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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 13, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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mcdowell and joe machi. i'm greg gutfeld. thank you for watching the show. n scott. have a great night. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the china cover-up, that's the subject of tonight's watters words. an delegation from the world health organization just visited wuhan and said there is nothing to see here. they said it didn't spring from the lab, maybe it came from australia. the smoke screen gives joe biden a perfect excuse to go soft on china and reward his donors. he's already compromised financially through hunter.
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let's examine the art of the cover-up. it begins in ethiopia. the head of the w.h.o. was an ethiopian government official. he was hands picked by the chinese. ethiopia used to be a european colonial playgrounds and shifted to a soviet satellite and is now completely dominated by china. they control most of the debt, infrastructure and banking. ethiopia is an authoritarian regime with fake democratic institutions. dr. tedros is not a doctor, he has a degree in philosophy. as a health minister and foreign affairs minister. he was accused of covering up cholera outbreaks in his home
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country and horrific human rights abuses. china arranged for his nomination as w.h.o. chief. the chinese invited tedros to speak at peking university. but his speech lavished praise on china. china's support paid off and tedro $s was tapped to run the w.h.o. he said he supported the one china principle. meaning he didn't recognize taiwan. this was a rebuke to american policy and clearly a deal had been made with the chinese. tedros was not the american choice to be the head of the
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w.h.o. he lives in switzerland and pays no income tax object his quarter million dollar salary. we are the largest donors of the organization by far so it's mostly paid for by american taxpayers. the w.h.o. blew $190 million on travel. tedros appointed mugabi as w.h.o. ambassador. when the virus erupted in china, the chinese had their hand picked publicist spinning hard on their behalf. >> china's efforts has been essential for preventing the
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further spread of the virus. china identified the pathogen in the nick of time and shared it immediately. they completely committed to transparency both internally and externally. jesse: not only did the w.h.o. praise the chinese, they booted the signs. the world health organization said covid couldn't transmit from human-to-human, masks don't work and trump's travel ban was a bad idea. the chinese delayed for months to designate covid as a pandemic. chinese have run a disinformation campaign for a year now. top chinese officials are still fingering america as the source of the virus. they price gouged sales ppe
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other countries. much of the ppe was defective exacerbating the spread and delivering false positives. bret baier broke that u.s. intelligence officials believe the virus accidentally escaped from a wuhan lab. it collects virus samples from bats and conducts extensive research on coronavirus. because of sloppy protocols, u.s. intelligence officials think the virus escapes from a bat and jumped to a lab work and infected the community of wuhan. "watters' world" has reported how chinese scientists char vest bats from caves and bring them to the lab in wuhan to conduct
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risky experiments. the who rrp delegation determined the lab accident herey wasn't worth pursuing. >> the findings suggest the laboratory incident is extremely unlikely it was that anything could escape from such a place. and we also who that when -- and we also know that these times of accidents are extremely rare. jesse: miranda devine reported they saw tourniquets uses to treat fingers infected with suspicious viruses.
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chinese has years to clean up the virus. they spent more time being wined and dined by the communists and they didn't even visit the two other virus labs in wuhan. three bio security labs experimenting with highly contagious coronavirus in a city with 11 million people, and the hand picked team from the w.h.o. floated the theory that the virus came from frozen food shipped from australia. the lead of the delegation is from switzerland. and british born scientist and a research relationship with the wuhan institute. according to devine, the american doctor has been one of the most vocal opponents of the lab leak theory.
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this week he tweeted saying president biden has to look tough on china, but please don't rely too much on u.s. intel. all right, so chinese scientists scientists -- are feeding and breeding infected bats by hand. and the skin test doesn't believe the institute did anything wrong? and the scientist also hates trump? the only thing the delegation determined on their visit to china was the virus came from a bat. thanks, guys. we knew that a year ago. hope you had a nice visit oh there in china. this was a carefully scripted trip by prevetted scientists by an organization controlled by
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china's hand picked puppet tedros. it's been well documented the chinese government destroyed lab samples, silenced scientists and lied to everybody. banned flights from china proper. and allowed it to travel over the globe. biological warfare that has existed for centuries. the british used smallpox against the colonists, and the col nifts use ited against the native americans. but so far the scientists say it was an accidental leak. the though there is a possibility the wuhan wet market was a source as well.
