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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 16, 2021 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> i would just add in that governor cuomo needs to put together a performance mode let's see him in court answering questions on what really happened and whether or not there was purposefully a cover-up. >> thanks to everyone for watching today, stay safe. now here's america reports. >> sandra: more than a dozen people are dead has extreme winter weather pummeled millions of americans across the country. in texas, more than 4 million are without power there. the weather causing thousands of flight delays and cancellations and forcing vaccine sites in some areas to close and in north carolina, at least three people are dead, ten injured after a tornado there hit the state. more on all of this in just a moment. we begin with this fox news alert ongoing bipartisan calls now for governor andrew cuomo to be impeached or resign.
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more democrats joining those calls with republicans now demanding an investigation into allegations of a nursing home covert cover-up. >> john: welcome to another edition of america reports, the cover of "the new york post" today, embattled governor desperate to explain away lies. >> sandra: congresswoman on fox news earlier demanding answers. >> i think the democrats are upset because frankly they covered for him. these legislators are getting a lot of heat from their constituents who want to have answers they also join me in that effort, this is completely unacceptable and i believe it will be by right as resignation, prosecution, or next year at the ballot box but that cuomo's days are finished. >> john: talking to one of the
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democrats demanding answers from governor cuomo, but first bryan llenas fly from brooklyn with the very latest for us. >> yesterday, new york governor andrew cuomo did not offer a specific apology or take direct responsibility for the states nursing home toxic political atmosphere for what he considers to be a noncontroversy. noncontroversy. also dismissed bipartisan calls for state lawmakers were an independent investigation into whether or not he purposely withheld death toll data from state lawmakers and in order to downplay the extent of the crisis under his watch. the cuomo administration underreported the covid-19 death toll in long-term care facilities is about 9,000 dead, but after six months of stonewalling requests for more data, they recently revealed the true death toll is more than 15,000 including residents who died in hospitals.
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cuomo said it was a mistake to disseminate this data slowly but said it was not a cover-up. >> there was nothing to investigate. we should have done a better job in providing information. we should have done a better job of knocking down the disinformation. you've never knocked out all these conspiracy theories. >> cuomo said that state lawmakers were aware that they could not provide this data back in august when it was requested because they were too busy responding to a federal probe launched by the trump administration but today, top democrats in new york are saying they had no idea about the probe. >> john: what the governor said yesterday doesn't quite square with what his top aide said in a conference call so peeling back the layers of this onion. >> sandra: for more on this, let's bring in new york state
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senator, thank you for being here. what do you want to see happen with governor andrew cuomo knowing what he said to reporters and that news conference yesterday? >> i joined many of my colleagues in the state senate and state assembly to call for a revocation of the emergency powers he has. and the government has exercised a great deal of unilateral power over the past year because of a pandemic that has swept the world and early on claimed so many new yorkers lives. we granted those powers that year ago when there was very little known about covid-19, didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but we wanted to make sure that the state government was in a position to move quickly and with agility to save people's lives and to keep people healthy. we didn't want any bureaucracy to stand in the way of that. a year later, we know a lot more
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about the coronavirus, know how to deal with it, how to treat it, the vaccine is on its way, the distribution is becoming more efficient and rapid and there's just no longer any need for these extreme emergency powers so we are looking to take those away. >> sandra: i want to play some of one of those moments we saw yesterday when he addressed the situation finally, took him quite some time to do that, but he spoke in albany and somehow tried to shift the blame to the staffers that walked into those nursing homes, not the patient that had covert in the hospital into the nursing home. we didn't even know we had covert. staff were walking into a nursing home even though they were asymptomatic because the
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national experts all told us they can only spread covert if you had symptoms. >> the backlash has been harsh. these are some of your fellow democrats in new york, said to new yorkers watching cuomo's press conference, it is riddled with lies, theater, and deflection. this is new york state senator jessica ramose, trash, no one believes you. how can it be expected that he can continue to do his job knowing that he continues to deflect and offers no apology for this? >> andrew cuomo was a big boy. he can handle himself. he's enjoyed celebrity status as you minutes ago reported, was like a hero to so many americans and people watching him all over the world and now these
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revelations and it has been a string of revelations that have really cast into doubt some of his credibility, he needs to fix it and fix it quickly. that means coming forth with information, information that quite frankly my colleagues and i have been waiting for for months and it's information that our constituents have been demanding of us, so i don't think it's too late for governor cuomo to get back on the right track, but he's got to do so quickly. >> sandra: real quickly, he also went on to apologize for the void of information, somehow that is what he saw as his biggest failing here, finally here's cuomo yesterday. >> we did not do a good enough job in providing information. i take total responsibility for that. but the void we created by not providing information was filled with skepticism and cynicism and conspiracy theories which
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furthered the confusion. >> sandra: final thought on that? it seems as only failing in his own eyes was not knocking down misinformation on this. >> the governor kind of dug himself quite a bit deeper in his news conference yesterday. we will see what he says today, but as much as he's got to do things to right the ship on his end, there's a reason why the legislative bodies are the checks and balance to the executive branch and that's exactly what we are doing. a year ago, those emergency powers were necessary, they no longer seem necessary. >> sandra: our hearts go out to so many new york families who were affected by those orders and are still grieving today. we appreciate your time. go ahead. >> john: will most certainly put a lot of time into that presentation.
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he was reading a basically word for word bear the other thing about the emergency powers is they are scheduled to expire at the end of april, so it's not really a tremendous amount of punishment even if they do manage to resend those powers? >> sandra: we will see what he has to say this afternoon but that's not just to strip him of those powers. it's calls to resign or step down altogether. >> john: a relentless series of winter storms hammering much of the country particularly in texas where millions of people are without power, temperatures falling into the single digits as far south of san antonio. casey stegall live in dallas with the latest. last time i was in san antonio, it was 105 degrees. >> we can do 100 plus degree weather mighty fine here in texas, but the subzero stuff for the birds. it is dangerous with so many people without power in temperatures so low and sadly the forecast doesn't look good. we are supposed to pick up
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another two to 4 inches of snow starting tonight and through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning and even some freezing rain south of us and other parts of texas, so that's only going to add to what's already on the road that hasn't had a chance to thaw out yet. temperatures not expected to go above freezing until at least friday through much of texas. the states electrical grid making it very, very stressed, at this hour, 4.1 million texans. families have been taking turns to warm up in their cars as winchell's overnight drop below zero again. >> the power outages making things difficult, can't cook anything and most things are closed for i don't want to risk going out because people are not able to drive the roads that are not treated properly. >> we talked about oregon
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yesterday, ice continues to be the primary issue in this winter storm there, more than 230,000 are in the dark right now. a school has been canceled for states experiencing this unusual and historic winter blast. >> john: not off a new dress in texas like you're going to canada. good luck on your. thanks very much for joining us, appreciate it. waking up to frigid temperatures and no power after that historic winter storm. former energy secretary rick perry joins us later when our and why he believes the push for great energy has made the situation worse. >> sandra: meanwhile, former mega-donors for the lincoln projects that it is time for other donors to step up and demand answers. it comes in the wake of a growing scandal and it is a fox news exclusive. gillian turner has been reporting on this live in washington. she's five brand-new details.
