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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  February 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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tom brady will win. i said by six and i was off by a few. he is the goat of the nfl, really in a team sport. thank you panel, thank you for inviting us into your own. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid, "fox news primetime" by mark steyn hosted right now. >> hey, bret, love that subtle gloating over the super bowl. it is tasteful and weak could use you in the sweet spot. thanks a lot. i am mark steyn and welcome to "fox news primetime" at the start of the week unlike any other in american history, the week of a very fast impeachment trial appeared anywhere on the planet. half of all the impeachments in the last millennium have been started by nancy pelosi. she is furious. the donald trump that to sit out
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his fourth term of office, just as three and a half centuries ago england restored malarkey from the deep state and furious the populace protector to die in bed. and so, they dug him up and executed him, chopped off his head and stuck it on a spike of western for the next quarter of a sentry. if they can do that to trump's head, they would. so they are doing it in spirit. back when impeachment trials only come one and a third centuries, i had the misfortune to cover 1998 clinton trial and was fascinated to learn the united states senate to just make it up as it goes along. this time around, they have the leaky senator multitasking. he's both a member of the jury and the presiding judge. and now all the local towns, and
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list counties but impeachment goes. >> let's face it the house an incredibly poor job of building a case before they impeachment vote. there was no process. >> it is a farce and unconstitutional and unwise in a divided country. >> bret: that ship has sailed. george orwell would have put it "unity is division." this is the first time a president is being tried when he no longer holds public office. and some constitutional scholars are a little bit crazy about that because the penalty for impeachment is to be removed from the office you hold. as for the democrats, that's what they plan to do. a few days ago donald trump opened the office of the former president. and that is the office the democrats intend to remove him from. the 26th machinations with james comey, peter strzok and the rest of the gang designed to
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make sure that donald trump did not become president and this time to ensure he doesn't get to be a "former president." in the coming week they determined to inflict enough damage that he will be written out of all of those oval office reunion shots with clinton, bush, obama and now forever. he will be that sexist ex-president america has ever had. now, rather blase about all this and that democrats make it met romney, susan collins, and others to reach across the out but they need 17 republicans to convict and they will never get that. so this is all just a waste of time. they are thinking too narrowly. the left is forward thinking, not like the right. the right still slightly the prospect of the darwin report which is due any decade now. indicting some deputy of
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secretary of the fbi so he can get 40 hours of community service from some rubber-stamps judge. the rights to investigate and for 2016 election while the left moves on to fixing the 2024 election. hence lindsey graham not quite getting it. >> if you believe he committed a crime, he can be prosecuted like any other citizen. impeachment is the political process. we have never impeached a president once out of office. >> mark: that is why they are doing it. the democrats are not worried about trump running in 2024. they are figuring 2024, trump will either be in jail or held up fighting extradition. so what they want to do is first teach a lesson two would be donald trump's out there. forget about it. you guys have had your time. trump is never going to happen again. in america as i used to hear in my boyhood, anyone can grow up to be president. and by anyone i mean hillary
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versus the 2,016th the wife of the previous president versus the brother and son of the previous president. that is all the choice self governing 300 million citizens really need. then trump came along in kibo stamp and so you have to forget about trump or the next trump. 2016, he had a pretty good life and figured he would like to give something back to a country that had given him so much. five years later, they want to make the price he will pay for that so high that any would-be trump of the late 2020 or early 2030s will think, it is not worth it. secondly, they want to taint the 74 million people who voted for trump so that the republican establishment has to spend the next two years distancing themselves. the 74 million qanon white supremacist, racists. they are good at distancing themselves.
