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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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it reminded him of michael jordan's improvisation. he finished with 32 points and three taking advantage of his shooting. what a player. >> dana: i could do that. >> greg: they played the national anthem before the game, that's probably why he made the shot. "special report with bret baier" is next. >> i can kick out of this filter. i'm here, i'm not a bear. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i had to try that before a serious newsday. a breaking tonight, house impeachment managers call in the 45th president today, the insider in chief presenting their case in the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. the democrats walked to the senators through the former president's repeated efforts to undermine trust in election
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results and prove it lead directly to be deadly riots at the u.s. capitol in january. but they also showed new security video from that attack showing the mob breaking into the capital, showing how close the mob came to senators and vice president mike pence. even showing body camera footage of capitol police officers are under attack. it trumps legal defense team will have a chance to make arguments later this week. chad pergram falling at all from capitol hill. good evening, chad. >> democratic impeachment managers with their argument into three parts, publication, the attack, and what they called the harm. democrats played never before seen security video of rioters hunting for nancy pelosi. a traumatic capitol police radio traffic of officers begging for help. >> house impeachment managers claims the mob stormed the capital and did so at the
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direction of the former president. >> these defendants themselves have told you exactly why they were hearing. he made them believe over many weeks that the election was stolen, and they were following his command to take back their country. >> we will have to fight much harder. >> lead impeachment manager focusing on one word in particular from the former president. >> sheet don't like told them to fight like and they brought us on that day. >> the managers accusing the manager democrats and of rounds he can campaign it months ago. democrats argued the former president tried to pressure georgia election officials. if they argued trump's language radical language fueled groups. they allege they posted maps of underground tunnels at the capital and potted how to overwhelm capitol police. just because they treated it as a war. they meant it.
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president trump had truly made them believe that their election had been stolen. it was their patriotic duty to fight to steal it back. >> counsel for the former president accused democrats of undercutting mr. trump's free speech rights. >> even taking the position that that's each stomach speech incited in insurrection, it would absolutely chill passionate political speech. >> he is the attorney who upset the former president. parks confirms that he fumed that bruce castor's presentation yesterday. when asked if the president was disappointed, castor replied, far from it. republican bill cassidy surprises colleagues floating tuesday to go ahead with the trial. cassidy tempered expectations today. the code this does not predict my vote or anything else. it predicts that i will listen to the use arguments as they did to the arguments yesterday with an open mind. >> ted cruz taking issue with the tactics. >> it's reminiscent of
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shakespeare, it's full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing. i think you will see a lot of partisan table pounding, you're going to see a lot of efforts to pull on emotion. >> g.o.p. senator spoke with the former president. he reinforced to the president the cases over over. it's just a matter of getting a final vertex. that's because it's a near impossibility to find 67 votes to convict mr. trump. >> bret: chad live on the hill, thank you. as promised, president biden did not bring up the impeachment trial today. instead, making his first visit to the pentagon to keep an eye on china while also making sure to recognize the spaceports. white house responded. don't like peter josie was a long ride. >> the new president is laying out a new foreign policy. >> president biden: has her commander in chief, will never hesitate to use force to defend
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the american people. it i believe for should be a tool of last resort. >> just before more decayed into the pentagon, he showed the kind of power he wants to use while addressing the military coup in burma. >> president biden: the military must relinquish power. >> the first steps are financial. >> president biden: the u.s. government is taking steps to prevent the generals from improperly having access to the $1 billion in burmese government funds. >> following a lengthy meeting of officials with what they can do. the president appeared to give a shout out to be spaceports. >> we need to take on the dangers and opportunities of emerging technologies. ensure that we are positioned to lead a new era of competition from the deep sea to outer space. >> at home, covid-19 concerns remain issue number one as the white house orange parents, students back to school might mean one day a week. >> particularly during
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transition about reopening schools within the first 100 days, why did he not mention the small print that that was going to be one day a week? >> again, the president made a set of goals of reopening the majority of schools within 100 days. when you asked what that meant, and he answered the question. that is not the feeling, that is the bar we are trying to leap over and exceed. >> the president is convening a task force to confront china. to >> president biden: task force will work quickly, drawing on civilian and military experts. >> the president didn't rule out a retroactive punishment. >> mr. president, any interest in punishing china about not being truthful about covid last year? speak of the president isn't describing china as a threat, instead talking about the china challenge. bloomberg is reporting that tonight will be president biden's first phone call with the chinese president,
