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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  February 1, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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an idea how to pass this thing through congress and very different from what the democrats proposed. >> dana: they'll let them press in there. maybe we'll find out more later. here is harris. >> harris: extreme weather alert now. a monster storm pummeling the east coast could dump well over a foot of snow in many areas and already is creating blizzard-like conditions. the storm system is stretching from maryland to maine blanketing parts of the midwest as well as washington, d.c. the national weather service says heavy snowfall is forecast at 1 to 3 inches and hour in new york, new jersey and connecticut. we already have 14 inches in jersey. they have to catch up. we have a live update from new york city's time square just moments from now. and this, the pentagon has hit the pause button on a very
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controversial plan. the pentagon was going to give guantanamo bay detainees the covid-19 vaccine before most americans would get it. and the backlash is fierce. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the biden administration for now has halted a plan to offer coronavirus vaccines to prisoners at gitmo possibly as early as next week. after accusations that terror suspects were getting priority over americans waiting for their vaccinations amid this pandemic. >> they can overlook first responders, 9/11 family members and the people who are really sick now who have these existing conditions because of their participation in 9/11 rescue efforts and the co-morbidities. people look right past them and go straight to ksm and his ilk at guantanamo speaks volumes of
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the priorities of this administration. >> harris: pentagon press secretary john kirby tweeted no guantanamo detainees have been vaccinated. we are pausing the plan to move forward and we review force protection protocols. we remain committed to our obligations to keep our troops safe. also in focus today president biden's calls for unity falling on deaf ears with lawmakers in a pitched partisan battle over their own security. joe concha is with me to break it down. twitter's ties to biden and the democratic party and we're live on the keystone pipeline. yes, we have sent a journalist up close in a community feeling the job impacts that we reported for you last week. this after president biden cut that project, the keystone pipeline. we're there. pete hegseth is standing by with his take on our top story. first i want to go to national security correspondent jennifer
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griffin life at the pentagon. vaccinations halted at gitmo. jennifer. >> the about face from the pentagon was swift after news leaked the defense department planned to begin vaccinating all the u.s. troops and guards at guantanamo bay as well as the 40 prisoners, many of whom are alleged to have been the plotters and masterminds of 9/11. this tweet from stefanik from new york that went viral and caught people's attention suggesting that top al qaeda leader muhammed was slated to get a vaccine ahead of millions of americans. >> of all people to be in line before our seniors it's just ridiculous and insulting. i want the pentagon to put those vaccines on a plane to florida and get them in the arms of our seniors who have been waiting on vaccine production. it is just ridiculous and we need answers. >> the pentagon says it halted plans to vaccinate 40 prisoners at gitmo in cuba.
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senior defense officials tell me the decision about vaccines is under review and the result of a miscommunication within d.o.d. the detainees at gitmo include not only khalid shaikh muhammed and three others held in connection with the 2002 bombing in indonesia that killed more than 200 people. earlier medical workers at the base started vaccinating the 6,000 residents there including the 1500 american troops assigned to the prison. the u.s. has spent an estimated $161.5 million housing ksm since 2003. president obama unsuccessfully attempted to empty the detention center and try all the prisoners there through the federal court system but was blocked by republicans. the u.s. spends nearly $13 million to house each prisoners per year compared to 78,000 per inmate at the supermax prison
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in colorado. president biden has campaigned on closing guantanamo but has not given any concrete plans to do so in the initial week in office. but i will say, harris, we do know that covid fears and covid fear of covid spread at guantanamo has delayed military court proceedings against ksm and the others, back to you. >> harris: you've given us a lot to work with with your great reporting as always. thank you very much. i want to bring in pete hegseth "fox & friends" weekend co-host. he served as an infantry platoon leader at guantanamo during the 9/11 war on terror. pete, great to have you. your expertise is target on. i have a lot of questions. one, who makes such a decision? whose job is it to make the decision about whether or not vaccinations happen at guantanamo bay? i want to unpack it. >> probably the gitmo or base commander there.