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but at this point i don't know if we'll ever note true origins of the coronavirus pandemic. but the chinese cover-up plays into biden's hands. he doesn't have to hold china accountable and he can continue to blame trump for the pandemic instead of the reckless comien ease regime. china's financial relationship with the biden family remains intact. and it takes the pressure off biden to fight china aggressively. china doesn't have to pay a price, and the trump trade war settles down, and the american companies can go back to business in china getting rich while the american worker gets ripped off. we told you how they dragged
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biden across the finish line in november. "watters' world" doesn't expect biden to say much about the covid cover-up. biden had his first phone call with the leader this week. and a readout of the call confirms the president never confronted xi about it. >> i was on the phone for two hours with xi jinping. we spent a lot of time together. >> i'm so glad bide and the chinese have such a close relationship. something tells me that this relationship only works for joe, hunter and his donors, not the american people. china should in the dog house for what it did. it seems like china is in the white house instead. joining to us react, former
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secretary of state, mike pompeo. when you were in government, did you see any intelligence that indicated tedros and the w.h.o. had a financial incentive to some of the pedal whatever china did? >> there is no doubt that dr. tedros was china's hands picked leader for the world health organization. it was the politicization that got trump and the team to determine we need to leave the world health organization. killing tens of thousands of people here in the united states. destroying billions of dollars in wealth. he didn't do a thing to either prevent this from propagating, to hold china accountable when
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they clearly covered up what they knew in january 2020. jesse: when tedros flies to speak at peking university, i am sure you have some intelligence assets on the ground to give you a hint what transpired there. common sense tells you this guy is in the [inaudible] somehow. at this point do you believe people think now the w.h.o. said china is clean, no lab accident. it might have come from australia. do you see an indication the biden administration takes this and say we can take our foot off the gas in terms of holding the chinese accountable and go back to business as usual. >> it looks handy to me to have that conclusion reached by the
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w.h.o. but when we unpacked this, i assure you that investigation will prove to have been a white house. they don't have across tess to the original virus. that was destroyed. i doubt they did much when they visited that lab other than get a briefing from somebody closely monitored by the chinese government. this was more a trip to confirm what i think the w.h.o. knows for political reasons they needed to conclude. they got it wrong from the front end and they are continuing to exit wrong. the losers are the american people and the entireland world because there is no assurance something like this won't happen next week, month or next year. jesse: now that you have some space and can zoom out and see
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a couple weeks out. what is joe biden's posture for china. have you noticed anything coming out of the state department, defense department that guys you pause with regard to how the united states relationship is moving forward with china? >> i always want to give everyone the opportunity to succeed. but the early indications are the hard work that needs to be done. the flipping of 50 years of bad u.s. policy with china. democrats and republican policy. flipping that policy and confronting the policy whether it was things that happen in laboratories or trade issues, or hong kong, tibet, or the uighurs. they talk about it being a competitor. a competitor is someone you try to outdo in the marketplace and do a project for a nickel
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cheaper and win it. these people are an adversary. this is not someone you compete with. this is someone you confront and challenge and deliver good outcomes to protect americans workers from the behavior the chinese government has engaged in for a long time. jesse: it's reported that hunter bind still has a lucrative stake in a chinese enterprise he has notley question dated so far. when you view joe biden's china agenda -- just as an american, not as a politician. but as an american, do those financial entanglements that have been well reported, does that make you suspicious any time joe biden does anything
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with china? any time i see joe do anything with china, i guess suspicious. i think there are other things at play here. do you have that same feeling? >> it's common sense. if your family has a financial interest. there is something you have to do to make sure that financial interest isn't damaged. one of the reasons we have not confronted the chinese communist party is because there are enormous american business interests in the united states. and they did their best to make sure the government policy reflected wall street and the liberal elites and not the american worker. these are fundamental tensions. the leadership inside the united states has the responsibility to protect american workers and intellectual property. and i hope we'll continue to do that. i want the biden administration to be successful and i hope the
