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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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week. impeachment trial is tomorrow. >> i felt bad for mahomes but he will be a force for 15 years. he's had his time once. it will come again. >> sandra: about to be a new father as well. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> bill: a lot of questionable calls. but quite a game. thank you, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york, this is "the story." happy post super bowl week. we have big battles, the impeachment trial tomorrow afternoon. what about the whole unity question mark? kevin struggles with the variants and vaccines. senator john cornyn about the amount of money going into the u.s. economy. we'll talk to him. republicans saying that nancy pelosi doesn't seem to abide by rules for herself. congressman walsh will weigh-in.
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karl rove and geraldo rivera talking about biden's pledge to bring the nation together. breaking news. chicago has just reached a tentative agreement with the teacher's union with a small group that is supposed to return this thursday. in san francisco, getting close to a deal contingent on vaccine availability. that will take awhile. let's go to philadelphia where teachers are now defying the call by the superintendent that they must return to class. this looks like it could be a volatile situation. here's what the teachers are being asked to do. it's a small scale plan. return a limited number, about 9,000 students, by february 22. that gives them another two weeks to iron things out. they're already saying that they will not go back. workers all over the united states have return to their jobs. here's a look at the parents versus the unions across america
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starting with parents explaining that irside. >> she's been asking me what the point of living is. what's the point? >> my kids have suffered through this process. we've had to withdraw my doubter from school. she has significant disabilities and cannot learn virtually. >> come to school. everybody is not doing stuff, what makes the kids? >> everybody is doing stuff across the country. we're's where the unions and the teachers stand on this. watch this. >> nothing convinces me that it's safe to go back into that school. >> the laws of our students and our educators are at stake. >> i get that the kids need to be back in school. but i also get that i want to see my son graduate from college. i want to see grandkids. >> the first thing we need to do in the middle of a pandemic is
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create confidence, not distress. we had distress with donald trump. >> mike tobin has been following developments. hi, mike. >> let's start here in chicago, martha. long last we have potentially a disagreement that could get chicago school teachers and their students back in the classroom. the mayor announcing the break-through yesterday. >> i want to reiterate to parents that we're ready to reopen. we originally introduced our plan in august. since then, we strengthened the poliies and the plans. >> it's been a challenging process. i believe that getting our students back in school is worth it. >> now, the teacher's union was less optimistic tweeting there's no agreement with the union and
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the board of a education. we have a relative agreement. it calls for a turn to the classroom if teachers have access to the vaccine as it has thresholds to halt in-person learning if the virus makes a comeback. the effort to get back in the collapse room took a step back in fall fall where 2,000 educators didn't show up at the urging of the federation of teachers. >> they're afraid for themselves, for their families, for the students and their entire school communities. they're right. the district has an abysmal track record when it comes to addressing health and safety. >> sandra: . >> now san francisco announced an agreement. but just that quickly, the district attorney says he will file a motion that is part of an existing lawsuit to compel the
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school direct to come into compliance with state requirements. martha, back to you. >> thanks, mike. now philadelphia. thanks. so an opinion piece, the "wall street journal" editorial board calling out these teachers and unions and president biden's reaction to that. one of the things i'm picking up here, kimberly, we're seeing an ultimatum come to the forefront here. this is dr. william higt. he's the subject in philadelphia. he says you're expected to be in your building monday and should choose not to do so, you will face disciplinary action, this is getting to a different level here. >> yeah. you're seeing that across the country and all of your places where you're getting union movement, albeit very small. in chicago, they made similar types of threats to the teachers and unions saying you could end up being locked out of the system and not paid.
