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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 16, 2021 3:00am-6:01am PST

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olympics to be moved. the international olympic committee needs to listen. how can we have our flag flying in beijing after all of that. jillian: congressman, our show is about to end. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day everyone. bye-bye. ♪ >> cuomo cover-up is quickly unraveling. >> covid did not get into the nursing homes by people coming from hospitals. >> the governor and the administration is hiding information about life and death. >> u.s. led coalition from iraq says a rocket attack has killed one civilian contractor and injured five others. >> very likely that it roads from this attack lead to iran it. is a an early test to the biden administration. >> lunar new year's eve. >> all bars in the city of new orleans will be closed. >> not knowing when it's going to end. >> historic lows hit 'texas
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causing wind turbines to freeze. millions are without power. >> we are relying on an energy that has proven unreliable? u.s.a. ♪? so heart warming to see that spirit with the american public for someone that they know represents them ♪ sing a song ♪ sing a song ♪ sing a song ♪ >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. hope you enjoyed your long weekend. pete hegseth filling in for brian. how many days. >> the weekend to a weekend plus five in a middle. steve: ainsley, pete has worked four days in a row. ainsley: wait until sunday after the show he will being exhausted. pete: sunday i will be feeling it. right now doing a week like you. ainsley: you are a patriot, steve. steve: it's great to have you. today, you know, tomorrow is ash wednesday. today is mardi gras. live it up whatever you are
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going to do. of course, within reason. they have completely shut down. pete: that's what new orleans does well within reason. steve: whatever the reason is for you. good to have you. jibz joins us right now. doing anything wrong in his entire life, jackie. >> new york's governor forced to face the growing scandal that he has been avoiding at every turn. in a preference said the state didn't cover up nursing home deaths but admits he should have moved faster to release the information. information that lawmakers, the public and the press have been asking for for months now. cuomo claims the doj and state legislature both requested a report at the same time and admittedly put a pause on answering lawmakers to fill the report request from the doj. >> is there anything that you personally apologize for? >> we did not do a good enough job in providing information.
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i take total responsibility for that the void we created furthered the confusion. >> so if you were looking for an apology there was not one there late last month the state department of health reported there was nearly 9,000 covid nursing home deaths in new york. but the attorney general's report finds the deaths were nearly double that cuomo passing blame to nursing home staff for bringing covid into the facilities. lawmakers now pushing to strip cuomo of emergency authority to issue unilateral it directives to respond to the pandemic. >> forget the emmy. he need to win oscar for lying dog faced pony soldier today. to hear him not apologize the democrats who are not in charge refuse to take this executive order privilege back. he needs to resign. >> cuomo's press conference comes days after top aide told democrats on a call they worried nursing home data would, quote, be used against us in the doj investigation.
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back to you. ainsley: all right. thank you so much. it's just hard to look at these numbers and see the cover-up here knowing so many of our loved ones, friend, family members, janice dean's in-laws both died of this. there are so many democrats that are upset about that too, that's doctoring. so many state assembly men and senators. many were tweeting out over the weekend state senator ramos says trash. no one believes you. state senator many beigi. riddled with lies, theater and deflection. says she used to work in the cuomo administration before she became a senator. pete: there is polite criticism from your own party and statements like trash and riddled with lies these are not republicans not haters of andrew cuomo because he is a democrat. fellow members of his party watched the press conference like what happened yesterday
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melissa der rosa who made those comments was at the press conference, did not speak. steve: she may have done enough talking. pete: they may not be on good terms. calling for the full transcript to be released. morning post not called on for a question. i wonder why. new york state assemblyman ron kemp, also a democrat whose uncle died in a new york nursing home had similar harsh terms. >> it took us almost two months before the governor decided to change. in fact, in a month later, at a press conference, he said he didn't know about it. he lied. just like he is lying right now to today's press conference about sending notices to the assembly and senate that we knew about the department of justice investigation. we were not informed. there is a distrust among the public right now and, again i this isn't about the governor or any one person. this is about the 15,000 families who lost loved ones and
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families who have loved ones at the nursing home still suffering to give them a sense of justice. steve: you know, and you can understand why he would say all those things because you saw the governor on television yesterday just go on and on and on. so much of the stuff he said we know is not true. you know, he essentially said, you know, as you look at that graphic right there, political spin, which is what he did yesterday in great excess. he said you know, i just didn't give you enough information. but he also said, you know, regarding that doj investigation, you -- everybody should have known because it was in the "new york post." so he was saying you should have read it in the paper because the post ran that story in august. but here's the problem. that's not when the cover-up started. the cover-up started back when they were doctoring the numbers in march and april that was five months before the "new york post" suddenly had a story about that.
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it is interesting and as you listen to mr. kim, he is absolutely right. what has to happen now, you know, during the pandemic, the governor got emergenci' coronavirus authorization. emergency powers. they say now that they need to rescind that also, will the contempt of justice launch a special counsel because, keep in mind, melissa der rosa's mother-in-law is the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. so she would be in charge of investigating her daughter-in-law. do you think that's going to happen? absolutely not. keep in mind, mr. cuomo was very close to joe biden during the election. so it really comes down to his fellow democrats in new york will have to hold mr. cuomo accountable. ainsley: what's sad about all of this so many people are questioning would my loved one still be alive if they hadn't put these covid patients in these nursing homes. you know, what they did in florida, i heard ron desantis saying we did it right. we did the opposite approach.
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we actually had nursing home facilities or facilities that were just for folks who had covid. once they were healed and okay they were placed back in the nursing homes. but the moment someone had a symptom, they got tested. if they tested positive they went into the nursing home areas. steve: everyone knew they were in peril and they isolated everybody. everybody was siloed essentially and that really was the key. pete: amazing e has tried to insist they always had the numbers and reported them when that's what they didn't have. amazing. speaking of covid and how it effects our lives. on another entire section of our country it, does feel like a different country. new orleans, if you go there, very different. it will. steve: it's a whole other french quarter. pete: has another name. mardi gras kicks off today but looks a lot different. makes you ask is it mardi gras if all these things are not aloud. this is what is not allowed in
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new orleans. all bars are closed. two-to-go drinks prohibited. paneled liquor sales prohibited. street closures and street vendors and performers. it make you wonder what is allowed. one of our producers hit the streets. steve: that was last year. pete: has to be last year considering what's closed this year. and asked folks on the street. how different is it? here's what they said. >> not good at all. it's so different from past years. >> we're hopeful to find some more things to do but like last night there was a lot of emptiness. >> not what we expected. but, code precautions we completely understand. >> it need to let people be responsible in my opinion. >> i feel bad for the business owners that really count on this season to really make their year. >> people should have the choice. people's choice. >> i think it's been handled poorly from the beginning so it's now just a matter of we
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have to save face if that makes sense unfortunately. it's sad. pete: guys, look at how florida handled the super bowl or daytona 500. you can have groups of people with reasonable policies trusting them at some level to be individuals. here they said, steve, we will just lock it all down. steve: you know, it was last week that the democrat mayor of new orleans mayor latoya cantrell closed all the bars for five days starting i think on thursday and then things will open up again tomorrow on ash wednesday when, of course, as tradition is. pete: when you are not supposed to party anymore. steve: have you given up everything through were going to do today. as we heard in that bouquet of soundbites right there where one of the people said i really feel sorry for the business owners, absolutely. new orleans is losing 1 $0 million a week in visitor spending. and the business owners of those polices in the french quarter that make so much of their money this week are furious.
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because they already bought all the food and they bought the booze a lot of it going to go bad. this observation is what the mayor has done to the big easy. >> this was a tough one. we knew for a while that mardi gras wasn't going to look the same. people on last leg like ourselves, it's a tough blow. i mean, we have already lost, you know, halloween, saint home games. new year's eve. this is another tough blow. the hardest part about it is not knowing when it's going to end. is this until april when the vaccine comes out and 50% of the people in the town had it. is it in august like that's the toughest part not knowing is there an end game? where is it? are we getting close? we are hanging on by a thread here. what more can we do -- you know, how much longer can we take of this? steve: no kidding. it shutdown that's going on right now in new orleans is like
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the third for a lot of those legendary places they have now been closed three times. they closed for katrina, they closed last april in to may during the shutdown and closed now during their busiest week of the year. ainsley: all right. so let's talk about this gallup poll because many people are saying i don't understand to be a democrat anymore. i don't want to be a republican. i think we need a third party. when you look at the independents, 70% of them said yes, we need a third party. republicans 6 percent said yes. democrats 46%. yesterday, donald trump on presidents' day was driving into west palm. and there were crowds of people, i don't know if you have seen the video. if you haven't, here it is. he is in the car. they stop for a moment. he is waiving and doing the thumbs up to the crowd. look at all the supporters if you watch the news and see what's happening with impeachment. you might think oh, people don't like donald trump anymore. notes case. look at this. pete: that was not a planned
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event be that was spontaneous for donald trump. 77 number for independence not surprising. independent because you don't fit into a earth pa. that number makes sense. ainsley: always want a third party. pete: standing third party. that republican number 63. almost at that 70 that's never been that high according to gallup. what that tells you is this is a group of people, republicans who still -- whose key affinity is for donald trump. this is a party that has been totally transformed by donald trump. by the way that he attacked the i that he believes in and brought them to the forefront for republicans. so for republicans in washington, d.c., lick mitch mcconnell, like liz cheney and others to think they are going to create a split. it's not as easy as they think to try to separate the republican party from donald trump. right now that's who most people -- that's who people voted for and who they support. steve: when you look at the gallup poll and did you go into the cross tabs, you see that for the most part the reason the
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democrat number, which is, what, 46% is so low is because they feel hey, we just won the white house. we are happy. we just won the senate. we are happy with that. when you look into the numbers of why so many republican was are searching for answers going forward. part of it has to do with the fact that they lost the senate and the house. but also just the direction of the party itself. over the last number of years, you know, the conservative party has become less conservative. and, in fact, according to gallup, 40% of republicans want the party more conservative. 40%. 4% meh, it's about right. and 24% say make it more moderate which i don't quite get but 24% of the people said that. ainsley: going to be interesting if there is a third party. what does that third party look like? what's it comprised of? steve: either pro-trump or anti-trump. pete: that's exactly right. steve: if the g.o.p. were to
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fracture even more, it would either go toward trump or against trump. and you have got ronna mcdaniel and kevin mccarthy both trying their best to make sure that the party stays on track into 2020 because they feel likes a is always the case during midterm elections they could actually capitalize. pete: interesting to see trnl lindsey graham trump plus. maga plus. build on what trump has built. you try to throw the baby out with the bath water you are starting over with the republican party. ainsley: donald trump jr. was interviewed about that huge crowd that came tout to greet his dad yesterday. listen. >> totally organic. again, it just shows that the american people are with donald trump. in front of mar-a-lago, going back and forth on my facebook page you will see it literally thousands of cars, flying flags, playing music, honking their horns for their president on presidents' day. it was actually just an amazing thing to see. it was so heart-warming to see that spirit that we know exists
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with the american public for someone that they know represents them. fight for them. for their values, for their jobs. ainsley: that's probably one of the reasons president trump moved down there to florida. he has a lot of supporters down there. pete: i was looking for the biden parade i didn't see it. ainsley: hand headlines over to jillian. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert. overnight three people were killed after a tornado in north carolina. the storm damaging dozens of buildings. this following unprecedented winter blast killing at least 19 people. dallas residents were seen sleeping in their cars. as nearly 4 million people in texas alone are without power. icy roads causing hundreds of crashes. this car slammed into a police cruiser. more than 6,000 flights have been canceled nationwide. in louisiana, strong winds caused power lines to surge with electricity.
