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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 9, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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living their lives. you see people on tv in their bubbles. the ladies. [laughter] todd: i hear them laughing in the booth about it. jillian: the way you said it. todd: download the app, it's right there. jillian: "fox & friends" start right now. have a good day. when do they get their -- >> he has every plan to share more details of the plan. >> we have affirmatively embarked upon a larger plan wherein it's okay to make energy the enemy. >> some people are asking what's the point. >> what the president's lawyers are going to do, if you're going to start penalizing political rhetoric, let's do it for both sides. >> it's allowing people to get back to work. >> our positivity rate is down. police are investigating the killing of a yale student who
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may have been targeted. >> there was a drive-by, seems like it was cut throat. >> there's a barrier to stop illegals from coming. >> we're excited for what's happening and as soon as president biden took office he pulled the plug. all he is doing is discouraging the american people. >> ♪ but you know, but you know that you - it is tuesday, february 9th, 2021. it is 28 degrees in new york city. you can barely see it but it is snowing there. welcome aboard, folks. ainsley: i had the window down coming into work. >> it's fresh. but it's going to snow again, all day. ainsley: i know. yes! brian, get out the shovel. brian: we will see. ainsley still pumped about the snow and it's very unusual to be
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pumped up about the snow. ainsley: i grew up where we didn't get snow. >> you've been here a while. you should be sick of it like everybody else. >> i had three advil yesterday because i did so much scooping the day before. >> can i recommend alleve for body aches. >> my wife is the same way, tells me i should be using it. >> if you do it too many days, it burns up your stomach but it really helps your muscles. >> thank you for joining us. it was three weeks ago tomorrow that joe biden was sworn in as the president of the yates. one of the first things he did was he pulled the permit on the xl keystone pipeline and effectively it ended thousands and thousands of jobs. what we have heard at the time and what we have heard from administration members ever since, don't worry, the jobs will come back, you'll get green jobs, good, high paying, union, green jobs. it's been three weeks. yesterday, peter doocy, our white house correspondent was
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point blank asking the white house, okay of, where are those jobs. watch. >> when it is and where it is that they can go for their green job and that is something that the administration has promised. there is now a gap. so i'm just curious when that happens, when those people can count on that. >> well, i certainly welcome you to present your data of all the thousands and thousands of people who won't be getting a green job. maybe next time you're here you can present that. >> how about this. the labor international union of north america said the keystone will cost 1,000 existing union jobs and 10,000 projected construction jobs. >> as the president had has indicated when he gave his prime time address to talk about the american rescue plan he talked about his plans to also put forward a jobs plan in the weeks or of months following. >> but there are people living paycheck to paycheck. there are people out of jobs. when do they get their green jobs? >> he has every plan to share more about his details of that
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plan in the weeks ahead. >> okay. so in the beginning it sounds like she was being dismissive of the thousands of people who we know lost their jobs. keystone said they had lost 1,000 jobs, existing union jobs and projected 10,000 more. so present your data, white house. where are the jobs. ainsley: when i was watching that, i so badly wanted to say okay of, let's all come together. we all need to unify and realize these are hard-working americans that are scared. how are they going to put food on the table? how are they going to pay their bills? imagine losing your job. i wanted her to say i have compassion for these individuals, we'll get them jobs as soon as we can. i wish joe biden had not signed the executive order before he had the jobs lined up. peter doocy was speaking for the man who had three boys at home, or the man and woman who sat in their kitchen and said they're
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dipping into their 401-k now, they're worried about their retirement. they were counting on the keystone money coming in. that's what i hear when i see the president sign that executive order. they don't have answers and there are consequence toss their policies when they sign these executive orders. >> here's the number. it's official. keystone projected construction jobs that have been halted, ended for the most part, 11 you thousand of expected to -- 11,000 expected to lose their jobs, 8,000 union workers, $1.6 billion expected gross wages. if she's curious who these people are, we have phone numbers. what adds to this is i think she was almost surprised by the question. how could you be surprised by the question? you know when -- if you are actually in the meetings of the xl pipeline being canceled, the backlash on this will be the loss of jobs and the immediate impact, some of the questions you can expect. it's been a week and-a-half and she hasn't gotten that question.
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aren't people curious about that? these are average, everyday people. let's add this. it was going to be u.s. steel used, u.s. steel is going to help the country and it would be workers that would work on a project that has zero carbon footprint, zero. now it's going to come on trains, it's going to come on trucks. and that's going to have a big imprint. mike roe knows the people that lost their job. listen. >> i don't think the story from where i'm sitting anyway is just about the loss of jobs. which is a big deal. nor is it just about the potential loss of energy independence which is an even bigger deal. it's about both of those things but from my perspective it's also about the incredible degree to which so many millions of americans have become disconnected from the role of fossil fuels in their personal daily lives. not just at the pump and not just at the thermostat inside of the house but with everything from yoga pants to the plastic keys on my keyboard right now.
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this is -- we have affirmatively embarked it seems upon a larger plan wherein it's okay to make energy the enemy. >> he goes on to say that the oil and gas companies are the largest contributors to green technology and green programs. so i ask the brain room about that and they told me ten oil and gas major companies are expected to invest $17.5 billion in wind or solar over the next five years and they're predicted to spend 10 billion or 57% of the combined investment in these renewables. shell oil will lead all between 2026 and 2030. you're not seeing a bunch of oil and gas companies saying look, i want to dominate an industry and stiff-arm fossil fuel and stiff-arm anything that hurts fossil fuels. they're contributing to the evolution in change. ford is going electric.
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no one made them. they see the market ready for them. why are they trying to put their hand on the scale and make america weaker and jobless? it makes no sense. richard trumka, aflcio president, basically said why did you do that, joe biden? i don't think he is clear why he did it. and that is nuts. >> well, richard trumka said he's disappointed that the white house pulled the plug on all those thousands of jobs the first day. they should have said okay, we're going to pull the jobs but at the same time announce where the new jobs are. and the white house obviously doesn't have a plan where those new jobs are going to be. but joe biden has got a political problem right now. there's significant tension between environmentalists, people on the biden teamworking on climate change, and certain members of organized labor. and joe biden needs all those people to get reelected and right now a lot of organized labor not feeling too good about joe biden. just saying. anyway, more on this a little
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later on. in the meantime, today on this tuesday, the second senate impeachment trial of former president donald trump will begin. the high stakes battle comes after both sides of the aisle agreed to a speedy process in the senate. ainsley: griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. with more on the trial's schedules and rules. it starts today, griff. >> reporter: good morning. here comes history, the second impeachment trial, just one article, incitement of insurrection is the charge. chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell agreed on a framework it looks like this. starting at 1:00 p.m. the trial kicks off with four hours of debate divided over the constitutionality of the trial. that's followed by a majority vote taken to proceed. then if that passes, it will start at noon tomorrow as house managers have 16 hours to make their case followed by 16 hours for president trump's legal defense. schumer says the trial's crucial to determine if trump is guilty.
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some republicans who are sworn jurors are pushing back. >> the president's actions were reckless, the snap impeachment raises serious questions about fundamental fairness, due process, or more accurately the lack thereof. >> reporter: no witnesses are expected to appear. house managers could call them if the senate approves. they may rely on recorded testimonies like this. >> i intend to put into words that every american can hear for decades to come how close we came to losing our democracy. >> reporter: this as the trump legal team previews their defense, calling this trial political theater, filing a brief stating, quote, mr. trump used the word fight a little more than a handful of times and each time in the sense that has long been accepted in public discourse. it was not and could not be construed to encourage acts of
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violence. and remember, the bar to convict is very high, 67 senators would have to vote against trump. that means 17 republicans. no indication they're anywhere near that number. however, if at the end of this there is a conviction, the senate would then vote on whether trump should be disqualified from ever holding office again. brian, ainsley, steve. >> griff, thanks. action yows is reporting that -- axios is reporting that leadership among the republicans are astounded that the trump they were dealing with on january 10th, many thought this guy is no longer as powerful, they seem to look around and say i cannot believe he is basically regained a lot of that power that he had and he's still probably the most popular republican in the country and if you're going to look to take him out, you're going to have a hard time doing it and the easier time would be if you call witnesses. if you call witnesses, this thing would stretch three weeks. at which time, joe biden said good buy agenda.
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trey gowdy looked at the strategy of the democrats and said what were you thinking. if you wanted to win, this is not the way to do it. >> i think the democrats they their haste to impeach the president for the second time picked the weakest of their arguments. i'm not suggesting they would have been successful on another argument but a much better argument is okay, you were surprised that the siege took place. what did you do once you learned that it was happening? that is the better impeachment article is what did the president do once the siege began. but they didn't want to do that. they picked the dumbest of all impeachment articles. what the president's lawyers are going to do is play those clips and say you know what, if you're going to start penalizing hot political rhetoric, let's do it for both sides. >> it's going to be interesting to see if they'll look at the groups like the proud boys and oath keepers, saying they've been planning this for weeks. he was doing a rally and wanted their voices heard outside the capitol building, not inside the
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capitol building. if you look at the track record of -- you may not like president trump's language and what he did after november 3rd but you could also say donald trump's crowds are not rowdy. they don't wreck things notice they're attacked by blm or antifa. that's why maybe the capitol police were not prepared because the trump people did not have a track record of security issues. >> as griff was talking a little about the very high bar to actually get a conviction where you would need a whole bunch of republicans to vote to convict, democrats apparently have a backup plan and it's been gaining momentum through the weekend and that is essentially to invoke a provision in the 14th amendment to censure former president trump. tim cane and susan collins started working on this in january, got momentum over the weekend. democrats are luke warm. remember, this what is the republicans were pushing for initially but the democrats said no, we're going to go ahead and
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have a trial. democrats are luke warm. they would prefer the president to be convicted and -- here's the peril. some democrat lawyers warn it could backfire. if taken to court it could give donald trump a rallying cry to run again if they challenged him in court. .ainsley: trey gowdy was saying if you're going to use the political rhetoric, have you to do it both ways. it was asked if they would use maxine waters video, many look at as inciting violence as well. i've been looking at a lot of video. >> chuck schumer, john roberts, kavanaugh, you're going to ignite the whirl wind. there's so much rhetoric that happened on both sides since then. it's a slippery slope.
