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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 10, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> those doors to orient you speak of those doors, to orient you at home, are the doors the president walks through when he goes to give the state of the union address. you hear one man yell "no violence," and another responded "it's too late for that." >> jesse: hello, everyone, i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld and judge jeanine pirro. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: you are looking alive at the senate floor right now. democratic has impeachment managers are trying to make their case to convict former president trump. but the political math doesn't add up your democrats don't have the votes yet they are still pressing ahead. >> you did nothing to help us as commander in chief.
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instead, he served as the insider in chief. and he did that because he wanted to stop the transfer of power. >> he told his supporters, the only way he could lose the election is if it was stolen. this was not one speech, not one tweet. it was dozens in rapid succession, with the specific details, he was acting as part of the host committee. >> jesse: former president trump's lawyers telling fox news exclusively how they plan to respond to attacks like that. they're going to argue later this week the trial was unconstitutional and sets a bad precedent. republican senators like ted cruz are pointing out the hypocrisy of trying to punish political speech after democrats cheered on violence for a year. >> saying things like "fight," saying things like "go retake our country." if that is no incitement, then we better prepare a long line to indict every candidate for
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office who has ever run, anyone who has ever given a stump speech. we have seen violence all over the country, we have seen riots all over the country. what do the democrats do? they cheered it on. >> jesse: dana, i did notice, was it eric swalwell who was there making the case for impeachment? anything jump out at you there? >> dana: i do think it's a curious person to put on the impeachment panel for the democrats to the point of the language about fighting for your rights, that is often said by a lot of people, but also, one of the things republicans will point out is that there has been language from democrats, not necessarily encouraging violence, but not really condemning it. i will give you an example, who is one of the people that the house impeachment people need to convince customers susan collins of maine. she may have already made up her mind. she voted that the trial is
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constitutional. whether she will vote to convict, we will wait and see. remember the kavanaugh hearing and susan collins was under all that pressure and they took out all that money? there were so many threats from her and her staff. let me read you a tweet from eric swalwell about that time. he said you are a senator who police will protect, can't sleep in your home because of threats. where are you sleeping customers she is alone while you and your senate colleagues are trying to rush her through a hearing, et cetera. the whole boo-hoo-hoo thing, many of these rioters have been arrested. in fact, when the ap looked through and cnn also did a similar thing, they took many of the rioters who were arrested and looked at their voting records and i think it's really important to remember that many of them, most of them, they
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didn't even vote in november. all right, so the republicans have a right to separate from the violence and i think to the great majority, they have. on the politics of it, i understand sticking together. and it comes to the democrats, i think they know they are not going to get the votes to convict, but i also think politically they don't have anything to lose. so when this is over and it will be over fairly soon, we might be at a wash, which is where we were a week ago. in the meantime, president biden gets to basically skate under the radar, president trump and the highlights again, all during the presidential election campaign. >> jesse: i was going to ask greg about that because he is really escaping scrutiny, they are not asking about vaccines or school closings or people getting laid off or the borders being open, focusing again on donald trump, and as dana mentioned, that is how joe got
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elected. >> greg: i don't think you can repeat this too many times. this is all emotional political theater. that's all it is. we know by the vote yesterday, what was it? what was the number of the boat? >> dana: 56-44. >> greg: it's a safe bet that the 44 who voted it was nonconstitutional are not going to vote for impeachment so it's already done, it's already over. so this is just for ratings, this is just for politics, this is just some kind of emotional field but what i think america i hope is learning for this trial is that the democrats and their media enablers have more rights than a private citizen. we always knew the institutional press has more leeway in destroying your life, defamation protections and things like that, but there was a limit and it's always defined as you can't shout "fire" in a crowded
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theater, that's the limit. but the politicians you talk about, swalwell, they shout fire every day to america but their version of shouting fire comes in different flavors. police officers are more dangerous than criminals. that led to riots, right? there is a massive domestic terror network worse than isis. that will lead to a police state. all trump support is, of course except your neighbor, are all immoral bigots and of course, the earth only has eight years left. to all of this contributes to a nihilistic, destructive mind-set. these are all versions of shouting "fire." you could argue persuasively that the four years of shouting "fire" regarding trump's presidency created a natural distrust in the election that took place, which people felt desired to audit. that didn't come from q, came from you, the media. the entire profit model for seen in the last decade has been a cultural replication of shouting