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that video is wild. we will continue to follow that the lincoln project releasing it staff from nondisclosure agreements. five workers telling the "new york times" it's unclear if that applies to all staff and feel the anti-trump group is still keeping staff silent. will reeling over it. will funneling millions in their own firms. hundreds of mourners line up to pay their respects to legendary actress cicely tyson in new york city. lying in repose. fans inspired by seven decade acting career traveling nationwide to say goodbye. the first black woman to have a recurring role in a dramatic tv series. east side, west side. tyson died last month. she was 96 years old. it turns out people can have strong opinions on pizza toppings. >> what is the heck is that? >> who puts broccoli on pizza?
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that's it, i'm done. jillian: new poll revealing the top five least liked toppings, anchovies coming up number number one 661. % say they hate it. followed by will will anchovies, eggplant, art chokes and broccoli and pineapple. peperoni, classic it plain pizza and i'm a happy camper. steve: you mean with cheese? jillian: that's plain. ainsley: the hawaiian pizza is delicious the pineapple with the ham it's good it's delicious. >> yuck. pete: fruit on pizza. ainsley: are you all anchovy people. steve: i'm anti-anchovy. the problem with pineapple it becomes a molten little block of yellow. it's 1 million degrees and you take a bite hot, hot, hot. pete: have you ever met. >> anna: chof person. people say it's a topping. i never met anyone that actually puts it on their pizza.
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steve: i have seen them make it in my local place. ainsley: tomorrow going to philadelphia. considerations with parents down in maryland so successful people loved it. now going to philadelphia because parents want these schools to be open. good news is they are going to open hybrid february 22nd. the parent there say that's still not enough. we need our kids back full time. they are doing it successfully elsewhere. watch tomorrow because we will be chatting with the parents. steve: excellent. that's coming up tomorrow. meanwhile today the biden administration is prepping to let 25,000 asylum seekers dr. across the board perhaps this week as republicans warn of a potential border crisis. our next guest says there is clear evidence illegal immigration is already surging. you knew that. his explanation coming up next on "fox & friends." my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪
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ains apsz republicans slammingm slamming border patrol. 75,000 encourt with illegal immigrants exexpulsions. next guest says this is clear evidence illegal immigration is soaring under the new administration. here to explain is retired sheriff from rock wall county, texas near dallas sheriff harold emerson. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: why do you think these numbers are going up? >> well since the biden administration had taken office and even before, he said what he would do would revert -- basically revert back to the policy of the biden administration where our borders were open and we had thousands and thousands of people coming into our country on a regular basis. after president trump took
3:25 am
office, those numbers wept down and the criminal activity by illegals in our country also went down. ainsley: what do you say to the people who support biden's agenda here? the oldest and simplest responsibility for government is protector providing safety and security. by not controlling the border and basically reopening the border and letting it be known that the illegals can come they are going to come and we do not have the infrastructure in place to take care of those thousands and thousands of people that want to come here and some of them have criminal histories and they bring that with them into our country as well. ainsley: yes, sir. sheriff, joe biden's immigration agenda is are end remain in mexico policy. end cooperative asylum agreements with central america. halt the interior immigration
3:26 am
enforcement. restart the catch and release program and halt deportations. what do you think when you hear all of that? >> well, if, you know, i can understand why those countries want to get rid of all of those people then we don't have to be responsible for them. if we are gullible enough to buy into that philosophy we are not protecting the stipulates of our country. our government is not protecting the citizens of our country. that's how i feels that. we must build that wall and we must enforce our immigration laws. ainsley: what have you seen personally in your area? sheriffs on the border are initially affected. those illegals have the potential and they do affect locke particularly every state in our country because they don't stay on the border they go all over the country.
3:27 am
ainsley: thank you so much, sheriff for being with us and tell your wife thank you for telling you what my question was. have a great morning. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. thank you. governor andrew cuomo blaming nursing home staff for covid-19. our next guest has worked in nursing homes for 35 years and outraged over his lack of accountability. where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto,
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3:32 am
with september schism and cynicism and conspiracy theories which further theshed the confusion. covid it not get into the nursing homes by people coming from hospitals this will covid got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing home. steve: well, our next guest has been in the industry for more than 30 years and is sounding the alarm on the governor's guidelines. nursing home director of nutrition daniel joins us now. danielle, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: did you hear him there? he was blaming people at the nursing home. that's why all those people died? >> yes. he seems to want to blame everybody all the time and never take responsibility for anything that he has done. how about the fact the reason we are talking about a cuomo cover-up is last week it was revealed that melissa der rosa, the secretary to the governor was caught on tape talking to democrat lawmakers saying we apologize that we put you in a
3:33 am
bad political spot but we doctored the numbers because we thought the trump doj he was going to come after us. and then yesterday cuomo said no, that's not true. so, which is true? the governor on the hot mic or the woman last week who was caught saying yeah, we doctored the numbers? >> yeah. i think that's pretty obvious. i think that the governor has very severe scobleg problem with admitting when he has made a mistake. he has made several during the pandemic with nursing home residents and continues to. even today. what is today february 16th? he is still making mistakes. steve: the tragedy has been the coronavirus has impacted so many parts of our lives in so many bad ways but for his decision. and you look back at the trajectory of this disaster, when he sent people who had been infected back into the nursing homes, that really is what
3:34 am
caused the problem and then it seems like about the same time, the states started doctoring the numbers where they said well, that person who was in the nursing home but was transferred after they had died to a hospital, that counts as a hospital death. that is the reason people don't trust government stuff like that. >> well, there is a whole bunch of mixup going on here. so, as far as he did -- i'm a big advocate for allowing people to come back to the nursing home. i do believe that these people should be where we know them and love them and care for them; however, the governor did not need to send them back so quickly because we are not in the nursing homes ready with the ppe and we had no idea what we were going to do with everybody. he really should have just said put them where they needed to be. maybe the justice center and japhet center.we did have ppe. literally walking through the nursing home wearing garbage
3:35 am
bags on us and taking them off. we had no ---we didn't have enough to take care of people. so we are supposed to did you go from room to room and change our ppe. we couldn't do that so i blame the governor for that as far as the numbers go, he was considering -- some people were covid -- they died presumed covid. some people were transferred to the hospital and died there, so they weren't considered covid. he needs to get his facts together and present us with some real data at this point. because none of it is making any sense. the people who actually work in the nursing home to the people who lost their loved ones and pretty much the whole community. steve: you don't trust him. would you like to see him resign? >> of course i would love to see him resign. but, if that's not going to happen, i would love to see him actually reach out to somebody in the nursing homes and figure out a plan to make this better at this point. because, today, people are dying. people are not only dying of covid now. they are dying of isolation,
3:36 am
depression, weight loss. falls. it is heart-breaking. to walk through the nursing home every single day and see what's going on is absolutely -- it's heart breaking and the governor needs to come and see what's going on. i mean, i welcome the governor to come to my nursing home and speak to the residents and speak to the people who work there and see what's actually happening. people are dying of covid still. even though they have gotten the vaccine. and i would like somebody to address that. how did they test negative. get the vaccine, test positive and then die. because that is what is happening in the nursing home and nobody is talking about that. steve: i have been reading a little bit about that. more investigation needs to be done. danielle, nobody knows more about this situation than you do. so thank you very much for telling us your point of view on the governor. >> thank you. steve: all right. very good. it is 244 minutes before the top of the hour. national guard still stationed in d.c. could be there through thanksgiving.
3:37 am
but how many are asking hey, why are we here? we are going to get reaction from senator tom cotton coming up. plus, liberals are looking into rein in the media and find reality. another democrat is calling for a truth commission. why? we'll share after the break. ♪ family and home life. we salute your courage. and your service. by offering you our service. newday usa specializes in helping you make the most of your va benefits. from home purchase to refinance.