3:15 am
you're going to have the next candidate for president maybe come out with the same language and someone is going to misinterpret his speech, take action. are you going to charge this would-be candidate. it is impossible act to follow. >> it starts today. you'll see a lot of it right here on fox. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian. she has headlines for us. jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert. mary wilson, a founding member of the supremes, has decide. ♪ baby love, my baby love. ♪ i need you. ♪ i need you. jillian: wilson's long-time publicist says wilson died suddenly at her home in las vegas. mary along with diana ross and florence ballard formed the supremes in the early 1960s. the group became one of motown's most successful acts and scored a dozen number one singles. she leaves behind a daughter, son and seven grandchildren.
3:16 am
she was 76 years old. the u.s. seeing the lowest number of new covid-19 cases in over three months. according to the covid tracking project, nearly 78,000 new cases were reported monday, the lowest daily case load since october 27th. hospitalizations are on the decline in 38 states. but cdc director rochell was walinski says we should not drop our guard just yet. the justice department is expected to ask remaining u.s. attorneys appointed by former president trump to resign. this does not include the attorney who is investigating hunter biden's business dealings. he will stay on as special counsel. the turnover customary at the start of a new administration. after telling everyone he was going to disney world, rob gronkowski kept his word. the tight end would ride the big thunder mountain, play with
3:17 am
light sabers and share a special moment with mickey and minnie. >> we're about to see a fight out of mickey. there you go. gronk fights him, what do you think about that. jillian: the super bowl parade was canceled due to the pan del. >> disney's been crowded. they've been staying open. the parks are packed. i think they're going to open up disneyland in california in march. they've been staying afloat. .>> are you shocked that gronk had a shirt on and wasn't throwing out beers? >> with those big gloves minnie wouldn't be able to catch them. >> he's like a big kid. i love it. >> he is a big kid. i love the commercial where he hears that tom brady is going to
3:18 am
tampa and he goes mom, where are my football pants. >> coming up, a minnesota restaurant owners voices frustration after being robbed five teams in a year. >> this is insanity. that our of businesses are being robbed daily. where are you, elected officials? what are you doing? >> that fired up business owner joins us live next. and texas governor greg abbott joins the fight against big tech. the new legislation he's backing to protect free speech, taking a page from florida. ♪ got nowhere to run to, baby. ♪ nowhere to hide. ♪ and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving.
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>> an alarming trend, in st.
3:23 am
louis, in st. paul, minnesota, as robberies spike more than 32% in 2020. our next guest says his restaurant was robbed five times in the last few months. he is calling out local leaders. >> this is insanity. that our businesses are being robbed daily. where are you, elected officials? what are you doing? it's time for you to step up and step out. >> wow. brian ingram, he owns purpose driven restaurants and joins us now. brian, what have things been like over the last six, eight months for you? >> it's been a difficult road. i mean, we all know with covid it's been so difficult on all of us, the hospitality industry in particular has been one that's been called to the matt. so we shut down our of restaurant and started a community kitchen kind of during all of this and we continue to serve our community every day. we've served over 100,000 free meals and run a community pantry along with our restaurant.
3:24 am
so it's been a tough road. we're hoping to get back to some sort of normal. we're getting even more frustrated now. >> without law and order, you can have the best food, best restaurant, best location and you're not going to have business. how has your business been affected? how many times have you been robbed? how many times have your customers been harassed. >> it's the crazy thing. i just opened a brand-new office, we were getting ready to reopen with covid. we have three restaurants locally. we opened a new office. two days after we opened it, all of our office computers were stolen. one of my other restaurants last week had somebody come in in the middle of the afternoon at 3:00 and rob us. we had our safe stolen out just a few nights ago. we've had a customer that just had their car jacked. and this is so crazy for me, as a restaurant owner, i'm telling you about bad things happening in my restaurant. that's not good for business. that scares people. we have to figure out how our
3:25 am
guests -- they felt so scared to come into restaurants because of covid and now we're going to put oh, you might get robbed or of you might get car-jacked. it's so, so difficult and so, so scary and it's -- >> it is crazy. here's what the st. paul mayor said, the incidents in our community have recently underscored the urgency of our work to evolve public safety systems beyond just emergency response, to include data driven crime prevention and intervention strategies. we're partnering with local residents and law enforcement to move this forward in due speed. take your time, don't complain about the carjacking, don't leave your safe unlocked and just deal with it as we evaluate it. does that mayor's statement make you feel better? >> no, that one actually upset me even more. what really upsets me is i can get an alert and had they can e-mail me and text me and say your table's aren't six feet apart, you're not doing this,
3:26 am
not doing that, but don't tell me 20 restaurants and businesses within blocks of you have been robbed in the last couple weeks, make sure you protect your staff. we do all those things. it would have been helpful if you told me every business around me had been robbed in the last couple weeks. >> i said with sarcasm. you don't blame the cops. they've been cut back 25%. they have new restrictions. they can't enforce law and order and protect businesses and people like you. >> yeah. for sure it's not about the police. listen, i was upset and angry when george floyd and all of those things that have happened and devastated our city, it's inexcusable what happened with that. but what can't happen is that now that there's this free-for-all and people are afraid to talk about it, it's really easy to talk about food insecurities and homelessness and stories that when you're out there fighting those are feel-good stories. when i start talking about law and order and us being robbed, the hate comes out and it comes
3:27 am
out strong. for me, this isn't about race. this isn't about any of that. this is about protecting our community. if i'm going to protect our community against food shortages, then i have to also protect about crime. >> i think so too. i just wonder about who would ever right you a hate message because you're telling people you've been robbed and car-jacked. it's nuts. you can learn more about brian's community outreach program, give hopefully things will get better and hopefully people will realize you need law and order and law enforcement. >> thank you. we appreciate it so much. >> hang in there. coming up, r former white house interpreter said she was canceled because she supported president trump. can you imagine. she is refusing to back down to the mob. she joins us next.
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ainsley: we are back with quick headlines for you. richard shelby becoming the fourth republican senator to announce he will not run for re-election in 2022. the six term senator is the longest serving senator from alabama, first elected in 1986 as a democrat, became republican after the gop sweep in 1994. he is the top republican of the powerful appropriations committee. democrat anthony remdizi concedes to republican claudia tenney after a drawn-out race for the new york house seat. they ruled every valid vote in the 22nd district was counted. she won by 109 votes. >> that is close. steve: an ex-white house interpreter said she has been canceled over her support for former president donald trump after an online mob outed her for wearing a keep america great hat in interpreting for
3:33 am
conservative groups on facebook. she is fighting back against that and the owner of chesapeake interpreting, heather mushau joins us now. >> thanks for having me. steve: we want to get to the bottom of this. time magazine did something where they essentially outed you as a supporter of donald trump but that's not exactly right, is it? >> no, not exactly. i worked as a professional interpreter for 21 years in the d.c. area and it was an honor and privilege to work at the white house for their covid briefings and i did a total of six covid briefings over the span of the trump administration and the biden administration and the feedback from the white house has been very positive and i was not fired for that. i worked as an independent contractor and the relationship has been positive. steve: time magazine report
3:34 am
revealed that you translated speeches for conservative social media groups. i would imagine as a professional translator, you would just translate for anybody who asked you to help. it's not based on ideology. it's not based on politics. you're trying to help people. >> right. i would say the mantra on twitter is retweets are not endorsements. the same thing applies here. on social media there's a plethora of content he created by individuals. a colleague of mine who is deaf approached me and said a lot of conservative content is not accessible to the deaf community, can you help us by providing interpretation. so our group on facebook received over 2,000 requests for interpretation for videos. and i'm proud to be part of a group of people that are volunteering to provide access which they're guaranteed under the americans with disabilities
3:35 am
act. steve: indeed. there was stuff online that showed a picture of you where you're wearing a keep america great hat and that went with a whole thing that you were canceled or you were fired but you said a moment ago you weren't fired. >> i was not fired. the relationship has been very positive. and contrary to some reports, i did not wear the hat to the white house. that was a photo shopped image of a clip from my volunteer work that was transposed onto a white house briefing photo and that's not true and a also just to say some of these videos that we've interpreted, some of them were trump rally videos that were requested and we used all of the tools in our plethora to be able to convey the message and sometimes we use a problem which is a hat or scarf or sun tablases. i was for -- sunglasses. it was for that specific video only. nothing to do with my professionalism that i've been able to provide interpreting services for 21 years. steve: you've been caught up in
3:36 am
the twitter tornado for a day or two now. what's your observation about how they have come after you because they said you're a trump supporter and she was working in the white house and we can't have that happen again? >> i think it's a clear indication that there is a double standard, like i said in my new york post article, there is an interpreter in the atlanta area who is a liberal activist and he goes and interprets for the republican governor and he's been -- there's been articles written about him and he's praised. when i go and do a professional job at the white house and do a wonderful job, i'm getting the opposite reaction and that's just not right. steve: yeah. the white house didn't put out a statement. -- did put out a statement. they said the president and this administration made a commitment to have an american sign language interpreter at every press briefing and are working to follow through on that commitment every single day. do you think there's a possibility that the biden team will call you and say hey, you know the way over to the white
