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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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support animal. i will be here with a couple of days. >> dana: too bad you are in new york. [laughter] >> sean: thank you, dana. you are the best. >> dana: there is nothing to to do there. >> greg: that is it for us. "special report" is up next, hayes bret. >> bret: women of the bible calendar, okay, thanks, greg. good evening, welcome to washington. i am bret baier. breaking tonight new york, new york, governor andrew como on defense giving a lengthy pushback today admitting increasing calls for accountability on the part of the new york democratic governor for his administration actions during the coronavirus pandemic. cuomo was under intense scrutiny and his team did not fully report the tally numbers following his order that nursing homes except infected covid patients. bryan llenas has been following this with tonight's top story from new york, good evening, brian.
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>> andrew cuomo plane to the top political atmosphere for the controversy engulfing his administration and handling of the covid-19 crisis in the states nursing homes that has led to the death of nearly 15,000 people. he did not apologize, but he did say that he did admit his administration's lack of transparency field transparency. and downplayed the impact that mandated state nursing homes to accept covid-19 positive patients from hospitals over a two-month period met, which critics say spread the virus among most vulnerable. >> the boyd we created by not providing information was filled with skepticism and cynicism and conspiracy theories, which furthered the confusion. covid did not get into the nursing homes by people coming from hospitals.
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covid got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing home. >> cuomo addressed bombshell report from last week, a leak of transcripts between state democrats in which derosa admitted the administration holding that about nursing home deaths from state legislatures and the public because they feared political backlash from the trump administration with a justice department probe in the scandal but cuomo dismissed this notion today but instead state legislatures didn't get the full nursing home death toll data because of process. >> we paused the state legislators request while we were finishing the doj request. we told both houses, the assembly and the senate that we had doj request for information,
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and we were prioritizing that. >> but new york democratic assembly ron kim said state lawmakers were not told about the doj probe last august, and he said derosa told them the way the administration withheld data was for political reasons. >> that is not what we heard. that is not what she said. she even preempt the whole thing by saying i will tell you the truth. this is a whole truth. in today's press conference about sending notices to the assembly and the senate that we knew the department of justice investigation. we were not informed. we were not told there was an investigation at all. >> kim lost his uncle to covid-19 in a new york nursing home. he said he believes that lawmakers had the full data and understand the full scope of the crisis in the states nursing homes, they would have done more to prevent the loss of so many lives.
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he also is part of a growing bipartisan group of lawmakers, democrats and republicans, calling for independent investigation into governor cuomo and asking that he be stripped of his emergency pandemic powers. bret. >> bret: brian, more of this with the panel and a bit. donald trump waved to supporters in florida following his acquittal from his second impeachment trial that happened over the weekend. this has republican party officials trying to come up with a way forward as the ex-president is already communicating, he is not finished as a political force. correspondent mark meredith shows us tonight. >> the yeas are 57, the names are 43. >> former president trumps acquittal saturday marks the end of the second impeachment trial and seven republican senators joined democrats in voting to convict. minority leader mitch mcconnell was not one of them but he says his party stands fully against the januar.
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>> the sentence decision does not condone anything that happened on or before that terrible day. speak with the former president released a statement over the weekend thanking his legal team in writing and historic patriotic and beautiful movement to make america great again has only just begun. republicans say they are eager and focused on the future. >> my goal is to win in 2022. the most radical agenda i have ever seen. >> but first they have to settle on a message to reach voters who had joe biden's decision last november. >> a union there kevin mccarthy recently visited texas where he tried to fire up the base by attacking president biden. >> we want to share that americans are able to go to war. we want to make sure that government is not cutting jobs. >> but the party is facing identity crisis and will struggle to redefine themselves
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quickly. >> this will take a couple of electoral cycles to work through. >> a gallup poll released today shows 40% of republicans surveyed wants to see the party become more conservative. gallup poll said majority of republicans are sticking with trump. 60% would like to see the former president become the leader. president biden wants to use cash to further his agenda but g.o.p. leaders including governor larry hogan say now is the best time to set a new course altogether. >> i think we have to move on from the cult of donald trump and return to the basic principles that the party has always stood for. >> there is new data showing americans are fed up with a two party system. the gallup poll shows 60% thinks a third party is needed and those are the highest recorded, bret in nearly two decades, bret. >> bret: mark, thank you house speaker nancy pelosi said congress will establish 9/11 style commission to look into the capital riots on
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january 6th. also tonight, for republican lawmakers are demanding pelosi reveal what she knew about capitol security that day. this comes amid uncertainty over how long national guard troops will stay in the district of columbia. officials plan to meet wednesday to discuss the situation. no decisions have been made yet and the defense secretary lloyd austin would like to get the troops out of d.c. as soon as possible. with the end of the impeachment trial, there is a greater and renewed focus on the biden administration plans for the first 100 days. white house correspondent kristin fisher shows us where things stand and what may be on the horizon. >> the pressure is on for president biden to deliver on his ambitious agenda now that the impeachment trial of his predecessors is over. the president's most urgent priority is to get the coronavirus relief package passed before enhanced employment benefits began to run out in just 27 days.