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steve: winter storm alert. stretching from coast to coast. look at those images. ainsley: in texas alone 4 million people without power there. pete: yanice dean tracking the storm and it is not over yet; is that right, janice. janice: no, it's not. this round is coming up toward the northeast, bringing snow, sleet freezing rain.
3:42 am
we have alabama, tennessee and ohio valley. look at the temperatures, right? these are cold temperatures. so the snow and the ice not going anywhere. not melting across texas. next storm system is just about to move into the exact same regions. so this is the first one that brought the snow and ice across the southern plains moving up towards the northeast. let's talk about the one behind it. because, again, it's going to bring the same results. heavy snow. freezing rain, rain, and the potential for ice. significant ice on the roads and the power lines and that's going to mean more power outages over the next several days. this is the next one that moves up towards the mid-atlantic and northeast. the pink not a good sign. that's accumulating ice and that's going to cause a disaster on the roadways and, again, the power lines and bring those trees down. again, if anything is weak like those trees from the last storm system, it's going to bring them down. so this is going to be a big deal, obviously, cross portions of the southern plains up towards the mid-atlantic, the
3:43 am
cold air continues to be in place. and then look at the snowfall potential as we go through the next couple of days, so that's tuesday, our next storm moves in across the plain states, the mid-atlantic, and the northeast. so this one could bring measurable snow to folks along the i-95 corridor as well as the ice. our prayers, of course, across the southern plains, places like texas, mississippi, louisiana, that tonight typically see this weather. where people are going to be in danger yet again wednesday into thursday. all right. pete and steve, ainsley, back to you. big story. steve: it is a big story. janice, one of the reason that he are asking people in texas to turn down the thermostat is they generate so much electricity with the wind turbines and the ice storm has frozen so many of them. janice: it's terrible. it's terrible. i don't know what else to say except they have another round coming. steve: good news is it's going to get up in the 30's. maybe those things will defrost today.
3:44 am
j.d., thank you. meanwhile, switching gears. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez called for a commission to, quote: rein in the media. then the "new york times" called for a reality czar. ainsley: well now from herman democratic congresswoman sarah jacobs is calling for a truth commission. listen. >> basically what it is is communities all the way up to the national level having conversations about both the gory and glory of our history. both throughout the history of our country leading up and january 6th so we can come to a common narrative moving forward of what we want our country to be. pete: boy, here to react is commentary writer for "the washington examiner" tiana lowe. what do you make of this reality czar, truth commission? are they serious and what would it mean? >> well, we have seen this active push on the left from the media and now, you know, by members of government to really
3:45 am
shrink the overton window. they are not taking fault with policy prescriptions here. they are talking about basic world views trying to change them. you know, they say it's about the capitol storming. the capitol storming while tragic was not a misinformation crisis. the fbi knew it was happening. it was being played out for all the world to see and nothing was done about it beforehand. this is taking the opportunity of the crisis. not letting the crisis go to waste. to continue this overton window shrink. >> steve: tiana, if you think 'it. if they had like a truth commission. first of all, they would say who is on the commission? and those voices would mirror theirs so if there is another voice out there with a different opinion, that would be deemed not truthful and that person would be essentially stricken from the public square. >> yeah. and we have seen already, you know, basic facts that were
3:46 am
considered not controversial five years ago. are now trying to be rewritten under the guise of, you know, truth and reality. you know, a man is a woman. a man can be a woman. america's founding was actually 1619 and not 1776. you know, we have seen this repeatedly. and the fact that they don't understand, you know, during the coronavirus, the only group that was pulled will will less trusted than donald trump was the media. and so the media is going all in on this. and serving this up to democratic politicians trying to sort of, you know, inculcate this culture where people are going to be comfortable with this. that is scary. ainsley: yeah. to decide hot arbiter of truth is. good point, steve. this is a crackdown on free speech. doesn't this, if they do, this the american public, they are not stupid. you know. >> the majority of independents want to see a third party because of everything that
3:47 am
happened in november. does this backfire on them? >> oh, of course. you know, i mean, i think that the perception of the left is they are not just taking gawlts quaw none crazies and the neo nazis everyone q inches to the right of joe manchin can be equated with them. they want to shut down fox news. it's not just the actual insane people on the alt right. so i think it will backfire. because i think most of america watched the capitol storming in horror but they don't want any of this orwellian nonsense. that's not what we're all about. pete: who fact checks the fact checkers when the fact checkers don't actually check and you see that time and time again. steve: don't need to because they are right. pete: they have the truth they chose what the truth is and you are out. tee anna, thank you so much for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: president biden calling for tougher gun laws and a series of new restrictions.
3:48 am
the potential risk to gun rights come up. first, could mother nature tell trouble for the climate rights agenda? question green energy coming up next. ♪ ♪ those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor.
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3:52 am
he. pete: winter storms in texas have left over 2 million people without power as their wind turbines frozen solid former energy secretary rick perry said this is the risk of green energy. >> need to have a diversity of energy sources no matter where you are. and it couldn't be a greater example of that in the state of texas right now. we got massive amount of wind farms out in west texas that are frozen up. all of that wind energy was lost. pete: is this what america would look like under the green new deal. here to react is the president of copenhagen consensus and the author of "false alarm" will bjorn lomborg. texas is sitting on huge reserves of oil and gas but they are one of the leading users of wind energy as well. yet, when it's frozen, it's not working. >> exactly, pete.
3:53 am
so, look, texas' current problems is not just caused because of lack of wind, also coal fired power plans and gas and nuclear has dropped out. but it does tell us the very hard point that we're going to have to face if we want to switch over to 100 percent knee niewble. ler remember, that's mostly going to be wind and solar. when the sun is not signing or wind is not blowing you are up creek. you have to have backup power for most of law are trying to achieve that means much higher costs and of course that also means when it's really bad like it is in texas right now, you have to have rolling backouts. you basically have to have worse outcomes for higher costs. most people don't want that. pete: help me out when it's very sunny or very windy. can you save up additional energy to use for days when it's not? >> well, in principle, of course, people imagine that you have these enormous batteries. actually most of our power storage is high throw.
3:54 am
but right now the u.s. has battery storage for about 14 seconds of it and, no, we don't know how to do it. and you can't just do that for like an hour. you can't each do it for a day. you need it for weeks and possibly even, you know, seasons. so, yes, in the far future it could be one of the solutions but that's not where we are any time soon. pete: 14 seconds. you are saying if it was sunny, 14 seconds ago, you are might have power but after that fact we don't have the capacity to save it. so you need something that has staying power to use during moments like this if your wind turbines are frozen. >> and this is going to be fossil fuels. in the short run. again, what this really tells us is we need better ways forward. i mean bill gates is just out with a new book essentially making the same point we need much more investment green energy r and d. maybe rich countries like the u.s. are willing to say yes we will pay much more for our
3:55 am
electricity and except some rolling backouts. most countries can't afford to too that around the world. what we really need is to have much cheaper green energy if we're going to manage to switch over to renewables non-co 2 emitting energy sources that could be nuclear that could be fusion. a lot of other opportunities. but the fundamental point here is it is about innovation. it's not about switching when we don't have the technologies ready. pete: always been about innovation. you have to count on the fact that the technology may be in our grasp in a decade. when you talk about the future real quick these winds forms frozen eyesore not efficient. not delivering the energy that we want. whether a is that renewable source? you have mentioned nuclear. what can it be. >> wind turbines most of the time in small proportions actually great. just like solar panels because they can help you with the maximum load of your energy source.
