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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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buck up, it's going to get better. in the meantime, sean hannity takes over right now. >> sean: thank you. welcome to hannity. here we go again for the second time in as many years, to february's in a row, democrats conducting a trial to impeach and convict donald j. trump who is president in exile according to jim acosta and while the first unsuccessful charade was pretty terrible, the sequel is even worse. coming up tonight, a lot of analysis and we will get reaction, senator ted cruz is here, the president's attorney had a great day today in my opinion, he will join us for an exclusive interview. first, i would like to start and lay out the arguments that i think i would make if i was there. today, the u.s. senate kicked off what could be a lengthy, dramatic senate trial against
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the former president and all means absolutely nothing. we can start there as the outcome is already predetermined because we know president trump will be acquitted. in the two-thirds of the u.s. senate to convict, 44 senators now have already voted twice to stop feeding because it is unconstitutional for the senate to convict a private citizen. and by the way, they don't even have jurisdiction on a private citizen. you cannot remove somebody from an office they no longer hold. what we are witnessing on capitol hill is a complete and total waste of taxpayer time, your time, your money, your resources. this will solve nothing, improve nothing, it will not make your life better it anyway and will not unite the country like joe says he wants to do. it will not ease tensions in the country's and will not create a single job, will not provide necessary covert relief and a more organized distribution of
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the donald trump vaccine, other words operation warp speed. democratic governors are messing it up in state after state. this charade only serves the democratic party and their obsessive need to impeach donald trump and avenged the results of 2016. they never got over it, they never will get over it. take a look. >> that could be seen as an impeachable defense. >> impeachable offense. >> impeachment. >> that's an impeachable offense. >> impeachment. >> grounds for impeachment. >> an impeachable offense. >> if that's not impeachable, i don't know what is. >> grounds for impeachment. >> talk of impeachment. >> none of us came to congress to impeach a president and that we have to do our duty. >> sean: by the way, that's
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the short version. what's happening in the senate is sewer swamp theater. it's complete with hysteria, hyperbole, and of course the rank hypocrisy. of course, the democrats conducted the snap impeachment in the house without taking the time to gather evidence, build a case, allow for due process, a defense or even a rudimentary investigation. they are now short on something called facts that this is why you don't rush to judgment, that's why we have due process, that's why a snap impeachment is so dangerous to this country. they claim the president incited an insurrection, their new favorite word because of his insightful remarks on january 6 but now according to every major media outlet and the fbi and court documents and even aoc, the capital breach was predetermined, preplanned, plotting, planning, scheming by
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violent agitators while way before the president ever spoke at the rally, days and weeks before. how do i know? the mob and the media even have to admit it. take a look. >> the investigation into the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol a week ago and new evidence that it was planned. >> also shocking, new reporting that the fbi received a very specific reporting before the riot. >> for some reason, security wasn't stepped out there to meet the challenge up that that attack would oppose. >> the fbi admitting it had intelligence before the insurrection that people were planning to travel to d.c. with the intent to cause violence. >> one week before the insurrection, i started to get text messages that i needed to be careful and that in particular, i needed to be careful about the sixth.