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what are they saying about this right now? >> we got exclusive access to one of the mega donors who tells us he wants accountability and learning this afternoon about the lincoln project legal strategy now. legal allegations against john weaver. take a listen to what he has donated $100,000 to the lincoln project. >> if there is a failure at the lincoln project, we need to call a spade a spade and account for that. we need to put our money where our mouth is. >> a michigan energy executive saying it's now time for the other check writers to speak up. >> it will be up to donors and other supporters to say also today you must do it right and if you don't, you're going to be accountable also. >> he said he supported the group initially has a check on politicians.
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>> being a member of the republican party for years, i did not like what i viewed as our inability to hold our politicians accountable. the american edition did this, warning that multiple lawyers at the paul hastings firm which the lincoln project has now hired has also contributed money to the lincoln project, a fact as you well know which very well raise some ethics issues. >> sandra: great reporting on that for us from washington and john, next hour, gillian will be back looking at some very well-known donors to the lincoln project, names you will recognize like jennifer aniston. >> john: famous for other donations that were made, not necessarily legal either. gillian has that coming up next hour appear at the white house now facing more questions on ethics.
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>> sandra: secretary of state antony blinken says the united states is outraged after an attack in northern iraq. a contractor was killed in at least nine people hurt including the u.s. service member. more than a dozen missiles were launched at the base last night. a shiite militia group has claimed responsibility for the attack but that is not yet confirmed. >> john: the political battle to get kids back in the classrooms escalating in wisconsin, state lawmakers
10:19 am
directing $66 million in federal aid to schools that hold in person learning while taking money away from districts that opt for remote learning. garrett tenney live in milwaukee with what this is all about. >> has students back in the classroom with the largest districts don't plan on opening in april at the soonest. a state republican lawmakers are trying to change that by rewarding schools that have in person classes. under this new plan, $58 million from the coronavirus relief package will be divvied out based on the number of hours of inverse and instruction offered the school year. more hours means more dollars. if democrats and local school leaders say g.o.p. lawmakers are trying to bully them into reopening. >> is incredibly unfair using politics to determine decisions that should be made by
10:20 am
health care workers, by health departments and by school administrators and school boards. >> republicans say they are providing incentive for schools to get kids back in the classroom which the cdc maintains can be done safely with precautions in place. >> is a much bigger challenge for those district administrators to provide in person instruction than a virtual hand recognize that and those districts that have incurred those costs and will incur those costs in the future. >> president joe biden coming to milwaukee later today for a town hall to try to sell voters on his trillion dollar coronavirus relief package, marks his first major political trip out of d.c. since taking office. >> garrett tenney for us in milwaukee were unlike texas, snow was just a part of winter. a lot of people point to private schools and catholic schools being able to be open since last
10:21 am
august, how are they able to do that? we will talk with the superintendent in partnership with catholic schools next hour to find out. >> sandra: looking forward to that and your point about the snow, it is snowing everywhere right now. we can be certain of that. except florida of course. controversies surrounding vice president kamala harris and nina harris being accused of profiting from her aunt's rising political career after using her face and name in a book and in her closing alliance. peter doocy is live at the white house on that forest. peter, how is the biden administration responding to all of this? >> we have some reaction but just for background, the instagram page that has more than 800,000 followers is and just family photos or posts supportive of her aunt's vice president, it also promotes her business and we are told white house officials have explained to nina harris what is okay and what is not in terms of
10:22 am
ethics rules. so the vice president's office tells us this pair the vice president and her family will uphold the highest ethical standards and it is the white house's policy that it should not be used in connection with any commercial activity that could reasonably be understood to imply an endorsement or support. nina harris had been selling sweatshirts that said vice president auntie and featured a debate stage quote of hers which is i am speaking and that got her a spot on the white house radar but she's been around a lot during the campaign as both a surrogate and a convention speaker. >> your my role model who taught me i could do and be anything i wanted. >> and there may soon be more questions about using the administration to sell books because president biden has spoken favorably about his son hunter's april release. >> hunter addresses those problems in a new memoir. >> the honesty with which he stepped forward and talked about
10:23 am
the problem and the hope, it gave me hope reading it. it was like my boys back. >> a few weeks ago, the president's brother frank biden also advertised his connection to the president in an ad that ran for the florida law firm that he is associated with, president biden said nobody from the family is going to have an office here for a job here but thinks members of the family are doing in their jobs that are raising eyebrows around here. >> sandra: peter doocy lie from the white house for us, thank you. >> john: house speaker nancy pelosi facing tough questions about keeping national guard troops in washington through the fall. and also questions about capital security before the january 6th riot. plus, president biden and stepping up pressure on congress to seal the deal on his stimulus bill but will efforts to hike the minimum wage trip up those plans? larry kudlow ahead with more on
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>> sandra: talks of extending the national guard mission in d.c. while republicans are pressing speaker nancy pelosi for answers about capital security before the january 6 riot. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is in washington for us. >> some leading republicans note it's been five weeks since the right of the capital and said many important questions about her role remain unanswered. >> nancy pelosi will have a lot of questions to answer about what she knew leading up to the riot on january 6th. there was a clear failure by the security leaders on capitol hill to prepare for january 6. >> the speaker's office responds that they were briefed in advance about security preparedness.