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"fire" and it's all protected. anderson cooper on down. they all have more rights than you. they can call you racist, they can build a climate of division and make money off it, which leads to violence and misery, but they have more rights than you. so they can sit here and they can point at you and say you are racist, your evil every night while they are doing something far worse. they are creating division and they are destroying the country. >> jesse: judge jeanine pirro, how would you make a defense for the former president if you were up there defending him on the senate floor? >> judge jeanine: i just want to respond first to what greg is saying. the left is saying they have not only more rights than you, greg, but what they are saying is that if they are attacked, they have more rights than the thousands who were attacked this past summer during the black lives matter attack where 2,000 police officers were injured, where 30 people were
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killed, where people lost not only their business and their livelihoods but their hopes and their dreams and the possibility of making it to the next level of their life. so they are not just equal but also in terms of their lives are not equal, and that is established over and over again through this absurd political theater, is the absolute right word to use. here's the bottom line, the people responsible for the riot on january 6th are the people who rioted and who committed crimes. there is 120 people right now who have been prosecuted, as well they should be. it was an outrage. and what they are doing now is nothing but trying to tarnish donald trump so he can never run again and every republican for the republican party, oh, my gosh, what are we going to do? 74, 75 million people who voted for donald trump. you can try to dissipate, you can try to dispel, you can do whatever you want, but the
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bottom line is it doesn't matter. even the supreme court doesn't think it matters because justice roberts never even showed up. so what are we doing? wasting time while americans are out of jobs? we have a pandemic and china is on the rise. >> jesse: juan williams, give you the last word. >> juan: well, thanks, jesse. i'm kind of shocked. i want you guys to come back come and join the conversation, pay attention to the news. clearly, what's going on on capitol hill today is an attempt to hold democracy and the constitution up, to celebrate that as a basis that we are a country of laws. we have seen the impeachment managers build a case block by block that sustains the idea that what donald trump did was inside the violence that took place on january 6th. to me, it's chilling. it was chilling to hear trump
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supporters at a rally saying destroy the republican party. it's chilling to see his tweets attacking mcconnell, threatening vice president pence. so this today, wednesday, this impeachment trial you guys are all ignoring, i guess you are afraid of it because it's a -- >> greg: please don't mind read. don't mind read! don't mind read! before there is no need to because i listen to all of this -- >> greg: then how could you be so wrong? then how could you -- before you don't want -- >> jesse: greg, let him finish. >> juan: because i'm right, so it seems to me that what you heard today was how trump was attacking not only democrats but republicans and now he is forcing republicans to make a choice. he can stand with the mob who storms capitol hill and said believed the cops, you can join
2:11 pm
the queue and on conspiracy, the proud boys, the violent extremists -- >> dana: literally no one is doing that -- >> juan: let me just say, you can stand with liz cheney, you can stand with mitch mcconnell, you can stand with people who believe the republican party should stand for conservative principles. this trial to me is about whether or not republicans want to close your eyes or they want to face the truth and right now, let me tell you. let me tell you. facing the truth is the way that we stop it, the way we bring the country together. ignoring problems is never the way to solve problems -- >> greg: you shouldn't be impugning our intentions, that is the problem. >> juan: i don't need to impugn it, i can listen -- >> greg: then it goes into your brain and it comes out wrong, that's on you, that's not on us. it's not our fault if you are getting it wrong. it's not my problem -- >> juan: you don't want to deal with the news. >> greg: you need to deal with that! you need to deal with your
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problem! >> juan: maybe you should listen to what you say, maybe you would be outraged. >> greg: i would be outraged at what i'm saying? i don't think so! >> jesse: all right, juan, we got to go but what you just did right there, juan, that wasn't cool. you are a colleague of ours and we've been talking about this for over a month and none of us are standing with the mob. we have never stood with this mob. we have condemned to outright, we are not ignoring it, so don't impugn -- [all speaking over each other] >> greg: unlike you! >> jesse: we got to go. it's over. coming up, president biden promises to get your kids back in school but it turns out, they didn't really mean it. also, don't forget to follow "the five" on social media to continue the conversation. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i made a commitment that we try to get k-8 back to school by the end of this 100 days. >> we will also do everything we can to safely reopen a majority of our k-8 schools by the end of the first 100 days. it should be a national priority to get our kids back to school. >> judge jeanine: president biden already breaking his major promise to get kids back in the classroom and his first 100 days. the white house now dramatically scaling back my goal. watch this.