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and that would be just a few hours after he told me there that he is interested in getting information about china may be not telling the truth concerning covid last year. >> bret: peter doocy live on the north on. thank you, back to the impeachment coverage. >> [indistinct] >> we are 30 seconds out. they're trying to get the gates down. they're throwing metal poles at us. >> we are here. we are here. [indistinct] >> bret: house impeachment
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managers playing that dramatic audio from capitol police officers as well as showing video from security cameras never shown before. some of it where officers are directing the mob away from where senators were and just a few yards away from where vice president pence was cleared in one of the eclipse, an officer is running down and runs past senator met romney. it met romney said he had never seen that video before from the security camera, and he was very fortunate indeed to be where he was with the help of that officer. it let's bring in our panel, harold ford jr., ceo of empowerment capital. former south carolina congressman, trey gowdy. a tray, this is the house impeachment managers effort to threat all of this together. if they've done an effective job of presenting the spirit of some dramatic video and audio today that obviously stud down next on to some of the senators in the
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hall. >> the jury is going to be mad at us watched it take i tell mark to today, you have to give the jury someone else to blame. which is why, brett, to to it was so important for the president's lawyers. if they couldn't control what the jury saw appeared that they could control with the jury thought about it. they should've planted some seeds of doubt or other things to look at yesterday. meanwhile, they are talking about a guy named hastings who's been dead for 200 years. today was powerful, part of that is because the defense did a lousy job last night. >> bret: what about how this is all set up, katie, it's a high bar, but clearly they are making the case that they believe that all of the statements before january 6 by the president led up to this moment where people there on the national mall believed they were going to change at the direction
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or outcome of the election. >> they certainly expanded their argument beyond what they saw. it the argument in the house impeachment process and before that vote took place. they essentially said january 6 speech was the incitement moment that drove all these people to the capital. it now as we see more evidence from law enforcement officials that this was preplanned, democrats and the senate now presenting their case have expanded their case to say, this is a likely, lung dominic month long process. watching that video today, i find it interesting that the american people have not seen that footage from the capital being presented to them by the fbi, for example, by the capital police and now they are seeing it through this political lens through someone like eric swalwell who is very partisan. bottom line, in terms of how they move forward, democrats are arguing the president incited
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the mob, the republicans in the house as well. there are also worried and concerned about the demonization and criminalization and impeachment of speech that democrats and republicans, including house impeachment manager jamie raskin used when he said, we have to fight like. this is an assault on x, y, and z. that is what i think is the main issue here. mitch mcconnell saying this is a vote of conscience. it's a strange thing to say considering 45 republicans already voted to save this process was unconstitutional which would signal they would vote again to acquit the personal dominic president. >> bret: and i want to play a clip of the security tape. at this is the part where the police officer redirects. you see mitt romney in the frame. the thing i will play what the trump folks and supporters are saying in defense of all of this presentation. [yelling]
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>> emily quickly moved down the stairs. the vice president turns -- >> this is the last stop for going in. one of the riders you can see, mr. goodman, passes senator met romney and directs him to turn around. >> they are trying to cancel the guy that 74 million americans voted for. they've been obsessed with this, the obsession continues. so much so that they are willing to ignore the constitution, willing to ignore due process, and willing to ignore the facts. >> we need to bear in mind that it was effective because this is political theater. it is not a real trial. in a real child, if you had charged someone with incitementu would have to prove incitement,l
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incitement under the law. >> bret: harold, considering all we've seen today, obviously the legal team have yet to go later on this week. where do you think we are? >> thanks for having me on. the trump legal team has their hands full. the pitching has gotten tougher after today. i thought today's presentation by the democrats was overwhelmingly powerful. i hear some of the concerns expressed by both katie and trey, but trey and i work in that building. if you listen to some of the things that were being said, we are being reminded of writers and protesters said in the capital, they were looking for the vice president, looking for the speaker. mr. trump had sent them there. we can to stomach debate, i don't think there's much debate that the president certainly encourage this group, encourage them before january 6. some argue this is the free speech right. how do you defend, after the
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president watched this for four hours. if i were the president and i didn't believe my words were inciting those terrorists to go to the capital, i would've immediately spoken up within minutes of watching that on television urging them to go home. i would've deployed more police and maybe even the military. i certainly would've called be vice president, this energy dominic senate majority leader. president trump did none of those things. he didn't react until four hours later until he made a statement expressing his gratitude and love and well wishes for those thugs to get home safely. i think any republican -- that's the question they have to grapple with as much as any as a jury tonight and tomorrow and the next several days. the one that's right. it's a political question. you are also right to point out he did not reach out to you vice president pence. it was several days later he talked to parents.
