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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 1, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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amen. amen. >> jesse: i thought i was the only blue. >> greg: you are a boo-hoo. >> donna: enjoy the snow. >> jesse: bret baier never >> bret: tom brady didn't get boo. thanks guys, good evening. i bret baier. they are discussing a possible bipartisan covid relief package. the ten senate republicans say their $600 billion proposal could be through by congress one of them will join us in just a few moments coming right from the oval office congressional
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democrats are considering going it alone with a much more expansive and expensive bill. the latest on these negotiations. >> good evening, bret. tonight's meeting is the first time that president biden has invited them to the white house and all of them are republicans. whether or not he is willing to compromise or not to earn their support is still very much. go big or go bipartisan. that's the question president joe biden faces as he attempts to pass his $1.9 trillion stimulus package. the president calls for bipartisan support and 10 moderate republican senators responded to the roughly $600 billion plan of their own. >> i'm going to do everything i can to encourage the president to do something that is much more targeted from the $1.9 trillion package.
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he was one of the ten moderates to send a letter to him on sunday reminding him of the promise
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tomorrow's going to be
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>> it looks like you are in the snow globe at the white house. thank you. down the street from the bipartisan meeting in the oval office, congress remained deeply divided. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at the partisan fights. >> in the latest sign of instability in washington, house democrats are offering republican leader kevin mccarthy an ultimatum. remove georgia freshman congressman marjorie taylor greene from the education and labor committee or the house will with a vote on the floor. more evidence that the 117th congress is more divided than ever. >> the enemy is within the house of representatives. >> the new definition of unity for the democrats. >> some of my to go further, seeking to remove marjorie taylor greene from congress. she tweeted defiantly "i only bow to one. he alone sits in the judgment seat." mccarthy is expected to meet with congresswoman greene this
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week. she has become a lightning rod for conspiracy theories she supported before becoming elected to congress. after progressive congresswoman cori bush of missouri instigated a yelling match with greene for not wearing a mask. >> you know what, don't yell at people. stop being a hypocrite. this is how it is here now. >> bush claimed she's moving her office because she doesn't feel safe but this is just one side of the broader conflict on capitol hill. metal detectors are up, screening lawmakers. fistfights have nearly broken out on the house floor. >> the gentleman will clear the chamber. >> florida republican senator rick scott says there's no sign of a major theme. >> joe biden said he wanted unity. he wanted to work with republicans. when they say they don't care for republican votes for it, it's not working with republicans. >> pennsylvania democrat congressman matt cartwright says give it time. >> one thing that i liked about
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joe biden was that he does pride himself on working in a bipartisan fashion and i do too. >> much of the problem is a lack of trust of people from the opposing party. house is expected to vote to find lawmakers who refuse to pass through magnetometers when entering the house chamber. $5,000 for a first offense, $10,000 for second offense. bret. >> bret: thanks. as with everything over the past year, the pandemic is causing major disruptions. this type are senate democrats and their control of the split senate. congressional correspondent chad pergram has the latest and it comes down to numbers, as it always does. good evening, chad. >> good evening, bret. technically this moment democrats do not have their majority in the united states senate. the reason is that mark warner, democratic senator from virginia was exposed to coronavirus and he is in quarantine. democrats got a scare last week
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when senator patrick leahy of vermont, most senior member of the body went to the hospital for tests. he's back now. >> narrow majorities are tough but they are especially tough at a time of a pandemic. if you lose any of your members for any length of time, you are in deep jeopardy of losing the ability to muster a majority. >> republicans are inching closer to claiming one more house seat. newark republican claudia tenney increased her lead to 122 votes over the democrat in the last on called race in the country. democrats aren't willing to negotiate with republicans so far. senate majority leader chuck schumer blasted the g.o.p. for talking with the white house about covid aid. schumer told "the new york daily news" "they should negotiate with us, not make a take it or leave it offer." liberals may be unwilling to bend and compromise." because it was his first