3:37 am
house, why don't you come and help us of out? >> i'm sure that in the future there may be a possibility and i think would be an honor. i just think at that time -- the time right now it's just not probably a good idea. steve: probably right. all right. heather, we thank you very much for joining us and telling us your side of the story and folks, you heard her, she was not canceled and she was not fired. >> thank you so much. steve: thank you, heather. now you know the rest of the story. and as president biden shuts down construction of the border wall, americans who live at the border are feeling the consequences of that. >> everybody in our area is in favor of this wall because they've seen where it's worked and that is does work. >> the wall works. >> the wall works. steve: lawrence jones talked to those people about the massive shift in security. he's up next. plus, could big tech companies become their own government? where a new proposal would give them the power to form courts and schools and even levy their
3:38 am
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if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. >> welcome back. president biden stumbled into an awkward moment during a video conference about a covid-19 vaccine update yesterday. ainsley: the president stopping to gush over a veteran nurse's youthful appearance. >> here we go. carley shimkus joins us with more on this exchange. carley: some calling it a compliment, others, creepy. the moment happened during a video call with healthcare workers. the president stopping the conversation to ask arizona nursing supervisor britney hayes how old she was after she gave a detailed description of their vaccine rollout. >> are you a freshman at the
3:43 am
university? >> no, no. >> you look like a freshman. >> well, thank you. >> are you a nurse? >> i am, i'm a nurse. i've been an rn for nine years ago. >> having been a significant consumer of healthcare, i can tell -- i know the vice president knows this when i say it. doctors let you live. nurses make you want to live. if there's any angel in heaven, they're all nurses, male and female. that's not an exaggeration. that's the god's truth. carley: she is the head nurse at the site. president biden has been previously accused of intruding on women's personal space. candidate biden had to release a video during his campaign where he acknowledged making people uncomfortable with his gestures and promised to be much more mindful in the future. steve, ainsley, brian. >> carley, thank you very much for that update. weeks after p president biden stopped construction of the border wall, our next guest says it's already having a big, bad
3:44 am
impact at the border. ainsley: lawrence jones is live near the u.s./mexico border where he spoke to a rancher personally impacted by the policy. >> reporter: it's been a tough road for the family. the president, former president's mantra was promises made, promises kept. what president biden -- president biden has promises of his own of, starting with the border wall. i talked to a fourth generation rancher about how it's impacting his family and the community at large. take a look. >> you were promised a barrier to stop illegals from coming on your property. >> well, that's been trump's motto through his campaign and through his administration. they were going to build a wall. and it started in april of last year and we were really excited that this was happening and then as soon as president biden took office, he pulled the plug on this project and it came to an
3:45 am
immediate halt. >> what was it you feel that told them that -- that got them to this position where they said we don't need the wall anymore. did you complain about it? were other locals complaining about it. >> absolutely not. everybody in our area is in favor of the wall because they've seen it works. >> the wall works. >> the wall works. this is a politically driven agenda and this is what's frustrating to me is the biden administration, they're stopping the wall in my opinion to try to hurt trump's legacy of securing the border when in reality all it is doing is hurting the american people. >> reporter: so guys, i had the opportunity to get a statement from border patrol. they say they're going to put more foot patrol out there or technology but when i was on the property the rancher showed me footage which are the things that illegals throw over to hide foot tracks.
3:46 am
word has gotten out that it's an open of border now. >> lawrence, i noticed the difference between the fence and the other spikey things, looked like a broken split rail fence. it's unbelievable the difference. what logical person would look at both and think there's no difference? >> reporter: well, what you were saying, brian, is the incomplete wall. they just stopped. all the construction, aof the anchors and stuff that they're using to build that wall is just sitting there now and i asked the rancher, i was like when did it stop? he said the day after inauguration day. people just packed up and went home. >> it's paid for too. we're going to pay a penalty to break that contract and the wall has already been made. we have to pay to destroy it or store it. it is nuts. >> reporter: it's nuts and it seems to be a debate over of cement. remember, joe biden was in office for over 40 years. this is a guy that supported border fencing. >> 650 miles.
3:47 am
>> reporter: exactly. so we're debating fencing versus a wall. the bottom line is, just the barrier work or not. and the other part of the story that is not talked about is the technology, the road, the lights and all that stuff, that's done too. >> maybe they will figure a way to turn the border wall that they don't want there into solar panels and make lots of jobs for people. wait for that open i've any coming up -- epiphany coming up. >> reporter: we'll ask peter doocy to ask the question go he would be the only person that would ask it. thank you very much. 12 and-a-half minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with some news. jillian: i want to he show you this shocking video showing a 91-year-old man violently shoved to the ground, part of a growing trend in oakland's chinatown. a suspect has been arrested. police now stepping up patrols ahead of the lunar new year. the smash and grab robbery was
3:48 am
caught on video in san francisco. he runs out and smashes the rear window of a prius. look at this, a driver somehow survives that 70-foot plunge off an icy ramp in wisconsin. his truck hit the snowbank, skids and plummets to the highway below. the vehicle somehow landing upright with the driver conscious and breathing. the sheriff's office says the man behind the w wheel did not show signs of impairment. that is a lucky person. these senior citizens making the most of their time in quarantine, the only four men at a wisconsin assisted living facility biding their time by opening their own corner bar. it started off with a bottle of wine given as a gift. the seniors say all are welcome, as long as they bring a bottle. that is a look at your headlines. they are my favorite people today. >> that's one way to go through quarantine. ainsley: thanks, jillian. big tech versus texas, governor
3:49 am
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3:52 am
ainsley: pushing back on big tech, texas state leaders are working to ensure tech companies
3:53 am
cannot cancel conservative speech in the lone star state. >> the bill we're getting ready to file will say if a company discriminates you, deplatforms, you blocks you, kicks you off based on your viewpoint, based on your politics, your religion, based on viewpoint discrimination, there will be a way to get back online. what we would like to do is give any texan who is being discriminated against the option to bring an ac. bring an action.ainsley: here e author of woke, inc. how do you think about this? will this just help folks in texas? >> i think texas' heart is in the right place. there's one particular issue which is the way that section 230 is struck churred, that's a federal law, it says explicitly that you're preempting or overriding any liability that these companies might face in
3:54 am
state courts. their heart is in the right place. in order to deliver the right solution, this has to be done at the federal level, you need to amend the act to say there's no more political discrimination, just like there's no discrimination on the basis of national origin. we need to amend it to say political censorship is off the table, or take it to court, saying the companies are bound by the first amendment based on case law. it will be a difficult argument. it's just one state trying to overr50eud ride a fed l -- override a federal statute. ainsley: twitter did respond, saying we enforce the rules for everyone on our service. political ideology plays no part in the process. we reached out to facebook. we didn't hear from them. in nevada, the democratic governor wants to let biotech become their own government in his state. they can create a community where they have taxes, school districts, courts, and government services. why do they want to do that?
3:55 am
>> for months now these tech companies have been exercising state-like power but engaging in political censorship. now they're going on to create actual states, power to tax, power to create schools and courts, to provide government services, this is like a parody. it's a nevada bill that purports to hand over power to the tech companies, it's a modern version of a company in the 17th century where companies had their own private militias, there's only currencies. i could see george washington and george orwell must be rolling in their graves when we think about an american nightmare. america was founded on the vision of creating companies with limited power, rather than a single monarch controlling the entire state. ainsley: thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. ainsley: it's 6:55 here on the east coast. seattle radio host jason rants is no stranger to antifa's tactics. now he says they're targeting
3:56 am
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the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at senate impeachment trial, a former president donald trump, will begin. >> the idea that a punch of politicians have the power, whether or not you get to vote for this guy again, that is such a profound attack on the entire american system. >> congressional budget office
4:00 am
say that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 will boost pay for millions of americans but will cost 1.4 million jobs in the process. >> it's a slap in the face of small business. >> a restaurant owner voiced frustration after being robbed five times in a year. >> people are scared to come into restaurants because of covid and now we're going to put oh, of you might get robbed. >> the media have spent years villainizing conservatives. >> they think they're better than us, they think they know how we should live our lives. >> when will they get the green jobs? he has every plan to share more details of the plan in the weeks ahead. ♪ i can make your hands clap. ♪ i can make your hands clap. ♪ ainsley: i love that song. then we have another one the next day, just even better. this is it. i like that. is everyone clapping at home?