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that is not the articles of impeachment. at the political follow of what happens in those hours after. is it? the bar of conviction on the substance of things. >> congressman ford's point, if you want to know what the president intended, look at what he did after the siege began. bret, you know because we talked about it. i thought that was the better allegation to make. it not that the speech incited people, because he had given that speech a dozen times and nobody had stormed anything. there have been lots of bad speeches by politicians that contained the word fight and all other manner of hot rhetoric. at the best allegation is once the siege began, what did you d? my fear is, we haven't even heard that evidence yet. if that might be more than what we saw today. >> bret: last thing, how big of a difference, if the trump legal team as suspected plays a
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lot of democrats including chuck schumer and maxine waters saying things that clearly sound like they are inciting or endorsing the actions of mobs or riots. how much does it change the dynamic evans perception after really compelling arguments by the managers? >> i think it points out that this is not an isolated incident. of course, you didn't see the storming of the capital after a number of democrats saw those dominic said those things. they were threatened out of their homes, you saw a number of riots last year that were endorsed by the democratic party and not condemned at the dnc. i think if anything, it points this is a political exercise. democrats have gone too far and saying, this isn't just about the mob and individuals being arrested and responsible for their own behavior. that they use this to paint all republicans with a broad brush
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of insurrection, white supremacy, and therefore they are trying to use this, again, whether it's for house seats in 2022 or damaging president trump for 2024 should he run again. i think that's where they've fallen down in terms of their argument, they've gone too far already in isolating who they are accusing of insurrection. >> bret: thank you, stand by if you would. it still had to come at the third-largest school debt dominic district make a deal to reopen. how parents are getting ready to send their students back to class in chicago. at the new controversy of the national anthem, they stop the traditional playing of it before games. >> it means respecting the right people to peacefully protest. >> the nba has been far too political. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: controversy over the national anthem began with colin kaepernick taking the stomach and me in 2016. four years later, the controversy is back, this time in the nba. at one team owner nixed the tradition of playing the national anthem before games. at that decision was overturned
3:22 pm
this afternoon by the league. gillian turner has the play-by-play. >> margaret kibben and the dallas mavericks are under fire after canceling the national anthem at home games. a cuban confirming, it was my decision and i made it in november. at the mavericks haven't played the anthem all season, but that's about to change. they reversed course this afternoon saying, all teams will play the national anthem. cuban has spoken out in the past in support of players right to protest. >> they are taking a knee, being respectful, i'm proud of them. i would join them, we've learned a lot since 2017. we have evolved as a country. >> he got into it with critics on national media, if you want o complain, complain to your boss and ask why they don't play the national anthem every day before you work. at the star-spangled banner was played in 1862 at a baseball field dedication. it was then played again at the
3:23 pm
1918 world series during world war i. it was so popular with the crowd, it's stuck for all major american sports for the next hundred of years. some americans including president trump claim nearing dominic kneeling during the anthem disrespects the flag. it today, white house press secretary says bite and understands why people do it. >> it's respecting the right of people, there right to peacefully protest. that's why he ran for president in first place. >> they are drawing a direct connection between winning audiences and divisive cultural issues. >> until something is happening, the nba has become far too political with leaders like mark cuban making these decisions, it's turning people off. >> cuban says the mavericks will be playing the national anthem tonight in dallas. >> bret: jillian, thank you. at the question, is this coming
