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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> tucker: we'll be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. sean hannity takes over from new york now. >> sean: thanks, tucker. show. welcome to "hannity." tonight in less than 24 hours, democrats will put the work of you, the american of people on hold to carry out one last smear of former president trump or jim acosta said, president trump in exile. instead of getting aid to workers or creating a plan to save small businesses trouble, well, congressional democrats will be busy the foreseeable future conducting so many unconstitutional impeachment charade show with a verdict that is predetermined. former president trump will be
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acquitted. 45 staters have voted to end the trial because it's not constitutional. by the way, the senate has no jurisdiction over a private citizen that would be donald trump. nor can you remove a personal from office that he no longer holds. but it doesn't matter to the democrats. the media mob is living in their rage-filled fantasy land. it like aa drug. they can't give it up. they climb that donald trump incited this insurrection january 6 when he said things like oh, fight like hell. like every democrat like we've been showing you for weeks. now apparently the mere use of hyperbole that theke democrats even used themselves is grounds for impeachment if that new standard, if that's it for everybody, well, what are we going to do about maxine waters? you decide. >> you see anybody from that
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cabinet, in a restaurant, in an apartment store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a cry. you take back on them. you tell them they're not welcome. >> the people are going to turn on them. they're going to protest. they're going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they're going to tell the president no, i can't hang with you. >> the lying president said i had threatened all of his constituents. i did not threaten his constituents, his supporters. i do that all the time. i didn't do it that time. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. >> sean: going to take trump out tonight. you can see, for years, maxine waters calling for violence against the president of the united states, his staffers and even his supporters. she talked about taking him out and using the democratic party's
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own logic and standards. that would warrant impeachment, right? until now, she's never faced any impeachment of any the democrats voted her to be chairman of the powerful finance services committee.. that's according to waters herself, she's done nothing wrong whatsoever. trump insurrectionist, hers is peace, love and kindness, what you hear on sunday morning in church. take a look. >> they're going to try to say that we have done rallies, and we've said thing that have incited others. >> can you say you have not glorified or encouraged violence against republicans? >> absolutely i can say it. as a matter of fact, if you look at the words i used, the strongest think i said is tell them they're not welcome. tell them.
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talk to them. i didn't say go and fight. i didn't say anybody was going to have any violence. can they can't make that statement. >> sean: create a crowd. take trump out tied. get in their faces. follow them in the grocery store. we heard the violent rhetoric, which according to the democrats own standards that is incitement towards insurrection. we have tape from chucky schumer rdthreatening two u.s. supreme court justices there on the steps of the u.s. supreme court building saying "they won't know what hit them and they will pay the price." when does his impeachment trial start? we heard cory booker scream, "go to the hill, get out and please get up in the face of these congress people." he's inciting insurrection. we heard joe biden talk about taking trump behind a gym and beating the hell out of him. i wonder if a conservative said
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that about him what would the reaction be? over the summer, days after a minneapolis precinct burned to the ground, violent riots wreaking havoc what did kamala harris said? she was encouraging more out. telling stephen colbert, they're not going to stop. beware, they're not going to stop. what? burning down police precincts? they're not going to stop before the election. election day in november. they're not going to stop after election day. you take note of that on both levels. they're not going to let up. they should not and we should not. sounds like insurrectionism. applying that democratic standard to waters and schumer and joe and kamala harris and pelosi and others, also promoting by the way in harris' case a bail fund to get violent rioters arrested out of jail. okay. i guess their impeachment tries will follow.
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now according to the fbi and investigators and according to documents that have been relayed to the court documents and even according to alexandria ocasio-cortez, the breach at the capitol, oh, it was preplanned. it wasn't some out of control spontaneous incitement to riot because of donald trump's remarks. in fact, we're now learning the two pipe bombs that we have on video that were planted the night before may have been part of a preorganized attack. so make no mistakes, authorities were warned about an impending war at the capitol. that was being planned. perhaps weeks in advance. this is question you don't have snap impeachments before you have any facts, any investigation, any conclusions. never mind the idea that you might want to allow the other side to at least make their a case.
