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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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at the vegan cat cat uses oats, coconut, soy, omens, and rice. by the way the mars candy company is going vegan, they've got two new vegan chocolate lands. >> dana: i will try. >> jesse: i will let it slide. if that's it for rest, "special report with bret baier" is up next. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. at the powerful winter storm that's affecting millions of you has turned deadly. a tornado tore through a seaside town killing at least three people while much of the nation continues to shiver i made it record cold temperatures, and also try to deal with treacherous travel conditions. we are in texas tonight where bitter cold has put millions of people in the dark, and some even in danger. good evening, casey. >> good evening, millions of people in texas are now facing
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the second day without power, and roughly 3 million of them are now looking at their second night with no heat. many people are angry, they are frustrated asking how this could have happened. what started as rolling -- it to stave a strange power grid has turned into something else entirely. >> i can't cook anything, most things are closed or i don't want to risk going out because people are not able to drive in the roads that are not treated properly. >> we watched the temperature drop at her house. 55, where at 53 now. we're going to go sit in the car for a little bit to keep warm. >> energy providers say because of the equipment failures, too much demand, not enough supplies, they can tell people when the power will go back on. just because there is a danger people freezing. >> at least four people have
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already died in houston, two suspected carbon monoxide deaths, to others, exposure to the elements. at the cold also canceled covid vaccine operations there and across the state as power outages threatened the vaccine itself. >> with the power out, we know those vaccines need to be kept in cold storage. we got to work under the mission to avoid losing those vaccines with the loss of power. >> the white house says the president is monitoring the weather situation closely. >> the president has been kept noted on the events, has regular updates on the storm. >> it's not just texas in trouble. a chicago so more than a foot of snow and closed schools. there were power problems in louisiana and deadly messy roadways all over the south. at this rack to happen slid often ac overpass onto a police
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car, nobody was seriously hurt. if the same cannot be said for the devastating winter core nato and it north carolina which killed three people in brunswick county. >> it will be a long-term recovery. we have a lot of damage in that area. >> as a second round of storms promises to pack another punch, anger and texas is mounting. the state has its own power grid which is powered largely by natural gas and wind, with some wind turbines now frozen. texas governor greg abbott is calling for state legislature to investigate the entity that runs the texas power grade to see if any reform it needs to be made. it federal regulators have said they will also do the same this afternoon president biden had a conference call with the governors of at least eight states impacted by this winter storm. >> bret: live in dallas, thank you.
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parts of europe are also seeing snow in unusual places. heavy snow falls over ancient in athens. turkey, heavy snow and blizzards forced the closure of the northwestern part of the country. breaking tonight, the animosity between former president donald trump and current senate minority leader mitch mcconnell getting personal and ugly tonight. at the former president releasing a statement castigating mcconnell following the senator's condemnation of terms actions. michael with the story this evening. >> president trump unloaded thing the republican party can never be respected or strong with leaders like mitch mcconnell at the helm. he went on to say mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack. if political senators are not going to stay with them, they
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will not win again. he will do what needs to be done -- a reminder, mcconnell went after mr. trump after the impeachment verdict on saturday. >> for my president trump's actions preceded the right were a disgraceful, disgraceful their election duty. >> there's been no immediate response from mcconnell's team took the new criticism from the former president. >> bret: speaker nancy pelosi, what she knew and when she knew it concerning capitol it security for the january 6th demonstration that erupted into violence. >> after the capitol riots, house republicans say they want answers from speaker nancy pelosi to some straightforward questions. >> leading house republicans say the american people deserve answers from nancy pelosi about
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the security of the u.s. capital during last night's atomic months try it. the police chief at the time requested national guard assistance on january 4th. it was denied by pelosi and the sergeant at arms due to a concern about optics. during the attack, when they requested national guard assistance, republicans say it took more than an hour for it to be approved. >> speaker pelosi cannot push it to someone else because we are house members. she has the responsibility to tell us what went wrong. speaker pelosi aides insisted there was no intelligence that predicted violence during certification of electoral votes. the last week house impeachment managers argued it was predictable, predictable. to protect her security, our security, our security, our next stop will be to establish an outside, independent, and 9/11 type commission. it next tuesday the former
