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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 3, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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thank you very much, i appreciate that. republicans deciding on the fate right now if two key congresswomen, one who voted her conscience on impeaching the president of the united states. the other has said crazy stuff. the one who says crazy stuff looks like she will be okay. liz cheney? don't know. ♪ ♪ >> greg: hi, i'm greg gutfeld with juan williams, dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, and she once got mono from kissing her ken doll, dana perino. "the five." ♪ ♪ you hear about that big study claiming big tech really doesn't favor liberals? it was funded by a big tech liberal. but you won't find out that fact in any of the mainstream reports but the guy behind it is billionaire greg mubarak, he also donated millions to fight fake news and a town to buy this campaign as well.
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he also founded craigslist, the online bulletin board where i sell my discarded swimwear. last night, tucker revealed the study was in fact no study at all. >> can we get some numbers on that, and why you? no, actually, we can't. in the words of the "study," pinning down precise proportions of censorship is impossible because twitter doesn't release sufficient data. are you following the reasoning here? their conclusion, twitter is not biased and we can be certain it's not biased because twitter refuses to release the data on who it bands. >> greg: in other words, a fake study for a guy who claims he doesn't like fake news. it was designed for the media so they wouldn't have to do their jobs and investigate the actual claims, but the "research" is about as a researchy as turning on the lights to your living room to assess the existence of whales. yep, no whales there. really, having a big tech lib fund a study on whether big tech is biased, that's like me
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finding a study on how great i am, or a study saying jesse has the best hair in cable news and it's funded by the jesse watters institute for follicular studies. or how about when including that jasper is indeed america's dog and that is funded by dana perino university of dog selfies. and did you know that juan williams is right on everything? that research was funded by juan williams. so before you see a study that says there is no massive crime wave, i would check first to see if it was funded by criminals, or worse, cnn. the fact is the great thing about being a rich lab, you can build a case for anything and the media will back you up 100%. it's how they lied to you and keep you in the dark beer but of course that is all b.s. according to a new story by the people who lie to you and keep you in the dark. you know, i didn't know you are on the show today so i didn't come up with the study for you, so if you were commissioning a study on yourself, what with the
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ideal conclusion be? >> dagen: that i think the proper way of dropping your gs is the proper way burma should pronounce your words i'm speaking the kings and the queen's english over here, i don't know what y'all are speaking. >> greg: are you surprised by this finding? >> dagen: not at all because you are describing the left wing nut armada. you've got the tech industry and the tech monopoly is all-powerful and unchecked, along with the media, along with academia in the government, they don't have opinions, mind you, they are right, they are correct, they are just, and they are moral. there is only one legitimate point of view and it is theirs, and if you don't fall in line with them, if you don't agree with them, you're wrong and now they are so emboldened and aligned with one another, it will also destroy you. you see that with technology,
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just with the shutting down of parler. but we've been here before and ultimately, people turned against the outrage and cancel ship of the red scare, the house un-american committee, and mccarthyism. but the scary thing is even of righteousness when the, there's a lot of carnage before that happens with lives and livelihoods destroyed. worst-case scenario is that the dams come of this kind collective joining in , they went out and democrats are in power and anyone who has a different opinion or a differ, you are destroyed and so is our republic. >> greg: you know, studies like this, or when the media covers studies like this, isn't it their responsibility to say who paid for it? when i worked in health journalism there was always a little note at the end of the story, this study on orange juice reducing cholesterol was
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funded by the orange juice board. it was always kind of, they had to do it. >> juan: i don't think it was hidden, greg. but i must say i'm struck by what you said in the terms that usually you and i disagree, and i think this may be an occasion where we meet at the mountaintop but we come off different sides of the mountain. but because from my side of the mountain, i think big tech, with its ability to tell us how to think, what to buy, i think that is too big and they need to be regulated and in some cases may be even broken up, but they certainly need some kind of interface with the publics of the public understands what's going on and why they do what they do and when they do it. they are too powerful. but from my side of the mountain, i just wanted to say, i don't want conservative thought limited. i don't think it is limited. when i look at these platforms, i see ben shapiro, i see
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dan bongino, they've got the leading sites out there, many of them are conservative sites that are the top sites on social media. so i don't see that there is any bias against the conservatives. but when i think we start talking about killing politicians, when you start plotting violent, seditious acts against the capital of the united states, when you embrace conspiracy theories, when that kind of trash is spread on these sites, i don't think people have a legitimate right to say -- this is damaging to us as a country, as a society, to our ability to have honest discourse and that is what's going on. i think that is where you see today in the congress, you have republicans like mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader saying that kind of thinking is cancerous and dangerous not only to the republican party but to us as an american people and that's what's going on here.
