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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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school district because wait a minute, kids matter more than teachers, why can't we all get on the same page and open things up? he's suing to make the point. tomorrow, we will see you then. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello everybody, i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, dagen mcdowell, greg gutfeld and martha maccallum. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it's another day and yet another example of hypocrisy from democrats. joe biden and his white house have preached endlessly about how we have to follow the science and listen to the experts. and they promised that they always will, you may remember this. >> i think it's important to follow the science, listen to the experts, do what they tell
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you. >> he wants health and medical experts to be the guides. >> and the politics, follow the science. >> he's guided as we all are by scientists and medical experts. >> we will follow the science. many say that again. >> he does rely on the guidance of his health and medical experts. >> jesse: turns out biden and the white house didn't mean any of that, what they really should've said is this. we will follow the science unless it hurts us politically. for example, the white house press secretary is throwing the cdc under the bus for saying teachers can safely return to school without being vaccinated, watch this. >> vaccination of teachers is not a prerequisite for savory opening of schools. >> she spoke to this in her personal capacity, we are going to wait for the final guidance to come out. >> the white house said today that the cdc has yet to release official guidance while another expert, dr. anthony fauci just
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said this. >> you can't have children going back to school as we have in the past without necessarily having everyone vaccinated them all the teachers and all the students vaccinated. >> jesse: all right, martha, what's going on here? >> martha: i mean come on new favorite phrase is "in your personal capacity," think about the things you could get away with, she's got a cdc mural behind her, it says cdc all over, she's the head of the cdc but suddenly she is speaking in her personal -- it's like the strange aunt who says things at dinner, oh, just ignore her, she's just speaking in her personal capacity. this is such hogwash it is unbelievable, the head of the cdc and dr. fauci, remember, go back in your mind to end dr. redfield and president trump would disagree sometimes them it would be everywhere, right? this is just sort of a like oh,
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no, the fact of the matter is the studies have been done, it's safe for children to go back to school and it's a safer teachers to go back to school, it doesn't mean it is a zero risk environment, there is no such thing in life as a zero risk environment. a lot of things can happen when you set foot out your door but the bottom line is that joe biden, the president of the united states refuses to go against the unions. at some point somebody is going to have to stand up to them and say look, you are either going to have to head back to work when the risk falls below this number in your city which many cities have without 47% from the case high so at some point you're going to have to say, you are either going to go back to your job or find another line of work and i'm looking for the person who has the courage to stand up and say that in any of these cities or states or the white house. >> jesse: yeah, from the white house, exactly. it looks like the biden team is trying to buy time and kind of wait for the unions to come around and say oh, yeah, we
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haven't gotten the official word from the cdc yet, just to take their time, that's what's going on here, isn't it? >> greg: i actually really enjoy this because i think that democrats are realizing how much harder it is to be in charge than to be a critic when you have something urgent going on. it's a difference between being a comedian and being a hackle or, they are now on stage, they have to perform. all they had to say before and get the media to play along with those that trump had blood on their hands and they could do the daily death count, every day they go up, 20,000 people, 30,000 people and the media would gobble it up like scooby snacks. now they are in the cockpit and they can't agree on how to fly the plane, they can't even open up the luggage compartment so now it's everybody else's turn to say you people are incompetent and i've got to tell you, it's a contrast in leadership, as always, they put importance on words and not deeds. it's how you say it, not what you do.