2:18 pm
>> his goal that he said is to have the majority of schools, some more than 50%, open by day 100, at least one day a week, hopefully it's more. >> judge jeanine: and press secretary jen psaki moved the goalpost today. i will start with you, jessie. how was it that the private school, then the catholic schools have been open, at the very least since september with little funding at all from the federal government and they are just going along? is the president making american kids last in his effort to make america last? >> jesse: they are falling behind so fast they are going to call this generation generation. it's sad, he keeps putting these goalposts out there like joe, you already achieved it. he did it with vaccines and now he is doing it with school vaccines. me in high school, i would tell my parents, mom, if i get
2:19 pm
straight cs the semester can i get bigger allow us? honey bunny, you are already getting straight cs, why not try for some bs? joe, i don't think he understands how big a crisis this is. pick a crisis, is it the pandemic, is of the school, is it the climate? he has talked more about migrant children then he talked about american children and he doesn't talk about the taxpayer. we have spent $100 billion already on rebuilding schools. that is like what we spend in a year in a rack. where's the money going? is going to democrat donors in a lot of these big metropolitan areas. >> judge jeanine: that's right. greg gutfeld, speaking of that, where the money is actually going to the unions, not $100 billion in the schools, are the unions playing their hand? are they overplaying their hand? now the country is really infuriated with the unions and they are like, why aren't our
2:20 pm
kids in school? they are against the unions, it is starting to seem. >> greg: it's interesting, joe's goal is one day a week by the end of april. this might be the least ambitious goal ever, in political history. that is like me waking up tomorrow and on my to-do list is put on one sock and don't throw up. we need a leader to aim higher. can you imagine if this guy were in charge when we needed the vaccines? he wouldn't have forced those companies to act superfast, he would be like, if we get this vaccine by 2040, i think we'll be okay. the problem with him, unlike the previous administration, is biden's risk/benefit assessment is based on how well it survives the blue check media on twitter when someone gets sick, and someone will get sick. real leaders have to stomach the risk, follow the science. right now this act, it's almost
2:21 pm
like donating your underwear to goodwill and calling yourself a philanthropist. >> dana: don't do that. >> judge jeanine: thanks for the analogy. dana, can you say that they are science-deniers? that joe biden is a science denier? >> dana: glad you asked. >> judge jeanine: schools are safe, are they not? >> dana: they have lowered this bar so far that even greg gutfeld could clear it in one little hop from a standing position. i don't know, i was working on that one. >> greg: you're taller than me. >> dana: yes, obviously, it's not the moon shot, obviously. the other thing is, the cdc director last week said to schools, safe to open. white house then said, she's just saying that in her personal capacity, even though she was, remember, at the cdc in front of the cdc sign. if this week, when the cdc
2:22 pm
guidelines come out, if they are watered down from what she said last week, then yes, i think you could talk about science deniers and meddling it i will lose my mind if that happens. >> judge jeanine: and juan, now some teachers are saying even if they get a vaccine they still won't want to go back to school. can they keep moving these goalposts? what is this about? before i think people want to be safe, judge, let's start with the good news here. chicago is now going back -- >> dana: let's be clear, high school students aren't going back. >> juan: okay. let me continue. so the chicago schools have announced that they have a deal to go back. new york city middle schools are now going to open. they have already had their primary schools open, so it underscores, in my mind, opening schools is a local decision.
