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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 8, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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the boss he needs to be fired. nothing brings us together like sending a guy from new jersey to kansas wearing cowboy boots. give me a break. >> i love that. thank you. here is "america's newsroom." ♪ ♪ >> busy afternoon on capitol hill, former president trump's legal team filing a brief ahead of his second impeachment trial while democrats look to move quickly on pushing through president biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. hi and welcome to "america reports," i'm john roberts. >> sandra: good afternoon. i'm sandra smith. democrats are eyeing a short impeachment trial to focus on their massive relief plan. here is nancy on what is at stake. >> if we can get past the division and the distraction, i said earlier this week i felt
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like i was in an episode of jerry springer. the people, they're so much we can do right now. we have to get her kids back in school. they're so much work to be done. >> john: south carolina senator tim scott joins us in moments. robert wolf is also standing by. >> sandra: hot team coverage, mike emanuel on the hill, mike tobin and freezing cold chicago. >> john: peter doocy joining us from the north lawn. >> good afternoon. it's only been a few weeks since president-elect, at the time, biden promised checks for people who are hurting the covid pandemic. even though that hasn't happened yet, house democrats up the street are beginning to roll out or preparing to roll out a proposal for $3,000 checks for families and need below a certain threshold. that would be $3,000 per year, per child, or a one year payment
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spread out. i asked the president about this a few minutes ago. >> the president talked about this on the campaign trail and the importance of credits to help working families and ensure they can make it, this proposal is emergency funding. it's a central priority of the first legislative proposal to cut it in half. and that is why they included the child tax credit. that's emergency funding and something that will help people get through this. >> no price tag on it yet, but they publish something that's forthcoming. $3,000 per child ages 6-17, benefits would diminish once you get above $75,000 per household.
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$150,000 per year and the payments would be monthly starting in july. another big issue here is the keystone pipeline, day one president biden siding the executive order that stopped construction on the keystone pipeline. a friend of his, head of the sea il had an interview where he said he wishes that biden would have had a plan to get those people, union workers into jobs. i asked him about that as well. >> international union of north america, it will cost union jobs and 10,000 projected construction jobs. >> what he also indicated in the same interview was that president biden has proposed a climate plan for infrastructure and laid out a plan to not only create millions of union jobs but also help tackle the crisis. >> there are many times during the transition when
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president-elect biden promised to be the strongest union president, the most pro-union president, this is the really first comment from a union leader about that promise. >> john: jobs are being lost today, one can they get their new green jobs? he didn't have an answer for that. >> no. >> sandra: thank you, john and peter. donald trump impeachment lawyers have submitted this brief say the effort to convict the former president after he left office is nothing more than clinical theater. his second trial will begin this time tomorrow. mike emanuel was live in washington for us. what can you tell us? >> concluding the brief arguing the senate should dismiss, this is clearly know what the framers wanted or the constitution allowed. writing "instead of acting to seal a nation or focus on prosecuting the lawbreakers was
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from the capital, the speaker of the house try to harness the chaos in the moment for their own political gain." the senate majority leader says plans for the trial are nearly done. >> we are finalizing a resolution that's been agreed to by all parties. house managers, former presidents council, leader mcconnell and i will ensure a fair, honest, bipartisan senate impeachment trial of donald trump. >> a senior advisor tells me if it is based on words, democrats should be aware. >> if we were to go through the list of what democrats will be comprising this jury, we would have to impeach happy democratic caucus as well. one democrat with the trump legal team is expected to mention maxine waters, she told supporters we see cabinet members in a restaurant, in a
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crowd and tell them they're not welcome anywhere. >> if you look at the words i used, the strongest thing i said was, tell them they're not welcome, talk to them. i didn't say, go and fight, i didn't say that. i can't make that statement. >> i should note house impeachment managers are at their brief saying, "the house will establish a trial that president trump merits conviction and disqualification with any office of honor, trust or profit under the united states. >> sandra: mike emanuel and washington, thank you. >> john: for more on this let's bring an tim scott of south carolina who sits on the senate finance, health and education committee. a couple of weeks back you voted in favor of rand paul's motion that this coming trial is unconstitutional. does that mean you will not vote to convict the president?
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>> john, the president is simply not guilty so that's why i'm in the position i'm in. i was in the chamber when the writers were coming over. i was taking my jacket off, my tie off, rolling my sleeves up. the chances of me understanding and appreciating the severity of the situation is 100%. the one person i don't blame is president trump. i don't blame the nonviolent protesters outside. i blame the individuals coming in the chamber, the building. the democrats should put the blame where it stands, where it should be. it does not have to do with the president who said go peacefully to protest. >> sandra: you heard the words and he don't believe anything he said and cited his supporters to storm the capital? >> i do believe his words were not helpful as a relates to having folks gather at the capital, but i do not believe his words, and cited a
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insurrection against this country. that is what this is about. that did not happen with his words, think about it this way, the preplanning of the event started the day before when they planted bombs with the dnc and rnc. that was before he said a single word. putting all the blame on president trump for the insurrection is wrong in my opinion. there is clear evidence that the planning that happened before the day, literally you can back up and see that planning. completely happened before anything was spoken from our president, president trump. >> john: we have some idea with how the attorneys will defend him at trial, saying this is political theater, that the word fight was used in the figurative site, force was in reference to space force. we understand his attorneys are going to rewind the tape and play video from democrats including maxine waters and what
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they were saying. what's your perspective? >> i do think, it should be good for the gander. look at the comments of maxine waters, she told folks to go aggressively towards folks and tell them they're not wanted, sitting in restaurants, scary propositions for those folks. think about the words of bernie sanders that were misinterpreted by his supporters and led to the shooting of steve scalise. think about the comments with aoc and so many others who seem to be inciting violence. that is covered as political speech. not a big deal if you are democrat, but if you are a republican, the standard seems to be different. listening to what chuck schumer said about fair and honest trials, when the judge of the trial, senator leahy he has already said he's guilty and that those who came into the capital should be felons, there is no way to have a fair trial. it's hard to have an honest
