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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 8, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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moderation of these platforms. hr executives, but why are they the ones that are allowed to say who goes out to do what on these platforms >> greg: we need better legislation. >> we say the plot thickens. you can catch me on fox business. >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld, sandra smith, geraldo rivera, and katie pavlik. 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. tom brady cementing his case is the greatest quarterback of all time by winning his seventh super bowl. if the tampa bay bucs annihilating the kansas city chiefs 31-9. brady also taking home the mvp and legendary qb says he's not done yet. >> there's more to come, right? there's more to come. >> we are coming back, you guys
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know that. >> tom brady's coming back. >> jesse: people are wondering if the weekend got lost during this part of the halftime show which is now being all over the place. his performance getting mixed reviews calling a creative while others called it the worst in history. let's go to geraldo rivera which is like the tom brady of fox, he keeps going and going year after year, what was the most impressive thing you saw on sunday? >> it certainly wasn't the weekend. i thought that was the most lame halftime show ever. i wasn't sure what he was doing, but the most impressive thing clearly is what you alluded to, tom brady, i always said this for the many, many decades, anyone can have one great story, anyone can have one great game or season, but to do it time and
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time again i think clearly he is the greatest quarterback on my may be the greatest athlete, professional athlete ever to do what he did, that's babe ruth, michael jordan, lebron james, something so far beyond the ordinary that i totally applaud him even though i hated him when i was a new york giants fan. i >> jesse: even more impressive, he goes to the tampa bay buccaneers who have the worst winning percentage of any franchise in all of pro sports, haven't made the playoffs in the last 18 years and then he went through drew brees, aaron rodgers, and patrick mahon's to win the crown, just unbelievable. >> katie: i'm really happy for tom brady. i think they think it's unfair that he is such a good athlete, but i think if you look at not only that he was able to win and be one of the best athletes all
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time as an individual, the idea that he could go to tampa, turn everything around, take them to a super bowl and win in a blowout says a lot about his own team leadership. he was able to take the team with him. he didn't do this on his own and he was able to take these guys and turn them into super bowl players as a team and i think that's really awesome. i'm glad he's sticking around. he is still young, so i like him and i say too bad for all of the haters because he is one of the best ever. >> jesse: do you agree with that? he still young, she says. at age 43. >> sandra: i give gisele a lot of credit for his youthfulness and his healthy outlook on life because as you know, she eats only vegetables pretty much, but he really learned a healthy eating lifestyle from her, so i do give her a lot of credit. there was something about patrick before the game when you saw them before they ran out of the tunnel, i don't know, there
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was a tall mess about him that if i was a betting person i would have said that didn't look like. tom brady came out throwing punches but to think that patrick was six years old when tom brady was playing in his first super bowl is amazing to me and patrick's mother is 44 years old. she's essentially the same age as tom brady and his wife giselle. it's remarkable to think that he grew up watching him and then played in a matchup against him in the super bowl, it's an amazing american story. i loved it. >> jesse: how upset were you to see a member of your high school again upstage you on what many people say is the biggest stage? >> greg: i knew you were going to go there, and that's disgusting. obviously, i deserve a lot of credit for what happened yesterday, it was my challenge
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to tom as i call him last week that lit a fire under him. he couldn't let greg gutfeld be the most famous graduate, so i can say he is the most famous for now, yet i am the most successful and better looking. i would say he is a goat but then would throw paint on me but i disagree, i don't think he is the greatest quarterback for the greatest football player with the greatest athlete, i think he's the greatest human being that has ever walked this planet ever, and i want to do a shout out to the real heroes of the super bowl, the people who came to work today even those who are still working at home, can still put your pants on. i don't know where dana is over our producer, but i can safely say they are not here when i just hope when "rupaul's drag race" finale comes on the next day, i have it off.