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trump knew in his gut, love him or hate him, that america had to move forward quickly, fast. and he had what biden was missing which was that backbone to make people do what he wanted. trump never cared what the media thought, he hated the media, he didn't care what his peers thought, he would trash his peers but the reason we have the vaccine now is due to the fact that he thought, a politically and said we had to get this done and he introduced this idea of getting it done faster that no one really thought about so what you're seeing is you are seeing political animals wrestle with an urgent, nonpolitical issue, a pandemic and they are failing because they can only see it through a political lens and not a human lens and their political lens is driven by fear, not leadership. how will this affect me in the media? what names will they call me, how will this affect me in the next election which is why they
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are so paralyzed in their deeds but not in their words. trump -- they should appoint someone in charge of this like a pandemic czar, somebody who knows how to cut through the b.s., who knows how to bypass the bickering and the bureaucracy. there's a guy in mar-a-lago who could really step in and would probably say yes if biden said hey, could you help me? his name escapes me. >> jesse: you know, dagen, joe could do this on his own, he can get out there, got the bully pulpit and say, we are going to make these teachers come back, we are destroying these kids education and then when they go back biden takes credit for it and every single father and mother with a child under 18 years old is going to thank joe biden and that will pay off for him in the next election. >> dagen: do a ronald reagan with the air traffic
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controllers, boom, you're done. i want to bring up the science issue, the democrats only talk science and believe in the science when it fits their agenda. when it points to an outcome that they desire. when the science doesn't match their politics it goes right into the wood chipper. what about gender? day one executive order from joe biden requiring biological boys to now be allowed to compete against girls in sports, what about when life begins? let's just talk about the vaccines, both biden and harris with their anti-baxter fearmongering on the campaign trail skeptical that the vaccines were safe enough simplp was in the white house like he was some mad a scientist in they cooking up some vaccines over a bunsen burner. this is a historical achievement for science, now they have too a an education campaign to try to undo the panic peddling and get
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people to take the vaccine. how about just saying, we were lying and trying to scare you to win and election? science be damned. >> jesse: all right, juan, i think it's safe to say you agree with everything we just said. i'll give you the last word anyway. >> juan: i couldn't disagree more, to me it's very clear that opening schools is not up to the federal government, not up to joe biden, it's up to mayors and governors and guess what? some of those democratic mayors and governors have been suing, are suing the teachers unions because they want to get the schools open. you know, joe biden has been in office 15 or 16 days and guess what, 15 or 16 days and you guys are like wow, how come he hasn't change the world? slow down, i don't think schools were open under this maestro you are talking about down in mar-a-lago, the schools weren't
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open at all but you know, it's important -- >> jesse: schools are open right now. >> juan: let me just tell you, we are making progress, i'm glad to hear you say that because i live in d.c., in new york a lot of the primary schools are open in d.c., schools were opening this week but again, it's not a matter of what the cdc, dr. fauci, joe biden are saying, it's a matter of what local government, county executives and teachers unions have to say, and even the cdc is not saying, let's put 30 kids in the classroom with a teacher and the dead of winter with the windows closed where they are saying let's go back, you can have pods, ten kids in the classroom, others come on alternate weeks, that's all part of it, it's a logistical difficulty that has to be worked out. if the teachers get sick then we don't even have virtual instruction and don't forget,
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there are a lot of parents, disproportionately it looks like some of the minority of parents who are reluctant to put their kids back in school knowing that we still have a spike and mutant variations in terms of the virus out there so, you know, just give it a second. this is not all politics, out of love for our kids and that is where i think you've got to start as opposed to just politicizing it and saying no, biden is a hypocrite. biden has been in office 15 days. >> jesse: all right, juan. i just want to let the audience know that juan was speaking in his personal capacity, not his official capacity. don't take any of that to heart. i had come of the far left says they are falling in love with joe biden as a president ditch as republicans and gets ready to ram through stimulus. ♪ ♪ some say this is my greatest challenge ever.
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♪ ♪ >> martha: it appears that unity and compromise, we heard those words a lot over the course of the campaign, apparently they are not the priority anymore, president joe biden and democrats plowed ahead with an almost $2 trillion covid relief bill on top of the four and a half that was already pushed through and they got zero support from the g.o.p. on that. they wanted to compromise on a number of issues here. the president also took a swipe at republicans for not backing this very expensive plan. >> if i am to choose between getting help right now to americans who are hurting so
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badly and getting bogged down in a monthly negotiation or compromising on a bill that is up to the crisis, that's an easy choice. what republicans have proposed is either to do nothing or not enough. all of us set in, many of them rediscovered fiscal restraint and concern for the deficits. >> martha: like that from president biden pleasing the far left of his party, political reporting that progressives have "learned to love the guy" watching these early move so far in the first couple of weeks and santa senator elizabeth warren says she's very impressed with the economic action president biden is taking, watch this. >> joe biden ran on the most progressive agenda ever and now he is meeting the moment and we need to continue to hold everyone accountable to the promises that have been made.