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take a look. >> the investigation into the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol added new evidence that it was planned. >> also shocking, new reporting that the fbi received a specific warning before the riot. >> the fbi warned of war at the capitol. for someci reason, security was not stepped up to meet the challenge of that attack. >> if s there was an internal probe before. >> the fbi admitted that people were planning to travel to d.c. with theta intent to cause violence. >> sean: now just how did president trump's remarks incite an attack that has now been in the works for weeks? tonight we need to get to the bottom of what went wrong at the capitol, this can't happen in our country. by the way, those that travel to washington d.c., those involved in the plotting and the planning and the scheming with violent intentions, oh, yeah, why didn't
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we know about it? why weren't they prepared? sadly, democrats are more interested in waging yet another pointless smear of former president in exile donald trump. let's hope the trial goes on and on for weeks and months. i highly recommend it, chuck. just extend it out, day after day, month after month. let america fully absorb how shallow you and you remember party are. let's learn about the glaring double standard and the rank hypocrisy that is h all of washington and all of its swamp ugliness. this is not, never has been a serious proceeding. it's a phony political show trial. there's no judge. chief justice roberts refused to preside over the case. now you have that guy on the left side of the screen or
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right, the right side, on the left facing this way, democrat patrick leahy. he will preside. the same senator who is already stated trump should be convicted. there's a fair and impartial jurist, right? now, are we the only ones that see what a complete farce, when a travesty of justice this is? when a total colossal waste of taxpayer money and time. we also know wheref the so-calld jury stands. nearly every senator has gone on record with what their beliefs are. this is nothing more than political theater. the lines will be scripted, they will be delivered with great it will be like a broadway play that you don't have to pay for, nor do you have to watch. we already know how it ends. zero suspend. in the coming days, you can expect a lot of manufactured loud, famed phony outrage from democrats and the media, how did
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this happen? while ignoring everything that the democrats have said and done even the last four years. none of it will mean a thing. it's all an act from a bunch of swamp and sewer rat poll asituations that will never hod themselves accountable for the very standards that they sanctimoniously set up for donald trump and others. of course, if mr. unity, joe biden, actually wanted to bring this country together as he says he does and actually ease tensions, he could put a stop to this right now. there's an upside. the more they focus on hating president trump, well, frankly hold on to your wallets that means less damage they're doing to the country by imposing their socialist agenda and raising your taxes and firing guys that work on the keystone xl pipelines and other oil and
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energy k exploration and buildig the wall. those guys that got fired. keep going, democrats. you're doing a great job helping piamericans. while we're at it, a long list of witnesses. i would like to see them called. maybe they should impeach him a few more times. let's maybe go for an even dozen umtrump impeachments. joe is never going to stand up to the radicals that control him. he will never ask for the unity he says he wants because he's incapable of standing up to his own party and the media mob that control him. so buckle up. this country is about to be put through hell over and over again. guess what? the democrats he scream, they will yell, they will rant and rave. they will use their prepared scripts and throw one last trump temper tantrum all with the love of the media mob and big tech. as my friend and colleague mark simone, radio host put it, too much is impeachment day. the democrats impeach trump every february.
