. go on twitter, we will harass you on twitter, we will ban you from writing ads on twitter like i was. we will shadow banning your accounts, we will ban the president of the united states. we will start a competitor -- no, we will wipe that clean, too. where in history -- liberals never read history, but where in history has ever trying to push the beach ball under the water and silence free speech from people ever work? one more point on this -- >> sean: let me ask you a question. i'm on parler, i don't even know my password, i have no control over that.
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i don't even have an email, i'm off the grid. on parlor, you're an investor. i will gladly donate to a defense fund in the name of free speech. i will gladly help you. i want nothing in return. on twitter they kicked the out of all three of us. it never would dawn on me to ever say, ban that person. now, i assume on parlor they probably -- there are people who beat the out of you. is that true or false? >> i'm probably the most parodied account on parler, and i own a portion of the country. i told you dan bongino's hairline, we don't kick them off. as a matter of fact, we did this bounty thing in the beginning where we offered $10,000 to prominent liberals with the following to come over. in other words, our commitment to free speech is for them. i never recall you ever, i've known you a long time, ever
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saying that twitter should be deep platform to. we believe in this crazy idea, like free speech and open dialogue. liberals don't feel the same way. the one i remember you told me, what do you do when someone is racist or anti-semitic? you have standards, you may not get it the second it's put up, but you have people monitoring it, right? >> we are not a surveillance platform because we are not a publisher. "the new york times," they read it, they censor it. we are a platform, it takes time once we report it. >> you would never take down a "new york times" article even if you thought it was big news. a lot of people want to silence a guy on here, matt gaetz. he gave a speech the other day and i thought heads were going to explode. if they didn't like your speech. i liked it, i thought it was
6:21 pm
powerful. >> i appreciate that. dan and you are fellow conservatives, we take a high view of the american people. we think we are actually resilient and capable enough to confront ideas or speech that might not be comfortable, but that we can resolve through research and critical thinking. the left take such a low view of all of us. they think they have to control what we see and what we hear so that they can manage how we behave. it's like the woke-tobia is no fun for intellectual -- i think this country is great because we believe in our people and our ability to decipher from what we can incorporate to the value system of the greatest country on earth. >> silencing and cancel culture is the left in america. conservatives are the champions of free speech. they claim that mantle
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undeservedly. thank you both, when we come back, break today, related to the russian probe, we are expecting more to be released any moment. we are next, stay with us. two medical societies have strongly recommended to doctors to treat acute, non-low back muscle and joint pain with topical nsaids first. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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♪ ♪ >> another stunning milestone in a coronavirus pandemic. at the global death toll now surpassing 2 million. more than 391,000 of those deaths taking place in the u.s. if that's the most in any country. brazil is second with more than 208,000 deaths, india, mexico, and the u.k. follow. global case is now topping 93 million with more than
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23 million in the u.s. lieutenant general russell han rate is heading the review of a u.s. capital security after last week's deadly riots. he became a household name for the task force that led the military response to the hurricane katrina disaster in 2005. nancy pelosi making the announcement earlier today, i'm jeff bolton, back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> sean: clinton bought and paid for dirty russian disinformation dossier is undeniably discredited. thanks to this program, our ensemble cast, and just a few members of congress -- there weren't many of us that were unappealing every layer of fat onion and getting to the truth. if that's not stopping the ever weak, frail, cognitively struggling joe biden from bringing back the same deep stae dossier truther's and russian ts
6:28 pm
administration. for example, biden spec for top pentagon post, a guy named: call, tweeted in 2017, steeles trump russian dossier holds up pretty well. wrong. that's not all. victoria knew lynn from the stomach reportedly helped spread the dossier in 2016, expected to be picked for the number three job inside of joe's state department. here to explain more, former acting director along as author of a brand-new book, the truth about disaster liberalism, former republican congressman jason chaffetz, let me start with you. as acting dni director, you went out and released documents, they were very revealing. ratcliff followed up on that, the president has authorized the release of all of these