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it is an aggressive timeline and so for the package has no support on capitol hill. the vice president made clear over the weekend that speed is now being prioritized over bipartisanship. >> we have to work like heck to get it done, which means again no patients, no patience for delay, no patients for no. no patience for it can't be done. >> on tuesday president biden hitting the road to sell the plan to the american public. his first official trip as president will take to wisconsin and michigan on thursday for a tour of the pfizer facility with coronavirus vaccines. in the meantime reopen for unprecedented three month period allowing people who lost their jobs during the pandemic a chance to sign up here with these twin health and economic crises caused by the coronavirus door overshadowing every other priority for the biden administration. but the president just one agenda item was moved up the
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list, the third anniversary of the school shooting on sunday, president biden announced he is "calling on congress to enact common sense gun law reforms including requiring background checks on all gun sales banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on the streets. "president biden can do something without congress. during the campaign he promised executive order banning the importation of assault weapons. and he has clearly proven to be quite comfortable signing executive action during his first few weeks in office. bret. >> bret: kristin fisher live on the north lawn, kristin, thank you. >> the new york state doh has always fully and publicly reported all covid deaths in nursing homes and hospitals. the void of information that we
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created started misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories and help people have to hear that. and they don't know what is the truth. the truth is everybody did everything they could. >> bret: new york governor cooper elmo trying to explain what has become a major controversy with many parts of e mainstream covering this, been dominant, harold ford jr., and ceo of empowerment and inclusion capitol and build a garden for "the wall street journal." bill, let me start with you. your thoughts on governor cooper almost pushed back today and where this stands. >> well, it is fascinating for me to watch andrew cuomo on the defense. it is something you don't usually see but i think in line with some of the other things we are seeing come up these people
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are getting a notice now, the resistance no longer requires services. while trump was president, andrew cuomo was fitted for the press conferences by an adoring press. he wrote a best-selling book and got an emmy award but now we find out by admission of one of his own aides he hid the numbers of the actual deaths from nursing homes because they were afraid of an investigation. so andrew cuomo is a fighter but i wouldn't necessarily rule him out but it is interesting to see now that eyes are out for him now. >> bret: harold. >> harold: thank you for having me on presidents' day. i think what will is saying and to watch politicians, i was pleased to hear andrew cuomo say they did not instill the number of deaths from nursing homes but with that said my full investigation was warranted. i have said many times on this show, even if information is
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bad, what we need to learn more is saying things that contradict what the governor has said, and hopefully come in investigation, i was pleased to hear him come out and say they did not lottery about the nursing home deaths. but hopefully the investigation will prove him right. >> bret: obviously the senior aide has reportedly said behind the scenes to lawmakers that they did. ben, your thoughts where this is and where it is going? >> ben: the person with dangerous information and misinformation during the course of this crisis is governor andrew cuomo. that is what the evidence tells us right now. that is what the evidence has been telling us for quite some time. we all knew the report that came out earlier from this administration was one that clearly looked like a whitewash of the steps that were taking. he likes to shift blame everywhere and shipped to the idea of conspiracy theories. he has blamed everyone from
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"the new york post" to people his own network for trucking and this kind of thing. but the reason that people care about it is because it's deeply important. lives were at stake and people were not able to be with their loved ones because of the decisions made up you we deserve answers on all of these fronts, and we need a full investigation to get to the bottom what actually happened up you happened. because we can't trust andrew cuomo when it comes to this and he has proven that. >> bret: speaking of a fall in investigation, speaker pelosi said a 9/11 style commission to look into the events of january 6th. this after impeachment acquittal of second impeachment of donald trump, take a listen. >> i condemn what happened january 6, but the process they use to impeach this president was opening pandora's box. for future presidents and if you use this model i don't know how kamala harris doesn't get impeached if republicans take over the house because she
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actually bailed out rioters. >> this will be seared in the memory of americans for generations to come. i was disappointed in the results, but it resulted in the most bipartisan vote we have ever seen in an impeachment of a president of the united states. >> bret: referencing that the seven, the republicans who voted to convict the former president commercial susan collins, lisa murkowski, met romney, ben sasse, pat toomey. i guess the question is the republican party and where it goes if it is a trump party going forward for trying to break from trump as nikki haley and others have tried to advocate. >> ben: my own view is unlikely it will remain a trump party in the sense that the president leading it but the president no longer the president. so i don't think that -- but i'm not sure it's going to break. there are a lot of people that still admire the president.