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because of the cascading protocols of how we treated these prisoners. i was there 2004-2005 when there were 500 or 600. they have been given more rights than the guards there, better healthcare than the guards there in many cases because of contortions of the geneva convention that we can get into it. it probably felt on the ground there what we're supposed to do because we give the best healthcare in the wefrld to the terrorists. it lacks all common sense and insane but bureaucracy and operating procedures lack common sefnlts because we've lost our way in guantanamo somebody thought it was a good idea. >> harris: all right. two trains here i want to go down. two tracks. one from jennifer's reporting the pentagon saying there was a miscommunication. it is hard for me to imagine our defense highest officials
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being the ones who miscommunicated. it might have been misunderstood. i don't know. what does the accountability look like when you hear the word miscommunicated? >> it means somebody got ahead of themselves and they have a p.r. problem on their hands so they are reversing a policy which had its own momentum. the problem from the beginning was these were terrorists who didn't fight by the rules of war targeting civilians. as a result they weren't considered prisoners of war but enemy combatants and the geneva convention didn't apply to them. because international groups and left wing lawyers and others descended there demanded constitutional rights for these terrorists over time those rights added up and became effectively a day-care center for terrorists which it is today. common sense went out the window a long time ago. trials became almost impossible to conduct. healthcare built up. the biggest medical problem a lot of these detainees face is obesity because they are fed so well as well. this is all common sense went
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out the window a long time ago. someone saw a p.r. problem. >> harris: last one. they cited national security there at the base with regard to this decision. quick and then we'll move on. your thoughts on that. >> i guess you want the guards there to get the covid vaccine and they should and i believe they have. as far as the well-being of the 160 million we spend on muhammed. the only injection he should get is a lethal one for what he did to americans. >> harris: okay. got that. we always get the truth from pete. some republicans say democrats are politicizing the national guard with 5,000 troops staying in washington through mid-march. gop congressman lee zeldin is going after the move. watch this. >> at this point it feels like it is about props, politics, and power. there is a narrative that democrats want to push about
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january 6th and it representing 75 million voters of donald trump. they want people to ask themselves why is there still barbed wire around the capitol and let me tell you about the people who voted for donald trump. >> harris: your reaction. >> show me the threat assessment and the intel. or allude to what exists to show that you need to maintain fort pelosi to defend a capitol not under siege. if you want to carry forward a narrative that trump supporters are capable of insurrection you keep tloops to keep that appearance up. if there is a threat. let us know. if not, send the guard troops home. >> harris: quickly. if there is a threat and they probably don't want to be specific about it, is there a way to tell the american public what is going on without
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specificity that would answer some of the questions that you have, that we both have? >> there is always a way to. republicans don't control the house or senate. oversight where questions can be asked and confidential information is not revee.d it won't happen. democrats don't want it to happen. what they reveal is what they want to reveal. the more uncertainty that exists the more to justify the continuation of troops in our capitol and building permanent walls and making it seem like we live in a non-stop state of potential insurrection meant to demean supporters of the president as if that's their motivation ongoing. it is sad. >> harris: i have to let you go. great to talk these topics with you. thank you for being on the program. the northeast at a stand still, a major storm is shutting down schools, the ones that were actually in person and the virtual part for some. travel, vaccination efforts, you name it. plus this. >> the big picture is if you
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wanted to have a playbook to wipe out a nation, you take away their energy or you take away their supply chain. it is ludicrous that we'll try to kill our own industry for our enemies. >> harris: president biden under fire again for shutting down construction of that keystone pipeline. next how that one decision is affecting small towns across nebraska along that pipeline. we are going to nebraska to see it up close with our reporter. stay close. veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate plus turn your home equity into an average of $50,000. money for security today. money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus from newday usa.
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>> harris: we're monitoring a news briefing right now from the white house's covid-19 response team. it includes as you see speaking now dr. fauci and the director
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of the cdc dr. wol inski who just said this january had the highest number of united states deaths of any month since the pandemic began in 2020. more than 90,000 people perished. she also said these new variants that we're seeing are kind of a big concern right now. we will continue to monitor this and bring you the news that comes out of it. meanwhile this. president biden's executive order ending the keystone pipeline is effectively killing thousands of jobs in states like nebraska where construction was already underway. former trump economic advisor steven moore says the president needs to rethink his priority. >> my advice to joe biden is put the economy first. come on, put the economy first, put the health crisis first
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with respect to the virus. i don't get why we're canceling the xl pipeline. that's jobs, good jobs we need. there hasn't been an appropriate focus on getting americans back to work. >> harris: you know here on "the faulkner focus" we've been interviewing people impacted by it. we've traveled to dorchester, nebraska with her first report for faulkner focus hearing from business owners already feeling the effects of the keystone cancellation. alicia. >> hi, harris, 600 people live in the village of dorchester and i want to see something up the block from where i'm standing. this is a field for pipes are being stored for xl. a reminder the economic gains expected from the pipeline are now gone. work was underway on the
8:18 am
keystone xl set to route from alberta through montana and the midwest that provided jobs in small towns along the way. many workers constructing it were experts with decades of experience making six figure incomes now unemployed. chris olson, a truck driver, fears his diesel costs will go up and increase the cost of many commodities. he said small town america is hit the hardest. >> you get a small town with ex amount of people to take huge money and spend huge money there and they don't have money to spend they'll quit spending. it will affect that town more than a town with a bigger population. >> pipeline opposition is elated by president biden's decision. farmers and ranchers and native americans talked about what a line break would mean.