10:29 am
below is claimed to have sergeant at arms and capitol police chief provided assurances that the capital complex at comprehensive security and there was no intelligence that groups would become violent during the certification of electoral votes. pelosi sent a letter to house colleagues late yesterday writing "our next step will be to establish a 9/11 type commission to investigate and report on the facts and the causes related to the january 6th 2021 domestic terrorist attack upon the united states capitol complex. that is a rare area of agreement between pelosi and a number of republicans. >> sandra: mike emanuel on that for us. thank you. >> john: you wonder what that's going to uncover when it comes to nancy pelosi because we do know from talking to the chief of staff to the acting secretary of defense at the national guard had been approved and all she needed to do was ask for and it would've been there. >> sandra: a lot of people want answers, we will see how it goes.
10:30 am
>> president biden hitting the road to sell his $1.9 trillion covert relief and stimulus plan, let's bring in a guy who knows a little bit about this, larry kudlow, former director of national economic council and no host of his own show on fox business, big congratulations, welcome to your debut later on today. >> sandra: happy to have you. >> john: of the house this week is going to be putting together the package, still $1.9 trillion of the number done through the reconciliation, marilyn governor larry hogan a republican was at the white house last week meeting with president biden and said in that meeting just because you can do something, and this is reconciliation, doesn't mean you should. i think it would really be a bad idea. what do you think? >> i think governor hogan is on the right track there. the package is way too large and it has some things in it i am going to assume from the house side that the minimum wage
10:31 am
increase will be in it, big job killer, exactly what we don't need, very concerned about various energy matters that might be in there. we don't know if there will be any tax hikes in there yet. president biden may speak on tax hikes when he's in milwaukee today, just spending too much and not going to do any good, the economy is growing better than most folks think, four, five, 6% growth by all accounts, the vaccines are getting around, i think approaching 50 million people. you can see the cases are hooking down so you're going to get hopefully restaurant and other small stores open. i just think in this case, the punishment does not fit the crime and i think they're going way overboard and i think it would be a shame if they had to do it just with democrat votes and that runs against what president biden has been trying to say. on the other hand, i'll be honest with you, he has moved progressively last faster and further than i would've thought
10:32 am
if we had this conversation a month or two ago. >> sandra: that's what people want to know, how this administration's policies are going to affect their bottom line, affect their body and when you look at the stock market today, it's at record highs. your lodging your fbm show on a day when the market is hitting record highs so has this market gone too far too fast? do you believe there's a correction in the near future? how will this new administration's policies affect our money? >> i'll take the last one because i think that's the most appropriate one. i think the biggest threat to the economy are raising taxes, overturning trumps tax cut plan which worked beautifully prepandemic, massive reregulation it's going after the energy sector and things like raising the minimum wage, those are progressive left wishes rate it has nothing to do with economic growth.
10:33 am
so we will see. we don't know the outcome of this battle, what's they are and what's not and how soon. i'm concerned about the climate change regulations. you see what's happening with the hardships in texas in the midwest's, people losing power and so forth. but guess what? if you go totally solar and wind and you have subfreezing temperatures, they do not work. think about that. and they want to end fossil fuels in 14 years, that's a bad mistake. stock market is what it is. my philosophy, buy back the broad indexes, get the whole country -- i'm an etf guy. hold them until that gasping your last breath like me. >> sandra: i know exactly the way you think. >> john: you have your show debuting, tell us about it
10:34 am
coming up. buy we have former treasury secretary steven mnuchin who is a very dear friend of mine and a great colleague, presidential medal of freedom, talking about the economy, talked about the stimulus package. going to cover the waterfront. you know me. i'm a free enterprise or, a free-market guy. i kind of think people should be able to keep their money if they earn it. if not a high tax guy and i will say this, a prosperous is happier at home and stronger abroad and i'm going to carry that. >> sandra: i can't wait to see how you cover the game stop story and that glowing retail participation in the stock market. >> i'm good with it but they'd better understand what goes up can go down. >> sandra: great point. will we watching tonight. >> john: good to have you as a colleague. >> sandra: coming up on america reports, we will take a
10:35 am
look at why there could be a potential conflict of interest for one of the world health organization's investigative team members. by this is raising some serious questions over the probe into the origins of this global pandemic. >> in many ways, we are starting from scratch on something that's been raging for almost an entire year. >> sandra: making some false claims about the administration. and that is larry kudlow weighing in. hearing aids because of my short hair, but nobody even sees them. (vo) discover the exclusive, new miracle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids. new miracle-earmini. so small and comfortable that no one will see them, but you'll notice the difference. call today to start your 30-day risk-free trial. start the year with better hearing and big savings.
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10:40 am
an incident caught on camera in may showed her calling 911 on an african-american bird watcher by the name of christian cooper after he asked her to put a leash on her dog. she falsely accused him of threatening her and could have gotten a one year jail sentence if convicted. >> sandra: the mainstream media's most prominent fact-checkers are staying silent after vice president harris claims the new administration started from scratch on the vaccine rollout. harris making remarks during a recent axios interview contradicting what dr. anthony fauci said on the very same subject just last month. >> there was no national strategy or plan for vaccination. in many ways, we are starting from scratch on something that's been raging for almost an entire year. >> we are not starting from
10:41 am
scratch because there is activity going on in distribution. >> sandra: white house communications director joins us now, you have tweeted out that this is an absolute mess what we have heard from vice president harris, what is your message based on what you saw and what you know about the entire plan the white house deployed all along? >> thanks for having me in. this is just false. not only did we have a vexing plan in place, we put the biden administration on track to be able to meet their own goal of 100 million vaccines in "the first 100 days" so when i left the trump white house back in december, we were doing 1.1 million vaccinations a day but i would say this to vice president harris, this is an insult to the hundreds of not just political appointees for career officials who have been working since last year tirelessly around the clock to try to safely get an effective vaccines in market and i would also note the biden
10:42 am
administration talks about unity. they want to bring those who supported trump along with those who have supported president biden, don't insult the work of the previous administration. as a nation, we should be proud of what the trump administration was able to do to get us where we are on the vaccine and the biden folks are just trying to build on that success. >> sandra: you look at the bottom of our screen, scrolling the facts, noting how many in his final day in office, so was talking about the current administration continuing with the former administration already had in place. kamala harris sees it totally differently, why? >> dr. fauci knows as well, he was in the room for these meetings and we did a rose garden event last may with the trump administration, hhs officials, the military announcing operation warp speed
10:43 am
in our race to get a safe and effective vaccine in record time and we met that goal so we should be celebrating as a country that we are where we are today. we can do better, there's more to be done but this is divisive. the biden administration is a one to give any credit to their predecessors and is disappointing. >> sandra: a reminder that kamala harris and joe biden were the ones during the campaign calling for the trump administration to leave politics out of it and one would point out that there's a lot of politics at play when you hear something like that knowing the facts. i will finish off with a question about the beijing olympics. michael waltz has come out and is calling for a boycott of that happening in 2022. listen to this. >> the chinese communist party has at least a coronavirus on the world where they covered it up, millions are dead, and now they are literally torturing and enslaving millions from their
10:44 am
own populace. how can we then reward the chinese communist party with the olympics which is meant to pull the globe together in peace but how can we do that? >> sandra: what are your thoughts on this? >> i can't agree more with congressman welch who served our country in uniform. the ccp lied to the world, withheld crucial information across countless millions of lives and also one of the world's greatest human rights abuses of people, so why would we reward them with a symbolic important gesture for the whole world coasting of the olympics, it sends completely the wrong message after how they behave during coronavirus so i strongly support that and i would keep your eyes on if it gets bipartisan support because i think it could. >> sandra: thanks for joining us this afternoon, appreciate it. >> john: a tornado ripping through north carolina, at least ten people are dead, others injured. of that coming up in our next
10:45 am
hour plus, is green energy to blame for the power outages in texas. here is tucker carlson last night. >> the green new deal has come to the state of texas and we are here with the reports. how is it working out so far? they don't have electricity. the windmills froze to the power grid failed. >> john: millions of people without power, the wind turbines are frozen solid. former energy secretary and four term texas governor rick perry ways in coming up next. what you need to help you lose weight! more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature. and more motivation with on-demand workout classes. the new myww+. join today for fifty percent off and zero down!