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chinese communist party is not successful. which is their core intentions growing. not complying with international norms we love and cherish. jesse: secretary pompeo, thank you for joining "watters' world." fentanyl is killing 50,000 americans a year, and china is fueling the deaths. here is how it goes down. the chinese export season threatics to the mexican drug cartels. the cartels cook it into fentanyl and smuggle it across the border and the chinese wash the profits. this is carving out the heart of our proud country. joining us to discuss is gordon chang, senior fellow at the
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gates stone institute. you understand the role of opium and drug warfare and the history of drug warfare. take us through the history of that. is that what you see going on with -- with fentanyl coming through our southern border? >> that goes back to the opium wars of the mid 19th century. but we see china using fentanyl to kill americans. china says it's trying to do something about this drug but it's not. china runs a near total surveillance state. these fentanyl gangs are well organized. they use the banking system and the chinese postal system. so beijing knows what's happening. when we look at the americans who died from the cocktails of
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cocaine, fentanyl and methamphetamine. we know these are deaths china has caused. jesse: if you combine that with the coronavirus deaths, we are at nearing a half million almost in probably towards the end of the spring. you combine that with the deaths from fentanyl, 20,000, 30,000, up to 50,000 were year. you are looking at over a million deaths coming out of china. that's soft and that's lethal. we need to consider that an act of war. gordon, thank you for your insight. the teachers union, are they stealing covid wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: "watters' world" investigation into teachers unions. we spent $100 birl on school re-openings and the biggest school districts in america aren't open. why? it looks like the teachers unions don't care about the
8:25 pm
kids. they only care about the cash. hand sanitizers and air purifiers don't cost that much. where is the money going? chicago. their public schools are so rife with fraud. 2,000 cases last year alone. they didn't have enough man tower to investigate this. what "watters' world" producer found. tens of millions in fraud, billing fraud, payroll fraud, even $2 million in preschool fraud. vacation homes were traded for fat contracts. scamming 900gs in reimbursements. the swim coach rent the out the pool and pocketed 30 grand. where is the union president? she's under arrest for fraud
8:26 pm
with no bid contracts to her former school in exchange for $2 million in kickbacks. the chicago's teacher's union is run by. and the same day sarah said that it wasn't safe, she posted pictures of herself by a pool in puerto rico. look at the caption. when she is not working on her tan, she is funneling union dues to crooked chicago politicians who took nearly a million dollars from the teachers union and lobbied the chicago mayor to keep schools closed. are you seeing how this works? the teachers unions demands for returning to work, ridiculous. they want their rent paid for. they want reduced hours, and they want to jump ahead of the
8:27 pm
line for vaccines. chicago claims they spent $100 million to safely re-open schools that still aren't open. air fill straition upgrades, the hon sanitizing stations. they posted all their grants on the website. we checked it out. but the numbers don't add up. there is millions of dollars missing. one thing is clear, though. politically connected companies run by democrat donors got krats. a company run by hillary clinton donors got an $11 million contract for air purifiers. company after company whose top
8:28 pm
execs get million dollar contracts. chicago says the schools have been safe to open since november. so why are they still closed? are we just dragging it out so democrat donors get that contract steered their way and teachers unions get to steal the money? that's what it looks like. the san francisco school district runs a close second for corruption. schools are closed in the city by the bay. but they found time to remove schools named after george washington because he was a quote colonizer, and abe lincoln because he wasn't so nice to native americans. but they are pushing to name a school after kamala harris. besides sidity. san francisco schools have a history of fraud. embezzling $15 million and the teachers union in 2019 indicted for bank fraud and stealing
8:29 pm
thousands from the union. the atlanta schools are closed, ebb though taxpayers are sending them millions of dollars. an atlanta principal was charged after stealing half a million from the cool system. who could -- from the school system. who could forget the cheating or bonus scandal. the teachers propping up scores to earn bigger bonuses. biden said by the spring we'll have most schools open at least one day a week. >> you said the goal was 50% schools to have in person at least one day a week. why is the administration setting the bar at one day a week. >> that's our own effort to set a bold and ambitious agenda so how we'll measure ourselves and
8:30 pm
progress. jesse: shoot for the stars. joe takes millions from the teachers unions, he looks the other way while unions stay home and steal our tax money and unions get looted through no-bid contracts. if biden wasn't a corrupt politician, he would designate teacher's sense workers and demand they return to the close room. catholic schools are open and they didn't spend $100 billion. -- atlanta schools are demanding students attend summer school. andrew cuomo facing calls for impeachment after itchy? scratchy? family not getting clean? get new charmin ultra strong. it just cleans better, so your family can use less.