8:19 am
>> knowing what that would mean should a pipe break in one of those locations and how detrimental it would be to us living down river and all those that live down river. so i think the safety issue, it may be better, but it is not foolproof. >> this is the safest way to move oil. there are 20,000 miles of pipeline already in nebraska that does this. if you truly are worried about the environment you want to see oil moved this way versus another way. >> harris, i want to point out something that doesn't get a lot of attention. this isn't just about the 11,000 construction jobs for the pipeline that this is impacting. in nebraska alone, the loss according to the governor here is millions of dollars in property tax relief that would have been provided by the energy company. that will last decades. harris, this is one town, one along that very long route.
8:20 am
>> harris: you know, speaking with one f his team. he broke down and that went viral. you are right. it isn't just that town but also collateral damage in the sense of all the restaurants, the feeder communities for all of those people who travel in like he and his team did. he was from arkansas. he traveled into part of the line to work on that part. he is one of those experts. >> exactly. if i have a second, one man told me it broke my heart. he said we know that they call us flyover country, that's what they call us. they don't care. and it was heartbreaking. they don't feel like they're being heard. >> harris: we do care on "the faulkner focus" and you have given us our first look at fox of what it's like on the ground in one of these towns hit by cancellation of the keystone pipeline. is the president going to
8:21 am
listen now? is president biden listening? great to have you. thank you. great work. >> thank you. >> harris: a powerful winter storm shutting down the northeast today. multiple states declaring emergencies with some parts expecting up to two feet of snow now. we have gone well beyond one. in new york city the storm forced health clinics to postpone covid-19 vaccine appointments. schools going remote. those operating at all have canceled all together, even the virtual. we're live for us in new york city and we thought it would be just be coming in last night and it came in and looked like that for more than 15 hours. >> it has, incredible, harris. good morning. incredible to see how much snow and how fast it is coming down. i want to show you what i'm talking about right here in the middle of time square. this was cleared away just about an hour ago. we saw pavement and now look at
8:22 am
it. it looks like it was never cleared at all. incredible. two inches on the ground in the last hour. there are 2,000 snowplows working across the city. that's why new york city is under a state of emergency right now. we have flights at the airport suspended, bracing for 18 to 24 inches of snow when all is said and done. tomorrow and today -- today and tomorrow all in-person learning is canceled. outdoor dining is canceled and as you mentioned those covid vaccination appointments, boy, oh boy, 20 city-run sites and seven clinics canceled today and tomorrow. here is the mayor. >> vaccinations are canceled today. also will be canceled tomorrow. icy, treacherous. we don't want seniors out in those conditions. we'll have vaccinations off for today and tomorrow. come back strong on wednesday. we'll be able to catch up quickly. >> hopefully we get those
8:23 am
people back in those vaccination clinics by wednesday when hopefully this is all gone. listen to this, the last time we had this much snow in new york city was back in 2016 everybody a couple folks here trying to enjoy it as best they can while it is still coming down. it is gorgeous to look at. but not safe to drive n. we want everybody to stay at home. >> harris: everybody can see the map on the bottom right-hand side. more than new york. it is taking a punch at much of the i-95 corridor on the east coast. it is a blizzard. twitter employees had a favorite in the presidential race. we'll give you a hint. it wasn't president trump. joe concha with me next to talk about the stunning new report and what the eye-popping numbers really mean. and more. >> the biden administration is full of stuff.
8:24 am
you know, it rhymes with hits. that's why. they have no guts and they're cowards. >> harris: president biden getting called out in teachers in one of america's largest cities are refusing to go back into the classroom. whether it's past time the president got involved.
