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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  February 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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those individuals, thank you very much charlie, we look forward to watching you man years god bless you. >> god bless you thank you. mark: see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: happy valentine's day. welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilltop, home of popular poll limp. pro america, with every week that goes by, behave two most powerful governments of world, chinese regime and our government, feeds or suspicion they are responsible. unintion alley for the biggest global pandemic catastrophe. we owe it to the billions hurt by the pandemic to make sure we
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have a full francic, open -- forensic open investigation to toits origin. we have this instead, pathetic, world health organization, wrapping up china stage of their investigation after 4 weeks with half that time spent in quarantine. they asked chinese regime for data, on 140 patients, they did not get it, lab sample, viruses, they were working on, freezer contep, data basis, details that could help confirm or rule out the. that as we have shown you, by far most credible. virus accidentally leaked from the wuhan lab. the w.h.o. did not get that evidence, they did not see it, yet still, they made this
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outrageous announcement. >> the finding suggest laboratory indent is unlikely. and to explain up -- it was very unlikelying and could escape from such a place. steve: that is not true. as we've shown there have been a number of leaks from such a place. during the sars epidemic two researchers were infected and start app an outbreak. the wuhan lab was inspected and considered a risk for such a leak. worse than just ruling out one reason for there is no evidence,
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an accidental lab leak, this week w.h.o. spread debunked misinformation and chinese propaganda. they said that pandemic could have been started in wuhan wet market. but chinese epidemiologists debunked that theory over a year ago, studied first 40 coronavirus cases and found first case had no link to people who visited wet market. then may from frozen food from india, how could anyone say that with a straight face, when the coronavirus, 96 identity to the pat coronavirus, that wuhan institute collected from a mine, years before, a virus that was already in the wuhan lab, nowhere else on earth. the w.h.o. statements were so
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outrageous that the head of w.h.o. backtracked. >> some questions have been raised to whether some hypothesis have been discarded, having spoken with some members of the team, i wish to confirm, they remain open and require further analysis and studies. steve: right. most further study is one that most likely. the one that we've been telling you about. it starts on your niaid commissioning. if form of 3 payments totally more than 1.8 million while the ban was in place, to echo health alliance. we know what they did. for the niaid it is detailed in
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a 2017 paper tied to original grant. peter das -- da sack. are listed coauthorses on the progress report that describes gain of function experiments. for a fourth week running nih refused our request to answer you on questions. if they had a good answer, if they could rule out that the pandemic started with research they commissioned, which accidently leaked from lab they paid to do the work, don't you think they would almost shout it from the rooftops? what does that tell you w.h.o. investigation. so rushed, to rule out most likely origin? it is obvious, that the w.h.o. investigation is inadequate. it must be reconstituted, peter
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desak is definition of conflict of interest must be replaced, biden administration made as if you about rejoining w.h.o., now make a fuss to get a proper investigation. but president biden does not need to wait for w.h.o., right now, tonight biden has full access to information that could shed crucial light on this u.s. intelligence established workers that wuhan lab came down with covid symptoms before the first reported cases, u.s. intelligence has a quote, growing body of evidence that the virus leaked from wuhan lab. the president was add nih, and peter doocy asked him. >> mr. president, any interest in punishing china for not being truthful about covid last year?
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getting -- >> we're waiting to get all of the facts. >> great, by what is biden doing to get the facts? putting pressure who, over its investigation, but by releasing the information that we know, that president has. about the origins of the pandemic. follow us at steve hilton. and share this message and keep pressure up. joining me, author of hacking darwin. world health organization expert. committee member, jaime metzel, i want to acknowledge the incredible work you have put in to documenting the lab leak hypothesis, that is something that was considered a conspiracy theory and now looking to be most likely. if anyone goes to your web site they see in detail the work.