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trial when all hundred members have been on the record for taking a position for or against the process itself. it's hard for me to think that we shouldn't be spending more time debating and trying to defeat the coronavirus package. we should be debating more about the child tax credit and the proposals coming out of the white house. we should be debating why we are not increasing minimum wage, but we should increase the minimum wage by increasing employment which puts more pressure on the bottom and the wages go up. these are the things we should be doing for the american people. not wasting their money and time. >> sandra: you been standing up for your kids in school choice. you look at this massive stimulus package that's been laid out for the american people and it's amazing to look at president obama's former economic advisor saying, don't do it. you will cause the highest
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inflation. this is too big. it includes funding for schools. what happened for those schools who refused to open their doors for in class learning even when the teachers had been vaccinated? should they be receiving any funds? >> i think the answer is clear, unequivocally not. if you are not willing to put the kids back and schools, what should we give you more money? we provided $82 billion to open schools and frankly those same schools are not open. think about it this way, kids today, poor kids, learning losses happening, developmental delays and there is an article pushing to reopen schools because suicide are up. the consequences for not reopening schools is devastating. what is interesting, private schools, catholic schools with pennies on the dollar, most of them are open, open for the kids
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to come back. and yet for a country that's $775 billion plus the pandemic resources, we can't figure out how to open schools. by the way, they had a snow day for virtual schools! there is something really lost and the focus is not on kids, it's on adults. we should help single mothers go back to work. we can help are, grow our economy by focusing on the right things. >> john: we are expecting some moves in chicago this weekend obviously a busy week in the senate. senator tim scott, south carolina, great to spend time with you. be to thank you senator. speaking of which, the cdc set to release the updated guidance on schools reopening some point this week, the approaches has buried. as we all know quite widely.
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four states have their schools opened, five states and washington, d.c., are partially open. mike tobin is standing by where public schools are announcing a plume in every deal with the teachers union of there. what can you tell us? >> there could be a deal that gets chicago, public school teachers back in the classroom. announcing what they call the breakthrough yesterday. >> these past 11 months have been a whirlwind for our city. that's putting it mildly. the schools reopening, we have taken a momentous step in our journey of renewal and recovery. these schools are the spines for our city. >> the teachers union says not so fast, say there is no agreement yet, what we have is a framework. the agreement needs to be
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approved by the house of delegates and ratified by vote, but essentially it allows them to return if teachers have access to vaccine and there are thresholds to shut down if the virus urges. things are less optimistic in philadelphia where they told educators to stay home citing things like poor ventilation. >> admits the global pandemic, the likes of which none of us has ever seen, the school is hell-bent on forcing thousands of educators and buildings held together, and some cases quite literally by duct tape. >> san francisco announced an agreement but it will take a while to get students back in the classroom. they work on a peer system and they can start returning with a less restrictive if teachers have access. the problem is there at their most severe purple tear at the moment. >> sandra: mike tobin.
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you look at the anticipation that's building a and all of these cities to find out what is next for school kids, they learned mela schoolers will go back to in person learning. great news for a lot of parents. >> i wasn't aware of what he told us, there was a snow day for virtual learning. last week our kids had a snow day because they'd been in school since last august. they went from school to virtual learning. but they didn't have a snow day. snow day for virtual learning? >> sandra: we have zoom! >> john: a group of antifa protesters showing up at a black lives matter's march causing chaos in washington. plus, nancy pelosi accused of breaking her own rules. details and what some members are calling for the house leader to do. ♪ ♪ usa. refiplus lets you refinance at
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>> john: republican congressman ron wright of texas has passed away. he had been fighting cancer and was hospitalized because of treatment complications. he announced he contracted covid-19, the first sitting member of congress to die. he represented texas 6 congressional district 62019. he was 67 years old. >> sandra: what began as a peaceful black lives matter march became violent, a group that carried antifa flag threatened to burn down d.c. as they passed diners. live with the justice department, what is being said
10:21 am
by the leadership? >> at this point nothing, i reached out to them and i have not heard back. i'm told there may be some sort of comment coming. i reached out to eleanor rovers norton who has declined, but as you said, this started out peacefully on saturday afternoon. it was a way to honor black history month but when darkness fell, things turned chaotic. according to some of those on the scene the video showed some tense altercations. this was north of the city and dupont circle. those in the ground spotted what appears to be an antifa flag. as i said with dupont circle, several video show police pushing protesters back. those on the scene noticed the flag was specifically antifascist action flag carried by a group dressed in black. they stopped in front of several restaurants were people were eating yelling "no kkk, no
10:22 am
fascist usa." they said we are here, black lives matter and despite that black people are still dying at the hands of police. one word about the national guard, we've heard about the national guard in d.c., there were 1600 troops in d.c., to be clear, they are in town to protect the u.s. capital, any other federal buildings and monuments. what happened saturday night was nowhere near the capital and that is why the national guard was not involved. also a spokesperson tells me there were no injuries and no arrests. >> sandra: thank goodness for that. david spun, thank you. you remind me that you can still eat outside, many of those diners were sitting there minding their own business. >> john: that something we saw last summer when they were outside because it was nice out and they were getting harassed to people who were protesting.
10:23 am
sandrock, calls are growing for nancy pelosi to pay fine after republican members accused her of bypassing the metal detectors at the capitol building which would be a violation of her own rules. chad pergram live for us on capitol hill. what are you hearing? >> there demanding house speaker nancy pelosi face the top republican rodney davis, they said he saw nancy pelosi bypass metal detectors entering the chamber last week. >> we expect rules if they're going to be implemented to be implement it fairly! when they're not, it's a good men and women of the capitol police that are actually affected by this disproportionate implementation of the rules. >> the house voted to members, to the house chamber, they put up after the january 6th riot. acting how sergeant at arms says
10:24 am
capital police must report to him those who bypass security. he says his office on no unusual reports involving the house speaker. louie gohmert was among the first to be fined last week. he stepped off the floor to use the restroom. >> there's no tanks, no place to hide a gun, apparently rules have changed over the last few weeks and all the sudden yesterday, i was told, you need to be warned. >> they cannot be detained reporting to the house floor to vote. the house find him, lawmakers may appeal their fines. >> john: we will see if they go ahead and do that. this is a case where house speaker sets down the rules to say you've got to do this and then she comes into the speaker's lobby and she avoids going through metal detector. now avoiding her own rules.