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he is very popular within the party. i think we will see a gradual move away. look, life goes on. we will have different issues now because of the biden administration. we will have different people emerge as national leaders. i mean, just because of donald trump's personality, he smothered a lot of governors or other people. now, the nomination being open, we will see some of these people develop. i don't think it will be as dramatic as one way a break or a vote to stay with it. it is also not clear what that means apart from policy. if we stick with the policies that made donald trump successful, deregulation, cutting taxes, those are standard conservative principles. he sold them in a unique way. but if the party stays with that, it gets not a break from his past. >> bret: panel -- brit hume is coming up on this topic as well in just a bit but something
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ahead the biden administration of the trump team can agree on and a massive winter blast across the country, bitter cold in texas sparking power blackouts. we will have a live report from dallas next. >> it is extremely cold when the wind is blowing. >> water was gone at 8:30, power off and obviously 1 of millions in the same boat. i feel silly. but i do want the fastest 5g network. oh i want the fastest 5g network. are we actually doing this again? it's not complicated. only at&t gives everyone the same great deal. like the samsung galaxy s21 5g for free when you trade in.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: minneapolis will spend $6.4 million to hire dozens of police officers despite city calls from city council and activist groups to replace the police department completely following the death of george floyd. the council voted unanimously friday to approve the additional funding. the department says it only has 638 officers available to work, roughly 200 fewer than normal. and a unprecedented number of officers quit or took extended medical leave after floyd's death and the unrest that followed. it is unusually and dangerously cold tonight in texas. the winter storm gripping much of the nation has led officials
3:21 pm
to rotating power outages in texas particularly that have left many residents shivering in their homes. correspondent casey stegall has the latest from dallas, good evening, casey. >> brief seven, 150 million americans are be -- underwent -- winter weather advisory in 25 different states and things are so bad in texas that president biden has approved a . >> winter storm pummeling the lone star state and crippling with snow and ice covered snows resulting in crashes in nearly every county. and only expected to get worse if you do not heed the warning to stay off the roads. >> subzero temperatures wreaking havoc on the states electrical grid with demand far outweighs supply, more than 3.5 million texans are without power. the bulk of those from scheduled
3:22 pm
blackouts, which could last hours through the end of monday. community warning centers have open with pandemic in mind. >> there were protocols in place, screenings, monitoring the temperatures and checking temperatures periodically. so there will be security in place. >> the storm blanketed the pacific northwest with wintry precipitation over the weekend here in seattle got 11 inches of snow while ice in neighboring oregon knocked out power to thousands and because this vote collapse. >> icy roads caused semi trucks to crash on sunday and catch fire outside of oklahoma city while extreme weather conditions and parts of virginia also knocked out power to tens of thousands and left streets a mess in fairfax county. >> icy roads, cars slipping. when you hit on the brakes, you don't stop. it's crazy. >> now that winter storm making its way to tennessee and ohio
3:23 pm
valley's. >> it is extremely cold especially when the wind is blowing but this is chicago. what do we expect? >> we don't expect it here and believe it or not yet another winter storm on the way, right behind this one. texas expected to pick up another several inches of snow wednesday. the mercury to climb above freezing not until at least friday. bret. >> bret: a casey stegall live in dallas, thanks. a new administration in washington agrees with the old administration about a foreign policy position. we will tell you what it is. but first, fox affiliates around the country cover tonight, fox s matter march through midtown manhattan turns violent. 11 protesters arrested friday night. new york police report, two officer suffered minor injuries during that protest, which is attended by about 100 marchers. fox 11 in los angeles is the
3:24 pm
host of the tv show "the bachelor" steps back from his duties. chris harris with ongoing racism controversy. harrison defended a cut participation in an old south themed party at a plantation in 2018. harrison says he takes full accountability for his actions and social media post saturday. this is a live look daytona international speedway from fox 35 in orlando. the big story there tonight storms through a crash scene on a final lap to win back the daytona 500 appear the race ended earlier today after numerous rain delays over a nine hour period. the first checkered flag in almost 360 career races for mcdowell. that is a life live look of a sl report. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: breaking tonight former georgia senator david perdue has filed with the federal election commission to start paperwork there today to become a candidate to run for senate in 2022. purdue who lost reelection to senator jon ossoff during the georgia senate runoff election january 5th. filing the paperwork with a
3:29 pm
campaign committee titled "purdue for senate," he would run against raphael warnock, currently the other senator from georgia. white house deputy press secretary has resigned, suspended for issuing a threat to a journalist seeking to cover his relationship with another reporter. he issued a statement saturday expressing his regret, embarrassment and discussed for his behavior. it is the first departure from the new white house less than a month into president biden's tenure. the political action committee known as the lincoln project is trying to deal with ongoing controversy over allegations of harassment and financial impropriety. the group behind big money opposition to former president trump has raised around $90 million since its founding in 2019. but the cash flow is drying up and drying up fast.