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capitol police chief and former sergeant at arms for the house and senate as well as the d.c. metropolitan police chief has testified against the breach. rank and file capitol police officers have delivered an overwhelming no-confidence vote in their senior leadership saying their officers paid a terrible price for the leadership failure. >> the officers performed bravely, but they are right to have a no confidence in their leadership. that doesn't mean that we should turn the capital into an armed fortress. >> amid reports thousands of national guard troops could stay on capitol grounds until the fall, florida republican congressman michael waltz wants to know why. >> i've seen nothing that demands such a large force to be there, and definitely away from their families. >> tom kirby says the plan right now is to end the mission of national guard troops by mid-march. it, house homeland security
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commissioner and his personal capacity filed a lawsuit against president trump and his attorney rudy giuliani, accusing them of conspiring to incite the capital right. if giuliani is no longer representing the former president but remains an ally and friend. we want mike, thank you. at the fight over whether students and teachers should return to classrooms is growing more heated in wisconsin where president joe biden is headed this evening. state republicans are targeting federal and aid money for schools that hold in person instruction at the expense of remote only facilities. if democrats and many educators are now furious. we report tonight for milwaukee. >> the more you open, the more money you get. a state republican lawmakers a rewarding wisconsin school districts were offering in person classes. >> i believe it's the right thing to do, the right thing for our kids.
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>> state lawmakers control 68 million federal dollars for the current affairs relief bill. under the new plan, districts who have reopened will get a larger share of those funds. the goal is twofold, help schools cover the higher cost of being in person and convince others to open their doors. >> those districts not providing in person instruction, they're providing an incentive to open and remain open for the rest of the school year. >> it's an insult to those of us were looking out for the best interest of our children, their families, and communities. >> school districts that remain completely online will still receive a share of the much larger federally controlled relief funds. it democrats and school officials are accusing republicans of trying to bully them into reopening with a smaller pot of money. >> it's incredibly unfair, making politics determine decisions that should be made by health care workers, health departments, and by school
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administrations and school boards. >> joe biden is traveling to milwaukee tonight to argue a need to safely reopen this year. new analysis of biden's plan by the nonpartisan congressional budget office found that schools will receive a small fraction of the money this year, just a $6 billion while the rest of the funding is spread out over the next seven years. in los angeles, elementary schools are now allowed to open things to improving covid numbers, though it's not clear how many will decide to do that. in san francisco, today the unified school district postponed scheduled talks on reopening plans, despite an ongoing lawsuit by the city attorney's office. instead, the board discussed its plans to rename schools it believe represents white supremacy. >> bret: garrett tenney live
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in milwaukee, thank you. new york democratic governor andrew cuomo is facing a rebellion from fellow democrats over his actions in the coronavirus pandemic. if they are accusing him of lying to them about covid's nursing homes following his attempt to damage control. bryan llenas has two nights update from brooklyn. >> new york governor andrew cuomo being called a liar by members of his own party. at the cover of "the new york post" declaring the governor is in a tailspin a day after he held a news conference denying his administration engaged in a cover-up by withholding the death toll data from lawmakers and the public. it's >> there's nothing to investigate. we should have done a better job in providing information. we should have done a better job of knocking down the disinformation. you'd never knocked down all of these conspiracy theories. >> it took six months for the
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cuomo administration to reveal that more than 15,000 residents had died of covid-19 in the long term care facilities, much higher than the 9,000 reported by cuomo. cuomo said his office informed state lawmakers the delay was because they were busy responding to a federal crow by the department of justice. democrats say this is not true, criticizing the governor in a barrage of tweets. a spokesman tweeted, other than what was in the news, this speaker had no knowledge of the official doj inquiry. jessica ramos rode, trash, no one believes me. it democratic new york state senator tweeted, cuomo's press conference was riddled with lies, theater, and deflection. yell i knew said cuomo's comments were frightening because for their blatant goals to mislead. at least 14 democratic state senators are calling for cuomo's covid emergency powers to be