10:25 am
>> sandra: and spurring the rules, not for me. we will continue to follow that. a major california company considering fleeing the state and heading east. what is behind the walt disney company possible move, airport on that. plus, follow continues over the cancellation of the keystone pipeline. our panel is here to weigh in. >> he spoke of unity, trying to work together and the actions we have seen with respect to things like canceling the pipeline, it's heartless. ♪ ♪ eed? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ♪ it's grilled cheese time. ♪ ♪ yeah, it's time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪
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♪ ♪ >> john: mickey mouse could be spending more time in florida. the walt disney company which has been based therefore 100 years is considering moving if you missed division into the
10:30 am
sunshine state. ashley webster from fox business is live in orlando. why the move? >> you know what, it's about the ability to carry out your business. disneyland in southern california, the loneliest place on earth right now, it's been closed for a year and may not reopen until this summer. meanwhile, disney world behind me operating at 35% capacity has been open for seven months. disney reportedly looking at moving some of the corporate divisions out of southern california and here to florida. we reached out to disney for a statement. they said, "as the largest employer in central florida, we are always exploring opportunities for additional locations within the synergy of our theme park, but there is nothing concrete. even if they're discussing it, it certainly a shot across the
10:31 am
bow." in fact, disney would be alone if it makes the decision to move, a huge influx continues here. thousands by the day. >> they are flooding into the state, we have investment, people buying homes like never before, the fact that we have schools open. people are leaving because we have schools. >> 300,000 people per year are expected to move into florida and that's about the size of the city of orlando coming here every year. of course the sun which isn't shining today. back to you. >> john: renaming at the cloudy state. left back thank you so much. sandra, amazing competition between florida and texas, neither one of these states has
10:32 am
income tax, trying to fold all these companies. >> sandra: guess what? these companies have the obligation to their shareholders to produce profit and they will do what's best. we are seeing it. we will leave it there, the leader breaking from president biden over the cancellation of the pipeline. take a listen to this. >> i wish he hadn't done that. the labor international, it did and will cost us jobs in the process. i wish you a pare that more carefully with the things he did second by saying, here's where we are creating jobs. >> sandra: they join us now. robert you and i have talked about this, may be a problem for the biden administration? >> it's not a problem, but he has a point, we won the council
10:33 am
together and he's going to protect every job imaginable as he should and he protects all union jobs. i think he wants to make sure that it's there. that being said, it's clear the plan is going to create jobs. yes, they have a plan where we know this is a big part in climate action. he was elected based on these types of plans. >> he will have to clearly lay out how he will create those jobs because some folks are saying, this is what we had. this decision day one with the xl pipeline project, 1,000 jobs just like that and they're saying it could kill ten times more construction jobs that were expected to be created by that project. is the biden administration promising all those people will get jobs? >> robert is right that joe biden did tell them, we need
10:34 am
not just the keystone pipeline, we need pipelines all over the country to get the oil and gas we are producing around the united states and around the world so we can continue to export this stuff. i see this pipeline issue within the democratic party. i saw the blue versus the green. the blue-collar workers, union workers, who want these kinds of projects. those aren't $15, their $70 an hour jobs. i've been there, hundred thousand dollars per year. these are really good jobs that are disappearing. even if they quadruple. >> sandra: let him finish. robert? >> everybody should know, at inception obama approved this. it was the republican governor
10:35 am
of nebraska in 2011 who put this all in disarray and put it to a halt. he did not want this pipeline under the water basin. he said very clearly, this will impact our auger culture industry which is why it's been in disarray ever since. that was a republican governor who was nervous of the climate action with having their key water-based sand. >> sandra: to be clear, -- independent studies have looked and said they will go likely somewhere else which is why they said that. really quick, last question on this because there is a lot of reports and studies looking into the climate change proposals and now it's estimated steve that they will increase electric bills for everyone including the poor because these unreliable energy sources, they don't
10:36 am
replace power plants, their costs are additional costs, so we will pay more in electricity. >> people don't realize this, 80% of our energy from those fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, they are the staple, we get 5% of our energy. we are going to have to depend on the oil and gas, the question is, where do we get it. we should not get it from russia or saudi arabia. now we are seeing as we speak an increase in those gas prices because they supply is being constrained. >> sandra: real quick. i got to go. because that's not accurate. we bent and dependent. electricity prices are going up because of user cases, not because of 1-3%. it's not accurate. that was an independent study done, the fossil fuel energy
10:37 am
side. >> john: there is a lot to dig into. good discussion. >> sandra: appreciate it. >> john: you also notice gasoline prices are starting to creep up. part of it is because more people are getting back to work, more people driving, but squeezing the industry will be a part of that in the future. >> sandra: it will be a fascinating story to watch, it's interesting and we will follow it. >> john: it does seem a little more significant i think that the white house would like to agree on. democratic congresswoman facing criticism for a tweet supporting writers. what her critics say her message is hypocritical. plus, an opinion writer for a major newspaper as saying she's conflicted about trump supporter's who do nice things. even comparing them to has
10:38 am
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>> john: a columnist for the "los angeles times" expressing missed emotions about her pro-trump neighbors after they plow the snow out of her driveway without being asked to do it. they did it because they wanted to be good neighbors. she describes it as aggressive niceness. here's the headline. what can you do about the trumps next door? if fox news media analyst, the one question i had about all of this, why would she even write about this? >> she's a talented writer and i can't tell you how much i hate this piece. blaming the voters for all the evils facing the country, even those who like her neighbors who are more moderate and don't believe it was a stolen election is a sign of intolerance. it means you despise donald trump so much that anyone
10:43 am
who voted for him must be a really bad person. it's an existential crisis. after her neighbors plowed her driveway she wrote this column in which she likened them to sympathizers, the mafia saying "the islamic political party in lebanon also give things away for free. the same thing is true who holds the nation." you can probably forgive her neighbors if they put the snow back and her driveway, but i think they're too nice to do that. >> there probably sorry they took their plow out of their garage, i couldn't believe it, cooperators, did anybody read this and think it was over the top? she should be grateful for these people who plowed her driveway without being asked. she said she can't give her neighbors absolution.