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the republican establishment will be distancing themselves they will be campaigning from bermuda. maxine waters wants trump charged with premeditated murder. if the five people who died on january 6th. four of them were trump supporters. three of them dead from the kind of awful things that would happen when large, unjustly crowds are uncontrolled. one heart attack, one stroke come up one poor woman trampled. a lady shot dead close range by law enforcement and has been dissipated down the memory hole neck. a police officer died yet one month later know what cause of death has been released, which is odd. i put in no higher than that but not something that happens and functioning jurisdictions which definitely at the capital city of the global superpower no longer is. but in the coming days, trump's prosecutors will be doing maxine waters recommends making him a
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quintuple murder and 74 million americans as coconspirators. and every nontrump supporter, "a survivor." this cnn reporter headlines the story, "is this how i die?" answer, no, maybe you should try sudan. joining me now former presidential candidate michele bachmann and the dean of the region university grad school of government and somebody who was actually there in the chapel just outside of the rotunda. that is what everybody knows with all the statues in congress, michelle. so you were near to the action then rashida tlaib or aoc, but you weren't invited to tell your story of survival in the house of representatives the other night. >> no, that is true. i was there, but i wasn't there
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by design. i was there because i wanted to be there to pray. that was a big day to certify the election results. and actually, when i left and walked through the rotunda, i think some of the people had actually already breached the building, but i did not see them. i walked out and couldn't get out because we were locked in. i was locked in for about five hours after that. i spent the bulk of that time over in the house office building. >> mark: well, he that was a month ago and you have seen this narrative that the left is constructed since with the assistance of the media. they basically weaponized that event on january 6th to serve their purposes. it is kind of creepy to have what seems to me a largely fake narrative imposed on what happened that day. >> well, it is a fake narrative. it is absolutely sick because
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like you said, they are trying to destroy the names, the legacy of all the people who voted for donald trump for a second term. but they are trying to do that for donald trump as well. i think donald trump is the greatest president in my lifetime. what he achieved on a public policy level is incomparable to any other president. and yet, he's been made toxic in the last month, and we are being made toxic if we even admitted we voted for him. the first time or the second time here that is the objective. so destroyed donald trump's name, business, finances and political legacy and political future. and destroy any of us who admit to supporting his agenda. >> mark: how do you think impeachment week is going to go? because you are a lawyer and you know as a legal, no county prosecutor would bring in the local courthouse, this incitement piece. but this is a political, this is a political trial and the rules
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are different. how do you think the week is going to go? >> oh, yeah, this is not a legal proceeding by any stretch of the imagination. this is bad political dinner theater. that is all we are going to get this week. but again, what are the purposes for this? the first purpose is to destroy donald trump, destroy any opportunity that he would have her his own name in a political future. they also want to send the signal that anyone who deviates from present day groupthink will be gone in the future. in third, the other thing they want to do is to make sure that they can distract from what is happening in the white house. right now the grand theft larceny of the american form of governments or constitutional republic. instead, we are getting some wallace hierarchy. what happened in november with the elections was not simply a transfer from republican administration to a democrat
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administration. this is the hightailing of our form of government on paper we are still a constitutional republic but in practice it wallace hierarchy. >> mark: that is a good phrase for it because i was going to say the joe biden has been governing by royal proclamation but that actually does a disservice to royal proclamations. michele it is always great to see you. and i'm glad that you survived without having to go through all that survival theater that the congressmen were doing the other day. thanks a lot, michele. it is a pleasure to conrad black, and historian but don't hold that against him. he is a member of the house of lords but don't hold that against him. he actually got stiffed by america's dirty rotten corrupt federal justice system was banged up in the big house where he taught american history