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i don't care who paid for the study, i just think we need to come together and say, you know, this kind of internet sensation is distorting our public discourse is damaging. >> greg: but you know, jesse, you know the answer to this, it depends on who you are because this doesn't apply to celebrities on twitter who say burn it all down or people making threats to trump or to trump supporters or any kind of ominous warnings to anybody that is not a leftist, that stuff use to fly right by. you could tweet support -- that's okay. >> jesse: permission to make a sports analogy? >> greg: permission granted. >> jesse: okay, so you're watching a football game and on every single play the referees flag a penalty on team. they never flag penalty and the other team and you get blown out. then he announces come on the
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air and say, wasn't that a very well called game? then you find out the announcers are on the payroll of the other team. that is how rigged this is. i can't name one liberal who has been flagged or censored on social media. i mean, dan bongino and ben shapiro, they have been flagged and censored. you're telling me the part of the left is a liar push fake news? at the covingtons, the collusions, the mailbox hoaxes, the hands up don't shoot stomach shooters, the people who said the arctic ice caps were going to melt 20 years ago. you're going to give one political party a monopoly on the truth? in that case, 150 years ago, the democratic party's truth commission would have said slavery is great, and they would have called the abolitionists people pushing disinformation. see what i did there? what this is really about is the legacy media losing their share in the marketplace.
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everybody knows they live, and people on the right, social media, fox news and podcasts are starting to gain traction. instead of competing with them they are conspiring with the democratic party and silicon valley to slap a danger label on conservative influencers and propping up czars and commissions to shut them down because they can't compete with them. >> greg: i think i learned it's good we didn't have the internet back during the civil war, dana. final thoughts to you. what do you think? >> dana: first of all, i never had a candle. i don't think i even had a barbie because my parents wouldn't buy me one and they didn't believe in the whole barbie theme, so i didn't get mono from kissing a ken doll. >> greg: that's all you've been thinking about in this block customer keep in thinking about that intro the entire block? >> dana: it hit me by surprise but i loved it. this is what i wanted to say, in addition to the censorship issue, there's a whole issue of
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being compliant with the terms of service. now, we could all say, if the terms of service, you should be responsible for it, but that isn't applied evenly from liberals to conservatives. i will give you an example. think of jimmy kimmel. their show put up a fake video of vice president mike pence putting empty boxes of ppe out. that's clearly against terms of service, you can't manipulate video. it took a massive amount of outrage to get twitter to flag it, take it down. contrast that with, take your pick. there was one time when donald trump jr. put up a video of biden that was out of context and made it look like he was stumbling over his words but actually, it wasn't that, it wasn't manipulated, but it didn't have full context. it was immediately flagged. if things were applied evenly i think people would have a little bit more confidence. >> greg: i think you're absolutely right, and congratulations on day three of the turtlenecks.
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all right, coming up. i know, it's exciting. president biden about to reopen the same kid migrant shelter the media trash to trump for? heck of a tease. ♪ ♪ ty and talk about how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? uhhh... yes. huh... what happens in this one? seagulls. oh, i like it. how are you doing? (seagulls sounds) only pay for what you need.
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and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. ♪ ♪ >> dana: president biden being accused of hypocrisy on immigration over his administration's plan to deal with an expected surge of migrant children coming across
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the border by reopening what is being called a temporary influx care facility, tic f. access point analysis says that president trump was lambasted for using similar shelters when immigration facilities were overwhelmed in 2019. and just yesterday president biden went after his predecessor over the treatment of illegal immigrants. >> we are going to work on undoing the moral and national shame of the previous administration that literally, not figuratively, ripped children from the arms of their mothers and fathers at the border and with no plan, none whatsoever, to reunify the children that are still in custody, and their parents. >> dana: you had some thoughts about this yesterday. this is a story that is going to continue for quite a while, especially with the 100 day moratorium on deportations and families at the border. >> greg: i mean, the people who actually care for these children literally ripped them from their parents.
