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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. politics has always been a blood sport between competitors, but rarely has the sword of that been aimed what the others than the political opponent. andrew co-below turned his sword against our parents and grandparents in the outrageous nursing home scandal.
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his closest confidant melissa derosa unveiled they withheld the true number of nursing home deaths because they were afraid federal prosecutors would finds out. the truth was twice as bad as they said it was. that stunning, cold hearted admission is relevant admissible evidence in a court of law. it shows consciousness of guilt, attempt to cover up the truth and conspiracy to deny the number of deaths in nursing homes by aself-absorbed politician. victims families and the public at large sought the numbers. the pathetic disdisgusting part of this is derosa on cuomo's behalf apologized to the
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democrats in the legislature for the inconvenience their cover-up caused. no apology to the legislature, the press or the victims' families. like fox's janice dean who desperately tried to find out what happened to her father and mother-in-law when they died in a nursing home of covid. derosa's apology was for the political inconvenience to the democrats and not for the families of those who died as the result of the mercyless calculated effort to force covid infected patients into nursing homes. the cuomo cabal literally cooked the books. andrew cuomo is a bully. not just to those he sees as a
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threat politically. but to the little people for whom he has little he lee jones. what's d little allegiance. so what's the problem here? the march 25 cuomo order mandated covid infected patients be returned to nursing homes note prepared or ready for them. a death sentence for those innocent seniors living out their last years and months in an allegedly protected environment. his mandate was a death sentence for all of those living in the home which everyone knew at the time. why did he do it? why would the signing of his name pass death upon innocent
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seniors simply trying to live out their final months or years. even he admitted it was like setting fire to dry grass. as a prosecutor and judge, your job is not to prove motive. good old-fashioned greed and power remain powerful motives. cuomo, the ultimate calculating politician knew, by returning covid patients to the nursing homes, he decided to promote himself and punish the victims. one of cuomo's biggest financial contributors are the healthcare industry. if medicare and medicaid patients are filling up the hospitals. how is that hospital going to make money? to make money they need beds
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filled with patients with real understand and real money. so get the medicaid and medicare patients out. so the governor dumped still infected patients on unprepared nursing homes with innocent victims. thereafter, cuomo tried to shield nursing home executives from lawsuits from the outbreak. this was corrupt criminal behavior by a tie rant who constantly rebuffed requests for the truth. we are not talking about a poll where you lie about your favorability rating. we are talking about a man hiding death. he hid it because he knew he was responsible. he knew yes did it and he knew for whom he did it and why it was his fault. so began the p.r. push. the ridiculous pathetic book on leadership. the fawning left commenting him
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on his press conferences where he and his brother gushed over those oh knew him. the new york attorney general can be commend for outing lies cuomo was so eager to spread to make himself look good over governors like ron desantis of florida who were actually doing a great job. three out of every 100 new yorkers who had covid have died. the governor is jealous that florida had a covid positive death rate of almost half that. and florida has the largest senior population in the country. he was in truth a horrible leader with a horrible record, a liar and a crook.
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new york attorney general letisha james needs to direct her deputy attorney general to begin a grand jury investigation and follow the hospitals money and the contributions that supported cuomo throughout his political career, and especially in his last campaign. his intent to couch the conspiracy at the highest level of new york government is clear. his blaming of others is consciousness of guilt as well. but two weeks ago when the case was circumstantial, i identified charges. now the case is stronger with direct evidence. >> manslaughter in the second degree. when you recklessley cause the death of another person. criminally negligent homicide. when a person cause the death of a human being in a way that was reckless.