3:56 am
so can you actually get it where it's otherwise very, very costly. so it can be a good idea. just don't believe that you can get to real base load power a levels. that can you get to 50% or 80%. then you turn into all these problems. remember, most people want to put more electricity on our grid. they want it electric cars and space heating. that is going to create many more problems like the ones we are seeing in texasry just now. pete: bjorn lomborg you know your stuff. appreciate it. activists send message to washington tear down the border wall claiming its immoral but we love one around our capitol. senator tom cotton here to respond top of the hour. ♪ ♪ volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc,
3:57 am
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voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. todd: house speaker nancy pelosi says are nancy pelosi will establish a it commission to investigate the riot. >> timing of the national guard deployment. >> covid did not get into the nursing homes by people coming from hospitals. there is nothing to investigate. >> i think the governor has severe psychological problem admitting when he has made a mistake. >> a op-ed in the "the washington post" concluded the are cdc school's property will keep millions of kids home unnecessarily. >> this will go down as an epic failure of public policy and a real tragic situation here. >> tear down that wall. that is the firm message
4:01 am
immigrant rights and environment groups have for president biden. >> if we are gullible enough to buy into that philosophy, then we are not protecting the citizens of our country. >> another winter storm is trailing this one. and it's expected to bring a winter wallop to the same impacted areas. >> this is historic and unfortunately affecting a lot of those that really aren't prepared for this type of weather. >> but you got to keep your head up. >> need to let your hair down. >> oh. >> got to keep your head up. pete: i believe that is a live look, it is, of capitol hill on this tuesday morning february 16th, year of our lord 2021. it's mardi gras today. all the bars are closed in new orleans but it is mardi gras. steve: it is mardi gras that means it's the end of carnival season but today is also known as are -- tuesday for a lot of people who go into confession get yesterday are for ash
4:02 am
wednesday tomorrow. ainsley: give up something tomorrow something that means a lot to us. pete: also national do a grouch a favor day. if you know a grouch spread kindness. i don't know any. not here. steve: none whatsoever. ainsley: it's me when i'm hungry. [laughter] pete: hangry. ainsley: griff jenkins is live in d.c. on capitol hill congress wants to establish the 9/11 style commission to investigate the capitol hill riot. what's this all about, griff? griff: good morning, pete, ainsley and steve. talk about grouches. the political capitol police rank and file are in a bit of a grouchy move because they delivered overwhelming vote of no confidence in leadership 92% for the current chief. came after the union reviewed the events of januaryth. and now speaker pelosi wants her own review writing in a letter to colleagues this: quote, to protect our security, our security, our security, our next step will be to establish an
4:03 am
outside independent 9/11 type commission to investigate and report on the facts it many relating to the january 6th, 2021 terrorist attack on the capitol complex. such a commission has bipartisan support and senator lindsey graham has questions. >> did nancy pelosi know on january 5th that there was a threat at the capitol. what did president trump do after the attack? we need a 9/11 commission to find out what happened and make sure it never happens again. griff: this as house republicans send a letter to pelosi demanding answers over whether she delayed a request for the national guard deployment of which 6,000 troops still remain here and many are wondering for how long congressman michael waltz had this to say earlier on "fox & friends first." >> now going forward, i have asked for what's the threat? what threat is so dire and so large that we have to have more troops in our capitol than we
4:04 am
have in iraq and afghanistan? >> waltz also said isn't giving him any answers. sources tell fox news no decisions have been made but that leaders are wanting to get the troops home. however, a letter dated january 20th obtained by our fox affiliate in d.c. suggest the guard could be looking at an extension through the fall. pete, ainsley, steve? pete: wow, griff, thank you very much. appreciate it. let's bring from arkansas g.o.p. senator tom cotton, a member of the senate armed forces committee -- armed services committee. senator, thank you so much for joining us. speak to that, if you would. we have got this eternal email from fox affiliate potentially troops could stay on capitol hill until the fall. there is wall that's been erected around the capitol. what do you know about the persistent threat that would justify all of this? >> hey, pete, it's good to be on with you. >> it's time to send the troops home. too many troops left in washington. i'm not aware of any threat to justify continued presence today
4:05 am
around the capitol. much less into the fall. i think nancy pelosi will have a lot of questions to answer about what she knew leading up to the riot on january 6th there was a clear failure by the security leaders on capitol hill to prepare for january 6th. the officers of the capitol police presmed bravely, they are right to have no confidence in their leadership that doesn't mean though that we should turn the capitol into an armed fortress or a camp for thousands of soldiers. it means we should use common sense and face the threats we face and respond. that fence around the capitol went up overnight after january 6th. if joe biden comes to the capitol and gives a joint session speech next few weeks as new presidents tend to do. obviously increased security posture at that time. congress isn't even in session this week. yet, would very thousands of troops guarding the capitol where congressman and senators and their staff work at a time
4:06 am
when the security threats simply do not justify it. at least to my knowledge. if they do nancy pelosi needs to come forth and explain why they do. steve: indeed. think think they are going to have a meeting later this week to figure out how to go forward. the sierra club wants the president's wall, his border wall to come down. they said in part the wall itself is an immoral announcement settler colonial destruction. this most recent executive order should be a critical first step in stopping and eventually dismantling this immoral wall and the connected systems of border militarization. i just did a google search on problem at our southern wall and i saw a couple of stories that talked about how migrants are falling off the wall trying to scale the wall trying to come into the united states and are being injured and then are being taken -- being sent back to mexico rather than hospitals here in the united states.
4:07 am
that's the main headline i could find from the wall today. >> steve, the simple fact is as everyone knows walls work. in fact, nancy pelosi erected a wall around the people's capitol and has one up to this day even though the security threat doesn't justify it. obviously, the threat at our southern border has long justified a border wall. that's one reason why the border is now more secure than it was four years ago because the trump administration built lots of new walls or upgraded lots of wall. unfortunately the biden administration has stopped that construction but to tear down a wall that currently exists that is stopping border crossings would be the height of insanity. unfortunately it's just a piece of joe biden's imforeign relation policy. we had an agreement with mexico to keep migrants who showed up at our border in mexico while they pursued their asylum claims which almost always fail a matter of statistical reality. they are sitting waiting in mexico. what is joe biden doing? he went and sought them out and
4:08 am
invited them back into the border. invited them pack into the country and let them go for months or even years in the middle of the country while they wait for their hearing which they are almost certain to lose and i bet they won't be going home after they lose it. ainsley: china is still refusing to release any data about the origins of the coronavirus. the w.h.o. is not helping. but the "new york times" is actually calling attention to this as well. surprisingly. >> this is the headline. on w.h.o. trip china refused to hand over important data. is president biden doing enough whether it comes to china? >> no, they are not. and they need demand answers from the chinese communist party and from the ryu hand institute of virology and make a point that the who conflict. they went into the institute of virology in wuhan and had a couple of coffee and donuts nothing to see here. okay we will leave. nothing of the fact some of the members of that investigative commission have conflicts of interest.
4:09 am
they have ties to that institute and the scientists that work there they need to provide answers about the pandemic they unleashed around the world. pete: gallup had a poll out that showed 63% of republicans would be open to a third party referendum how donald trump has been to the party there lindsey graham suggested it's a maga or trump plus party going forward. what's the president's role in the republican party going forward in your view? >> well, pete, the republican party is and always has been the home of conservatives in this country. and if we want to have conservatives center right in government. we need a strong republican party that welcomes all covers. over the last four years we have millions of more people join you are our party. off times more rural working class voters. we welcome them. that's how donald trump increased his vote from 2016 to 2020. obviously we lost some voter as
4:10 am
well over the last four years. we need to win those voters back. the way we do that stand up for america. protecting our heritage. making sure that every american has a chance to get ahead and succeed and keep more of their money and have their kids educated well and safe on their veto. that's the way we will get back to the majority status in the congress and the way we will win back the white house in four years. steve: all right. senator tom cotton. sir, thank you for joining us from the d.c. area. pete: thank you, senator. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you all. steve: andrew cuomo denies covering up nursing home coronavirus deaths that were caught on tape last week. jackie? >> yeah, guys in a press conference monday new york governor andrew cuomo said the state didn't cover up nursing home deaths but admits he should have moved faster to release information. cuomo also says he put a pause on answering lawmakers while they dealt with the doj's request for a report. >> is there anything through personally apologize for. >> we did not do a good enough
4:11 am
job in providing information. i take total responsibility for that the void we created furthered the confusion. testimony. >> so if you were looking for an apology you did not get it. yes there still a lot of confusion last month nearly 9,000 covid nursing home ghet new york. the attorney general's office found the deaths were nearly double that cuomo isn't getting any love from fellow new york democrats either. senator jessica ramos tweeting at no point did the administration notify the legislature about a doj investigation. people died and cuomo lied. then he had the gull to write a book. the top aide for cuomo told democrats on a call that they were worried nursing home data would, quote, be used against us and in the doj investigation. back to you. ainsley: thank you so much, jacky. it's just heart-breaking when you hear the stories of so many people up here in new york that lost their loved ones and now they are questioning would my loved one still be alive if they had not put these covid patients in the nursing homes with my
4:12 am
loved ones. people weren't able to say goodbye to their moms and their dads and their siblings. just heart-breaking. steve had a great interview. this lady was so dynamic. she is the director of nutrition at one of the nursing homes in new york. danielle leblind. listen to this. >> the governor has very severe psychological problem with admitting when he has made a mistake. he gave us -- he brought them back to us. we didn't have ppe. literally walking through the nursing home with garbage bags on us. blame the governor for that some people were covid -- they died presumed covid. some people were transferred to the hospital and died there. so they weren't considered covid. he needs to get his facts together and present us with some real data at this point. because none of it is making any sense.
4:13 am
ainsley: it looks like he got caught. he got caught not giving out the right numbers. and instead of just saying look, we didn't know what we were doing in the very beginning, we apologize. we shouldn't have done it in way. maybe people could have forgiven him. to falsify or not give the real answers, the real numbers, that's what has so many people outraged. assemblyman ron kemp democrat furious because he lost his unk kel. son it he died april 16th at nursing home in flushing, which is in queens. he said when he found out about the a.g. report he had tears in his eyes. the report shows that the state chose to protect the nursing home profit over the safety of our older and vulnerable adults. >> there is a reason people are so angry and passionate. precisely what you hit on ainsley. can you admit a mistake if you are will or able or capable to. cuomo can't do that arrogance is dripping. i had the facts. you can learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it. don't worry about it peasants out there. the reach people are also so
4:14 am
passionate. so many people directly affected a lot of decisions that government makes never make it to you. this was direct. you can't visit your people. you don't know what's going on. you have no reason to -- you don't each have the right to understand how they died. and i will continue to give press conferences in the warm glow of press conference press coverage to not answer questions. steve: how many other news outlet other than the "new york post" and us are covering the story in a meaningful way. yesterday, cuomo essentially blamed the nursing home employees. you took infected people. what do you expect is going to happen? they were infected people after they were in the hospital. and they supposedly cured. but here is the thing. he didn't have to send them back to the nursing homes. they had the javits center with a thousand beds about 10 blocks where we are sitting right there. wide open. could have sent them there could have sent them to the hospital ship with a thousand beds that the president sent. not one person went out there. there would not have been this disaster had cuomo made so many
4:15 am
other decisions but, you know, there he is sitting on television just spouting things out. and what we have seen time and time again is what he has said appears not to be true. given the fact that his own secretary said yeah, we covered up the numbers last year because we thought donald trump was going to come after us. pete: steve. this wasn't an option. this was an order. and the military as a commander you can't give an order kind of meant it, not really. this is an order to put patients into nursing homes which is very different than pick what you want to do. steve: well, and that's why the assembly minority leader wants to strip cuomo of his emergency coronavirus powers in which case he couldn't do that never again. all right. so, more on this a little later on. in the meantime it's 7:5 eastern time. jillian joins us with news from overnight. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's begin with a fox news alert. overnight at least three people are killed after a tornado in north carolina. it follows an unprecedented winter blast killing at least 19 people in the last week.