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we know that's not true, right? it's all about protecting children from smugglers and coyotes, right? they don't know who the parents are at the time. if joe continues to operate on this lie and demean americans trying to do their jobs then he should be justifiably attacked for doing the same thing. these policies were there to protect thousands of children from bad people, so why doesn't joe just keep these 700 or so migrant children they are expecting, just keep them with the people that they are with, right? if separation is so evil, just let them stay with these people, right? because what did they do? maybe they will just go back and leave them in the mountains like they did before. leave them in the rio grande where they are freezing because apparently, separating them, which is for their own good, is evil and immoral and wrong. it's kind of sad that this is
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our unifying figure. this is the person that promises unification but he continues to demean americans just trying to do their jobs a day in day out. >> dana: i think the administration would probably say they feel like it's complicated because they are trying to find the parents and they set up a commission, task force, i should say, to try to reunify but one of the things greg is saying is show of some someof that. maybe be a little more transparent? >> juan: i think they have been transparent and they have demonstrated, you can see, you can go and look, there are parents searching for children, children searching for parents, i don't know what to say to that but to my mind, the big thing here is biden has to deal with what you just saw him describe as the aftermath, very cruel
2:19 pm
anti-immigration policies pursued by president trump and separating children from their parents was intended as a disincentive. saying hey, this is tough stuff in this is the reason you shouldn't try to cross this border, you're going to be separated from your kid, that is what it was intended to do. so i think when you have kids in custody, there is not much trust there. you've got to figure out a way to take care of them and so what you have his people -- go >> greg: separate them! >> juan: temporary shelters and this is something that again is the aftermath of policy, very cruel policies that were pursued by the previous administration. but these are not, it seems to me, the biden ones are not being used as a political weapon, which is what trump was doing, and these are not internment camps, but i think they are being done with some degree of compassion to the parents and children can come together and it's just a first step. >> greg: now they are internment camps. >> juan: let's not lose sight of the big picture which is
2:20 pm
needed immigration reform, we need to deal with -- and i think surprisingly will see republicans working with president biden on these issues. let's not get lost in the weeds here. >> dana: jesse, take it away. >> jesse: the children, it's exactly what we are talking about and biden triggered the process because he promised all the illegals free vaccines, free insurance, amnesty and asylum, and covid checks so we expect is going to happen? an adult male illegal come to the border with a 16-year-old girl, no identification, what is the border patrol agent supposed to do? what is he supposed to do, if you can't separate the family and he can't house them and detain them together, because that's against american law, what is he supposed to do, juan? he has to then detain the child and then catch and release the smuggler? this is a coyotes dream. this is why they bring the kids across the border in the first
2:21 pm
place, and that is why the previous president cut a deal with mexico, you remain in mexico while you apply for asylum. or how about this idea, you apply for asylum in central america at an embassy where everyone else in the world applies for asylum at. but joe biden doesn't want to modernize the immigration system, he wants to overwhelm it so he can flip texas blue and you will never see another republican at the white house. and i don't ever want to hear again that the wall doesn't work because that's the only thing that works, along with agents and along with the mexico deal. i just looked at the release, department of homeland security where the wall is, crossing is down 87%. rio grande valley, crossings down 79%. el paso, sector crossings down 81%. if walls don't work, then wheels don't work. we know the truth. >> dana: dagan, final word from you. >> dagen: to use b.a.'s into backup jesse's point, it is
2:22 pm
cruel to encourage and promote illegal immigration, thereby increasing the smuggling of children into the united states. you are putting children's lives at risk. everything trump did was bad and must be undone and that leads to bad policy and bad decisions. promoting illegal immigration, leading to a surge of people at the border, making the border less secure, to jesse's point, and then encouraging those very smugglers. politically, the biden administration cannot continue trump's corrective and -- policy and that is sick and craven. >> dana: coming up, no room for unity. progressives are looking to purge moderate democrats like joe manchin from the party, who want to work with republicans on covid relief. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: some progressives not happy with calls for bipartisanship. primary moderate democrat joe manchin. he's been calling for democrats to work with republicans on covid relief. watch this. >> i want to be bipartisan, so if they think they're going to basically throw all caution to the wind and just shove it down people's throats, that is not going to happen. chuck schumer said yesterday on the floor, this is going to be a bipartisan process. we encourage of bipartisan proc. >> juan: while senator manchin says that, leader chuck schumer is prepared for democrats to go