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, think about w.h.o. investigation, you are outspoken about that this week, do you think we'll get a proper investigation from the w.h.o.? >> i think that we need a better investigation from the w.h.o. than what we have. but there is an open question, what the w.h.o. is capable just structurally of investigations one of its most purpose members and big -- important members and biggest donors certainly as i said in my web site, twitter and elsewhere, press release that w.h.o. team had in wuhan last tuesday was just appalling. a low point for the w.h.o. i was encouraged when the w.h.o. director general, put out i very positive statement on thursday about you played. about we need to examine all
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options. but it is very difficult for the w.h.o. to have to force the kind of full and unrestricted international forensic investigation on china, which is what we need, w.h.o. that -- i am sorry wuhan institute of virology and the same as a crime scene, we would not send a group of disempowered investigators to go ask questions at a crime scene, we need forensic deep investigation, we need u.s. intelligence, and allied intelligence, to put a lot more pressure on china than about what we're doing now. not just in our interest. but in the interest of the people in china to understand what happened here, so it does not happy again. >> right. -- happen again. steve: right, given that, what are our options? what forum, what body could
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deliver such an investigation? >> the first thing is we should not give up on the w.h.o. we need to put a lot of pressure on the w.h.o. to have at least the best possible investigation. i was deeply encouraged when u.s. national security advisory sullivan put a statement over the weekend saying he was concerned about what was happening when the w.h.o. we need to hold the w.h.o. feet to the fire. the w.h.o. itself, wants to us hole its feets to the fire, the w.h.o. is a structurally weaking organization. in only controls 20% of its own budget. they had to wait nearly a month for visas. when we could have done so much more to prevent this crisis. it does not have the authority to have an independent surveillance capacity.
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we should not just beat up on the w.h.o., we need to recognize there are structural flaws, and push for a stronger w.h.o. investigation, i agree that peter desak should be removed from the w.h.o. investigation team, he has a clear conflict of interest, dr. said we need new people with new skills to be more aggressive in this investigation. i called for a bipartisan 9/11 style commission here in u.s. that looks intos big covid failures, certainly china's failures, our failures, across multiple administrations, whatever your politics, you could point to someone in your party. then to look at international system, we have a weak international system. by design. and in times like this we face a
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global crisis, we need a more capable united nations system to keep us safe. that is hard because, country like ours, every country wants to defend national sovereignty, i am for that all those good things, but there are big global problems that we cannot solve alone. and pandemics are one. there is a lot of big questions that need to be asked, specifically i to your question, a committee of democracy -- community of democracies and come together say how do we get to bottom of this basic information we must demand from china. this is not a, hey can you do us a favor. >> we have 2-point 4 -- 2.4 million people are dead. steve: you are so right, we'll stay on the story. appreciate everything you said
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tonight. all that you have been doing, thank you, jaime. >> my pleasure, steve. steve: and for more information go to jaime metzel and look at evidence he laid out. >> i talked about intelligence aspect of this with cashe patel. >> great to see you, appreciate your incites, you are right there in thick of everything. as story was emerging, two particular aspects i would love your comment on. we have been reporting. in connection with be on joins of virus. the statement that matthew potin jer. this second. is that a statement by our state department, pompeo was secretary
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of state, saying first known cases of covid were actually workers in the lab in wuhan. who developed covid-like symptoms in fall of 2019. wondered if you could illuminate those reports for us from the basis of your knowledge from inside the system pack then. >> these are two critically important areas that you raised. as we know, the virus came from one form or another out of china, and president trump was one of first to react to, that at the time virus broke. i was we saw the intelligence as it came in. and warned the president and cat secretaries -- i think they actioned it appropriately, a lot is still classified.
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we can't get to many details, but i agree with matt's statement, he made, and i would agree and saying that pompeo for coming out, where gusto is the origin of china virus. but namely for us, whether it came from public, from a lab, or somewhere else in wuhan. we know it came out of wuhan. and latest effort by a organization to go in discredit that intelligence is something that should not be listened to or given credence. >> i agree with that i want to pick up on one aspect. seems to be very much of heart of this, this is classified. president biden this week, in response to that outrageous report from the w.h.o., said we want answers, very superficial. we need to find out what happened. well, he has the answers, he has
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them. in the form of the intelligence that you saw. that is went our system, he could declassify that. he could clear this up right now, couldn't he? >> that is spot on. talk about some folks who say they knock president parent trump for notappropriate intell. i know i did it we did on it routinely, that exists, that intelligence is nothing new, he would just need to read it, there are ways to declassify it. without harming national security, the public has a right to know about ways plague that hit in worse plague that hit in over a century, he could do that, but allowing wuhan narrative to continue that is thereby having them investigate their own offenses is lika relying on iran and the
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ayatollah to tell us about their nuclear program, absurd. steve: that is right. i really appreciate you coming on to talk about this we'll stay on this we'll keep pushing this story. and if we don't see any movement from biden administration, on this, we'd love to have you back to talk about what further pressure, thank you. >> thank you, steve. steve: in the face of president biden spineless subservient to teacher union, there is someone fighting for parents. next.
