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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm PST

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we tell the truth, we call them out. there is a lot to call out these days. let not your heart be troubled because the news continues. d great programming. laura ingraham, how was your weekend?d? >> laura: it was fabulous. how much snow do you have? >> sean: we have about 2 inches. we will go out in the driveway and shovel. i don't have a shovel. >> laura: you shovel snow like cows fly. may be when you were 16. >> sean: i did it when i was eight to make money. >> laura: oh, god. >> sean: i don't want to hear about it. i don't have time. we only have an hour of program. when we have 45 minutes and we can't do this construction project or you a trash man. we can't do all of that. fantastic show. >> sean: you know what, i will never help you with a home improvement project ever.
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>> laura: got it, got it. fantastic show. great to see you, stay safe in the snow. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. black history month continues with a massive push to brainwash kids with far left blm propaganda. now some of the lesson plans include "disrupting the nuclear family." what? and promoting sexuality. intersectionality. that could be coming to a school near you and soon. we will delve deeper in the insidious campaign later in the hour. you do not want to miss it and we speak to a former educator who has been warning about this for some time. but first, the anti-populist party. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." now one of the many lies told by the dominant media lately is the republican party is in trouble because it's so divided.
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>> the republican party and more turmoil than ever before. >> the future of the g.o.p. is at a crossroad. >> a party that has so many problems right now, and it's improbable to say which one is critical. >> they are all four-alarm fires. >> it is very much divided. >> laura: such original thinkers in the media. and they wonder why americans are more corrupt than ever before. how on earth can these people look at themselves in the mirror? the republican party is more united now than it has since ronald reagan. donald trump delivered record g.o.p. turnout, and his approval numbers are higher than they were before the second impeachment vote. but somehow, this party is at odds with itself. check out this idiocy in "the new york times," "trump's shadow thinkers over divided g.o.p.." and tomorrow putts around mar-a-lago the vast majority of the party has stayed faithful to his lingering political legacy. lingering legacy? by the way, i remember when "the
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times" was known for its writing talent. but now they are too blinded by ideology to try to understand the 74 million americans who voted for trump. and to those voters, his political legacy isn't defined by his tweets but by his conservative populist agenda. they admire the president's courage for taking on the swamp and are faithful to his america first policies that brought staggering prosperity, peace, and rising income until the china virus hit. by the way, they are fine with calling it the china virus too. they saw trump as a man working for, not against them. and as the only candidate who truly wanted to preserve the america we love. but let's face it, the only republicans the media will ever love are former republicans, especially like the drifters at the lincoln project. >> the lincoln project group led
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by g.o.p. strategist who want one thing: trump out! and they are producing blistering anti-trump ads. >> jennifer of "the washington post" writes "at least the lincoln project founders can say to their children and grandchildren that they gave their all to defend the deeply held principles." >> john weaver, a cofounder of the lincoln project. >> laura: john weaver, the media's go-to guy for calling out conservatives over their political and moral deviance. well, you may recall "the angle" was the first television show to break this story. >> several young men reach out to me to warn me that he approached them after saying that he could offer them career advice, jobs, internships or just leverage in politics that they want to work in it. suddenly, they switched the content with sexual matter asking what their
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sexual preferences were what their body types were. how their body was and kind of a disgusting manner. >> laura: that was almost three weeks ago, but it was only this past weekend that "the new york times" finally saw fit to cover this believer saga. the true conservative is now accused of making sexual overtures to 21 young men including a 14-year-old. asking questions about his body while he was still in high school. and then more pointed ones after he turned 18. now, until "the times" reported they didn't have the integrity to cover the shocking allegation on air. and this was despite the fact that the lincoln project members appeared at least 21 times on those networks. now, as for the money grabbers at the lincoln project itself, they did not discuss the predatory behavior of the
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cofounder until "the times" coverage made it impossible to avoid. but it is time for america hold these people accountable for their misrepresentations and relentless defamation. the only reason the lincoln project to raise $87 million in the first place was because of the glowing coverage and the endless platforms it received in the press. they didn't have any following in the republican party, which regularly gave trump an approval rating in the 90s. anyone with a brain said the lincoln project operated in the democrat party and another weapon in the war to defeat trump, and there is nothing republican or conservative about them. but you see the perversion did not end with john weaver. the entire marketing used to raise money for the lincoln project consisted of false advertising, a fraudulent framework. it was all the fruit of the poisonous tree.