2:17 pm
it's a good time. >> martha: it is a good time, jessie, it's a good time. apparently, you know, he ran as a moderate but that was in his personal capacity, apparently, over the course of the elections but now he is governing in a very, very different way. >> jesse: i may look naive, martha, but i'm not. politicians lie, they run as uniter's and govern as dividers, joe biden maybe was on moderate he was backslapping segregationist senators in the '70s end '80s, that washington is long gone and since then the guy has been a harsh partisan. he was like that as vp for barack obama, he didn't ever reach across the aisle then, and to be honest with you they have the numbers and if you have the numbers in washington you run up the score and they are going to run up the score and knew whatever they want through,
2:18 pm
republicans are going to be able to do anything about it until they take back the house and the senate. if you thought that joe was a moderate, look who is kissing his you know what. it's elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and aoc, the socialists, they are at the white house smoking the peace pipe and apparently life is good. it doesn't mean life is good for us when life is good for them but life is good for them for now and i stress, for now. >> martha: juan, let me go to you on that. you have often indicated that joe biden is more of a moderate, that's not at all the picture we are seeing so far, elections have consequences as everybody loves to say so, you know, moderation be damned, is that
2:19 pm
okay with you? >> juan: i'm just puzzled by that picture, martha, was it this week there were ten republicans at the white house talking with joe biden? they came out and said to the reporters it was a great meeting, we are willing to deal with this man, he understands what we need and what we are proposing. so i don't see that. >> martha: it's out of nowhere, its first show, they got nowhere. >> juan: okay, i'm just saying, they had a meeting and i think it might go somewhere because what i've heard from biden as well as republicans as there is potential for this to be a bipartisan bill. everything is being put in place for the democrats to say, we have the votes if necessary to do it unilaterally but i think people still have some hopes that there will be some cooperation but my bigger point to you is this. i think the american people need help right now. we had a jobs report today that was dismal, it's been the third month where the jobs report has not been good, martha, and i just think you have to have a sense of urgency about getting
2:20 pm
something done, getting help out to people right now and the g.o.p. has lacked that urgency and from the democrats perspective, look back at bill clinton and i believe that was '93, barack obama in '09 where they were dealing with recession than trying to get republicans to help, republicans were oh, yeah, we will come along, what about this, what about that? what about you, no deficit concern. >> martha: it's not true, last summer the president wanted close to a $2 trillion bill and nancy pelosi walked away, they would do nothing until after the election. it's perfectly clear that they absolutely did want to do something. >> juan: no. >> martha: that is true. it >> juan: mitch mcconnell was the one who wouldn't hold the vote. >> dagen: that's a lie. i am going to stop you right there, that's not what happened on two occasions the democrats refused to vote or even debate
2:21 pm
on stimulus in the fall because again, they were standing on top the suffering of america to try to win and election. >> juan: that's not right. >> dagen: yes, it is, you can fact-check me. >> juan: that's not right, let the record show that democrats in the house passed a bill, i believe it was in may or june which the senate wouldn't act. >> dagen: which had a tax cut for wealthy people in blue states and that's exactly what this 2 trillion from joe biden is. that's how you save jobs, they are giving out handouts to liberal governors and officials who don't know how to do math who have run their economies into the ground, this is pure suck up the money and here's the biggest problem. most, much of the $900 billion stimulus and the stimulus from the fall has gone unspent. you've got $2 trillion in excess
2:22 pm
savings among individuals because they haven't had any where to spend it, they don't need $2 trillion more into this economy because you know what happens? runaway inflation like the '70s the economy sucked then, including the outfits. >> martha: we've never flooded the market with money like we are now and a lot of economists think we are going to end up in a situation where we do have inflation. one way to get the economy going is to get things open which we haven't really heard that much about from joe biden. >> greg: i think we've lost the idea of what money is right now now that we are dealing with trillions. the bigger issue here, when... prior to the election we must have done half a dozen segments where juan did say that joe biden was a moderate and that's why he was so popular was that he was the most moderate and we all heard it but we work in tv and we all knew, that's why we kept saying, it's a trojan horse. it's a trojan horse, once he gets and it's going to change so
2:23 pm
we all kind of understood it, it's the american people that got screwed, this was purely a bait and switch. joe is a hollowed out vessel for the left, that's why he got the job. he's a pez dispenser pumping out left wing candy every single day. it's a nice, new shiny piece of candy for the left and the left are like the grifter will relatives of a senile uncle who takes him to the atm to withdraw money every friday and he has no idea what's going on. we all got screwed and it's bigger, i have to say, it's got a longer-term consequence then just covid. you're going to talk about things are going to change the fabric of america in terms of identity politics, racial politics, taxation, burdens on the economy, student debt which we are going to talk about, climate politics, all these things are going to be coming from a very, very far left perspective which is being
2:24 pm
placed inside through joe and pumped out of his mouth and i would ask everybody to go to and read "the secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election." it's going to blow your mind because they are both staying, the left are boasting how they got this done. they are not even hiding it anymore. >> martha: all right, democrats demanding that president biden move forward and cancel student debt up to $50,000, that's a big price tag. we come back, more of "the five." ♪♪ i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt. ah, sofi literally changed my life.