10:44 am
it's a week of condescension not to be thankful. i can't believe what the reaction is, what these reaction of the neighbors must be. get rid of the snow! >> they certainly provoked a lot of responses. here's a letter, "rather than insult her neighbors kindness by comparing it to mafia behavior, she should consider that in the country helping your neighbors is not a courtesy extended to one's own tribe, it's her survival tactic." i think they were being nice, but there's something to that that if you have a medical emergency, that could be dangerous. >> suddenly don't care if they are republican or democrat. i saw a lot of this among them during the trial presidency. blame the voters. of course we are talking about
10:45 am
74 million people who voted for donald trump? now he's no longer an office, it seems like they haven't subsided. even to take this snowball and make it into a mound of snow. >> john: the old adage, never look a horse in the mouth so there may be more snow. great to see you. regardless of how you felt about your neighbor, but if they plow your driveway would you tell the world you have some sort of mixed emotions about the fact that they did it? >> sandra: it's quite a story. tell us how you feel, i hate this! you have a lot of snow, what you do about it in the driveway, i'm sure you wonder this yourself. we sent our kids to shovel the driveway one spirit they were
10:46 am
clearly just being nice, can't u accept the fact that there bein. >> thank you. >> sandra: a tom brady does it again, so how do you put his legacy and perspective? we will ask brian kilmeade to do just that as he weighs in on the greatest of all time. ♪ ♪ ugh, there's that cute guy from 12c. -go talk to him. -yeah, no. plus it's not even like he'd be into me or whatever. ♪♪ ♪ this could be ♪ hi. you just moved in, right? i would love to tell you about all the great savings you can get for bundling your renter's and car insurance with progressive. -oh, i was just -- -oh, tammy. i found your retainer in the dryer.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe. >> john: missouri congresswoman is under fire for defending the riot in a st. louis jail. the democrat used a martin luther king jr. quote to defend inmate setting fires and smashing windows, the uprising left in office are injured. she tweeted "a right is the language of the unheard. i want to talk to my constituents, their lives and rights must be protected. we are working to ensure the urgent needs of people who are incarcerated are not ignored. critics are blasting her as hypocritical for making these comments weeks after she began the riots at the u.s. capitol. >> sandra: thank you. tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers dominated the chiefs last night winning 31-9. further cementing his legacy
10:51 am
with his seventh super bowl ring and his sixth mvp award. the superstar quarterback says he's not done yet. >> there is more to come? >> are coming back. tom brady is coming back! >> sandra: joining us now, brian kilmeade, host of fox nation, good to have you on set here. you call it a blowout. it was a good game. >> it was weird. i've only missed two super bowls and 25 years. i know everything is different about 2020, 2021, but that didn't feel like a super bowl. the crowd noise was fake, there was nobody on the field, usually ks on the field, confetti coming down, he came to play, he took it as the super bowl. their defense, i thought about
10:52 am
every scenario. their offense corrected everything. maybe it was the turmoil with andy reid and his son come i can't blame them, but for the team not to show up, it reminds me of brett favre and the packers expected to blowout john elliott, 36 years old in miami. there was no way to turn around the ball. this is what it reminded me of. in terms of tom brady, we will never see anything like him. everything about him is great, but not greatest ever. he made himself greatest ever. when no one thought he was a first-round draft pick or a fifth round draft pick, he wasn't starting in college! that story line, i don't think we will see again, but playing at 43, when people get in their 30s and 40s, they look different, they throat
10:53 am
interception, they look their age. he looked, he looked like he was 25 years old. to me there is nothing about him that is human at 44. >> sandra: i credit her. >> she keeps him young? >> sandra: the health regiment he is on is so strict and i don't know p always ate like that. he has given her credit. >> at an adult, how do you go to bed at p.m.? >> sandra: i love it. they said how they talk about how disciplined and how studied he is on the sport. they have a hard time keeping up with him. i'm sure your member that coach saying that. congratulations to the greatest of all time. i have one question, why not just leave it there and enjoy the rest of your life?