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you do not respond to the summons. in san francisco, the city attorney actually has filed a lawsuit to get the teacher's back to school. you're seeing the kind of threats that you mentioned in philadelphia. think about this for a minute, martha. these are democratic poll situations breaking with one of their biggest constituents, unions. it's because it has now reached a point that no one can justify these continued strikes and refusals to go back to school. >> in chicago, they spent $100 million on safety measures, ventilation. it was down time for these schools to be getting ready for this. the fact that they need time and money is questionable. here's president biden asked about this in the super bowl interview. watch this. >> it is a national emergency. it is a national emergency. >> you think it's time for schools to reopen? >> i do, safely. reopen safely. you have to have fewer people in
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classrooms, you have to have ventilation systems that have been reworked. our cdc commissioner will be coming out with science-based judgment within i think as early as wednesday. >> so he says that is happening wednesday. she came out a couple days ago and said you don't need vaccinations to get back in the classroom. white house is on a couple of different pages here, kim. >> yeah, it's good to at least hear joe biden say they need to reopen. the reality is, we've had cdc guidance saying this is happen safely for awhile. the other thing worth pointing out a lot of focus on the bill school districts. 3/4s of the districts that are not fully or only partially reopened. but do the math. that means a quarter of schools out there in the united states have been safely reopened. you're not seeing any of these horror stories coming out that the teachers unions are suggesting. you know how to do it and do it safely and at this point, all of
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this sounds like an excuse to not go work. >> it sounds like that. we're seeing a lot of interest in school choice that is cropping up in a lot of states as well. the "wall street journal" has an article about that that people should look at. there's political movement on this issue. kimberly strossle. thank you. and president bipartisan has ditched bipartisanship and embraced demands. john cornyn has more. >> don't worry. hang on. we're going smaller. it's going to take us longer. like until 2025. that's the republican answer. i can't in good conscious do that. here's huge news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa.
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>> martha: no compromise. that seems to be the suggestion from president biden on the $1.9 trillion plan. he said that he couldn't in good conscious shrink that package. march, unemployment benefits expire. in moments, john cornyn will be here as we await a democratic plan to expand the child tax credit dramatically. first, peter doocy that was just in the news conference with jen psaki questioning her on this. hi, peter. >> the $2,000 checks biden promised would go out immediately if democrats won the senate last month still haven't gone out. the white house press secretary jen psaki said the president does support a plan for $3,000
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per child for qualifying families. >> the president talks about this a bit on the campaign trail and the importance of child tax credits to help working families and ensure they can make ends meet. this proposal is emergency funding as i understand it. it's a central priority of the first legislative proposal to cut child poverty in half this year. that's why he has the child tax credit. it's emergency funding helping people get through this time. >> here's the details. $3,600 a year per child under 6. $3,000 for 6 and 17 and they diminish for couples. the payments would go out in july. today the white house is standing by another pillar of
12:15 pm
the biden relief plan. raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. friday biden said he didn't think $15 an hour was possible. >> that may not be in your plan? >> i put it in but i don't think it's going to survive. >> he referred this weekend as you noted in your question of the parliamentary process. most likely will pass at this point, the reconciliation process. there's a parlimentarian that will end up what will be in the final package. >> here's a virtual tour of a mass vaccination site in arizona, martha. >> martha: thanks, peter. let's bring in republican senator john cornyn of texas. great to see you. thanks for being here today. so you have about $4.5 trillion that has been designated for covid relief. another $1.9 in the pipe line. $2,000 checks and another $3,000
12:16 pm
plus for each child and every family. what do you think of this package and what do you think the impact will be on the u.s. economy? >> martha, we're in favor of targeted relief that deals with the covid-19 pandemic. the number that the president has given us is an absurdly high number. it's not targeted on the people that need it most. there's a bipartisan counter proposal for about $600 billion more targeted to people that need it with the goal of getting kids safely back to school and work. but president biden contrary to this public statement wants to do this alone and he will run into obstacles like you just discussed with the reconciliation process. so we're happy to help where needed. spend more money for the sake of spending more money project that they seem to be on is a bridge
12:17 pm
too far. >> martha: even larry summers a clinton administration economist expressed concern this could lead to inflation. it's not like this money goes out the door, things will get better. they could get worse because of all of this money going out the door. >> that's right. we know this -- different people have been -- suffered differently during the pandemic. some folks haven't been at work in a long time. they lost their jobs. others have been fully employed and receiving a paycheck. so this idea of just throwing more money at it -- i know larry sumners was in the dog house for even suggesting this is going to lead to inflation and other negative consequences. i think he's right. >> martha: i want to turn my attention to chuck schumer. why he's cozying up 0 aoc's wing of the party.