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steve: why have schools in america been closed for a year, when they have been safely opened in other countries? the reason american schools are closed, is because so many american politicians are pathetically correspondently in the pocket of the teacher unions, like this one. >> i'm of firm belief we can
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safely get back our children youngest children, get them back safely in to school. steve: your firm belief. what are you talking about? not a question of belief, it is a fact, children are barely at risk from this virus, and spread it less than anyone else, en thn this. >> i am committed to their safety and educate, i believe best education is in person, and i believe for our youngest kids it is essential. steve: you have a never to talk about black and brown kids, you have a school system where the students of color are 4 years behind white kids. your own kids, they are in private school, which has been open since september, french laundry hypocrisy does not even begin to cover it democrats who
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keep public schools closed and private schools, who is show they are open are sponsors states sponsored child abuse, they have pushed parents too far. let's not let crisis of school closure go to waste, let's use it to snatch -- smash power are the teachers union, end government school monopoly, take every dollar that government spending to schools and put it in parent's hands, so they can choose. talk about it with a true champion, to parents and students, iowa governor, our friend kim reynolds, great to see you, tell us, about the bill you pushed -- put forward and signed into law friday. >> thank you, steve, great to be with you. let's be clear our kids need to be in the classroom, for majority of our school district
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they have been open, and kids in the classroom since august, we have done it safely and responsibly, some of our lark erst school district -- largest school districts refuse, the kids are paying price, i saw a grassroot organization of parents, and teachers and kids, and administrators, we did listening sessions with, we said enough is enough, pandemic has shown us that parents need choice, our kids cannot wait, we passed a bill said, every school district, must offer parents option to have their children in school full time monday through friday, that take affect tomorrow, by far, vast majority of our school district have done that, safely. the horror stories and just,
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horrific stories i heard from the parents and students. and so i'm proud that we were able to come together, and challenge parents in the state to come together, and really push your legislators and your school boards to pass similar legislation to allow kids to return to school. steve: that is right, you had this move, let's put map on up. you are a republican governor who believes in the parents having what they get what they want. you have both chambers there. you are able to get it done, 24 states with that combination. of republican control. what you have done could be a model. i want to ask you about another exiting initiative, you published a bill on school choice, beyond the kids back-to-school, the school choice.
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>> i am excited about, that. parents need choice, and where their kids go to school, parts of student first act, would say that open roll am -- enrollment should be every school district. that prevents barriers and gives communities the flexibility to create charter schools and students stuck in a failing school, we have the first student scholarship that will allow them, if their parents don't have financial means, it gives them an opportunity to qualify for a scholarship so they would not be stuck or trapped in a failing school, i am excited about this this is very narrow, not many school district qualify, but no child should be stuck in a school because they don't have the financial means to provide a different suspicion there are
6:28 pm
their children. -- department option for their children, i am excited about, that i hope we'll get that passed this year, and continue to put parents, first, and put parents in charge of their children's education. and i think that we're leading way with student first act. >> with both these moves, truly great. with you, we have talked about -- -- thank you so much governor reynolds. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right true human cost, of president biden's policies, don't go away. i signed up because i was curious.
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steve: welcome back this week. powell told us real unemployment rate is 10%, and there are 15 million american looking for work. which parts of the economy have been hit hardest by the lockdowns, they are sector with highest proportion of small businesses and workers who are immigrants. another category affected by lockdown is younger workers, many with starting salaries, if you really wanted to make it
6:34 pm
worse, to make it harder, here is what you do, impose a nationwide minimum wage. you would force all companies to pay it not just giants global corporations, that can afford it, but every small business that can't, and open borders, so more low wageworkers can come in to make it that bit harder for the unemployed americans to gets their jobs back, that is what joe biden is doing. takes a special kind of genius to destroy economic opportunity for the lowest paid marchs on as the scale, thank god we have a president up to job of killing everyone else's job, come on, man, you know it makes sense. here with me now, to talk about joe biden's jobs disaster, neil patel. a free markets. you had a more interesting take,
6:35 pm
that alliances with my view on this. we want workers to be paid more, but take account of the circumstances, and how it would affect them, depends on who employees them. >> i think there is a great argument for the free market approach but if you are have a minimum wage, we do. then it really makes no sense to do to the way we do, where it is uniform, minimum wage, the left concept is livable. and i can see argument to apply it to huge -- multinational companies with thousands. they. walmart and amazon are lobbying for minimum wage, but it makes a lot less sense for small businesses, they have been devastated with the pandemic, the and youth case is different. if you have a dell i -- use case is different, if you have a dell delidown the street and owner ws
6:36 pm
to take a couple of hours after in afternoon and have a high schoolkid come in that is different case. and second, how does that make sense, new york has over double cost of living for a lest small towns -- a lot of small towns, why would manhattan have system minimum wage as a small town in kansas, it makes zero sense. steve, of course, so they pushing it. >> it is so stupid. >> i don't know from amazon or walmart perspective. if you can price them out of the market, it may not be stupid for them. as a public policy matter this makes no sense, the small businesses are already devastated and to add, in a
6:37 pm
covid relief bill to put a minimum wage. that does not exempt small business in anyway is almost perverse. steve: you are cynical it is worse than stupidity it designed to help the big businesses. that increasingly dominate policymaking through their lobbying efforts and their donations, i guess same would apply to the immigration aspect. where the big businesses that want to open the borders, so they get more low wageworkers, that is also the same story? >> yes, there is a lot of debate on the affect of immigration on wages, even studies that show, less affect, in the lower wage occupations. there is a massive affect, it is obvious. if you bring a ton more workers competing for the same job, the price of labor goes down. so, yeah, at-this-point, again,
6:38 pm
if you look at data on the unemployment, the people have been hit hardest are lower wage people, and people in hospitality and entertainment businesses, this is not the right time to open the border. >> right, neil thank you so much for putting that all so clearly, appreciate it. >> thank you. steve: coming up, everyone knows that biden's extremist climate -- agenda is a disaster for jobs, bud even the environment, details next. look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool!
