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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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look at that dude's hair. his hair is awesome. >> jasper would love that. >> aquariums are great. >> sorry. >> that's it for us. "special report" is next with bret baier. hi. >> bret: i have nice hair. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. house democrats wrap up their arguments saying president trump must be punished for lighting a match that led to the january 6 riot on capitol hill. they need 17 republicans to vote to convict the trump president. the trump legal team lays out their case tomorrow. president biden said his administration purchased enough vaccine to vaccinate every american as the administration goes back and forth on when
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schools will reopen and what the definition of open is. white house correspondent peter doocy live from the north lawn. >> the president said they secured 200 million more covid doses of vaccine coming on the eve of a big test. will teacher's unions whose members refused to return to school on schedule listen to new cdc guidance about what is safe? >> we signed a final contract for 100 million more moderna and 100 million more pfizer vaccines and moved up the delivery dates to the end of july. >> president biden toured a lab.
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what is in tomorrow's cdc announcement about reopening school? >> if all of the kids are wearing masks and there are certain other conditions, we should be open as much as possible. >> the white house goal for reopening school surprised some on tuesday. >> teaching at least one day a week in the majority of the schools by day 100. >> because 66% of kthrough 12 students are already back. the president is pushing a 1.9-trillion dollars covid-19 stimulus package. but the budget office projects this country's debt will be bigger than the entire economy. big deficits were not a big problem for biden during the transition. >> the federal government can run a deficit because the states
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must balance their budget. >> president biden has seen some democratic exhibits. >> he was impacted as a human being. >> and has an opinion about the chances of a trump position. >> some minds might have been changed. >> the president had a long-distance call. >> i was on the phone for 2 straight hours with ping. >> his first chat with china. >> the president's view is we are in a competition with china. >> missing was talking about the origins of covid-19. >> he talked about the concerns we have beijing's unfair economic practices. >> it was a good conversation. >> biden changed his tune on china. in 2019 he said. >> china is going to eat our lunch. come on, man! >> today a 180 degree difference. >> if we don't get moving they will eat our lunch. >> closer to dinnertime.
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president biden is saying he was not upset with the vaccine roll out plan in place the day he took office. he was upset he doesn't have all of the facts available about the vaccine roll out plan from the prior administration before he took office. >> bret: peter doocy, thanks. thousands of chicago students are back in class rooms after a bitter fight with the teacher's union over covid-19 safety protocols. we brought you that all weeklong. mike tobin looks at the first wave of students and their relieved parents. >> good morning. >> an every day sight is remarkable. kids returning to school in chicago after nearly a year online. >> i am excited for my son. >> it's a limited return with special education and
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pre-kstudents. it was a bitter dispute. >> this milestone is a marker of a i don't thinker youry. -- journey it put our kids first always. >> the agreement was ratified by the chicago teacher's but they don't like it. writing this plan is not what any of us deserve. the fact that cps could not delay a few short weeks to ramp up vaccinations is a disgrace. some chicago parents agree and are keeping their kids home. >> it's a raw deal. they were pull -- bullied into taking it. it's not enough for the safety of our teachers, kids and community. >> it's a personal preference so
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you keep them at home. >> the agreement to reopen class rooms is complex but guarantees teachers get vaccines and dismisses discipline for teachers who refused to show up. there is no timeline to get high schoolers back in the classroom. that is a top priority. >> bret: mike, thanks. the house impeachment managers are done making their case that donald trump incited a deadly insurrection by encouraging supporters to march on the u.s. capitol. trump's legal team will put forward his defense tomorrow. one his lawyers say will be quick. chad pergram is following it all. >> house impeachment members consumed 12 hours to make their case. they focussed today on what they say is harm done by the former president. >> the more difficult the
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struggle, the more gloriuous in the end will be our victory. >> if he gets back in office and it happens again we have no one to blame. >> they used dramatic video. >> don't take my word for it that the insurrectionists acted at donald trump's direction. they said so. >> we will stop the steal. >> [cheers and applause]. >> stop the steal! >> you have to show strength. >> democrats fusing their arguments against the former president trump with graphic video. >> multiple capitol injuries. it>> the video is the very reason mr. trump's counsel believes it has the upper hand. >> this is not a blood sport.