6:29 pm
documents. if they knew that his dossier was dirty and never verified, and they still signed off, how much worse does it make everything i have been telling people. >> there's only one conclusion you can come to when you see the dates of career intelligence officials coming forward and raising red flags about the steele dossier. at the conclusion is that the obama-biden team was not interested in the true spirit of the truth kept flying in front of their face from career intelligence officials, and they kept classifying the information and putting away from the public. it now, what we're saying is we are unraveling all of this. there are troves of documents, which prove early on in the steele dossier development, career officials were raising their concerns saying that this
6:30 pm
is russian disinformation, this isn't true, and the ads we political appointees hell-bent on going forward and running over career officials. why wasn't this information leaked out at the time? who knows. the reality is, we are seeing the truth now and there are some really bad actors that knew the truth and covered up the truth, and they should not get promotions, and we should make sure they are all outed. >> sean: in the name of truth -- like shouldn't call you congressman, i should say colleague, it's kind of a derogatory remark in some circles to be a congressman. we have to unpeeled the layers of the onion here. we are talking about real abuse of power. in other words, this was all done, and theyw it was done to protect hillary clinton. why are you talking about
6:31 pm
hillary? that's where it all started. i'll even give credit to someone who hates my guts, john brennan. he warned obama the earliest at that they have intelligence about this happening. >> first, you have to follow the money. you follow the money, it starts with hillary clinton, the dnc and those monies. by the millions of dollars flowing overseas to affect an election. as you start to look at it, we give special police powers to the federal bureau of investigation. they are allowed to do things that others aren't allowed to do. yet, we are seeing now with all of these documents, thanks to the good work from ric grenell and john radcliffe and others. at this information is coming out and it backing up this idea that they did not have a suspicion or justified predicate in order to spy on the president. when donald trump said he was spied on, everybody laughed at him and blew it off, but he was spied on. the other point we make, in
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order for there to be justice, there has to be, not only a probe, but the department of justice has to police itself. they have to do what the inspector general made a recommendation to do. how can the courts be lied to and not have any sort of retribution or justice? if you lied to them, you would be in jail. if i did it, same thing. if the department of justice does it, no consequences. >> sean: what happened? now we know even more. >> now they have to prosecute him. they have it, one person. >> sean: you were the only one to have the courage to get the ball rolling because you -- sources and methods can be redacted. we are not talking about brain surgery, here. there's been an effort within the institutions of the doj,
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congress, government to protect the institution. now -- >> is the dash the over classification problem is not because we are hyper conservatir looking for sources and methods and over utilizing the source and method excuse. the reason why we are over classifying is because we are trying to protect the institutions, as you say, a p.r. exercise. individuals have made mistakes that are bureaucrats. we are trying to protect them and the institution. it they say, if the public finds out that the cia made a mistake, they are not going to have faith in the institution. the problem is we have a credibility problem for the entire intelligence community right now. at the manipulation of intelligence for political purposes has been done so many times. we need to get to the bottom of
6:34 pm
it. i would just say this, the assistant secretary of state for europe, victoria knew lind at the time, it's now going to be promoted to the numbers three jf she's confirmed. a secretary should go back and look now that she's been nominated and release her emails of what she was doing with christopher steele, what she knew as the top diplomat for europe, because we know that whole process between the european bureau and department, our embassy in london, christopher steele, and the obama team -- all of that was wrong. they had red flags saying that we shouldn't be using christopher steele, and yet, they kept going. why did victoria knew linda to prove this? we need to get to the bottom of it before she gets a promotion. >> sean: thank you both. cnn's don lemon doubling down on