3:24 pm
to a u.s.? a british hospital system is updating their language to exclude terms like breast milk or maternity ward. if they now used terms like human milk and perinatal services department. of the changes being done to support trans and nonbinary birthing people. on wall street today, that outgained 62 to finish the new record high. at the s&p 500 lost a point, the nasdaq dropped to 35. up next, she once said vampires have more heart than senator ted cruz, she is the president's budget nominee. a close look at her committee hearing next. at first, some of our fox affiliates around the country. a fox two in san francisco underway after 600 gallons of petroleum water extra skilled in the bay. chevron says crews were able to isolate and contain that spill and a health advisory for those living near was lifted this morning. they could face fines and
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penalties for the spill. a fox five in new york, pepsi says and jemima will be re-banded as pearl milling company in june. they are transitioning away from the and jemima brand in june 2020. this is a live look of indianapolis. one of the big stories there tonight, a site you don't see every day, a herd of about 75 cabs barreling down in india on the highway after escaping a nearby farm. the galloping animals were seen by a nearby policeman, warns oncoming traffic. eventually, all the cows are accounted for, safely. no injuries were reported to human onlookers or the cattle. that's tonight's live look from special report, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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3:30 pm
only person he condemned was his own vice president, mike pence. he was hiding in this building with his family in fear for his life. in the first crucial hours of this violent attack, he did nothing to stop it, nothing to help us. by all accounts from the people that were around him, he was delighted. here's the last thing donald trump said that day, and you might remember this from my presentation earlier in the week. at 6:00 p.m. on january 6th, after all the destruction that you just saw the capitol police and the national guard fighting to secure this building, here's what donald trump tweeted. these are the things and defense
3:31 pm
that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated worse alone. go home with love and in peace. remember this day forever. he got what he incited, and according to donald trump, we got what we deserved. donald trump's incitement of this insurrection including his dereliction of his duty as commander in chief to defend the capital and the people and it is a complete refusal to condemn the attack while it was going on, and continued incitement of the violence during the attack require impeachment. let's turn to then president trump's conduct that day. i went to start at the beginning when he addressed his thousands of great patriots as he called him that morning.
3:32 pm
around noon, donald trump began speaking at a rally just down pennsylvania avenue. even before donald trump finished speaking, his supporters began to walk down toward the capitol. if they were already starting to chance, stop the steel, storm the top of drama capital. invade the capital, piper trump. i did 12:53:00 p.m., they had violently forced their way through the barricades here at the capital. at about 1:00 that day with this chaos just starting, speaker pelosi as the constitution requires formally commences the process by which at this chamber certifies the election results. within 10 minutes at 1:11:00 p.m., as it almost on cue, donald trump concluded his speech with its final reminder to the thousands gathered there, it was time to go to the capital. let's watch.
3:33 pm
>> we are going to the capital, and we're going to try and to give -- we are going to try and give our republicans -- the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help. we are going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country. let's walk down pennsylvania avenue. i want to thank you all, god bless you, and god bless america. thank you all for being here, this is incredible. thank you very much. >> bret: you've seen one almanac >> you've seen what hapi want to look at what happens next. he recalled during the speech, president trump said we are going to the capital, suggesting he was going to go with this crowd. of course, that was not true.