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>> harris: president biden was a clear favorite of twitter employees when it came to 2020 campaign donations. according to the center for responsive politics twitter employees and their families donated nearly 64 times more to joe biden than they did to donald trump. 193,000 to about 3,000. and twitter employees overall political donations were a 98 to 2% split. democrats over republicans. on top of that, twitter gave biden what "politico" calls a
8:29 am
priceless gift when it permanently banned trump earlier in january. joe concha fox news contributor and media politics columnist is here. joe, i know you feel strongly about this idea because it is supposed to be an equal platform when you get government protection like a section 230. >> yeah. what i've noticed and when i was told what we are going to talk about in terms of a topic i couldn't find that much chatter from the democratic controlled senate, house or oval office. as far as section 230 is concerned. i thought it was something democrats were behind and can work in a bipartisan manner with republicans as far as modifying or eliminating it all together. when you look at the numbers you just shared, 98% to 2% split between democratic donations to republican donation, you remember what happened going into the election as far as stories being suppressed, censorsed,
8:30 am
conservative accounts being locked out or the "new york post" for that matter and now "politico" pointing out that yeah, i don't see it as a gift by way to president trump as far as taking him off twitter. probably one of the better things that happened to him. it makes him look like a martyr at this point. >> harris: why does it matter so much how people donate with the way they do their jobs at twitter? >> i'm not terribly surprised by it, right? in silicon valley, california, san francisco, bay area i'm sure probably the vote probably matches the way the donations as far as who voted for biden and trump. a very liberal area. employees are primary ex amount age of down and terms of being younger and vote more liberal. i'm not surprised. people can do what they want to do. the problem is when they can't separate their personal donations from the way they do their jobs. the way they do their jobs now is favor one side, not the other. something we talked about this
8:31 am
before, i think, more than 80% of adults get their news from social media. when that platform now is being manipulated to favor one side that is dangerous and has no regulation whatsoever. >> harris: it is not telling us that it is, right? if you are going someplace and it is telling you this is what we are, this is what we are, then that's a lot different. i want to move to this. the media appearing to let the anti-trump lincoln project skate after one of its founders was accused of making unsolicited advances toward 21 young men. group only officially responding yesterday after a report in the "new york times." the group in a statement said it is shocked and disgusted. however, some outlets like the daily caller are claiming the media ignored the project. three of the lincoln project co-founders have been on tv and not a single question to any of
8:32 am
them about the scandal. it wasn't until today that the lincoln project george conway was asked about it and the final seconds of an interview on morning joe. your thoughts. >> and a great answer from mr. kellyanne conway. fun to watch him slip into relevance again. he said, quote, i didn't know john very well. you didn't know him very well? you co-founded the lincoln project thing, raised more than $80 million last year go sboong the election and by the way, an op-ed in the "new york times" that you co-wrote with mr. weaver talking about how horrible republicans and trump are. so you are collaborating with him and founding the project, millions of dollars raise i had and you barely knew him? laughable to see a lie like that told on national television. the lincoln project will go into irrelevant relevance. that's a good thing for the
8:33 am
tone of politics we're having. >> harris: i was curious whether or not any of the 21 young men who were discriminated against and sexually harassed and when you read some of the tweets it is pretty awful if they would have a case against the lincoln project? i don't know if that's the case. what rick wilson and others with the group have said is we weren't all in one location together so we couldn't see what was going on. i don't know what attorneys will make of that if there are any involved. joe concha, thank you very much. congress looking more divided than ever with democrats saying they'll ram through legislation whether republicans like it or not. speaker pelosi is claiming there is a threat from within. whatever happened to all those calls for unity from president biden? and california governor newsom under fire again even from members of his own political party as the recall effort is really gaining momentum. >> they have 1.3 out of 1.5
8:34 am
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>> harris: major progress in the recall effort against california governor gavin newsom. it is closing in on the number of voter signatures needed for a special election. even democrats are blasting him over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. they are within a couple thousand of those signatures needed. >> labor is upset deciding not to put essential workers next in line for vaccine and tone deaf and oblivious. they're likely to get the necessary signatures for march 17. opponents are republicans john cox and former san diego mayor kevin faulkner.