3:30 pm
correspondent gillian turner has details. >> the anti-trump super pac is no longer accepting online donations, the latest sign of trouble for the lincoln project to fend off scrutiny over leadership and finances peer of the top donor to the group i'm a gordon gatti, son of paul gettyo donated $1 billion, make a film producer donated $100,000 and walt disney, susan disney lord donating $100,000. another mega donor, told special reporters this in an exclusive interview. >> if there is a failure of the lincoln project, we need to call a spade a spade and account for that. we need to put our money where our mouth is. >> mission energy executive said it is time for the check writers to speak up. >> it will be up to donors and other supporters to also say today, look, you must do it right in if you don't, you will be accountable also.
3:31 pm
>> hollywood celebrities with embattled super pac, jason bateman, jennifer aniston and huffman. fox news is learning the group great so far 25 million went to some communications a firm owned by cofounder read galen listed as a treasurer and fcc document. and a company called tusk digital owned by another cofounder. steve schmidt another cofounder tilt hbo this. >> out of $87 million raised by the lincoln project about 63-$66 million of the money went to vote or, contact. where did the other money go? the law requires that you make disclosures but you don't have to disclose subcontractor payments. >> schmidt resigned with new wake of revelation about john bieber. the key founder who is facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment from 21 young
3:32 pm
men. and made complaints to the lincoln project completely and three of whom are interns. the group has gone dark on social media completely. they have stayed silent on acquittal and former president trump. aunt joined the fbi interviewing people about him. he himself may be under criminal investigation. the lincoln project also says as of now they will release anyone from nondisclosure agreement with weaver allegations, bret. >> bret: thank you periods thoughts from senior political analyst brit hume. good evening. what about the links lincoln project and everything surrounding it? >> the sex scandal has captured the headlines but the financial stuff in the report, i think may be more important. here you have the small group of men raising $90,000,000.40 million of them by our report, more than $40 million of it was used, was paid to firms controlled by the
3:33 pm
group founders. now, that is on the face of it, looks clearly like self-dealing of the kind that is almost always improper. it is possible, bret, some youthful services for the purposes were performed for that. but it bears an investigation and i'm sure it will be investigated. i think the lincoln to the extent that it was one is finished. >> bret: turning to the other political force, we are trying to get a gauge of and the former president donald trump. and after impeachment acquittal where the g.o.p. goes from here and how that plays out ahead of 2022. >> as bill mcgurn was suggesting earlier the problem and the challenge the g.o.p. has is to move away from trump without alienating his supporters. i think most republican supporters and many have concluded that cannot win an election with trump. he lost the last one and damaged
3:34 pm
his reputation terribly with his conduct after the election. so he is damaged. but he retains a significant party. so what they are trying to do, i think to hang onto his voters without hanging onto him. that is not easy to do. but there was one other thing, bret that no one is talking about witches, how many of the voters who turned out for joe biden in this campaign against highly controversial dod possibly be available to a republican nominee in the future election? we have the staggering turnout, more than we have ever seen. trump set a record and biden set a bigger record appeared you wonder how many people voted for biden because they couldn't stad trump might be available to another republican nominee has something to keep an eye on going forward, bret. >> bret: brit, thank you as always. up next the china information campaign a separate fact from fiction when it comes to the coronavirus.