3:34 pm
let's hear what he says. >> it is up to congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy, and after this were going to walk down, and i will be there with you. we are going to walk down. we're going to walk down to the capital. >> this of course was not true. he did not go with them to the capital. he left and went back to the white house. while he was en route to the white house, violence began to grow here at the capital. within minutes of donald trump's speech ending, there were significant reports of escalating violence that began to surface. buildings around the capital were starting to be evacuated. if i 1:15 an explosive device
3:35 pm
had been found at the dnc. a pipe bomb has been found at the rnc about 15 minutes earlier the house sergeant at arms called for immediate assistance. that was at 1:34:00 p.m., the mayor of washington, d.c., called for additional national guard troops. i won't go through all of the details of the violence that unfolded here, you just saw that. as we walked through what arch dominic are commander in chief did that day a might want to be very clear about exactly what was happening here at the same . for 40 minutes, while buildings were being cleared, pipe bombs were being found, his supporters were literally reaching the perimeter of the capital, and overwhelming law enforcement. we saw the violence that was occurring. we heard nothing from the president of the united states. we didn't hear anything from
3:36 pm
donald trump donald trump until 1:49:00 p.m. meanwhile all of this is unfolding, president trump sends out a tweet. this was the first thing he did when he learned the united states capital, all of the members of congress, his own vice president was under violent attack. what was that tweet? nearly an hour after the rioters breached the capital permit or want to call my 49. it donald trump released a propaganda reel of his save america speech he had given an hour before. i want to be clear, the events i just described -- the rioters are breaching the capital, attacking law enforcement, the violence is being broadcast all over the television for the whole world to see including the president of the united states. i want to show you, this is
3:37 pm
what's happening right before donald trump send that video out again and as he does it. >> our country has had enough. we will not take it anymore. that's what this is all about. to use a favorite term that all of you people really came up with, we will stop the steel. you will never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength, and you have to be strong. >> even if president trump claims he didn't know the extent of the violence that would follow his speech, it was now happening in plainview, broadcast on television. his supporters were attacking law enforcement, the mayor, the police chief were calling for help. members of congress and the vice president were inside scared for their lives.
3:38 pm
he doesn't send help. he doesn't try to stop it. he doesn't even acknowledge the attack. instead, are commander in chief tweeted the video of the speech that he had given before that included language like, our country has had enough. we will not take it anymore. that's what this is all about. you have to be strong. those around donald trump, as was later reported, were disgusted. his close aides, his advisors, those working for him, former officials, even his family were begging him to do something. kellyanne conway, the president's close advisor called to quote, add her name, to be course of aides urging donald trump to take action. of all good trump, the president's own daughter went to the oval office as soon the writing escalated.
3:39 pm
as confirmed by senator graham, was trying to get trump to speak out to tell everyone to leave. minority leader kevin mccarthy called jared kushner pleading with him to persuade trump to issue a statement, or to do something. kushner, too, went on to the white house after that call. it wasn't just the people at the white house. members of congress from both parties, who were trapped here, were calling the white house to ask for help. some members even appealed directly to donald trump. these members who had "been loyal trump supporter's" and even willing to vote against the electoral college results were now scared for their lives. minority leader kevin mccarthy repeatedly even got into a screaming match as the attack was underway, demanding that trump do something, issue a
3:40 pm
statement denouncing the mob. i imagine many of you sitting here today i picked up your phone and tried to reach someone at the white house to ask for help. this was not a partisan politics. these were americans from all sides trying to force her commander in chief to protect and defend our country. he is required to do that. the extent of how many people tried to reach the president to get him to act is unknown. what is clear, what we know without any doubt as that from the very beginning the only peoe around donald trump lobbied him to take command. what's also clear is what donald trump are commander in chief did in those initial hours to protect them. nothing. not a thing. he knew what was happening, the attack was on tv, we all know
3:41 pm
that president trump has the power to stop these attacks. he was her commander in chief. he had the power to assess the security situation, send back up, send help. he also had incited this violent attack. they were listening to him, he could've commanded them to leave. but he didn't. the first critical hour and a half of this bloody attack, donald trump tweeted his rally speech and did nothing else. we know why. we know his state of mind that prompted his auditor complete refusal to defend us. the president is reported by sources at the time was delighted. he watched the violence unfold on television, president trump
3:42 pm
was reportedly, and i quote, borderline enthusiastic because it meant the certification was being derailed. it senator ben sasse who had a conversation with senior white house officials that president trump was walking around at the white house confused about why other people on his team weren't as excited as he was. trump's reaction to this attack reportedly, genuinely freak people out. i understand why. we just suffered a very serious attack, an attack on our country. we saw the people around him do it. when donald trump saw it, he was delighted. now, what president trump did next confirms why he was so delighted, why he wanted this. it shows his singular focus that
3:43 pm
day was not protecting us, was not protecting you, was not protecting the capital, it was stopping the certification of the election results. the evidence is clear bearded shortly after 2:00 p.m., as the siege was fully underway, president trump made a call. this is the first call we are aware he made it to anyone inside the capital during the attack. it doesn't call the vice president to ask how he could help defend, didn't cause the next two in line to check on their safety or well-being. instead, he attempts to call senator -- called senator lee by accident. he had just ended a prayer with his colleagues in the senate chamber. the phone rang, it was donald trump. senator lee explains, the phone call goes something like this.