10:54 am
>> a couple of things. i remember when michael jordan hit the winning shot, he comes back with the wizards and they said, you had it perfect. joe montana gave an interesting interview this past week and he said, i regret retiring. why? nothing ever compares to those sundays. he wishes everyone could experience football on a sunday. with football, you don't get to pass, it doesn't matter. he said, stay there as long as you can. >> sandra: i was wondering about that. good to see you. thank you very much. john, for everybody who kept talking about the players, patrick mahomes was six when tom brady was playing in his first super bowl! his mother is almost the exact same age as tom brady himself which is remarkable! >> the whole thing is amazing
10:55 am
and you would think number seven will be the sweetest, but he wants to go for number eight. my favorite headline, not favored to win back-to-back and i'm thinking, what changed between last night and this afternoon? not much. >> sandra: it will inspire him more. >> i thought the defense was spectacular, they denied him so many times, but then kansas city was a penalty palouse. >> over called. >> john: i was happy. >> sandra: can you put it up there? available monday february 8th. >> that's today. go get it. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: brian kilmeade and tom brady, two things that make america great. >> in that order. >> john: what will it take to
10:56 am
restart and person learning as some teachers refused to go back inside the building. we will talk about that coming up. ♪ ♪ refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> sandra: fox news alert with the push to get kids back in the classroom. teachers still refusing to work and person. good afternoon, i'm sandra smith. >> john: i am john roberts. president biden says it's time for schools to reopen safely, set two elites updated guidance on wednesday, the most powerful union president telling "the new york times" the teachers need more time and money. randi weingarten says, "i'm confident we will overcome the fear but it's not going to happen in to nano seconds. when it comes to fund income "you can't say it's going to be good enough. it's what teachers have been dealing with most of their lives." >> sandra: we began with
11:01 am
christina live in new york city where parents and students just got some big news. hi. >> they did. you have school closures and a lack of in person learning and it's considered a national emergency according to president biden, and an interview before the super bowl, but they are handling the pandemic wildly different. you have many teachers unions that are refusing to turn back to school. here in new york, they made an new announcement for 60,000's city kids. >> i'm pleased to announce, you're coming back to school and person for all who are signed up and person education, it will start. thursday, february 25th. >> the chicago teachers union that reached a tentative agreement yesterday averting a strike, but k-8 won't return
11:02 am
until early march and after two months of bargaining in san francisco the union did agree to return back to school, but they want guaranteed vaccination. that's not the case for philadelphia, threatening to refused to return this week, so these are all the hurdles for the biden administration after they promised to reopen schools after the first 100 days. what we do know is just last friday the department of education said, "there's not not enough data to understand schools reopening because students are learning nationwide. many students are falling off the grid, according to one nonprofit, 3 million students are not receiving any type of education. with those students who may be struggling to learn virtually or not learning at all, it's a renewed sense of urgency to improve education in the united states and get student
11:03 am
safely back to classrooms. >> sandra: a tough situation. christina, thank you. >> john: schools prepare to reopen, demanding a covid vaccine, but are there enough vaccines to go around? jonathan serrie is live. where do teachers stand? >> it depends on where they work. some teachers can already sign up to get vaccinated where here in georgia they say, we are not at that point. state officials cracked down on a health clinic in north georgia that started vaccinating teachers as essential workers saying "they don't have enough supply just yet. across the u.s. the first priority is vaccinating those who were at the greatest risk, the elderly and those who treat them. the administration acknowledges the process is moving slower than anyone would like, but
11:04 am
their hope and community vaccines, more to neighborhood pharmacies and mobile vaccine units into remote areas will help alleviate the shortages. there is one proposal that these two dose regiments, why not split them up and focus on getting as money shots as possible. some people want to study that, but anthony fauci says that would be impractical in the short term. here's why. take a listen. >> with all due respect, it would take several months to get a meaningful answer. at that time the amount of vaccine that would be available would almost be making that question somewhat of a point. >> dr. fauci says he expects the vaccine to increase substantially. at that point you would see teachers getting vaccinated as states expand to include the highest level of workers. right now there is also a debate
11:05 am
among educators, as to which teachers should get the vaccine first. getting the youngest kids back in the classrooms is the highest priority, so people assume they are teacher should be at the front of the line, but professors point out its older teens, people in their 20s who are spreading this virus at greater rates and so these professors argue they should be at the front of the line. >> size indicates that younger children do not spread the virus in the same rate that older ones do. correct. maybe there's something to that. jonathan serrie. i understand teachers desire to want to be vaccinated before they get back and a classroom, but last week the cdc director saying it's not necessary. >> sandra: they were forced to walk that back, they said they were personal remarks. we anticipate that reopening guidance from the cdc that's out this week.
11:06 am
meanwhile a planning to appeal after receiving fines for bypassing the house metal detector. nancy pelosi's been accused of doing the very same thing, let's bring in andrew of georgia who is facing that. thank you for being here. should nancy pelosi based on this firsthand account by rodney david, should she be forced to pay the fine? >> i will tell you, if i am that i think she should. thank you for having me on. i appreciate that. absolutely. what's good for republicans is good for democrats, but the whole thing is unconstitutional. every congressman has the right to enter the house floor. that has to do with the fact that we are cashing our districts vote. you can only vote on the house floor. when you're impeding, then
11:07 am
that's unconstitutional and that's directly in the constitution in section six. >> sandra: i have to ask you about how the complaint was brought forth about you not using proper protocol. timothy blodgett was asked about nancy pelosi and the firsthand account of her not following the rules. he said he did not receive a formal complaint. the capitol police have to say this happened. was that the same protocol used to charge you with avoiding the protocol and facing the sign? the capital police reported? >> not that i'm aware of. the only thing i got was the letter. the sergeant of arms who told me i was being fined $5,000 for avoiding the security. so i think there is a double
11:08 am
there as well. >> sandra: to be clear, you do not plan to pay that fine? >> i plan to appeal that fine and i'm already to challenge it and federal court. i had to get that fine, so that's unconstitutional and that is what we are there to do. this is going to be part of it for me. >> what was the case republicans made against using these magnetometers, that you are being fined for not properly going through? suggesting republicans did come with the point is not to protect members from themselves, it's to protect them from those who wish ill will on the outside. >> that's the point. the only people that are going to the house floor are members. nancy pelosi has been driving the narrative for a couple of weeks now that republicans are the enemy within.
11:09 am
that is wrong, absolutely wrong. not one little bit. it was republicans who helped defend the chamber from the riders on january 6th. those of us who stayed behind, the sergeant of arms, capital police, the chamber was never violated. the house chamber. >> sandra: i can't help but hear this and think it can sound very petty to the american people who know right now that fresh off the report, millions of kids haven't returned to in person learning. american families can put food on the table because they're not back to work. and here we have members of congress that are bickering over rules put in place by themselves and now in the case of nancy pelosi, they're not even following it. isn't this a big distraction from getting the work done? >> it's a huge distraction.