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and everything that slowed for a minute as well. now perversion was the most salacious aspect of the saga but the ideological was also disgusting. every corporation that aided and abetted the lincoln project activity and held salaries is complicit. how much did weaver himself make? while he was trolling young men? appalling. the media running thick scam right now with never-trumper republicans as they did with the lincoln project. if you are a house member that voted for impeachment or a senator that believes trump took the party too far to the right, you are the perfect gift right now for the sunday show. >> the congressman joins me now. congressman welcome back to "meet the press." we really appreciated. >> the first republican said that they voted for impeachment. >> good to be with you. >> laura: thanks, chuck, good to
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be with you. because they are willing to smear fellow conservatives, of course, ending profiles in "the washington post," politico, et cetera. the journalistic left in the conservatives love and opposition. meaning republicans who fight other republicans harder than they fight liberals. now the last republican who one but public office was george bush and that was 16 years ago. since then the party has moved smartly to become the grassroots blue-collar pro america first movement. it is likely that we will never see a bush republican in the white house not anytime soon. and the folly of the previous interventionist ways of allowing china to commit unchecked trade abuses. we see the folly of sanctuary cities and code enforcement and policies that encourage offshore
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of millions of american jobs. none of that is conservative and never was. it is a recipe for a shrinking republican party and a evisceration of the middle class. donald trump prove that the only way to grow the g.o.p. is to turn it into a party for the everyman and every woman. and it's not for the pandemic, he would kick off a second term, i'm sure of it. but never trumper republicans like cheney, mitt romney, and adam kissinger, believe impeaching trump means impeaching trump policies and advancing their own careers. but as usual, they get it wrong. primary challenges of congressional never-trumpers are going by the day. but these people are so desperate for relevance in a post-bush world that they don't have the situational awareness
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to see when they are being used and exploited by the press. and that is "angle." joining me now is the aforementioned journalist ryan girdusky who spoke with us on this show nearly three weeks ago about john weaver in the lincoln project. and also author of the book "they're not listening." you have proof the lincoln project members are lying when they said they just learned recently of weaver's depravity. tell us. >> right, i got the emails from young men starting in late may. i was working with another writer on this project for months trying to get young men to go on the record. during that time frame, i got calls from other friends who were plugged into washington, d.c., circuit that several members had heard that i was asking questions about john weaver and very involved in trying to see where i was on the investigation.
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an advisor to the lincoln project called several people asking questions about my project. several days after that john weaver had his heart attack, one young man publicly expressed that he spoke to at least three members of the lincoln project, including mike madrid in one of the cofounders and he was sexually targeted by john weaver. recently i heard a writer who i cannot mention his name, very known conservative writer that doesn't like donald trump and publicly a household name was asked to join the lincoln project. he said i can't because john weaver's reputation. this was the biggest open secret in washington, d.c. everyone knew except apparently the people who worked at the lincoln project. >> laura: would anyone else get away but this, ryan? i don't even know him or i hardly knew him. so how does he get away with saying that? who? >> you have to be held accountable to trump staffers over things you may have no
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control over while you were there and obviously george was not involved in the text messages of two young men as young as 14 years old as john weaver was committing. however, the lincoln project was made for tube processes, to make money and an organization for john weaver to get young men into bed. i mean what you have seen in the media is nothing compared to the message. and i'm not out to embarrass somebody but they are descriptive, disgusting and people saying the "new york times," i have 30 young men. another writer had 50. it is over 100 young men and a five year period. this wasn't like he was doing it to one person. he would blush at the actions of john weaver. and it is not -- it was the biggest open secret in washington, d.c., literally i spoke to the project i was working on and they knew about john weaver.