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>> sandra: a brewery owner stunned by what his video camera captured on super bowl sunday. a health inspector seen dancing just moments after telling the worker at the burberry that it had to shut down because it doesn't have a food truck. turns out she was wrong. the brewery was only pouring draft beers to go and didn't need a food truck to comply with state regulations. the dancing inspector of late of admitting it was a misunderstanding and will allow business to resume. always assume you're on always. >> john: at least it wasn't a snoopy dance, i in celebrating shutting down the brewery, but just moving and grooving a little bit. the historic winter storm in texas leaving several people
10:50 am
dead and 4 million without power as temperatures remain in making matters worse in the lone star state, and electric grid operator telling moves that it is being hampered by a frozen wind turbines. joining me now is former energy secretary and former governor of texas rick perry. 50% of the wind turbines stopped working because of ice. if i recall correctly in 2005 and, you signed a measure that rapidly increase the amount of wind power in the state. did that go too far too fast? >> you need to have good diversity of your energy sources as you recall in that time. matt, we saw clearly reliant upon that gas. i think the key here is to have the wisdom to have a diverse energy source, but the most important thing to have is a
10:51 am
baseload that you can count on here that's going to be natural gas, going to be whole that is going to be nuclear. the current administration i don't think certainly not for three of those the best i can tell and if that's the case, if this green new deal goes forward the way the biden administration appears to wanted to come or we will have more events like we had in texas all across the country as we strangle the diversity we are going to need to keep this country going and keep this economically powerful and from a national security standpoint having a grid that is resilient. >> john: here's what "the wall street journal" said about that, a deep green freeze, have spiked across the center of u.s. while texas regulators have a rolling blackouts. here is the paradox of the lefts climate agenda, the less we use fossil fuels, the more we need them. their claim to banish fossil
10:52 am
fuels is a greater existential threat to americans than climate change. >> i'm sorry, one of the things that doesn't get out there enough is the united states is leading from the standpoint of reducing emissions and it's because the transition into natural gas. we saw down to 1992 levels of admissions now, so the united states with the current administration is getting punished and i promise you the chinese and the other users of those old inefficient power plants around the world are not going to be doing anything other than dancing and smiling as the united states is strangled from a diversity standpoint. we've got to have a baseload that you can count on, a resilient grade. my bet is the texas legislature is going to have some pretty serious conversations over the course of the next 60 days about
10:53 am
how to deal with what they faced in the last three days. >> john: when you see things like the keystone xl pipeline be canceled, new oil and gas leases on federal land being suspended, what goes through your mind about what that's doing to the country and the economy? >> the first thing you think about is the men and women who lost their jobs, good jobs. john kerry looking at the tv land like he really cares and like he really knows and saying you can get a job as a win technician or as a solar panel expert. well, not unless you want to move to china most likely. so there seems to be this disconnect of the current administration and reality and speaking of that, we heard you need to listen to the science
10:54 am
time after time after time during this election cycle and if you don't have the diversity, you're not going to have the energy. >> john: governor perry, always great to see you. thank you so much for taking the time. i hope you can get the ice off your windmills come appreciate it. >> sandra: democrat slamming governor andrew cuomo after his attempt at damage control falls flat. so what are they calling for now? blast, pressure grows for the biden administration to reopen america's schools. we will talk to the superintendent of a catholic school partnership about how her schools were able to open safely months ago.