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schumer, especially of fellow new yorker alexandria ocasio-cortez challenges him in the primary. to fight democratic dissension, leaders like schumer may only have one option: give rousing football coach halftime speeches to rally the team. >> you're down to one running back and one wide receiver and you tell your team, you know, are we going to do this or not? are we going to put that into play or are we going to fight among ourselves? >> the senate hasn't yet approved a power-sharing agreement and for now technically republicans continue to hold committee gavels. that's why lindsey graham remains the chairman of the judiciary committee and that's why merrick garland, up for attorney general, still again has not yet gotten the hearing. bret. >> bret: all right, thank you. >> no reason why joe biden can't work with republicans in congress for bipartisan legislation if he is willing to push bernie sanders to the side
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and worketh republican senators and republican congressmen. >> the question is not bipartisanship. the question is addressing the unprecedented crises that we face right now. if republicans want to work with us, they have better ideas and how to address the crises, that's great. to be honest with you, i have not yet heard that. >> bret: the definition of bipartisanship. ten republican senators currently meeting with president biden and vice president harris in the oval office. among them shelley moore capito from west virginia. she will join us on the show as soon as that meeting is over to give us an inside look behind the curtain. spring in the extended panel. fox news senior political analyst brit hume. former tennessee congressman. harold ford. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." bill bennett, former education secretary and host of the bill bennett show podcast. brit, let me start with you. the bipartisan unity talk but
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there's no sense that democrats are ready to go down the negotiating side. they were setting up for budget reconciliation which means 51 votes. >> that's right. i am old enough and i am no bill ayers $1,600,000,000,000 is not exactly considered going small. let's look at it this way for a moment. in terms of covid, cases and hospitalizations are down and we have two vaccines. there's been delivery issues but they are getting out there. one more is on the way. the situation is such that you would think it would getting better. beginning may be to see our way clear. is this really the time to throw $1.9 trillion at the problem, much of it not directly related to covid-19, all of it borrowed money, when the rest of the money that's been previously appropriated has yet to be spent. i think the republicans have a case but i also sense this bill is going to leave the station. you can probably understand why the democrats are trying to
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loaded up with as much as they can get on it because i know it's likely to pass. >> bret: there is one democratic conductor that may not let that train leave and that's joe manchin will from west virginia. one of the reasons why, harold, the white house was pressuring joe manchin by sending vice president on to local television in west virginia with a message. this is part of that message and the senator's reaction. take a listen. speak up when you talk to him about climate change, the first thing he talks about his job creation. job creation around those skilled workers who are in the coal industry and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned landmines. >> i saw it. i couldn't believe it. we're going to try to find a bipartisan pathway forward. we need to but we need to work together. that's not a way of working together what was done. >> bret: besides the fact that
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the vice president said abandoned landmines, not mining lands. joe manchin seemed to take offense to that, harold. >> thanks for having me on. to think what's happening in the white house this evening is what america is longing for. ten republican's meeting with the democratic president. they clearly have laid out what they would like. he has a different opinion but said let's talk. fact is that meeting is lasting longer i think is a positive. i do hope that some of the petty, preschool squabbles that seem to be taking place on the hill and the weaponizing of every little disagreement and the yelling at each other, hope the members of congress can take a breath and reflect on the oath that they all swore to take. it's also important to remember as much as i agree with brit around the fact of vaccines coming on the johnson & johnson vaccine is so promising and encouraging. you have one in seven americans who run out of money and can put food on the table. i hope they can find an agreement between
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600,000,000,001.9 trillion. a billion dollars was a lot of money. elon musk made 40 billion. i think americans are looking at insane what is congress going to do. if you want to have a unity government and get along then we build trust with people. both sides of got to put aside some partisanship, some grievances, and come to an agreement that will help americans more quickly. it's probably not going to be 1.9 trillion but i hope it's larger than 600 billion. that's what they've got to come to an agreement on. >> bret: joe biden is praised often about negotiating. we will see what comes out of this. shelley moore capito on the show. >> the media seems to be praising joe biden and suggesting that he's going to craft a bipartisan attempt. at the same time joe biden seems to be saying he doesn't need any votes. he has the majority in the house. he's got enough in the senator