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it's an annual event. like the golden globes. they missed it because of the pandemicic last year. too bad there's not a lot of let's work for the american people day. here's harvard gates, alan dershowitz. professor, be warned. his nickname is fire brand. best selling book. like you, he's entering a new arena in his life. it's all happening. you're a democrat, professor. i don't thinkar you've been askd this question. you heard maxine waters. you heard me play chuck schumer on the steps of the supreme court. i read kamala harris' statements. if you apply that standard that they're using to define an insurrection against donald trump, does it ohr does it not apply to them? >> i don't think it applies to any of them. the first amendment wears all of
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them as it protects clarencealp, brandenburg saying i want to see the jews back to israel and i want the blacks back to africa. the supreme court upheld that decision. president trump didn't incite people to come to the capitol. he invited the people, not incite, invite. he said come peacefully and protest. you wouldn't know if the you read 144th constitutional schols issued a letter the other day threatening, threatening donald trump's lawyers saying if you dare, if you dare to even raise a first amendment argument, i'll read it to you, any first amendment defense raised by president trump's attorneys would be legally frivolous. that is a magic world, "legally
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frivolous." it mean unethical, unprofessional and you can be disciplined and disbarred. 144 scholars telling the american people they're not entitled to hear an argument based on the first amendment. i'm hear to tellen these lawyer, i taught legal ethics for 25 years in harvard, a constitutional lawyer. make that argument. if you don't make it, it's unethical. you have an obligation to your client and the american people to present this first amendment hargument. ignore these 144 scholars. they're all result-oriented. they want to see trump impeach and they're willing to stretch,, tug, destroy and limit the constitution. it's a shame -- >> sean: i give you credit -- >> -- that 144 scholars would attach their name to that. >> sean: i give you credit for honesty and consistency. matt gates, the professor said it's all protected speech. the president said many of youea will peacefully, patriotically march to the capitol so your voices can be heard.
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i tend to doubt with the edited montages that chucky and company will put forward tomorrow and raskin who himself challenged the election in 2016 will bring up. the bottom line is this is who they are.o they can't help themselves anymore. we lived at this time last five years. >> this is impeachment by reflex. regular americans watching this charade will wondered what is in it for them. i didn't teachch legal ethics le professor dershowitz but i thpassed. there's an opportunity to vindicate the claims the president was making as someone that cares about election intecd great britainty. the lawyers nor the president will establish a standard of conduct that they themselves cannot live by.
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the quotes that you showed in the monologue. congress woman presley said if there's unrest in our lives, there's unrest in the streets. it's more inciting than when the president asked for peace. but hear you so a dangerous expansion of the impeachment tool. in ukraine, they used a policy question. now they're using it to try to discipline speech that they find uncomfortable and they don't like. that is a very dangerous precedent for the country. >> sean: congressman -- >> free speech for not nor the enact cannot be allowed to prevail. if you give free speech for me and not for thee, nobody gets free speech. we have to protect free speech
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for everyone. >> sean: well said, alan dershowitz. that means free speech to call me on social media any name you don't. don't attack matt gates.ed joining us with more, how the left is trying to criminal all all trumpe supporters, newt gingrich. they did a snap impeachment and now h it was preplanned. there were people that plotted, planned, schemed the whole thing started it. i would like to see a montage of the democrats. what is good for trump should be good for them. >> you know, i agree with all of those as tactics. there's something more profound. i just did a podcast with this with 360 going back to john wilkes in the 1760s.
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the idea that politicians in d.c. think that they have the power to say to 75 million americans, we will decide whether or not you get to vote for this guy again. that is such a profound attack on the entire american system. the level of corruption and ego thatat suggests for everybody tt votes yes is astonishing. not talking about president trump, talk about citizen trump. he's a citizen. by what right do a bunch of washing upon politicians have to reach out to a citizen and limit their opportunities based on what? partisan hatred? this is one of the most profound attacks we've seen on the american system.
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the oligarchs, all of them are on the same team. they're all in favor of crushing the american people's right to pick the leaders that they want and instead impose the leaders dethat the elites want. i think it's an amazing moment. >> sean: it's an amazing moment, all i want is for them to keep dragging it out. i want the president and his team to bring in their witnesses. we're going hear trump. we're going to hear the edited videotape. so maybe the few people that don't want hannity will see something that theyes he never w before. watch the media mob get uncomfortable when they see, oh, look, what kamala harris and
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chuck schumer and mass seen waters and joe biden had to say. it might be a shock to some people, mr. speaker, that maybe don't watch us as they should be watching. >> look, i think you're on to something. i wish the trump lawyers would submit a public list of the people that they want to subpoena starting, of course, with chuck schumer for standing in front of the supreme court and just ask him, what did his words mean? maxine waters, what did herou words mean? nancy pelosi, you can go down the list. they can find 20 or 30 democrats and list all of them and say these are our first defense iswitnesses. we want the senate to subpoena every one of these and demand that they come and testify.
