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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 15, 2021 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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now, here is "america reports." >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. more than 150 million americans under winter weather advisories across the country, and thus, live look and indianapolis at this hour facing near whiteout conditions. you have seen where they had to wipe off the camera there. frigid temperatures, dangerous wind chills. does record low temperatures are happening in many u.s. regions. 2 million people are now without power in the state of texas alone. dangerous driving conditions in oklahoma, causing a fiery pile of there, and now the storm is expected to move towards ohio tomorrow. we are watching that for you. meanwhile, this is another alert. democratic governors facing growing backlash over their handling of the kronos virus pandemic. hello, everyone. i am sandra smith. hi, john. >> john: good to see you. i'm john roberts. welcome to another edition of
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"america reports" as we kick off another news filled week. threatening to strip governor andrew cuomo at his of emergency powers, downplayed the number of nursing on residents who died from covid. >> sandra: slamming their response as shameful. >> there was obstruction of justice, and this is not about politics. this is about people's lives, and what was so shameful, they did and apologize for the number of deaths. in an apologist for the policy, but apologize for the political fallout. >> john: republican congresswoman of south carolina is standing by to talk with us. >> sandra: we look forward to that. we began our coverage with william la jeunesse. the california governor there, and bryan llenas is live in brooklyn for us. has governor andrew cuomo reacted to this latest bombshell
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yet? see cassandra, good afternoon. now, he has not responded. he has not held a public press conference since last wednesday, and the reality is this is all happening, there is a growing number of democrats who are joining republicans in calling for accountability for new york governor andrew cuomo after his top aide, told top state democrats last week that the administration purposely withheld the true number of covid-19 dance in the states nursing homes because they feared that the trump administration would weaponize that information to politically attack them amid a department of justice investigation into the state handling of the nursing home crisis, a new york democrat assembly member who lost his -- says that there is a majority consensus among state democrats to open an investigation into, and to strip him of his emergency powers that give him
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unilateral authorities to make policy decisions. >> you do not lie about life and death information to the public. if the entirety of the data was disclosed and you knew the entire truth, we want to make sure that -- do a number of things to save lives. >> at least 14 new york state senate democrats also agree that there should be -- that cuomo should be stripped of his emergency powers. we now know some 15,000 nursing home resident had died of covid-19 in new york. that is much higher than the 8500 that the cuomo administration was telling us for the better part of the last few months. sandra. >> sandra: bryan llenas, thank you. new reaction to the alleged covid coverup. we will talk to former governor candidate, mark molinaro at the end of the hour about what he wants to see happen with governor cuomo and the growing
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story. john? >> john: a lot of people have a variety of the ideas about what should happen. the campaign to recall california governor gavin newsom now gaining momentum. they say they have the 1.5 million signatures they need for getting on a ballad, but the senior advisor for the campaign tells fox their job is not done. >> we are not stopping at the 1.5 million signatures that we have collected thus far. our ultimate goal is to get over 1.8 million. we don't want to leave a doubt in anyone's mind as to the accuracy of what we are doing here. >> john: national correspondent william la jeunesse is live for us with the latest. hi, william. >> they need that closer to 2 million just to be safe. with 30 days left to collect those, it is fair to say a recall vote in california looks likely. probably the summary.
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something else, just 25% of voters in california are republican. 54% of voters in january approved of gavin newsom's performance. an major democrats are united behind them, sharing photo ops with local largely uncritical local media. newsom's problems? homeless populations, lockdowns output many small businesses out of business, and a climbing crime rate that critics say use covid as a cover to release thousands of inmates. here's what critical. i recall involves two votes. on the ballot will be two questions. and if he the second question becomes relevant. his replacement. the candidates with the most votes will win. maybe 20% of the total vote because you could have maybe 100 candidates. right now, there are two major republicans, john, but you expect a major democrat will
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step in if indeed a major recall is approved. >> john: all right. we will see where it goes from here. they still have time to get up to that 2 million so that they have a buffer, and sandra, it looks like signature verification may take away a number of those, but they hope to have the 1.5 million, which is the threshold by the time that all of this is said and done. still a mere fraction of those who voted in the federal election. >> sandra: one could make the case that this is not getting the obvious media coverage that it should be getting any attention that it should be getting, and this morning, there was a lot of anticipation to see if the governor would be holding his weekday news conference, as we came to expect every single day during this pandemic. it is a holiday, but that did not happen this morning, so we look forward to reaction from the new york governor. as soon as we get it, we will bring it to our viewers. the cdc release guidance. in person learning one day a
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week. one day a week by april 30th. critics are clearly saying that is just not enough. "the kids aren't all right. open schools now. i am a mom here and i know how bad this is for our students." she joins us now. congresswoman, good to have you back. you know how important that ages. not just for academics, but socialization. i know that this has had a big impact on your families. looking at the statistics, what this is doing to our children across the country. what do you see? >> well, it is staggering. i am a single working mom of two kids, and i know how tough it is to have virtual learning for literally the last year of school. it is extremely difficult, and we have the cdc. we have science. we have dr. fauci, everyone telling the biden administration that with precautions in place, it is a safe learning environment for our children. but the biden administration
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wants to ignore the science, ignore the cdc. we should be listening to our parents, not teachers unions. we need to get our kids back in school. we need to give patients the option of educating their children. >> john: congresswoman mace, they release guidelines on friday. talked a lot about community transmission level recommendations. only in areas where transmission is low. 90% of the school districts across the country don't meet that criteria, and at the cdc guidelines were strictly followed, some schools that are currently in full in person learning might have to shut down, so, you know, we have the cdc guidelines on one hand. we've got the push from unions on the other hand. and yet this doesn't seem to be fully posed towards getting kids back in school. >> that's right, and i have a district in my area where the students are half of 1% are exposed or have covid-19.
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we really need to look at the data and the science. congress has allotted $60 billion was the expedited reopening of schools, and only $4 billion has been sent. you've got 31% of teenagers and kids heading to the e.r. with mental health issues right now, and we know that when there are precautions in place, washing your hands, 6 feet apart, the cdc said teachers don't even need to be vaccinated, but i am saying hey, lead teachers have the option, do the right thing for our children. we should put parents and kids first, not teachers unions. >> sandra: it's fascinating what is happening in the city of chicago. you have the mayor there who did enforce closures for quite some time, speaking out very passionately on what she is seeing happen there. she said "when you have unions that have other aspirations and being a union and maybe being something akin to a political party, then there is always going to be conflict."