11:10 am
that is what we need to be concentrating on. not trying to cast each other as dangerous. that is just foolish. we need to get off that and get back to work. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> sandra: the account was, she opened the session, came through to the speaker's lobby. we were told they were fine for doing this yesterday. you cannot walk through. it's not that republicans are saying they want to push this rule but they're saying, if you want this rule, although it yourself. >> john: the fact that they are fine for doing the same thing peter their interest, making sure the speaker follows her own rule but otherwise it comes rules for the but not for me situation. we've seen more than a few of those in recent weeks. sandrock, a packed hour still
11:11 am
ahead, immigrants convicted of crimes may be catching a deal under the biden administration. washington continues to look like a police state with thousands of national guards, yet antifa is still able to stir up trouble. byron york will join us on that. >> sandra: 826-year-old yale graduate student was shot dead, what were learning about that investigation. the start of a brand-new busy week in washington. trey gowdy will tell us what we can expect as the senate impeachment trial kicks off a former president donald trump is set to begin tomorrow. ♪ ♪ but if you're a veteran homeowner and need cash, here's big news. introducing refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refi at all-time low rates plus you could take out $50,000 or more. money for security today, money for retirement tomorrow.
11:12 am
refiplus. it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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♪ ♪ >> john: members of antifa
11:16 am
marching through washington, d.c., and threatening to burn down the city as they pass people who were eating outside, this as guard troops remained at the capital with $450 million. some asking why the national guard is still here. including our guest, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner." great to see you. you wrote about this over the weekend "time for the national guard to leave" why is it time for them to leave? >> there were 25,000 national guard troops in washington. obviously people were nervous after the riot and the capital on january 6 and they worried there would be more trouble on january 20th. the inauguration went on without a problem. everybody was very thankful for that and it's been almost three weeks. if you go down to that area of
11:17 am
washington, there still 5,000 national guard troops and the very high fence with a razor wire on top that's covering a large area around the capital, it's still there. the question is, why is it people have speculated that authorities are worrying about some problem during the impeachment trial which starts tomorrow or maybe even on march 4th which is the original inauguration date. that was changed to january 20th. perhaps there worried about that, but we haven't gotten a good reason why there are troops in washington. >> we saw the antifa demonstration, protest over the weekend, clearly there remain some sort of threat here in washington. i wanted to ask you about the interview that joe biden did yesterday. he was not asked about hunter biden controversy surrounding
11:18 am
his business in china, he was also asked about chinese president xi jinping in which he answered this way. listen. >> he doesn't have the democratic bone in his body. >> i don't mean this as a criticism, but he is not a of democracy. >> you know, joe biden has spent a million years in a government and he always says he knows this leader or that leader quite well. one of the interesting things, his administration has conceded and this is rare for them to concede, the trump administration had the right direction on china and anthony blink and, the new secretary of state said, were not going to pursue it in the same way, but certainly they have the right
11:19 am
direction on china and the right approach as an adversary. i think what the president said is in line with that. >> one of the biggest fans was the senate minority leader, chuck schumer. something he wrote about on friday, the fact that the cdc director said and the official briefing at the cdc to the media that she didn't think it was necessary for teachers to be vaccinated. to which they said, no, that's her own personal opinion. we have guidance, if that guidance is different than what the cdc director said last week about it, what we think might have happened? >> people are going to have questions. here's what is going on, we have seen teachers unions around the
11:20 am
country, there are dead set to going back into the classroom. one of the demands they have is that all teachers be vaccinated before they go back in. what was extraordinary, appointed by president biden said, all the data shows it's safe to reopen the schools with precautions and that it's not necessary that teachers be vaccinated before you safely reopen the school. that was news. the white house spokeswoman is asked about this and she said, actually, they were speaking in her personal capacity. she's the head of the cdc. appointed by president biden and speaking at a white house event as a member of the covid response team. it looked like the white house was trying to back off doing something that would alienate the teachers union.
11:21 am
now we are waiting for the official cdc guidance. we will see if they can thread the needle between the data and the science on this. >> john: we will be watching it closely. byron york, great to see you. these teachers unions, not to be critical, but it seems to be like the child the book, give a mouse a cookie. give milk, when finishes melt he will ask for a napkin. there seems to be a lot of that. >> sandra: kids at home see very clearly that other schools around the country have been able to open safely and do just that. still the kids at home, it's tough. the next couple of days we will learn more from the cdc, the immigration policy, and introducing new guidelines that could cut down on the rest,
11:22 am
william la jeunesse's live in los angeles. >> under the new draft policy i.c.e. agents can no longer deport migrants for crimes like assault, drunk driving, fraud, theft, domestic violence. instead they must concentrate on national security threats, violent felons released from prison. >> nobody is saying the u.s. have that acceptable behavior and those arrested should be tried by local law enforcement. we are talking about the prioritization of who's going to be deported from the country. eco-it's astonishing. right now we are seeing murderers and get a say in this country right now even though there are illegal aliens. >> mexico is refusing to accept more deported families and lacking the capacity here because of covid, they are turning to catch and release, a
11:23 am
thousand new apprehended families with bus tickets are on the u.s. with a promise later to appear in court. one problem, unlike international travelers, they're being released without a negative test. back to you. thank you. president biden pushing ahead with his plan to increase minimum wage to $15 even though some of his own small business claim they cannot afford it. we will hear from them. plus, plans for former president trump's trial and both sides say they want to move quickly. the latest on that, trey gowdy reacts coming up next. here's something you shouldn't try at home. insurance is cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sandra: time for headlines, andrew cuomo announcing restaurants will be allowed to reopen this friday, but at 25% capacity.
