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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 7, 2021 2:00am-3:01am PST

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just going to shut up and leave. goodbye everybody. charlie kate kat tyrus.he mouth pieces. the propagandists. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. turning texas blue. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. joe biden's immigration agenda has one goal, flip texas blue. if that happens, you will never see another republican in the white house. china and the mexican drug cartels are in on the flip. it's a deadly alliance and we'll explain how it works. joe biden triggers a surge at the border. during the campaign he said
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we'll give illegal aliens free health insurance, amnesty, asylum, free vaccine and floated covid checks for them. biden stopped the border wall construction, he scrapped the zero tolerance policy. he's fasttracking i am ask gracious. >> raise the refugee admissions back up to 125,000 persons for the first full fiscal year of the bide houston harris administration. jesse: this sends a signal to central america, come pop in. >> i'm here because i am dreaming to get to the u.s. i just want patience because we have a new president biden who will help all of us. he's giving us 100 days to get to the u.s.
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jesse: they are coming so fast joe biden is building tents cities. he can't hold them all. law says we have to release them from the tents within a month. where? your guess as good as mine. the cartels control the migrant flow and the cartels protect the smuggling routes. most of the time kids are pawns. they are sent across alone or with their parents or someone who isn't their parent. this family type of migrant flow is used to distract the migrant flow so smugglers can move product in a different direction. when a migrant man shows up at the bordered with a 16-year-old girl, no i.d., no way to prove they are related. border patrol can't separate families. so what do they do? american law says we can't
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detain adults and minors together. so we are back to catch and release. hearing? five years, if you show up. trump put a stop to this when he cut the deal with the mission can government. migrants had to remain in members cove while their claims were processes. biden just put that deal on the chopping block. biden says he wants an orderly immigration system. no he doesn't. he wants to overwhelm the system and turn texas blue. "watters' world" is predict a massive border crisis. do to texas what democrats did to california. illegal immigration turned california deep blue. it didn't used to be like that. ronald reagan was governor of
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california and he ware yesterday the state in both presidential elections. bush 41 won california, but that was the last time a republican candidate did. pfl the hispanic population in california tripled. now take a look at texas. on the same trend line as california. texas hispanic population, again, explodes. 40% of the total. so republican presidential candidates are winning texas by smaller and smaller margins every election. republican presidential margins in texas. look at this. texas has gone from a deep red 30-point reagan blowout. trump leading biden by 5.
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under 5, that's the danger zone. then texas is the tossup. let's look at a map with texas blue. this means democrats start over with texas, california, new york and all the other blue states. democrats will begin with 257 electoral college votes. they only need 270 to win. it's a lay-up every four years and it many the ends of the republican party. joe biden knows this. so he's opening the borders intentionally to permanently lock rum cans out of the white house. let's be clear. if i were a migrant i would fight to come here, too. and illegal immigration isn't the only reason texas is less red. if you are here illegally you can't vote. but decades of amnesty, and birthright citizenship, legal and illegal immigration are
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turning border states blue. entitlements play a role. the second and third generation less so. especially hispanics. the culture has natural bonds with conservative 5 loss if i. so republicans -- conservative philosophy. trump took a stronger stand on the border and it worked. biden will use the imleed to shame republicans. the biden texas plan is dangerous for america. it plays into the hands of our enemies. the cartels and the chinese have formed an alliance. lara logan broke it on "watters' world" last week. watch her special on foxnation. china is shipping drugs to cartels in mexico. they are manufactured into
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fentanyl. an each -- an opioid 50 times for powerful than morphine. once the fentanyl is distributed, the chinese wash the money. communists lawn dearth money through casinos, counterfeiting, and even real estate. china is scooping up texas ranch land near the border. china's strategy is more sinister. again, lara logan reports this. hook our homeland on deadly fentanyl is china'see omit cal strategy. it's called drug warfare. look at our industrial towns hollowed out by chinese trade policies and killer fentanyl. chemicals are made in china just
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like everything else these days. 50,000 americans o.d. and opioids every year. you draw a line from china to mexico and across the texas border. that's what drug warfare looks like. bide be is trying to open up the border so he wins texas. but we'll lose the whole country to china. turning texas bluff makes america dead. joining us, fox news contributor, newt gingrich. speaker, what did you think of that? >> i think it's largely correct. i can't understand how liberals imagine you can send a signal to the entire planet and say how would you like free healthcare and not expect the wave will get much bigger. we talk about central america. wait until the chinese and africans understand it.