2:28 pm
at it alone on covid stimulus. and schumer says biden supports that idea. take a look. >> joe biden is totally on board with using reconciliation. i've been talking to him every day. he told senate republicans that the $600 billion that they proposed was way too small. we are not going to dilute, did there, or delay. >> greg: did there. [laughs] >> juan: dana, let me start with a reality test here, is there another democrat, far left or anybody, who can actually defeat joe manchin in a primary or general election in west virginia? >> dana: no, i mean, have you ever known any senator who can sit on a fence like joe manchin? it's really, really incredible. every six years republican thing, we're going to get rid of this guy in west virginia but he wins. and the progressives coming after him in west virginia, that
2:29 pm
is a complete gift to joe manchin. kamala harris coming and they're trying to pressure him and he is like, no, i am fine, push back on that and then everyone thinks, oh, he could be the one, he could be the one to push back on a $15 an hour minimum wage or $1.9 trillion. joe manchin is our guy. joe manchin almost always votes with a democrat. i think chuck schumer is saying they know that in the end, senator manchin will be with them. i know that they hope for a bipartisan deal, but when he gets off the fence i believe it will be to support the democrats. >> juan: all right, jessie, do you agree with dana? is it a blessing in disguise for joe manchin? you can say to voters, look, those far left people are coming after me. >> jesse: dana is spot on. the republicans overly romanticized joe manchin. the republicans hooked up with joe manchin a few times, they think they are in a relationship.
2:30 pm
no. he's going to go home with the democrats. that's how it's always going to be. and you know what, it's smart. if he goes with the democrats, it's a bigger package, a bigger bailout for west virginia and fatter checks for west virginia. >> dana: and that's what they want. >> jesse: yeah, they want more money! what are you going to run against less money for people? no, that ship has sailed. -- and republicans don't have any so what they are doing is trying to say joe, keep your word, you said you were going to be bipartisan. joe can reach across the aisle but he doesn't have to grab a hand and pull anybody over. he can posture, get cover from the present at the end of the day just nuke the true trillion dollars and go big. republicans lost the georgia runoffs, all they can do is complain. >> juan: i just noticed that neither joe manchin in west virginia nor kyrsten sinema in arizona, both centrists, are
2:31 pm
up until 2024, so what is all this talk about? >> greg: i don't know, i think the bigger problem here is how washington in general refuses to understand the word "emergency." i mean, they're still treating this like it's another bill, right? they are actually having meetings. we don't even have meetings for "the five." it's like, this is actually more urgent than a tv show and they have one meeting a day, hey, joe was going to meet with six people and then he's going to meet with another group of people tomorrow. they should not be allowed to leave a room. and we talked about this before, the dam sell dems halted aid, that wins tops and they treat this bill like another walk in the park. these people have no concept whatsoever of urgency unless it is to take your money or fondle
2:32 pm
an intern. >> jesse: we have meetings, we just don't invite you to any. [laughter] >> greg: that's it! i'm done! >> juan: what do you think about senator manchin's leverage in this deal? >> dagen: he is not left enough and that is why you see aoc or alexandria ocasio-cortez, the congressperson about stress cronies at least try to come after him. there's going to be an incredible amount of pressure on him in front of the camera, behind the scenes to vote to get rid of the filibuster. he said he wouldn't do that. i just want to read the tweet that he put out where aoc retweeted that death glare at him. defund the police, defund my butt! that was joe manchin. but just a warning to people, being underestimated is a southerner's greatest weapon, so please underestimate folks from the south because of the way we speak or where we are from, and
2:33 pm
then we are just going to sit back and watch on when your pomposity melts into horror when we are beating you. that's a warning from the queen of queen. >> juan: all right. ahead, president biden accused of being soft on crime, "the new york post" claiming his policies could wreak havoc across the country. that's next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪
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2:38 pm
warning joe biden is soft on crime approach to law enforcement is going to wreak havoc on cities across america. here's why, "criminal justice in america is at a crossroads. the election of president biden, his party alliance with black lives matter who called antifa an idea and cites systemic racism is the major problem facing black americans, will make the next for two years challenging for proponents of effective policing. and if you want an example of how liberals have destroyed a city, just look at portland. a new report out if there is as it used to be one of the most desirable places for real estate investment, but now it's near the bottom of that list. all right, juan, i think it's clear if you just look at portland, policing is probably the most important thing you have in a major metropolitan area. lawlessness was rampant and then you have commercial and residential real estate fallout, and then you have less revenue and then they can't pay for