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"i think ultimately," she says, "they would like to take over running the city government." i mean, that is an amazing thing to hear from the chicago mayor there in that interview. >> absolutely. look at what they did in virginia, where you have the teachers union decide we need all of our teachers vaccinated. they got what they wanted. then they said we are going to walk it back. we can't allow these teachers unions to bully parents and children. we need to get parents the option. my kids have the option to go to school two days a week. i'm going to do that. i wish it were four or five, but that should be every parent's choice. not the government. nothing unions. it should be us. >> john: of course, something that is tied with getting parents back to school, the number of working mom's that have had to stay home to look after their kids and participate in their schooling. it has led to 1 million working moms dropping out of the working force.
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that is a stunning statistic. >> it's huge. and in fact, what we are looking at, the progress we have had, with women in the working place over a decade now, has been taken away over the policy that we have been putting in place. i am going to be filing legislation in the weeks to come, and i enjoy republicans and democrats to join me pure legislation that would give a tax credit to working families who have been left behind you have had to have moms come out of the workplace, debts come out of the workplace to take care of their children. they are the ones who are truly suffering. i have been working on it for weeks, and i'm going to encourage my colleagues to join me in this effort, but we really need to look out for those who are falling behind right now. >> sandra: it is a staggering statistic. the female employment participation rate, as far as women in the overall job environment in this country is not more than three decade low. this pandemic really set them back, and i thought it was interesting, congresswoman, how
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you tie this all together to the school closures. where is the urgency from the biden administration? michael bloomberg michael bloomberg, i go back to a piece that he wrote. "tying it to the economy would be the first big test of this new administration." how are they doing? speak up right, well, it is just ironic that they are trying to r schools close, keeping women out of the workplace. imagine the irony their fear they want to see progress. we all want to see women i work and having equal opportunities there, and yet these policies are hurting women the most. the irony, i just don't understand it. i feel like i am screaming from the rooftops sometimes. i just want logic and pragmatic decisions being made by congress and the administration in order for us to recover from this. we are going to have to find a solution. >> sandra: apparently science backs that up too. kids should be able to get back into the classroom safely with the teachers obviously as well.
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congresswoman, thank you. >> thank you, and you're absolutely right. >> john: you know, sandra, when you look at the statistics, monitoring school openings, currently 66.1% of students in america are in school in some way, shape, or form at least one day a week. so, to get to the 50 plus 1% that they were talking about doing, what actually be going backwards from where we are, which has led many to say that this is an anemic response. >> sandra: i mentioned that bloomberg piece when he originally talked about the original situation, that the risk is outweighed the benefits. we didn't know what we didn't know. at some point in this pandemic, but we know a lot more now, and the risk of keeping them home far outweigh the benefits of having them there, so it is a big story. glad to have her back on that one. >> john: psychological, economic. really kind of runs the gamut. minneapolis backtracking on is
10:14 am
poised to defend the city police department after complaint the longer response times and an increase in violent crime. live in our midwest bureau with more. garrett, how could they not have expected that this is what was going to happen? speak of this of a violent crime started more than a year ago. it has only gotten worse since the riots after the death of george floyd, which prompted dozens of officers to retire or step down from the force. the minneapolis to please tell mike police department it currently has 200 fewer officers. more than 150 officers remain on some form of extended leave, many with claims of ptsd following weeks of unrest in the city last year. the city council approves $6.4 million to recruit and hire several dozen new officers to help fill in the void. the hope is that those additional forces will help to address the rise in violent crime across the city over the past two years.
10:15 am
ahead of this mode, mayor jacob frey who opposes dismantling the police department argued that they need more support right now, not less. >> our chief and our police officers have been doing absolutely everything they can under very difficult circumstances, especially with the attrition that has been widely reported. we are going to need additional assistance. >> efforts to get rid of the minneapolis police department are still alive and well. pushing a proposal to replace the police with the public health focused safety department and a coalition of groups wants to put a single proposal on the ballot this fall. all of this comes as a city and much of the country is planning for the potential of more unrest with the trial of derek show chn slated for next month. >> john: thank you. this is what is going to happen.
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lo and behold, they have come home to roost. >> sandra: those that are pushing for the change, and where this is backfiring the most is in that city, where very quickly after these changes were made, slow response times. the problems that they were having, john. all right, how confusion over president biden's new immigration policy nearly allowed several illegal immigrants convicted of child sex crimes to walk free. plus, thousands of national guard troops are still in washington. what an internal memo is now saying about the length of their stance and some are now questioning whether the security presence is necessary at all. that's next. ♪ ♪ day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at all time lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me. refiplus from newday usa lets you refinance at record low rates
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>> john: fox news alert now. urging the united states to boycott the 2022 winter olympics in beijing. in the resolution first obtained, he says american athletes should not attend or celebrate the event hosted by the communist country. he says china is guilty of censorship, intimidation, and. now calling for the olympic committee to move those games to another country. not sure that will happen, but you know. protest where you think it is appropriate. >> sandra: and ness, john, he pointed out, to the more than 80 national brands making money on labor in western china, he says some of them will be making money on the olympic games, so that is the case that he is making. >> john: folks that will remember secretary of state mike pompeo accused china of. first time that the united states had come out with
10:22 am
such an official pronouncement because of its treatment, and that is what he is referring to. >> sandra: three illegal immigrants convicted of child sex crimes nearly walked free. peter doocy is live at the white house for us. >> this directive from the biden administration, sandra, where the feds are telling people on the ground you stopped attaining or deporting some illegals who are convicted or accused of some serious crimes, like drug offenses, driving while intoxicated. the policy is to be that you could hold somebody after they did time for something else for immigration policy, so the feds are going through a list. they come up with more than two dozen people who they don't want to have a detainer on anymore. turns out, three of them were convicted of sex crimes involving children. they ultimately were not released.
10:23 am
>> this isn't about public safety at all because he says sex offenders are still a priority. this is a false narrative to the american people. >> now they are explaining that they make arrests based on a case-by-case basis, based on the totality of the circumstances and is so in line with policy. president biden has insisted that he is not trying to pass new immigration laws here. he is just right now trying to undo the bad immigration policy. sandra. >> sandra: okay, peter doocy, live at the white house for us on that. >> john: thousands of national guard members still in d.c. more than a month after the capitol hill riots. now, sources revealing to our d.c. that troops could stay even longer. edward lines is live with more. talking weeks or months? >> yeah, could be months here,
10:24 am
john. 7,000 national guard members patrolling in and around the u.s. capital. this take a look at what is going on over there right now. you've got a group of national guardsmen. there is always a group at the entrance, and then around the outer fence, more around the inner fence. fox business has not been able to find -- but security officials have a meeting scheduled on wednesday. taxpayers are paying all of the burden of this. $7 million a day is what the cost is so far, related to this. that is $483 million from january 6 through march 15th. so, 7,000 guardsmen here. an internal email shows that 5,000 troops will then stay through past march 15, possibly into the fall, according to that internal email. republican lawmakers now calling on the house speaker to send these troops home.