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>> sean: according to forbes, it was planned openly online for weeks and police, law enforcement still weren't ready. a "washington post," the fbi report warned of "war at the capital contradicting claims that there was no indication of any looming violence and even "the new york times," fbi warned of violence before the siege. this is why the capitol police chief actually requested the national guard before, during, and after. as a matter of fact, he made six separate appeals for help, but his pleas for help were rejected every single time. in fact, according to trump chief of staff mark meadows, who was on with our own maria bartiromo over the weekend, the president was very vocal about offering security assistance prior to the sixth and even ordered 12,000 national guard troops to stand ready, but they were never called on even when the chief of
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police in the capital was calling them until of course it was too late. the federal government has a duty to figure out exactly what went wrong here, why those capital police were left out to dry, why didn't pelosi have the sergeant of arms prepared, what are we going to discuss her dereliction of duty and failure to protect the capital? by the way, that's your capital, we the people, those are our elected officials, this transcends any politics in my mind, doesn't matter, whoever is elected needs to be protected, period, end of sentence. that's why i've been saying we need a 9/11 style commission to investigate and give us a full report and put in changes so this never happens again. not the snap impeachment of a former president. that directly impacts the argument by the way that president trump's rallies speech was responsible for inciting the insurrection. if it was planned and advanced, no argument can be made that the
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president in any way through his words was responsible for what they had preplanned unless he was part of the planning and of course, nobody is making that allegation because that never happened. so now the entire impeachment schiff show charade and charges that in the water. democrats now are left arguing that president trump told his supporters he's going to fight like. if it don't forget, president trump also told his supporters that many of you will now peacefully and patriotically march to the capital so your voices can be heard. i guess that doesn't matter to democrats because they conveniently left all of that out in their presentation today by again selectively cutting, slicing, dicing, cherry picking only the parts of his speech that they want the public to hear. take a look. >> i know everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your
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voices heard. >> sean: one of the democrats going to show that part of the speech or valley? democrats don't want you to hear that part because according to them, context doesn't matter. the president absolutely said fight like and we are to believe that that phrase, those words, fight and some have a call for insurrection? if so, democrats, the media mob use the exact same language. that would mean we use that standard, they are guilty of insurrection themselves. take a look. >> what does congress do about this? >> we fight, we keep fighting. >> we will keep fighting for this. >> we should dream big, fight hard, and take back our country. >> stand up and fight for the best of who we are, and i'm prepared to fight and i know that fight. >> i'm ready for that fight. increasing numbers of people are ready for that fight. >> stand up and fight for democracy.
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>> i will fight every day until he is impeached. >> this is a fight for every one of us to get out and fight for our country. >> we can just imagine a better future, we got to fight for it. >> we continue to fight for a progressive agenda and our future. >> that's what we are fighting against when we fight republicans in congress. >> sean: by their own standard, is that not incitement towards insurrection? what about this violent rhetoric from joe biden himself? take a look. >> they asked me, but i like to debate this gentleman and i said no, if i were in high school, i take them behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> sean: what happened to any conservative that said they wanted to take any democratic president of the back of the gym and beat the hell out of them. if so do we impeach joe biden? what about this incitement insurrection language from senator cory booker? you decide. >> before i end, that's my call to action here.
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please don't just come here today and then go home, go to the hill today. get up and please get up in the face of some congresspeople. >> sean: get in the face of some congresspeople. when willie impeach insurrection as cory booker or is it okay for a democratic senator to call for getting in the face, violence against members of congress and what about senate majority leader chuck schumer on the steps of the united states supreme court? >> i want to tell you, kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. you won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. >> sean: you release the whirlwind. he will pay the price, but when to be impeach chuck schumer or
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is it just okay for the democratic leader in the senate to threaten members of the u.s. supreme court outside their own building? and she vowed to take trump out tonight and called on supporters to also attack cabinet officials. they are not wanted anywhere anymore, get a crowd and everything, take a look. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, and a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you tell them they are not welcome. >> with this kind of inspiration, i will go and take trump out tonight. >> sean: windows congresswoman waters get impeached for that violent inciting rhetoric, a call to insurrection if they love that turn so much. what about vice president kamala harris during the height
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of the summer's riots right after the police precinct that met him minneapolis was burned to the ground, this is what then senator harris had to say. take a look. >> this is a movement, i'm telling you. they're not going to stop and everyone beware because they're not going to stop and they're not going to stop before election day in november and they're not going to stop after election day and everyone should take note of that on both levels that they are not going to let up and they should not. >> sean: they're not going to stop, take note, the where, going to keep going. they shouldn't stop and we shouldn't stop. before, during, after those remarks, american cities were facing a wave of violent riots, so doesn't not not count as an incitement to insurrection when if i left rioters attack the federal courthouse in portland for weeks on end for occupy an entire city blocks in the middle of seattle or burn a police
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station to the ground in minneapolis or just take over police stations with a siege on the white house? when the president and his family were inside, riots all summer and the left either praise them, ignored them, or downplayed them. after all, the rights this past year and this is the only one they get outraged about. over the summer, nearly 30 people died, over 2,000 police officers were hit with rocks and bottles and bricks and molotov cocktails and frozen water bottles and worse, but what about the unions, the people that stormed the wisconsin state capitol? nancy pelosi praise them, said it was an impressive show of democracy in action and went on to say she stands in solidarity with those that invaded and occupied the state capitol building. how times of change.