8:39 am
>> we have to be open. we have to be transparent and in*r unfortunately that's not what we've seen from the governor. here is why the recall is growing. critics say superintendents are basically calling his plans to reopen k-12 confusing and unfeasible. stay at home orders are inconsist tebt and arbitrary. messaging has been disjointed. state testing and tracing non-existent. insurance scandal a festering wound. if it puts politics before science newsom said. >> that is complete utter nonsense. let's just dispense with that fundamental foundational nonsense. >> if the recall happens the vote would likely be july or august and hopefully things would be back to normal making it a pretty tough sell. back to you. >> harris: i don't know. you didn't add hypocrisy and
8:40 am
dining out on the multi-star restaurant with no masks and several officials including medical officials. pictures with that part of the story. william, good to see you. thank you. >> we'll probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the house of representatives, a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside. >> harris: the speaker of the house last week with some on the hill saying the partisan division is the worst it's ever been. "politico" boiling it down to this. quote, unquote, i'm just furious, relations in congress crack after attack. lingering hostility has left lawmakers more bitter than ever. besides speaker pelosi's enemy within remark we've seen a battle over newly installed metal detectors on the hill and
8:41 am
near fist fights on the house floor. democrats without proof accusing some republicans of giving reconnaissance tours ahead of the riots and liberal squad member corey bush saying she moved her office after a verbal attack by verbman republican marjorie tailor greene which green designs. good to see both of you. lisa, start with you and your thoughts on this issue. >> there was never any plan for unity. joe biden said that to try to win an election and he lied. he is a prolific liar and always has been. a man who dropped out of the 1988 race because of -- unfortunately the people that
8:42 am
voted for him that he doesn't have their backs, republicans now witnessing the president biden blow up women's sports or expand abortion access or the entire state of new mexico that went for joe biden now facing new moratorium on new drilling which could devastate the state's economy or unions that supported joe biden as he destroys union jobs, whether the building of the southern wall and or the keystone pipeline. unfortunately people will have to learn the hard way that joe biden is not a man of his word. >> harris: richard, a chance for rebuttal and i want to ask a follow-up. >> here is what nancy pelosi meant by the enemy within. republican members insist on taking guns onto the house floor. they have associated themselves with death threats against nancy pelosi. they support the big lie that donald trump won which subverts democracy and during the riot
8:43 am
of trump supporters, a republican house member warned -- tweeted the location of nancy pelosi so that the attackers would have a better chance of getting her. tell me if that happened at fox news headquarters and an employee did that. tell me how embraced they would be by other employees? that's what she meant by an enemy within. >> harris: lisa. >> well, i would say wonder what richard thinks as nancy pelosi in 2017 tweeting that the 2016 election was hijacked or maxine waters telling people to get up in the faces of trump officials? democrats have no moral standing on any of these issues and what my biggest concern is what we'll see from the biden administration, what we saw from the obama administration, using and weaponizing the tools of the federal government against opponents. we saw that with the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. targeting the trump
8:44 am
campaign or the i.r.s. targeting conservative groups. that's my concern as we see the hyped up rhetoric from democrats targeting the 74 million people that voted for trump. is the biden administration going to use those tools to target trump supporters? not the rioters who should be punished but the 74 million americans who voted for president trump? >> harris: i promised to follow up. super quick with you, richard. who is in charge of this party? is it joe biden or is he getting pulled to the left? real quick yes or no. >> absolutely joe biden ran as a moderate. won in a landslide. donald trump's term about the electoral votes he won. no question he is being a centrist like he promised to be and why there is so much support in the polls for each of the initiatives he is championing so far. >> 42 executive actions is not working together. >> absolutely the public supports them.