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this is not a trial. this is like a mock court. this is not a real trial. you don't have a judge -- >> sean: that's not fair. you're being unfair to pat leahy already declared trump is guilty. that is unfair. >> no, wait a second, sean. hear me out. every movie you've seen where you have ahe criminal trial, if the jurors are not willing to say that they haven't made theie mind up, they're struck from the jury. how can you have a judge "judge" has already announced that he want conviction. this is like an old western. no resemblance to a real trial. it's a mock trial and pathetic. >> sean: it's pathetic. let's let them keep going days and days of it. see what the result is for them. i'm hoping for that. all right, mr. speaker. thank you. when we come back, an unbelievable exchange with our own peter doocy today and jen
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psaki. no answer when peter asked where are the workers laid off by biden's executive orders two weeks ago? where are they going to get their next pay check? they're notrd working right now. that and lindsey graham weighing on this and more straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ery day. get exceptional care at every step, unparalleled safety at every visit, and flexible payment options for every budget. now, during the everyday smiles event new patients get a full exam & set of x-rays with no obligation. no insurance? no worries, it's free. plus, now all patients can get 20% off their treatment plan. find every reason to smile. every day at aspen dental. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at
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♪ ♪ >> sean: the biden straight continues to issue pink slips to thousands and thousands and thousands of american oil and gas workers as part of this radical climate change fantasy. jen psaki today was unable to explain when and where the new mysterious green energy jobs, the millions they're promising would appear. not a good moment. take a look.
10:27 pm
>> when is it and where can they go for their green job? >> i welcome you to present your data of the thousands of people that won't be getting a green job nextor time you're here. you can present that. >> how about this? the laborer's international union said the keystone decision will cost 10,000 projected construction jobs and 10,000 eyunion jobs. >> and what he also indicated was that president biden has proposed a climate plan with infrastructure and laid out a plan that will create millions of good union jobs and tackle the climate w crisis. >> sean: jen has a job as does everyone else. where are these people that need to put food on their table, pay the rent, the mortgage, the car payment, the insurance or the truck payment and where are they going toay put away money for college and things like retirement? over on capitol hill, senator lindsey graham calling out the democrats impeachment madness
10:28 pm
because despite no case or evidence, no chance of the conviction and a massive double standard, democrats still want the sham trial with a predetermined outcome anyway and create another spectacle in the sewer chamber. here to explain more, south carolina senator lindsey graham. senator, i know you've been talking about the issue of bringing in witnesses. i'm in favor it. i want this trial to go on. i want to interview chuck, i want to interview joe biden, i want to interview kamala, i want to interview pelosi and maxine waters. i want to interview cory booker, eric holder. i have a whole list. would you consider looking at my list? >> yeah, i'll be glad to look at unlike you, i have to sit there and listen to all this.