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it's about reporting the facts to the american people. that's part of the problem with the lack of due process. no investigation in this case. >> republicans accuse democrats of cutting out the president telling supporters to march peacefully to the capitol. >> they left that out which shows where the democrats want to go with this. >> video opens the door for trump's attorneys to recount separate incidents that republicans say democrats incited violence against republicans. house speaker nancy pelosi ducked a question on the subject. >> in the managers -- >> before you spend any more time on it.
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let's let the presentation work itself out. >> president trump is on trial. a group of democratic senators believe republican senators may have been complicit. democrats referred the duo to the ethics committee. >> there is a possibility there were those who tried to create the delay and might have been used to open a window long enough the crowd could fight its way in. >> president trump's defense team begins its presentation tomorrow. >> everyone in that room will look bad. no reason for us to be out there a long time. >> the reason? the math. the president attorneys knows there are not 67 votes to convict. >> bret: chad, thanks.
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>> put a target on their backs and his mob broke into the capitol to hunt them down. >> bret: a house manager making the case. let's bring in frank to hear what voters are saying about the impeachment trial. you had a focus group tuesday. you asked them what should happen to the former president. let's take a listen to just one clip. >> [silence]. >> a convicted barred from office and tried and imprisoned. >> the person who held the pistol is responsible. donald trump has nothing to do. >> bin laden was innocent. >> bret: what did you get? >> the intensity is on donald
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trump's side. we found this every day since election day itself. the trump people will not be silenced. they have a point of view and will express it loudly. this is not changing public opinion. the video did shock people. it did silence people. i was amazed at how quiet those people you just saw yelling were not yelling after watching the 13 minute video. they were humbled. but they won't get the votes. it won't change the outcome of this trial. it's going to have an impact for donald trump and his reputation forever. >> bret: the trump supporters there noted that they had a problem with linking the former president's words with the actions and complained about some of the editing. listen to that clip. >> they signed a final
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contract -- >> bret: i don't think president biden was in your focus group. there was a clip there in which we did run where they complained about not showing the part where he said peacefully and patriotically. let me take a listen. >> not showing the part where he said peacefully and patriotically head to the capitol. they left that out. >> he lost the election. he lied and lied and lied. >> [overlapping talking]. >> may i finish speaking? that's what incited this crowd. >> bret: okay. split? >> we are divided. it's hard to have a consideration about any issue because everyone has already gone to their camps. one of the greatest challenges
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is how do we get over this? we will continue to discuss this for the next 4 days. you can see they are intense and passionate and not backing down. the question i have, the one i cannot answer is how do we get beyond this? how do we deal with the budget, taxes and the environment and energy and china and russia. the problem right now is of frustration and distrust of washington on both sides for their own individual reasons. i don't know how to bring people together. >> bret: let me ask you this: if democrats be looking at this and know they won't get the 17 votes but look at it as a political upside to run these videos and bring people back to january 6 to run against senators up in 2022, do you sense that will work? >> i have an idea -- i don't
3:14 pm
know if it's constitutional but i will throw it out there. offer a private, a silent vote to give members the chance to vote on their conscience without having political ramifications. if they do that, i believe there would be more votes for conviction. but i don't believe the democrats will ever do anything like that want they want to put people on the record. the amazing thing is it is all about politics. we know what will happen. it's politics at its ugliest and trying to impact 2022 and we just finished the 2020 election. >> bret: all right, frank. they have to count them publicly. thank you very much. up next, remember the tea party. checking in to see whatever happened to that movement. outrage over social media posts leads to the firing of a star wars actress. what she said that led to the back lash.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: the anti-trump group called the lincoln project is facing questions about what they anyhow when about co-founder
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john weaver who sent sex ally harassing emails against men. it raised doubt over the group's claim that it was shocked. the group took no action against weaver. co founder rick wilson called it a hit story from the trump world. a social media post by this actress angered fans. she played kara in the star wars series was criticized for pad post including mocking mask wearing during the pandemic and alleging voter fraud during the