10:25 am
>> myself and several of my colleagues have asked nancy pelosi for a briefing as to why do we need these troops here? and we have received zero information that she can do this without any disclosure, any information, and just continue to spend the money with no breathing. doesn't make sense. >> representative jim jordan as well as three other ranking members have sent a letter to the house speaker, not only asking about why they are still here, but also how they were not approved before january 6th. it read as requested by the capitol please. also i took more than an hour after to get approval. send the request of the chain. back to you. >> john: thanks so much. that is a big question, sandra. these troops were preapproved by the president and the department of defense before january 6.
10:26 am
why weren't they called him earlier? >> sandra: you heard them on the air this morning, demanding that they be briefed by nancy pelosi on this, considering the cost involved, so we will see if there is an update on that. as millions are now under winter weather advisories at this hour across the country, we will take a look at how the south is dealing with unusually low temperatures and icy roads and conditions. plus, some republican lawmakers in new york are trying to impeach governor andrew cuomo of his handling of nursing home deaths during the pandemic. his former republican opponent will join us live, next. >> i think he should be brought to justice. plain and simple. and i think he should admit what he did. ♪ ♪ g stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home. insurance is cool. only pay for what you need.
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10:31 am
officially declaring a ebola outbreak. this is the first resurgence of the disease since 2016. >> sandra: maryland to becoming the first stage in the country to put a tax on digital advertising. will be proposed up to you a 10% levy on revenue from online effort to rein in test. >> john: officially back up and running on a new platform here the social media was kicked off of several platforms, accused of playing a role in the deadly right hand the capitol. for these and other stories, go to >> sandra: thank you, john. a major winter storm, now making its way east after snow and freezing temperatures hit the south over the weekend. now, a look at a highway in san antonio, texas. and look at that.
10:32 am
snow covering the highway. the storm left more than 2 million without power. casey stegall live for us. i've had a lot of subs have never seen something like that there. >> i was going to say, sandra, you don't see this around these parts, and the people are not really used to driving on it either. president biden, though, has declared a federal disaster for the state of texas because what is crazy about this is every single state is being impacted by this historic winter storm. the majority of the power outage is now approaching nearly 3 million, actually intentional. running that texas electrical grid, says that it was forced to order rotating controlled blackouts early this morning, since demand is far outweighing the supply. officials say that the outages could last for hours at a time, through tonight, and into tomorrow. the storm is extremely far-reaching, by the way. check this out.
10:33 am
much of the pacific northwest also hit with snow and subzero temperatures. on the opposite side of the country, parts of virginia coated in ice, to crippling transportation, knocking out power. about 50,000 people. now expected to move through the tennessee and ohio valley later today. impacting chicago, then heading to the northeast later this week. i can tell you right now, the windshield here in downtown dallas, negative 4 degrees. it was negative nine when we did "america's newsroom" this morning. for context, juneau, alaska. i just looked it up. gino alaska is 26 degrees, so colder here in downtown dallas. >> sandra: you mention the driving is actually an issue. some people don't even have a winter coat in the neck of the west, sow our best to all those battling through this. >> bundle that. >> sandra: yep, thank you.
10:34 am
>> john: when did they move dallas to wyoming? pushing for actions to be taken against governor andrew cuomo after one of his top aides admitted that the administration withheld data on the state covid-19 nursing home deaths. joining me now, marc molinaro, who ran against governor cuomo. he is also a new york executive. what do you think should happen here? there are 14 democratic members of the assembly who are now saying that at the very least, he needs to be stripped of his executive powers. they were set to expire on aprio happen now. >> yeah, that just isn't enough. we have known all along that this is the most corrupt, least transparent administration in america. we now know that it is the deadliest. when you think of manipulating the data, knowingly, we believe that a criminal investigation needs to begin. just as i was years ago. as governor, in fact, engaged in
10:35 am
an investigation with one of his predecessors. a criminal investigation by the district attorney or department of justice, and certainly, i believe, i think many of us believe that the new york state assembly will initiate impeachment proceedings. >> john: so, you believe that they should go down the road of impeachment. some have called on him to resign, which clearly is not something that he would do, but you would like to see impeachment proceedings begin against him. >> absolutely. i don't think he is fit to hold public office. dan, day out, they live here they use manipulated data to pressure hospitals to close down communities and businesses, and every single day, this governor lied to new yorkers. even the day joe biden was sworn into office, he looked out the camera, lied about the fact that 15,000 new yorkers died in nursing homes, and those deaths, many of them, the direct result of a policy put in place from
10:36 am
data that they stonewalled down and ultimately manipulated. >> john: we keep learning more about this meeting that melissa had with democratic members of the assembly, the end of york post, which has a recording of it. we know that it was said that there should be some sort of recognition, maybe an apology for the directive from governor cuomo, and then melissa derosa said that the law goes too easy and nursing homes according to this recording, saying "i think a lot of these nursing homes prior to covid have been getting away with a lot for a lot of years," so this is an acknowledgment from the countertop. top aide that things have not been going well. this on top of the alleged cover-up. what is going on in albany? >> i think we have known this, but government has been incompetent. remember, those nursing homes are regulated by the state of new york, and i don't think anyone understood that there was
10:37 am
anybody watching, but at the end of the day, they made an intentional decision. lobby has helped write the policy that, by the way, has now been stricken from the states public record. they made the decision to take those who were severely ill and put them into the community peered back into nursing homes with the most vulnerable. the results of which was thousands upon thousands of deaths. the lease they have to do is apologize, but i suggest they do that before addressing the nation. >> john: no question, we are going to hear a lot more about this. marc molinaro, good to talk to you. >> sandra: we are looking for a response from the governor himself. he has been quiet on twitter today. we know he's very active on there, and we are used to him holding these daily press conferences. it is a holiday, as we pointed out, but we still look forward to reaction to him. democrats, meanwhile, now focusing on spending. moving on from impeachment.
10:38 am
now the big ticket items that they have got on their wish list. and, warning, from a democratic heavyweight, when you look at biden's plan. that's next. ♪ ♪ boss. when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust. when you have all that, the last thing you'll need... is a road. the chevy silverado trail boss. ready to off-road, right from the factory.