4:16 am
dallas residents were seen sleeping in their cars are nearly 4 million people in texas alone are without power. icy roads causing hundreds of crashes. this car slamming into a police cruiser in louisiana, a power surge racing through electric lines, look at that. wow. a san diego sheriff's deputy is released from the hospital after being viciously attacked by two inmates. deputy michael was escorting a nurse at the jail when he stopped to open a cell door to hand over a food tray. that's when two inmates attacked. he suffered multiple injuries to his head and torso. jail officials are investigating. will congressman michael waltz is urging the u.s. to boycott the 2022 beijing winter games. the florida republican joined us earlier citing china's abuses. >> how can we then reward the chinese communist party with the olympics, which is meant to pull the globe together in peace.
4:17 am
it is time to move the olympics out of there or not send -- or not send our athletes, unfortunately. it. jillian: waltz introduced a resolution calling for the boycotts yesterday. will recalling california governor gavin newsom -- frog in my throat -- to the buyer state. the jefferson movement halls never been more active as the group looks to turn california into the 51st state. he joined us on "fox & friends first" why he thinks the effort will be successful. >> whenever government fails to serve the people, the people have the right to alter or abolish it any time they see fit. and if we have to. that's what we will do. jillian: baird says these 23 rural counties that you see on that map north of sacramento have little in common with the liberal part of the state. so, we will see what happens there. a look at your headlines. pete: i love it. steve: have to add an extra star to the flag. ainsley: all right. thank you, jillian.
4:18 am
amp crewing to defund the police. the minneapolis city council has approved millions of dollars in additional funding for officers. but one local business owner says the city council still isn't listening to the community. is he going to join us next. president biden being hammered over his plan to reopen the schools. can democrats really claim to be part of a party of science if they refuse to follow it? we're going to discuss it coming up. ♪ ♪ every veteran family deserves to fulfill their dream of owning a home and to continue living that dream throughout their lives. at newday usa, we have va refinance loans to do just that. from refinancing to lower your monthly mortgage payments to refinancing and getting cash for your family.
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a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials.
4:22 am
steve after promising to dismantle their police department the minneapolis city
4:23 am
council now approving an extra $6.4 million to recruit more police officers. residents citing longer response time and an increase in violent crime and concerns after city leaders pledged to reimagine public safety following george floyd's death last year. minneapolis resident and business owner jay et gear joins us now from minneapolis. jay, good morning to you how are >> i'm fine how are you. steve: that intro didn't explain what's going on. after george floyd unrest the town council in minneapolis said you know what? the police are doing a bad job. we have to reimagine it. we have to defund the police. that became a movement all across the country. there were people who said taking money from the police does not make sense and fast forward to today and now your town council is saying you know what? we need more police. what happened? >> if you gave this script to a hollywood director, what's happened to our city the last
4:24 am
nine months and to be frank the last three years? they would laugh at the premise it's so absurd. the we had 9 city council members stand on a teenage with big letters in front of the stage saying calling for defund the police if you were defund the council members of the 13 preble get are nine different answers whether a that means. there is no consistency or cohesiveness in their group and their attempts what they are trying to do. steve: ultimately, you know, if you were to poll the people in minneapolis who would think okay, this is a good idea. let's defund the police. what would that public opinion poll look like? >> you know, i think in minneapolis probably 20 to 25% might support that idea as crazy as it sounds. i think if you took one step outside of minneapolis, i think 95% to 99% think it's absurd. the terminology was dangerous. you know, when george floyd died on may 25th, our -- obviously
4:25 am
our community directly was greatly impacted as well as the whole country. but when that happened, and i woke up on may 26th and watched the video i was heart broken and angry and disgusted. i had all sorts of emotions. but one of the things that imcan a out of that a day or two later after i was able to kind of digest what happened was i saw an opportunity for us to all come together. it didn't matter whether you were white or black, republican or democrat, old or young, everybody was heart broken by what they saw and upset by what they saw. the difference is i can't tell you what's in our city council's heart. they saw saw a whole different opportunity. they saw an opportunity to take down a system. they have a lot of blood on their hands because of it. we have over 550 people shot in our city in 2020. we had over 80 murders can and the far majority of those victims were people of color. and so i don't know exactly who they think they are helping
4:26 am
because this defund the police movement has hurt the black community in our city more than any other. and the black leadership in our city is not being heard, our faith leaders, our educators, our coaches are not not being hd by the city council. steve: you know, the pit bull that the city is in now where they are going we need to come with 6 million more dollars to hire more police has completely inflicted on the city of minneapolis by the city of minneapolis council. you say come november it's time to get rid as many as possible. >> this is the most important election in this city's history. if we get it right, we could turn this around really quickly. we are three years removed from having the super bowl here. two years removed from having a final four. what this city looks like today compared to two and three years ago is startling. this election we have got to get it right. we have to vote for the greater good. we have to vote for what's best for everybody in our community and this city council everything is falling on deaf ears with
4:27 am
this city council. steve: jay ettinger minneapolis business owner and resident. thank you for your point of view. >> you bet. have a great morning. steve: still ahead florida and california had two different approaches to the pandemic. one wide open the other locked down. both are bending the curve on cases and deaths. dr. saphier here to explain how it's happening coming up. ♪ ♪ where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helped people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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ains 80s time forever news by the numbers delivered by ryder. michael jordan helped his two health clinics near his hometown. the basketball legend one way of giving back. $87 billion that's how far bit coin is from reaching a record $50,000 close. the crypto currency extending
4:32 am
its rally climbing over 3% in asian trading. [applause] and finally 50. that is how many years apart this florida couple spent before getting married again. gary and maryland ziggler said i do for the first time in 1967. after two years together they got divorced and they didn't speak again until 2017. true love, pete. pete: true love. all right. vice president kamala harris promising the highest ethical standards from herself and her family. steve: all right. that comes after white house officials had warned her niece using vice president's name and in branding making money. ainsley: peter doocy at the white house. >> for background here the niece's nina was pretty involved with the campaign once kamala harris was added to the ticket as surrogate and intro speaker at the dnc convention.
4:33 am
>> you're my role model who taught me i could do and be anything i wanted. >> and she is a high profile social media presence about 800,000 followers on instagram. 700,000 on twitter platforms she uses to promote her clothing brand phenomenal and a book kamala and my big idea. white house officials are warning her to be really careful not to use kamala's name and likeness to sell stuff. family will uphold the highest standards. the vice president's name should not be use in connection with any commercial activities that could reasonably imply endorsement or support. this is the latest murky family related question to hit the administration. remember, earlier this month, officials admitted hunter biden still invested in china: he is working to unwind his
4:34 am
investments i would remind you he is a private citizen. >> meena harris promoting another book not the one that has harris' name in the title the one called ambitious girl that came out the day before the inauguration. back to you in new york. pete: peter doocy thank you for that report. president biden has yet to put forward a plan to open schools nationwide. a look at fierce criticism from republicans coming up. ♪ come on over ♪ by offering you our service. newday usa specializes in helping you make the most of your va benefits. from home purchase to refinance.