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endangering the welfare of an elderly person. when one knowingly acts in a manner known to be injury yows -- injuriousto a porn unable tr himself. even the "new york times" says an draw cuomo has a history of defrauding taxpayers with the medicare medicaid debacle. the message from the white house is the biden administration has cuomo's back. this is what president biden thinks of him. >> i think he's a gold standard. >> i think he's doing a hell of a job. >> governor andrew cuomos briefings are a lesson in
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leadership. judge jeanine: should the feds take up this case. the united states attorney for the southern district of new york could prosecute this case. her father and brother are hobbyists who are extremely well connected in albany. cuomo was a conspirator who by his mandate caused the death of thousands of senior citizens. the new york state legislature must immediately remove his imagine powers as it relates to this and dem ink. because under his leadership he continues to fail. he is a liar, he cannot be trusted with the sacred duty of running our 8. both new york 8 and the feds must begin an investigation into his greedy intent, rickless behavior -- criminal negligence.
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they were lost, alone, ununaware of what was happening, and shipped out to the hospitals to die so they wouldn't die in the nursing home. they had no idea where they were going. they hadn't seen or touched a family member for months. to be brought to a hospital where healthcare workers were dressed in virtual haz-mat suits and left to die is one of the sickest things any politician has ever done. politicians have gone to jail for far less. these are human lives. broken hearts and a ripple effect of his coldblooded calculated decision to put fame and power above humanity. this despicable inhumane act should and must be andrew
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cuomo's last act in public life. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter hashtag judge jeanine. my closing statement later tonight. you don't want to miss it. joining me now to react to my open and much more. author of "fire brand," florida congressman matt gaetz. am i wrong? >> you are not. i would add obstruction of justice to the potential violations of criminal law. you had governor co-more potentially destroying records. everyone is familiar are the times care game of card hustles. they were moving folks from nursing homes into hospitals,
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then injecting the virus right back into nursing homes. you see in n and florida a tale of two governors, a tale of two states. in florida we used the national guard to make sure nursing home staff did not bring the virus into an area where it could kill the most vulnerable people. but we let students live their lives and not see the impact of the virus being even more crushing on our society. in new york they destroyed small businesses, they destroyed education. they hindered the development of young people, and the folks they were supposed to be taking care of the most they put in peril. you have to follow the money. you have to look at the financial incentives embedded in the decisions to move these people around to put them at terrible and sometimes lethal
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risk. judge jeanine: the competition that andrew cuomo wants to have with ron desantis, governor desantis of florida is exacerbated by the fact that cuomo is talking about not letting people from florida come into new york. so they are the infected ones. we have the higher number of deaths of senior citizens. our businesses rntds open and florida is open for business. he promotes himself as this wonderful governor. what do you think of the fact that the media played into his emmy-winning book on leadership and all of his having these press conferences. he's an example for all of us. don't they have some role in this? >> the media is culpable in
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advancing this mythology of cuomo that is belied by the facts. it wasn't just ron desantis they were smearing. at the time we were going through a presidential election. while they were promoting cuomo as the oracle of the coronavirus, they were. the 45th president put us on the fastest, safest path to a vaccine that the world has ever known. sadly we are only starting to unearth the extent of which governor cuomo's actions caused deaths. someone could get infected in a nursing home. get moved to the hospital, and they cooked the books to make that a hospital death, not
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nursing home death. judge jeanine: the sad part is, each individual who died, we are up to 13,000 individuals in this situation. they had no idea what was going on. they couldn't talk to their relatives or be with their relatives. i understand from some of the emts and ambulance drivers that took them to the hospital. they would make a phone call for them. and when they got out they didn't know what to expect. they didn't know what was happening. do you think the attorney general in new york or the department of justice will investigate this in a fair and judicious way? >> i have no confidence in the united states department of justice. it has become an institution of political hackery.
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there is a longstanding tradition, cuomo bristled and had conflict with the governor when he was attorney general. i'm more confident in the state of new york pursuing this than i am the department of justice. you saw president biden give cuomo a warm embrace at the white house. they do not want accountability in this case. judge jeanine: thank you so much for being with us tonight. up next. breaking news out of california. recall organizers say they have enough signatures to trigger a special election that could remove governor gavin newsom from office. congressman darrell issa has reaction.