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plus get cash for security today or retirement tomorrow that's me. refiplus. only from newday usa. are getting ready to push the agenda, now that they have turned the page on the management, but tara reade there roadblocks in the way. >> of course, once a covid relief package. we have been told that there are discussions underway, possibly of bipartisan compromise. pressure to get this done. facing a mid-march deadline of running out. >> increasing the supply, the vaccine getting into arms. people not being thrown out of
10:43 am
their homes because of rent or mortgage payments. student loans. >> a senate republican says that they should be multitasking and moving all a lot faster. >> we should be getting the secretary of agriculture confirmed on the senate floor. one and a half billion dollars of coronavirus money sitting there, that would go towards food banks, giving money outwards people who need it the most, but instead, we can get him confirmed. >> there is also a discussion about a possible infrastructure package. they are not in session due to the presidents' day recess. >> john: real quick, smaller number. how much smaller? >> i am hearing about $1 trillion. there may be a sweet spot there. we will see if they can get it done. >> sandra: joining us for more on this, and economist, former advisor to president trump. former economic advisor to former president obama, fox news
10:44 am
contributor. welcome to both of you. so, i think, steve, you might be finding yourself in unusual company of larry summers, who said this in a brand-new interview. about the size of the stimulus package. he said to take a potentially booming economy and to put on top of that $1.9 trillion in stimulus, it is to take real chances of a kind that i don't believe we need to take. steve. >> so, i am plowed larry for saying that. i think he is exactly right. you know, we don't need $1.9 trillion. there is $1 trillion in spending that is still in the pipeline from the previous really feels that hasn't been spent. by the way, most of the money in this bill has nothing to do with covid relief. it is money for mayors and governors. money for transit systems. by the way, the blue states get a lot more money than the red states do. gee, i wonder how that happened,
10:45 am
but i cringe when i hear that $1 trillion is a compromise. we need to get the economy have been. i would love to see financial people like you speak out and say come on, this is going to bankrupt our country. >> sandra: okay, robert. >> you give me a perfect segue. it is amazing that on the show, steve is in line with larry summers. i would like to quote from the bush administration, they are all supportive of the $1 trillion stimulus package. even larry summers, by the way. and we should also be clear. those facts are not accurate. this is mainly, predominantly pandemic related. the unemployment, direct payments. that is just not accurate. opening schools, direct payments.
10:46 am
we can go one by one. the total amount for his stance is 350 billion, of which 160 billion is police, fire, which by the way, trump and mcconnell approved. >> sandra: it is never good when somebody starts off and debate, "you are a friend of mine, but." it does appear that a major roadblock to the wish list, including the federal minimum wage of $15. i mean, the ap reporting that the effort on that front is facing unexpected roadblocks from biden himself. >> just so we are clear, you and i spoke all during the election. i have always been for a living wage. i believe that the minimum wage is too low, but it has to be much more based on geography then it does just -- >> sandra: let's have that discussion and not talk about it being a federal minimum wage because we have to go by the definition of that. i want to move on. we have only got a minute left.
10:47 am
1 million american mothers are out of work, and really dug into the female labor participation rate in this country and the unbelievable plunge that we saw in the due to the pandemic. how women have been affected 33 year low, steve. and a lot of that, kids are in school. moms can go back to work, many of them. >> you took the words right out of my mouth. the entire reason that the labor force participation rate of women has fallen so much, so many of these women are mothers, and they have young kids at home. i think it is a disgrace that we have had our schools now closed almost 11 months. that is really bad for children, but you are right, sandra. it's really bad for working mothers. >> sandra: you look at these statistics. i was looking at the male labor participation rate as well. it was at a 10-year high before
10:48 am
front of my respect. i mean, it's really, really a problem when you look at the number of people who are out of work. speak of the systemic inequality is great, but without public health, there is no economic health, which is why i actually will tell you that the biden plan, 20 billion for child care centers -- >> sandra: doesn't guarantee the schools will open, robert. i think that's part of the problem. >> well, we should count that. speak out half the states have the schools open. >> sandra: good discussion. thanks to both of you for being here. thanks, robert. thanks, steve. >> john: hey, sandra, senator andrew, just tweeted that he will have a press conference. the embattled lincoln project, are some in the media helping the anti-trump group's current responsibility? that's coming up next.
10:49 am
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> john: anti-trump republican group, the lincoln project, facing two major scandals.
10:53 am
allegations that money had raised 12 groups controlled by the group's founders. but liberal leaning networks giving them a pass with their coverage? joining me now, fox news meeting analyst, howie kurtz. you have been critical of some of our sister networks for giving these people a platform, and at the same time, ignoring the scandals that have been going on. >> the lincoln project founders have every right to be heard. now, in the wake of these reports, the organization nearly nine months ago about sexual harassment organizations. look at what has changed. msnbc had the leaders of the group on 17 times before one of them was asked about these allegations. cnn's anderson cooper had him on. didn't ask about the allegations. it seems that these and other outlets are more interested in using the republicans to hold donald trump accountable then they are and holding the lincoln project accountable.
10:54 am
>> john: our colleagues. should probably clarify that. weaver was a longtime advisor to senator john mccain, as was steve schmidt. resigned last week, prompting meghan mccain, who i should point out is a friend, "i have been very hesitant to comment, but i will say this, they were so despised by my dad he made it a point you banned them from his funeral. since 2008, now mccain would have spit on them if they were on fire." no love lost there. >> there's a lot of bad blood. schmidt denied knowing about the allegations against weaver and when he, when he was 13, was touched inappropriately. and then jennifer, who said she was lied to and demeaned by another founder, allegations by some of weaver's alleged victims to the group. and then the lincoln project
10:55 am
posted screenshots of private twitter messages to embarrass her, which is not only outrageous, but may be against the law. >> john: of former deputy press secretary, he was suspended for a week without pay or misogynistic and abusive comments that he made to politico reporter who was investigating a story about him. we thought he would have been fired right out of the box, given what joe biden i thought about this. >> i don't know how they got by with this fiasco with a one-week suspension because what he did, according to a source familiar with the situation, he threatened her, said he would destroy her, ruin her reputation. he called her trash. the white house knew about this, did nothing. >> john: howie kurtz, nice to see you. >> sandra: fox news alert. top of the hour. andrew cuomo of new york
10:56 am
announcing just moments ago he will be holding a 2:15 eastern time news conference i met allegations of his nursing home allegations. he will be making an announcement on 2:15. stay tuned as we bring you a new hour in just a moment. ♪ ♪ to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪♪ for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together.