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stripped away. >> a year ago, those emergency powers were necessary. it today, they no longer seem necessary. >> despite critics concerns that the governor has undermined the public, the pandemic is best managed under him and his emergency power to make unilateral governing decisions. >> bret: bryan llenas in brooklyn, thank you. stocks missed today, the dow gained 64, the s&p lost two, the nasdaq dropped 48. there are serious questions tonight about the future for the anti-trump super pac, the lincoln project. these questions, along controversy of harassment and mismanagement accusation. >> under fire for what they knew and when about sexual harassment allegations, founder of the lincoln project are calling for the group to fight -- >> tweeting, shut it down
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already. to george conway agreed to saying, it's a shame, and you shouldn't forget the hard work of so many people and the positive things the organization did, but yes, i think this is right. if the super pac is lawyering up to fight back against a dozens of allegations against cofounder john weaver and revelations about the group's finances. paul hastings is conducting a comprehensive review of their operations and culture. fox news has learned multiple lawyers have according to sec filings contributed to the lincoln project. a total of nearly six and a half thousand dollars. the fact may raise further ethics issues. owner said it jasmine said the group wasn't created only to take on president trump here to speak of the lincoln project had a broader mandate in their own mind which was due not only beat president trump but also defeat representatives and senators who they felt were complicit in not
3:15 pm
holding him to be accountable. >> most of the projects were a bust. of the ten samet dominic senate democrats, the price tag $10 million, seven candidates lost. >> being a member of the republican party for years, i didn't like what i viewed as our inability to hold our politicians accountable. >> also breaking this evening, george conway this morning led into the lincoln project cannot whitewash the very serious allegations being made against its leadership. >> bret: thank you. up next, president biden goes on his official road trip, there plenty of questions waiting for him. first, our fox affiliates covering tonight. a fox live in new york, charges dismissed against the white woman arrested for calling 911 during a dispute with a black man in central park. if the case against amy cooper
3:16 pm
was dropped after she completed a racial sensitivity counseling program. fox five in las vegas shows the primary, make it the first in nominating contest in the country. it would set the primary for the second to last tuesday of january and a presidential election year, new hampshire has something to say about that, we are showing. this is a live look at new orleans, courtesy of earth came. you see bourbon street, there's a big story there tonight. a subdued mardi gras because of the coronavirus pandemic. access to bourbon street limited, bars closed down, periods and parties usually drae than 1 million people to the streets, not this time. if that's tonight's live look. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: the numbers continue
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to trend downward in the coronavirus pandemic, a seven day moving average stands at just over 86,000 cases tonight. that is down from a high of over 250,000 in january. the total number of cases in the u.s. approaching 28 million with almost 480,000 deaths. more than 55 million doses of covid vaccine have already been administered. fema has opened up its mass vaccination sites, the first in los angeles and oakland. doctors and nurses are complaining they are not getting enough and 95 masks and icu rooms with high flow oxygen and covert dreams. however, millions of masks remaining storage as hospitals choose to ration the masks due to fears of future surgeries. we referenced earlier, president biden is on the way to milwaukee right now where he will be hearing from voters who will certainly have questions about covid-19.
3:22 pm
there is continuing uncertainty tonight over the status of presidents massive covid relief package and confusion over whether there was a vaccination program in place when the new biden administration took office. white house correspondent christian fishery takes a look tonight. tonight. >> president biden is setting the rope for his first official trip as president to try to sell his relief plan straight to the american people. >> republicans in congress will have to make their own choice. the vast majority of the public supports it, including the vast majority of members and constituents. >> they announced a relief for struggling homeowners. an extension of a trump administration order calling for closures and offering delayed mortgage payments through the end of june. divided administration continues to be far less complementary when it comes to the vaccine program it inherited. >> there was no national strategy or plan for
3:23 pm
vaccination. we were leading dominic leaving it to the states and local leaders to figure it out. in many ways we are starting from scratch. >> the day after inauguration -- >> we are certainly not starting from scratch. >> dr. fauci defended the vice president. >> but i think the vice president is referring to is the actual plan of getting the vaccine doses into people's arms was really rather vague. it was not a well coordinated plan. getting the vaccines made to come and getting them shipped through operation warp speed was okay. >> of the former white house communications director in the trump administration because the vice president's statements, flat out false. >> not only did we have a vaccine plan in place, we put the biden administration on track to meet their own goal of 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days.