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>> juan: president biden under pressure from democrats to go back on canceling student debt, they want to erase up to $50,000 per person for tens of millions of americans, take a look. >> canceling student loan debt is the single most effective executive action president biden can take to kick-start this economy. >> we are not going to let up until we accomplish it, until $50,000 of debt is forgiven for every student in the country. >> juan: one big question is what happens to the people who already paid their loans back? you may remember this dad who confronted elizabeth warren over the issue? watch. >> my daughter's been out of school, am i going to get my money back?
2:30 pm
you're going to pay for people who didn't save any money and those of us who did the right thing. of course we did, i worked a double shift. >> juan: you are familiar with a lot of the financial stuff so let me begin with you, student debt in the country is now $1.6 trillion, what do you see as a solution? >> dagen: i see the problem in the government and all these politicians are the one who created this mess in part by subsidizing the debts, allowing colleges to raise their prices through the roof, telling students that the more you pay for an education, which is the biggest lie, the better the education. go and get a bunch of degrees and don't have a plan when you graduate from college, about how you're going to pay that debt off, just borrow as much as you can, that's the essential problem here, they can try to paper over it and cover it up by forgetting some if not most of
2:31 pm
this debt but that is the biggest problem, let's promote trade schools. i should have been an electrician. >> juan: well, we are glad you're not. martha, do you think the g.o.p. could kind of take away this issue if they got behind some kind of legislation in congress to solve the issue? >> martha: i think the issue goes back to exactly what dagen was talking about, colleges have become too expensive. i'm reminded of a story years ago about a threat that was made by the obama administration and joe biden, the vice president at the time was a big part of this, if they didn't handle sexual harassment cases on campus by creating a judge panel of professors who adjudicate these cases, they will be threatened with losing their federal funding so i think it was behoove them to find a way to put pressure on these universities to make sure they are not finding students in untenable situations where your
2:32 pm
education is something you are able to pay for. look at purdue university, run by mitch daniels, very responsible way, you know, they have a program where students can pay back their debt a couple years out of college and they work out a program with them because the whole design is that your education should be able to be paid off by the job you get when you graduate. this is an arcane, ridiculous system and that man is 100% right, he is the taxpayer, he's the one who's going to end up footing the bill and he will get screwed even though elizabeth warren told him he will not. >> juan: okay, so jessie, i'm sorry, greg, i wanted to ask you. greg, i want to float an idea. what about community college, what if you make community college free, two-year community college, is at a reasonable option? >> greg: i guess you don't have to pay those teachers, right, because they would work for free and the people that maintain the college would work for free, everybody works for free in the world of the left, this is the question no one
2:33 pm
asks, how do you do this? when you forgive the debt, how do you do this? does the debt hop on the back of a unicorn and flyaway? no, somebody has to foot the bill. is it going to be the banks? i don't think they are going to foot the bill, is it going to be the colleges? i'd love to see that. you know who's going to foot the bill? you are and you're going to be ticked off because you paid your loan already and you secretly know that the person that's getting their debt forgiven is just as well off as you are there because you know a lot of them are going to be white middle-class liberals who have wealthy parents who could easily pay it off. if you want to pay off some somebody's debts, here's my suggestion, if the average college loan payment is 393 bucks, the average monthly payment for a used car is $381, why not cancel the debt of all the used cars because that used
2:34 pm
car will come of the owner will use that far more than many of these people are using their college degrees, a pickup truck in idaho is way more valuable than a fine arts degree in brooklyn and it's way more democratic to forgive auto loans for people using their cars than for the idiots that chose degrees that do nothing for them. people should not be paying for other people's mistakes. >> juan: jesse, picking up on that idea from greg, would you say it's okay than to forgive loans for low income students? >> jesse: juan, i'm paying for your mistakes every single day, forgive that loan. my goodness. greg is right and dagen is right and so is martha, democrats created this problem and are swooping in with my money to solve it and then they want and not a boy and they want to get reelected for it, they are the ones with the bank sends the
2:35 pm
loan sharks that created the bubble. they raised tuition, they raised fees and i got to indoctrinate more students in their liberal universities and all of a sudden it blew up because people who have thousands and thousands of dollars in debt can't buy a house and living with her parents and they have a sociology degree that can't get them in the door anyway. so why should i have to pay for my neighbors dumb daughter that went to, i don't know, grad school for anthropology who just backed her car into my car and didn't even know? i'm not paying for that. we are probably going to bail them out, we bail out other countries, detroit, wall street, why not bail out these people, the only thing that's going to stop this, it's a collision course between the socialists and the wall street democrats, who has the power in joe biden's white house. is it janet yellen and the wall street democrats or the crazy socialists like bernie, aoc and chuck schumer?