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11:00 am
>> john: fox news alert, to start an all-new rsp 22, new york governor andrew cuomo said to make some kind of announcement. that among calls for him to leave or be impeached over his administrations allege and cover up. good afternoon, i am john roberts. >> sandra: hello to everyone. i am sandra smith. one of his top aides reportedly admitted to withholding data on nursing home because it does here in new york state. lawmakers, they froze, fearing the drum justice department may use the information against him.
11:01 am
in the last hour, the man who ran against b12 two years ago, cuomo moscow. >> we've known all along that this is the least transparent administration in america. we now know it is also the deadliest. we believe that a criminal investigation needs to begin, just as it was years ago. i don't think he is fit to hold public office. remember, dan, day out, they live. they used manipulated data to pressure hospitals to close down communities and businesses, and every single day, that is, and i like and to americans. >> john: reaction just moments away, but let's begin with bryan llenas. he has the latest. >> hi, john, governor andrew cuomo tweeted just moments ago that he will be having a press or at 2:15. this is the first that we have heard him speak since wednesday
11:02 am
and senses controversy began. really, what is at issue right now, they will tell you in conversations here that they are truly upset and outraged and that there is a growing number of democrats who believe that new york governor andrew cuomo, his administration needs to be held accountable for holding that a nursing home dental data that they believe cost lives, and they believe that because lives because not only have legislators been asking for a exact data into how many people have actually died as a result of the crown of virus spreading in nursing homes and hospitals and in facilities, but they have also been trying to figure out the total totality of this crisis, and while they are trying to get these numbers, they were being stonewalled. democrats are absent. and republicans. there was legislative decisions that were being made last year during critical moments, like in
11:03 am
august and september that would have potentially been changed. would have potentially been different, had they known the full totality of the crisis and new york's nursing homes. had they known that the death toll was much higher than what they were initially reporting. had they known that many my thousands of people were being transported from hospitals into new york's nursing homes that had initially been reported, particularly with lawmakers who say we approved legislation that granted immunity to new york nursing home operators. legal immunity to shield them from any kind of legal action that could be taken against them from the victims families. a lot of lawmakers are saying we wouldn't have done that, how do we know the full totality and scope of the crisis. so this is a real issue in terms of trust between not only lawmakers working with the governor but also with people who are seeing the governor
11:04 am
every single day or every other day at these press conferences, updating them on covid-19. remember, he had given full unilateral power to government over this pandemic with emergency powers that were granted to him that is set to expire. they are now calls to strip him of this emergency power because this is a breach of trust that the governor and his office, that really crossed the line. undermined trust. how can people continue to believe the governor and his covid-19 data is we knew for months that they knew they had this data, and they didn't really sit? we will see what this announcement is going to be. >> john: bryan llenas for us. scheduled for about 10 minutes from now. we'll see if he is on time. let's check with mike lawler. do you have any idea what the
11:05 am
governor is going to announce this afternoon? >> good afternoon, john. thanks for having me. i don't, but i am waiting with baited breath. i was concerned that he was about to cancel his emmy award-winning daily briefings. hopefully he is going to answer some questions. >> john: typically he has these things at 11:30 in the morning. we thought that he had canceled it. but we heard a little while ago that he was going to do it, so looks like it is going to happen. what do you believe needs to happen in terms of everything that we have learned thus far about new york under counting the number of nursing on desk, and then these allegations of a cover-up because the new york state executive did not want to risk the justice department of the united statest and saying wait a minute, what's going on here. >> it's clear that this was a criminal conspiracy to cover up the true total number of deaths on the nursing homes.
11:06 am
you know, back in the summer of last year, the department of health released a report absolving themselves of all responsibility, blaming the federal government, blaming the nursing homes. they clearly withheld the information and the data because they were worried about a department of justice investigation. that investigation must happen. president biden should be joining us in that call. the department of justice should appoint a special prosecutor as the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york happens to be the mother-in-law of the governor's secretary. so there needs to be an independent investigation. all of this data and information needs to be turned over, including that reporting that the governor's office taped of the meeting with democrats last week where they released a partial transcript. obviously, they have the full tape. that tape needs to be turned over to federal authorities so that we can start to get to the bottom of this. beyond that, the executive
11:07 am
emergency powers need to be immediately rescinded. he is unfit to lead our state, and the legislator needs to get back to being a coequal branch of government immediately. >> john: you know, you mentioned the words "criminal conspiracy." that is a large charge. >> president nixon resigned from office in large part because tape show there was a coordinated conspiracy. these tapes that they released a partial transcript from last week show that there was a coordinated cover-up. so, as far as i'm concerned, there was obstruction of justice, and there was a cover-up, and we need to get to the bottom of it, and it requires an independent investigation by the department of justice. >> john: governor cuomo was at the white house last week meeting with president biden. he was asked if he has confidence in governor cuomo. she sort of ducked it. listen. >> bipartisan group of governors
11:08 am
and mayors to the white house today to get their perspective from the frontline. not to give anyone a stamp of approval or to seek their stamp of approval. and to discuss the urgency of passing the american rescue plan. >> john: that was fake praise, if ever i have heard it. there didn't seem to be any rousing child support there. do you think that biden administration knows that something is afoot here? speak out obviously, a lot of people have egg on their face, starting with president biden and members of the press, including the governor's brother, who praised his leadership throughout the pandemic, when in fact his decisions cost lives. i mean, the simple truth here is this. andrew cuomo live, and people died. we need to get to the bottom of that, and i think everybody is starting to wake up to the fact that his leadership was not emmy award-winning, and that his book, it is not a pretty one.
11:09 am
>> john: jen psaki put it the other day, did stands in sharp contrast to what he had been saying. thanks so much for joining us. we will see what the governor has to say very soon. sandra, any ideas on what he might come out with? >> sandra: having one of these briefings on twitter, sometimes more often than not, in the mornings during the pandemic, this after he was silent for most of the day. now and nothing he would be holding the briefing but saying that he would be holding an announcement. we are going to be listening to that, and we will bring you the news as we get it. meanwhile, the nypd posting the so-called flasher. helping to patrol the subways in the city. and the city that led the charge for the defendant police movement now, it backfires. we have coverage for you. more on the back tracking backtracking in minneapolis with ted williams in just a minute. but first, alex hogan's life are
11:10 am
in new york city. the front page of "the new york post" today. not a good situation there. >> we know that this man has a history of assault. it is actually his fifth arrest. he is accused of stabbing for homeless people within 24 hours. now identifying the subway/or as lopez. now faces charges of murder and attempted murder. they found his knife on the 21-year-old when they arrested him. friday morning and stretched into saturday. police discovered the bodies of two different people, both staff repeatedly. two other men were found stabbed at different stations, and they are both expected to survive. the four victims are homeless. new york city transit president and union president calling this horrifying unacceptable.