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just pushed through legislation without a bipartisan support. this isn't like when obama was in his first term where he had 60 democrat senators and nancy pelosi had an 80 vote majority. she is down to where she can only lose five votes and you've got an evenly divided senate. he might want to try to push legislation through but it would cause electoral problems for him. it's an open question of whether he can or whether he might need some of these ten republican senators in order to get what he wants. >> bret: bill bennett, your thoughts. >> which way will the biden brain go? i listened to harold and harold said this is what america has been waiting for. maybe they will regret it at the end of the meeting. is he going to jam it through bernie or will it be the old negotiator? judging from the executive orders we've seen over the last couple weeks it may be trying to jam it through biden but there's
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problems. may be patrick leahy, maybe senator warner, also joe manchin. that was not a good move to be talking about the landmines. sorry, in west virginia. lack of familiarity with west virginia on the part of the vice president here from san francisco talking about a collision of worlds. we will see what happens at the end of the hour. you and roy started. i wish harold were up there in the congress. we need more sensible, moderate, thoughtful democrats like harold. rather than with the democrat party has become. >> bret: harold, what about the control of the caucus by the house speaker. there are two sides of it. the progressive side and the more conservative side. >> thanks to bill bennett for the kind words. i think both sides have got to take a breath. i think nancy pelosi has to
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manage a five person caucus. we have a tighter congress. we have a tight tenet. i think joe manchin is going to act as a check. he had mark warner and i would argue mark kelly and maybe pat toomey and rob portman. i believe rob portman is in that meeting. i think bill bennett framed it right. if they come to that meeting and there are signs with the republicans there is an agreement they can be reached, i think we can see that joe biden a lot of americans believed what they were getting when they voted for him is the joe biden they are >> bret: the joe biden that signed all of those executive orders and actions didn't exactly send the outreach to the republican side with those moves. >> no. it wasn't, but one way to look at it is this. these executive orders were low-hanging fruit for him to signal to his party's left that he is not going to disappoint
3:17 pm
them in the long run. in the end, the executive orders can only do so much. as a bit offlurry as there wered to what you can do in legislation. so he might have done that to help pave the way for himself politically to make a compromise on something like this where the left will scream if they think is not going far enough or big enough. so that is something that we can hope for. we will see. >> bret: all right, panel, thank you very much. the ceo of robin hood has agreed to answer lawmaker's questions to restrict stock trading. fox 13 in seattle where employees at a washington hotel had to take shelter for several hours after an activist group tried to take over that hotel. approximately 45 activists, some armed with knives and hatchets.
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at least 12 people were arrested. a new oregon law is now in fact decriminalizing possession of small amounts of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. it will now be a $100 fine. critics say that the law is flawed, particularly in how it deals with minors because there is no requirement to inform parents. and this is a live look at orlando from fox 35, our affiliate down there. the big story tonight, spacex postponed its latest shuttle launch due to stormy weather. at the international space station, they finished an effort to -- it took 14 spacewalks dating back to 2017. that's tonight's live look outside from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: a slow-moving winter storm continues to hit the northeast causing dangerous conditions and closing many
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coronavirus vaccination sites. philadelphia, new york, and boston areas could see up to 2 feet of snow, to kofi. new york city has banned nonessential travel. they will keep the roads clear and in person school is canceled through tuesday. the stock market bounced back. the dow gaining 229 today. the s&p 500 rose 60. the nasdaq finished up 333. last week during a game stop short squeeze, platforms reduced and in some cases cut off the ability of traders to buy and sell. now the ceo of one of the fastest-growing platforms has agreed to answer questions from lawmakers. and one precious metal may be the next target for traders. christina joins us from new york. good evening, christine appeared >> good evening, bret. that free trading app, many of them like robin hood has been a gateway to the stock market for millions of investors. but now the ceo could face the
3:24 pm
wrath of representatives over limited trade. so we know the story. investors push up the price of highly volatile stocks and a lot of these platforms went ahead and restricted trading. on robin hood, many of those restrictions have been eased but some are still in place. they put them in place due to financial obligation, so much so that today they had to raise $2.4 billion from investors. that's a lot of money swinging in this. according to new research, since january 1st, large funders lost more than $60 billion. that is why the ceo of robinhood will have to explain to the representatives about why the platform chose to restrict its trading of highly volatile stocks. >> there is an important set of policy issues that have been raised, the result of market volatility in recent days and we think congressional attention to these issues is appropriate.