10:55 am
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10:59 am
pandemic but reportedly as a potential conflict of interest when it comes to one of the members of that investigative team. hillary vaughn on that life on capitol hill for us. >> the person that is the target of these accusations and conflict of interest is the only american who was on the w.h.o.'s investigative team on the ground at wuhan, china, whose job was to investigate the origins of the virus but reports show that he had a close working relationship with a leading virologist at the wuhan institute of virology known as the fat lady. he helped her secure two u.s. grants for her bat surveillance team before the virus even hit. the institute is just a few miles away from the wet market where chinese authorities day the virus was first discovered but now back in the u.s., he has openly criticized the biden administration for wanting to verify the results of the w.h.o. investigation. he tweeted this, "joe biden has
11:00 am
to look tough on china and don't forget it is trust then verify. senator tom cotton was on fox earlier today as is the w.h.o. investigation needs a do-over after these conflicts of interest have come to light and he was part of a team that was on the ground supposed to be unbiased and exploring every theory that led to what the origin of the virus was, but back in february, he openly called the idea that the virus leaked out of the lab a conspiracy theory and just last week, the director general of the w.h.o. says they have not ruled out any theory as to where the origin of the virus came from. >> sandra: really important story. we will continue to cover it. >> john: new york's governor now hearing from members of his own party. good afternoon, welcome to another edition of america reports. >> sandra: here we go on a
11:01 am
tuesday afternoon. democratic lawmakers during the republican colleagues now calling out governor andrew cuomo but not a word from those hollywood pals of his who had nothing but praise for cuomo and his response to the covid pandemic. covering every angle of the story for you as it develops. >> john: here in washington, a different controversy about to hit capitol hill. congress set to take up the idea of reparations for slavery. the idea is not new but support for the plant is spiking on the left. >> sandra: backers say that with president biden in office, the time to make reparations or reality is now. we will preview the hearing on the hill the first, a weather alert. winter extremes stretching from canada down to mexico with millions of americans caught in the middle. deadly tornadoes ripping up homes on the east, millions in texas still without power at this hour as temperatures drop to levels many of their never
11:02 am
seen. >> john: jonathan serrie starts off this hour, i remember when it shut down, how was that they are? >> especially here in the southeast, we do not do icy roads well, just don't have the infrastructure for it but we are dealing with tornadoes and other parts of the southeast and in particular a twister that touched down in brunswick county that is on the north carolina coast and happened just after midnight while many people were asleep in their homes, much of the damage occurred in the ocean ridge plantation subdivision. it is a golf and beach community. first responders rescued several survivors who had become stranded inside their homes. they have now completed their search and rescue operations and are transitioning to a recovery phase which officials say will take some time. the tornado knocked out power to 37,000 customers overnight, the red cross is on the scene helping survivors reunite with
11:03 am
loved ones and are providing temporary housing options for those who lost their homes and in other parts of the southeast, snow and heavy rains followed by freezing temperatures made for some icy road conditions and you have officials as far south as atlanta urging motorists to exercise caution. back to you. >> john: a few days before they dig out of that. jonathan serrie in atlanta. >> sandra: more than 4 million people are without power, casey stegall live in dallas. >> people here are losing their patients because they are now looking at going into another night without any kind of heat, many have been in the dark for more than 24 hours. the latest figure, more than the 4.2 million texans are still without electricity as we speak. officials say that is a mix of controlled blackouts to ease some of the strain on the grid, but also a lot of infrastructure
11:04 am
itself is just frozen. wind farms and natural gas power plants where the governor greg abbott now calling for urgent reform to the system so that people never have to experience this again. >> started watching the temperatures drop in our house, we are at 53 now, going to go sit in the car for little bit to keep warm. >> we've seen pictures online of frozen water inside people's homes, the stream literally freezing. this wintry blast even impacting some parts of louisiana. many of the same areas hit by hurricanes late last year. eye is causing more than 158,000 outages across that state while up to 5 inches of snow fell on parts of kentucky. the snowplows have been out in full force there, and we are not done with this whole winter mix
11:05 am
just yet starting later tonight. parts of texas expected to get more snow and freezing rain which would make things even more slippery, the dallas-fort worth area alone could get up to another 4 inches of snow overnight. just wild. >> sandra: casey stegall, thank you. >> he can handle himself. he's enjoyed celebrity status as you minutes ago reported, he was like a hero do so many americans and indeed people watching him all over the world. now that these revelations -- and it has been a string of revelations that have really cast into doubt some of his credibility, he needs to fix it and fix it quickly. that means coming forth with information that quite frankly our colleagues and i have been waiting for that information for months. >> john: new york's democrats joining the chorus of democrats
11:06 am
calling out andrew cuomo over the alleged cover-up of covid information at nursing homes. "the new york post" summing it up saying the governor is in a tailspin. while he does admit he made a mistake, he still won't say he's sorry. joining us now is new york city republican councilman. ron kim, another democrat from queens said in that conference yesterday all of it is b.s. and a cover-up. what did you think? >> any time you have members of your own party in the state legislator fact-checking human calling you a liar in real-time, i think it's a good indicator that your press conference is not going well. but we saw the governor tried to do which was to reshape a timeline and reshape a narrative that just simply isn't true. two statements can exist can both be accurate. you can't have your number two person saying behind closed doors that we didn't comply with the feds because we didn't want
11:07 am
them to have the numbers. at the same time, the governors out there saying that we couldn't comply with your request because we were too busy complying with the feds. both of those things cannot be true and yet this is sort of the conundrum that the governor is right now amongst other things. >> john: he did apologize for not handling the p.r. perspective of this but when it came to apologizing for what happened in the nursing homes, here's what he said. listen to this exchange. >> is there anything that you personally apologize for in this whole process? >> apologize? look, i have said repeatedly we made a mistake in creating the void. we made a mistake in creating the void. when we didn't provide information, it allowed press, people, cynics, politicians to fill the void. >> john: so basically, he's apologizing for not getting out in front of the p.r. problem
11:08 am
fast enough. nothing about nursing homes at the people who died. >> it's just shameful. the only reason we are even talking about this right now is because the state's democratic attorney general did her own investigation and found that the governor had been completely untruthful the entire time. if i make, the thing that bothers new yorkers about everything is this man's stark arrogance, whether it be the book, the posters of himself, the enemy, the morning news shows, all of this just to find out later on that most of what he was doing was covering up for mistakes that he himself ordered and won't take responsibility for. that is what troubles the majority of new yorkers. it was by almost 50%, i don't expect he is going to reside. impeachment would be a high bar,
11:09 am
almost happened back in 1913, so what happens now? you try to get him at the ballot box the next time around? >> we have a slew of candidates that are going to be running this year and to be frank, there are democrats who are much better people i think he gets challenge from both the right on the in his next outing and he can do the majority of new yorkers and announcing that he is not going to seek reelection. the story is not going away and is not going away by any stretch when you have a guy basically in a press conference yesterday where he thinks he's actually coming clean and being transparent and that couldn't be further than what we actually saw. >> john: at the talk to you this afternoon come appreciate the time, thank you so much. the fact that so many democrats are coming forward would seem to
11:10 am
be a political problem for him. >> absolutely, and it struck me. >> sandra: a nursing home situation and said it didn't cut it for them what they heard from the government in one of them and said i'm a democrat, this isn't about politics, people that lost their lives and accountability and they are demanding answers. much more ahead on this cuomo controversy and why so much of the media seems to be so silent on it. next with the lincoln project, the senate rating and scandal. we are getting a look at who was really funding the groups anti-trump site. here's a little hint, it was not all republicans and some of them are names you will definitely want to hear about. plus president biden facing backlash from inside of his own party. what issue has a left lashing out at some of his own.