12:18 pm
why he might find that favorable. he's backed a new push to decriminalized cannabis, sign on to the baby bonds proposal, address the wealth gap and to call on mr. biden to cancel student debt. what do you make of your colleague's movement here? >> looks like progressives like bernie sanders, aoc and elizabeth warren are in the driver's seat and they have people that are pragmatic scared with the prospect of a mid-term primary. the problem that they have is the progressives are driving their entire party to the hard left. as we saw november 3 in the house, republicans made gains. we defended senate seats that some people thought we would lose. i don't think this move to the hard left that aoc and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are pushing chuck schumer in will help him in 2022.
12:19 pm
it's up to them. >> martha: he may have a primary from aoc in time. she says she doesn't want to stay in congress forever. we'll see what he has to confront in the coming years. senator cornyn, thanks very much. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: so karl rove writing "biden wants to create new programs, not find a compromise." he's here with geraldo rivera on his 180-degree turn on push for unity. last night the boss, bruce springsteen was out there anti-president trump called for unity at the super bowl at the very center of this nation. >> we need the middle. we just have to remember the very soil we stand on is common ground.
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12:24 pm
tomorrow afternoon, karl. let's start with that on joe biden and the push for unity so far. that's not what we'll see on display tomorrow. >> no, not at all. when gerald ford became president, he pardoned nixon and the country was aflame. yet several decades later, he was given the robert kennedy political award for courage by the kennedy family. he did the right thing from saving the country by further division. i wish president biden was driven by the same spirit and asked nancy pelosi not to move forward the is second impeachment of the former president of the us. it's unnecessary. >> martha: yeah, it would have been a very bold move, geraldo. it may have been the right move. but so far, president biden seems to have liked to play both sides on this issue. >> i think that is true. i heartily endorse karl's
12:25 pm
suggestion. i wish biden would pardon donald trump. it will never happen. but wouldn't that be a happy ending into this part of history. i'm unlike karl rove, but the trump's words and actions to refuse to accept the election, the inflammatory rhetoric, the president deserved this admonition from congress. i hope he's not convicted. i hope they hang it on the procedural that he's out of office so the issue is moot. but we cannot pretend the president has clean hands in this. >> martha: he's out of office. impeachment is an act by congress to remove someone from office. here's lindsey graham and then liz cheney on this story. watch.
12:26 pm
>> the point of the matter that we're in congress. we're not prosecutors. i'm ready to end the impeachment trial because it's blatantly unconstitutional. to donald trump, he's the most popular figure in the republican party. he had a consequential election. >> the oath that i took for the constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment and it doesn't bend to partisanship, doesn't bend to political pressure. it's the most important oath that we take. we need to make sure that we as republicans are the party of truth and that we're being honest about what did happen in 2020. >> martha: you know, karl, president trump has been uncharacteristically silent over the past few weeks. there was a story that he likes being off social media, he's more relaxed than he's been in a long time and he will speak out at some point. when he does, it's because of
12:27 pm
that silence, it will be an very important moment to hear what he has to say. he will be front and center tomorrow. where do you stand on the opinions of those two prominent members of congress? >> i think they're both in their own way right. remember, liz cheney had a responsibility when the motion was brought to the floor of making a decision whether she agreed with the fundamental thrust of the charges, which was the president had incited people who then went to the capitol and tried to disrupt a constitutionally mandated joint session of the united states congress. lindsey graham has a different responsibility. he's job is to listen to the charges made by the house manager. they both have a different responsibility but they both agree on the same thing. the president bears responsibility for his actions on that day and history will judge him and judge him harshly. took 27 hours for him to condemn the violence while it was going on. he said to the rioters, i love
12:28 pm