4:01 am
you can't listen to that without clapping. brian, why aren't you clapping? brian: i'm not a big clapper. i don't really like that song as much as you do. i was going to stay silent until you called me out on national television for not clapping with it. >> you don't like to clap? how do you turn off the lights at your house? >> i have a butler. the last thing i want to do is touch that switch. ainsley: and a ring doorbell. brian said have you ever seen my house? i said just through your ring doorbell. brian: i had to turn the alert off because every time someone walked by, it's a little distracting. listen, i forgot, who is supposed to talk first. ainsley: go for it. >> go ahead. >> i was going to wrap up and thank people for joining us on this very busy tuesday. >> okay. i like to echo that. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little about something you've been hearing so much in the news, joe biden would like to make sure that the minimum wage in the united states of america is raised to 15 bucks an hour which sounds great but the
4:02 am
congressional budget office actually crunched the numbers and this doesn't really sound like this is working out right. if you raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and it's phased in over a number of years, you're going to lose 1.4 million jobs. the good news is, 900,000 people will be lifted out of poverty. but 1.4 million are going to lose their jobs. the wall street journal did an analysis and they said that the out-of-work people will disproportionately affect the younger and less educated and they project that half of them will drop out of the workforce. so raise to $15 an hour, but so many people are going to lose their jobs and so many people are going to just drop out, ainsley, of the system. ainsley: bernie sanders did say, look, i'm not going to push this now because we're in the middle of a pandemic, it will be a five year plan, we'll gradually increase it. if you own a small business, you're going to fire people. that's what the statistics are
4:03 am
showing. our you're going to pass the cost on to your customer and you'll lose customers. it's great news if you're an hourly worker. you're going to get more than double the federal rate, 7.25. >> it turns out 29 states and washington, d.c. have minimums that exceed the baseline we're on right now because that's what the people demand, the market reflects. staples and walmart and nothing wrong with these great companies, costco, they'll go okay, i can absorb that, we're a publicly traded company, we can do a few things here, we can absorb that. but it's the average everyday business that can't. it's the bartender that gets that wage doubled which is great in the short-term but you're not going to have as many bartenders. managers will be hosts and hostesses because they won't have hosts up there because the bottom line won't work out. i think people should fall in love with the free market again and then people -- i've always voted -- they've voted with their feet. they're saying i'm going to
4:04 am
texas, going to florida, leaving california and new york. why? because it's more tax-friendly, more friendly in the pandemic. if you're in a state that's not paying the wage you want, the opportunities you need, you can leave. that's the way our country used to work. we're trying to federalize everything where everything is the same and these are people that aren't business people. i'll add to this, joe manchin is one of the people against this. in west virginia, the cost of living, a lot different than it is in florida, texas, new york, los angeles and chicago. why do people not understand that? >> well, in the state of florida in november they passed a $15 minimum wage. >> good. >> they did it in florida. but then when you look at what -- how it would actually impact people, they do say that prices are going to rise for goods an services such as restaurant food. which just makes sense. but we had a restaurant owner on last week and he said that his tipped employees who i think the federal tipped wage is $2.13 an hour. he said his tipped employees
4:05 am
would actually lose money. because the way things work right now, they average 35, $40 an hour so they don't want the $15 minimum wage ultimately. it becomes a math problem. if a certain thing costs a certain amount, will they pass it onto you or will somebody put it in their pocket. ainsley: greg abbott, the republican governor in texas, he says this. small businesses are the backbone of the texas economy and the government imposed 15 minimum wage would put a boot on the neck of small businesses struggling under the weight of the pandemic. the governor will help those small businesses recover and create more jobs for texans. >> and just add to this. that's why people when they go into legislature, new hampshire has this model, you barely get paid anything so you have to have another job. if you become an elected official, you have a sense of what people are going through,
4:06 am
positive and negative, whether it's security, financial security, but if you spend your whole life in politics trying to get elected to an office or another office, you never have a sense of what people need. especially if you don't make the effort. that's why i relish the fact that when business people get into political jobs, they have a sense of what fuels the economy. on top of that, the one thing that was missing from the super bowl, the one thing that's been missing as we salute all those great healthcare workers has been a salute to law enforcement. they are out there every day, getting sick, they are dying, they're providing in this very difficult circumstances the security in our country and they have just disappeared from the thank you list and one person that does thank them and doesn't blame them is brian ingram. he's a minnesota restaurant owner and he has been robbed five times in the last few months. he moved his office, his restaurant over to st. paul for additional security but now the cops have been cut back 25%. and the new rules have gone into
4:07 am
place, tying their hands. it is chaos in st. paul. he described what life is like trying to run a business in that city. >> we opened a new office, two days after we opened it all of our office computers stolen. one of my other restaurants last week had somebody come in in the middle of the afternoon p at 3:00 and rob us. we had our safe stolen out just a few nights ago. we've had a customer that just had their carjacked. that's not good for business. that scares people. it's not about the police. listen, i was upset and angry when george floyd and all of those things that happened and devastated our industry. it's inexcusable what happened with that. what can't happen is that now that there's this free-for-all and people are afraid to talk about it, it's about protecting our community. if i'm going to protect our community against food shortages, i have to also
4:08 am
protect about crime. >> they're reimagining police and law enforcement in st. paul. while they're doing that, customers are getting car-jacked and braining into the office in the middle of the day trying to steal the safe. people wonder what it will take to get the big cities back. it will take law enforcement backed up by politician. >> ultimately, he said that he holds not the police responsible, he holds their bosses, the city officials, where are they to address these crimes. ainsley: this is what it looks like when you cut a police budget by a billion dollars. that's what they did in new york. crime goes up. >> just heart-breaking to see it actually -- he's been robbed five times. that's just not right. anyway, that's one of the stories we're covering. in a few hours, the u.s. senate impeachment trial is going to begin on one of the articles that the house has proved. senate leadership reaching a deal on the trial's framework between republicans and democrats.
4:09 am
ainsley: griff jenkins is live if washington with more on what we can expect today on capitol hill. hey, griff. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley, brian and steve. it's historic, a second impeachment trial, one article, incitement of insurrection, chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell agreed on a framework. >> senators will decide on the one true question, is donald trump guilty. >> i'm pleased that leader schumer and i were able to reach an agreement on a fair process that will give senators as jurors ample time to review the case and the arguments. >> reporter: 1:00 p.m. today the trial kicks off, four hours of debate, including over the constitutionality over the trial itself, followed by a vote to proceed. then starting at noon tomorrow, house managers have 16 hours to make their case. then there will be 16 hours for president trump's legal defense. no witnesses have been scheduled to appear yet, although house
4:10 am
managers could call them if the senate approved or they may just rely on recorded testimonies like this. >> i intend to put into words that every american can hear for decades to come how close we came to losing our democracy. >> reporter: this as the trump legal team previews their defense, calling the trial political theater, you accusing democrats of using the same hot rhetoric and stating in a brief, quote, mr. trump used the word fight a little more than a handful of times and each time in the sense that has long been accepted in public discourse. it was not and could not be construed to encourage acts of violence. the bar to convict is high, it takes a super majority, 67 votes. democrats need 17 republicans to vote against trump. there's no indication that they're anywhere near that number. if they did indeed convict they would then vote on whether trump should be disqualified from
4:11 am
holding office again. but assuming there's an acquittal, that dies, right? not so fast. there is one other effort we're watching in the senate, steve you mentioned it last hour and that is this parallel track to censure former president trump and in doing so invoke a civil war era 14th amendment provision to bar him from holding office. brian, ainsley, steve. >> that's the real approach, they are scared of him coming back again. griff jenkins, thanks so much. and i also saw that leadership, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer shocked that president trump still has a hold on the republican party and still has the popularity there and very few republicans are really turning on him, especially what happened over the last three months. what's interesting is trump's lawyers in the 78 page missive do not address election fraud. that's what president trump was rumored to have said was the reason why he let go of his other lawyers. he wanted to say they had every right to be angry because the
4:12 am
election was stolen. the lawyers say we're not doing that and now president trump is fine with that. here's newt gingrich, his analysis of what we can expect. >> the idea that a bunch of politicians sitting in washington, d.c. think that they have the power to say to 75 million americans we will decide whether or not you get to vote for this guy again, that is such a profound attack on the entire american system. the level of corruption and ego that that suggests for everybody who votes of yes is astonishing. >> so the track that trump's attorneys are going to take with the trial starts at 1:00. you'll see it right here on fox. it is his first amendment defense of being able to make a speech on january 6th. that's going to behalf of their defense. the other half is going to be challenges to putting the legality of putting a private
4:13 am
citizen on trial. the whole idea of impeachment is to remove somebody from office and he's already gone. ainsley: people are wondering how they'll handle this. the lead attorney was on laura ingram. he basically said, look, if they're going to show video of president trump on stage using rhetoric, we're going to do the same thing for the other side. he said laura asked him whether he was going to use dueling video, he said i think you can count on it. he said if my eyes look a little red, it's because i've been looking at a lot of videos. >> it's going to be a television show. i think it's going to be similar to what you see on this channel where we debate both sides. it's going to be interesting. i'm not sure if both sides will use all their time which will be good news. if i remember correctly, all the way back a year ago, 13 minutes now after the hour, let's talk about this new york magazine story. i think you'll appreciate the title and the focus. it talks about how the bully mentality of the media, here's
4:14 am
an excerpt. the intent of many in the media is to humiliate others, all to confirm a world view in which they are good and their perceived enemies are bad. this isn't about any one reporter. increasingly this behavior long encouraged for clicks is legit legitimized, we're becoming vigilante bullies. >> this started on sunday. she talks about how the journalism business has devolved. when i went to journalism school it was all about the facts and if you had, as a reporter, if you put your opinion or your analysis into the story, my professors would have me taken out because that does not belong in a news story.