3:35 pm
we will get reaction from the panel later on. "beyond the borders" the coalition in iraq, has killed one civilian contractor, injured five others along with a u.s. service member. a tweet saying indirect fire struck coalition forces and repealed today. we have one of the past few minutes 14 total rounds were fired, four landing in the u.s. compound, ten outside. turkish president accusing the u.s. of supporting kurdish militants after turkish troops found the bodies of 13 turkish old democrat soldiers, police and civilians and in a complex in northern iraq. turkey is upset with the wording of the state department condemnation of the deaf spirit secretary of state tony blinken on monday reassuring that washington blames the workers for the execution despite support of the party in the fight against isis. 400 couples marry over the
3:36 pm
weekend and a single ceremony in nicaragua as part of a radio station promotion on valentine's day for that past 18 years. the event occurred despite intense heat and the risk of contracting coronavirus. congratulations. just some of the other stories "beyond the borders" tonight. we will be right back. at wayfair, you can spend less on sofas that bring the whole family together. and the savings don't stop there. put down a cozy rug in areas that just became high traffic.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: for social media site is relaunching and its new platform built on sustainable, independent technology, not reliant on big tech for its operations, parler went dark cut off by major service providers and accuse the app appealing to control vital content to the capitol riot. florida congressman michael waltz introducing a resolution urging the u.s. to boycott the 2022 winter olympic games in beijing. if they are not moved from china. he says the u.s. cannot in good
3:41 pm
conscience have american athletes a liberating in the event with brutal dictatorship. chinese communist party would be emboldened with legitimacy conferred by the religion. this may be one of the few issues the trump and biden administration's agree on that beijing has blocked crucial access to international investigations into the origins of covid-19 for only a year. national security with the latest from the pentagon. >> national security advisor jake with a withering assessment over the weekend about the recent report from the w.h.o. investigators after a month on the ground in wuhan demanding trying to hand over data from the outbreaks early stages. we have deep concerns about the way in which the early findings of covid-19 investigation were communicated and questions about the process used to reach them. the w.h.o. team, which did not include in the u.s. government
3:42 pm
scientists included largely defunct chinese talking point suggesting the virus may have originated outside of china perhaps in the u.s. and was transferred to wuhan through a frozen food shipment. tension with the chinese host who made the scientist quarantine for 14 of their 27 days on the ground and refused access to important data at the wuhan institute of virology. it is not the first time the chinese communist party has launched a coordinated effort to spread disinformation. last march, a public reach out account called "happy reading list" said that out of a lab fort dietrich in maryland and unleashed it during the military world games held in wuhan in october 2019. former deputy national security advisor matt pottinger said we may never know how the virus originated in china. >> they were new facts have been unearthed about the role of the
3:43 pm
chinese military in the wuhan institute virology that is sort of parallel body of activity taking place in those labs that was not previously disclosed by china. >> the w.h.o. has begun propaganda of the communist party. we are the biggest owner to the w.h.o. so before we give them another dime with new leadership new leadership. >> by rejoining the w.h.o. the biden administration must grapple with serious questions about how to stop the chinese from using the w.h.o. fact-finding team to promote disinformation, bret. >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, jennifer, thank you. we are back with our panel, ben domenich, harold, bill. what about finding out the origins of covid-19 and how much has been thrown in the way of that? >> ben: welcome i think a lot has been thrown in the way of that. there isn't any evidence to this point that china has actually been transparent with us,
3:44 pm
despite some praise from some corners. i think the evidence shows they have done a lot of hiding and it comes to not being willing to give us the truth about a lot of different things. to me, i don't expect the truth from china. i don't anticipate that they will be honest with us. but i do anticipate our own government will be honest with us about the risks involved and jumping back into the w.h.o. in a way they did. without extracting any kind of reforms or promise of change. that is something i know not just for me but a lot of republicans on capitol hill who feel like the w.h.o. has had a series of problems leading up to this point. i don't think a lot of them are willing to let this go, given the questions raised about this investigation about what china is sharing with them here it's been with the questions at the beginning coming from tom cotton who was kind of laughed off anda concern and this should be believed what is coming out of
3:45 pm
the w.h.o. now you have jake sullivan, referenced in the herald, we have deep concerns about the way in which the early findings of the covid-19 investigation were communicated. questions about the process used to reach them. it is imperative this report be independent with experts findings with altercation by the chinese government to better understand this pandemic and prepare for the next one. china must make available data from the earliest days of the outbreak. that is the biden administration's national security advisor. speak with the biden administration is right. the trump administration was right. chuck schumer, who i would give credit quicker and sooner to and for a longer extended period of time and tom cotton with china, the current manipulator even in the face of democrats and many republicans over the years. gluck, one of the things the biden administration should give serious thought to if we remain in the w.h.o. is the building out much like george h.w. bush