11:28 am
restaurants have been closed since mid-december because of the pandemic. >> john: reporting they will cut the production time in half. the process has become more efficient the past months, right now bring up a batch takes 110 days. the second trial of trump begins tomorrow, they charged him with incitement of insurrection on january 6th. lawmakers prepare for the start of the impeachment trial at some are asking what is the point now that donald trump is out of office and some questioning whether the trial is constitutional. here to weigh in now, trey gowdy. at that boat that was taken in the senate a couple of weeks back, 45 senators voted that an impeachment trial post-presidency is unconstitutional. do you expect the trial over the coming days will suddenly cause
11:29 am
enough of those senators to change their mind? >> i do not. i can tell you having done trial work, when you start the trial with half the jury thinking you shouldn't be there, you're not going to win. >> john: we heard earlier today and the last glimpse of what they are trial are going to be before things open up, i found this to be particularly intriguing. the only reference in the president's speech on the 6th of january was taking pride in his administration's creation of the space force. he never implied weapons or anything of the sort. he says, he use the word in the figurative sense with arcuate or putting forth an extreme effort. what do you think those arguments? >> i think the democrats and their haste to impeach this
11:30 am
president, took the weakest of their arguments. i'm not suggesting they would've been successful, but a much better argument is, you are surprised the siege took place, what did you do when you learned it was happening? that's the better article, what did the president do once it began, but they didn't want to do that. what you're going to see next week on both sides frankly, you will see these violent images and then transpose above that, the words of the president even though they're not connected. it's all for the court of public opinion. nancy pelosi admitted that last week. it's not for the senators. >> one of the things we are expecting the team to bring up is statements that were made by democrats over the past couple of years about republicans. this is what some of what they are expected to present at the trial. listen here.
11:31 am
>> i want to tell you, you have released to the world women's and you will pay the price! >> they talked about the president's cabinet. i said, everywhere. [laughter] in a department store. just tell them, you are not welcome here. >> go to the hill today! get up and please, get up in the face of congress people. >> john: get up in the face of congress people, could this be a case of democrats, be careful what you wish for? >> they pick the dumbest of all articles. you have kamala harris with amy coney barrett and she is telling the whole world that judge barrett is coming after your health care and
11:32 am
reproductive rights and your voting rights. if you're dumb enough to believe that, that's going to incite you, so what they're going to do is play those clips and say, if you will start penalizing political rhetoric, let's do it for both sides. >> john: we have a busy week, will be calling on you frequently. appreciate seeing you. senator? >> sandra: raising the minimum wage could come at a cost. the congressional budget officer leasing a brand-new report finding that raising the middle wage to $15 would increase the deficit by $54 billion. kristin fisher is live from the white house. that's a big number. >> they said an hour and a half ago that president biden remains firmly committed to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but the president himself set over the weekend that he does not
11:33 am
think this provision, this increase is going to survive and make it into the final bill. he said it's up to the senate parliamentarian to determine which measure qualifies, that obscure tool being used by democrats to get this thing passed without republican support. >> at this point it still working its way through the process and the parliamentarian has to make a determination. >> even if the minimum wage does not make it into this release bill, he's made it very clear that he would support a stand-alone bill. >> no one should work 40 hours a week and live below the poverty wage. if you make less than $15 you are living below the poverty wage. >> according to that new report out there probably budget office, if it increases and is
11:34 am
included, it would cut 1.4 million jobs in 2025, the year it would take effect and increase the deficit by $54 billion. definitely not the data that supporters of raising minimum wage are hoping for. bernie sanders says he disagrees with the assessment, but he said this afternoon that what they have done has proven that a federal and a mom wage increase would have a significant impact on the budget which is of course the critical criteria that must be met under the rules of reconciliation. a lot of wonky washington terms, but it will be important. >> sandra: that will affect a lot of businesses. thank you. >> john: we see stocks with record territory today, this stuff is almost speaking latin to me. are we in a bubble or what is
11:35 am
going on? >> sandra: this is amazing, it continues to hit brand-new highs. the s&p, nasdaq, all at record highs in the trading session. it's on recovery hopes, stimulus, vaccine, strong earnings, sort of this perfect situation happening for the american stock market and it continues to go higher. >> john: finding reason for pessimism. >> sandra: i think they're watching the vaccine progress, how fast these restaurants and businesses can reopen their doors. right now, there's light light at the end of the tunnel, that hope is driving the stock market. >> john: what about reality? if we finally get vaccines and people go back to work, will the stock market blow up and go up to 35,000 and or will they say,
11:36 am
this was factored in? >> most of the notes are predicting this will continue. it's hard to believe because it hasn't taken a breath. right now there is optimism on wall street. main street as well. we will keep watching out for you, coming up, the deadliest avalanche season, but what is causing this? plus, teachers refusing to get back into the classrooms, so what is it going to take and why is it taking so long? our political panel is here to weigh-in next. >> if you are not willing to put the kids back in school, why should we give you more money to open schools. ♪ ♪
11:37 am
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11:41 am
>> sandra: parents continue to express frustration over school re-openings or delays, republicans are stepping into help by introducing legislation, giving parents more options. joining us now, fox news contributor and leslie marshall. are you ready to go? i will go to you first on this, a "wall street journal" editorial board. moments in the state, the biden administration with opposing private schools, but the more important political action may be outside of washington has
11:42 am
republicans have responded to frustrations with school closures by introducing legislation to expand education choice. it is school twice the answer to not having a problem like this again? >> it's an answer. the biggest answer is getting the public schools open and helping those who told us throughout this pandemic to follow the science and the data to get them to actually follow the science and data. including president biden, cdc director who says it's not schools that will be spreaders. we can do lots of things. we can put money into giving bonuses to teachers who are willing to be in the classroom. we can set it up or we have individuals and the classroom to monitor students and a teacher who doesn't want to be in the classroom could be joining remotely. there is lots of innovation that
11:43 am
can occur, you just have to have leaders willing to step up and look outside the box. >> sandra: i just wonder why you don't see this president taking a bigger stand, knowing there are kids who were sitting at home, not in the classroom when so many others have figured out to do that safely. >> it depends where you are. i'm going crazy with my 12 and 13-year-olds, but i'm in los angeles county, we have some of the biggest numbers in the world. >> sandra: how does that affect kids in the classroom? >> first of all, joe biden has said getting kids back into school is the priority and the cdc is going to release the guidelines. second, in any state whether it's blue or red, you can send your kids to a private school, but the guidelines you will have to comply. in addition to that you have schools we saw in san diego in a
11:44 am
more red district that open two days later, 100 kids were quarantined because they came into contact with someone who had covid. lastly, you're not punishing the teachers or the politicians, republishing the children because in a lot of these districts kids that have choice, their parents might not -- speed to the point is, where does the urgency go? i can't believe they called the white house at 3:30 p.m. and president biden left for the weekend. should we be sitting down and figuring this out and putting the utmost urgency on these kids, sitting down, you look at the numbers, public schools have lost 500,000 students since the 2019-2020 school year. where have they gone? private schools. people have hired tutors. that benefits rich people. that's people who can afford it.