4:15 am
instead, we have evolved to this state of the art of journalism in 2021 where the reporters not only put in their analysis but they put in their feelings about the story. we are way past the joe friday, just the facts, ma'am, stage and dave rubin had this observation about the reason they're doing this is because they're just so much smarter than the rest of us. >> they think they're better than us. they think they know how we should live our life and the more room we give them, the more times we say oh, just leave us alone and we just want to live and let live, the more they keep encroaching on us and this is really dangerous stuff. ainsley: you're right, steve. they use their platform and take it even further. some are using their platforms to ask tough questions or ask questions that are inappropriate and then they write books about it and it gets all over so many click bates and -- >> ainsley, they also use the mainstream media platforms, if
4:16 am
you work for a great big newspaper, suddenly you've got a really big mega phone. ainsley: that's right. i watched fake famous, weren't you the one that told me to watch it? >> i did. ainsley: that use influencers and bots to get more famous and make money. it's unbelievable. >> it's very enlightening for people that don't live on social media, it's extremely enlightening. ainsley: go watch. you think someone has a ton of friends. it's all fake. >> i will give you one tip from fake famous. if you want it to look as if you're traveling on a private jet, take a toilet lid and just put it behind you and it's the perfect oval of an airline -- ainsley: or you can rent the airplane in hollywood, take a picture there. >> i thought about that. but who has an extra toilet seat. who says in case of emergency, i use an old one. >> they say buy it for that purpose.
4:17 am
it's a $12 purchase, like a million bucks. >> don't sit on it. >> people will think you're in fiji. jillian, take it over. jillian: that's a weird conversation. >> i can't wait to see you on your private jet later on today. >> i've got a 20 in my pocket. i'll stop in home dough poe on the -- home depot on the way home. >> steve's not working tomorrow. he's in fiji. jillian: funeral arrangements in if works for texas congressman ron right wright, the first sitting member to die after contracting covid-19. he first announced his diagnosis in january, saying he had minor symptoms. he had also been battling lung cancer for several years. he was first elected in 2018 when he was 67. the chicago teachers union voting tonight on a plan to get back into the classroom. if approved, pre-k would start thursday, kindergarten through first grade would start march
4:18 am
1st. philadelphia teachers union argues buildings need more safeguards before students and educators can safely return. parents losing a court bat a he'll over the park land school shooting. a judge ruled the school district had no responsibility to warn students about the danger posed by the suspected gunman. the judge said the district had no control over nikolas cruz who was awaiting trial for 17 murder charges. he could face the death penalty if convicted. and a crossing guard hailed as a hero after saving a little girl from getting hit by a car. you can see the moment kathleen quinn sticks out her arm to stop the 7-year-old on the bike as a driver zooms right through that crossing. quinn says she was acting on reflex. the girl's mother just feet away during the heart-stopping moment, said she is incredibly thankful. that is frightening and that crossing guard is absolutely a hero. >> oh, man. quick thinking. >> thanks, jillian. appreciate it. 18 minutes after the hour.
4:19 am
democrats call for an end to violent rhetoric online. our next guest says they need to be pointing the finger at antifa. the threats he says the far left group is sending him on twitter. by the way, they were at it again this weekend. dinner with the drakes...tonight. alexa, ask buick to start my encore gx. ♪ ♪ four filets. you know this dinner's for their... kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly $4,300 purchase allowance on 2020 buick encore gx models. introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel. current eligible non-gm owners gthe first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement.
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4:23 am
ainsley: democrats calling for an online crackdown of vie len speech in the wake of the insurrection at the capitol. >> we call on the fbi to review the threat posed by domestic terrorist groups and the use of social media. >> why was there no more action taken on social media? there was talk on parler. >> we do need really serious effort, particularly i think to police social media platforms.
4:24 am
ainsley: okay. well, all the outrage, where's the action on antifa's online violence. jason rant said the group actively uses twitter to threat threaten him personally and to threaten the mead y he joins us to discuss. i want to know why you do this. what happened to you? what happens when you go out in the crowd? >> what happens to me happens to a lot of folks who try to document what happens. we know for a lot of media outlets they don't have a clear view of antifa. remember, antifa doesn't exist. and so it's important for us to actually go into the mobs so we can capture on film their vandalism and a couple weeks ago when they decided to riot in the city of tacoma, washington, taking out several store fronts, setting fires in the middle of the street, what ends up happening is a strategy that twitter has used by outsiders who are looking online to see
4:25 am
who is posting video from inside of the mob, who might be filming the faces of the individuals breaking the law and they will out you. they will show screen shots of your face. they'll tell people who are on the ground who you are and to be looking out for you. and what ends up happening on the ground is they literally start to look for you to harass, threat and/or assault. in this case they did it to me. they weren't able to find me in this crowd. i was covered up pretty well. there was someone else who was also there who was outed by someone online who was another media member, who is sympathetic to the an phi take cause -- antifa cause, who was run out by the mob and was pretty scared. ainsley: why do you do it? i know you want to tell the story and when you know they're looking for you in the crowd, it looks too dangerous. >> yeah, look, i mean, it definitely can be dangerous. it depends on where it is.
4:26 am
you never quite know how dangerous it's going to be because of the nature of these things. unfortunately, miss for the most part are told to -- police for the most part are told not to have a significant presence until the end. it's risky when you go in. i was in the middle of this thing when i got a message saying they outed you, they're looking for you an i was with a colleague, someone said my name in the crowd, looking for me, we realized there are no cops around. we can't leave the crowd now, otherwise it would be pretty obvious. we do it because it's important to tell the story. you're not going to get it outside of fox news and some of the regional networks. you're not going to get the story. ainsley: where is twitter? why aren't they cracking down on this kind of violence or this language? >> they're definitely not doing much. they stepped up on some of theic beer antifa -- some of the bigger antifa accounts. they're actively organizing on twitter and facebook. facebook doesn't get a pass either. they're actively saying show up,
4:27 am
burn things down, this is where we'll do our of direct action. that's why so many people are able to show up. for the most part, twitter and facebook step back and don't do anything. when we're getting targeted, the arguments coming from the people who are doing the targeting, saying no, we're telling people who to go to if you want to see some of the coverage. it's all tongue in cheek. we know what they're doing. they're sending screen shots. ainsley: be careful out there. thanks so much. it's 27 minutes a after the top of the hour. a new survey reveals the devastating effects remote learning is having on some students with one saying that they don't have anything to look forward to. what will it take to get back in the classroom? we're going to talk to a mom behind the survey. the survey is shocking, some of the answers are so sad. we madee for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
it's 7:31. back with your news by the numbers. quickly delivered by -- first, $483 million, that's how much it's going to cost taxpayers to keep national guard troops in d.c. through march 15th. at least 5,000 troops are staying in our nation's cap call
4:32 am
for the next month, down from 26,000 on inauguration bucks. 6 million bucks, that's how much this castle is selling for. it's a century old and sits on almost five acres. the listing features eight bedrooms in just the main residence and 12 and-a-half bathrooms. finally, 37 years, that's how long a man in turkey has been friends with a swan. the retired postman says his feathered friend has been following him around his farm and treating her for a broken wing. 37 years together. >> congratulations. 28 minutes to the top of the hour. a heart breaking glimpse into the life of students stuck in remote learning. listen to these responses to a survey of pennsylvania high schoolers, quote, my life is very vague and lonely. another said i find no interest in anything anymore. they're not alone. more than half of the senior
4:33 am
class surveyed said remote and hybrid learning not working. our next guest has twin seniors at pine ridgeland school district. she helped carry out the survey. she joins us to share more. what prompted you to do this? >> hi, brian. thank you for having me. the reason we did this was parents speaking amongst ourselves, speaking with our children and children's friends, we could sense they were suffering and we were contacting our school and not getting anywhere and we felt that it would be helpful to hear from our children and put this in their own words and really see how they're feeling and as you can see, you read the survey, you read the comments, like we were blown away. this was way more than we thought it was going to be. brian: right. and your hope is to get whose attention? >> we're just trying to draw awareness to this issue. in our area, i've heard from people all around the country that zoomed into this story and
4:34 am
we are hoping to draw attention to this, we're hoping districts like ours take a holistic approach for what is working for our kids. of course, we're mindful of the pandemic and the situation. but there's other issues, mental health issues that our kids are struggling with and those kind of need to be taken into consideration as well. >> it's got to be kids first, find a way to get teachers that have underlying conditions, up in age, get them protected. the others, they have to get back to work. people are watching us right now around the country and say exactly how i feel. here's more of an example we wanted to share with you. i feel very isolated from my peers, i'm missing genuine connections with my peers. you get that a lot, right? >> oh, yes. absolutely. we are in a -- we've been in full virtual and hybrid model so some of our kids, depending on the letters of the alphabet, haven't been in school together
4:35 am
since almost a year now. we surveyed the senior class and a lot of them feel like i'll never see those kids again. i just lost touch with them and it's heart-breaking, you know. >> here's another one that came out of that you wanted to bring out so let's share it. it had given me a lot less to look forward to and made me a lot less excited about going to school. another one, it caused me to become less motivated and struggle with my mental health. kids shouldn't be struggling with their mental health because of interaction with others. what bothers me most, amy, is that other school districts are doing it. there's a way to do this. tell me what is stopping them from opening. these are kids hoping that parents will help them. >> absolutely. we have districts -- we live in allegheny county. we have to go by metrics in allegheny county. we're a small, suburban, almost
4:36 am
urban school district. we have the city of pittsburgh, universities, nursing homes, those get factored into our he metrics. a mile or two over is the next county. those children have been in school five days a week. they have activities. they have social events. our estimation, those children are thriving. i'm sure they've had challenges dealing with things here and there but our message has been just wait. >> we all understand the risk. there's not one person on earth who doesn't understand the risk. they say i heard the risk, it's not worth sitting out, hiding and high better nateing, the price -- hibernating, the price is too rich to pay. the school district said they have a model based on health safety, learning effectiveness, related to mental, social and emotional health. we have resources available to students and family, they have been available throughout the pandemic. we strive for continuous
4:37 am
improvement to how those strategies are implemented. is that enough? >> no. we don't think it's enough. we think they can be a lot more creative to get ways to get our kids back in school, get our kids doing activities. our kids are not allowed to have clubs in person. our district has locked up all of our facilities, our children can't run on the track by themselves or meet a friend to kick a soccer ball around on the turf field. it seems to be an unreasonable response. we believe in freedom of choice and making decisions for our families and our children and those decisions and freedoms are taken away from us. >> just think about the effect too, kids will say the rest of their lives, they will panic, look to hide, instead of overcome. life is full of risks. we understand it. the downside is too ugly and you're experiencing it, to sit on the sidelines. i commend you parents for taking action and hopefully people hear
4:38 am
you. there's good people in the school district. hiding does not work. amy, thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having me. thank you, brian. >> let us know when things change and hopefully it's tomorrow. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, a judge puts a stop to liberal directives from la's new district attorney who is a terrible person who which included lowering sentences for violent criminals. our next guest sued the da over his controversial policies. he'll react to the decision, next.