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4:39 am
electricity is generated by wind turbines, janice dean, which are frozen solid and are not turning. janice: yeah, unfortunately the cold temperatures are going to stick around today. we will start to see some moderation later this week. but take a look at the wind chills, what it feels like with the wind. temperatures minus 20 in kansas city. minus 25 in sioux city. feels like 1 in dallas. that's the problem. is that things are going to remain frozen for the next at least 24 to 36 hours. so this storm system that brought the snow and ice across the south. moving across the northeast now. we have got another one behind this. and that is just going to reinforce the cold air and the snow and the ice and anything that is weak like the tree limbs or the trees, that's going to cause some problems. because they are probably going to come down or those power lines, right? winter storm warnings once again from texas all the way to new england, as we have got this next round of wintry weather and
4:40 am
ice set to move through wednesday through thursday. so here it comes across the tennessee, mississippi, ohio river valley up towards the northeast, and perhaps measurable snow for the i-95 corridor. that's something we will have to hammer out over the next couple of days. the forecast prescription again the snow for parts of texas, arkansas, in towards kentucky and tennessee, mid-atlantic and parts of louisiana and texas looking at the potential for icing, and then maybe all snow for the northeast on friday. so that's something we're going to have to watch. dallas, texas, temperatures remaining around the freezing mark through wednesday and thursday. that's your next round of snow. finally saturday, things will start to thaw out. but still 44 degrees. that's still quite cold. so just to reiterate. we have this one system moving across the northeast. the same one that brought the snow and ice over the southern plains, our next round coming tomorrow, thursday through friday, again, up towards the northeast. and the temperatures are going to remain cold over the plain states until at least this
4:41 am
weekend. so things are still going to remain frozen and that's the dangerous part. these areas don't typically deal with wintry weather for days. back to you, pete and steve and ainsley. pete: janice dean, thank you so much. such a different weather event for sure. we appreciate it. steve: right. a lot of those states don't even have snow plows so it's really tough particularly. pete: i wonder what the close the school standard is in texas. up in minnesota where i was from it had to be like negative 20 to close the school. ainsley: in south carolina we don't have the equipment to clear the roads. here in new york it's amazing. the moment we wake up early going into work for "fox & friends." the road sweepers are already out there. the roads are clear. it's phenomenal what they do here. we have no equipment no need to buy it when we rarely need it. steve: what they do in new york nun one kind of vehicle they have in new york. garbage trucks. they put snowplows on the front of garbage trucks. that's how they were able to clear the streets when
4:42 am
appropriate. famously, ainsley, it was a year or two ago. there was that great big snow storm here in new york that completely immobilized everybody and de blasio took so much heat because he did not order people to work overtime and so the streets were impassable. pete: speaking of democrats taking heat and schools. let's move to schools. we are talking about whether or not schools are are open due to weather. a lot of them are closed due to directives based on covid-19. still closed today. you will remember joe biden ran on saying i want to reenvironmental protection agency schools but has a problem with unions obstructing to that ultimately the cdc last week came out and said here are the guidelines. here is exactly what you need to do in order to open schools. yet, schools still not opening in many places and as a result, joe biden facing increased pressure to actually do something to open some of these schools. here's an example. representative jim jordan tweeted this about the cdc and school openings. he says the cdc says it's safe to open schools. so why does the party of science
4:43 am
want to keep schools closed? ainsley, it's a good question. a lot of people looking around saying we have got the ability to do it. why won't we? steve: maybe because it's not the party of science. it's the party of the unions. because, after the cdc came out with the new guidance which was pretty much like the same guidance the trump administration came out with in august and september. then the unions said okay, but we have got to make sure that all of the teachers get vaccinated first. and then we had the cdc director and dr. fauci both said you don't really need to do it. then what does the union say? they say you know what? we are are not going to do that, then they have got to essentially retrofit all the schools and need new heating and air conditioning and ventilation so that the teachers and the students can be safe. that's, you know, whatever science says the union is going to have other demands. ainsley. ainsley: so dr. atlas, dr. scott atlas was the former special adviser to the trump administration, he said we are
4:44 am
off the rails. this is ludicrous. listen. >> children have extremely low risk for anything serious from this illness. number two, the harms for school closures are enormous. much worse by the way for the poor and working class families of the country and number three, there is nothing more important to a country than educating the children. happens to be a number four which is also proven, which is that children are not significant spreaders of this illness. this is really a tragedy here unfolding. this will go down as an epic failure of public policy and a real tragic situation. ainsley: we went down to maryland. was it last week? who knows? it's groundhog day. steve: virginia. ainsley: we went down last week to have a conversation with these parents about what they want as far as schools reopening. what is okay with them. what they don't want and what they do want. democrats, republicans. and they all were saying we want
4:45 am
the schools to open up. so, we're going to go to philly, because a lot of the schools are closed there now. i think they are getting hybrid on the 22nd. steve: what does that mean? what does hybrid mean? ainsley: students with the last name a, b, c and d might go on monday. another group goes on tuesday. so, they were saying sometimes. steve: staggered? it. ainsley: never see some of their friends again seniors in high school. pete: one group gets covid that group stays out but the rest of the group can still go to school. i'm fascinated what the student say tomorrow. the unions have the power. that's why they could dictate it. if the parent could only have that same kind of power they want it open. ainsley: unions are advocates for the teachers. who are the advocates for the kid? steve: the parents. ainsley: two students on the panel as well. one friend moved to another area. those schools are open. so this friend is watching the other friend who is open go to school and play sports.
4:46 am
steve: plus. pete: amazing. steve: seems like all across the country, the kid going to the parochial schools, private schools those schools are wide open. pete's kids are going to school year around. pete: some of them sign a waiver. three of my kids don't wear a mask. they have signed a waiver. think about the alternate universes you can't go back to school and it creates an achievement gap that widens even more. absolute shame. steve: they have good ventilation. pete: they have good ventilation. i won't give any more details about my kids' school. toss it out to jillian mele who has headlines. jillian: the 5-year-old girl injured in a car crash involving a former kansas city chiefs assistant coach awakes from a coma. update posted on the go fund me page for the girl's family. police are investigating whether brit reed son of head coach andy reid was impaired at the time of the accident earlier this month. nearly half of employees don't feel like they can speak freely
4:47 am
in the workplace. only 51% believe they can voice their opinion at the office. it also found 10% decrease in the number of employees who believe colleagues and superiors accept racial and ethnic differences the "times" responding with quote there is a free exchange of views in this company. people are not afraid to say what they really think. all right. single men. listen up. owning a feline is reportedly bad for finding females. a study from boise state university finds men photographyed with a cat makes them appear less desirable. anthropologist with the university says that most women found men with a cat to be less masculine, more neurotic and ultimately less dateable. so, there's that. ainsley: what do you think about that jillian? jillian: i love all pets. i'm a dog person. pete: you can't dodge like that. jillian. if you saw a it guy you liked with a cat would it make him more or less desirable.
4:48 am
steve: when i met mrs. doocy i had a cat. it was a barn cat from kansas named g. gordon kitty. ainsley: that's cute. jillian: it worked out for you. steve: it worked out fine. ainsley: a ranch cat is cool. a i dated this guy and i didn't know he had a cat. he never told me for like weeks maybe months. jillian: did you break up with him when you found out. ainsley: no. i went to his apartment finally and the cat was like if i sat on the sofa it would go all over my head and purr in my ear. and i was like why didn't you tell me you had a cat. he said most men. pete: did you like him more or less. ainsley: he was nice. it was a little annoying. but i do love all animals. he never told me because he didn't think it made him look masculine. jillian: that's funny. pete: i am the only one going home to two cats. i'm a cat owner. i'm proud.
4:49 am
steve: purrfect. ainsley: what are the white fluffy ones they are so pretty. pete: two white cat mutts. can cat be mutts? we will find out in the break. jillian, thank you so much. california and florida very different approaches to covid response. a look at how both state are bending the curve next. ♪ reply all look own your look... ...with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one... ...fda approved... temporarily make frown lines... ...crow's feet... ...and forehead lines... ...look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic, may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history,
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♪ >> florida has much lower per capita covid mortality. much lower per capita hospitalizations. a much lower unemployment rate. open schools, and actually we have businesses starting up anew. ainsley: florida's governor ron desantis touting his response to the pandemic and the data is now backing the sunshine's state's approach when compared to the closed states like california. both states yielded roughly the same results. here to discuss fox news medical contributor dr. nic sole sapphire. hey, dr. saphier. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. so let's compare the two states. when you look at cases per 100,000 people, florida about 8500. california 8700. death per thousand people. florida 135, california 119. hospitalizations per 1 million
4:54 am
people, florida 218, california 244. and deaths per 1 million people on a seven day rolling average. florida 7 and california 10. so why can't california open up and do exactly what they are doing in florida if the numbers are relatively the same? >> well, ainsley, it's important to highlight that we are still in the midst of this pandemic. we have about 65,000 people still hospitalized and several thousand still dying every day. but at this point, we can start to look back objectively at what has worked, what has not worked and start comparing the state's outcomes. florida has been an outliner throughout this entire thing. as you have just pointed out, despite not having the same strict lockdown measures as many of the other states including california. florida is actually too long pretty he will with. one thing that isn't pointed out, we have been trying to compare florida to say the northeast which is very difficult to do because we have different climates, demographics, less square footage in the northeast. comparing the sunshine state to the golden state is apples to apples. one thing you have to look at florida has more, greater than
4:55 am
65 years old so more senior citizens per capita than california does. yet, they still have a lower fatality rate. well, when over 65 years olds comes with a greater than 60 times greater death, you would have expected florida to have much more deaths. so why is that, ainsley? and the truth is in the beginning of the pandemic some of these restrictions did make sense. we didn't have the ability to test. we didn't know where the virus was. we had limited information and we didn't have any treatments. they do not make sense now the way that we have moved forward throughout this pandemic. ainsley: okay. >> florida has focused on presenting the elderly, vaccinating the elderly and putting some of the onus on the citizens of the state. you know how to protect yourself from this virus. do what you can. similar to what happened in switzerland while there were not these strict mandates, people were still choosing to stay home a little bit more. they were choosing to wear masks and that's really what florida has done. ainsley: what about school closures? do you think that these schools are safe to open up?
4:56 am
>> ainsley, we have been talking about this for months. the data is clear at this point. it is safe for children to go back to school, especially when there are physical distancing measures and wearing masks. we have looked at 90,000 children across many districts across the united states. there is exceedingly limited spread in the school. in fact, the majority of spread comes from the adults. the staff, the teachers bringing it in to the school from the community. and spreading it amongst themselves. so, if you want to keep our kids safe, our schools safe, then the adults have to actually be having more responsibility and not bringing infections into the school as well. ainsley: dr. saphier, thanks for joining us. i hope you feel better i know you had surgery. >> thank you. ainsley: why the winter storm is pushing leaders to question green energy. ♪ and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said...
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voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. >> avoiding information we created started -- >> hiding information about life and death. ainsley: winter storms lift people without power is winter is frozen solid. >> you have rolling blackouts. you have worse outcomes for higher cost. ainsley: tensions with china over the world health investigation.
5:01 am
>> answers about the beginning of this. ainsley: after vowing to defend the police, minneapolis the council approved millions of dollars of additional funding. >> if you gave the script to a hollywood director -- ainsley: urging the us to boycott the 2022 beijing winter games. >> enough is enough with the chinese communist party. steve: live from washington dc, it is currently in the 30s and 40s. 45 and capitol hill. "fox and friends first" drove tuesday, fat tuesday. tomorrow is ash wednesday. ainsley: enjoy what you do
5:02 am
today, you might be eating it up tomorrow. you read it every morning. steve: i grew up baptist so did not acknowledge the traditional calendar as much as we should. i never gave up anything for lent when my catholic friends did. i may start instituting it myself. ainsley: it reminds me to pray when you are praising whatever. steve: glad you are here, thanks for joining us on tuesday. steve: it is mardi gras. steve: andrew cuomo claims the state didn't cover up nursing home covid-19 deaths. he says he put a pause on answering lawmakers while his administration dealt with the doj's request. >> anything you personally apologize for? >> i take total responsibility for that.