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you will have unlimited potential. gallup did a survey and found 36% of the planet wanted to come to the u.s. that's a couple billion people. i think these people live in a fantasy world. and my guess is by summer the biden immigration plan lab disaster, and be one of those scandals that happened under obama that grows and grows. he took a system that was going to work. donald trump achieved an amazing break through with mexico and guatemala and he destroyed it and replaced it with a welcome to america sign. you heard the guy say, he wants you to come here. jesse: the democrats always like to say facts matter and like to paint the rioters as a imun --
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paint the right as a bunch of conspiracists. rio grande sector down 79%. he will pass over down 70%. when you put a wall up it redirects smugglers to other ports of entry and areas easier for border patrol agents to make apprehensions and drug seizures. you are seeing that in san diego and all over the border. so this is logical. to say walls don't work is like saying wheels don't work. they don't want the wall to work. they want the migration flowing. >> all you have to do to totally understand the hypocrisy. is understand while we are being told the wall doesn't work, they are building a wall around the u.s. capitol. they don't want to protect the
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use the from foreign illegal immigrants, but they want to protect our capitol from us. it tells you the hypocrisy with which they approach this. this.. jesse: they say the fence around the capitol will stay until april because they are trying to convey a false threat. do you think that's biden's goal with open borders is to flip texas blue? if you look at the electoral college vote, once that happens, they start off so far ahead there would be no way a republican would get to. >> if you tie the two, the biden bro posal with everybody
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eligible for citizenship within 8 years of getting here. it's part of their plan. part of what happened in california. nowv it's very striking that trump got highest votes among minorities of any republican in the last 60 years. but when you look at places like florida, you have governor desantis, because he was doing much better with minorities than people expected. it's not an automatic equation. but the left hopes the more people that come in that are dependent on government, the more people who don't understand american history and culture, the better their chances of winning. >> we have to treat the cartel, china connection like a national security threat. we can't not realize the synthetics that are getting shipped from china to mexico to kiewng and send north -- cook up
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and send north. and that's their strategy. we have to address it as an attack on america. and i hope joe biden does that. >> i doubt if he will, but he should. the fact is, this is an act of war. it fits perfectly with traditional chinese strategies which are indirect and patient and try to undermine the psychological will of their opponents. they don't emphasize battles as much as subversion and bribery and dishonesty. i think all along we should have been tougher with the chinese about fentanyl. and we have to confront the depth of strength the cartels have in mexico is i think frightening. it's close to being a cartel-owned state. >> i do, too. i think we should designate them
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>> the numbers are in for 2020 and crime wave. the defund the police riots killed proactive policing. d.a.s drop charges against criminals. bail reform lets criminals out. we know how to stop it, more police, support the police, and d.a.s and city councils with brains. but the mainstream media, they don't cover the crime wave. they cover it up. instead they cover speech crime. celebrity crime, and anything trump related. if you watch the local news as
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the saying goes, if it bleeds it leads more than ever. >> in downtown chicago for this time period right now there has been 14 shootings and three people killed. the nypd said there has been a troubling spike in shootings. >> the two lapd officers involved in the shootings were uninjured. >> it's like living in a war zone. jesse: click on the tv at 6:00. you will see a hatchet attack in washington. a dozen dead. a man pushes someone on to the subway track in manhattan. some of us bought guns and left town. but others are stuck. the streets haven't looked like this in decades. biden doesn't have a plan. be safe out there and protect
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yourself. and it will get worse before it gets better. dog the bounty hunter, duane dog chapman. do you agree with my assessment on what's driving the crime wave? and what are we going to do about it? >> i kind of agree. i don't think there is that much gloom and doom. everyone is waiting to see what president biden's crime plan is. we hope he's solid on crime and not soft on it. we want him to back the blue. we want officers protected. we want our civil rights protected. and we are going into -- i'm an optimist so i'm excited about going into the new realm for america right now. i want to see what president
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biden has got for crime and hoping that the prosecutors are not all soft on crime. let's see what he's got. jesse: i agree with you, too. i don't think -- it's the crime wave is up from a pretty historic low. but you can't let it get like this. biden's main deal is his messaging. he has to show verbal support for the local people. this is a local deal. das and municipalities. they have to balance treating people with respect and be aggressive. when you have d.a.s who drop drug charges because they believe they are going to rehab them that way, that doesn't do anybody any good. that hurts the people you are
2:22 am
suppose to be protecting. when you were aught on the streets did you see crooked deals between d.a.s and judges and defense attorneys? with bail reform, people are just walking. >> with the bail we form if you would like to tackle that first, they say you don't need any deterrent not to do the crime again. the deterrent we had, if you get in trouble and you commit sad crime, you are more than likely to have don't, then you go to jail. to get out of jail you need a co-signer, 10% of the bonds, and you have to check in with your bondsman. so the state doesn't pay the bondsman. what he everyone said, some of the states are leaning towards light on crime, you go home free.