4:39 am
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4:43 am
>> california judge banning the la district attorney from implementing some of his more progressive and insane criminal justice reforms, including lowering sentences for those accused of violent crimes. >> it is a win for our of next guest who sued the da over these directives. john tommy joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> you look at what this guy was doing, it kind of seems like he thought he was above the law. explain what he was trying to do. >> he did. the judge clearly said that nobody is above the law, especially the district attorney, george gascon. the judge clearly rejected his rogue and radical policies. what's interesting is he doubled down. yesterday he issued a statement saying the judge didn't strike
4:44 am
down most of his policies. he is clearly wrong. the judge said that he cannot force a prosecutor to go into court and dismiss, strike allegations. the judge said he can't force a prosecutor to go into court and dismiss special circumstantial lee gas stations. we're talking about police killers, child torturers and murderers, hate crime murderers. the judge said you can't tell a da to walk into court and dismiss the allegations. you have to follow the law, the evidence and the facts. he can't dismiss any allegations unless you follow the law and the facts and the evidence. and then george gascon came out and said -- >> go ahead. ainsley: go ahead. what did he say? >> he said that the majority of the voters voted for his directives. he's wrong there too. first off, i don't know anybody personally who supports his directives unless that person is a criminal. and second, more important, 9
4:45 am
million voters voted against zero bail. 5 million voters voted for three strikes. five million voters voted for the special circumstantial lee gas stations. and -- allegations. the death penalty was approved in 2012 and 2016. so he's flat-out wrong there also. ainsley: he's new to the district, just got the position. he wants to disregard three strike laws, doesn't approve of those. he wants to dismiss striking prior offenses and ignore sentencing enhancement. sounds like he's protecting repeat offenders, not protecting the innocent people that could become victims in your area. why is he doing this? >> he has rogue and radical policies. he clearly supports the criminal and the defendant. he's abandoned children, he's abandoned vulnerable children and people of color. he's abandoned victims and
4:46 am
victims' family members. the majority of his policies support criminals and they make no sense at all. >> so john, what i find -- it's hard to put into a category or a ranking how outrageous his beliefs and rules are. one of the tops on my list is that when victims -- when these people, these killers and rapists come up for parole, they're not allowing a da to represent the victims' families so the victims' families go into court, this man or woman goes up for -- usually men, goes up for their parole hearing and they don't have a da on the other side going look how bad this guy is. so they've been victims' families out there naked to eye-ball these criminals. >> it is completely outrageous. he's abandoned victims, he's abandoned the community. his job is to protect the public. and he's totally abandoned that.
4:47 am
in those hearings, those parole hearings, the inmate has an attorney but for the people, there's nobody. there's nobody standing up there for the people. ainsley: they don't have representation. >> there's no representation at all for the people. there's nobody there to protect the people, nobody there to give out the facts, nobody to challenge the inmate's version of what happened. and not only that, there's nobody there to stand for the victim's family, when the victim's family has to confront a murderer or rapist or child molester and face that individual and listen to that individual justify what he or she did, there's nobody there standing up for that person and that is just horrible. that is just -- it's a tragedy. >> the judge did say this was not allowed. .>> exactly. that judge did a great job. have you to respect his opinion. you have to respect the process. he told the da, you cannot force
4:48 am
prosecutors to walk into court and do things that are unethical, immoral or illegal. have you to follow the law, not your personal beliefs, not your opinions, the law. >> and john, you touched on some of the things he said. part of his statement, he said i never had any illusions as to the difficulty and challenges associated with forming a dated institution steeped in systemic racism. my directives are a product of the will of the people including survivors of crime and substantial body of research that shows this modern approach will enhance community safety. we'll see about that. john tommy -- >> it's not the will of the people. and he constantly uses the word racism. he's abandoned all the children, he's abandoned all the people of color, so what about them? i'm going to stand for them. i'm going to stand for those individuals. >> thank you. >> i know you have to work with them. you're the deputy, so -- >> it's difficult.
4:49 am
thank you so much. >> don't back down. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> all right. 11 and-a-half minutes before the top of the hour. as funeral services are organized for texas congressman ron wright, his house colleagues say his death is being politicized. congressman chip roy is going to join us, coming up next. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust.
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>> republican congressman ron wright tragically passed away sunday, the first sitting member of congress to die of covid-19. but that did not stop the left from apparently politicizing his death the next day, after congressman wright tweeted friday that schools should reopen, national affairs correspondent for the nation, jet herr retweeted his post to add, quote, wright died of covid yesterday. he was already hospitalized when he or more likely his staff tweeted this out. chip, good morning you. >> good morning, how are you? steve: i'm doing okay. i know you were close with the congressman and were texting back and forth. in fact, less than a week ago he told you i'm praying for your
4:54 am
family. >> that's exactly right, steve. rod wright is the preeminent public servant, a good man, a humble man, somebody who served publicly, his wife is delightful. they are a great family. i was proud to get to know him more of, serving together with i'm. look, this is the left doing what the left does, politicizing this virus, politicizing the death of a public servant. here's what they won't say. for two years, he's been battling cancer bravely, his body was ravaged with cancer. i know, i'm a cancer survivor. i visited with him, they were taking precautions and being careful. he felt obliged. he was reelected by the people he represent in arlington, texas. he and susan got in their car, drove across the country so he could be in d.c. for the swearing in. i don't know how he caught the
4:55 am
virus. i knows was a great man, a great public servant. we should remember him for his public service, and the courage of battling cancer to the very end. last week when a member of my family tested postdive for the virus, he's in the hospital, fighting for his life and he's texting me, asking how my family is doing. this is the left doing what they do, they want to politicize everything. steve: the suggestion is, look what he's tweeting out, almost as if divine intervention. as you touched on a moment ago, this congressman had been suffering from cancer for years. >> yes. that's right. and he has been battling it bravely. he was actually holding on in a very tough fight, right up through the end. with the virus, he was fighting the right way, right through the end and watching these guys politicize this thing with the school, yeah, he and his staff tweeted out that our of schools
4:56 am
should open safely. right now, today, on behalf of myself, we stand behind that. our schools have opened of. my kids have been in school since last august, figuring it out, making it work. so many people are having mental health issues, not getting cancer screenings, not doing what they need to do to have a life, to be able to go live it because people like the leftists want to shut down the economy and harm americans. rod wright was standing up until the end, standing up for america. god bless him for it. the leftists showed their true colors in moments like this. steve: god rest his soul. congressmanchip roy, thank you very much for remembering your friend. steve: we are going to step aside. a yale student is shot and killed days before his 27th birthday. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, ♪ ♪ yeah, that's all me ♪ ♪ nothing and me ♪ ♪ go hand in hand ♪
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5:01 am
of a targeted attack. >> it seems it was much more difficult. >> a shocking new survey reveals the devastating effect remote learning is having on students. >> there are other mental health issues our kids are struggling with. >> some people have leadership, determination, different aspects of different sports coming into play. ♪♪ steve: i thought i was the most fascinating person in the world but i will given. tom brady is the most fascinating person ever to talk about it. never knew an athlete outside michael jordan come everybody is talking about him. what is it with this guy? how is he doing it at his age?
5:02 am
jim gray, tom brady wrote the forward to his book, spoke not only to joe biden on super bowl sunday but spoke to tom brady after and how he got to this point and why it is not over yet. brian: one of the things i loved and had to see it online is shortly after they won the super bowl and you saw tom brady, we are going to disney world and then next thing you know they are going to disney world. that tradition that started in the 80s, michael eisner's wife who came up with the idea, why don't we have people who win the super bowl say i'm going to disneyland and it became something they did for decades. brian: walt disney came up with this to begin with. >> i think that is pretty well-known. >> never be afraid to fail.
5:03 am
never be afraid to fail. people are fascinated with giselle and tom brady. he is best friends with gronkowski. they are always in perfect shape, they are disciplinarians and seem like great parents, she has her arm around all her children into it is a perfect picture. >> they have great obliques. >> the white house is being pressed on the biden administration, guidance for ice. the dui, solicitation and simple assault. jen psaki was pressed on this. >> the priority for the
5:04 am
enforcement of immigration law will be those opposing national security threats, public safety threats and recent arrivals. nobody is saying duis our acceptable behavior, they are tried and sentenced by local law enforcement. ainsley: they want to focus on gangs, sex crimes and high risk individuals. brian: this is causing chaos within ice already. illegal immigrants know our rules and laws faster than we do advice feels defame and unappreciated but now it is only going to get worse. they have abolished ice. a j louderback of jackson county, texas, immigration memo sent on january 20th was essentially defunded, defund ice memo.