2:36 pm
we are going to find out. >> juan: you are fired up today, jesse. becoming an angry old man. more of "the five," stay with us. ♪ ♪
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2:41 pm
table, i feel guilty about watching tv now, i don't know. >> dagen: who doesn't have more than one tv in their house, just go on the other room. >> juan: you want to be with each other. i can't deal with this because i never have arguments with my wife, you know? never. look, i will say in seriousness that i think there is going to be a lot of watching "the crown" and "downton abbey" and the hallmark channel in order to keep things happy. >> dagen: martha? >> martha: you know what, my husband and i have pretty similar tastes, we watch "yellowstone," "the last kingdom," which watch all of that together, i think he probably indulge me a little bit with "the crown" and now we are watching, i think louis xiv is pretty cute so that maybe a little bit more for me but you
2:42 pm
know, i do watch harry potter, my kids insist when they are all back at the house from college, watching an entire harry potter marathon which drives me insane because i watched it all and read them all and they were little but because i love them so much i watch that, too. >> greg: my wife and i tend to like the same stuff which is bavarian snuff films. >> juan: oh, my god. >> martha: whatever that is. >> greg: it's a documentary on tobacco. a documentary on tobacco, you people make me sick. >> martha: riveting. romantic, too. >> dagen: listen to this, 75% of pet owners say they let their furry pals get away with bad habits because they are just too gosh darn cute, martha? >> martha: my dog is very
2:43 pm
poorly trained, i'm filling in for a day and tonight but i am no match for the way that she and peter trained their dog. he jumps up on everything and you know, i have a new trick, you scored a little water on his nose and it makes him get down off the counter which seems to be working, he's only six months old. we are working on it. >> dagen: juan? >> juan: i say spoil your pets, i'm all for it, i don't spoil your children because that will come back to bite you. >> dagen: [laughs] what about ricky? >> jesse: ricky had his first accident in our apartment the other day and i did not pet him for at least 2 minutes afterwards, i was so angry. [laughter] >> dagen: greg? >> martha: that's pretty good come of first accident. >> greg: there's a good message here about how cuteness is an evolutionary protectant and it's actually developed over
2:44 pm
millions of years so when you come across something adorable your guard is down and it can eat you and the bigger message for humans is that the most discrimination that is on this planet is against homely or plain people. you want to talk privilege, handsome or attractive privilege beats all privilege and we never talk about it. >> jesse: how would you know? >> greg: that's my point, jesse. >> dagen: i love that. i do let my dogs, they all get away with one bad habit. once in a blue moon he will growl at somebody on the street and it just... he's the best jackass detector ever so i let him get away with that. fan mail friday next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: it's fan mail friday and we are answering your questions, we've got a doozy coming up from angela, have you ever had a supernatural experience? wand, have you ever had a supernatural experience? >> juan: you mean something that felt like i was out of body or something? i haven't had that one. no, i haven't had that, i think something supernatural that was real for me wasn't being in alaska and walking on an iceberg, i thought man, i'm on another planet, this is unbelievable. >> greg: people on titanic felt the same way. all right, dagen, you must of had a supernatural experience. >> dagen: i am a magnet for spirits and ghouls. i've been in many an old home where you hear people walking around and they are not there or you feel that she'll and something horrible happened in the house, i am, i love it,
2:50 pm
bring it on. bring on the ghouls. >> greg: what about you, martha? >> martha: i wouldn't say supernatural, i feel like i've had sort of religious, spiritual experiences where i feel like i'm in the presence but i wouldn't say supernatural that we use to do that levitation rd, you can lift people but i think that what was happening as there were like eight of us and your fingers are pretty strong, actually. >> greg: you are going to go to hell for that. if you owned a ouija board, you are going to hell. >> jesse: someone dropped me doing that light is a feather thing one time, i don't like that game. i don't trust people. i will tell you something may be off-camera about an experience i had, greg, but it's not for live television.