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>> jesse: there's always a debate, should the monday after the super bowl be considered a national holiday. it looks like a few members of the five did take that seriously. do you think that should be allowed or not? >> geraldo: our friends and colleagues definitely joining the 17 million who took today off. i was out last night having a couple of rum and coke with my shake shack hamburger and hot dogs and saying isn't it great that we could sleep in tomorrow and she said no, that's next monday. >> sandra: i should speak up for my lovely colleague dana, she was on the air this morning on her show, 17 million people missed work today, 4 billion in lost productivity for companies they say. how many of these people are working from home? if you couldn't watch the super bowl and wake up and work from your house the next day, i think we've got issues.
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>> jesse: i think if your teams play the super bowl, only you should be able to take off, none of the rest of the people can. >> katie: this is what personal days are for, no questions asked, don't be judging people taking the day off. >> jesse: all right. i never take the day off even when i have the day off. always working. coming up. that's right. joe biden says reopening schools is a national emergency. so why is he dragging his feet and putting teachers unions ahead of children? coming up.
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♪ ♪ >> being at home without any instruction for a lot of kids is a disaster. i think you so beholden to so many different special interest groups, even the union. >> geraldo: senator rand paul ripping and divide and for being beholden to teachers unions over the fight over returning to
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classrooms. if "president biden is calling school closures a national emergency but in saying he will follow cdc reopening guidelines this week, he denies to say that they provide that guidance months ago. take a look. >> it is a national emergency. i think it's time for schools to reopen safely. you have to have fewer people in the classroom, you have to have ventilation systems that have been reworked. >> geraldo: there is some progress on returning to classrooms and at least two major cities, chicago and san francisco striking tentative deals with teachers unions, but both plans have yet to be finalized and until the teachers all get vaccinated, i do not think they are going back. do you? shouldn't they get vaccinated? >> a number of places where they have agreed to put teachers at
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the front of the vaccination line and then they change the goalpost and said it's enough for us to be vaccinated, and of all the children have to be vaccinated as well knowing that the fda hasn't approved any vaccine for children under the age of 14 and this comes down to leadership for joe biden, unwilling to tell the teachers unions to do their job and to get kids and teachers back to school, they have no excuse, public and private schools that have been open for months on end, we have the cdc guidance on this last july and it really comes down to money, the white house has move the goalpost on this new covid relief bill, $9.9 trillion bill saying that we have to pass it in order for schools to reopen and that's really about teachers unions and schools getting money that they then turn around and pump into democratic causes because there are a lot of blank checks in the bill that go to things like teachers unions and schools, so that's what this is about, no excuse for it, biden
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has completely blown up the campaign promise to follow the science, that's out the window, all the science shows the opposite argument in the teachers union so i think parents can see it and we will look for school choice options and better environments where kids can go back to school. >> geraldo: aren't they more union than teachers? they get paid not to work, why rush back? they can just have the year off. they're doing interpretive dance and other public service announcements, there is no incentive to get back. >> jesse: the incentive should be the children, that's why they are teachers, because they want to teach the children, but they're not doing it and i blame the union bosses but i also blame joe because he is dragging his feet so his donors can get paid. two clinton donors just got a contract to put 10,000 air purifiers in every single classroom in chicago. two goldman sachs guys on the board of their company, leonardo
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dicaprio, greg norman. and their big investor is bill gates and they have had these schools ready to go in chicago for three months. but they've been negotiating a new deal for the last three. guess what they want? their list of demands, they want free rent. they want a free-for-all the students, there's a bunch of stuff about equity in there. they want to shave off a whole hour of teaching during the daytime and a lot of the makeover, they are making more than the student's family are, so joe needs to stop letting us, the taxpayer get taken to the cleaner while his buddies in the unions get rich. >> geraldo: i really worry about the minority children that jesse alluded to. he was down on free ipads. i think they all should have for you wi-fi, computers, i worry that they are not getting
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educated at all in this teaching at home, one thing when you have a family and parents were very attentive and they can make sure the team is doing the work and the school who was responsive, there's not even a virtual learning going on as far as i can see. >> sandra: especially in the city of chicago effect at the most because if you had any money at all, you put your kid in that school, put your kid and private school, hire tutors to put kids together in pods and guess what, those kids are getting taken care of at least somewhat if those poor kids are sitting at home and parents who can get to work and therefore they can't put food on the table, really struggling americans in cities like chicago so joe biden declares how a national emergency, treat it like one. i've got a note in front of me right now that they called press conferences, where is biden in the briefing room, he flew to
2:18 pm
delaware over the weekend, talk to the teachers, get this going, treat it like a national emergency, these kids have not been in a classroom or seen a teacher in person some of them in over a year now. that is tragic, they need to get back in the classroom. >> geraldo: wayne katie answered about the teachers being vaccinated and insisting students get vaccinated, isn't a problem exactly that the goalpost keep moving, that nothing will be good enough for the teachers? as long as this thing happens, they will play this pony all the way? >> greg: the adults in the room understand the cost and benefit of doing the analysis and knowing that you can get entirely rid of riffs. i guess what frustrates me with biden is what he is saying is no different than what he could have set a month ago or two months ago, safety.