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so will pelosi and her fellow democrats hold themselves accountable or is this impeachment charade a total sham? the answer is obvious, not only is the premise unconstitutional, hypocritical, totally insane, but is now officially constitutes a kangaroo court. look at this, the judge presiding over the trial is not chief justice roberts as the constitution calls for why? because he wanted nothing to do with this charade and instead the presiding judge is democratic senator pat lahey. that guy right there, he is a member of the jury and to make matters worse, he already voiced these presiding over the whole thing and he's already voiced his support for donald trump's conviction writing "for the good of the countries, he must leave his party and voting to convict president trump and prevent him from holding future office. if you ever go to court, do you
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want to get a judge that has already decided you're guilty before the whole thing started? meanwhile, the democratic impeachment managers are also deeply flawed. you have eric swalwell and his long-time bff, the chinese spy, you have jamie raskin, that guy actually challenge the 2016 election results which he seems to now think is an impeachable offense and ultimately, the trial would drag on days calling witnesses weeks and in a way i kind of hope they do call witnesses. i've got a great list of republican senators. we are going to see hysteria, you're going to witness feigned selective moral outrage in all witness rank hypocrisy and what is nothing but a detestable double standard. but the outcome is pretty certain and predetermined.
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president trump will be acquitted and this will all be for nothing. watch your great elected officials in action. here with reaction, donald trump jr. a lot to digest. four major arguments in my mind, one, it's unconstitutional. two, the snap impeachment was made before we found out that the whole thing had been preplanned and advanced, three, the insurrectionist language of the left which i kind of think is a big deal and we can get some more, your thoughts? >> if it wasn't for double standards, the democrats would have no standards at all. i think in your monologue, you highlighted all the hypocrisy we saw during ten months of rioting, looting, arson, in-your-face type of politics. candidly, whatever my father said on january 6th was mild in comparison, but if you were to take his speech and compare it
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to literally any speech ever given in the history of politics, you would see absolutely no deviation, but again, because the democrats have the media in their pocket carrying whatever message they can go on with impeachment part two, what they started back in 2016 before the original inauguration. they're just going to continue it. they are all excited to be able to grandstand, to be able to selectively edit, to do their faux outrage on a global scale with free air time. that's what this is all about and i think that's the way we have to counter that. we have to do the same thing. we have to fight back the way the democrats fight and i don't mean physically because in today's world if you say the word fight, all of a sudden, magically that means and insurrection. give me a break. this stuff is asinine. a 44 republicans have already voted to say the sham
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impeachment part two was unconstitutional. aren't we in the middle of a pandemic? i thought that the senators would maybe have something better to do? maybe they would actually fight for the american people for a change. maybe they would actually get to the business of helping us through this pandemic. i don't see that happening and i certainly don't see it happening from the biden administration who was killing american jobs, defending china, eliminating the ban of the confucian institute and taking over our universities and ultimately bribing our professors to get all the data that you have out of the research projects at american universities, you are opening the border, you have detest people coming into the country but a legal immigrant streaming across the border, no testing and they get released into society. the double standards are insane and may be the united states senate should be focused on that rather than their nonsense. >> sean: i know that there