2:23 pm
mayors, unions, governors get involved and the president can be there in terms of encouraging, in terms of saying here's the best safety protocol for all the children and the teachers to get back, but this is a local decision. biden's role is really to advise and to advise on the basis of what he gets from cdc and others, and that is where we should hold him accountable but remember, since biden has taken office, we have seen a drop in the infection rate for the coronavirus, it was 190,000 per day when he took office in how it is 108,000 per day. >> greg: that's not the vaccines, juan -- >> juan: that's better than getting kids back in school. >> judge jeanine: yeah, we've got to get them back in schools. mark even reversing course after refusing to play the national anthem before a game. ♪ ♪
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no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: welcome back. another huge controversy over the national anthem. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban said he was putting a hold to playing the song before the games but the nba is out with a statement. it reads "with nba teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with long-standing league policy." and now cuban says he reportedly will comply with the league policy and play the national anthem tonight. judge, i just want to start with you. the nba season started in late
2:29 pm
december. why did it take so long for this to become an issue? he hasn't been playing the anthem since then. >> judge jeanine: it seems that it's because of the home games and now the nba has pretty much issued, the officials of the nba have pretty much issued that they will play the national anthem, and mark cuban has kind of given himself some leeway by saying, they were really home games, there was no one in the stands, and other people are coming in the stands, and what we will do is play the national anthem. but i think the telltale here is that cuban said he would kneel too with his players if he had the chance, and i think that tells the whole story. he could say there's no one in the stands and how the nba has come out with a mandate, he's going to have to play it, but his heart is, i would neil with them too. then jen psaki saying, it recognizes the united states failings. you get so disgusted, do you
2:30 pm
really want people to come to games or do you want people to not watch them? >> juan: do you take this as a protest by the owner in line with colin kaepernick? >> jesse: he went full colin kaepernick and juan, you never go full kaepernick. he was probably trying to be the woke-asked because a lot of the young talent is pretty political, he thought it would help him sign them but i don't think the ticket holders will be down with this, the nba is not even down with us. kneeling is one thing, canceling the anthem? we finally found out where the line is with social justice and mark flew right past it and got teed up big time. i couldn't believe the white house tried to both-sides the issue of canceling the national anthem. they went squishy on canceling the national anthem, juan.
2:31 pm
in basketball, you would call that a break. >> juan: greg, actually, i wanted a lot of you to hear from mark cuban. here's something he tweeted last year. if you want to complain, complain to your boss. why doesn't your boss play the national anthem every day before you start work? what do you think of that defense? >> greg: it's actually not a bad defense because he is the boss and he is the owner and he can do what he wants. we have seen this before when we were kids. if you and your sister were fighting over what to watch on tv, after a while, a parent would come in and turn the tv off. it's called "why we can't have nice things." we can't have nice things because we are now, the media in general, are pledging allegiance to identity politics instead of the flag. it is his team, i don't think it's any call on his patriotism. he was trying to solve a problem that reflects a sad sign of the time where identity politics,
2:32 pm
wherever it goes, it destroys. it operates under the protected guys of protest but once it gets inside the organism, whether it's sports or entertainment or tv shows, it unravels it. it splits instead of unites. all he is trying to do is trying to keep it from splitting even more. unfortunately, it may not help. >> juan: dana, is this over now that the nba has put its foot down and that everyone is going to play the anthem before every game? >> dana: it's also over because mark cuban said okay, i'm good, all play the anthem. instead of having rh i will say, do you know the history of why we play the national anthem before sporting events? i will tell you. the answer, world war i, a game between the red sox and the chicago cubs in 1918, that is the year that is familiar to yankee fans at the last time they won a series before 2012. remember that. i'm a sports and history buff so i knew all of this.
2:33 pm
anyway, that's why we do it. it's good, it's unifying weird america, let's just move on, no outrage. >> juan: all right, i had come a shocking story out of florida. police on the hunt for a hacker who tried to poison one town's water supply. really? just miles away from the site of last sunday's super bowl. that's next for you on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built
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2:38 pm