2:19 pm
if we that. that is the preface of this book, safety first, we can now stop saying them, we just need to get them back to school safely, yes. we don't want the kids to die, we understand that, that's in the first chapter, but now we can weigh the cost on the benefits, follow the science and we can move forward and stop using that as an excuse. the great news is the vaccine. it's too bad that distribution is kind of a boondoggle, what's the point of having a ball when you've got no bat, but this is an urgent, nonpolitical problem being batted around by politicians and i go back to what i said before, this is where somebody like trump really excelled. the reason why you had this vaccine is because he tackled it as an idea that wasn't political. he asked really simple questions, why can't we do this? why can't we speeded up?
2:20 pm
he would ask why are we listening to the teachers unions? why don't we ask them what their concerns are, why don't we ask them do they understand the science? why don't we demand them as teachers to present their version of the science? no one's done that. if joe biden confronts the teachers unions, america will be behind him 100% but he is more concerned about four people, the squad or woke on twitter, he's more considered about all these americans that are concerned about their kids and their kids future. >> geraldo: i just hope it's not about political donations, that would really be creepy. ahead, democrats accused of a double standard on inciting violence, maxine waters trying to walk back which he urged her supporters to do to those who supported donald trump.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> katie: there is a major double standard when it comes to heated rhetoric. now that maxine waters words will be used, the congresswoman denying she was encouraging violence against members of the trump administration when she said comments like this. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, and a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out. >> and you say that you have not glorified or encouraged violence against republicans? >> absolutely i can say it. as a matter of fact, if you look
2:26 pm
at the words that i use, the strongest thing i said is tell them they are not welcome, talk to them, i didn't say no and fight, i didn't say anybody was going to have any violence. >> katie: plus, after antifa members threatened to burn down d.c. during a black lives matter march recently. in so the fact-checkers are now coming to maxine waters defend saying that she never said what she said. >> greg: yes, but it's not just her, it's an accumulation of threats and intimidation followed by an action of the media and politicians that contributed to what i would call the extortion of violence. if trump won in 2020, there will be blood. hence you have the boarded up buildings all over the cities in
2:27 pm
new york, l.a., people who were fearful of a biden loss, not a trump loss or boarded of their buildings, so that tells you there was a side more inclined to violence. but if you demonize people long enough, other people will act on, won't stop until both sides police their own size of the democrats have to take violence as seriously as the republicans did the capital. it's easy for republicans because they come out of the womb pro law enforcement, so they find everything that violates the law left or right to be offensive, including a one off at the capital that has never happened, but remember what we are learning here is only the left can call for revolution, only the left can riot, loot, and destroy and that's because they have the
2:28 pm
implicit backup of the media because they all believe that the personal is political. if your heart is in the right place, you are not evil. how did they kill 100 million people? they had people in the media, americans defending them in the name of equality and they do reach a quality in the terms of equally all dead. >> katie: the one big issue with this problem of hypocrisy, condoning one kind of violence or refusing to condemn the other is it's about standard, it's about fairness, treating these things equally and we are not seeing that at all when it comes to the media and democrats who are now impeaching president trump when you could argue maxine waters should also be impeached for the things she has said. >> maxine waters no relation. if you put her words in trump's mouth on january 6th, we would have that speech memorized, and take a look at the full context,