10:29 pm
i'm hoping -- >> sean: good point. i'm not going to watch every minute. >> yeah, i have to listen to this crap. i hope by sunday or monday the trial will be obvious. if the house managers want to call one once, we will call all those people you named and more. what democrats have tone is basically declared war on the presidency. the impeachment in house took place without a hearing without a lawyer or evidence. you can't get get a traffic ticket based on what they used to impeach president trump. they're going to destroy the presidency itself. i know you hate trump but pull back before we set in motion this destruction of the presidency by never-ending impeachments based on lack of due process and political
10:30 pm
retribution as the motive. >> sean: the presiding judge as you pointed out is a guy that declared he's guilty. i can think of a lot of countries this reminds me of, not one resembled the united states of america. now we learned, if you didn't have a snap impeachment, now we know this was preplanned, plotted, screamed. >> t right. >> sean: that they didn't know in the week that they did their quick snap impeachment. i do think if this is the standard we must t apply it to everybody else.en is that going to be part of the defense? i hope so. >> absolutely. yeah, i think you'll see statements by politicians that are more inciteful then what president trump said. when the founders created impeachment for the president, it was different for judges and anybody else. it requires the chief justice of the united states to preside
10:31 pm
over presidential impeachments. why? because you don't want a juror preceding over the impeachment of a presidential office holder so the idea that the president is treated differently under the constitution makes sense. they never envisioned going after the president out of office because the purpose for impeachmentem is to remove them, not bar them from running in the future. the whole point is lost when the person is no longer in office. they didn't go afterid nixon whn he resigned for a reason. you're about to set in motion a historical precedent that will put at risk any future president. you can be impeached on hatred, no hearing, no lawyer. you can be impeach after you mpleave office. george washington can be impeached because he owned slaves. we're doing a lot of damage because people hate trump. >> can we impeach senators, the sitting vice president over
10:32 pm
insurrection charges based on their own words? >> there's no limit to what they're doing. they're setting in motion that is political retribution. it's not based on facts. they impeach the president before they gathered the facts. we're finding things now that is crucial to his defense. he never had a chance in the house. >> sean: they don't pay you enough to sit through that schiff show. when we come back, violence spirals out of control in america's liberal cities. trace gallagher has the latest. iowa's governor prompted outrage from the left of her decision to continue reopening the state so people can make a living and people can work again. she will join us to explain. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now more violent crime caught on tape tonight including a vicious attack in broad daylight. this time in the city of los angeles and even a riot at a st. louis jail. here to explain more, fox news chief, breaking news correspondent, trace gallagher in the west coast newsroom. trace? >> sean, crime is sky rocketing and getting more brazen. this happened downtown los angeles, broad daylight in front of surveillance cameras, a mom, dad, 2-year-old child were shopping when two people jumped out of a car and pointed a gun at them. the robbers stole the family's property, pistol whipped the dad and shot him in the arm. he was okay. the mom and child were also not injured but police are using this video to i.d. the suspect. looking, for three men in their 20s. corey blush is defending a jail riot in st. louis.
10:38 pm
the inmates started fires and threw garbage on the streets. it took guards eight hours to quell the riot. representative bush said the s riot is the language of thes. unheard and defended the rioters and quoting their lives and their rights must be protected. my team and i are making sure the needs of people incarcerated are not ignored. she condemned the capitol riot and supported this one. sean? >> sean: also tonight, iowa governor kim reynolds is taking bold decisive leadership allowing iowans to get back to work, easing virus reinstructions while implements precautions to keep residents in her state safe and secure. the governor's decision to stand up for working people that are dieing to get back to work have
10:39 pm
been disproportionately impacted by draconian policies, prompting strong outrage from the left including this angry editorial for the des moines register saying the move was irresponsible and meanwhile the biden administration continues to focus on mask mandates. and keeping americans as locked down as possible instead of operation warp speed and pushing some of democratic governor allies into a vaccine deployment program to reopen their cities and states. for example, the chief of staff ron clane would like to send every american a mask even though they have one. pete buttigieg said he's discussing requiring a negativee covid test to get on an airplane. we're a year into this.
10:40 pm
americans understand the risk, how to be responsible and now is not the time to inflict more pain and economic hardship on the american public by imposing more draconian restrictions. the long-term impacts could cause more harm to more american families. here to react with more of this, iowa governor kim reynolds. you're not dismissing the fact for masks or social distancing or telling people to be irresponsible. you're putting faith in the people of iowa that are very well-informed as is the rest of the country to do it the right safe way. >> absolutely. sean, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on with you tonight. if one thing i have been very consistent with the way that we managed covid-19. that's been really important for iowans.