2:39 pm
social services, deaths spiral. how can anybody deny that? >> juan: i think it's important to remember, jesse, that any spike in violence in portland happened under donald trump, not joe biden. under donald trump. >> jesse: so you're saying it's trump's fault? >> juan: hold on, trump poured fire on the whole situation. if you recall, he said this is antifa, this is black lives matter. remember, he said all this. >> jesse: it was. >> juan: he didn't deal with the fact that there were legitimate protests against police brutality -- >> jesse: he sent the national guard there to help out. >> juan: no, hang on. he didn't acknowledge what people were speaking about. just last weekend we had a situation where an 8-year-old black girl handcuffed, was pepper sprayed in the backseat
2:40 pm
of a police car in rochester and you think to yourself, i wonder why people have some trouble here, why some people think maybe the police behave in an unacceptable fashion -- >> jesse: that happened under biden's watch, juan. >> juan: why they might be protesting legitimately, but trump said they are terrorists and thugs. he had no respect for the idea of americans standing up for their rights. >> jesse: okay, well juan just defended antifa and he blamed all the lawlessness -- >> juan: oh please. >> jesse: on trump when we watched the video for three months. >> greg: juan is lucky no one has the time or interest of looking back on old "the five" shows but i have a good memory of any time we talked about washington or portland or minneapolis or we talked about louisville, juan's constant refrain was it was a local
2:41 pm
problem. no national guard, it was a local problem. now he is looking back and he is realizing, i really screwed the pooch here, i have to blame it on trump because i've nowhere to go with this argument. the fact is -- >> juan: what are you talking about? that is not true, greg! >> greg: you always said it was a local issue! you did! >> juan: know, greg, i'm saying when you are dealing with police departments, they are controlled by local governments -- >> greg: let me finish! >> juan: i'm going to respond! >> greg: in five cities, we saw 34,000 excess felonies and 500 extra murders, okay, these were in cities that had sharp declines in police interaction. we can see a direct link between the outpouring of activist rage and citizens dying because the police pulled back. and i will tell you that more blacks died since these riots
2:42 pm
than before, and the numbers there are showing an increase in death rates. so i think the scary part that jesse is beefing at, when summer comes and you can't blame covid anymore, and another video surfaces, where are you going to be? do you think we as a country will be better or worse equipped to deal with burning cities when we have fewer police in our department, fewer open businesses with people willing to protect their business, and the lack of will on our leaders who are too frightened to be called racists because they just want to protect their lawful citizens. but it's a local problem. >> jesse: yeah, i mean, juan said it was a local problem. who do you think controls the local police department? in portland, he's a democrat, and he let it go. >> dagen: and if you read the it says most law enforcement policy is set by state and local
2:43 pm
government and it goes into all the -- >> juan: that's what i say! >> dagen: welcome you just blamed trump! >> juan: no, i said if you want to talk about biden, let's look at wendy's bike occurred, dagan. it occurred with trump as president. >> dagen: it occurred because you had left-wing defense attorneys across the country who will not enforce the law. i will point to the fact that in l.a. county, you have had a court case with the association of district attorneys because the d.a. in l.a. won't enforce the three strikes law. they've had to go to court over that. the l.a. county sheriff has notified the d.a. that he will begin sending his sheriff's deputy, detective, to parole
2:44 pm
hearings to give victims a voice, this is is according to fox 11 in los angeles. victims don't have a voice under this d.a. out there. he was elected by the police that this is the insanity of it all where criminals are responsible for the crimes they commit. >> jesse: yeah, dana, i just don't know who democrats are going to blame as we continue to see the surge in shootings throughout the country. >> dana: a couple of things. one, chicago, i don't know if you saw this week but someone they're trying to set up a safe space and a safe time for you to be able to go and flip your car with gas so you won't be a victim of carjacking. one of the things that has happened with carjacking as it is being done by a lot of youth who would be in school, except for the teachers union is blocking the return to classroom, so they are not in school. now, was going to happen? the young people who get caught will now have police records, they might do some jail time, and you know what happens, it's hard to get out of that downward
2:45 pm