2:29 pm
she actually said god is on my side, we will win this battle, stomp them out, and pushing back later, and she says absolutely harassed trump supporter's, by their own logic, you can make them accessories to all the crimes that they've committed against trump supporter's and that is a long list, has a rap sheet on all the crimes against trump supporter's, i ran out of paper, republican offices firebomb, shot at and vandalized, republican politicians, shot, attacked with switch blades, assaulted, you've seen them chased all over the place, regular trump supporter's have their tires slashed, their cars lit on fire, sucker punched, beaten unconscious, spit on, and no one ever talks about that, they only talked about what happened in the capital which was horrible but does not reflect the actuality
2:30 pm
of the violence that happened in the last four years. >> katie: speaking of crime, this new democratic congresswoman from st. louis name corey bush is defending a riot that was conducted by 115 inmates at a jail with a tweet saying the right is the language of the unheard and their lives and their rights must be protected, my team and i are working to ensure the urgent needs of the people who are incarcerated are defended, they set fires in this riot, very unruly, they had flooding, officers injured in the riot and yet we are not hearing about resolution on the house floor to condemn her behavior or justifying what went on here. >> geraldo: look at the picture of your left-hand shoulder, these are not people peacefully protesting conditions and many jails are rotten, don't get me wrong, used to be on the
2:31 pm
board of corrections in new york city and there's plenty to complain about, but those are rioters, not protesters, martin luther king's quote is a riot is the language of the unheard, that's very noble until you're the victim of the riot and i think this double standard that democrats have should be exposed by the president's lawyers in his impeachment trial. if his words were the insights t for those terrible violence. what about minneapolis and portland and seattle in new york city for the others that burned as a result. i think the jail house is just a symbol of what's happened nationwide, democrats have two rules, one for republicans and one for themselves. >> that might show up in the impeachment trial tomorrow covering it in the afternoon, starts at 1:00 tomorrow, the lead impeachment attorney bruce
2:32 pm
castor is planning on rolling a lot of tape on some of those democrat words. he told fox news if my eyes look a little red to the viewers, it's because i've been looking at a lot of video, you're likely to hear maxine waters words playback right there in that impeachment hearing. >> geraldo: as they should be. >> katie: we will be watching. ahead, greg's monologue on opinion writers conflicted about trump supporter's who do nice things. even compares them to and tesla up next. smooth driving pays off you never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: we already have the winner for the worst article of
2:37 pm
2021, and it's just february, the "los angeles times" piece is titled "what can you do about the trumpets next door? and she begins that they are next door to our pandemic getaway just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job. so after this good deed, did she leave a thank you note? no. she called a neighbor or a bigot, regarding her neighbor's generosity, quoted tv skit "when white people are alone, they give things to each other for free." then she added hezbollah also gives things away for free, but she's not done yet, she saved the hitler reference for last, rekindling a memory from a french family who once told her that were polite too so what kind of group decides to publicly denigrate kind
2:38 pm
neighbors? either a really bad person who puts tribal politics before human kindness or -- they probably watch fox and they will recognize the name virginia heffernan and know that she compared them to nazis. what writer takes that chance to attack a next-door neighbor knowing they are vile trump supporter's and knowing that they could find out. the times should should've sent someone to the pandemic getaway to see if it was clear and also to get the neighbor side of the story so as not just some ranch that exudes superiority. giving a chance to respond or maybe admit that they blew it and let a tall tale could buy them because they wanted it to be true. so a person who makes up this story is bad, but if the story is true, it kind of makes it