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calling trump supporter's members of the clan and. leo 2.0 will weigh in, next. are you ok? it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. choose coricidin hbp. the brand with a heart. for powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: fake news cnn's don lemon doubling down on his comments this week equating president trump supporter's with the clan and. also's blaming all trump supporter's for what happened at the capitol. it take a look, pretty gross. >> there are a lot of people who voted for trump who don't agree with you. because that's fine. they are allowed to their own opinions. it doesn't mean they are right, there are allowed to their own opinions. i believe what i said last night. >> they look at this mob and
6:40 pm
say, that's not me. i'm nothing like those people. >> those people voted the way they voted into they voted for. are you going to flat out live, smear, slander 75 million americans? wow. that's pretty unbelievable. you know, when the bernie sanders supporters shot up at the ball field i said, i'm not going to play the liberal game of blaming bernie. when people were peacefully protesting all summer, i made sure to delineate the 99% of good people there that were outraged over what happened with george floyd. he's getting no such consideration. it's just a broad sweeping generalization. if they, klan members, klan sympathizers. you're dealing with hoax after hoax, all the hate, all the hysteria over the last four
6:41 pm
years they have nothing left over then tasteless attacks over americans who disagree with them politically. we got a new piece on pointing out how democrats along with the media and their hollywood sycophants have repeatedly compared republicans to hitler and terrorists multiple times. it that's just the last two weeks. it does that sound like healing and unity? joe biden claims healing and unity -- really joe biden? are you going to stand by all of your statements, your vp, your speaker of the house? leo 2.0 as well as joe concha, leo, i say it, it happens every two and four years, now 75 million americans are and klan sympathizers. nobody that i know is that way, and if they are, and want
6:42 pm
nothing to do with them, period, and of sentence. >> sean hannity, the democrats played the race and hate card 24/7, and i hate it. to just four months ago, donald trump went to atlanta and denounced the klan as a terrorist group. at the problem is, the democrats get away with this without being challenged. what makes it sickening for me is that i came to republicans because they are and -- no, because donald trump opens a big tent. donald trump has more minorities vote for him this year than any other republican nominee in 50 years. why? because there's equality, liberty. i was proud to vote for donald trump. i'm happy to. what makes it sickening is the only card democrats have is the race and hate card.
6:43 pm
if they get away with it, and they use it to divert the attention away from their failures, because they have no programs and they have no policy. >> sean: joe, you follow the media closely, this is pretty much standard fare, wrong on russia, they never got the real russia story like we did on this program. it now, it looks like every hour of every day as time goes on we are beginning to see an entirely new set of facts emerging, not that they were ever looking for them, as it relates to what happened on january 6th at the capitol. yet, they've already had a snap impeachment? wow. >> yeah, and those investigations continue. it will be in interesting to see what will happen in terms of the number of who took out this attack at the capitol. i'm going to let them play out before i make any sort of judgment. let the folks do their jobs.
6:44 pm
this sort of provocative, reckless rhetoric -- >> sean: we already know so many things already. we know the national guard -- they asked repeatedly the chief of police requesting it before the event, even during, they denied every time. we know now that we have people on no-fly lists in town. we know there are multiple warnings that law enforcement had ahead of time. there was nothing done, and people leaving the valley early, real organizers. i'm sure people at the monument got caught up in this, and they will all be held accountable, as they should. >> it it's a lot more cut and dry than originally presented in the minutes and hours afterward. i want to get back to don lemon in terms of the rhetoric he used with a platform that he has on national television, it's meant to serve two purposes it is that it is to degrade the 75 million people that you spoke about, trump supporter's, and to divide
6:45 pm
the country further. most people dismiss it for the that it is, and it is. it doesn't take a lot of people to be incited and inspired by those words. you hear, every trump supporter supports the kkk and, that opens up regular people who look like trump supporter's to be harassed and physically assaulted. if this stuff has to stop in these medians, full stop. it's a preview of the next chapter what we may see in terms of when trump leaves the big stage and to the next target is. >> sean: thank you both. coming up, members of the squad already unhappy with biden. he is not radically left enough, and it's pretty radical. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent.