spiral. the second thing that happened, i talked a guy who lives in portland, not too far from downtown, he said the violence downtown doesn't really affect his day-to-day life but what has affected it a lot is the regulations that have basically forced businesses to decide to leave oregon. there is no big research university there. they have allowed the city to be able to be taken over by antifa, in the other thing is everyone in his neighborhood that he knows his thinking about leaving oregon. so then they will be left without mess. >> jesse: we just saw footage of the mayor, ted wheeler, in portland having to spray mace at an anti-if a protester. i didn't see trump anywhere near that. up next, joe biden's press secretary refusing to apologize after mocking the space force. ♪ ♪
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>> dagen: white house press secretary jen psaki refusing to apologize today after mocking branch of our military, space force. this is what she said yesterday. >> asked whether the president has made a decision on keeping the scope of space force. >> wow, space force, it's the plane of today! it is an interesting question. i am happy to check with air space for us a point of contact. i'm not sure who that is. >> dagen: she did say today that space force's has biden's goals. when asked why she didn't know what it was, frankly, that was her way of covering it up. >> dana: sorry, it cut out. were you talking to me? look, i always found sarcasm at the podium, it doesn't ever work as well when it comes out of your mouth as it sounds in your head. i don't think she was denigrating the people that have those jobs come and a lot of them, colorado, alabama, maybe
2:51 pm
texas, and i'm excited for space force because like the arctic circle policy that i am obsessed with, i think the space policy, that's going to be next. she probably doesn't know who the space force contact is yet but i bet she does now. greg? >> greg: yeah, i think we can say this now that she is awful. she is a complete light weight. when you mock the space force you pretty much mock the optimism and the idea to dream bigger and better things which is what america is. she would rather mock at then defend it and every person knows, even slow and old joe understands that when you control space you pretty much control everything. she was gladly handed the keys to earth over to china just because trump started it. >> dagen: i know, and juan, does she not read "the new york times"? they wrote an extensive piece about space warfare and the threat of china. they actually wrote among the most important national security issues now facing president biden is how to
2:52 pm
contend with the threat that china poses to the american military in space. juan? >> juan: i don't have any argument with you. i think that's probably right. but i think we are going way overboard on this. i don't think she was mocking anybody. general jay raymond, who is the head of space force, says his own mother doesn't know what space force does. it's like 2,500 people. it's not like 1 million people in the u.s. army. it's basically brand-new and what they do is gps systems, missile warnings, track satellites. it's not about warfare. so i think may be, we should, you know, i think jen psaki is doing a great job. i just don't see this as an issue. >> dagen: your doctor mock, what say you? >> jesse: i hate to agree with juan, it makes me sick to my stomach to do so. but i do. i think she was trying to tell a
2:53 pm
joke that didn't land. trust me, i've been there, but all democrats voted for space force and we've got to confront the russians and the chinese there because it is going to be a battle zone, and why do you think all these billionaires are sending rockets up there? they think we're going to destroy the planet one day and we're going to have to colonize space and who is going to be there to defend us? space force. >> dagen: china. >> juan: i thought we were counting on you! >> dagen: we've got to go. "one more thing" is next. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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2:58 pm
>> are they really? what's worse than a robot dog with legs? how about one with an extra creepy arm. check out this one. can pick up laundry which is not what it's going to do. pick up cinder blocks, plant trees with its extra arm. you ask me why i bow to our future robot overlords. because they are evolving and we are not. it took us billions of years to get to greg guttfeld. these things are going to rule the world. we are creating our own destroyers. i am on their side. >> dana: you know when you can't be bothered? this dog here is like, excuse me, outta my way. knocks that right into the water.
2:59 pm
unbelievable. i also wanted to mention, i had my interview up at how dana perino stays positive on a hectic day. >> trying to help out small businesses during a pandemic. one of my personal favorite brands, the normal brand, teamed up with country star luke combs. selling these baseball caps. all the profits go to the barstool fund. you know what that is. already raised $34 million for small businesses. go check out the normal brand and grab a hat today. >> dana: that's great. >> juan, 20 seconds, 30 seconds. >> this february is very special for people who love calendars. take a look at this calendar. february is a picture perfect rectangle, 28 days.
3:00 pm
there's lots of fun on calendars. remember inauguration day? there's a record number this year. >> fantastic. sorry, dagen. we're out of time. my favorite perfect square is coming up. hey, bret. >> bret: hey, greg. thanks. president biden's goal to put students back in the classroom in 100 days is running into some head wind. slain capitol police officer brian sicknick is honored in the anywaying's capitol. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. across the country, pressure is building on school systems to reopen classrooms to students after almost a year of


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