3:25 pm
>> and what must come down come already today, game stop share prices were 30% lower. that doesn't mean it's the end. a lot of attention has now shifted over to silver. and silver etf. silver mining companies. the shares of those companies have climbed higher, even the price of silver, the actual commodity itself hit an eight year high today. because of this, this evening the u.s. regulator or the u.s. commodity regulator did say that now they are going to be looking into any type of market manipulation within the silver market. that's the commodity market. the volatility just doesn't want to end. bret. >> bret: all right, christina, thank you. up next, the debate over double masks. should you do it, should you not? and the battle in chicago over going back into schools. >> not care about kids. this is all about power. they come up with different excuses every day of what they want.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: january was the deadliest month of the covid-19 pandemic with nearly 100,000 people dying in the u.s. the total u.s. death toll now is approaching 450,000 with more than 26 million cases. there are signs of progress as
3:30 pm
mentioned before. hospitalizations are below 100,000 for the first time in two months. and the vaccination drive is picking up speed. the cdc reports more than 32 million doses have been administered up from 17 million on january 20th. 5.9 million americans have received both the required doses. on the prevention front, there is disagreement tonight over how many masks should be worn. >> well, if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective. if you add on another mask, you may actually make it tougher for the air to move through the two cloth area. and then at that point it causes more air to actually leak around the sides, which actually enhances your ability to get infected. >> bret: that was the same we can. the centers for disease control and prevention is currently studying effectiveness of double masks, specifically a cloth mask
3:31 pm
placed over a medical mask and stopping the coronavirus spread. the cdc does not have hard data to support double masking and has not recommended for or against the practice. the tsa will require travelers to wear face masks in airports, bus, and rail stations following president biden's decade of order. people without a mask may be denied entry. chicago public schools were supposed to begin in person teaching today. that did not happen. senior correspondent mike tobin is in chicago where officials are squaring off with local teachers. >> after almost a year empty and a promise that in person instruction would resume, chicago public schools remain quiet. students, still not getting instruction behind the computer screen. >> we are sorry to see some of the effects of schools being closed. many of our students aren't logging on. we are seeing african-american students in particular being especially hard-hit. >> the ceo of public schools gave an ultimatum.
3:32 pm
show up monday and access to google suites will be cut off. chicago teachers union, president jesse said that could trigger a strike. chicago officials claim they have exceeded cdc recommendations and spent $100 billion on everything from filtration systems to face masks. but mayor lori lightfoot says that union leaders make more demands. the union says negotiations are about the safety of teachers. >> discussion is not about if we return, but how we return and how we return is with the maximum amount of safety that we can obtain an agreement. >> when asked about the school crisis in chicago, the white house dodged controversy. >> we trust the mayor and the union to work this out. they are both prioritizing the health and safety of teachers and working to make sure that children in chicago are getting the education they deserve. >> and tens of thousands of parents in chicago just want
3:33 pm
their kids back in the classroom. >> my husband is an essential worker. he is excited to show up and do his job every day pandemic or no pandemic. i've had to put my career on hold and stay home with the children every day to make sure they are doing their lessons. >> and in the last few minutes, mary mary lightfoot's office announced the 48 hour cooling off period. remote learning will not be cut out. in fact, all of class will be remote for the next two days. bret. >> bret: mike tobin live in chicago. we will follow this one. mike, thank you. in california, republicans are gathering signatures to try to recall the state's democratic governor as the state struggles to control the coronavirus. details from los angeles. >> it just continues to be significant. bigger despite a rising death rate and a spreading virus mutation, california governor, gavin newsom denies putting
3:34 pm
politics ahead of science with the sudden plan to reopen the economy during a voter revolt to take him out of office. >> it is just complete utter nonsense. let's just dispense with that fundamental foundational nonsense. >> supporters are well on their way to collecting the 1.5 million signatures needed by march 17th. so far, possible candidates include the silicon valley billing are democrat, republican john cox, and kevin faulkner, who claims to have raised over a million bucks for the campaign. >> if this is across the board in california. i believe it's going to qualify and i believe we are going to be into a recall situation here very soon. >> critics say that he has himself to blame, pointing out he failed to reopen schools, the vaccine rollout is among the nation's worst. they believe his stay out home orders have been inconsistent. state tracing was late or
3:35 pm
nonexistent. and a broken promise to fix on a plumbing insurance and paid those who didn't deserve it while failing those who did. >> sold anything i've had that is worth selling. >> the latest directive has unions angry allowing the elderly elderly to get vaccines before essential workers. he can't play politics with people's lives and frontline workers. a recall vote would likely happen until summer. giving him some time to get kids back in school california's vaccinated and back to work. >> william, thank you. i'm next, we had to a city in nebraska feeling the effects of president biden's decision to cancel the keystone xl like mart. pipeline. ♪ ♪ not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it
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♪ ♪ >> bret: former president donald trump has a new impeachment legal defense team following the resignation of 5 attorneys just over a week
3:40 pm