11:45 am
this is having the biggest impact on poor families and poor kids. parents can afford to do that. >> john: absolutely and to add to that, we are not looking down the road at the additional help that schools will need, whether that be more counselors to help with mental illness, suicide continues to be a concern among teenage kids, making sure they get the right nutritional. the big problem is getting the schools open. the bigger problem is these schools that having them shut down our creating, including as you get to the college level, i served on the board of governors, 45% of college graduates have lost entry-level jobs, they aren't there anymore. these children get out of school, there's nowhere for them to get a job. >> sandra: the president was asked about this in the super bowl interview. i don't know we got a clear answer where he stands here let's listen.
11:46 am
>> i think it's time for schools to reopen safely. safely. you have to have fewer people in the classroom, ventilation systems. our cdc commissioner was going to be coming out with science-based judgment as early as wednesday. the minimum requirements. >> i think that spurs a lot of frustration. safely, we got it, we all want people to return safe, but they've attracted so many people because they've open their doors and to go back to that come his own words, we can do this. the teachers don't even have to be vaccinated to safely return to the classroom. he promised to listen to the science, is he? >> yes, he is. he said we want to reopen and then he said, perhaps as early as two days and this is how we do that. and then of course schools have
11:47 am
to put that into play. >> sandra: they have had a lot of time to prepare. >> yes, a lot of time to prepare but you have different numbers, not just with covid, but class size and parents prefer to have their kids at home and that is why the hybrid seems to be very successful. >> sandra: i have to leave it there. thank you both for joining us. appreciate it. >> john: an army veteran and he'll graduate student who just proposed to his girlfriend shot dead and connecticut. why police say the dance and the victim's car could be the best clues to tracking down the killer ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners from newday usa. interest rates have dropped to record lows. one call can save you $3,000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised,
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♪ ♪ >> john: fox news alert, a yale university graduate and veteran shot and killed and now police say a car crash is the clue that might lead them to the killer. life for us in new york city, what are policing? >> a man may have been killed because of a car accident. shaken by the death of that graduate student who just got engaged last week. 26-year-old kevin john who had served in the army and was a member of the national guard was
11:52 am
setting for a degree when he was gunned down saturday night in new haven. police say he may have been targeted, but they're still working on a specific motive. right next to his car, which had damage. neighbor say they heard multiple gunshots. >> it's a tragedy that is hurt all of us and in the days ahead i hope we can focus on each other's well-being and support one another. most importantly we will remember kevin as we remember others who are victims of violence in our cities. >> he volunteered to help others, he cooked for the homeless and help younger students. his fiancee was 26 years old. the president saying he wanted to use his education to make a positive difference in the world. john?
11:53 am
>> john: do they know if the killing was a result of the car accident or the car accident was a part of the killing? >> that may be something they're looking into because he had damage, he was found outside of the car, maybe he got rear ended and there was a black car scene speeding away. >> john: thank you. sandra? >> sandra: thank you. an avalanche in utah killing four skiers, bringing the number of deaths from avalanche to 15 in the last week, the deadliest seven-day period. jeff paul on this. as the pandemic pulling apart and what is happening here? >> with so many people cooped up inside, the slopes are packed. that is leading folks to hit the back country. the four skiers who died this weekend were doing just that when an avalanche buried them
11:54 am
and for other skiers survived. authorities say all eight were experienced and had shovels and probes, but even with all that gear experts compared the slides to car crosses which are fast and violent. so far this winter 20 people have died in avalanches across seven states. >> sandra: jeff paul on that story. thank you. >> john: patrick mahomes mother making headlines for her comments after the big game, that is coming up next. ♪ ♪to rty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha.
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is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health. >> sandra: the mother of patrick mahomes tweeting to gisele that to you have to have rest of your teach, is that right?
11:59 am
ouch. what went down here? >> everybody blames it on the referees. she was kind of right. the chiefs were called for 11 penalties that cost them 120 yards. the bucs were called for four penalty. that cost them 39. you know, you can't blame it on the refs. you played tom brady and rob gronkowski. the buccaneer's defense was off the charts. i saw espn earlier. mahomes was pressured in 29 drop-backs, which is the most in super bowl history. a lot went down to make that happen. you mentioned -- >> sandra: yeah. she's the same age as tom brady. >> she was basically tweeting her friend. >> sandra: you know, you and i were together the last super bowl. >> down in miami. we talked about the halftime show. >> sandra: a little different this year. great to see you, abby. >> you too. >> sandra: all right. that does it for us, john. you know, all of us had a bit of a late night i'm sure watching the game.
12:00 pm
but it's going to be a busy week. impeachment trial is tomorrow. >> i felt bad for mahomes but he will be a force for 15 years. he's had his time once. it will come again. >> sandra: about to be a new father as well. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> bill: a lot of questionable calls. but quite a game. thank you, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york, this is "the story." happy post super bowl week. we have big battles, the impeachment trial tomorrow afternoon. what about the whole unity question mark? kevin struggles with the variants and vaccines. senator john cornyn about the amount of money going into the u.s. economy. we'll talk to him. republicans saying that nancy pelosi doesn't seem to abide by rules for herself.


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