2:39 pm
worse. either way, hand her the shovel and let her dig out of this on her own. so what gets me about this is she knows the snowplow or is a trump supporter, but she gets no concrete evidence how that is. if i were an editor, i would ask that and say you need to have that in this article. >> geraldo: i'm not sure now. are you saying that she made up the article or are you saying that she's just a bad reporter? >> i think if she made it up, she's a fantasist. if she's real, then she's just an awful person to do that to a neighbor. >> geraldo: mussolini, hezbollah, nazis, it's like hillary clinton on the basket of deplorables, that arrogant elitism that i just can't stand
2:40 pm
and mostly progressive and just irk me. if with all due respect to john kerry, one of the things i don't like, this silver >> jesse: i'm smarter than you and here in ohio, this is trump country, but the nice people and all its citizens, good americans. if the writers and the politicians of this country can't figure out that those millions of people, than they are going to be adrift in every way, emotionally, morally. it is so disheartening and antidemocratic. >> greg: you know what geraldo just nailed is this idea, this division is kind of a media contrivance that i live in a neighborhood where there are liberals on both sides of me and
2:41 pm
we get along and everybody in the neighborhood is fine, everybody respects each other so to me, this is something that is percolating in her head and at each other's throats, actually we are normal human beings. we don't look at people like they are political animals. >> katie: is this is true, the story that she wrote, she also said that she won the battle early on. so i imagine this is the kind of woman who has a hate doesn't live here sign next to her dump trump sign, conflicting statements about that. but there's good news for everybody, you're no longer have to plow your neighbor's driveway. just assume they're going to hate you for their politics and good for her. got everyone out of plowing your neighbor's driveway. just put a trump sticker on your snowplow and no one will ask you to do anything. >> greg: there you go to. so if she just wrote this piece
2:42 pm
for the "los angeles times," she assumed that her neighbors -- her next-door neighbor doesn't know that she's a writer, will not know that she is calling him a bigot or does he not exist? i'm trying to figure this out in real time. >> jesse: i would let jeffrey dahmer plow my driveway. shoveling snow is backbreaking kind of work. i can't relate to this woman at all and it's mostly because the media is not brainwashed me into believing that this political opponent is a nazi. if you believe trump is a genocidal dictator and all the supporters need to be brought on on war crimes, you're going to have a moral dilemma. most of the people that voted for trump voted for him because he wasn't cooking hillary. also because he was a celebrity businessman, but also he wasn't crooked hillary and wait until they find out this woman that a lot of these trump supporter's
2:43 pm
are also in the military, and the police departments, and in the fire departments, and that she actually needs trump supporter's more than trump supporter's need her. >> sandra: i also started thinking to myself in real time, are we missing something, is there a back story here? has something happen, is there a particular way that she shoveled and not backbreaking when you're using a snow plow which i think he did. chairman of the georgia republican party republican party. >> jesse: she didn't have a plow. >> sandra: this is an important tweet, this is a fascinating insight into how many on the left think. the writers cannot fathom people with whom she disagrees politically. on a serious note, i think it's really an important point that these calls for unity are out there on both sides, the country needs to come together. >> greg: the thing is that was based on a call for unity.
2:44 pm
that's a good point, but she said she claimed this was a call for unity and then she called this comparison to. i don't think any of us as we were running a paper at fox would've ran with this story. i would have to check it out first. i don't believe it. or maybe i do believe it because she could be that awful. the union boss not happy with biden for killing thousands of jobs with his green agenda. good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us.