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to american prisoners here and got pardoned by president trump, and it is a pleasure to have him with us. conrad, does this smell good constitutionally? you know american history better than most americans. how does it smell to you from a constitutional perspective? >> rancid, absolutely rancid, mark. i think congressman michele bachmann had it right. it is preposterous, the precedence and not the circumstances of leaving office were inevitable but with president nixon, once he was ex-president and there was an attempt to prepare charges against him. he was judged unfit for trial for physical reasons, health reasons by the judge after doctors inspected him and then of course he was pardoned. but when you are not in the presidency or other high offices governing that part of the constitution you are a citizen like anyone else, vulnerable to
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prosecution if support is the grounds for it. i think if the democrats had been smart they would have proceeded in that way. washington, d.c., voted 95% democratic and the last few elections and i think they might even get a conviction on anything. maxine waters, although overturned on appeal. but it will be hard to do that once he's been acquitted by the u.s. senate. and approved by the u.s. senate. >> mark: that is actually a vital point conrad. had they had a case in the d.c. courthouse, in a d.c. jury is basically 11 democrats and the 12th one is green or centralist or some other french party. so they actually could get a conviction in a d.c. courthouse. >> mark: on the first incident i think they could because if republican you will be convicted. there were only 15,000 republican voters in d.c. i think as it is, the stupid
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legislative and the united states and i've done some research as superlative as it sounds. what is going to happen is you will have the argument that the election was unjust verdict and a rigged result put it squarely on even basis with the alternative view for 16 hours by ex-presidents council. the fact is my think donald trump exaggerates when he claims he won the popular vote. i don't think you can make that case but six previous elections where the winner had fewer votes than his cheap opponent including john f. kennedy of the alabama boats counted correctly. and i think you can easily make the case that 50,000 votes flipped between pennsylvania, georgia, wisconsin he would have won. that will be out there and a changeable election even more than it is now in front of 75 million people. and i agree with what michele bachmann said, you and others. but the fact is the opposition
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of trunk, they hate trump movement. can't keep that plane in the air for four years. and it is not going to be possible to continue to distract attention from the shortcomings of this administration, which are already getting a hint of. >> mark: let me just ask you about what the democrats say. they found a few constitutional scholars to go back to this secretary of war mr. bell met 150 years ago who was impeached and who was tried after he left office. this is the great constitutional precedent. do you think this has any merit to it? >> no. in the first place, that was reconstruction issue. you had even more rapid partisanship. after all, it was after piece, the postlude to a terrible war which 750,000 americans died of a population of 31 million.
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spirits were even higher if you can imagine and at least we haven't got to civil war yet. and in the second place, the fact situation was completely different. >> mark: well, thank you, conrad. no, that was great. the glass is one-tenth full and it's always good to take that perspective. according to "time" magazine, the election wasn't rigged. it was simply fortified. and now we know how. that is coming up next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ evidence-based recommendations to our patients. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported a 49% reduction in pain severity. with 9 out of 10 using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. patients reported improved sleep, mood and the ability to work. effective relief. less oral pain medicines.
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♪ ♪ >> mark: still have questions about the 2020 elections? forget it. don't s&p or to don't take my word for it.
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here is what abcs george stephanopoulos said a couple of weeks back. >> can't you just say the words? why can't you say -- >> i think where you make a mistake -- >> there are not two sides of the story. this has been looked at in every single state. >> sure there are. there are two sides to every story. >> mark: looks like poor old rand will need a couple of months and education camp here or there was only one side to this ridiculous story, and it was described in detail in a glowing piece from "time" magazine "the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election." shadow campaign. it describes in detail what the democrats and their allies were doing behind the scenes. mass voter registration, ballot harvesting, bowling republican officials, changing election laws, but don't worry, don't
4:23 pm
worry "they were not rigging the election, they were fortifying it, fortifying it." there is an interesting word appear the one and only miranda devine of "the new york post" is with us. miranda, it almost sounds as if they all couldn't resist coming together and posting about it. now that the new regime has been in office for a couple of weeks. >> yes, good evening, mark. isn't it amazing for couldn't wait until after the impeachment to actually come out and gloat such as the universe. and it is interesting also a new word, fortified. you don't often say words change meaning overnight, but they have it. now you look up your thesaurus and you will see the sign in them for fortifying is changing.