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steve: welcome back, conservatives care about our
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environment. about protecting and concerning nature. we can't stand the ideological climate zealotry that hurts american families and farmers and does not help the environment. that is the -- obama state department find 5 sev separate times that killing keystone pipe bine would have no impact on the gas emissions. our carbon emissions have been in the downward trend since 2007. and big what biggest reason is, fracking , of course, biden wants to block it honestly these people are a joke, they just' the gestures. here is john kerry. >> we could go to zero tomorrow, and the problem is not solved. >> what the workers? losing their jobs?
6:45 pm
>> they could be people who go to work to make solar panels. >> you make them. john kerry, stick them on your private jet. they hurt the economy without helping the economy. inport -- port land, green taxes could put a recycling plant out of business. >> in california state imports more oil from saudi arabia. via tanker that means higher carbon emissions, this is a massive political opportunity, and democrats push their counterproductive climate lunacy, republicans can put forward ideas that help the economy and the environment at the same time. i talked about this with bengie backer, president of american
6:46 pm
conservation coalition. >> let's talk about the democrats and their strategy, seems to me from some points i listed. that often with democrats and the environment, it is about virtual signaling rather than actually achieving concrete results, in many cases, the actions they propose would increase emissions. >> yeah, well. that is one of the biggest frustrations of the climate conversation, it has been one sided for so long, that means more conservatives need to be's part of it, and people who care about the environment and want carbon emissions to go down, look at this issue with more nuance, right now we see policies that increase emissions, but increase the public perception we're fighting climate change, that is the problem, we need real policies at all levels, one of these --
6:47 pm
problems, is that it disconnects people from reality and real answer that we need, to solve the crisis. it is frustrating it is a i lot of virtual signaling it not about the actual solution it is about what -- how does that sound on tv on social media, does it appeal to young base, it should matter, so should results there is a disconnect there. steve: right. that is the purpose contribution we could make to the debate. you see some statements john kerry talking about how people who worked in fossil fuel industry could go just 11 to leo make solar panels, they don't -- you made the point they don't make plans when they announce their sudden sweeping plans for example to shut down pipelines, and say, well we need to transition team. the plans they are not there and that really worrying for people who work in the industries.
6:48 pm
>> right. and reality circumstance president biden and john kerry are trying to say that climate change will be fought through oval office and oval office only and everyone else should follow suit, that is not sustainable. steve: talk about future in terms of g.o.p., i argued that conservative do care about the environment probably more than the left, they are more connected they love nature and outdoors, what is right way for republicans to get involved in this issue. >> best way to solve environmental issue through conservative values, putting america first, you make technology here you make american hub for cleantech inslow nation, we'll be let -- invasion.
6:49 pm
the same old climate conversations of the past does not need to be the same, if it turned you off as a conservative, don't back down, this is the time to lean into it with our values, economics and environment can go hand and hand, we're told that is not the case, because of that and reality environmentally it makes sense, politically we need to tackle this issue, we'll see ohr conservatives step up on -- more conservatives step up, you don't have to for go your value to fight climate change. you can stand up for all that and support climate action, republican party needs to prioritize that, never next 2 to 4 years, if democrat want to work to bipartisan reforms, they should be there, and if they are not willie to, we have up -- the proposal.
6:50 pm
and continue to to so, and make our country global leader on this. steve: i think you put it really well. appreciate you. thank you. >> absolutely thank you. steve: here is a good real to follow. if chinese regime threatened you with sanctions, that is what you should do. latest example, after the break.
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