10:41 pm
1 priority from the beginning has to be to protect the lives of iowans and make sure thatter with managing and preserving our healthcare resources.s. i didn't pursue aggressive lockdown strategies. instead, i put my faith in iowans and iowa businesses.g we kept over 80% of our economy open. we've had our kids back in skill since august. we played sports this summer. in november when we hit a brief statewide spike, i spoke to iowans and i said i need you to work with me. water going to implement strategies to bring down the numbers. if you do this, when we bring the numbers back down, we'll roll them back. that's what i did. the covid hospitalization numbers are down 80% from where they were at their peak. the positivity rate is down. iowans know how to be safe and responsible. our businesses know how to responsibly take care of their customers.
10:42 pm
and because we remained open and had our economy working, we're really coming out of covid in a strong position. our unemployment rate has dropped from 11% to 3.1%. we finished our last fiscal year with our budget balanced, cash reserves full and we have a surplus. so instead of talking about raising taxes or asking for a bail you'd from washington d.c., we're investing in education and broad band and cutting taxes. that's what you do when you have a balanced targeted approach and trust the people that you serve. it's beenxeth a year. they know whatou they're doing d we're going to continue to open up in a safe and responsible manner. >> sean: governor, i'm looking atat the chart. you guys were struggling like a lot of states in december. that would be the peak. ch>> right. u>> sean: now if you look at --
10:43 pm
hang on. look at the downward trajectory. you have dropped precipitously. >> yep. >> sean: in terms of cases that would mean that, okay, it is now time -- you stopped the major spread and slowed the curve. now people can get back to work and you're telling them to do it safely, correct? >> exactly. exactly. they did what they y needed to o and i told them we would dial up and dial down accordingly. we're dialling down, opening up and continue to do early thingm we can to come back stronger and better than ever. >> thanks. we love our friends in iowa. we hope this is over for everybody soon. democratic governors, to yourself a flavor. get a plan and get the vaccine to the people that need it. move faster. get a little more organized. it would be helpful. when we come back, the border battle joe biden's one executive order afterwh another. open borders, amnesty coming here to the u.s.
10:44 pm
lawrence jones, well, he's live near the u.s.-mexico border. he's speaking with a rancher that has been personally impacted by biden halting border wall construction. you don't want to miss that report. lara logan will joins us to weigh-in on what is b now the battle of how many people will enter the country illegally straight ahead. ♪ ♪ e rlike heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪ vascepa, when added to your statin,... clinically proven to provide 25% lower risk from heart attack and stroke. vascepa is clearly different. first and only fda approved. celebrate less risk. even for those with family history. ♪ don't take vascepa if you are... ...or become allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: joe biden's irresponsible, far left immigration agenda is already having a devastating impact at the u.s. southern border. lawrence jones is live in new mexico speaking with a rancher that was impacted by the biden administration halting border wall construction. we also have a lot of guys building the border that have
10:49 pm
all gotten pink slips. l.j., a lot going on down there and a lot of people pretty ticked off. >> a lot of folks ticked off. good evening. promised made, promised kept. that was the montra for former president trump. when joe biden got into office, he wanted to undue some of those promises. he used executive orders.. first up, border security. i have the opportunity to talk with someone that has been impacted, a fourth generation rancher. i wanted to see how it impactedd his family and his community. take a look. >> you were promised a barrier to stop illegals from coming on your property. >> that was trump's motto through his administration. they were going to build a wall. it started in april of last year. we were really excited this was happening.
10:50 pm
president biden pulled the plug on the project and w came to an immediate halt. >> what was it b that you feel that told them that got them to this position where they said we didn't need the t wall anymore? did you complain about it or other locals complaining about it? > absolutely not. everybody in our area is in favor of this wall because they see where it works. >> the wall works? >> the wall works. this is a politically driven agenda. this is what is frustrating to me. the biden administration is stopping the wall to try to help trump's legacy of securing the border when in reality all it's doing is hurting the american people. >> sean, i had an opportunity to talk to the border patrol.