before the start of his senate impeachment trial. a source familiar with the split is the former -- the attorneys quit over that. the schedules begin next week. the lincoln project, a group formed by veteran republican operatives who oppose president trump is disavowing its cofounder john lieber as a predator, liar, and an abuser. the statement came after a "new york times" report comparing the history of alleged auditory behavior. the report featured interviews with 21 men who accused him of sending unsolicited and provocative images suggesting that he could help them get work in politics. one alleged victim was only 14 years old. in a statement to the times, he says he is disheartened and saddened that he may have brought discomfort to anyone in what he says were mutually consensual discussions. tens of thousands took to the
3:41 pm
streets in russia to support jailed opposition leader. senior foreign affairs amy kellogg. >> dragged through the snow, beaten with officer batons, more than 5,000 russians were detained sunday in dozens of cities across the country. tens of thousands are out again and freezing temperatures to demand the release of russian opposition leader, an end to corruption and in some cases of vladimir putin's 20 year reign. all of it started after arrests after recovering from poisoning from a nerve agent. he bought about a billion dollar palace allegedly belonging to put in. he claims that he is on the cia payroll and that the west is stirring russia. >> the russian government makes
3:42 pm
a big mistake if it believes that this is about us. it's not. it's about them. it's about the government. it's about the frustration that the russian people have with corruption, with hypocrisy. >> the governments are condemning the protests and arrests and demanding that he be released. he is not willing to compromise. >> as for the comments of the u.s. representatives in respect to our country, the legal rallies that happen in our country, we are not ready to listen to the american opinion on this matter and we will not do it. >> his team is calling for sanctions on some people close to putin and another opposition figure says the u.s. is actually his greatest hope for pressure on russia and he says "doesn't have the political will." bret. >> bret: amy, thank you. another story from beyond our borders tonight. the military of burma staged a coup and detain senior
3:43 pm
politicians including on sun tucci. the military says senior general will be in charge now of the country for one year and the seizure was necessary because the government had not acted on the military's claims of fraud in the elections. he condemned the seas of power as a direct up next, the panel rejoins me to discuss the covid vaccine progress and the double mask debate. ♪ ♪ f my eye. just a blur when they jumped the median. there was nothing i could do. (daughter) daddy! (dad vo) she's safe because of our first outback. and our new one's even safer. (vo) welcome to the 2020 subaru outback. an iihs top safety pick+. the highest level of safety you can earn.
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♪ ♪ >> the size of the package needs to be commensurate with the crisis we are facing come of the dual crisis we are facing, hence why he proposed a package that is $1.9 trillion. >> the american people really don't care less about budget process whether it's regular bipartisanship, whether it's filibuster, whether it's reconciliation. they need relief and they need it now. ours is about $60 billion. we are targeted to the needs of the american people treating our tax dollars as if they are our tax dollars, not just money to
3:48 pm
spend. >> bret: welcome at this hour republicans are meeting with president biden and vice president harris in the oval office. one of them is sitting right there in the plaid jacket, republican shelley moore. the meeting is still going on. so, we told her, you know what? you should probably stay in there and not come on "special report" right now. but if she does come on we will put her on the air. there you see president biden with the mask in the oval office. that meeting has been going on for quite some time. rick, molly, harold, and bill. you have been through a number of negotiations over time. the fact that they last a long time is usually a good thing. >> well, we will see. interesting you made the point that news is more important than
3:49 pm
the news show. i understand. i know the business we are in. but if there were more mask makers in town and fewer lawyers, we might not be having this difficulty. is that all been accounted for? has it all been spent? i don't think so. and besides, one of the details of this bill? how much of the politics of bribery is involved here such as the teachers union stuff going on in chicago? i just wish we were a little more careful about our numbers. fewer lawyers, more mathematicians. but they are probably in the aerospace industry. let's see what happens. >> bret: yeah, mollie, bill mentioned the teachers and the response has been they need money to open up the schools. obviously a number of schools around the country are doing it currently. there is this big dust in chicago. what do you make of this? there are a lot of teachers and
3:50 pm
a lot of parents are frustrated. >> the outcome of the science has never supported keeping children out of schools and the fact that many children haven't been in schools for a year is flat out abuse and neglect and a lot of people are having tremendous problems with it. it's amazing that we are still talking about it. it's like the whole country has forgotten how to do cost-benefit analysis. whether that is about complete shutting down the economy and print enough money to get out of this, you know, not thinking about the long-term economic catastrophe that is happening, we are not thinking about the damage to children and the shuttering of society and how many problems we have had as a result of that. we need people who can do better cost-benefit analysis and understand the costs associated of these really draconian shutdowns instead of just understanding we have vaccines now. the weather will be getting warmer. people are getting vaccinated. the numbers should continue to go down and people need to get back to living. >> bret: we have been told to
3:51 pm
trust the science. this weekend there were different assessments of the double masks and whether it was good or bad from scientists in the field. >> you know, that's a problem. the thing about masks is it's a good way to look at this. they say that the mask will do something, that it will your ability to push the virus onto other people. double masks may be affected but there are problems with that too. i think the idea of wearing a mask comes down to this. even if you don't believe they are particularly effective, a lot of people do. and if you are walking around in some indoor space without a mask on because you don't believe they were, and you may be right, other people are going to be freaked out. so, be nice. wear a mask. it can't hurt. it probably won't help and it will make other people more comfortable. >> bret: there you go. but harold, i guess what people want to know is what the true facts are.