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome back. new york andrew cuomo isn't the only democrat governor in hot water. california's gavin newsom is under intense pressure to step down as recall efforts in the state are ramping up. fox news confirmed recall
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organizers obtained the required number of signatures to trigger a special election. here with reaction is congressman darrell issa. they have 1.5 million which was the number they needed. but now it looks like they are setting it up for 2 million. why is that? >> they want a margin of safety. they have the time. they have about a month left. if you sign a petition you are going to get out and vote, and that's part of the process. but the reality is, this is a deep, deep blue state. this is a place wherer single consequence -- a place where every single constitutional officer is a democrat. i guarantee the secretary of state and officers will work against any signature that isn't perfectly in place. judge jeanine: if they get 1.5
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million legitimate ballot signatures, it's over for newsom, he cannot run in the reelection. >> what happens is, it's a yes or no on recalling him. and whoever in 2003 there were 135 candidates. whoever is the top vote getter will be the next governor 10 days later. judge jeanine: let's talk about the impeachment. what happened today was not unexpected. but there was a lot of effort and energy by the democrats in a situation they new they were going to lose. what say you? >> they knew they were going to lose. they tried to smear the president and the entire republican party. and it fell apart. many people won't look at it in real-time. but they realize the defendants showed where the very wards
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again and again and again that they accused president trump of saying as incitement, people including the managers had all used. they tried to make the case who said it, not what was said. and that didn't pass muster. it didn't change effectively one vote. judge jeanine: what do you think the impact of this will be on the republican party in the future? >> we have rebuilding to do. without the leadership of president trump and the way we had it the last four years, we have to take the best of trump, the best of reagan, the best of lincoln and put it all together. but we have been here before. i was a young soldier when richard nixon left office. we have been in problems when one or another person was
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effectively pushed out of their leadership. we went back to who we are. we are the party of smaller government, the party of small business and the small business worker. and as we show that to people, as president trump did for four years. as we show it to people, we are going to become the majority party again. i expect to do it in two years. and we have a lot of work to do, so that everyone who should vote votes. but nobody votes twice. judge jeanine: that will be a difficult measure. i know president trump tried to do that, to clean the voter registration rolls. it was a problem when the secretary of state refused to let him look at the voter rolls. >> in my home state i sued governor newsom when he tried to expand the voter rolls and the
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mail-in ballot by executive if e first at. the legislature backed him up and passed a law, but at least they did it constitutionally. county clerks need to clean up their rolls. county by county we need to push for it as we did in l.a. if they hadn't sued los angeles, mike garcia wouldn't be a congressman today. judge jeanine: thanks so much for being with us. next, how is biden's agenda far more dangerous than obama's evee
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judge jeanine: many called the biden administration obama's third term. but in reality the policies implemented by team biden are far more radical than what we saw in the obama administration from open borders to job killing regulations to keeping the schools closed.
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americans have a lot to be concerned about. peter navarro joins me to break it all down. good evening. >> how you doing, judge? judge jeanine: i'm well. go ahead, hit it. >> a little comic relief. it's the taliban follies meet the keystone cops. we have a situation that speaks a lot about the bind administration. biden is supporting a pipeline in afghanistan for the taliban, but opposes and canceled one here in america. so what can go wrong here? let me walk you through this. let's remember that the taliban was responsible for 9/11. we had the longest war ever in afghanistan. it killed tens of thousands and
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mutilated american soldiers. they are inundating this country with heroin. women's rights, barefoot, pregnant and veiled. and if you are a gay man in afghanistan, getting stoned there is not smoking weed. literally under sharia law, you can get stoned to death. so why is the biden administration and the state department supporting that pipeline while in america they are opposing the keystone pipeline. i remem back in 2017 i got called down to the staff second tire's office to write an executive order on the keystone pipeline to get it moving. the fastest executive order ever written and the president signed it within the hour. thousands of jobs. president trump. thousands of jobs for everything from making steel for the pipeline to construction jobs.