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>> sean: just days away from the inauguration day. it democrats beginning big time last night biotin released nearly $2 trillion stimulus plan that includes $1400 in direct payments to most americans. he received backlash from the far left and the squad. congresswoman a cause leo cortez, congresswoman omar is saying biden's plan doesn't go far enough. if they are calling for $2,000 in direct payments. here with reaction, law professor, former chief of staff, congressman michael waltz. okay so joe isn't radical enough. at the check is $2 trillion. a lot of talk about republican intramural battles. establishment trump supporter's,
6:51 pm
okay. who has the bigger problem here? >> first of all, you are hitting the nail on the head. aoc is getting ready to run for senate against schumer. as a party chairman, this is what you always look out for. in a very blue state like new york where trump got about 37% of the vote, who is going to get to the left? it's the same thing and republican districts, who can get to the right? whoever can get to the left has an advantage in the primary. it didn't matter if true dominic schumer said it's $2400, aoc would've came back inside, it can't be 2400, it's got to be 3,000. she's going to do it. two weeks ago, she wouldn't answer the question if she would run against schumer. if that's a telltale sign and politics. a month before that, she wouldn't answer -- excuse me, she said that pelosi and schumer needed to be replaced.
6:52 pm
at the second thing is, how come we can't have a conversation about -- not just everyone gets a check, but who actually needs a check? maybe someone -- maybe a business needs money, may be a person needs money, may be the ten people over here don't need a check, but the people over there need more mommy. it's screwed up. they are taking it to a new level so she can capture the left, run for senate, and advance her career. >> sean: i got the initial -- i got a check of the 600 bucks -- i forgot what it was. i ripped it up and threw it out because i didn't want to take it. i don't need their money. they take enough of my money, i should probably catch it and shut up, but i didn't. >> you got a check? i didn't get one. >> and i was like, that's a mistake. they usually come back for more and more no matter how much i
6:53 pm
pay, and i pay everything. >> now you know the inefficiencies of government when sean hannity gets a stimulus check. >> sean: how dumb was that? no application, no nothing. do ask you though, a conseil cortez, she has the power in the house over pelosi, no power over senate. >> sean, look, what this is is a bail out of the blue states and their bad policies. if they locked everyone down, they crushed businesses, crushed jobs, and now they crush their state revenues in new york, illinois, california. if they need to balance their budgets, but they know and to the squad knows that the federal government doesn't. they have unlimited printing press to a point. this is essentially a bailout. if they want to stimulate the economy, open it back up safely and smartly like we've done in florida where we trust
6:54 pm
individuals and businesses and families rather than government. the other point, the big winner is china. the chinese military is planning on the bankruptcy of the united states as part of its military strategy before it makes its big moves, and the progressives just have their foot on the gas in terms of driving this country right off a cliff. estimates that one going bankrupt by 2025. 2025. just last year, we tripled our federal budget. apparently, that's not enough for the squad. they will keep those printing presses red-hot. >> sean: even andrew cuomo said we better open up tomorrow. finally, they are coming around. how does this play out? politically, how does this play out? >> schumer is in a box. listen, we've only been in this
6:55 pm
for two weeks in january here, and we already have aoc check meeting schumer on every -- on this first liberal issue. now, she's got a media literacy test. and she will go for 70% taxes, and then schumer will have to deal with this in a primary situation as aoc just sits back in congress, and check, check, check, and to schumer has to figure out how to defend it. to be when i want everybody, it's going to be worse than you thought. the fight for liberty, freedom, it never ends. thank you both, when we come back, more "hannity" after the break. we're excited to do business with you but before we sign i gotta ask...
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to the truth. something the media mob doesn't offer. thanks for being with us. hope you have a great weekend. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham will make you feel better. have a great weekend. >> ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "the ingraham angle" from washington. democrats are stoking fear in the most disgusting way. claiming their only republican colleagues might murder them. congressman jordan tell us the real motivation and the murder of jacob blake and the aftermath led to riots. now we know it's a lie. and what will


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