3:52 pm
we have seen some evolution about how things are treated. the schools are one thing. you know, we hear that there is very small percentages if any at all transmitted from children to teachers. but yet the teachers union is very concerned about the health the ways to address this, and there's politics around the unions. we should remember that nobody goes into the teaching profession to become famous or to make a lot of money or for the glory of it. if we were to vaccinate all of the teachers, it would weaken them considerably. maybe that should be something to consider. but the science is right. you can't say you embrace the science when the science suggests that kids in schools, there is a lower transmission rate. we should figure out what those schools are doing that have those lower rates and we should replicate that. again, i think what's happening tonight is fantastic. problem solving is trumping
3:53 pm
pettiness in partisan politics. get this to a point where we can have an agreement that we can address the economics go down. remember, it was government that shut down these. we have to help people not only get back up on their feet but resumed their way of life when these vaccines take place. hopefully that distribution is wider to every american sooner rather than later. >> bret: yeah, well let's hope that's what's happening in the oval office. let's find out. hopefully senator and others will tell us what happened. you know a little bit about education. your thoughts on the situation currently. >> yeah, they may take a vote and people should pay attention to that. this wouldn't be going the way it is if a lot of teachers do not support it. i a lot of teachers. i agree with harold. a lot of them went for all of the right reasons.
3:54 pm
they make pretty good money. they get three months off. they have excellent benefits. and you know the state understands what these benefits are. so i think we are engaged here. they are engaged in the politics of bribery. i think the american public might see this as an opportunity to consider other alternatives. there are those catholic schools out there. they are just going at it, doing what they're supposed to do on much smaller budgets. they too are dedicated to the education of children. it might bring about a little bit of a revolution here in schools as people think about this. >> bret: bill, i only have 15 seconds, but can you put a sense about what this means to kids doing this virtual for so long, not being in person? what the implications are for our kids down the road? >> social, academic, emotional loss. books will be written about a lost generation because of this year. you cannot take kids out of a normal environment that they are
3:55 pm
in without loss and where are the democrats thinking about the kids for who school matters the most? those kids in the inner city communities, those kids who are poor, they need to be in school. their parents need to be at work. this is a real shame and scandal and the losses are incalculable. >> bret: panel, thank you very much for tonight. we have no audible since that meeting is still going on. we appreciate the time. when we come back, you think kids enjoy the snow in the nation's capital? you are not alone. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: tonight was a good weekend to be a kid. you see lots of snow fell, lots of hills around here including one with a capital on it. but humans weren't the other ons having fun. the capital's favorite pandas were caught at the national zoo having some fun of their own.
4:00 pm
giant pandas rolling around, sliding through the snow. you can watch this for at least, you know, at least 30 minutes, i could just watch it. it looks fun. thanks, don mike for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fox news prime time. have you seen the show? well, this night and all week hosted by trey gowdy starts right now. hey, trey. >> hey brett. sunny and 70 here. enjoy the snow in d.c. >> bret: you bet. ♪ ♪ >> trey: welcome to "fox new primetime." i'm trey gowdy and i will be your host this week. i want to first start by saying thank you. thank you for joining us. your time and your resources. you have a time and choice on where to spend them. i just want to say i'm grateful that you are with us tonight. today, president joe biden met with 10 republican senators on the issue of a possible covid relief package.
4:01 pm
ordinarily meetings are good. dialogue is good. but only if you know what your objective is ahead of


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