you. you're special people. what we needed was a harsh and tough condemnation of the violence and anybody that stood for his views and values to walk away at that moment. so you know, they each had a different responsibility. >> martha: geraldo, final thought. i heard trey gowdy talking about the attorneys and their perspective. it surprised president trump what happened, why didn't you kick in to try to do what you could to stop it? >> well, first, if i may quickly endorse liz cheney. i think she's suburb. she's a profile in courage. i applaud everything she's done. she's my favorite member of congress now. in terms of this case, if it were a criminal case, i think the president would beat it. how do you show that he intended to cause what happened when all of those capital police and everybody was there? nobody expected a raid on the
12:29 pm
united states capitol? so i think given everything that has happened, the president will be aadmonished, tarred by histoy but will survive intact. >> martha: geraldo and karl, great. thanks. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: the white house responding to questions of intelligence briefings about the former president. should he or shouldn't he get them. watch this. >> the president said when asked, there was no need for him to receive them. he referenced of course his erratic behavior, which any american would agree with him on. >> martha: every former president has access to intelligence briefings. former director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe joins me exclusively after this. veteran homeowners: during uncertain times, money in the bank can bring you and your family
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>> martha: trying to make sense of the language of how and between the united states would enter the iran nuclear agreement again. iran says left the sanctions or no deal. watch this from the super bowl last night. >> will the u.n. lift sanctions to get iran back to the negotiating table? >> no. >> they have to stop enriching uranium first. >> nodding yes. the press secretary tried to go a step further. moments, former national director of national intelligence john ratcliffe will join us. first, trey yingst reporting on this from jerusalem. hey, trey. >> hi, martha. good afternoon. like many disagreements between washington an tehran, the nuclear deal is shaping up to be a competition of who blinks first. yesterday iran's supreme leader, the ayatollah, spoke saying all u.s. sanctions on his country
12:35 pm
would have to be lifted before returning to the iran nuclear deal. president biden said that america won't lift sanctions until they stop enriching uranium. while president biden has indicated a willingness to return to the 2015 deal, a number of items like ballistic missile would have to be negotiated. jen psaki addressed the president's actions saying a new deal would move forward only if iran comes in to compliance with the agreement. leadership is not going to negotiate policy action including proxy action in the middle east. further negotiations won't be straightforward. iran is enriching uranium and
12:36 pm
20% and building centrifuges. anthony blinken said iran could be three giving their trajectory. the closer that iran has, the more tension in the middle east creases. if a deal is struck between the united states and the other partners won't erase the knowledge that i ran has gained over the past several years while violating key terms of the deal. martha? >> martha: thanks, trey. trey yingst in jerusalem. john ratcliffe is here with us. when you listen to trey's report and the back and forth and the progress made in the middle east in the trump administration, a new coalition built, where do you think this is headed?
12:37 pm
>> we shouldn't lift sanctions. martha, within days after joe biden became president-elect biden, he talked about wanting to return to the uranium nuclear deal. my hope is once he started to receive intelligence briefings, he would change his mind. there's no intelligence to support that. what the intelligence shows, martha, is that iran is weaker, poorer and less influential in the middle east than they've been in decades. we have peace in the middle east because iran is poorer, weaker. peace agreements with israel and bahrain and uae would not have been possible in the past. iran is not able to bully their middle east neighbors and as a result, american troops are safer, the middle east is safer and there's no justification, no intelligence that would warrant going back to an iranian nuclear
12:38 pm
deal. >> martha: a great point. you're more privy than anyone. they're much more isolated than they have been in a long time. that was part of the goal was to build this coalition with other middle east countries and israel to put them on an idea, which is pretty much where they are. they're thrilled there's even a discussion about to take place in terms of reopening these negotiations. i also want to get your thoughts on china, this is what the president had to say about why he hadn't talked to president xi of china yet, where all that is going. watch this. >> i've said to him all along that we need not have a conflict. i'm not going to do at this time way trump did it. we're going to focus on international rules of the road. >> international rules of the road. where have they gotten missed in the past with china and what do you think the president needs to be aware of?