4:24 pm
so this is really legal cheating that "time" magazine is telling us when a couple can make collusion, they called it to manipulate the 2020 election ang that it is not illegal or any way unethical, it is pretty obvious that when you have all the power structures of the country aligned to achieve one outcome, which is get rid of donald trump, that it's really not particularly fair. and today, it is ridiculous that you have the afl-cio boss moaning about the fact that joe biden with xo keystone pipeline on day one, accident, and he was more upset it was day one. he has to be kidding. it was his senior advisor that
4:25 pm
engineered this entire what he calls a conspiracy. it was the afl-cio, they knew all the along what was going on. they were in cahoots with big business and big tech and big everything else to make sure that this outcome happened. and so i hope the workers on the keystone xl pipeline that lose their jobs come i hope they know that they can blame the unions t they are paying dues to and i hope they afl-cio leaves it for its own workers because they sold their workers down the river. >> mark: those keystone guys are actually pretty unfortified by this so-called 45 election. it is a fascinating piece because as i understand it in the united states come elections are supposed to be run by county election officials and they are
4:26 pm
the ones not mentioning this piece. in this piece, you have big tech, you have big business, you've got unions, you've got media, democrats, never trump republican so the people that should be organizing the election, county officials irrelevant to this process. everybody else gets to fortify the election except for people who supported donald trump. >> exactly. and big tech we now know where "the new york post" to buy the laptop story was so rapidly and so decisively shut down and censored by twitter and facebook. that is because they had been primed for months before hand by civil rights lawyers like the very woman who is now being nominated by joe biden to be his associate attorney general. so there are rewards for this
4:27 pm
kind of behavior and for bowling mark zuckerberg. they talk about that mark zuckerberg was to host nine civil rights leaders who were pressuring him. they talked about it, pressuring him on the story, people like zuckerberg and jack dorsey from twitter to ensure that they would censor information that was not favorable to this cabal of left-wing activists and big union, afl-cio and everybody else trying to get joe biden, all in there. and the other thing is that -- >> mark: it is incredible, it is incredible to me miranda, it was two weeks before we went from you can't talk about stopping the steel to posting, bragging about the steel, which is what this "time" magazine post does. it's quite incredible.
4:28 pm
you can't object to the election, but you can brag about fortifying it. thank you very much, miranda devine. trump supporter's have been ordered tonight and they do, they found it in their hearts to shovel a liberal neighbors driveway. but it could be something more nefarious behind this good deed over snow shoveling. the "los angeles times" think so. that is next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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when heartburn takes you by surprise. fight back fast, with new tums naturals. free from artificial flavors and dyes. ♪ ♪ >> mark: the left especially those in the media have spent years for lanai and conservatives with at home attacks. they are racist, they are a conspiracy theorist and irredeemable deplorable spirits of what happens when one of those vicious, racist haters dos something nice? the answer is if you recall from the "los angeles times" is
4:34 pm
existential crisis. virginia trump voting neighbors and her rustic pandemic getaway has the audacity to plow her snow dome x know we driveway the other day for free, which asked the question, how can i resist demands for unity, even in the face of this active, aggressive niceness? don't worry, she found a way. freed driveway work as nice as it is is just not the same currency and to pretend would be to lie. and they probably aren't looking for absolution anyway. then she compared her neighbors to hezbollah and the party. and she could have had me as the plow driver. yeah, that is how i busted the tv. i was doing sean hannity's driveway and i plowed over his
4:35 pm
guests. right now we have the great host of the rubin report with us. i couldn't tell at first whether this parody, whether this was a parody, it dave rubin. but it seems if you are brilliant, the world's greatest comic you could not write a more brilliant satire of agonized liberal, horrified at the neighbors, trump neighbors plowing the drive. >> mark, accidental parody is still parody? i have to google it the exact definition of parity. of course, disparity comparing parities themselves. they were somebody deplorable in the story but it is not the neighborhood decided to plow her sidewalk. it is her. this is so consistent with what we have seen just from the select group off "a journalist." the people in the media and