3:20 pm
2020 election. whatever happened to the tea party? they emerged from high dissatisfaction or high taxes and increased debt and more. kevin looks back on the movement that ended up making a difference. >> ♪ ♪ . >> [cheering]. >> they were patriotic and principled and partisan and powerful. the tea party forged in frustration and fighting mad about sky high taxes and government spending run amuck. it's as if they were channelling both howard jarvis and howard beal. a tax activity and the latter of network motive fame which gave rise to a political movement that counted among's supports who's who of conservative
3:21 pm
lawmakers. they took on the gop party establishment spear heading opposition to government run healthcare and helped republicans take back the congress in 2010. they later orchestrated a government shutdown and forced the ouster of the house speaker john. much has changed. the caucus is gone and so too are the republicans undone by budget deals and congress's decision to suspend the debt ceiling. >> fiscal conservatives should be in mourning. >> the fight continues. trillions in spending thanks to the global pandemic could mean
3:22 pm
a resurgence. it could prove its epilogue rather than a rebirth. with 3 million supporters still backing tea party groups in 2021 supporters say theirs is a movement with plenty of power to yield with the mid-terms elections and the playbook from 2010 to dust off. >> bret: the dow dropped today and the s&p finished at a record high. up next we look at the damage hackers can do to infrastructure in the united states with the click of a mouse. first here's fox stories around the country. in dallas at least 5 people are dead after a crash involving 75
3:23 pm
to 100 vehicles on an icy texas interstate. 36 people were taken to the hospital. several critucally injured. fox 5 in new york where bruce springsteen is facing a drunken driving charge in november. a park ranger saw him take a shot of tequila and got on his motorcycle. he received citations for reckless driving. a hearing in coming weeks. jeep removed their super bowl add with the musician. this is a live look at san francisco from fox 2. the big story. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the fastest way to open businesses permanently is to end this. >> gavin newsom was heckled by
3:24 pm
calls of recall newsome. the chairman of the effort says they have enough signatures to get on the ballot but will gather more because the names must all be verified. that's tonight's live look outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. career . ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> bret: in the early days of the pandemic in new york more than 9,000 recovering coronavirus patients were released from hospitals and put into nursing home according to new records out tonight obtained by the associated press. that's more than 40% higher than what had been released by the state health department in new york. the moves were moved under an regard by governor andrew cuomo. it was rescinded in may. new figures come as the cuomo administration has been forced to acknowledge the number of covid-19 deaths among long-term care residents is 15,000. in the next hour with mark
3:29 pm
steyn, a woman who lost both parents in nursing homes will talk about all of this. members of both political parties are calling to improve infrastructure. a recent hack into florida's water supply has people asking about this. we talk about the fragility of utilities. >> it's not clear how they will address thecyber-ax -- attacks on the water supply. >> it's possible this was an insider or a disgrunteled
3:30 pm
employee. it's possible it was a foreign actor. >> iran has shown itself very interested if water systems in other countries like israel and even in the u.s. >> the hack in florida last friday took place 12 miles from the super bowl stadium and occurred just 2 days before the big game. it was thwarted by an alert plant supervisor. >> we don't know whether the breach originated from within the united states or outside of the country. >> a similar hack took place in israel 3 times last year. in april suspected iranian hackers increased chlorine levels in water going to residential levels. quote: they accepted information sharing in the cyber-field.
3:31 pm
in 2013 they infiltrated a small damn in new york city. that's classified. all of the employees of this water treatment facility used the same password. all water facilities are vulnerable to this attack. >> bret: thank you. back to the issue of china. the day after president biden's 2 hour phone call with chinese president xi, the communist country band the bbc. a report on the challenge of dealing with china on the global change. >> president biden and xi have known each other for many years. how that holds up remains to be
3:32 pm
seen. yesterday the two leaders spoke for the first time since president biden took office. the white house saying the president was well aware of the threat. >> i think the president's view is that we are in a competition with china. he is clear about the depth of that challenge. >> on the agenda were a range of difficult topics. the crackdown in hong kong and beige's aggressive actions to taiwan and china's unfair economic practices. chinese media said. >> we hope the u.s. will look at these issues with caution. >> president biden was talking tough but appeared to soften his stance on china throwing out a rule that required college and schools to disclose ties with chinese institutes. the move has been criticized.