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>> laura: ryan, all of these liberal say they care about harassment in the workplace and they have devoted an inordinate amount of time to fighting harassment in the workplace, which is great, this is fine. but the lincoln project raised its money from deep pocket liberals like walmart, chrissie walton, stephen mandel, big hedge funder, big oil, david geffen, sequoia partner michael. jonathan nelson equity partners, these are big money people. are they going to demand their money back? are they going to demand the salary of john weaver back? >> probably not in the media ran cover for john and the project. it was three weeks ago i was on your show and almost on a day after i wrote the first story. they ran cover from a story that was a puff piece. john weaver said i'm gay and it was deemed acceptable. not
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predators. this was a deliberate attempt to sit there and cover for someone because they hated the right person and have the right politics. at this point, you know if it was not right for anybody to do sexual harassment, bill cosby, harvey weinstein, anybody, then it's not right for john weaver. they need to be held accountable and need to ask questions from their donors what did you know and when did you know it? i can tell you right now many members of the lincoln project knew. it was blatant, open and he was going after the interns. >> laura: is all of the fruit of the poisonous tree. and also, as he did in his explanation, well kind of implying that is why he did what he did was also insulting.
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>> and he said it was consensual. how was messaging a 14-year-old when you are 57 consensual? >> laura: it is obviously not, ryan, you are courageous to break the story. i'm glad we had one first. "the new york times" three weeks later. ryan girdusky, thank you so much. victor davis hanson, and lara logan investigative journalist and a host, and the return to the border is now available. victor, groups like the lincoln project mirrored all trump supporter zest threat to democracy immoral, politically and otherwise. your reaction to these new developments. >> they were served as youthful idiots and took $100 million. they use it for themselves and their friends. they were hypocrites and moral superior all under the idea trump proposed and exponential threat. laura, while they were doing this the thread of freedom in history.
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we have lives destroyed, and the first amendment under attack, careers canceled and the capital weaponized, every level of our cultural society, social media, hollywood, professional sports k-12 the university, i could go on is progressive but not just progressive but intolerantly progressive. these people joined that movement. they said they were constitutional conservatives of limited government and put their finger in the air, wow, this progressive movement under the guise of aiding trump is the future and they joined it. second and last, it energizes electronic octopus by first generation. we've never had it before, social media, the internet, 30 square miles and $36 trillion in market capitalization. they run all of our sources of information and communication. >> laura: lara, cnn is still using the capitol riot has a way
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to smear anyone who protested and continued to protest lockdown, watch. >> what we saw happen at the statehouse in michigan, do you now believe in hindsight that this was a dry run of some kind for what happened with the insurrection at the capitol on january 6th? >> this certainly was the most difficult example of extremism that has been fomenting in this nation. in it was encouraged by the former white house. >> laura: speaking of smears, lara, they are smearing everyone against lockdowns and terrorist. you covered antifa for years and your response to that? >> my response, laura, is very simple, it is absolutely outrageous. it is hard for me to believe that people forgotten the reality of 9/11. but what disturbs me most about it commit is such a well
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orchestrated campaign that has been picking up by so many from the former head of cia, john brennan, mccabe, people like that. and effort across the media, and the disturbing part it is happening the same thing before legislation before congress to make this a domestic war on terror. so what does that mean exactly? that you can surveilled any american citizen participate in the january 6th event. does this mean anyone who supported trump's fair game? is that what you are talking about? many of millions of americans will be the next carter page. that is the part that is most disturbing and concerning to me. >> laura: meanwhile, victor, you have republicans shooting at other republicans and the press. it seems to me that it would be nice if republican leadership actually present at the republican voters of today, which are obviously more
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populous, not more interventionist, less open they are obviously more america first republicans. but you know, we have liz cheney and came out and did a big boost of liz cheney tonight. your reaction to all of that. >> the irony, what lara detailed in what i talk about this progressive project it does not have 51% to support both the populist movement does on borders, illegal immigration, china, industrialization, on jobs, unfair but rather than free-trade. that is where people are, 51% of the people are. you are absolutely right. the republican party is never going to go back to focusing on capital gains or privatizing social security. whether we like it or not. this is the future. forget about whether you like or hate trump. he created a movement or at least popularized it.
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it is here and you are right, it is replacing race by class and saying to people, you don't have to be white, black, brown. we are inclusive but we have one thing in common. too much power and too few men and it's an electronic dangerous age. that is a lien message. that should unite all these people. it shouldn't be fighting trump's ghost. it is silly. >> laura: lara, the director of counterterrorism under obama thought antifa was a distraction. >> you have the professionals including the fbi director speaking precisely and clearly where they see the domestic extremist threat residing. you had a justice department. you have the department of homeland security that was misdirected in pointing us other directions. so look over here at antifa, look over here racially motivated violence attached to police items. >> laura: so antifa is not a problem, lara.