4:36 pm
academia who generally think there's no other way to look at it. they generally think they are better than you. you watching at home, you, mark, me, dave. they think we should know how we should live our lives and the more room we give them, the more times we say, just leave us alone we just want to live. the more they keep encroaching on a spear this is really dangerous stuff. i'm here in crazy los angeles and before the election i went to the trump rally and i have to tell you i at the nicest, happiest fun people who are not purely political, no problem disagreeing with each other and didn't care about skin color, sexuality or the rest of it. and yet i'm a we are told we are the bad guys. and i think that argument is running really thin. look, who is really the bad guy? maybe look in the mirror, lady. >> mark: in some ways, this is a profound story of the last couple of days, i think. it is actually positive in a
4:37 pm
world in which we lacked sufficient common humanity to have the road plowed of snow by someone you disagree with. once, the fact that your neighbor has a different view of immigration policy or china relations is sufficient to you and if he felt he was wholly politicized as she is, you can put the snow back on the driveway and went be able to get cell surface. and no ambulance could get to her and she would die. but he's not thinking in political terms and for her, a snow force political. >> exactly, he's thinking in human terms, what can i do for my neighbor is a nice guy? i have a snow plow and a massive storm. what can i do? i'm guessing didn't know her political beliefs and i'm
4:38 pm
guessing he would not have cared either way. i sincerely doubt he would have thought, oh, she's not a trump supporter and i'm not going to plow her sidewalk. this is the problem. when your whole worldview as so many people now suffer from, your whole worldview is political, you will be wholly miserable. you will find enemies everywhere. you will find bad guys everywhere. you only need to look in the mirror. that is the truth because these are the people that are putting all of this on society. most people live and let live. look, it just shouldn't surprise us. what do we do in the midst of all of this? i don't know because so much can be pushed by mainstream media. >> mark: will said, dave. when it comes to snowplowing, it doesn't matter whether right-wing or left-wing. you need that snowplow. thank you dave rubin. first it was baseball, then christmas, now dr. fauci yet
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another beloved american tradition, streaking. that is next from fox news prime time. ♪ ♪ [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ for veteran families,
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♪ ♪ >> mark: is there anything dr. fauci can correct? as you know in sports come he was full of advice to have a safe super bowl. and watch the golden girl on channel 379 and instead. rule two come if you can't do that go as your own cardboard cutout but dr. fauci's awesome powers was never more clear than in this super bowl history of which the media to represent as a return to one of the grand public traditions of the 1970s. the streak out. this is one of the cardboard cutouts but actual flesh and blood human being. >> some guy on the field, some guy with a bra and now running
4:45 pm
down in the middle, arms and the error. he's pulling down his pants. pull up your pants, my man. pull up your pants. he is at the 30, coming down the middle to the ten, and converge on him at the goal line. pull up your pants! take off the bra and be a man! >> mark: pull up your pants, take off the bra be a man. as he waved his bicycle chain at his cleavage. what is wrong with this picture? your wardrobe malfunction, that is not a streaker. you can't streak in a pink singlet. this is streaking. the academy awards 1974. and now, to divulge this year's most important envelope is a
4:46 pm
very important contributor to world entertaining and someone quite likely -- [laughter] they went that is oscar streaker one time speechwriter for ronald reagan and everyone knows republican stalkers make the best streakers, ari fleischer, love them. that guy is streaking right. you have to get it all off, otherwise, a snappy comeback. >> probably the only left that man will get in his life and a shortcoming. [laughter] >> mark: the one and only david. you can't streak in a singlet, you can't streak and a thong, but the singlet is a double mask plus plexi shield.