11:11 am
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11:15 am
>> john: the embattled lincoln project claiming it was holding former president trump to account but now the group itself needs to be held to account over sexual harassment accusations against one of its cofounders and some others funneling donations to other companies spirits of who donated that money? some pretty famous faces and not just republicans. gillian turner with the details on all of this. >> pretty famous indeed so it turns out according to filings, hollywood gave big to the lincoln project since its inception back in 2019. taking in a lot of donors conjure writing to both the lincoln project and
11:16 am
president biden's campaign and even the dnc at the same time. if there is some very familiar faces that can contribute to the embattled super pac, include jason bateman who shelled out $6,000, 5,000, felicity huffman donated $9,300 and donated 3,000. other high-profile democrat donors include mega-producers, also the cofounders of dreamworks pictures, donated $100,000 putting him in the lincoln projects top three donors. also the founder of continental cablevision and forbes 538 richest person in the world contributed to the project in addition to shelling out a million dollars to the obama foundation in the same year. so while it may not seem celebrities in l.a. would be obvious backers of a washington republican super pac, it's
11:17 am
looking like at least some donors contributed to the lincoln project has a vehicle for taking on former president trump directly, so now the big question, the million-dollar question you might say for the lincoln project is where their future focus will be. today, not had a lot of success faking winning g.o.p. candidates for house and senate seats so without president trump, the direction is less clear for them. >> john: i'm not sure about future direction, i'm wondering about future to begin with and then they can see if they will be a direction after that. gillian turner, thank you so much and sandra, looks like george conway who was one of the cofounders of the lincoln project, kelly and conway's husband and "american idol" dad said and investigation is required but can't be whitewashed and it's clear as early as last march the people who were in operational control were told of his john weaver's predations.
11:18 am
needs to waive nondisclosure agreements and come clean. you wonder where this is all going. >> sandra: seems like the story changes by the hour. thanks to julian for her great reporting on that. i think her special report. it is the lincoln project finished, where does this go? >> it seems like it is unwinding quickly. when you have founding members saying it needs to come to an end, it has to stop, tweeting george conway re-tweeting others calling for that come to an end, you have a legal fight now to get out of nondisclosure agreements about the inside toxic workplace, not only the john weaver allegations of harassing young men, but also the financial questions about where these millions of dollars went to different organizations that were tied to each one of these people, these founders so i don't think the lincoln project as an entity has a long
11:19 am
life ahead of it considering what we are seeing happen right now, but as far as the anti-trump feeling, that is a battle that is going to really develop over the next year and a half ahead of 2022. that battle for the heart of the g.o.p. >> sandra: that was a fascinating thing to emerge from all of this, thinking these were anti-trump republicans but then you have those celebrities making donations, jason bateman and others you wouldn't normally think that they were republicans. so i digress, he'll have a line to your point about republican support and what this may have done or not done to support for donald trump, republican support for trump as far as playing a key party role, it is up 18 points. this is the hill from early january. interesting. >> very interesting.
11:20 am
i think january 6 to change a lot of perspectives and it would be interesting to see now if donald trump ran again what kind of support he would get but remember, he's also been silent for a long time off of twitter and not in the public eye. looking back at donald trump's policies, there are some voters who say the policies are what i'm really for rather than the person. others link themselves to donald trump as a fighter, but i do think january 6th changed a lot of dynamics. >> sandra: larry kudlow was here talking about the trump economic policies that he was such a big part of the head his big show debut tonight and here he was earlier. >> i think the biggest threats to the economy are raising taxes, overturning a trumps tax cut plan which worked beautifully prepandemic, massive reregulation, going after the energy sector and things like raising the minimum wage.
11:21 am
those are progressive left wishes. that has nothing to do with economic growth. >> sandra: the raising of the federal minimum wage seems to be emerging as a tough spot even for some democrats who see this as a job killer. >> this is going to be really interesting battles we get ready to find out the covid-19, you have joe manchin and kyrsten sinema saying they don't think minimum wage should be in this bill to begin with. you have a battle of what's going to be included or not, nancy pelosi says it will be. chuck schumer says it will be, but they're not going to have the votes if they have to rely on joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. so i do think that this is a battle, and the structure of this covert bill is the first big bipartisan piece of legislation potentially for joe biden and if the minimum wage is one thing that he is going to try to pack in there,
11:22 am
he may not have the votes. >> sandra: we will be watching all of it. what happens with taxes, minimum wage, and all of it. bret baier, we will see you tonight. special report 6:00 p.m., thank you. >> john: you've got to wonder if the lincoln project can survive. >> sandra: absolutely. i have to tell you, you and i were chatting this morning with those names starting to emerge and donors said that, so much i guess that we did not know about the lincoln project that we are learning now. >> john: seems to be the people who are running the lincoln project didn't know much of what was going on either. the story has got some legs, i'll tell you that. california and florida took vastly different approaches to the pandemic but showing similar numbers on covid, so what happens now? plus, we will talk to a handful of catholic schools about why she says the biden administration is moving the goal posts on reopening. despite a majority of catholic schools being able to get kids back in the classroom, stay with
11:23 am
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>> john: the deadly winter weather moving across much of the country, a tornado ripped through brunswick county in north carolina late last night killing at least three people and leaving ten others injured. the tornado also trapping many people outside their homes. >> sandra: record snowfall where the store and left a layer of ice there as it knocked out power to some 4 million people across the state. >> john: i know they're having a hard time but it looks pretty with all that. businesses in texas also grinding to a halt, walmart closing 415 stories and amazon shutting down delivery stations, grocery stores and shopping centers closed earlier didn't open at all on monday the storm moved in. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to
11:28 am >> sandra: this just in, governor newsom visiting a vaccine site, just stepped away from that in los angeles and made no mention of the growing recall effort to boot him from office. he is seen their life, has more than one and a half million signatures needed to trigger a special election. in one of the reasons governor newsom is under fire for his covert response especially the painful shutdowns that have but so many businesses out of work. meanwhile, new data out of california coast to coast strikingly similar despite the two states taking drastically different approaches to covid. if william la jeunesse is reporting live on that from los angeles. >> the numbers suggest that california's lockdown did not necessarily produce the best
11:29 am
outcome, consider no state has been as restrictive as california and no state is open as florida. governor newsom was the first to close schools, businesses, restaurants, theme parks, imposed a curfew, threaten fines and told residents to mask up and stay home. florida by contrast was open, while gavin newsom was the enlightened progressive. with 8.3% of the population contracting covid versus 8.8 in california. hospitalizations here versus 218 in florida. fatalities here, 10.5 compared to florida 7.4. >> these draconian measures of lockdowns are excessive and they have great public health costs. >> the last two months, both states have seen metrics followed by an equal amount when it comes to vaccines, california shot him of 4% of its population, florida 11% but 72%
11:30 am
of its vaccines available versus 77 in florida. >> i'm here to get my shot, my second one and having a good turnout and i think everybody should get it because we have to fight this covid-19. >> quite the difference, more international flights, more cross-border traffic, manufacturing distance is difficult. no two states are the same but nevertheless, the economic cost in california is undeniable. >> sandra: very important story, thank you. >> john: turning to the fight to get kids back in class, let's bring in kathleen porter mcgee, superintendent and partnership schools in new york and cleveland as part of. seems to be a case across the street here at the white house of shifting the goal posts.