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cheap prices for gas. the gas that comes from the back and shale down to our midwest refineries. and guess who gets the short ends of the stick? canada. the people who want that keystone pipeline to come down from canada into the united states. here is the thing. donald j trump was the greatest blue collar president in american history. but the big labor bosses, the afl-cio, the teamsters, they supported joe biden and one of the first actions of joe biden as president was to kill that keystone pipeline and just a slap in the face to the american workers. judge jeanine: he did that on the first day he got rid of 11,000 jobs. i have a visual of min with
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their lunch -- i have a visual of him with their lunch pails walking off the jobs. is canada at a point where they will be forced to do business with china? >> here is what's interesting. if the gas and oil can't go from north to south. it's going to go out through vancouver over to communist china. it's kind of interesting. you have got a schism between western canada, calgary, and in toronto and quebec and ontario, they don't like pipelines. but bottom line here, judge. we did some dumb stuff in the trump administration he once in a while. but in four years we never did anything as dumb as this as joe biden pulled off in his first 20
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days. support a taliban pipeline, oppose an american one. stick it to american workers. judge jeanine: peter, it's a horrible thing that they did. peter navarro, thanks so much for being with us. next, how will joe biden's foreign policy be influenced by his inner circle? miranda devine has written tensively about this and she joins us next.
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those *. judge jeanine: welcome back. remember when big tech and the left teamed up to quash any negative press about joe biden's family during the campaign? now that he's president, isn't it crucial that we know how hunter biden's business dealing overseas could affect joe
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biden's policies? miranda devine is with us. we are delighted to have you on. we are billing fans of -- we are big fans of yours. before the election joe biden basically said -- and i think we have a full screen of this. he said no one in my family will have an office in the white house, will sit in on meetings like they are cabinet members and have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or foreign country. period, end of story. after that, it appears once he was elected, things changed. he says my son, my family will not be involved in any business or enterprise that appears to be in conflict with the appropriate distance from the presidency and the government. what say you about this?
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>> good evening. thank you for having me on. it's disturbing that joe biden changed his tune. before the election he was talking tough. no family member would have any business relationship with any foreign company or foreign government. after the election he waters it down. now it's about appropriate distance from the presidency and the government. who decides the appropriate distance? it's a shaky sort of description that you can easily weasel yourself out of. that tells you what you need to know where joe biden is on ethics. he talks a big game about being terribly ethical. but you just have to look at his closest family relationships to see how impossibly unethical they are, at least in their appearance, in their very appearance, they appear to be very corrupt.
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primarily we have hunter biden of course. judge jeanine: let's talk about hunter biden. it appears he put someone in charge of the criminal division of the department of justice who is connected to hunter biden's own lawyer? >> on day one of his presidency joe biden installed as the head of the doj's criminal division the law partner of hunter biden's defense lawyer. so is that obviously has an appearance of a conflict of interest there. and you also just 8 days ago had jen psaki at the white house press conference answered a question about whether hunter biden had divested himself of his chinese business stake which we were told he's doing. she said he's in the process.
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so you have the president's son who is degree business with the chinese communist party. and don't tell me that isn't music to the ears of president xi who had that two-hour phone call with joe biden wednesday evening. and he knows that hunter biden is an incredibly valuable bargaining chip for the chinese and they can hold it over joe biden. judge jeanine: easily capable of being blackmailed. >> yes. judge jeanine: still ahead, my closing statement. but first, there is breaking news tonight as the white house official has resigned after he threatened to destroy a reporter. tomi lahren and leo terrell join tomi lahren and leo terrell join me to react next. - in business, customer support is mission critical.
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>> you work with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect or talk down to someone, i promise i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. no ifs, ands or buts.
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>> he said that on day one of his presidency. but i guess things change quickly in washington. this week we learned white house deputy press secretary tj ducklo threatened to destroy a political reporter who was working on a story about his relationship with an axios reporter. he wasn't fired, not on the spot, not in the days after. joining me now, tomi lahren and leo terrell. you know what? tonight i'll start with tomi. what do you think about this? firing on the spot looks like a one-week suspension. but in joe biden's america
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that's what we can expect. expect. as long as you are on the left those things will be excused. did joe biden really know what was happening? i'm unclear on that part. but i'm happy he resigned. i don't see the mainstream networks carrying the story the way they would if it was the trump administration. fit was sean spicer this would have been breaking news for two weeks or more. judge jeanine: he's given a slap on the wrist. he did talk down and threaten. they were going to write a story about him and an "axios" reporter. and it was only when the glad geatds opened they said you ought to resign. >> it's the number one reason i left the democratic party. they are liars.