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to bring affordable, reliable, ever cleaner energy to america. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: a top union boss thinks it was a mistake for president biden to cancel the keystone xl pipeline project. the cio president is not happy with how biden went about it. >> i wish he hadn't done that on the first day because it did and will cost us jobs in the process. i wish he had paired that more carefully with the thing that he
2:49 pm
did second by seeing here is where we are creating jobs. we can fix leaks and create hundreds of thousands of jobs and doing all that stuff. >> sandra: peter doocy was basically mocked in the white house briefing room about this today. he asked jen psaki can you please tell us where are these thousands of laid-off workers going to go for their green jobs to which she mockingly responded i certainly welcome you to present your data of all those thousands and thousands of people who won't be getting a green job. maybe you're next time you're here, you can present that to us. that's really not a funny issue. there's a lot of families affected by this. >> greg: it goes back to what geraldo said in the previous segment, that there is this kind of mixture of superiority and sanctimony that allows progressives to kind of drift on you, and it's just kind of like what kamala harris does, they
2:50 pm
can learn to remove landmines where they can learn solar, go to china. it's that kind of idea. they think of a, but they don't think of b in order to get to c. they have no second step other to destroy. that didn't make anybody's lives better, didn't help during the pandemic, won't have any affect on the climate. it will remain. it's the truth that they may have elected the manchurian candidate which is what the media was saying about trump and russia but it's actually biden and the hard progressive left. >> sandra: two geraldo's point about what we don't see when we live out here on the coast, you take pennsylvania for example, that's where they were taking issue. destroying jobs from a great 100 jobs in california, that doesn't do those 100 families very much good. they don't want to move.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: let's say we are laying down pipeline in pennsylvania and then i get laid off by joe biden. if i want to build solar panels somewhere, what happens if the next solar panel manufacturer is in massachusetts? i'm going to have to drive seven hours to massachusetts to build a solar panel at a firm that probably isn't even hiring? it's just not practical. what you're going to see long-term, unions moving away from the democratic party into the republican camp and you're already seeing gas prices up, up $0.30 and is coming into office in january was the biggest month ever in 30 years for oil. so life is about to get a lot more expensive in the united states for a lot of people and just going to get literally hurt by it. >> geraldo: my wife and i have a radio show in the morning here in cleveland and we had this debate and she said your grandfather, don't you want a
2:52 pm
clean atmosphere and a clean environment? of course i do, i answered, but you stop a pipeline midway, how does that help anybody? got to transition, you've got to evolve, and i think that's what's missing. >> katie: keystone may have been one of many pipelines at the white house decides to pull the permits for them open to looking at other pipelines and they keep telling people just go build solar panels when those jobs aren't available in a majority of the companies that build them are based in china. >> sandra: we will leave it there. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time for
2:57 pm
"one more thing" appeared we have jesse's snow sculpture news in new jersey over the weekend and ran into this spectacular snow sculpture called "abraham lincoln." the lincoln memorial. this guy does it and he's been doing it since he's been in college. it takes about 30 hours to do. this thing is like 14 feet high and they have local news crews all over the place. i'm thinking about asking him to build one of geraldo next snow storm. either geraldo or greg gutfeld. i will have to decide appeared maybe we can poll the audience and he can build a snow sculpture of you two characters. yes, we need a lot of snow. overhead, greg gutfeld. >> greg: there are so many things that i want to say, but i don't know.
2:58 pm
it involves abe lincoln. all right, i can't believe -- i'm on tucker tonight talking about the trump bites next door. let's do this thing. it was going to be john wilkes booth snowman joke. greg's auto safety tips! [laughter] all right, remember when your car broke down and you end up writing the front seat of the tow truck and the guy smells like marble reds and xo green? that is legal. what is illegal is writing in a comfortable on a tow truck which is what this guinea pig is doing as adorable as it is and what a cute, pink convertible. but you should never be in the backseat of a tow truck. and that includes a flatbed pier that is enough for me. >> jesse: all right, katie. >> katie: all right, we know
2:59 pm
there is a comfy chair in the house that we fight with our sibling to sit in but this pet goat named jerry took advantage of his owner and kicked out the cat. apparently, the dog used to sleep in this chair as well but the goat has taken over and he gets up there the high position to climb so instead of being on a mountainside, he gets to be at a comfy chair with the dog and the go have taken over, very cute. >> jesse: all right, geraldo. >> geraldo: my grandson, but they came back to st. vincent, six months old and desmond is learning americanism's like what is the super bowl? he didn't know. >> the super bowl is a bowling ball, right?
3:00 pm
[laughter] all i can say is i'm so happy to have them in the usa, 6-year-old brother vincent and his parents back in l.a., glad to have them. >> jesse: sorry, geraldo, he talked over "one more thing" appeared for us "special report" is up next. >> bret: hey, jesse, that geraldo snowmen. as we await guidance from the cdc one major school districts inches closer to a deal reopening as the coronavirus pandemic. we will bring you there. plus reopening schools, i will speak live with dr. anthony fauci how he believes it can be done safely. and rules for the but not for me, some lawmakers crying foul at house speaker nancy pelosi with tightened security on capitol hill. this "special report."


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