5:03 am
the full weight we created for third the confusion. steve: why do you create a void? last month there were 9000 covid-19 nursing home deaths in new york, the attorney general found the deaths were double that. the director of nutrition at the nursing home in the new york area joined us further. the blame is on his shoulders. >> he brought them back to west. literally walking through the nursing home, i blame the governor for that. >> he told democrats on a call they worried nursing home data would be used, a doj investigation. steve: she adopted the numbers. ainsley: she didn't know, they
5:04 am
released that transcript. that was the story last week. governor cuomo was asked about it but released more information. brian: the story was broken by the new york post. we got audio, given the fact the governor, it is time for the poster release the audio, we doctored the numbers. people need to hear her talking although if they did do some sort of special counsel it is problematic because her mother in law, the southern district of new york, not like they go about her. steve: not just the post, not
5:05 am
just republicans but democrats, what a typical move. i take full responsibility not for what happened with the pr nightmare, devoid of information and you don't deserve information. here is the reaction from new york lawmakers, democrats to the way the press conference and governor cuomo handled the entire thing. jessica ramos, trash, no one believes you. riddled with lies, theater and deflection. ainsley: governor cuomo, the second one. brian: is one point he said everybody in the legislature should have known there was a doj investigation because mister kim said what are you talking about, he said you should know
5:06 am
it because there was a story in the new york post about it. in august of last year. for him to say it started in august when we heard about the doj investigation, when they started to adopt the numbers. the numbers in the state look better than they performed and that is one of the reasons, a democrat and assemblyman, the governor here, listen to this. >> it took two months. a month later, at a press conference, he said he didn't know about it. he's lying right now to a press conference about sending notices to the assembly and senate that we knew about the department of justice investigation. there is a distrust among the
5:07 am
public right now, this was not about one person, and the families who loved -- have loved ones, are suffering, >> he dug a hole so deep. and we knew you are doing your best, this infection, this virus, or being honest about the numbers, feed been honest about the numbers, it is questioning because putting 6 people in nursing homes, my friends that left their loved one thing with my loved one still be alive if that hadn't happened or 6 people on the show, just put 6 people down at the convention center, the javits center, so those facilities where sick people could go.
5:08 am
governor ron desantis was asked about this and says we took an opposite approach, when we knew someone was sick we had covid-19 only, several covid-19 only nursing unit and that is where we put 6 people. listen. >> we in florida had the opposite order. we said -- covid-19 positive nursing home residents can't go back to a nursing home because that is the most vulnerable population and, in the first few weeks, we established covid-19 nursing units. if somebody tests positive in a nursing home they could be safely transferred and isolated, the other residents, at the tip of the sphere, it is not killing a lot of 18-year-olds, it is tending to kill people who are very elderly and ill. >> it feels untenable.
5:09 am
trash, line, liar, dozens of democrats in new york, not going to hold was the press can only cover so long for him, it becomes a story too big. steve: when you look at the two governors the way they approach things, governor desantis looked at the science, people over 65 and people with comorbidities are more vulnerable. what did governor desantis say? the first shot in florida were going to people over 65 years old which is the right thing to do. in new york it was first responders which are also very important but eventually they opened it to people who are 75 which was puzzling, where do you come up with 75, the cdc said 65
5:10 am
and it has rolled around, the problem in new york is they are opening up another category of vaccine distribution but it is almost impossible. people are on the phone lines for hours and hours only to get disconnected whereas in florida the governor partnered with publix after some initial glitches in the beginning where they were overloaded with calls, that seems to be a very effective way. publix is a grocery store chain down there. to get shot in the arms of the people of florida. ainsley: you would think democratic or any state hasn't figured out they would call florida and say how are you doing? it has become so political. >> defend this was a science tonight from the beginning. if you're in texas this morning you might not be watching. steve: watching television because you think it is warm. brian: 2 million people waking up without power and one of the
5:11 am
reasons for that is texas had a huge reservoir, but the largest amounts of power from wind turbines. because it is so cold, a lot of the wind turbines have frozen solid and not rotating and don't have power, which is putting a solar panel on top of the wind turbine to keep it wrong which may never happen. steve: it would put two green sources of energy, one on top of another to combat what is going on because as janice dean is telling us this is a historic, the polar vortex teamed up with this ice storm. over half of the wind generation has ground to a halt. wind generation is the second largest source in texas. because there's so little of the
5:12 am
electricity, can you back off on the amount of electricity to heat their homes because turbines don't work. the turbines are great when they work. ice storms -- ainsley: i did a story in cape cod a long time ago because they have all these wind turbines they are putting in the middle of the ocean and a lot of people with expensive houses on the water were explaining because they could see them and the kennedy family had one of those as well but when you research the amount of energy these things provided was enough to provide electricity, the irony is they are trying to save energy but it is causing their electricity to go out.
5:13 am
steve: there are serious limits, the copenhagen consensus talked about a balance between renewable and fossil fuels. >> it is not just because of lack of wind, coal-fired power plants dropped out but it does tell us a stark point that we are going to have to face. that is mostly wind and solar. you really have to, and when it is really bad like those in texas right now, you have rolling blackouts, worse outcomes for higher cost. most people don't want them. steve: the key innovation. >> it would provide us with the better bet because we don't have that.
5:14 am
people think you have solar panels, gigantic batteries for the rainy day. he said the way the systems are set up now, the wind power or solar power goes directly into a battery and it stays there for 14 seconds and just like that is overwhelming. the people of texas, that battery juice disappeared on friday. steve: think about those folks with the power turned on. jillian: let's begin with fox news a lot, some people are killed after a tornado in north carolina follows an unprecedented winter blast killing 19 people in the last week. dallas residents leaping in
5:15 am
their cars, 4 million people in texas alone are without power. icy roads causing hundreds of crashes, slamming into a police cruiser, a power surge recent electric lines. north korea tried to hack into pfizer's computer system to access information on its vaccine despite kim jong un insisting the country has had no coronavirus cases. national intelligence service telling south korean lawmakers the rogue regime tried to obtain technology involving the vaccine and treatments. new hampshire firing back after nevada pushes to make its primary the first in the nation. a new bill would change that presidential caucus to a primary and move the date to late january dropping the caucuses and new hampshire's primary, the chair of the new hampshire primary saying, quote, we believe we have a strong argument for the granite state to retain its place.
5:16 am
that's a look at your headlines. steve: they would like to have the first primary in a cold state. it was nice to do it in a warmer state. >> california inmate is a prison guard in hopes of benefiting policies in la county. the next guest as radical reforms are emboldening criminals are putting law enforcement and the public in danger. might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically
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5:21 am
to do this, i am going to do what i need to do. >> california prisoner threatening to attack an officer in an attempt to take advantage of la district attorney as radical and controversial directives. our next guest says it is an example how criminals are being emboldened by reforms. whether or not he qualifies for resentencing, we will get into those with the idea, i will try to beat the police officer because i get into the la court system they might give me the benefit of the doubt, what message are we sending?
5:22 am
>> it is shocking, the message is come to los angeles. if you commit crimes you are not going to get punished. these policies are not progressive. these policies are dangerous and radical. they endanger law enforcement and the community. off a lot is a career criminal serving a life sentence, he had 14 prior strikes, now he is saying he wants to come to los angeles because he knows he's not going to get punished because of george guest on's policy. georgia guest on his choosing the comfort of inmates over the safety of law enforcement and well-being of victims and the public. it is horrendous. steve: why is he making these changes? >> it appears he's more concerned about the criminal, the defendant than the actual public.
5:23 am
district coming -- district attorney should make the community safer and better, a better place for families, better place to raise children. should not be promoting defendants, and criminal conduct. on sunday at 10-year-old boy was outside playing and he was shot. three suspects are now at large. his friend was interviewed by the media and they asked are you shocked? are you surprised that your friends got shot and he said no, i am not shocked. it's the new normal, children being shot should not be the new normal. defendant in criminals being released should not be the new normal, not charging gun allegation should not be the new normal. we had a da's office for two months, haven't said one word about the rights and protection of children or the rights and
5:24 am
protection of law enforcement. all he talked about is defendants and criminals. really sad and disappointing. steve: the rap sheet of the individual as long. you are saying other criminals committing crimes in los angeles right now can in some cases do so with impunity because they know they will be let out or their sentence will be reduced. >> that is the problem. you have individuals, inmates, buses going to county jail, and individuals, deputy district attorney's presence, other individuals not being charged with gun allegations are gaining allegations or bodily injury allegations being released early and they are amazing. brian: thank you for bringing this to our attention.
5:25 am
we have not hold back and are not holding up. andrew cuomo continues to play the blame game over nursing home deaths. our next guest lost her father in a brooklyn nursing home. their message to the governor. ♪ ♪ the chevy silverado trail boss. when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust.