11:11 am
"we have been calling for more police to do you want to assist those who desperately need mental health assistance. this is just the latest in a series of assaults on transit systems. someone showed a 72-year-old to the ground, and last month, a man beat at least ten people within one hour. he said he takes the safety of new yorkers seriously, and he has ordered more police officers to patrol the subway. >> this will result in an additional 500 officers, which is a significant increase to the staffing the staffing of paratransit here, and they will be deployed immediately throughout new york city. >> the mpa said that that is not enough. they are calling for another 1,000 officers to patrol the subways. in just about an hour's time, will be a vigil to remember the
11:12 am
victims killed on the subway this weekend. sandra. >> sandra: alex hogan live in new york city. meantime, minneapolis. upgrade $6.4 million in funding for the police department after complaints about slow response times and arise in crime there. ted williams joins us now. our lessons being learned? >> yet, i think lessons are being learned. minneapolis, red after george floyd's death, to say that they wanted to defund the police. i said then that it was crap and a very dumb thing. the only person who would win in the defunding of the police are the criminal elements out there having a field day in
11:13 am
minneapolis, and law-abiding citizens in minneapolis said hey, look, we need more police, not less police. you are absolutely right. >> sandra: there were calls by many who wanted to defund the police to send social workers in some cases into violent crime situations. how did that go over? >> that is the dumbest and stupidest thing that you can envision. criminal actions taking place, and you are sending in a social worker to talk to people when they should be arrested. they have committed a criminal act. so it was a very dumb thing. i don't know who invented that out there in minneapolis. by the way, sandra, this is not only going on in minneapolis, but other major metropolitan cities. they are talking about defunding the police. it is stupid, and it is dumb, and it would not work. it is not working out. >> sandra: ten, you know that city well. you know what is happening here,
11:14 am
the rising crime rates that we are seeing in new york, chicago dealing with this as well. now they have got to have police all over the subways. it is a mess. in this city. do you see that we may have gone too far in reaction to all of the events of last summer, and that it will be hard to come back, or can the police force come back in full force? >> it is an overreaction to you the desk, as i said, of george floyd in minneapolis, but major metropolitan cities, deciding that they want to disband or defund some of the police departments. and it is a bad idea. what is happening now is that you have morale is very low in law enforcement. in police departments. and your experience police officers are leaving these departments in droves, so i'm hoping, like minneapolis right now, where they have 638 police
11:15 am
officers, they are now trying to hire more. and i think other major metropolitan cities should follow suit. >> sandra: ted, at the hand of this, the residents of the city's realized when you have a problem when something goes wrong, you feel scared or threatened, and you want to pick up the phone to call the policeo answer on the other end of that. in cities like minneapolis, they started to realize that was not the case. those response times were rising more and more. >> you don't call ghostbusters when someone is trying to break into your home. you want them there right away. what the citizens found in minneapolis, the response times were slow because they did not have enough police officers because of this so-called defunding. so, i think that they learn their lesson, and i hope other
11:16 am
cities will pick up what is happening in minneapolis and bring about having more police officers, not less. >> sandra: you brought up morale of the police department across this country. here we are, february 2021 after so much happened last year. >> it is an excellent question, sandra. you know, these men and women, they go and they tried to serve the members of their community. and what has happened, unfortunately, law enforcement officers do not feel that they are appreciated. nobody is saying that you should keep them, but you've got a lot of good quality men and women on police departments that only want to do one thing. serve and protect their communities. and those are the ones that you want to keep out there. and the sad commentary is morale is so low that these people are
11:17 am
leaving in droves. >> sandra: thank you for joining us on that. we will follow-up with you you. thank you. >> john: sandra, fox news alert now. we are keeping an eye on albany, new york. the governor at the center of the deadly nursing home scandal that keeps growing day by day. plus, details on the controversy surrounding the lincoln group and its cofounders. while we are learning about the anti-trump super pacs finances. china, accused of tonal next online when it comes to coronavirus. investigator sang beijing is holding back some potentially crucial information. live report, coming up next. s yt today's all-time low interest rates plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash.
11:18 am
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11:22 am
no longer accepting donations on its website. it is the latest fallout amid claims of sexual harassment. questions about possible financial corruption by other cofounders. gillian turner, live in washington with more. hi. >> hi, john. really what this is is just the most recent sign of trouble from the anti-trump super pac. it is now fighting a wave of crises. the group, normally fairly active on social media, came out february 11, 4 days ago. since then, they have stayed silent on the acquittal of former president trump. fox news, looking at what the group has raised so far since their founding in 2019. almost $25 million went to group owned by lincoln project cofounder, read galen. he is listed as the treasurer.
11:23 am
and that is owned by a different cofounder. now, let's take a look at the group's top donors. gordon, he is the son of jay paul getty, followed by david geffen, who donated $100,000. also followed by susan disney. she also gave $100,000 to the lincoln project here now, allies for president trump say that donors were left totally in the dark about the projects finances. take a listen. >> they should be asking questions about where the money went. they should be asking for reasons, quite frankly. taking a look at jeffrey katzenberg, other folks. think about this. they were funding someone who was pocketing money. think i want to come see multiple allegations of sexual harassment against john weaver, media critics say the organization turned a blind eye.