11:21 pm
>> laura, that is a well orchestrated campaign. it is also based on deception. because when antifa does this, they don't identify themselves, right? you look and it's all over their website. these people go out in march in a hetero pride day instead of gay pride day and going out and getting drunk. they don't have to hide identity. they don't wear the same antifa so they are hard to recognize. they don't instruct people that they are only allowed for the people with their actions. and someone. so what you have here is on the one side, you have complete nonsense where they deny existence of antifa and antifa, they say we were distracted by this when this was the real threat. look who is behind that? anti-defamation league, the aclu, brookings institute, there is a lot of money and power behind this information
11:22 pm
campaign. it is extremely threatening to millions of people in the country. >> laura: lara, thank you so much. mike pompeo is on china's black list. his response when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: joe biden's entire career in politics has been a huge gift for the chinese communist party. 20 years ago biden voted to give the most favorite nation status to china to pave the way for his entrance into the wto. then the subsequent destruction of a million p manufacturing jo. now republicans voted for that too, and we widely criticized them. but it is a decision biden defense to this day. and somehow the administration watch you to believe they will keep the cdc in check. here is newly mentioned secretary of state antony blinken and the news earlier today. >> china poses the most significant challenge to us than any t other country, but it is a complicated one. there are at the serial aspects of the relationship and the
11:28 pm
challenge posed by china is as much about some of our own weaknesses as it is about china's emerging strength. >> laura: self-inflicted weaknesses? you mean like hinging era china strategy on unreliable european nations? my next guest knows that more than anyone else, the perils we face in china and former secretary of state and it kills me to say extinguished fellow mike pompeo, secretary pompeo, first of all, you have the honor, i understand, being on the china blacklist. is that true? a number of my friends are, and i'm jealous i'm not on the list. i know you are upset with about that. >> no vacation in shanghai this year, laura. >> laura: oh, my goodness, let's talk about what he said there. he acknowledges china is a competitort and complex. your reaction to his posture. >> laura, the recognition of the adversary is a goods step forward. that is progress where the obama administration was for eight years. frankly to your point, both republicans and democrats have
11:29 pm
been there the last 30-40 years. that is real progress. the trump administration turned the tide and said enough to protect american jobs and president trump said we will not dumping chinese products and we will put tariffs on them. the threat to the chinese party. they were spying on our facility in houston and we closed it. we took real actions. i hope this administration will do the i same thing. the track record from eight years prior to that is not good. it was an appeasement strategy. when i hear people talk about places we can cooperate, i dealt with these folks, the senior leadership. i was with xi jinping and his idea of the places we cooperate are those places that can dominate and flip real cost on ordinary american citizens. >> laura: here is what antony blinken said about holding china accountable on covid. >> secretary pompeo referred to the coronavirus has the china virus. do you think the chinese need to
11:30 pm
be held accountable? >> the focus is having full understanding and accountability and an investigation going on right now but especially making sure we are putting him measures to make sure there are returns. >> laura: secretary pompeo, what full understanding do they need to get? they tried to cover up covid early on. >> yes, we know a couple of things, one, the china virus and it's ironic some folks said we were xenophobic for talking about the wuhan virus, the china virus and referred to south african and united kingdom. this is the wuhan virus and it started there. it may have condensed from a laboratory. we don't know for sure, but we need an investigation to figure out wherewu it came from. we know the chinese communist party, we know they w took doctors and professionals who wanted to tell the story about human toit human transmission early on when something could have beennene de to save countless lives and billions of dollars of wealth and also jobs to the american
11:31 pm
people as well. we know the chinese communist party would not prevent information to get out. they corrupted the world health organization in a way to make it a political institution and not a scientific one. and those are the things we know and the chinese party must be held accountable what they did, not only to the united states but the world.d d >> laura: secretary pompeo, explain why the coup in myanmar is connected to thecc biden weakness on china? >> i think you've seen a number of actions where the chinese communist party is already testing this administration in ways they dared not when president trump was leading america. you have seen in taiwan and you saw it again the last couple of days now and myanmar, what used to be burma or the chinese communist party has made real advances. and now, they are flexing their muscles. they are intent on building a deepwater port and pipeline inside of the country in a way that will really give them power
11:32 pm