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8:35 pm
and conviction history but the vote came 10 so short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict. on the other side of the world the brutal repression of peaceful protest taking place in myanmar following a two bit prisoners are taken to the streets. the military is now blocked internet access. they use deadly force and started jailing citizens without charge prism biden for the u.s. would put sanctions against myanmar's military leaders but i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "watters' world." >> they say the cover-up is worse than the crime. the new york governor facing calls for impeachment. melissa derosa secretly told democrats cuomo hid the nursing home deaths because the feds
8:36 pm
were investigating them. they froze because the worried the information would be used against them. nearly 9,000 recovering covid-19 patients were sent to nursing homes in new york directed by cuomo and 15,000 nursing home residents died in that state. he could have used the u.s.s. comfort, but refused because he probably didn't want to give trump any credit. here to react, congressman steve scalise. the feds were looking into him because he directed these sick patients to go into these nursing homes. he looks count barrel of that gun and says no, no, no. we have to hide this. according to our research, you are looking at obstructing government administration in the second degree, you could be look
8:37 pm
at conspiracy. conspiracy -- misdemeanors are still official misconduct, but i think things are starting to tighten up for the governor. >> this report from the "new york post" is a bombshell. thousands of people died who shouldn't have died from covid, going back to march when the governor cuomo gave it order that covid patients be sent back into nursing homes, even though the nursing home couldn't take care of them. that went against federal guidance that said not to do that. i'm on a select subcommittee. we have been asking governor co-below to give the data to us and be transparent with the facts. he smugly said we don't have to show it to you. a top aide thinks she is talking to a couple democrat senators in new york and said we didn't gift
8:38 pm
data because we were afraid the would be used against us in an investigation. that's the definition of obstruction of justice. there are thousands of families begging and pleading to get answers and governor cuomo just looked at them and scoffed at them. he's trying to couch for his own failures. janice dean on fox has been vocal about this. they just want an answer. they lost a loved one and they weren't able to hug their loved one in the last days when they were dying from covid. they were forced back into the nursing homes by cuomo. jesse: the investigation has been dropped into the nursing
8:39 pm
homes. he waited out the clock until joe goth there and they dropped it. remember the katrina nursing home scandal? a lot of people died in those nursing homes and people were charged with a host of felonies. a general in war and you make a bad call and you move body counts around to make your strategy look better when people are trying to issue subpoenas about what the heck happened. that's about as bad as it gets. i hope in new york state prosecutors look into this and he's held accountable by the state senate and legislature. this isn't about anything else except getting answers for families. so -- >> you said, we have got to get to the bottom of this. but the clock does not stop
8:40 pm
ticking because there were murders and deaths involved that should not have happened. maybe over 10,000. definitely in the thousands. governor cuomo ought to just be transparent. if he can't be transparent he shouldn't be in that position. jesse: not even as transparent as the chinese communist regime on covid. congressman scalise, thank you for coming on "watters' world." joe biden opening the borders to turn texas blue. the great state of texas is here to respond next. at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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8:45 pm
whole host of criminal aliens. new migrant camps are being built in texas. and bind is going to let migrants remaining in mexico to come to the u.s. while their asylum cases are processed. this has seen a increase in migrants crossing the border. texas attorney general ken paxton. do you believe as i believe this is joe's plan to flood the zone and turn texas blue? >> it won't surprise me. i can't think any other good reason to do what he's doing. which is open our borders, put people at risk for getting covid and crimes against people along the border he as it relates to human trafficking and drugs.