11:24 am
>> in june, the group was told about weaver, about these horrible text messages to young boys, promising sex for jobs, and they did nothing because the money was too good coming in. >> he may, i repeat man, being under criminal investigation, though the fbi does not confirm that. the lincoln project is going to really anyone from a nondisclosure agreement related to the weaver story, but we don't know what they are going to do about the ending is for others of the organization. we will let you know. >> john: we will see what happens. jillian, thanks so much. >> sandra: developing now, calls for the united states to boycott the olympics. the uss accused china of genocide and forced labor. boycott resolution, saying that the u.s. cannot in good conscience have american athletes at an event hosted by a
11:25 am
"brutal dictatorship." meanwhile, chinese officials refusing to give information they needed to determine the origins of the coronavirus. benjamin hall's live in london on that for us. hi, benjamin. >> it is becoming ever more clear if you listen to the world health organization that china was not transparent, and they withheld critical data. what did china know when this began? what did they do about it? the w.h.o. team has called their trip to wuhan, china, "tense and frustrating." one key disclosure was that the covid outbreak was in much wider circulation in december 2019 209 than previously thought, but china refused to share the raw data. instead, the team had to rely on secondhand analysis of data provided by the chinese. on saturday, national security
11:26 am
advisor jake sullivan called for china to be more open, saying "we have deep concerns about the ways in which the findings of the investigation were communicated and questions about the process used to reach them. it is imperative that this report be independent with expert findings free of alterations by the chinese government." there are also concerns about how china has weaponized covid misinformation, including a rumor that it was the u.s. who created covid. a nine month long investigation shows that china played a lead role in spreading misinformation and conspiracy about the deadly virus. president biden is due to hold the first meeting on friday. with other world leaders on the agenda. covid, the world economy, and countering an ever more aggressive china. sandra. >> sandra: benjamin hall, live in london for us. as we await this conference, andrew cuomo is giving the daily
11:27 am
updates, but we are waiting for the q&a portion where he will take questions as he usually does. we don't know for sure, obviously on the ongoing cause for him to resign by some lawmakers. >> sandra: looking back to you now blaming the trump administration for a lack of vaccine supply which is why he says new york is lagging behind some other places. we will keep watching it for you. when we get to the issue at hand, which is nursing homes. >> sandra: we will, indeed. the cdc defending its new guidelines for reopening schools, but critics say that they are setting an impossible standard. wait until you hear just one of the things they want done before kids can return to the classroom. our panel debate said, next. ♪ ♪
11:28 am
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at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. you need only the freshest milk and cream. that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. >> we have the cdc. we have science. we have dr. fauci.
11:32 am
everyone telling the biden administration that it is safe, it is a safe learning environment, but the biden administration wants to ignore the science. >> sandra: that was nancy mace with us last hour. the cdc releasing brand-new guidance for reopening school safely during the pandemic, but we may only see half of the nation's schoolchildren back in the classroom for as little as one day per week. as president biden faces growing pressure from the teachers unions. we've got more. blake. >> hi, there, sandra. the cdc says it cannot mandate children return back, and what they put forward is essentially a "road map" to try to help children get back into classes. some of that is why you have heard about and what we have talked about for a while now. things like wearing masks, properly washing hands as well. upgrading ventilation systems and schools, if that was
11:33 am
possible, if they were able to do so. keeping children in pods, make sure they go from classroom to classroom with each other. telling chris wallace on "fox news sunday" that the youngest students should be able to return to class in some form. >> even in the areas of highest community spread, we are advocating with the strict mitigation members that you prescribed, universal masking as well as distancing, that at least our k through five kids should be able to get back to school, at least in hybrid mode. >> no mention of older students for five days a week. now, on the other side of the equation is the teachers. suggesting that teachers get vaccinated as cns supply allows for that to happen. the american federation of teachers was complimentary of the guidance, saying "for the first time since the start of the pandemic, we have our
11:34 am
rigorous road map that our members can use for a savory opening." however, not all unions are on board. guidance does not address the challenges that large urban school districts face, adding "most troubling is that it does not require vaccinations for school staff. 6-foot distancing and all schools, nor improved ventilation." >> sandra: thank you. john. >> john: for more on this, former republican congressional candidate in maryland and radio host leslie marshall, fox news contributor. leslie, let's start with you here because the stated goal of the biden white house is to have 50% of schools open at least one day a week in the first 100 days of his administration, but according to a company that tracks glittery openings, already 66% of kindergarten through grade 12 students are attending school at least one
11:35 am
day a week which is already ahead of what critics say is an anemic goal of the biden administration. is this white house, leslie, shooting too low? >> no. i would say they are shooting too high because the reality is the president of the united states, whether it is joe biden or president trump, does not control when the school opens. or who decides who opens. that is based on governors within the state based on school districts. i live in california, a blue state with a democratic governor, but we do have red buckets. san diego open, had to close after four days because 100 people were exposed. one individual, and they had to be quarantined. so things different, not just state to state, but within different school districts inside of the states based on classroom size and based on the will of the school district and the parents who obviously -- with tax dollars, pay their
11:36 am
paychecks. >> john: according to the new cdc guidelines, where the director talked about community transmission levels and recommendations for opening, she said fine present learning should only happen in areas where transmission is low. 90% of places right now don't meet that standard, so when will we ever get children back into school full time? not just one day a week. >> i am the mother reverent preschooler, and she has been in school five days a week since labor day. everybody at her school is just fine. she goes to private school. from what i understand, part of that stimulus bill was supposed to go toward schools and help with their ventilation systems, help with them opening safely. i think we heard from mayor lightfoot in chicago. $100 million into her schools. they still refuse to open. there are a lot of teachers who understand that they were kids who are further behind because i have not been in school for a year. there are a lot of kids that actually rely on their school to
11:37 am
get breakfast and lunch, and so that is hurting them as well. i think schools can do it safely if they try. it is a shame that some of the schools have to shut back down, but perhaps they weren't taking the necessary precautions, and if they were, hopefully they can get back on track and open up again and get these kids back in school. >> john: leslie, we are wondering how much more money does the federal government need to give them, based on what we heard the cdc director say yesterday, rather, on "fox news sunday" about ventilation systems of many schools potentially needing to be almost rebuilt. listen here. >> one of the things that has really been emphasized in the school reopening is how unsafe some of our school ventilation systems are, and that is a problem not just for covet, but for other respiratory viruses, for children with asthma. so i think there is a lot of work that we need to do in order
11:38 am
to get our schools to a safer environment. >> john: she is not just talking about coronavirus. she's talking about asthma. she's talking about malta, which i'm sure are inherent in a lot of schools across the board here, but how much money are we talking about in terms of being able to get many schools in shape for going back full-time? >> it really depends, once again, on geography, and it also depends on the size of the school within the district. here in california, southern california, or like in florida, more temperate climate. you can open windows. you don't have the luxury in the northeast and other areas of the midwest that get hit very hard, as we are seeing this week with a very cold temperatures. and again, john, if you have a smaller classroom, you are able to distance children, but if you have a very large public school district with a very large population in the classroom, that's going to be impossible.