over those people. larger power over the region and much detriment to the united states of america. i hope the administration will take real action in response to the coup the military conducted today or yesterday morning inside of that country. >> laura: actually, how much should we be worried about taiwan? given what is happening in the south china sea right now as we speak? our ally taiwan in jeopardy, yes?s? >> laura, xi jinping is serious about this. we sold him weapon systems to help defend himself and honor the commitment we made and demanded the chinese communist party do the same thing. it is something concerning and i hope they will do the freedom of navigation and all the things that demonstrate america's to the people of taiwan. i hope that is the case, long-standing bipartisan support for that. i hope the administration is thatred to continue down
11:33 pm
path. >> laura: finally, europe will be biden's strong ally and a tough stance against china? is that what you are seeing coming out of your old pal, merkel? >> it is unlikely to happen thaa chancellor merkel made, stunfortunately. she made clear she didn't want to pick fights. i can assure you that xi jinping has picked sides of bad actions, and we know what he's doing to the citizens of china. we also know around the world, i don't think that chancellor merkel will give up a few dollars or a few marks, euros for the people of germany to do the right thing for freedom and liberty. >> laura: and trump and pompeo out of the way to do that. great to see you tonight. thank you so much. and coming up the media, why are they to limit the reach of media? and kamala harris' big political calculation backfires. raymond arroyo in "seen and unseen." next. s ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it is time for "seen and unseen" segment. we revealed the stories behind the headlines. to that we turn to fox news contributor, raymond arroyo. raymond, wasn't a cnn reporter suggesting that cable distributors should basically adopt standards to screen content on networks like fox news, right? so now ryan stelter is getting in on the act. >> well the cancel culture let me suggest a different way to think about this. a harm reduction model. reducing the layers reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech. freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach. an algorithmic reach is part of the problem periods >> raymond: freedom of reach? what he is saying is you can have your i speech but your ability to disseminate it could be restricted depending on his
11:40 pm
ability to determine whether or not you are a liar, okay? with all due respect who died and made brian stelter at the news of world? this man, god love him, never recorded a thing in his life. he's a medial watcher writing a college blog about "the new york times" to the cnn gig. he watches tv. that is his experience. without cnn, his reach would extend all the way to a bag of chips and diet coke at the end table because he would be at home watching tv. that is what he does.oror t this is a strange idea what the media should do. a >> laura: all right, the most ridiculous thing here is this idea that they are the keepers of the truth. anyone who reports differently is instantly a liar or a white supremacist or pick your poison. >> raymond: and they want to screen out the one outlet that major outlet that contradicts or might report the extension of
11:41 pm
facts and the continuation of things they don't reach for. for instance, i read this and "the new york times" covering biden, 20 factual claims all but three were largely if not completely inaccurate. vote laura, they failed to mention biden promising voters $2,000 check. that is not happening and is not asking for it. he promised there would be no end to fracking. he wouldn't than fracking and behind the resolute desk he signed a executive order and fan fracking. it is a tragedy. i think we are in agreement that more reporting is better than less. that is the answer. i will defend cns ends right to be seen despite pornographic tendencies. >> the senate impeachment trial of the former president of the united states who was impeached for inciting insurrection at the u.s. capitol. >> raymond: let the audience decide i say, let the audience decide. but reporters are not the only t
11:42 pm
ones misspeaking. esvice president kamala harris in west virginia to pressure senator joe manchin to support the administration's $1.9 trillion stimulus package. now, here is her plan for those out of work homeowners. very interesting. >> although skilled workers in the industry and transferring those skills for what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned landmines. >> raymond: set off those abandoned landmines and let them go out there, let those coal miners blow themselves up. does she realize how insensitive this sounds? why don't you changege careers? a realtor, you can sell abandoned newsrooms. that will work. >> laura: that's what they always say, retool your skills. go to a skills workshop and everything will be fine. joe manchin is not happy with kamala this media tour into
11:43 pm
state or the political pressure. >> i saw it, i couldn't believe it, we will try to find a bipartisan pathway for it. we need to but we need to work together that's not a way of working together. >> laura: well, what is he going to do about it?ar and biden's call for unity from his own party make sense now? >> raymond: what it shows you is kamala harris is to unity what the doctor is to help here, laura. this will not work. they talk about unity but feeding on their own party. to go to west virginia and arizona and i'm using the media against the opposition party. when you have a one-vote majority in the senate, you might be nice to those moderates and they are not. this is the democratic party and not republican which is all you hear about and many, many places in the media. >> laura: in the meantime, it changes the whole balance of power. >> raymond: quarantined.