11:31 am
president biden now says he wants to get most k-8 schools open and the white house press secretary said he wants to get 50% of all schools open at least one day a week which would apparently put us behind where we are now. your thoughts about all of this? >> things for having me. such an important discussion to be having. i do think the administration has shifted the goalposts somewhat dramatically. i think what we were hearing on the campaign trail was a commitment to reopen schools within "the first 100 days" of office but now talking about a fraction of the schools and only opening them one day a week, it sounds like it's very, very different than the commitment to actually reopening schools fully. so obviously, this is a complicated time but i do think it's important that we follow the evidence. if one back across the country, 90% of catholic schools are open. full disclosure, we have 9-year-old twins in catholic school. we put them in catholic school
11:32 am
because we knew regular school wasn't going to open. how much do you think is based on science and how much is based on politics? >> i think unfortunately, it is not following the evidence as much as it is following politics. i report from brown university, came out yesterday or today showing that schools were more likely to open in red states and blue states that were less likely to open in blue states when the strength of the teachers union contract was there and i think what that points to is not an evidence-based solution but rather a politics based solution and i think that one of the reason is that 92% of catholic schools were able to reopen for either in person or hybrid learning when only 43% of public schools did in only 34% of charter schools is because they really have community schools that stand at least slightly apart from the larger political debate that's going on right now in public schools across the
11:33 am
country. >> john: on the subject of unions, an epidemiologist and volunteer member of the public schools advisory community in massachusetts have an opinion piece in which he said they've dismissed scientific guidance, have misinterpreted scientific guidance and transformed it into a series of litmus test to keep our district and hybrid learning. these litmus tests are not based on science, grounded in anxiety and are a major opponent of the turn to school quagmire in which we are stuck. not to the same degree of public schools, but there are some teachers unions in catholic school and i know some of them had some problems in terms of going back into school but i take it you're not suffering the same pressures that public school systems are. >> absolutely. of our nine catholic schools, we have seven in new york and two in cleveland, ohio, seven catholic schools in new york, all her teachers belong to the federation of catholic teachers and i think with the teachers unions are doing is what they're
11:34 am
supposed to be doing. advocating on behalf of their members working to make sure that schools are safe for their members. if a balance with strong administrative leadership, strong health guidance that actually says how can we achieve that goal without unnecessarily harming students >> sandra: on that was one thing we are able to do in new york. able to look at the evidence and follow the guidelines and reopen while working with our union. >> john: even with some resistance from the unions, you're still able to get kids back in school full-time five days a week? >> absolutely. >> john: here in the washington, d.c., area as well. kathleen porter mcgee, thank you so much for being with us. we will see if public schools can take a note from what your folks are doing. sandra, it's true that they have -- they are not these big private schools workouts 40 or $50,000 to put your child and but they managed to open.
11:35 am
>> sandra: people just about everywhere as a story about a neighbor or brother or sister who has kids and ended up doing this and your colleague, one of my colleagues who is on the very same thing. >> john: we plan on keeping them there next year as well. >> sandra: very interesting development for the church. how great it has been for them to get kids back into catholic school system. joe biden says he wants people to buy american but business owners saying his policies aren't helping. plus, crickets from much of the media when it comes to governor cuomo and his nursing home scandal including celebrities who were gushing over the governor and his covert performance.
11:36 am
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to matt for all the criticism of new york governor andrew cuomo's handling of the pandemic, you may never know what from watching much of the media including his anchor brother on cnn. if the stars who gushed over the governor's emmy? former utah congressman jason chaffetz, former state department spokesperson in the obama administration and also a fox news contributor marie harf. welcome to both of you, good to have you. incredibly important story affecting so many, still
11:41 am
grieving over the loss of their loved ones. when you heard the governor speak yesterday offering no apology is not admitting to any mistakes other than i should've hit down the misinformation sooner, what do you think? >> it's clear that governor cuomo did not handle the nursing home issue well and he should apologize that he should put out all the data. one of the biggest issues of these stories is that was possibly essential cover-up. that's a really big problem. he was managing the first big epicenter, knew very little about the disease, his daily briefings which some of those hollywood celeb days were very positive about i do think that they were helpful across the country when there was no national leadership to get people information very early on. >> sandra: hold on, but that's a key point because he got political and those briefings.