8:46 pm
i can't think any other reason he would want to do this other than he thinks he can use that to turn texas blue. >> it's an all-aught assault on the sovereignty of this country. you bring back catch and release. you stop border wall construction. and if someone gets a dui from el salvador, you are not going to deport him because he's not a threat, but he almost ran over your child. i don't know if you heard at the top, we have been reporting for the last two weeks that the chinese communist regime is in bed with the cartels. they send the fentanyl chemicals to the labs in mexico and the chinese wash the cash. what kinds of thing can texas do on the border to confront the
8:47 pm
cartels and that drug warfare being launched through china. >> it's been incredibly frustrating. we were making such progress under president trump reducing border crossing and crime along the border. reducing a lot of the crime. it's hard for me to understand other than what you have given as an explanation as a reason why the president would change a policy that was work so well for texas and the nation. when you look at fentanyl coming across, i'm not surprised that's occurring. we can enforce state law, but we can't enforce immigration laws. we have no ability to enforce federal immigration law it's extremely frustrating and challenging for a state like ours that we would like to protect ourselves and the
8:48 pm
federal government pro vents us from doing that. jesse: the margins are getting smaller and smaller when it comes toll winning texas. >> it's getting tight. thanks for all you are doing down there to keep the country safe. the never trump movement rocked by a sex scandal straight ahead. i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: a sex scandal rocking the lincoln project. a new report alleges some in the group knew one of its founding members, john weaver, was preying on young men. there is a report the fbi is investigating. joining us, pete hegseth. what was this weaver guy doing with these minors. >> the reason the fbi is involved is we may be looking at minors. using technology within sliding into direct messages, texting
8:53 pm
young men with offers of jobs potentially with the lincoln project. but it went back he day as well. and over time. the icky part of all of this is the lincoln project knew all of this and was willing to cover it up because donald trump was running for reelection. and john weaver was use deceptive and creepy tactics for decades, he just now got caught. lynn: some of them are minors, some of them are older than 18. but the lincoln project, they were swimming in dough. people were sending them millions of dollars because they were putting out catchy ads that
8:54 pm
got understood the president's skin. where did that money go? >> they are grifters, jesse. they only spent $27 million of the money on ads. one firm connected to a founder was paid $27 million, more than they put on the air. the people who founded the lincoln project even ripped themselves in classic d.c. tile. they laundered it through their firms. they were never directly paid. some used it to pay off back taxes or buy vacation homes. ultimately they preyed on the hatred of donald trump and made themselves rich. jesse: from what we are hearing this kind creepy behavior was an open secret in the press, but the press continued to book these guests month after month just to put the president out of
8:55 pm
the white house. hopefully nothing illegal happened. if that is the case, and the feds are looking into it, that should be pursued aggressively. pete hegseth, thanks for check in to "watters' world." up next, a very special "last call." wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention. trusted experts. guaranteed accurate books. intuit quickbooks live. you can't plan for your period's... what the gush moments. but the right pad can. only always ultra thins have rapiddry technology and, they absorb 40% faster. the gush happens fast. that's why always absorbs faster. what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest.
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ask your doctor about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. [♪♪♪] jesse: valentine's day is tomorrow. happy valentine's day to everyone. and especially my wife emma. love you, babe. you are the best. there she is. and soon to be mom. that's all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world.
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. politics has always been a blood sport between competitors, but rarely has the sword of that been aimed what the others than the political opponent. andrew co-below turned his sword against our parents and grandparents in the outrageous nursing home scandal.


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