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joe biden said you will be fired on the spot. democrats allow racism and sexual harassment. if you have a d by your name, you get a pass. if it's the donald trump's presidency, it would be around the clock. joe biden is being told what to do. i don't even think he's aware the guy got fired. he lied to the american public. i will tell you one thing for sure. you cannot trust joe biden. i don't think he's all there. judge jeanine: he so-called resigned. go ahead, tomi. >> we can talk about joe biden and the bind administration. but joe biden is a puppet and he has been for the far left. the trump administration was criticized for four plus years
12:51 am
for being an enemy of the press and an enemy of the media. you have someone in the biden administration threatening to the female reporter. threatens her, and he gets a one-week suspension. fired on the spot. a one week suspension. but the media won't cover it. it will be like it never happened. does the american public even know or care? unfortunately probably not. >> he will be taken care of. he will get a job somewhere is. he will have a soft landing courtesy of the democratic party. as long as he has a d on his name. judge jeanine: it wasn't the intent of the white house to let him go, but the floodgates got a little too heavy so they had to let him go. thank you for being with us. we'll be right back with my
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closing statement on congressman swalwell's hypocrisy. don't go away.
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judge jeanine: i couldn't help but laugh when i saw congressman eric swalwell piously walk up to the microphone to his hatred for donald trump as a house impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. talk about the pot calling the kettle black. this product is condescending holier than no attempt to be in on its far impartial manager in a congressional setting is an outright embarrassment. swalwell's honesty can be relied on as much as a 3-year-old saying he didn't take a cookie from the cookie jar. now for your swalwell has tried
12:57 am
to convince us that donald trump is that per putin puppet underbrush enough that even after bob mueller and his team of 17 pitbulls and $30 million couldn't prove any of that swalwell still said that trump was working with the russians and get this, swalwell was targeted for years for information by a suspected chinese spy. that spite known as christine fang had cozied up to him for years helping to raise money for him and bundling money into congressional races and actually even putting it an intern in his congressional office. when found out swalwell did what swalwell did, he blamed trump. he was the victim, swalwell was, targeted by trump because he was a frequent critic of the president so should the democrats remove him from the powerful intel committee or
12:58 am
classified secrets shared? no, infiltrating people in congress is all about keeping power. i wonder if the democrats are concerned that swalwell isn't as sharp as he thinks he is. he was unaware the woman he was involved with mike d working with beijing years after he was informed. note to self, donald trump was never informed of the potential russian spy who never existed. curious, fang fang left the country as soon as swalwell was informed that his father and brother continued to communicate with her even after she left the country. so here we have swalwell entangled with the suspected chinese spy for years an operative of a foreign government, woman who clearly trump's around with other politicians and his own party
12:59 am
keeps them in a position of knowing our most classified secrets. does this guy actually have the nerve to run for president, knowing the story of this entanglement with fang fang would come out. talk about chutzpah, hubris, the guy is accused of consorting with the chinese spy any runs for president. of course he failed because he couldn't get more than 1% but in his world, swalwell is ready and capable to be our commander-in-chief. what a joke, funny. i must be right. even his own parents probably wouldn't have voted for him. that's my closing. if you like this you will love my new book don't lie to me available on amazon at judge jeanine. store. thanks so much for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way. i was the annex saturday night and you can also find me on cameo at
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jeanine. see you next time. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> on tuesday the senate voted on the constitutionality of baron peach met rerun meaning you had to watch this of grandstanding all week and if you don't you'll be accused of siding with the mob even if you condemn the mob, even if you condemn all mobs. we take this seriously but for more reasons than the media for the dems think is an award how both groups are once again in unison singing like artan canaries about the same thing? first, the dems. >> that mob at the president's


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