system's mouse. did i say "feel-good? "i lied because it is actually a lie. the action increased sodium hydroxide, that's lye, to 100 per million. lye is what you find in drain cleaners. sprinkle lye on a dead horse and you get so. cnn sprinkles it on truth and calls at prime time. if we know one thing about the government and the media it is that they can do two things at once. they can barely do one thing at once. you've got journalist chasing down problematic phrases instead of actual danger. meanwhile, impeachment part two is designed to please reporters and dems alike because they are like. it won't result in anything except elated covid relief and have democrats mumbling at podiums. we've seen it before. as real threats motor on. we need that 20 years ago as we chased the gary -- case and
2:39 pm
obsessed over bill clinton's infidelities, al qaeda had other plans. the world doesn't stop for our pathetic new cycles. the world takes advantage of our media and our politicians. we were warned about the water supply before. maybe it's not a hack but in error, but i'm no expert. i am in the media. but i'm willing to bet not a single democrat care as much there is a circus in town and they are in box seats loading up on cotton candy, popcorn and lye. let's hope they don't drink the water. danna, here's the deal. i'm a little skeptical about certain things. this bothers me because we know the water supply is a target but whenever somebody says hack, it always turns out to be a mistake, that somebody hit the button. remember the missiles scare in hawaii, or anthony weiner? it's always a hacker. i mean, is it possible that this actually is a hacker? >> dana: i think it is possible. remember the other story that didn't get a lot of attention early last month was that of the
2:40 pm
solar wind hack into not only big corporations in america but all across our government including the treasury department, commerce department and they were in there for months and still might be in there and there has actually not been enough reporting on that or basically acknowledgment of the failure of our government to protect us all from that. so there's that piece of it. that story, you were the first person i thought of, greg. not because i thought you were a hacker but because ten years ago when we started "the five," you kept talking about it being a soft target and how technology and terrorism, wherever it was coming from, apparently they don't even know if this came from in the united states are outsider even if it was a hack to your point, but you were the first person i thought of because i thought, greg has been trying to warn everybody about this very thing. >> jesse: yeah, when i think of soft targets i think of
2:41 pm
greg gutfeld. >> greg: all right, jesse. this attack is mostly peaceful, right? >> jesse: i don't remember much from chemistry but i do remember that water is the source of life and civilization. and if you go after the water source, that's like pulling out the wrong jango piece in a tower kaboom, it all comes crashing down. if this is successful you are looking at a mass casualty terror attack. what we have to do is look at this like a red flag and promote whoever our cyber warfare guys are, make them their own military branch like the space for us. give them their own uniforms because i guarantee you this is the wave of the future. i'm not afraid of missiles anymore. i'm afraid of hackers, and i'm not afraid of much. >> greg: i don't want any lye getting on you, watters. juan, it seems that we have moved away from the traditional view of war and if you marry a
2:42 pm
drone with a packet of lye, how easy is that to just fly a drone over a reservoir? you don't need to hack. >> juan: yeah, i just want to underline how expensive, solar winds, there've been hacks of software, read somewhere, so right now it looks to me like cybercrime may be the most -- crime affecting america because it's just everywhere and people talk about the hackers but a hacker is an actual present and maybe they're working for somebody but they've got to arrest, prosecute, go after these people because when they're going after water supply that means they're trying to kill us. >> greg: yep. anyway, judge, i was going to say a joke that jesse told me this morning but i decided not to use it because i'm thinking differently now.
2:43 pm
it judge, this is why i'm going to start drinking canned beer instead of water. >> judge jeanine: it makes perfect sense because all crimes are being committed in new ways, and i realize this one, cybercrime is probably the number one crime that affects americans more than any other. the hardening of the grid and the hardening of anything that protects our water supply is essential, and shame on us if we don't take advantage of the fact that there have been many warnings and there is a lot to lose in this world where america is not the favorite of some courageous countries and i will leave it at that. >> greg: and fear in america. more of "the five" coming out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back, let's have some fun. the texas lawyer at the center
2:48 pm
of a catastrophic zoom court hearing explained how it happened when a kitten filter took over his face. >> i believe you have a filter turned on. >> i don't know how to remove it. i've got my assistant here, she's trying to. but i'm prepared to go forward with it. i'm here live. i'm not a cat. i was wondering why my phone was blowing up from calls around the country and around the world. i didn't know if i was in trouble or what was going on, but if i had figured it out, it happened to me. >> dana: you've got to go to the judge first on this. what did you think of that? >> judge jeanine: i thought it was hysterical into gave us much-needed laughter. all we do all day long is zoom, zoom, zoom. but it was fun, and i would have continued with the case although i'm dying to know, i haven't figured out what kind of case it
2:49 pm