2:51 pm
the only thing i can confess to sober was seeing a ufo as a child in philadelphia. it almost touched me, i almost touched it. >> greg: i thought i had an out-of-body experience, turns out it was hemorrhoids. "one more thing" is up next. >> jesse: your sick. ♪ ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. pony. .
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2:56 pm
in front of your family. now do this. >> animals are great. animals are great. ♪ ♪ gut gut i know it's hard to believe i was born in the 60's when we had rotary phones and one phone in the house and had to fight over it like these two little fellows here. these are called bush babies or galigos. this is how me and my sister fought over the phone when we were in our teens in the 1970s. isn't that amazing? adorable little creatures. i want to own one of these. i hear that they urinate everywhere. rub it on their paws and then hit your eyeballs with it. that's why they are difficult creatures. or maybe i'm confusing them with my sister. [laughter] >> martha: that's what i was going to say. [laughter] >> jesse: i didn't know you were born in the 60's, gutfeld. wow. >> greg: i know. i don't look a day over 30. >> jesse: you look fantastic. you know how to look fantastic you run on a treadmill like this hamster or try to run on a treadmill like this hamster.
2:57 pm
let's see it. the little hamster is running around and then the bigger hamster gets on there oh, boy. this is not going to end well. >> greg: poor guy. lafayette. >> jesse: yeah. >> martha: oh, no. >> jesse: looks like it was a monday. and he dismounted and then he went for a ride. like going for a ride. go for a ride with waters world :00 p.m. eastern. newt gingrich. we break some news on the border. we also have dog the bounty hunter and dave portnoy. wild show. you got to tune in for that also, johnny bell saraio, my amazing assistant. it's his birthday on sunday happy birthday, johnny. i have no idea how old you are, but you are a lot younger than i am. have a good one, buddy. >> greg: he has terrible taste in music. >> jesse: juan, you are up. >> juan: happy birthday, johnny. hey, steph curry, here is a three point shot that's going to make you jealous.
2:58 pm
certify. certify. what a shot and walkoff. he just keeps going with the vacuum and the trash bag. that's joe orion the custodian in findlay, ohio. you are seeing his shot on a security camera. the principal saw it, too. he was amazed and posted it on social media where it's become a sensation. here's what he said. our custodian is better than yours. trick shot nothing but net. said the principal kyleleterman. i have got to tell you that was awesome. >> jesse: that's a nice shot. what else are you going to do if the kids are at home, juan have. a little fun on the court. >> dagen: do it again, please. a very happy birthday to my good buddy d.w. that's darryl waltrip. darryl is a hall of fame member of nascar hall of fame. i have gotten to know him really well over the last 10 years or
2:59 pm
so. today is his birthday. i hope you have a blast. to you sir and your greatness. boogdy, boogdy, boogdy. woe miss you. see this is me. this is 10 years ago at daytona. it was a blast. i smelled like gasoline though and rubber from the tires. okay. martha maccallum who never smells like rubber and gas lean take us home. >> martha: all right. so charlie, i want to wish him a happy birthday a world war ii veteran who turned 100. he has flown in a lot of planes but never jumped out of one. he is on his 100th birthday still drives and lives on his own. amazing flight and jump. as soon as he landed he said i'm ready to do that again. and charlie was in the merchant marine. he is humble like most world war
3:00 pm
ii veterans. he said do you know what? i went. i came back and that was it. he said we were the supply ships. of course those supply ships were often in danger because they were so important. he said we kept the navy in toilet paper. that's what we did. my hats off to you. >> jesse: have a great weekend. everybody. ♪ >> bret: going it alone. democrats push ahead on a covid relief bill without the support of the republicans. piety said he was willing to work with. plus, one man with a major security breach climbing o. board an aircraft used for like the defense secretary. and it is championship weekend. we're taking you live to tampa to show you what has gone on to make sure fans in the stands are playing it safe during the pandemic. this is "special report." good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier. compromise seems to be off the table or at least on the back


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