8:45 am
>> no, they don't. >> harris: new york governor andrew cuomo said new york city restaurants can soon resume partial indoor dining. is it too little too late for some of those restaurants that were just barely holding on? next i'll speak with two new york city restaurant owners on the impact of the governor's pandemic response looking out for you when governors make these decisions. keep watching. ♪♪ [ engines revving ] ♪♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> harris: who is looking out for small business owners? particularly in the big city of new york? governor cuomo is making bars and restaurants now wait another two weeks just to open at 25% capacity. congresswoman, who represents staten island and south brooklyn had this response. >> the real issue here is that he is treating different regions in the state differently. he is discriminating against new york city. making the restaurants wait another two weeks to get to 25%. it is brutal. you know the temperatures here in new york city. you guys are based here, too. in the teens and 20s. how can anyone survive on
8:50 am
outdoor dining? the worst part is he isn't even doing it based on science. >> harris: outdoor dining with a foot or two of snow. we have a restaurant owner on staten island. it has been said too little too late. is that true? >> very true. we've tried our best to do outdoor dining at 20 degrees it's literally impossible. then waiting another two weeks, the busiest weekend in the year not allowing us to open up friday, saturday, sunday is a disaster. >> harris: the busiest week of the year. you aren't going to open until valentine's day, is that correct? >> correct. i can't put people outside in 20 degree weather between the staff and etc. the best thing to do is wait for valentine's day. i try to push for the friday, saturday. i don't think it's possible physically. >> harris: i hear the frustration and wonder what the
8:51 am
conversations have been like with the city leadership. there are so many more of you as restaurant owners than there are of those leaders. what kind of pressure have you been able to apply, if any at all? >> we've tried everything. we've tried lawsuits, rallies, petitions, we've tried everything. it goes in one ear and out the other. like she was saying prior to, nicole, facts, long is 50%, new jersey more than 50%. you can go three miles away from my restaurant and full capacity until 2:00 in the morning. we're losing all our business to new jersey because we're so close. we went to new jersey last night. every table full. staten island it's horrible. a disaster. >> harris: you mentioned the congresswoman. we've talked about issues of equity here. why do you think it's happening this way? >> well, i only teasing. maybe he got dumped by this
8:52 am
celebrity chef and doesn't like new york city restaurants. i have no idea. if he follows his facts, facts, facts we should be able to to be at 50% already. >> harris: i don't know the evidence in new york and new jersey where i am or in california or anywhere else is all that different. restaurants spread of covid is still rocking below 1% when you look at the science if you follow the science. so it has to be frustrating to be looking at the same science they are. you would say what to the governor today? >> please let us open. we don't want anymore stimulus or money. we want to open and run our business properly. that's all we want. let us open. >> harris: vincent, we wish you the best and we know at least in two weeks hopefully you will be opening but you can't do outdoor dining in two feet of snow. you are absolutely right. >> it will be interesting, but no.
8:53 am
>> harris: yeah. we're looking out for you on "the faulkner focus" trying to find the answers with you. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for letting us join you today. >> harris: nine top health officials in new york have reportedly resigned over governor cuomo's handling of the pandemic. it's not just the restaurants that are frustrated. we'll get into all the details next hour on "outnumbered." joining me my co-host, emily, kennedy and brian kilmeade will be with us. don't miss it. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers.
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>> we have been working literally night and day for the last two weeks in particular, 70 plus meeting since june to get a deal done. i think we can still get a deal done. we are working diligently to make that happen.
8:58 am
a strike would be catastrophic. mostly for our kids. so we are doing everything that we can to address with the teachers are expressing to us, but we need them to meet us halfway. >> harris: the children caught in the middle. mayor lightfoot ordering chicago teachers to go back to their classrooms today. the city public school reopening just pushed back because of the standoff with the teachers union. looking into it from "the faulkner focus," mike, what a mess. >> harris all of the parents in chicago hoping for multiple reasons to get their sons and daughters back in the classroom will have to wait a while longer. in person learning was supposed to resume today, but yesterday chicago public school district notified parents with no agreement with the teachers union on safety protocol, they couldn't guarantee teachers would show up so class was canceled if you were to make things worse for parents, the whole public school system teeters on the brink of a
8:59 am
teacher strike. mayor lori lightfoot said teachers who don't show up today will be considered absent without leave. ceo offered an ultimatum to trigger a strike. the teachers don't show up today, they will lose their ability to teach remotely. >> teachers and staff who failed to report to school tomorrow will have their access cut off at the end of the business day. >> now the city said $100 million have been spent on things like ventilation, filtration, face mask and mayor lightfoot lightfoot said that teachers union add what dot have to do with safety. she said yesterday sitting negotiation or said on the zoom call and parent stood them up. they see catholic, charter schools, suburban schools back in class and their kids are tired of remote learning. >> obviously, there is a way to get the schools open and to heck have it be open safely. the children see that and they
9:00 am
don't understand why their teachers don't want to come back to the table and negotiate and get the schools open. >> the vice president of the teachers and dismissed the notion of a strike and the only s where they are concerned with his safety, harris. >> harris: amen to that, mike tobin, i feel so bad for these kids. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus," "outnumbered" now. fox news alert, a new fierce decision on capitol hill with a growing number of pushing calling for immediate passage of biden without public support. this is the president set to meet with ten moderate republican senators just hours from now. on the coronavirus relief counter proposal. however senator bernie sanders who talked with democrat said republican support is not


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