3:44 pm
hey, tommy -- tom says. senator lee said, this is an tommy. he hands the phone to senator. he confirms he stood by as senator turberville and president trump spoke on the phone. on that call, donald trump reportedly asked senator turberville to make additional atomic objections to the certification process. that's why he called. let's be clear, at roughly 2:00 p.m. when it donald trump was walking around the white house, watching the tv, delighted. he spent five to 10 minutes talking to senator turberville urging him to delay the election results. this is what was happening in the capital. capitol. [screaming]
3:45 pm
>> you saw senator lankford stop speaking, leaving the floor quickly in that clip. the insurgents had broken through the barricade and had entered the building. as these aren't insurrectionist and on the doors, members of congress were told to put on gas mass and prepared to evacuate. it donald trump was calling to ask the senator to delay the certification process. let that sink in. donald trump didn't get to finish that call, it was cut off because the senator had to move to another location for his security. thank god they did, because as
3:46 pm
the call was occurring, the riders got closer to be senate chambers. as we all know now, things to the heroism of eugene goodman and other enforcement officers who took them in a different direction to the police line. they very likely would've gotten here. think about that. armed insurrectionist, guns, weapons, zip ties, brass knuckles -- they were coming for us. they were inside the united states capitol trying to stop the certification process. the police were outnumbered and but for the grace of god they would've gotten us. all of us. our commander in chief makes a call about an hour after the siege began not to preserve, protect, and defend you and our country and the capitol, but to join forces with the mob and
3:47 pm
pressure a senator to stop certification. we just can't get numb to this kind of behavior. there can be no doubt this is the purpose of donald trump's call. it he was not calling to assess the security threats, wouldn't check on the well-being of you or anyone else. later on that evening while all of the destruction and damage still continued, dozens of officers were being treated for serious injury, guests were confirmed. around 7:00 p.m. the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani made a call. just in case you didn't think there was some coordination, he also called senator lee's phone trying to reach senator turberville. we don't have to guess as to what rudy giuliani said in that voice mail because we have it recorded. let's listen to what the president's personal lawyer sat on the night of this attack.
3:48 pm
>> senator tolbert bill, or i should say coach. this is rudy giuliani, the president's lawyer. i'm calling you because i want to discuss with you how they are trying to rush this hearing, and how me and you and are republican friends need to slow it down. >> this was the singular focus of donald trump during this bloody violent attack on the capital. stopping the certification. look, as i mentioned, i was a trial or for 16 years. sometimes you have to ask the jury to use recent of inferences to piece together a defendant's state of mind. we don't have to do this here. our country was violently attacked by an armed mob, president trump not only refused to stop the attack or even address the attack at all.
3:49 pm
he made clear his focus was the same goal of the attackers he had incited. to stop the certification process and prevent the peaceful transition of power. the only action we know that he took an hour into this attack was to call senator tolbert bill and ask him to delay the certification. this is as clear evidence as i've ever seen of what donald trump really cared about that day. now look, the certification process as we all know includes debate and objections. to some of us disagreed, but we came here on january 6th to formally administer the certification process as is our constitutional duties. congress certified the results to ensure that we continue to be a country with leaders who are elected by the people for the people. donald trump's objection to the
3:50 pm
certification are not on trial, but what is on trial is while we were under armed attack, being evacuated while our law enforcement officers were fighting for their lives, our commander in chief was calling not to determine how to best secure the building and the people in it, but to continue to pressure senators to stop the certification process and to be peaceful of power. just as he incited the mob to do earlier in the day. this was a breathtaking dereliction of his duty and a violation of his oath as our commander in chief. before i hand this over to manager castro to walk through the rest. let me make one final point. these attackers stood right where you are. they went on that rostrum, they rifled through your desks, and
3:51 pm
they desecrated this place. literally, the president sat delighted. doing nothing to help us, calling one of you to pressure you to stop the certification. it can't be for the commander in chief to incite a lawless bloody insurrection, and then utterly failed in his duty as commander in chief to defend us from the attack, to defend the law enforcement officers to back attack, and to get away with it. it donald trump abdicated his duty to us all. we have to make this right. you can make it right.