3:46 pm
did a coalition like we did against kuwait in china. if there is serious thinking about boy cutting in the olympics, like you mention in the lead into it, perhaps we are able to come with a global coalition and across the board on health care matters and even trade matters. i have set for a long time and i thought president trump was right on china. he brought more democrats and republicans around. one of the reasons he was elected, immigration and his position on foreign affairs mainly china pushed him forward. democrats and republicans alike would be right to follow him ind follow it up with poesy with great results. >> bret: mike wallace with that resolution. we will talk about that and other elements of the china foreign policy with the panel right after this quick break. m. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: live from capitol hill, michael waltz, the people's republic of china and the chinese communist party have taken unprecedented steps with policies to censorship and intimidation with individuals and groups exercising
3:51 pm
fundamental human rights, especially the uighur autonomous region and hong kong. the house of representatives urges the international olympic committee should transfer 2022 olympic games to a site other than the people's republic of china. if the international committee rejects such a proposal the united states olympic committee and committees of other countries should withdraw from the 2022 winter olympic games. back with the panel, bill, it does put the administration and a bit of a bind. secretary tony blinken has said that china is committing against the uighurs. they have major problems on policy fronts as we just said and agreeing with the trump administration on a number of those fronts. what about this resolution and how far it goes? >> welcome of the resolution is just the tiny little window into china. i'm with harold on this, the trump administration deserves extraordinary credit for refocusing on china and multiple
3:52 pm
threats to us, economically, militarily and so far, interventions, its role in institutions such as the w.h.o. they would challenge us on every front. i think you could say though i supported a lot of donald trump's policy in terms of with gnomic withdrawing from the w.h.o. and some of these other kind of bogus international institutions. the price of that is that you leave those totally to china to dominate and so forth. so i would say, i wouldn't write them off. there is an avenue for the biden administration if they can use the u.s. role in these organizations to increase the pressure in china. for example trump famously rejected the transfer pacific partnership economic grouping that would have brought all of these countries, similar beasts with chinese trade policy to pressure china. instead we went it alone and we
3:53 pm
could be stronger. make no mistake, china wants dominance in the region. and it's done this before. if you remember george w. bush when he got in, they played bumper cars with one of our surveillance planes and forced it down. so they are testing now on all of these fronts to see if we are going to make any kind of protest or flex muscles. >> bret: herald, quickly there is this push and pole with businesses that do business in china. and how that reacts, interacts with the administration. the trump administration was tough on all of this. >> harold: i think the biden administration should follow course. and i'm encouraging and reassembling a lot that the remarks made. these organizations to create some uncomfortable ability in the party like building a coalition and people against china. but the question we have to
3:54 pm
answer fundamentally and i think the administration and congress is recognizing that america, the 21st century should be our country too. but the connotation we will face in china will be different, unrelenting. and we will have similar counter resistance to ensure that we make the century of ours again. >> bret: tomorrow's headlines tonight plus a new member of the "special report" family. ♪ ♪ but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck.
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3:59 pm
covid relief package even as tens of billions of dollars for schools remain unspent, even if allocated already. i think that he should stick to being a doctor as opposed to being a politician. >> bret: harold. >> harold: . read ahead, republicans still trying to decide which way the topic of this evening. i think the question is and democrats have gone through this when you lose midterm, grievance, patriot, conspiracy with new ideas and new directions and new faces we will see. >> bret: bill, headline. >> bill: like dr. fauci, not too long ago to take issue with him a risk of being unholy. but kamala harris says he is wrong, that he is wrong and biden is starting to scratch covid. so the headline should be "vice president takes issue with dr. fauci, but it is okay because he is not part of the trump administration."
4:00 pm
>> bret: [laughter] all right, panel a new number of the "special report" team alex vogel, and wife angela, a valentine's day baby 7 pounds, y doing well. one viewer at a time. thank you for inviting us into your home. that does it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid "fox news primetime" hosted this week by rachel campos duffy. >> thank you so much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm rachel campos duffy and tonight we are following the science. >> followed the science, follow the science and let me say that again, we will listen to the science. let's end the politics -- listen to the politics and in the science. >> followed the science.


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