2:23 am
they give a such months. you are arrested, you go to the jail and take a mugshot and you go home. there noise deterrent. when i was young used to ride through a place in new mexico. this one highway a controversialman, 79, 81. i paid $200 a ticket and it grew $100 a ticket. when i hit that area i slowed that car down. because i knew. i'm telling you. a co-signer -- so that's a deterrent. a parent, guardian. something like that. jesse: you have got to send a message or else people aren't going to listen. we are out of time. so we have got to let you go. but we'll have you back to talk more about the bail reform and
2:24 am
some of the deals. i think there is some dirty stuff going on in some of these district attorney's precincts. i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. jesse: liberals don't care about anything but themselves. the proof is next.
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jesse: the democrats are fighting trump voters harder than they'the war on terror. defeating isis. global warming is a bigger threat anyway. and don't you dare profile. >> racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods is wrong, it's counter productive, it's dangerous. >> republican hopefuls need to come out to be against this islamophobia. jesse: don't profile suspected muslim terrorists.
2:30 am
that's islamophobic. but if you post a pe merks on facebook the fbi will pay you a visit, put you on a watchlist. on msnbc, they are saying we may have to treat trump like a terrorist leader and kill him. >> if you took what president trump said and put it in anwar al-awlaki's mouth, you would have a drone strike overseas. many americans with a drone strike for the crime inciting violence and inciting terrorism. in islamic tear you rift, you kill those who incite it. jesse: drone strike mar-a-lago. msnbc out of control. when they preach about due
2:31 am
process, first amendment, that's just for certain groups. it's not for you. how many times have you heard them say how much they care about the children. >> safely returning our children to school. >> protecting our children. >> get our kids back into their schools. >> the precious children in my consciousle ask district. jesse: teachers unions are refusing to go back to class and teach. anies of children all over the country are from pretty poor backgrounds. they are stuck in their apartments in a pathetic zoom classroom. come spent billions upgrading schools. but the teachers unions are holding out for money. "watters' world" think. they found time to change the
2:32 am
names of schools like lynn could be. because apparently lincoln was a racist. and these freaks teach our kids. american students are fed up. >> i feel like they are giving you have on us. you know what? jesse: joe biden has given up. he hasn't given up while local unions are shaking down mayors. how much does the president care. chicago mayor lori lightfoot lost it. the other night. >> failing grades, depression, isolation, and so much more. my patience for delays from the leadership is over. jesse: they always say how much they care about science.
2:33 am
>> we'll follow the silence. let me say that again. let's ends the politics and follow the science. if we follow the science and keep faith with one another, i promise you we'll get through this what come out the otherside much 23569 faster. i think it's important to follow the science and listen to the experts and do what they tell you. jesse: but the science says get back in class and teach. follow it. pay attention to what the left says they care about. if they tell you how much they care, let them show you how. joining me now fox news contributor miranda devine and the host of the dana show, dana loesch. when you see them in action,
2:34 am
they don't care at all, do they? >> no. jesse, thanks for having me. i don't get this sentiment of caring from them. i note popular brands they were putting forward. people have to have sunnity. which people are conflating with the ask civility. for all the discussion of caring i don't see a lot of care towards millions of americans who voted a certain way and have their character maligned as a result using identity politics. i am not getting any kind of actual caring from them. jesse: they don't really care at all, like dana said about all these people out there who maybe have a different opinion and
2:35 am
tweet something the democrats disagree with. that basically puts them on a terror watchlist. remembered the war on terror when someone listened to a phone conversation? civil liberties are about to go out the windows now with trump supporters. >> you heard them talk about libertarians and christians who are supposedly so violent. they are coming after trump supporters. anybody who did not vote for joe biden is the enemy within that has come after the greatest patriots in this country. our military. it's happening so quickly. i think people are blindsided by it. they can't quite wrap their head around how malevolent the biden administration can be it's use
2:36 am
the security apparatus of the nation against american citizens. comparing trump supporters, most of these people just went to a rally to hear their president speak. now they are being cast in the same light as violent people who went in to, broke into the capitol and fought with capitol police. anybody who is a maga supporter, a trump supporter is now suspect. this is terrifying. jesse: obviously you can't break in anywhere and you can't break the law. the police officer thought he was trying to protect the capitol and the people tonight. but what they said, there is one muslim terrorist attack. they said you can't paint all muslims as terrorists. well, that's what they are doing here with maga supporters.
2:37 am
>> exactly, jesse. i hope that everyone realized that's why the media is focusing on -- on greene * so much. they want to paint her as the after tar for all republicans so they can say there is a faction within the united states. the tea party is ready to happen all over again. it sure feels like it, jesse. jesse: i have already been audited. i don't think i can go through that anymore. thank you so much for the commentary, i appreciate it. biden wants you to wear a makes
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jesse: joe biden ran on returning to normal. but white house press secretary-general sacky says even when everyone is jack nateed we still need to wear masks. >> it's an incredible break through. but even after being vaccinate. social distax, wearing masks -- social distancing will be essential with wearing masks. jesse: if you are going to tell the american people after they get vaccinated they have to wear masks for years, we are not going to go for that.