was, criminal or civil? >> dana: we don't really do that kind of research around here, judge. >> judge jeanine: i mean, if it were like a death penalty case obviously you are not going to go forward. >> dana: juan, fun time? >> juan: i thought it was hilarious. i love the eyes and not only that, i thought to myself, if you're going to make a presentation to a judge you would want to be a wise, wise old owl, not the cat. >> dana: what would you like to become a jesse? >> jesse: i think "the five" should do this for a segment and i would like to reserve the monkey. >> dana: i think that can be arranged. >> jesse: i just bet you jeffrey toobin is looking at this thing going, why couldn't i have just done that? [laughter] >> greg: oh, sad. >> dana: brilliant. greg, you? >> greg: you know, personally, i think this is the worst kind
2:50 pm
of cultural appropriation. this man has no idea what it's like to be in a cat's shoes, or pause, or whatever they wear and yet here he is pretending to be a cat. it disgusts me and i bet millions of cats out there agree with me. their lives went from nine to eight in all the outrage they felt over this. he can, he should give an apology immediately. >> dana: is that a prairie dog? >> greg: that was me. >> jesse: i can see it now. impeachment hearings underway and greg gutfeld is a prairie dog on "the five." >> dana: believe me, it's already happening. i hope that was not a groundhog, i embarrassed myself there. >> greg: it's a cocker spaniel. >> dana: tom brady may be having a little bit too much fun, in the super bowl parade celebration. that's him tossing the lombardi trophy to another boat. he was also seen stumbling around when he got back on land but we are not going to judge here, are we, jesse? >> jesse: no, he deserves it
2:51 pm
and he doesn't drink alcohol, i don't think. knocking back a few shots. all he needs are smoothies, a few drinks and he is man overboard. >> dana: or lombardi overboard. >> juan: but how much fun would it be to catch the lombardi trophy thrown by the greatest of all time quarterback tom brady. he didn't overhand it, he under her hand it, but i agree with jesse, i thought that guy didn't drink. >> dana: may be he doesn't. >> judge jeanine: now, and that's why he's such a mess, the guy doesn't drink. he drinks water, he doesn't drink coffee, doesn't drink soda, he eats plants and hummus and that's it. >> dana: plans and hummus. greg, what do you think about this guy who went to the high school you went to? >> greg: everyone thinks that because of his diet, that is why he is successful.
2:52 pm
he is successful despite his bonkers diet. if he actually drank and had made he would have 12 super bowls but the big story here is i am back on top, i am back on top. now that tom brady has tarnished his reputation, i am the most important alumni of sarah high school. they must disassociate themselves from tom brady, cancel tom brady! >> dana: maybe we will trend for that. cancel tom brady. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home. insurance is c onl ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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2:57 pm
they want more of me. the greg show is going nightly after having its best year ever on saturday. it you are going to get me now twice a day on "the five" end at 11:00 p.m. as well if you can stand seeing me twice, it will be worth it. i want to thank the staff of "the greg gutfeld show," and everyone who has been pushing the idea for your spirit is going to be great, we will be up against brian williams which will be tough because according to him, he gets 300 million viewers and he lives on the moon. >> jesse: i speak for myself only, i will never get sick of watching with you. >> greg: i'm going to cry. dana perino. >> dana: america wants it. as everyone knows, maybe you
2:58 pm
don't know, less than a month until my book comes out. everything will be okay, life lessons for young women from a former young woman. i've got a couple of events. life events, actually. march 14th, that's a sunday in san antonio, texas. you can get tickets, and march 20th i'm going down to florida tickets available at florida it feels like the right book at the right time. we are starting at tell mike neu feature on our insta story pagee post the songs we play every day. i know you like my songs, i know you don't like it greg spear to don't hold that against him, watch him on weeknights at 11:00 p.m. >> greg: juan's songs are the best. beside juan's, dana's are a close second. valentine's day? guys, skip the flowers. what you really want is a
2:59 pm
lobster tail bouquet. that is right. if you go to lobsters for, you can make a lobster bouquet. if they bring you in the package about six lobster tails. i have some right here. they are really cold, and i had to bring you a little kid so you can do it yourself. if they are shipped right from maine, and you learn how to assemble it, they tell you how to cook it. lobsters from the happy valentine's day. wand? before you know, when you are ad playing schoolyard basketball, a circuit shot. watch what a pro did last night on an nba court. take a look at this from different angles. if a massive piece of body control and intelligence while in mid air going 100 miles an hour.
3:00 pm
it reminded him of michael jordan's improvisation. he finished with 32 points and three taking advantage of his shooting. what a player. >> dana: i could do that. >> greg: they played the national anthem before the game, that's probably why he made the shot. "special report with bret baier" is next. >> i can kick out of this filter. i'm here, i'm not a bear. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i had to try that before a serious newsday. a breaking tonight, house impeachment managers call in the 45th president today, the insider in chief presenting their case in the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. the democrats walked to the senators through the former president's repeated efforts to undermin


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