5:05 am
this is a little bit of that conversation. >> the memo i received this last week is defund ice by memorandum that was sent out on january 20th of 21. this is a particularly devastating document for texans and americans in the united states. the message really, when i read it first, a message to the world, you can come here illegally, commit crimes against americans and remain here illegally. steve: the washington post said it is such an extreme way, now being told to enforce nothing. it is like the country has become a sanctuary country.
5:06 am
we don't allow canadians to come here on the southern border. how dare you stop anyone from getting broken. it makes no sense. steve: if you paid attention during the campaign joe biden was apologizing when running for president saying during the obama ministration, now we see it is hard to deport anybody who breaks the law unless it is a really big law. according to the washington post these guidelines would be if somebody out at the border wants to arrest somebody they've got to call washington dc and talk to the boss to justify why they are going to arrest somebody. >> i these progressive ideas joe biden and his administration throw in or are these coming from law enforcement? these ice officials feel we know how to best do our job and
5:07 am
we need someone in law enforcement who understands these immigration and understand the fallout from committees implementations and we need someone who has law enforcement or ice experience telling them how this will affect every single american citizen. >> it comes down to a binary choice on how you interpret how the law should be adjudicated. if they break a law, a lot of people say absolutely, they lowered the bar. it depends on what you do, the property crime, lawrence jones with was have us, down along the border, this and so many other things, to russell johnson.
5:08 am
>> you were promised a failure, it has been trump's motto through his campaign and his administration we are going to build a wall and it started in april of last year and we were really excited this was happening. when president biden took office, it came to immediate -- the wall works. this is a politically driven agenda. what it says to me is the biden administration is stopping the wall in my opinion to her trump's legacy of securing the border when all it is doing is hurting the american people. steve: according to him the wall worked until noon on january 20th. before all the ranchers pressed down there in his community that they were excited on the wall. could you imagine, in support
5:09 am
of it inching closer and closer. your neighbor is covered. we've got policies and programs. i love what trey gowdy said. removing drunk drivers is not a priority, if you committed of domestic violence, it is a path in eight years, or beat someone census or you ran over somebody or a few too many drinks. this is in black and wait. it is not even debatable but just logical and this is what joe biden used to believe, chuck schumer used to believe, harry reid used to believe. on the democratic stalwart used to believe. something happened over the last few years that makes
5:10 am
people think americans count seconds or not in the list of top 5 most important things. it is crazy what is happening right now. steve: the administration gets to figure out how to enforce the laws passed by congress and that is how they are going to do it starting now. if you go by laws on the books, there is no gray area. you make of new laws in sanctuary cities. you stop enforcing the border. that is the problem. it is not a matter of interpretation of law. what they are saying is we will deport you but you have to do that. they deported the laws to make them stupid. can you describe it differently? brian: every administration gets to the second quarter, gets to interpret laws.
5:11 am
the way it is going -- laura: sounds like it is going great. brian: not a lot of fans. let's go to washington dc. donald trump will start at 1:00. ainsley: both sides of the aisle agree on a speedy process. brian: more on what we can expect on day one of the trial. >> reporter: good morning to you. there is one article, incitement of insurrection, beginning with a 4 hour debate over whether the trial is constitutional or not because donald trump, guess who is already weighing in, john cornyn, republican senator raising concern saying he is not sure this is fair. >> the president's actions,
5:12 am
snap impeachment raises serious questions about fundamental fairness, due process or more accurately lack thereof. >> reporter: chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell agreed on four hours of debate, divided on the constitutionality question followed by a simple majority vote needed to proceed. tomorrow at noon the house managers had 16 hours to make their case. 16 hours for donald trump's defense. nothing scheduled to appear at this point. and recorded testimony, the trump legal team previewed their defense yesterday following a briefing following this trial, political theater, using democrats of using the same hot rhetoric, donald trump used the word fight a little more than a handful of times and each time in a figurative
5:13 am
sense, long accepted in public discourse. it was not and could not be construed to encourage acts of violence. here's what we are watching this weekend next as this unfolds. democrats get 17 republicans to vote against trump, no indication there is anywhere near that number ready to do so. if there were a conviction the senate would vote on whether trump would be disqualified ever from holding office again. ainsley: we talked about schools opening or staying closed because parents are getting frustrated and seeing changes, in richland high school, 25 miles north of pittsburgh, schools are still close. they have been in a hybrid setting, moms that according to the offer that some of these kids, seniors in high school
5:14 am
especially, won't see their classmates for the entire year. they asked 83 students to participate. 56% remote hybrid learning is not effective. they felt disconnected from their peers, 3 quarters of the students that they had mental health concerns over the past year and their concerns include virtual learning, the fear of covid-19, was at the bottom of their list. brian: parents got together into their own survey to show people there is an urgency beyond the pandemic. we've got to get these kids back in school and just to go through some of them, feel so disconnected from myself and my friend, don't have motivation or passion for anything. my life is lonely. i am having trouble finding things to look forward to, and hybrid virtual model is miserable little on people who would not play sports. one of the moms who did the
5:15 am
survey says this is a 5 alarm fire, we've got to get these kids back in school, we know the risks. >> we are mindful of the pandemic and the situation but there are other health issues, mental health issues our kids are struggling with. the senior class a lot of them feel i will never see those kids again. i lost touch with them and it is heartbreaking. they locked up our facilities, our children can't run on the track by themselves or kick a soccer ball around. it seems to be an unreasonable response. we believe in freedom of choice and making decisions for our families and our children and those decisions and freedoms are taken away from us. brian: that is why people are turning to private schools. and the charter school. a lot of them are open.
5:16 am
it is indicative that we are all in our own - isolating in different ways. the only time i am a senior in high school or junior in high school. cuomo, fear of missing out. they are missing out. as we all are. brian: you get a message in the morning, there is a grammar school in my district, two test positive, this person tests negative, they react and go back to school. not hard. steve: to his life during a pandemic. figure it out and kids can go to school and be safe and that is why is so frustrating. 20 million american kids are not in school right now. meanwhile it is 16 after the top of the hour and jillian joins us with more from the world health organization and this is a jaw-dropping. >> the world health
5:17 am
organization dropped their investigation into whether covid-19 leaks from a lab in wuhan. they believe the theory is, quote, unlikely. it is likely introduced to an intermediary host. the institute of virology accused possibly causing the pandemic, the world health organization has been criticized for allowing china to have too much influence. mary wilson, founding and original member of the ironic female trio has died. ♪♪ baby love ♪♪ my baby love ♪♪ i need you ♪♪ i need you ♪♪ >> reporter: wilson's longtime publicist said wilson died suddenly at her home in las vegas, buried along with diana ross, they for the supremes in the early 1960s before became one of motown's most successful acts, sparta doesn't one singles. she leaves behind her daughter,
5:18 am
son and 7 grandchildren. she was 76 years old. now to this story. the next white house interpreter, she supported donald trump, heather joined us earlier to talk about it. >> a clear indication there is a double standard. like i said in my new york post article there is an interpreter in the atlanta area who is a criminal act of the stand interprets for the republican governor. there is an article written about him but when i go and do a professional job at the white house, i am getting the opposite reaction and that is not right. jillian: she said she had no white house invite. time magazine report revealed her translating for conservative groups. she said she was not fired by the white house. super bowl champs rob gronkowski and tom brady spooked by their significant others. ♪♪
5:19 am
>> reporter: they parity the bad boys video brady posted after winning the nfc championship last month. after telling everyone he was going to disney world, gronkowski tested in a laboratory. the tight end would play with light sabers and share a special moment. >> we are about to see a grass fight, come on, you are so fine. what do you think about that? you are so adorable. >> reporter: the annual super bowl parade was canceled due to the pandemic but still not time anyway. steve: very gronkowski. ainsley: a yale graduate student and army veteran shot to death, police looking at road rage as a possible motive. nancy grace is going to join
5:20 am
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for a yale grad student and army veteran shot and killed his police say he might have been targeted. he was gunned down in newhaven, connecticut, found near his car which had been rear-ended or damaged on the back of his car and neighbors say they heard multiple gunshots. here is nancy grace. this is horrible. he was engaged to be married. they decided their pastor was going to marry the man now he has to bury him.
5:25 am
what happens? >> exactly correct. he posted video on facebook, bending down on one knee and getting engaged, at least three lines of investigation. i do not think this was a carjacking as many suggested. number 2. six homicides this year alone. that is how they are praising it. 6 homicides in six weeks. i look to see if they are connected in any way but you can't ignore the damage to the rear of his car. looks like road rage. was the damage there before that saturday night at 8:30 p.m. or not? if not they are connected. if they are connected, all around that car especially where lieutenant j i i a and, to lure him out of the vehicle. another thing we've got to look at is video surveillance, home
5:26 am
surveillance, rain doorbells, about 130,000 people. there are a lot of tolls that will have cameras and you don't have video. you can look at his cell phone and navigation system and last but not least, ballistics. there are 7 shots. there was a pause between that shots, that tells me the person that shot was angry, frenzied or this was a particular target. there is the ballistic research, you can find out from the bullets or cartridges if that particular gun was ever used in another offense. that is what i would be looking at. jillian: thoughts and prayers are with the family. what crime stories at nancy grace on fox nation? >> we are looking at the death of a young college student, texas university, on his way
5:27 am
home for christmas break, parents go to a call at 2:00 am, they found a patch in a rural area but no body. the father gets up in the middle of the night, drive 3 hours and 900 yards from the crash he finds his son's clothing and backpack, still nobody, the search is on. ainsley: let's see a clip of what we will see if we watch your special. >> i was driving slow thinking he swerved to avoid a deer and i was going to avoid him also and i see clothes, i see something in front of me and i stop and look at the headlights and those are clothes and i look at the clothes and i recognize them as my son's.