3:52 pm
>> my fellow managers showed you what president trump did and did not do in those first critical hours of the attack. he sent it to me at 1:49:00 p.m. where he reposted a video of beach that incited the attack. he called the senator to ask him to delay the certification as the senator was being evacuated for his own safety. we left off around 2:15:00 p.m. at this point, insurgents were inside the senate and the house. the senate has been evacuated for everyone's safety. as you saw, vice president mike pence and his family even had to be evacuated for their
3:53 pm
safety. now, you will recall donald trump had made vice president pence a target. he attacked the vice president at the rally is, in speeches, and on twitter. during president trump's speech that morning of the attack, he ramped it up again. after privately pressuring mike pence in front of thousands in the crowd, he called mike pence out 11 times, including saying, "mike pence, i hope you're going to stand up for the good of our constitution, and for the good of your country. if you are not, i'm going to be disappointed in you, i will tell you right now." this was the crowd's response to donald trump's days of relentless attacks on his own vice president.
3:54 pm
[chanting] by 2:15 p.m., the crowd was chanting in unison "hang mike pence" out of the very building he had been evacuated from with his family. now, even if the president term didn't know that his inflammatory remarks about his vice president would result in chance of "hang mike pence" by 2:15 p.m., he surely knew. the attack was all over television. they were doing this out in the open. this was a vice president whose life, whose families life, was
3:55 pm
being threatened by people whom the president had summoned to the capital. capitol. what did president trump do in response? did he stop? it did he tell us, no, don't attack my vice president? even when president trump knew what his words were causing, he didn't do any of those things to stop the crowd. in fact, he did the opposite. he fueled the fire. at 2:24 p.m., he tweeted "mike pence you didn't have the courage to do what should've been done to protect our country and our constitution. usa demands the truth." over an hour and a half into the attack, and this is what he
3:56 pm
tweeted. he still, even at this point, did not acknowledge the attack on the capital. let alone, condemn it. instead, he further incites the mob against his own vice president. whose life was being threatened. to some of you may say, well, who was paying attention anyway? at that mob was paying attentio. >> mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should've been done to protect our country and our constitution, giving states to -- and in accurate would say they were asked to previously certified. if the u.s. the truth.
3:57 pm
>> mike pence is a [bleep]. mike pence is a [bleep]. >> donald dave, stomach donald j. trump said to let us in. >> the insurgents amplified president trump's tweet attacking the vice president with a bullhorn. they were paying attention. they also followed instructions. in fact, the insurgents were at one point, as you saw, 60 feet
3:58 pm
away from the vice president and to be vice president's family. some of these insurgents were heard saying, "they hope to find mike pence and execute him by hanging him from a capitol hill tree as a traitor." and then they erected a gallows with a noose. this is what donald trump incited. please, take a close look at that picture. it hearkens back to our nation's worst history of lynching. our president's words have the
3:59 pm
power to move people to action. these are the results. why did the president incite such rage against the vice president? he was fulfilling his constitutional duty, as we all were that day. it vice president's in this country have been carrying out this constitutional duty, overseeing the certification of election results without incident, without contest, witht a word for the entirety of our nation. it's part of our peaceful transition of power in the united states. the vice president said he reviewed the constitution, and he could not block certification as president trump wanted him and was pressuring him to do. he told the president and a letter that morning a few hours
4:00 pm
before -- >> bret: a congressman from texas, one of the house impeachment managers making the case over former president donald trump donald trump. it's lawyers will have their time either late tomorrow or friday. thanks for inviting us into your home today, fair, balanced, still unafraid. fox news prime time starts right now. >> mark: i was hoping you would put an animal face on for the alto. thanks a lot, great show as always. this is fox news prime time. it looks as if the house impeachment managers will be going late tonight, and getting take on the way home. if anything of consequences said we will bring it to you. don't hold your breath. if you are a defendant county court, these sneakers with their hollywood produced videos might have you on the ropes. then again, at your county court, these hollywood


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