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are -- going to be two based back eight hour days available for both the case they want to put on -- i don't know what they could possibly say except slice, dice, selectively edit. but let's take out what donald trump said to march peacefully and patriotically, we will take that part out. >> minor detail, sean. >> sean: minor detail, it's called a fact. it's actually called real words that they didn't want, that's inconvenient for their argument, it's not inconvenient, is it? if we apply the standards to them, then all of the ones i've played and many more i could go on all night would be guilty based on their own standard, and yet the media is only on one side. that's sad. >> correct. and more importantly, the republicans are also and rightfully so. i don't think we should be
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impeaching every one of the democratic caucus who said ridiculous things that are frankly much more inflammatory than anything donald trump said. i'm not about that, although if they are going to pursue these things, republicans have to stop trying to play the game differently. we have to play hardball if they are playing hardball. we've been playing t-ball for generations while the democrats have played hardball. we've turned the other cheek as they slapped us in the face and we claim some sort of moral high ground and losing everything. that's what donald trump showed the republican party, that you can push back, that you don't have to go with their norms and you don't have to listen to the media when they are frequently putting out nonsense. i hope the republican party does that. if they go back to the old way of just rolling over and dying each and every time, someone in the media wants to write a mean piece about them because they can't stand them or their
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constituents or donald trump's 75 million people that voted for him in this country, the highest of any conservative in the history of america so they'd better learn from that but is much as i despise the notion of it, we have to be playing the same game so we have to come out aggressively, pursue those kind of ideas if they're going to do it, the same with cancel culture. i'm not for cancel culture but if we're going to go against half of the country on a daily basis to suppress them, to bully them in so many cases, if they come after me, it's one thing. when they go after some of these people that don't have any platform and tried and who attack them has cnn has done with random people who posted on facebook, that kind of bullying has to stop and we have to push back accordingly. >> sean: it's cancel culture, are you and have you ever been a
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supporter of donald trump, reeducation camps, can't hire people that serve country in the white house. i get the vapors, the faked outrage. it is the sickest it's ever been ever. >> it is mccarthyism on steroids. if you think about it this way, they're doing it across the board but even within the military if you have conservative leanings, i called a couple of friends in the seal teams, how many guys do you think with me and left in the teams. so this notion of purging what are they protecting? these people have to represent americans. this is half the country they are talking about trying to cancel, trying to suppress and this is the kind of treatment
6:23 pm
and behavior that created the rise of donald trump and i think we are going to see that because as always, the democrats are overplaying their hand. if they don't get it because they live in their little echo chambers and i understand the irony of a son from manhattan getting a better pulse of the american people of the people chosen by those people to represent them in congress. but congress is clueless. the democrats in congress have no idea what's going on because they have their lackeys in the media telling them they are right about all of their nonsensical attacks. >> sean: why don't you go to congress and argue with david schoen? could be the perfect guy. don, jr., thank you. apologize to ted cruz for saying he almost had her murdered. apparently she was in the other building. we will tell you the answer and get senator cruz's reaction next.