11:44 pm
>> laura: one senator getting a ingrown toenail removed, and this could be thrown out of whack, raymond. raymond, thank you so much. a week of action isow being planned to push blm's propagandw on school children across the country. we have "the ingraham angle" got hands-on directives going out to teachers, and you will be shocked, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: for most black history month is a time to celebrate. african-american contribution to the country's greatness. for those running d.c. schools, it is an opportunity to brainwash kids. >> the first week of february marks black lives matter. black lives matter is about 13 principle starting in 2021, an officially the black lives matter school action and committed to student understanding of this principle this weekend throughout the year. >> laura: what exactly are these principles? we got our hands on them and here are two of the most disturbing passed out to all the teachers in d.c. first is called black villages and calls for dismantling the western prescribed nuclear
11:50 pm
family structure and another is called black families, which requires "dismantling patriarch critical practice."uc carol swain, the former professor of political science at vanderbilt university and author of the new book "be the people, a call to reclaim the faith." we have only got to a few of these principles that are being sent out to teachers as part of antiracist curriculum and university. your reaction especially to the nuclear family, antinuclear family priority. >> it is not just that. it talks about clear affirming culture, transgender rhythm. and you think about how can that be a guiding principle that is productive by children?nk one thing that is disturbing to me is it's not the principal but one of the goals of zero tolerance for discipline.
11:51 pm
and we know in the cities, there is a lot of violence that takes place in the classroom. kids are disruptive and not suspended any longer. they are kept there. the last thing the black community needs in schools is a situation where there is no discipline. part of the problems that affects the community is the disrespect for authority. that is why there is so much turmoil in the black community. and so the curriculum put four or five black lives matter and being embraced into many places it's really destructive by the black community and the black family and racial justice. >> laura: but they make this clear. one of the principles is "to disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family." black lives matter absolutely 100% but how does that help black lives matter?
11:52 pm
how does that help? >> it doesn't help elect people. it doesn't help white people. it doesn't help america. i would strongly encourage everyone who cares aboutel education to go to the black lives matter website and learn more about their principles. because there is nothing there that advances our society in a way that is beneficial. it is very unfortunate that so many corporations gave them millions of dollars that say with the national headquarters until they are pushing for critical race theory, marxism. they are using that money to teach children principles that will be life stabbing rather than life-giving. >> laura: the far left icon to racial inauguration photo. and "the san francisco
11:53 pm
chronicle," a wealthy, incredibly well educated and privileged white man showing up for the most important ritual of the decade in jacket and huge mittens. white privilege, class privilege. carol, maybe everybody needs to lighten up a little bit but the left will apparently eat their own over this. >> the american education system and too many people in authority have not investigated black lives matter and what they stand for. they are more than a slogan. they are an organization that is marxist, they are very destructive. it is ludicrous they were nominated for a nobel peace prize. we live in a insane world and time to work together. we will not help black children, white children, or america by pursuing the strategy that they outline.
11:54 pm
>> laura: we will be tackling this all week because somebody has to. we will do that. but carol, d.c. public schools, remember, they haven't even been in school for most of the past gten months. and yet, this is the money and all the money being spent on this, people are making a lot of money on the diversity racket and thank you for joining us. we really appreciate this. still ahead a tribute to a fallen hero. "the last bite" next. ♪ ♪ announcer meaningful beauty's age-defying formulas are what's kept supermodel cindy crawford looking so youthful for so long. look at cindy at age 31 and at 52. if you want to start looking younger right now, you need
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