12:39 pm
>> i thought there was bipartisan agreement finally when i said china was our greatest national security threat that republicans and democrats agreed on that. the early language out of the biden administration was that they were going to be tough on china. that is not tough. what job did his first week in office is brag about the fact that he had a tough talk with vladimir putin about the fact that the russian president had allegedly poisoned a russian citizen. he's not had any reason to talk to president xi whose virus result in the death of more than 400,000 u.s. citizens? if the intelligence showed that russia had done what china had done, you know, i can't imagine what the rhetoric would be out of the biden administration right now. china and china alone is our greatest national security threat. this idea that we're just strategic partners with them or we're going to proceed carefully is misguided and again, not
12:40 pm
supported by the intelligence. the intelligence shows that china intends to dominate us militarily, economically, strategically, technologically in every respect. the sooner we acknowledge that and see them what they are, to replace us as a super power, the better off the united states and the american people will be. >> martha: i don't think anybody could have put it better than that. we hope the administration is very aware of the threat that they face that we're not, you know, just sort of competitors and that we have conflicts with china, clear conflicts. before i let you go, should president trump receive intelligence briefings as former presidents have in the past? >> i think he should. you know, it's a professional courtesy. that will be joe biden's call. but his reason for saying that the president shouldn't get them, he's politicizing
12:41 pm
intelligence and it will lead to more of it in the future, a future president will say we shouldn't give briefings to former president biden or former president obama or clinton. former presidents should get them. there's no reason that president trump shouldn't get them as requested. >> john ratcliffe, great to have you with us. hope to see you soon. >> you bet. >> martha: after being caught unmasked in a hair salon in the covid-19 lock down, nancy pelosi is now being accused of ignoring the rules that she set on capitol hill for security measures, this is do as i say and not as i do from her? what just happened on the hill with republican congressman michael walls after this. do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and love? -yes. -the answer is no. i can help new homeowners not become their parents. -kee-on-oh... -nope.
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>> after a house vote to impose fines on members that failed to comply with post capitol hill riot security measures, speaker of the house nancy pelosi said it's beyond comprehension to not follow the rules. now she's accuse of doing that. now some republicans arele kaing on her to pay the fines that have been imposed on republican members. first, the back story here with chad pergram. hi, chad. >> republicans accuse nancy pelosi of rules for thee but not for me. house members are supposed to pass through metal detectors to reach the house floor or face a $5,000 fine. the top republican on the house administration committee, rodney davis, says the speaker should get fined. >> in the capitol, there's no
12:47 pm
internal threat whatsoever within the capitol, it's outside the capitol building, along the building where every threat is. but she decided to double down on that and impose a $5,000 fine. >> pelosi ordered magnetometers following the riot. she said a threat exists within congress. in 2019, marjorie taylor greene said a bullet to the head would be quick tore remove pelosi. some democrats fear for their safety. louis gohmert was fined after he went to the rest room. >> you can't go in full view of the officers without being hit upon and unconstitutionally treated again. >> republicans claims the constitution under article 1 section session bars with members go to house.
12:48 pm
timothy blodgett said he received no notice that pelosi broke the rules. martha? >> thanks, chad. as mention, michael waltz, a florida native joins me now. the first green beret to serve in congress and a former white house and pentagon adviser. thank you very much. good to see you this afternoon, representative waltz. so all of the organizations that i mentioned that you served in and served your country in, they have rules. you have to stick to them. is that the case for some and not for others on the hill? >> at 18 years old in the army, you learn a very basic leadership principal. lead by example. put the rules in place and lead by example. time after time, whether it's pelosi or other leading democrats where they don't field like they need to do that.