11:39 am
the ventilation system is going to be required, and that money is going to be needed, which is one of the reasons that this is pushed right now in the package from the biden administration and that there are people not just in blue states that welcome those funds. >> john: you say you've got your kids in private school. do you understand the public schools may have issues that private schools do not? >> absolutely, but i do know that we pay less than what they would with the public school level, and i have to say those fifth grade and under, if you look at the numbers, they are not the one transmitting it, and i think they can be back in school. a lot of those members are over 60, which are vulnerable. i think we can get the kids back in school. >> john: all right, kim, leslie, always good to see you. >> sandra: okay, and as we have been telling you, andrew cuomo, governor of
11:40 am
new york, has been holding what is usually a daily news conference, although he did doubt that there would be a big announcement. so far and now, they are talking about absolutely no mention yet or no question taken on the alleged cover-up of a nursing home death here in new york state as there are growing calls for the governor to resign, step down, and some even calling for him to be impeached over that. we are listening for that. as the news comes in, we will bring that over to you. plus, we will hear from the man behind the push to recall california governor gavin newsom. and we will show you how the biden administration's latest push to combat climate change could affect americans jobs. all that, plus this reminder about the new lineup on the fox business network. larry kudlow's new show premieres tomorrow. don't miss it, 4:00 p.m. eastern
11:41 am
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the line while millions of americans are in need of economic relief, treasury secretary janet yellen is reportedly looking into creating a new climate hub within the department, tying some of the fl policies to the push for climate change. change. hillary vaughn, live on capitol hill with more for us. >> hi, john, aggressive climate agenda means putting climate change on the top of every government agency is to-do list, and that includes the treasury department. janet yellen is bringing on a climate czar, she says the president is also on board with a plan to punish people they think are a threat to the climate, saying "the president supports an enforcement
11:46 am
mechanism, but while executive orders can quickly kill jobs, it cannot quickly create them, and the white house still has not told hundreds who are out of a job when and where a new green job will be ready for them. >> industries are not there, nor is he providing the jobs he says he will appear they are simply not there. >> it is not easy to get rid of everything you worked so hard on, do something else. because they may be waiting a while because biden cannot deliver on his promise to provide new energy jobs until congress passes his clean energy plan that cost $2 trillion. john. >> john: it's going to be a while. andrew cuomo talking about how clean the subway cars in new york, but nothing about nursing homes he had. >> sandra: we are listening.
11:47 am
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>> sandra: new york governor andrew cuomo now talking. let's listen in. >> governor cuomo: is difficult to impose curfews, but otherwise, people die. these decisions should not be politicized. if you made these decisions via poll, none of them what happened. more people will die. let me -- i am to clarify facts of the nursing homes, which has been an ongoing discussion. new york, as everybody knows, was ground zero for coronavirus. was and still are. losing a loved one is very, very painful. losing a loved one in a nursing home during the situation was extraordinarily painful.
11:52 am
there was no visitation. you couldn't be with the person. you couldn't talk to the person. it was hard to get them on the phone. people in nursing homes are not as conversant as on zooms and on facetime. it doesn't work that way. so i understand fully how difficult it has been, and i want to make sure people have all the facts. the facts. the information. this past year, there was a toxic political environment, and everything gets politicized. and there's political spin, and then there are traps. two very different things. i just want people to have the facts. last august, department of justice elected democratic
11:53 am
governors. new york, jersey, michigan, pennsylvania. asking for information on public nursing homes. new york state legislature also sent a letter asking for information on nursing homes. we paused the state legislature's request while we were finishing the doj request. we told both houses, the assembly and the senate, that we had doj request for information, and we were prioritizing that. we did give the doj request precedents. and we told both houses that. the august request, we reply to fully. separately, they got a doj letter signed by jeffrey clark, the attorney.
11:54 am
in october, which we learned about from "the new york post." we didn't even get the letter. "the post" called and told us about the letter, and that request for information on an investigation on private nursing homes. and we have been voluntarily producing information for that on a rolling basis as recently as january 8. rolling basis. second, we paused the state legislature's request. we paused at the state's request. we voluntarily complied with the doj request for information. two very different things. the new york state doh has always fully and publicly
11:55 am
reported all covid deaths in nursing homes and hospitals. they have always been fully reported. nursing homes have the most vulnerable population. we know that. nationwide, 36% of the deaths are in nursing homes. you know i percent of the population are people in nursing homes? one person. one person had 36% of the deaths. new york is 34 in nursing home death as a percentage of total deaths. 34 out of 50 states. new york is one of only seven states that counsel was called presumed fatalities. in nursing homes. to give you an example,
11:56 am
new york state, 13,000 nursing home related deaths. that is 30% of total deaths. pennsylvania had 11,900. that is 52% of their total deaths. nursing homes. florida, 34%. massachusetts, 54% of total deaths. if you look at the entire country, and you look at the percentage of deaths in nursing homes, new york is number 34. you have some states that up to 73% of the people who died, died in nursing homes. covid preys on senior citizens, older people, weaker people. we have always known that that is a fact. now, there is much distortion around what is called department
11:57 am
of health memo on march 25th. and i want to make sure that we get the facts on this. on march 13, the federal center for medicaid and services, and on march 23rd, the centers for disease control, cdc. put out guidance, sending people from hospitals back to nursing. new york state doh followed that guidance. 12 other states at least followed that guidance. the cdc reasoning at the time, residents who were leaving the hospitals were not likely to be contagious because at that time, the viral load is so low, that you are not contagious.
11:58 am
and they were going to be what's called cohorted. cared for in areas that are separate from other people with the repercussions. patients, particularly senior citizens, should not remain in hospitals longer than necessary. because they can get a secondary infection. that is true all across the board. especially with seniors. they try to get the procedure done, get people out of the hospital before they can come up with a secondary infection that is problematic. the patients were not sent to nursing homes. the nursing home had to agree that they could care for this person. that is a matter of law. they could not accept a patient who they are not prepared to care for properly. staff, ppe, ability to cohort.
11:59 am
that is in the law. if they don't do that, they violate the law. at that time, remember what was going on in march. the experts were projecting that our problem and are critical need was hospital capacity. we sat here every day with the hospitalization chart. we were looking at up to you 140,000 people hospitalized. we have less than 150,000 hospital beds. that is the calamity. remember, march 27th, that is right when the new york city elmhurst hospital collapsed. it was on the news. i remember it like yesterday. and we are watching the tv every night and watching italy collapsed and people die because they can't get into hospital.
12:00 pm
we are watching china with the hospital capacity issue where they were building thousands of new hospital that's what was going on. that's why the cdc and cms made those decisions. and at the time cdc, cms, they were white house task forces, there were daily briefings, everyone was focused on this issue. this was not a little issue. all the best minds were looking at it. fact: of the 613 nursing homes -- we have 613 nursing homes in the state. 365 received a person from a hospital. of the 365 that received a person from this march 25 guidance, which was then superseded in may, 98%


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