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>> sean: about the exact same time democrats are lying about president trump's remarks on the sixth and then slicing, dicing, cutting and editing, far left radicals still refuse to take any responsibility for their reckless violent rhetoric. joining us now to discuss this and more, texas senator ted cruz. good to see you. how would you argue this -- i thought david schoen would join us next but i'm not being critical, just a little lackluster, meandering to me, needs a little more focus on i thought david brought that. your thoughts? >> no doubt the lawyers could tighten it up some but at the end of the day, i think today typified what we will see this week which reminds me of shakespeare. it's full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
6:29 pm
we are going to see this week a whole lot of democrats pounding the table. going to see a lot of moralizing and a lot of really venting their hatred for donald trump. in case you haven't been paying attention the last four years mother democrats really, really hate donald trump and they're going to attack president trump over and over again every way they can, going to bring in the idea that they've got eric swalwell coming in. i do hope he gives some remarks on improving our relations with china. he had a novel approach to that, but this is going to be just venting the id of the democrats. and then going to end with failure. it is going to end with the president being acquitted in order for the president to be convicted, take 67 votes in the u.s. senate. that's not going to happen. is not going to get 67 votes, it's not going to get close to 67 votes, every one of the 100
6:30 pm
senators knows that, every one of the house managers knows that, but this is political theater because rather than address the real problems on the real challenges we have in this country, rather than focus on getting kids back in school and getting tens of millions of americans back to work, the democrats want a week of just political theater for a drink that donald trump. >> sean: of the issues that you mentioned with others, covid relief, vaccine distribution, helping people that are still in need of help because of draconian shutdowns, if that wasn't so important right now, i would almost want to argue i'd like to bring in witnesses because i'd like america to see the double standard of how we define insightful language and insurrection, but now that we know it's preplanned and they knew would ahead of time and didn't do anything, that now transcends all issues because we
6:31 pm
can't allow that to be happening in a post-9/11 america, seven it accrues. senator cruz. >> i think you did a really nice job of clipping together some of the more egregious examples. the democrats right now, what they're trying to say is that president trump's rhetoric because the terrorist attack on the capital and listen, the president's language at times i think is overheated, but if you look at the language he used saying things like fight, saying things like go retake our country, if that is now incitement, then we better prepare a long line to indict every candidate for office who has ever run in, anyone who was ever given a stump speech and said let's go fight, let's go win, let's go retake our country and when it comes to encouraging violence, you noted quite rightly that the president was careful to say that the
6:32 pm
protesters should be peaceful. we have had democrats for a year cheering on, seeing violence all over the country, riots all over the country, stores being looted, stores being firebombed, police officers being assaulted, police officers being murdered, individual citizens being assaulted and what did the democrats do? they cheered it on, they celebrated. in fact, kamala harris our new vice president not only encouraged they keep at it and keep doing more, she raised money to pay for the bail to bailout the violent criminals. let me be clear, anyone who attacked the capital and attacked a police officer need to be prosecuted and need to be put in jail a long, long time. nobody has a right to engage in violence. the differences you when i have been consistent in that. we said if you are engaged in violence whether you're left-wing or right wing, that's
6:33 pm
unacceptable. the democrats have been complete hypocrites on this cheering on blm and antifa and apologizing for the violence and the hypocrisy is really sick right now. if >> sean: era champion debater from harvard, tell me what my arguments are missing or maybe what you would like to see and hear from the defense in this case? >> i think the arguments the defense needs to focus on are precisely what you say which is that the impeachment article fails on mary. they have charged the president with incitement of violence and insurrection, nothing he said meet the legal standard for incitement. incitement is very clear. incitement is very deliberately saying go attack and by the way, if you are actually measuring the standard for incitement, those democrats you played,
6:34 pm
maxine waters, chuck schumer, they have come much closer to meeting the standard for incitement then did president trump, but the honest answer is none of them he incitement. we have the first amendment, we have robust political speech, people are entitled to be idiots and in the united states congress, we get a lot of people doing that. we shouldn't be prosecuting people for speaking and the reason they are doing this, we need to understand this, it's not just that they hate donald trump, they hate the 75 million americans who voted for him and they are trying to silence you, trying to cancel you, trying to erase you and is not going to work and already just a couple of weeks into the biden administration, they are overreaching, going too far left when politics is like a pendulum that we will come back towards sanity and mark my words, 2022 is going to be a fantastic election in 2024 is going to be a fantastic election.
6:35 pm
>> sean: senator ted cruz, thank you. the president's attorney david schoen joins us for an exclusive interview following day one of the impeachment schiff show charade sham. say that five times fast straight ahead.