4:47 pm
we are defining streaking down. and that is a pathetic new low in our civilization of shortcomings. trace gallagher is here with another naked display of blatant disregard for the american worker. the biden administration today did not seem deterred by a new report from the congressional budget office suggesting that by raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, the president would be eliminating another 1.4 million jobs. give us the details of this, trace. >> with the goal of rising tide is to lift off, $15 federal minimum wage would not be that tide. president biden isn't sure if the $15.000015 million -- $15 minimum wage, and the ceo said it would boost an estimated 900,000 people and lift out of poverty, but it would destroy the living of the
4:48 pm
1.4 million people the cdo said would lose their jobs because of the increase. it was also increased the federal deficit over a decade of $54 billion and that is because people who lose their jobs would need to sign up for unemployment and medicaid and of course somebody has to pay for higher wages so the cost of goods and services would also go up. speaking of jobs, today the white house ox briefing, peter doocy asked jen psaki about the thousands of people who lost their jobs when the president shut down the keystone xl pipeline. peter doocy asked when the laid off employees would get their promised green jobs. he got this response, watch. >> well, i certainly welcome you to present your data of all the thousands and thousands of people who won't get a green job next time you are here so you can present that. >> there are people living paycheck to paycheck and out of jobs. when the keystone pipeline with
4:49 pm
construction but 12 days since john kerry was here and 19 days since that yield. so these people need money now. when do they get their green jobs? >> winter they get their green jobs, the ally who criticized the president taking away union jobs on the pipeline but failing to announce where he would replace those lost jobs. mark. >> mark: thank you for that, trace. i think peter doocy will be reassigned to one of those exploded land mine jobs that kamala harris is so keen on. the big time hollywood star seth rogen wants to destroy the career of this blameless journalist for picking the wrong shampoo, but his code is never looked better. we have the story coming up next. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage.
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4:55 pm
magazine quillette. over the years, he's written big essays on all the subjects, war, social justice, gender dysphoria and whale hunting. the other day, he did a throw-away tweet revealing the last three months, he accidentally had been washing his hair with his dog's shampoo. next thing you know, big-time hollywood star seth rogen and keith olbermann were pounding on him. jonathan kay joins us tonight. as you put it in one of your tweets, this escalated rather quickly. >> yeah, it was strange. it was supposed to be this self-deprecating joke. i tweeted it. then i don't know.
4:56 pm
i walked my dog.i choked my phone. it was like seth rogen was calling me names. it was a surreal way to spend my sunday morning. >> mark: and that thing that happens that you don't want when you're in a twitter spat with seth rogen is that your mom decided to chip in on your behalf and suggest that he work this in to a subplot for his next movie. you didn't appreciate that. it's not a good look when family members jump in. i was very disappointed in seth. by the way, first, you know, my response was maybe he's going through a bad thing. he got into spats with certainly people more famous like my like rudolph guliani. i said hey, look, i love your movies. maybe you're having a bad weekend or something like that. i kind of gave him the
4:57 pm
opportunity to say yeah, i have nine million followers and here i am chasing down some random journalist. you're right. i'm being stupid. i'm being stupid. he never got to that point. it was really -- i like seth rogen's movies. i was disappointed. >> mark: no, no. this is unbecoming of you. he said i thought you were the most stupid guy on the planet for the dog shampoo things. he googles you. you didn't think the january thing was a white supremacist thing. he beat up you on that. he dog that you're a dog shampoo and racest -- don't apologize and say nice thing about he movies. >> i said you misdescribed the
4:58 pm
title. mark, i can be a very sanctimonious leftist. i expected to be some solidarity expressed between urban jewish sanctimonious leftists but apparently there's none. i'm actually more disappointed than angry. i loved his movies. >> you're like an abused victim trying to say nice thing about your abuser, jonathan. man up as that super bowl guy would say. >> i saw the green hornet. >> for heaven's sake. we're not doing any green hornet -- let me ask -- let me ask you this. we did a couple minutes ago this story about the conservative snowplow driver that the liberal lady didn't want plowing her
4:59 pm
driveway. only in a world that you can't actually make a self-deprecating goof ball joke and accept it without going to racest hater in 40 seconds. >> you know, honestly, that was the most disappointing part of this. like all of my other propaganda that i admit, sure, call me this, call me that. don't hate me because of my beautiful hair. it got to the point that my kids came home from school and they said, dad, you're trending. i was like oh, no. >> mark: that's never a good thing. thank you, jonathan. your hair looks fabulous. i'm entering you in the westminster kennel club show next month. personal grooming kit, by the way. i'm wearing my hamster's exfoliant. that's it for us. tucker is next.
5:00 pm
see you tomorrow. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. some medical news off the top. last month, the cdc issued a press release that goes this way. >> tucker: got that? it's all about the health of americans. that's w


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