12:49 pm
whether it is with this in the magnetometers or her going to california and getting her hair done when salons were shut down. newsome at the french laundry. one point i want to make on this from a security standpoint, there's capitol police officers at these magnetometers, frisking us down out there in the house rather than securing the capitol grounds from threats that we can't get briefings on. we still have national guardsmen throughout aware from their families and the jobs supplemental -- >> martha: a great point there. you have thousands out there and none of you have apprised for why they're there? there's no reason for them to be there unless there's a threat,
12:50 pm
right? >> correct. the capitol police they're supporting is inside worried about louis gohmert and other members of the house of representatives. it's a double standard all around. to your point, i even spoke to the acting secretary of the army and said why do we have more troops in the capitol than iraq and afghanistan combined? still don't have answer no you had an interesting people that you wrote called the gop's future is in florida. if you say look what is happening in florida. there's a road map for the republican party to win. look what happened. >> we turned out the republican base, we turned out the republican's base and grew the tent with black, hispanic, jewish voters for a number of reasons. we focused on the issues. whether it was school choice
12:51 pm
that resonated with black women. it was the president's policies towards israel that resonated with jewish voters. the end of the day, we tripled his margin from 1% to 3% where a state has won by no more than 1% in many years. the party really operated in concert from the national level to the state level to the local level towards those goals and we did it to where we knew the vote totals the night of and we had a large percentage of mail-in voting. so for the future of the party, i think we ought to look to florida as a road map. >> and school choice was a big factor in governor desantis' win as you pointed out. a lot of parents that wanted to have the school choice option. now with covid, that is even more potent an issue than it was back then. representative waltz, thank you. great to see you today. >> thanks so much, martha. >> martha: you bet. so california's doctor that
12:52 pm
strongly supports children's need to be in the classroom with their friends and their teachers said that plenty of other healthcare professionals agree and they have all signed a document in l.a. county. that is next. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa. >> martha: he had just become engaged and about to turn 27 years old. now a yale grade student is dead. police are trying to figure out what happened in this shooting. it happened saturday night around 8:30 in new haven, kentucky. police say he was targeted. there were black vehicles that speed out of sight. all the breaking developments on that as we get them. we will bring them to you here at fox. also happening right now, roughly 200 california
12:57 pm
healthcare professionals saying the time for children to be back in schools is now. they have gotten together and held an open letter. as neurologists, infectious disease doctors, we strongly suggest to reopen schools and believe school districts in los angeles county should be compelled to do so as soon as possible. joining me now is dr. hamadi, the attending physician at l.a. county usc medical center and one of the nonpartisan l.a. uprising group. great to have you with us today, doctor. so medically these professionals are saying what? >> thanks for having me, first. what our entire profession and include not just mds but everybody else you mentioned and quite a few or they ares agrees
12:58 pm
on is what is published in the medical literature, endorsed by the cdc and the governor of california and so many others, this is a safe time for teachers to return to school. this is an essential time. students have been out over a year and counting. for students to be back in the classroom for their health, their academic health, mental health and economic health of families and communities. we see it as a medical crisis for kids that is worse than even the pandemic itself. >> martha: i talked a lot about the emotional impact, suicides are rising. a terrible story. on the other side, teachers say i want to be around to see my son get married. i don't want the risk. nobody can convince me that well the not elevate my risk what do
12:59 pm
you say to them? >> i say look at the facts. in march, back over the summer even, we didn't have the kind of medical data to answer that question. right? today when we look at the many school districts around the country, which are open, we look at the school districts outside of the u.s. that are open, when you look at private schools in the u.s. amidst cities where the public schools are closed, the number of cases among teachers and students has been minimal and not exceeded the case count in the general population. so you're seeing the number of teachers that are infected are probably getting infected at home, at the grocery store, when they go out with their friends, they do other gatherings and not getting infected at school. >> martha: thanks, doctor. great to have you with us today. that is "the story" of this monday, february 8. "the story" continues tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.
1:00 pm
"your world" with neil cavuto gets started right now. have a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> if the minimum wage is hiked, will jobs take a hike? the congressional budget office issuing a report. if the minimum wake is hiked, it would sky rocket unemployment. democrats are ready to pass it without any gop support if necessary. is it time to put the push on ice? welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." to hillary vaughn with more. >> president biden's promise to


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