3:33 pm
>> we will treat them as part of our overall approach as how to best respond to china with efforts to interfere in democracies. >> china is accused of cracking down on the international press aa nounsing that the bbc news won't be allowed to, to operate in china -- and president xi said any confrontation would be a disaster for both nations. >> bret: thank you. up next the panel breaking news down of the senate impeachment trial as the trump legal team waits their turn.
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the empty free speech rhetoric you may hear president trump's lawyer. he betrayed the oath of office. >> this trial never should have happened. it should be as short as possible given the complete lack of evidence. >> i will condemn what happened at the capitol but i am waiting for the first democrat to condemn any violence in their cities. >> i think the senate has an important job to complete. my guess is some minds may have been changed. >> bret: the house managers finished up today. the trump legal team tomorrow may only use 4 hours of time. they have 16. let's bring in our panel. ben, charles, and former south carolina congressman trey gowdy.
3:39 pm
ben, today first. there was a continuation of laying out this case. using video. at one point using video of people who broke into the capitol saying they were there at the president's behest. >> well, i think what you see in this because we didn't have the kind of investigative process you would normally have in this rush to impeachment to get it out before president trump left office, we know less than we would like to about a lot of different aspects including what went on inside the capitol building. we heard references yesterday regarding armed insurrection over and over again. we have a lack of clarity over who was armed particularly with the sad death of the capitol police officers and today you have conflict near the end
3:40 pm
regarding senator lee bringing up a dispute over a phone call and asking it to be struck. an odd scenario. it's a sign this is working off videos and media reports that deserve to have more full analysis and the rush factor i don't believe will help the president's request that republicans reconsider. >> bret: chuck, that is part of the republicans argument. that the house process prevented them from having a grand jury and committee hearing with a presentation on both sides. yet there is a feeling the presentation by the house managers is compelling enough to move some votes. >> certainly the house moved swiftly to impeach the president because he was still in office for 2 weeks after this horrible event took place. there was a real fear of what he
3:41 pm
might stir up thereafter. then of course the circumstance was he left office and now we are into an impeachment of somebody after the fact. the speed with which he was indicted reflected this sense of alarm at the beginning. the video and other evidence laid on makes it clear this was a horrible act of violence. and i think the managers have done to my mind a very powerful job of emphasizing how little the president did once it was underway to stop it and in fact even after his own vice-president was almost running for his life, the president was more concerned with getting in touch with a senator to urge him to stop the electoral votes count. it's been quite a case. >> bret: trey, your thoughts.
3:42 pm
the trump legal team not taking a lot of time tomorrow, what do you think? >> that's a terrible decision. i hear what they are planning on talking about is even worse. we already determined the constitutionity. people don't want to hear about the hastings trial from 300 years ago. if there are senators who are members of the jury what engage in hot rhetoric, show that to us. more than anything else the president needs a defense. what did you do once you learned the siege has happened? you can't show that with a video. bret, you can convince the jury that someone should not be elected again with video but you can't convince them they should be barred from running again.
3:43 pm
the people that called the president. what was his response? you need witnesses. his lawyers better present a factual defense or he needs new lawyers. >> bret: we don't know what they will do. they might do what you are saying about the video showing the tweets of other democrats and words they used. it will be 3 to 4 hours. schools and the administration while this is going on. jen psaki had a week talking about how schools will reopen. listen. >> he wants to have the majority of schools, more than 50% open by day 100 of his presidency. that means some teaching in classrooms. at least 1 day a week and hopefully more. the president won't rest until every school is opened 5 days a week. that's our goal. that's what we want to achieve.