10:51 pm
they released a statement saying the suspicious is real. they're no longer building the wall but plan on adding more technology and foot patrol on the ground. but these are called footsies, sean. these are what illegals putou an their feet to hide their trail as they go over the barriers in different communities. the rancher found these on his gproperty. these are the most high tech footsies i've seen. normally it's bags. these are real stitchy and shows you the traffic out here ones te border, sean. >> sean: thanks, l.j. unbelievable. all the people lose their jobs, too. they're going to get jobs in the newan green deal. i don't know what. we'll find out. thanks, l.j. we're learning tonight the biden administration is planning more rulesd to paralyze ice to prevet agents from seeking deportations of immigrants, even convicted of get this, drunk driving and assault. in other words, can't send them home. let's be clear, one step closer
10:52 pm
to the complete dismantling of ice and all border secure and amnesty for all. here to break it down, the host of lara logan, no agenda on fox be. i have covered this story from years from the rio grande through san diego. i've been all across the border. the first time we made progress. now it's amnesty and open borders again. what have you found? >> well, you know, its funny that you mentioned your board along the border, sean. i thought about that as i wrote down someat numbers from border patrol's own statistics that may resonate with you, with your knowledge of the border down there. for example, del rio, they're up from 2,476 in the week before biden's inauguration, last week, 5,699 apprehensions.
10:53 pm
no recorded got aways up to 2,106. so you know, that is all along the border. more than 50 to 60 to 70% increases not just in the number of apprehensions but also in the number of known and recorded got-aways. people runningng past them. while people call this a return to the catch and release policy, the release part of that has been expanded. if you're comingng over the borr and you have a child with you 7 years old or under, they don't interview you, no dna testing. they have no idea if it's your child. anybody the group is eligibleable. you get your biometrics taken and released on your own recognizance. if you never show up anywhere, ice isn't going to deport you. you don't need to show up in court. what you've done is bypassed
10:54 pm
legaliz immigration system and provided basically an open door. the numbers show that. the cartels. they're in control of the border. they know that they can move anything they want. i'll tell you something that happened, sean. i spoke to a former drug trafficker and human smuggler for the cartels. i told him what was happening. his response are you serious? he said wait a minute.d repeat that for me. i repeated it. he started laughing. he said i'm moving back to the valley. because -- i said way? he said because i'm going to be a millionaire in six months. that says it all. >> sean: so the message is out. america will have amnesty. now is the time to come. we won't deport people that are convicted or charged with violent crimes, correct? >> yes. there's a whole list of crimes from money laundering to fraud to various forms of assault to immigration violations that ice is not supposed to prioritize.
10:55 pm
they're supposed to be focused on serious crimes. but everyone i have spoken to from ice says they have always been focused on serious crimes. the real catch here is that just like the gun control legislation, they're getting rid of the second amendment without telling you. it's the same of decriminalizing the border with this, they're decriminalizing crossing the border illegally. >> sean: all right. l.j. and lara logan, thanks both. when we come back, more "hannity" afterr this. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. we would love for you to join us we're never going to be the media mob. we get to the bottom of things they don't seem to be interested in. we'll have the schiff show tomorrow.
11:00 pm
the news continues, laura, take it away. >> laura: i have a mug. can you tell you what's on the mug? >> sean: tell me what's on it because i can't see it. i can't see you either. >> laura: i'm not arguing, i'm just explaining why i'm right. i don't know why, this always ends up next to me on the set. i have no idea. this is perfect but i don't know why. o i just noticed tonight, why do i always have the same mug? maybe it's because i do the show the way i do it. >> sean: have you ever tried a yeti cup? it keeps your drink ice cold forever. it was a pure liquid. i can pour a litt


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