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>> sean: joining us now is the attorney for president trump, david schoen for this impeachment i called the schiff show charade. we've been friends a long time, david. i loved your arguments and your passion. i think it started a little meandering, a lot of free associating in the beginning and i'm not attacking your partner, i don't know him at all, but i liked focused arguments and i
6:40 pm
particularly liked you actually ran tape of the democrats pointing out the obvious that the news has changed quite a bit since this snap impeachment. >> yeah. i think this is a very, very painful and wrong process for the country. as you said earlier in your show, it's very easy to stand up and show spliced and manufactured films, the democrats, the house managers hired a large movie company in a large law firm to put together this thing. it's a matter of tricking the american people to play as if the writing was going on in real time with the speech, what's the purpose of that? why do we want to trick the american people and it has great entertainment value, people are glued to movies made professionally like that. that's not going to advance any cause of good and the country. >> sean: the constitutional issue of jurisdiction, let's go over that and why this is not constitutional.
6:41 pm
>> so many reasons why it's not constitutional. it's funny, the house managers said such a clear question, saying it's a close call it best but common sense, nobody thinks of using the impeachment process for anything other then removing a civil official from office. we have courts. if you want to have an investigation of a want to prosecute someone, we have courts for that. that's not what impeachment is for what we talked about the language in the constitution today, that sort of thing. it's absolutely nonsense for the president is no longer the president right now and is a person who can't be removed from office. he is a private citizen. this is what our founding fathers are very much against, having a legislative body try a private citizen. think about it, he doesn't get any the benefits are safeguards that our constitution provides for someone who has an actual trial. that videotape would never go into evidence anywhere in the
6:42 pm
world today. it's a spice tape showing what they want to show. >> sean: it's pretty profound to me that the media is now acknowledging we have a law enforcement the fbi acknowledging, we have court documents acknowledging, ocasio-cortez the congresswoman acknowledging, all these people now discussing how ineffective this is all preplanned. how do you make the argument that at a rally, the words of the president to peacefully and patriotically march to the capital's are your voices are heard, how do you make the argument that that incited and insurrection when in fact it was all planned out apparently ahead of time according to all of these various sources now? >> even taking the position that that speech incited and insurrection is as dangerous as i can imagine the free speech area which should absolutely chill passionate political speech. trump jr. said it best, that
6:43 pm
compared to other rhetoric you hear, if you read the speech and logic, when he uses the word fight, it's in the context of a legislator fighting or something like that. it's really setting a horrible message to people. i understand they don't like donald trump on that side of the aisle. half the country loves him. i would say if he had 7,475,000,000 voters, they voted for him because they love donald trump. i don't know that many other candidates could say that. people may have voted because they didn't want donald trump, the other and he's a passionate person and is setting a very dangerous and it's a hoax, i'm sorry to say. >> sean: the standards for how they define incitement and insurrection, what if we applied it as we started our monologue tonight to the words of joe biden, kamala harris, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi,
6:44 pm
maxine waters, and a whole host of others. if that same standard is applied, do they not all deserve impeachment >> greg: by the way, i don't agree with it, butf you use their standard, it seeme somewhat intellectually honest, you'd have to say they deserve impeachment. >> if they tried to impeach them, i would say was an abuse of the impeachment process but they are using rhetoric that is just as inflammatory or more so. the problem is, they don't have followers, dedicated followers when they give speeches, so this speech right now you are finding out about the preplanning and i'm afraid they're going to back off that investigation because so many people want to tie it to donald trump. there's nothing they showed today that in any way ties it to donald trump. it is not tied to donald trump or his speech whatsoever so what they're doing now is saying you see, it's not just his speech, he's been inciting people and
6:45 pm
inflaming people. he's been arousing the american public to drain the swamp, whatever they call it to make a difference in this country. that's what political speech is about. >> sean: there's a lot of criticism of the opening, not your part in particular, but it seemed to be free associating, extemporaneous, somewhat meandering. will the rest of this process because you are going to be out as i understand it friday insider day, will this be more focused and more prepared, are there other people that are planning to make those arguments because some conservatives called me and said we need somebody harder hitting here. >> the fellow who did the opening today is the law firm, very capable people. today he hadn't planned on going, so i'm sure they will be very well prepared in the future and do a great job in the case. there's a lot to say and i know you feel very strongly about
6:46 pm
fighting against what they are seeing. >> sean: good job today, thank you so much for faring it with us, you won't believe creepy joe is back. creepy uncomfortable comment joe directed at a nurse yesterday, we've got the tape and we've got some highlights and we will get reaction from pete hegseth and tammy bruce coming up straight ahead.