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including ppo plans that let you see any doctor >> without a referral. if you're on medicare or retiring soon, call unitedhealthcare or go online today. steve: there are new calls to disband and reassemble the current who team that is investigating the kim jong un for outbreak in china. hillary von from foxbusiness joins us. >> reporter: the only american on the world health organization is being accused of conflict of interest after reports that he
5:30 am
helped full money to our wuhan lab before covid-19 hit. he worked with the will wuhan institute of virology known as the battle lady. chinese authorities covid-19 first emerged there. through his nonprofit, according to report he also went out of his way early last year to characterize that the virus leaked from the lab even though he had no firsthand data to prove that and the director general last week said no theory has yet been rolled out. world health organization say the conflict of interest, who needs to start from the beginning? the healthcare foundation says he has a clear conflict of interest that should have disqualified him from participation, who sanctioned it
5:31 am
in the first place is out of line. any conclusion of the investigation will be tainted. the only plausible way is to start over and here is senator tom cotten with this earlier on "fox and friends". >> they went to the institute of virology wuhan, had a cup of coffee, a couple donuts and nothing to see here. china needs to be forthright and provide answers about the bidding and -- beginning of the pandemic. >> reporter: the biden administration, when he found out they want to verify the findings from the investigative team he tweeted this last week, joe biden has to look tough on china, please don't rely much on us intel, happy to help the white house with their quest to verify but don't forget it's trust then verify. >> reporter: over to you. will: andrew cuomo blasts the federal government and staff and even the loved ones provide for
5:32 am
new york's nursing homes for the disturbing death toll in nursing homes over covid-19 but what families didn't hear from the governor was an apology. >> anything you personally apologize for in this process? >> apologize? i have said repeatedly we made a mistake in creating the void. when we didn't provide information it allowed press, people, cynics, politicians to fill the void. steve: our next guest lost their 89-year-old father to the virus at a brooklyn nursing home. danielle and peter join us from new york. according to the governor he does not owe you an apology
5:33 am
aside from the fact that there was a void of information. do you buy that? >> i have to chuckle. it is so sad. he consistently lied and gaslight it is and call us names from the beginning. in may i asked on cnn for an apology. he is still blaming us and deflecting. i'm asking chris cuomo, his brother, to interview us and learn what happened. steve: tell us about your dad and what his circumstances were. >> he was a vibrant person, active, worked with me for 25 years, he was driving up to the end of last year and got sick and ended up falling, went to the hospital, needed rehab. he was wonderful, funny, loving
5:34 am
father, friend, neighbor, he lived 89 years in his father's house and that is where we took him for his final days. my father was an amazing person and i would like to say fox has been on the right side of history and my family and my father and all of thousands of families thank you for bringing light to this. steve: good story and we are shocked they are not doing it. they brought to light what was said particularly, and she said last week, the audio transcriptions appeared in the new york post, she apologized to
5:35 am
democratic politicians for putting them in bad spots for reelection. everyone was complaining, about making it politically uncomfortable to them, she doctored the numbers, they thought donald trump's doj was going to come after them. >> from governor cuomo's covid-19 game, not a political person, i am a democrat and as a democrat requesting the democratic party get attacked together. people died and we need a cool, fair investigation with subpoena power, this is what our family and all our families demand. covid-19 knows no political party, this is not a political issue. the only one making it political is the governor. steve: yesterday the governor blamed everybody except himself. it would be great if the
5:36 am
governor's office released the zoom meeting or audio transcript, the actual words on tape of melissa derosa saying those things so people can judge with their own ears. >> that is the key. there is a different between facts and truth. they love to throw facts out that move you away from the truth that the governor has done this and his staff has done this. if we get to 2000 people will be able to properly judge and they would be mortified to see how many tens of thousands of 100,000 family members like myself, my brother and other family members that are affected. we are talking new yorkers. steve: it will take new york democrats to complain to get anything done. >> i have been stonewalled by
5:37 am
the democratic party, they have been coddling and protecting cuomo. the first person to tell cuomo what he doesn't like about trump is exactly who he is. he is trump's win and he should learn a little empathy, learn to on his mistakes. he wants to be glorify. i'm okay if he did things right, but also did things wrong and not apologizing to a family member for the thousands of family members is unconscionable. he has forgotten the face of his father unfortunately. steve: thank you for showing us the face of your father, the tragic story at the end of his life. thank you for joining us. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, still ahead the white house is morning kamala harris's nice to stop using the vice
5:38 am
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5:42 am
brian: winter storm alerts. ice and snow and record low temperatures as it makes its way east. they haven't had cold temperatures like this in the lone star state in decades. ainsley: blackout leaving 4 million people without power. steve: janice dean is dragging this. >> janice: the temperatures are so cold and will remain cold for the next couple days, windchill warnings as far south as the gulf coast, temperatures and
5:43 am
wind chills below 0 for folks across texas, into alabama, current wind chills, minus 30 degrees up towards the north and the minus teens in texas towards louisiana, mississippi, arkansas, the ice will not go anywhere and a lot of folks not prepared for this winter he weather for several days let alone one day. the system that brought the snow and ice across the south, one behind it will bring more of the same, more heavy snow, more icing and cold temperatures into wednesday and thursday. the icing is what we are concerned about. that brings weeks tree limbs and trees down and that travels to the mid-atlantic and northeast thursday and friday and look at the snow across the southern plane stretching for the ohio, tennessee, mississippi river valley, a good event of the
5:44 am
northeast, we can handle this stuff in the northeast, not so much across the south, this will be another punch for these areas that just can't get a break. people will be talking about this period of time. steve: we are looking at friday, that will help them up. switching to politics, vice president kamala harris promising the highest ethical standards for herself and her family. ainsley: it comes after white house officials had to warn her niece against using the vice resident's image in hebron doing. >> reporter: the instagram page with 1000 followers, family
5:45 am
pictures, also promotes her business, told by white house officials, to be really careful with this was the vice president and her family will uphold the highest ethical standards and it is the white house's policy the vice president's name should not be used in connection with any virtual activities that could be understood to imply an endorsement or support. another featured the debate stage. on the white house radar, during the campaign is a surrogate and convention speaker. >> you are my role model, you tell me i can do and to be anything i wanted. >> that raises more questions about using the administration to sell books because president biden has spoken about his son hunter's april release. >> reporter: hunter addresses those problems in a new memoir.
5:46 am
>> step forward and talked about the problem in the hope that it gave me hope. like my boy is back. >> reporter: the president's brother frank advertises connection to the president in a law firm he is connected to, no one is going to have a job here but members of his family, away from here raising eyebrows today. steve: the white house lawyers talking all of them. jillian joins us from the mezzanine level with headlines. jillian: a civilian contractor is killed and servicemember among several injured after an attack on us-led military base in iraq. the deadliest attack against forces in nearly a year. a group called guardians of
5:47 am
blood brigade, gave no evidence. for the first time ever, bit coin surpassed 50,$000 this one, crypto currency doubling in less then two month as it extend its breathtaking rally, the total market value grows to $940 billion, the demand brought on only a price alley. regulators and lawmakers. to see former president trump in his motorcade. >> >> he drove by his mara law go home by supporters of the former president, donald trump junior praised them last night on hannity. >> it was so heartwarming to see
5:48 am
that spirit that exists with the american public, for someone they know represents them. jillian: many in the crowd holding signs and wearing themaga hats. >> thank you so much. >> strict rules in new orleans putting a damper on mardi gras. we ask about what this means for a small business owner. e a scre, say, for colon cancer. humana does you one better and sends you an at-home test kit, when it's overdue. huh! one of those tests could save your life, or at least a little hassle. or both. yeah! you get it, you do it, you send it back. i get it, i do it, i send it back. you get it, you do it, you send it back. yeah, i got it. you got it! ♪ ♪ humana. a more human way to healthcare. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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5:52 am
>> nightmare situation in texas, millions without power. the push for green energy. to talk about congresswoman -- step down now. karl rove, mark siegel, at america's newsroom. jillian: fat tuesday, slimmed-down, annual mardi gras celebrations hampered by strict rules, my next guest is a is owner and the big easy, how we will and joins us now.
5:53 am
how is this affecting you? >> we are prepared to welcome the world into the city, sharing our music and food, sharing the bar scene. this is time for everybody and we want to have some equity. >> the streets are empty. packaged liquor sales are prohibited, street closures, street vendors and performers are prohibited as well. we were creeping closer to mardi gras. >> it is important to have more time, we were paragons of public safety, we were on thursday or friday and will be again
5:54 am
tomorrow and that is the solution in helping keep people safe and our visitors safe. jillian: was there a solution to this, in other parts of the country is there something the mayor could have done so bars and restaurants happen at smaller capacity, when it comes back out. >> there are a lot of things we could have done. we could have worked with the city on that. we want to be part of the celebration and there are still ways to work together working on vaccination this, we've been around 30 years and have for over 20 years. we are the last to open and we have an opportunity to help the culture and that is what i am afraid about because we are on
5:55 am
the precipice of cultural extinction. musicians need to play. people need some kind of normalcy. ainsley: how are you providing business that is being shutdown? >> you stop to pay your bills that have to shut down and that is where we are. i wish there were other things we could do. i am not so much worried about my place but other music clubs, the nonprofits and the musicians clinic we partnered with, we are working with public health officials to do a vaccination program. bars are not just bars, they are like community centers, to take care of people, the city will do a much better job in helping us
5:56 am
to do that. jillian: large gatherings, covid-19 kills people, simple as that but we appreciate the short-term - to weigh against the possibility of a prolonged shutdown. hope you get up and running soon and knock covid-19 out. >> happy mardi gras in the future. ainsley: more fox coming up. ready to juvéderm it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc, add fullness to lips with juvéderm ultra xc and smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness,
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6:00 am
>> join us tomorrow. we'll be live in philadelphia talking having conversation with parents and students about whether or not schools or how they should reopen. they all want them open in that town. join us tomorrow. we'll be live in philly. heading there tonight. >> happy birthday linda cunningham. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. fox news alert. more deadly weather from the winter storm moving across the country. a tornado that ripped through brunswick county southeastern north carolina late last night. three are dead. at least 10 injured. several homes destroyed leaving many people trapped. emergency teams still surveying the extent of that damage. good morning. we wake up to that news today. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." bad weather across the country with tornadoes that can spark a lot of damage in that area. >> bill: some of the video is stunning. brunswick county southeastern north carolina from the


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