5:28 am
ainsley: we never want to get that call in the middle of the night. you can watch crime stories with nancy grace on fox nation, the ultimate streaming site where you can get exclusive access to original content and more. you can see more nancy grace, you are so good at your job. thousands of workers out of work as the keystone pipeline is canceled but the white house refuses to answer were these unemployed workers can find green jobs. 3 displaced workers will share what they are going to do next.
5:29 am
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elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. brian: it is estimated keystone pipeline would have created 11,000 jobs at all of that gone with the swipe of a pin when
5:33 am
president biden asked the project on his first day in office was what happens the workers now? fox news white house correspondent peter doocy tried to get an answer yesterday. >> the biden administration is going to the thousands of fossil fuel industry workers who will soon be out of work, when it is and where it is they can go for their green jobs? >> i welcome you to present your data of all the thousands and thousands of people who won't be getting a green job, maybe next time you are here you can present that. steve: and he did present that and said 11,000 had been expected to be employed, 8000 union workers participated in gross wages, $1.6 billion. transferring to the keystone
5:34 am
pipeline workers, an electrician who was laid off from an oil field, according to all of you, christina, let's start with you. you were planning on working on the keystone pipeline until joe biden pulled the plug on the project you and your husband were going to do. had you not been asking yourself the same thing peter doocy asked jen psaki yesterday, where are the green jobs we were promised? >> yes, sir. that is not the only project that has been affected. over the last year. seems like the pipelines have target on their backs and not just the pipelines. there's a lot of industry that is missed out on these projects and if you are in that industry we ask you write or call your representatives, try to get our politicians back to the table to look at this again. make sure that this is the best
5:35 am
choice we have. why can we not do both? why is it all the way or not? like can't it be a little bit of both? >> the data was 11,000 workers, present your data. tell us about your family and how much trouble you are in now that you don't have a job to look forward to. >> she answered a question by asking a question and i don't think they know an answer. we are not going to build solar panels, they will be built by the cheapest bidder with the cheapest parts we can get. flooding the market right now on all these solar farms, we work around quite a few of them, unregulated, rough jobs that i have seen, this stuff is not going to happen for us. it will be done by the cheapest
5:36 am
labor they can find. our jobs, 12,000 people, there's the nonunion side and they are different from the union side, they are fixing with our jobs also. it is going to happen. >> big equipment, john deere, caterpillar. >> all these people on the job. >> not just the old workers, the pipeline workers. steve: thousands people are collateral damage, the hardware stores and hotels and things like that. joe, jen psaki later said the president has a plan coming up later talking about green energy jobs and union jobs as well.
5:37 am
do you think the administration has a plan. >> they don't have a plan. that's not true. they have a plan they are going to ruin us, ruin the gas and oil and coal and start importing stuff from china or wherever else. we are not going to hit by americans. americans, natural resources right now, we are going to go somewhere else and they don't care about us. >> they need to be educated on the good they want every day. a lot of them are from the petroleum industry. getting them from overseas,
5:38 am
where is the fuel coming from. are manufacturing companies going green or burning fossil fuels? there needs to be a lot of education done before we kill a whole industry. how many have we killed? brian: the administration said when they pulled the plug on keystone there will be plenty of green energy jobs but so far no idea where they will be and most certainly not -- joe and david and christina, thank you, thoughts and prayers are with you. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. hackers somehow targeted one florida town's water supply and tried to poison it. how is that possible? the sheriff investigating the attack will join us.
5:39 am
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5:43 am
steve: officials in florida are on the hunt for a hacker who gained access to a water treatment plant in have an tried to poison people just before the super bowl. ainsley: supervisor noted the measurements suddenly fluctuating wildly. our next guest is investigating the attack, sheriff bob coldterry joins us. how did you discover this? what happened? >> we saw somebody accessed it through a remote access software application.
5:44 am
password protected and used a monitor and someone hacked into it, and your operators computer, sodium hydroxide in layers, change the level dramatically, took hold of the computer. steve: they were trying to do that on purpose, he would have been able to put that much in the water people would have gotten sick. i would imagine you will look into this as a criminal matter? >> absolutely. the ordinary amount is 100 parts per million and 11,000 parts per million, obviously there were safeguards in place to make sure it never made it but if it had made it could have been catastrophic
5:45 am
potentially to harm people. it is a criminal matter and we are investigating it as a criminal matter. ainsley: sometimes you worry taking a restroom break or fall asleep on the job if you are there at night. thankfully this guy noticed it. what will the town do for them? >> they are looking at everything. he's doing his job and paying attention and they are watching and as you are watching all the levels and chemicals and the next thing you know it starts moving and applications open and levels are being adjusted and you are not doing it. it was somebody who hacked into it doing a deliberate act of operating the city's water system. steve: people at some point had access to the plan and worked at the plant, somebody locally who is a bad actor or you got
5:46 am
to worry about international bad actors as well. we've heard so much about the importance of the deferment of homeland security in protecting our infrastructure. this is part of the infrastructure. >> this is critical, on the a list of critical infrastructure and one of the reasons working with federal law enforcement, we don't know if the person who did this was on the street or another country and that is the big question where this originated from or who the actors are and what the alternative motives were beyond the water system. ainsley: the water is absolutely fine to drink today, right? >> absolutely it is safe, never made it. this guy was on the system 3 to 5 minutes and as soon as he got off they took it down to 100
5:47 am
again and he never did do damage to the water system so no public safety, nobody is in jeopardy, water is absolutely safe, it was caught before hand, the impact of the water system. >> panola county right next to tampa, thank you. god bless you, you're a hero. coming up tom brady won more super bowl for has won more superballs than any other, he is opening up, jim gray here with a look see.
5:48 am
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>> big day big liner. mike lee and tom cotton join us. mike pompeo on foreign policy. following dramatic across the country, the doctor will tell us why. jonathan turley, is today's impeachment trial dead in the water already? 9 minutes away, top of the hour. steve: as tom brady captures his 7 super bowl title more than any nfl player or team period, what does jim gray, sits down with him in a fox nation special all about his
5:52 am
book called talking to goats. >> there are a lot of reasons people are successful. just natural ability, explosiveness, intangible things, competitiveness, sustainability, leadership, termination, being a team player. all these things coming to play. steve: the author of talking to goats, the greatest of all time, highlights some of the greats. jim gray, you are not only familiar with tom brady, you developed a friendship, the chapter in his book, forward to your book defines who he is. how special was last night to him. what was it like to be there at the time?
5:53 am
>> it is tremendously special. he always says what is the best ring you ever won? six with new england and his answer was the next one so he got when in tampa bay. in a special for him because this time he wanted to share it with everybody else. they had this opportunity, i want the guys who work so hard in his organization to experience what we had. it is not all about me but all of it. he wanted evidence -- evans and all the guys who played on defense. that is what motivated him. he is very very unselfish. he doesn't like being called the goat but he is, he is now babe ruth. what he has done is unparalleled, unmatched and will not ever -
5:54 am
steve: he decides on the broadcast monday, you developed a friendship that goes so far beyond the field to the golf course and he's the most fascinating person i would argue right now in america. the guy you interviewed for the first time before his first super bowl win in 2001, who is the guy compared to the guy at 43 who just won tweet 7. >> back then he was single, always about his family back then, mom and dad and his sisters and now he has his own family. he loves his family and friends and loves football and every single decision he makes, depends on those things, and everything he does he's doing for nutrition, every decision
5:55 am
he makes only involves two aspects of his life. he has no hobby, why does everybody want me to retire? because i have won and if you are outside new england or tampa of course you are tired of seeing him win but there is a different appreciation now, now that they can see him, he has much more smile on his face. there has been a joy and the joy comes through and now people recognize it is something so unheard-of and unbelievable they are starting to enjoy it but every decision based on how to be better tomorrow than he was yesterday. who does that at 43? who thinks that after they won one super bowl championship. steve: he says i want to play to 45. you think he could be better. >> look what he wins to go through like all the country unfortunately.
5:56 am
covid-19, there were 220 covid-19 tests, the league took 954 covid-19 test. he did not have a covid-19 season, he didn't know the playbook or how to get to the facility. it was so much different from he didn't meet with the entire team, it was all on zoom and digitally and virtually. there is a lot to improve. ainsley: tom brady streaming now on fox and streaming service. >> this book captured what is the military.
5:57 am
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>> we're so glad we had this time together. come back tomorrow same time, same channel. >> have a great day. >> bill: good morning. watching three big stories. breaking news moments ago. world health organization on the origins of the global pandemic. it concludes its investigation to a lab if wuhan, china and tell you what they've found. >> dana: republicans picked up another seat in the house after a month's long battle over a praise in new york. what it means for the balance of power in congress. >> bill: the second impeachment trial in one year set to begin in the u.s. senate hours from now. good morning, back in new york city i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom," good to be back. >> bill: did you enjoy our super bowl sojourn
6:01 am


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