3:44 pm
>> bret: we gained 4 days then. >> [laughing]. you see the moving target and how difficult the politics are of it for leading democrats. this is reflected in the shift in these remarks. had you that footage from chicago earlier. there is no return to normalcy. reopening schools is at the center of tension on the democratic side. it will take influence on the part exerted by the president to get movement on these things. >> bret: stand by. more of the panel after the break. we will look at china and biden's foreign policy. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> last night i was on the phone for 2 straight hours with xi. if we don't get moving they are going to east our lunch. they are investoring billion dollars dealing in a range ever issues with transportation and billion dollars dealing in a range ever
3:49 pm
issues with transportation and environment. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man! they are not bad folks. >> bret: eating the lunch china doing it both ways. joe biden in 2019 and in the oval office after a 2 hour call with xi. back with our panel. trey, how do you think this administration is going to deal with china judging by what they are saying early on compared to an aggressive policy by the trump administration? >> i am still trying to figure out whether china would eat our lunch. he said opposite things. in office less than a month and the highest priorities is to reverse an executive order by president trump requiring colleges and universities to disclose gifts from china and russia and iran. what is the argument against
3:50 pm
disclosure? why would you not want to know that china is donating money to educate our sons and daughters at the university? what is the harm in knowing. first month he decides to reverse that policy. >> bret: here's rubio on that. the fbi warned about china infiltrating american schools but biden withdrew the trump administration's policy. they responded by saying: they are saying it's under review. and the trump administration effort never made it to the finish line. they are reviewing everything.
3:51 pm
>> yes, it wasn't an executive order. it was a proposed regulation out of "ice." i think it's possible this is part of and general reboot of china policy. having said that, i think there is a big and obvious difference. there was one view of how to deal with china under donald trump. it came from the top and went through the whole administration. there was no nuance. in this new administration, you will see more nuance. there are different views among the various players within the government which actually more the way it's been around washington. there is diversity in views and inner-agency conflict on dealing with china. you have the question of how much climate change should supersede other concerns. we will see that play out. the risk for joe biden is he doesn't get control over all of
3:52 pm
that and he allows the administration to speak with more than one voice. it's still very early. i think democrats have toughened on china generally as opposed to -- in fact the whole foreign policy elite have some lessons learned in the past. >> bret: and leadership from the trump administration on that issue. jake sullivan a national security advisor and blinken secretary of state firm on china in the past. the big issues are taiwan and hong kong and covid-19. the origins of it. >> well, on two of those things we see concerning developments. one thing people should remember about these confucius institutes, a law that passed
3:53 pm
last year. china believes they can reach out and touch you if you have done something related to pushing for democracy in hong kong wherever you are around the world. that's the bluster they have. the confucius institute was a way to track conversations between students and american professors. and about covid-19, the fact we have rejoined the w.h.o. under joe biden and our one american representative on this w.h.o. investigation has dismissed the idea we even need to investigate the possibility that this came from a lab is something that is incredible to be made he needs to be investigated. that should be concerning to us. that nuance chuck speaks to is true. but we are seeing it lean in one direction in the early days and it's not a good one. >> bret: and trey, we should point out that the biden
3:54 pm
administration is leaving on the tariffs that the trump administration put on against china and other policy as well. >> yes. it's hard to believe the republican party, when i first got there 10 years ago, we were free-traders. re for tariffs and the democrats are for them too. they keep them on. the world changed a lot in 10 years. >> bret: yes, we will see if it continues to change. when we come back this panel looks ahead to tomorrow's headlines. this is a tempur-pedic mattress. and its mission is to give you truly transformative sleep. so, no more tossing and turning, or trouble falling asleep.
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from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at >> ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a look at tomorrow's headlines tonight. ben? >> disney surprised at back lash to gina firing. i think this company under-estimated how much
3:59 pm
conservatives would be ticked off after seeing a prominent figure go. it's so easy to cancel your streaming services. you can switch between them. this took me about 30 seconds. >> bret: all right, chuck? >> well, i will go tongue and cheek. trump defense rests without offering an argument at the impeachment trial. they don't have a whole lot to say. they don't want to say a whole lot. frankly i don't think there are a lot of minds to be changed. >> bret: we will see tomorrow. trey? >> trump fires legal team and hires elwood from legally blond and tom cotton steals the little dog. >> bret: [laughing]. that would be quite a development. [laughing]. >> it might happen. who knows? >> bret: thanks, everybody.
4:00 pm
that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by mark steyn starts in 10 seconds with a great guest janice dean with breaking news about the covid deaths in new york. >> yes, i thought chuck had it in the bag. but trey came through with the winning headline. i hope you give a prize and i hope trey gets a bret baier tote bag out of this. great show as always. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i am mark steyn. earlier today at the impeachment trial the prosecution rested. tomorrow the defense makes its case. if i were available i would do as charles just suggested


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