11:42 am
it's over anybody who is saying that everybody is shocked by this, i don't think that's the case. for many who were watching those briefings saying is now the time to be attacking the president while we are dealing with a global pandemic and i'll remind you, jason because i want to get this in here, these are the celebrities who were fawning over the governor along the way. listen. >> thank you for your leadership during these trying times. >> watching his press conferences informing us, telling us what to do. >> kind of transcendent politics are now just part of more of a national sex symbol. >> your daily briefings live from new york gave us hope, give us clarity, gave us the truth and give us something we were not getting from washington, leadership. >> sandra: jason? >> i think that's all a bunch of hogwash. billy crystal, i like and respect him, i think is a good
11:43 am
actor and seems like a really good guy but he qualified it by saying you were giving us the truth and what's exposed now is that governor cuomo was not giving us the truth and seemed to conveniently forget it was governor cuomo and some others that were praising donald trump for putting the ship out there, opening up the javits center, doing all those things to provide a lot of relief and support their and the fact that we have a vaccine and operation warp speed and there were daily briefings out there giving guidance. so i think it's a convenient memory and to the point you best first, the idea that they start to blame yesterday, the governor blaming the workers and these other people to take any self responsibility. >> sandra: i think he blamed food delivery people who showed up, grocery store people who brought food into the nursing homes, staffers that were there to help, the elderly in these
11:44 am
homes, so let's move this forward. what can he do now? i think we can agree that the briefings were a good thing, whether or not his use of politics certainly can be criticized. what can he do now? >> i think he needs to put out all the data that they have on the nursing home issue and on other issues related to coveda. >> sandra: they undercounted nursing home deaths. >> let me finish and i will let you know what i think you should do. he needs to put out all the data. we don't know if we have it all. we need to see it all i think there will be a lot of conversations about governor cuomo, donald trump, governor phil murphy, everyone who had a responsibility in responding to this pandemic, we need to learn lessons, what they did well and what they did poorly to help us in the future but for all the republicans criticizing governor cuomo and not criticizing the president or
11:45 am
any of these republicans on the job, they are the ones playing politics. >> sandra: he did not offer one. >> i said he should apologize, i said that. >> but he spent a lot of time has passed and he emerged from that briefing and did not offer one. i will finish with you, who only have a few seconds left but you go through that montage of celebrities. i wonder if they'll say anything now? >> let's see if they have the political guts to stand up to the governor and say you weren't giving us the truth, you should be held accountable, the attorney general and the department of justice should be looking at this because not only that they deceive the authorities, they deceive the people of new york and didn't give the proper data to the cdc and others could make proper decisions. it is far bigger than just new york.
11:46 am
>> sandra: not just the republican politicians, i know are calling on him to apologize and be accountable in some cases resign as democrats as well calling for that. >> john: a huge debate about capitol hill tomorrow, lawmakers getting ready to tackle reparations for slavery and this time, it's getting record support from democrats. plus, new developments after the host of the bachelor canceled himself. a former back to now saying his comments calling the so-called woke police should keep him on television for good. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there!
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>> sandra: former bachelorette speaking out after her controversial interview with host chris harrison that led to him stepping away from the show. >> chris has stepped aside which i think is the right decision because like he said, he needs to take time to get educated and on a profound and productive level to use his words and he needs to understand what was done, what was wrong and what he said in the interview and he needs time, needs to step away
11:51 am
to do that. >> sandra: during the interview, harrison defended a current batch of their contestant who criticized for attending an old south plantation themed party back in 2018. the backlash over his comments in that interview led to him taking time off from the show. >> john: there was a renewed push for reparations, a new subcommittee will host a hearing tomorrow to study compensation for the descendants of millions of enslaved africans. a spokesperson for the conservative nonprofit turning point usa. just so everyone knows at home what we are talking about, it is hr 40 which seeks to -- recommend appropriate remedies. this is getting a lot of support as well. 147 cosponsors, but you say that
11:52 am
this could risk dividing americans even further. how so? >> absolutely. before the election, the reparations tried to pander to black motor and now that joe biden is president, this is pandering to keep the african-american voters here. reparations is something that is not very popular. it has been pulled before, 58% of african-americans do support it but a whopping 81% of white americans do not support it. i don't see how any talk of reparation is going to bring this country together in the wake of the black lives matter and defund the police movement and all of the racial issues that we are dealing with at this time. other than civil rights hero who coorganized the march on washington with dr. martin luther king said about reparations back in 1969 that he didn't believe in reparations and that it was all about assuaging white guilt and demeans the integrity of african-americans but he said this in 1969 and i'm inclined to
11:53 am
agree with him. this is nothing but politics and nothing but democrats setting up their next pander for the african-american voter base that they seem to be losing every year that they go along. >> the commission aims to study the impact of slavery and continuing discrimination against african-americans resulting directly from slavery to desegregation in present day. the commission would also make recommendations concerning any apology and compensation to begin the long delay the process of atonement for slavery. you mentioned all of the racial unrest over the past year. given that, would it not be reasonable to at least study this? >> the conversation is fine, but this is what i think about the studying the reparations right now. have to take a look at what is in this bill. half the commission about 13 people at a taxpayer cost of
11:54 am
$12 million just to study this bear they will be appointed by the president, appointed by a lot of people who are in charge and i think the fear here as ths becomes another graft and another piggy bank for al sharpton and jesse jackson to come in and do nothing while pretending to do something at the expense of taxpayer dollars. i think african-americans have ten people both sides of the aisle need to be focused on what they can do for black americans right now and stop looking so much to the past. i don't think that benefits anybody. >> john: that house hearing is tomorrow and we will be watching it here on fox. thanks for joining us today, appreciate it. >> sandra: covid impacting every aspect of life, even dating. so do you know anyone who's been fauci'd?
11:55 am
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refiplus, only from newday usa. >> sandra: it's fat tuesday if you didn't know.
11:59 am
more than a million people normally descend on the streets of new orleans for mardi gras parades and other celebrations. things are looking a whole lot different. the parades have been cancelled, crowds banned from going to bars on bourbon street because of course, covid. mardi gras crowds were blamed for a outbreak in louisiana last year. celebrate at home. >> john: there you go. the emojis that you uses and texts are cool. younger folks don't agree. according to the tik tok crowd, the laugh crying emoji is no longer cool. want to look like you're laughing but be cool, use the skull emoji. to recap today's lesson, the skull emoji meaning dead is not dead. >> sandra: the pandemic changed the dating life. it's called fauciing. somebody that doesn't take covid
12:00 pm
as seriously as you and maskarading with a k. we wouldn't know, but fauciing is a real thing. i'm going to make my john goliath. >> john: bring some tomorrow. i'm john roberts. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. >> martha: good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum live in new york. on "the story" right now, former secretary state mike pompeo joins us. should the united states -- think about this -- boycott the beijing olympics because of the human rights violations? that would be a very bold meaningful statement. so we're going to ask the former secretary of state what he thinks the country should do do now. tail spin. the nursing home scandal threatening to take down


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