2:43 am
>> there is a new report from the w.h.o. saying the infectious rate has dropped 44% in the united states. they can't explain it. only 8% of people here have been vaccinate. even the --ite -- either the vaccines don't work. or they want to keep people in this fashion accessory. i can't hear any longer. it's a mess with the mask. jesse: weather rrl is pro masks when we are supposed to wear it. but if you are going to tell people. no. bernie sanders wears mittens. >> this is a professor who wrote an op-ed and she claimed bernie
2:44 am
sanders is engage in white privilege because of the jacket and mittens he wore. this wasn't exactly gettysburg for the reagan wall. the audience of flags and lady gaga doing her hunger games routine. they are lucky he dressed at all after the way he had been treated. he was photographed in russia after his honeymoon with no shirt at all. i don't think bernie is showing white privilege. i think he's just being bernie. raymond, we have -- they want to get rid of the trump presidential library. "the washington post" said he's
2:45 am
not allowed to have a library. if you were going to run the trump presidential library what would you put in there. >> i read those pieces. i would put the diet coke button he had installed on the resolute decks. the sharpie pens he signed every pen and executive order with. that's big. the maga hats. if he opens a presidential library in orlando or tampa, this will be maga world and it will be flipped into every family vacation. and melania's jacket, i really don't care jacket. they could make great displays. jesse: raymond arroyo, he doesn't own mittens either. the tom brady hat factor
2:46 am
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jesse: the super bowl is
2:50 am
tomorrow and tom brady is back. he's playing in his tenth super bowl and his first for the tampa bay bucs. joining me now, dave portnoy and nfl quarterback doug flutie. you are my brady expert. explain the brady hate factor to me. i don't understand it. they had it him in new england. now he's in tampa and he's wing and they still hate him. >> i think with the patriots, people hate the patriots. they didn't like belichik. i think it's not as severe with tampa bay. i think people have come around to him to a certain level. i don't think the hate is the
2:51 am
same. jesse: the media hates him more than ever. but the rest of the country, the hate has leveled off. are the boston fans rooting for tom brady? what's the mentality like up there? >> there is some disappointment when he left tampa, that's not tom's fault. but 78% of the people betting on the game in the boston area are supporting and betting on tampa bay. they are supporting what he's doing. i think that softens all those doubters who said they were cheating. tom at 43 years old bounces over to another team and has them in the same spot. jesse: i have a high source, as high as you can get, they told me gisele was the one who wanted
2:52 am
tom to leave new england. she didn't think he was getting enough credit. if it doesn't work out sunday, you can blame the quief. do you still have money left after they rigged the market? probably a little. who are you putting the money on? >> no, i am still betting a little money. jesse: they have got a lot of speed in kansas city. they will probably run it a lot and contain hill on the outside. >> i think the chiefs are going to win. mahomes is so good, nobody can slow down that offense. tom brady is the greatest quarterback of all times. so you bet against him at your own peril. if he won this game, it would
2:53 am
maybe be his greatest victory of all time. at his age. a new team playing. knowing all those things, it's tough to bet against limb. but i don't -- against him. but i don't think they will be able to slow down the chiefs. jesse: it sounds like dave is not going with his heart. he will go with his brain and pick brady in the super bowl. >> mahomes is amazing. he had some slow starts. but tom has never had this many weapons in his life. my pod katz other day with brett favre. but none of us would bet against tom brady. you know he will be himself in
2:54 am
this game. in the super bowl he threw a wideside comeback the first throw of the game. nobody does that. he's relaxed. and he will make everyone around him better and he will play good football. jesse: i am taking the bucs and dave is taking the bucs. we'll see how it shakes out. up next. "last call" with some classic "watters' world" super bowl interviews. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $429 a month for thirty six months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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letting off some steam. i thought we would look back at when i stopped by the parties myself. >> i don't care about the super bowl. they can take football off the air for all i care. >> i'm not running away from you in my driveway. >> can you help me get more mustard on my serve? >> do you even know who is playing? >> yes, the albuquerque balloons. >> do you know who is playing? >> i'm here for the party. >> did you play football? >> i was a cornerback for an entire day in my high school. >> do you like "watters' world." >> no, all of america rejects "watters' world." jesse: that's all for tonight.
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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. judge jeanine is next. ♪. will: good morning. welcome to "fox & friends." super bowl sunday, super bowl xxxv 5. will cain, pete hegseth, jedediah bila. i'm indoors. i am currently surrounded by a lightning storm, a literal lightning storm.
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