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>> sean: so now the week, the frail, the cognitively struggling joe had another baffling and frankly what we were calling before the election creepy moments on a virtual discussion with a nurse running a vaccine center in arizona. take a look. >> they know that i'm trying to do everything safe and
6:51 pm
efficient. >> are you a freshman at the university? >> greg: no. [laughs] >> you look like a freshman. >> thank you. >> sean: okay. it wouldn't be that bad, but of course biden has a long history of this sort of unprofessional uncomfortable moments. here with reaction, fox & friends weekend cohost pete hegseth along with tammy bruce. i mean, when you run the video and we actually edit out and pixel the phases of a lot of young kids in this with joe, a lot of hair sniffing, kissing of the neck, just kind of creeped me out. i'm being nice or else i'd show a lot of stuff that i think some parents may not like. >> she was not just not a freshman at arizona, she was the
6:52 pm
lead nurse on a covid-19 vaccination site meant to demonstrate the efficacy of their efforts but of course the biden administration should be thanking the miracle of these vaccines to the trump administration, there's a reason dr. biden did all the talking in the super bowl video because we know who joe is. this is very typical, not surprising at all, and instead of focusing on covid the way he should, we are spending all this time talking about an impeachment hearing that we know the outcome is going to be when they can be totally focused on actual vaccine sites like this. instead, we get a virtual hair sniffing which is what we can expect from uncle joe. >> sean: i don't know, maybe i just have a different philosophy, i'm not a big touchy-feely type and you've seen the video which i've discussed here, this is not the worst comment in the world, let's be honest here, i assume
6:53 pm
just trying to be nice. >> there was more. >> sean: there is a lot more. >> and look, this is where we have to remember what has led up to this, the impeachment hearing is a distraction from the disaster that is in the white house. joe biden had to issue during the campaign of video statement after scores of women came forward, professional women, women who are democrats saying that their space had been not just intruded upon but his inappropriate behavior made them extremely uncomfortable, credibly accused by at least 18 women, a dozen to 18 women if not more and a credible accusation of sexual assault. if you notice that that is gone. this is what we can expect, this isn't just from today where he was tired or trying to be funny, this is what he does and what it
6:54 pm
shows you is how deep-seated this attitude is. his comment to her and i think being a freshman is great, being in a college is great but it was a diminishment of that woman before his comment, he had described her role, what her position is after that comment, she described it again. if that woman worked hard to be in that position and he turned her into a thing. this is what joe biden does. it's what he's been doing, and the democrats, hollywood, you notice their silence. it highlights their hypocrisy and he has been in office a couple of weeks and it's already -- kamala harris says she believes accusers. if you notice her face when this begins, a sweeping kind of panic. she erases it right away, but she is there all the time now almost like a minder which is shameful. this is an issue of character
6:55 pm
across the board for everyone in the white house. >> sean: he may be weak and frail but old habits are hard to break, 20 seconds, pete hegseth. >> that's exactly right and you want the most thoughtful, serious person possible in that position to get us out of this nightmare we are in. what tammy said is right, we knew who this nurse was and afterward she had to have the knowledge it, yet you make a crack that she's a freshman at arizona, the most juvenile thing you can think of in the most important moment you can possibly imagine. it's who joe biden is, is the empty vessel we have in the white house. >> sean: thank you. we will have more hannity right after this. (loud music & noises) ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) comfort in the extreme.
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>> i'm glad you press the trump lawyer on the first lawyer that presents this case. >> a little meandering, free associating. go ahead. >> it was terrible. you are way too charitable. if you hire that guy in the case that you are paying the bills on, it would've been like i'm sure you're a nice person, but enough. how much time could you spend praising the democrats? the whole thing was a walk down memory lane about how much he loves the senate and this was like t


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