3:24 pm
>> another goal is to get this plan passed mid-march. so far as no republican support. mitch mcconnell believes it is precisely that kind of opposition that could help unify our party after a divisive impeachment trial adding, i don't think many republicans are going to be for very many of the things that are coming out of this administration. >> moments ago, president biden leaving the white house, he was asked about that comment from mcconnell. at the president replied that opposing his agenda may unify republicans, but it will hurt america badly. if you and kristin fisher live on the north on, thank you. up next, conflict of interest questions at the white house as relatives of the president tried to sell their books. it later, is north korea trying to steal the formulas for the coronavirus vaccines? >> we've contacted people via linkedin, even phones people that convinced them they were
3:25 pm
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only from carvana. the new way to buy a car. ♪ ♪ >> bret: the new administration is dealing with conflict of interest questions concerning the promotion of products and services marketed by family members of both the president and vice president. peter doocy has details. >> meet mina harris mina harris.
3:29 pm
>> kamala harris is my auntie. >> okay to say that, not okay to sell that. white house officials have explained, she was selling a shirt that says, vice president auntie, or another that says, i'm speaking. they are not appropriate. the office tells fox the vice president and her family will uphold the highest ethical standards and it should not be used in connection with any commercial activities that could be reasonable activities that could be used in connection to support. >> we want to talk about families and ethics, i don't want to do that. his family we could talk about all night. >> the biden family has been on the radar of republican lawmakers including brother frank who talks about his connection to the president and an ad for a firm where he works as a nonattorney senior advisor. >> what is a senior nonattorney advisor do and a law firm?
3:30 pm
he makes connections, pedals his influence. >> the president has pledged to pledged no ethical problems that had including his simple legs or hunter. >> president biden: my family will not be involved in any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict with an appropriate distance from the presidency and government. >> that last check, hunter still holds chinese investments. >> he's been working to -- his investments. >> we have some lake breaking reporting on the spirit of a white house official claims even though details have not been made public yet, there is an internal process in place where the white house counsel's process to address potential questions of conflict as they arrived. >> we will follow it, thank you. north korea is being accused of
3:31 pm
trying to steal formulas for the covid vaccines. intelligence officials in south korea say the plan was to hack into the computers. senior foreign affairs correspondent picks up the story from london. >> marking the birthday of leader kim jong un's father kim jong il, carefully massed under covid-19. computer hackers tried to steal information about coronavirus vaccines online from the pfizer pharmaceutical company. other firms making vaccines were also targeted by north korea, including johnson & johnson and astrazeneca. >> north korea has very capable cyber attack capabilities. >> it needs as much help as they can get when it comes to covid, he claims to have no cases, but experts dispute that appeared at the country has been shut tight to all foreigners and foreign goods like food and medicine for a year now.
3:32 pm
a low to a weekend state. pledging recently to take necessary steps to rebuild the economy. unconfirmed reports, it's testing its own vaccine based on already hacked data. what is known is the country will receive some 2 million injections in the coming month from an international vaccine sharing organization. the country of 26 million and a bad health system, the reports those will just go to the elite. north korea continues to flex its military muscle, its citizens could have to pay the price. >> north korea has been amazing of modeling the information. >> with more vaccines, north korea may not be able to open until 2022. at the very least, that i could give the new biden administration to figure out what to do with its problem country. >> bret: greg, thanks. up next, the panel on the
3:33 pm
president's coronavirus strategy and the battle over reopening schools, plus the statement from former president trump. iran and russia begin a joint naval drill. it the goal is to boost security of maritime trade in the region. the units from iran's navy and the revolutionary guard's navy participating in 11 square-mile area of the northern indian ocean. a u.s. navy warship seizes illicit shipments of weapons and components from two ships in international waters off the coast of somalia. at the guided missile destroyer uss winston churchill discovered thousands of assault rifles, machine governments, and heavy sniper rifles as well as grenade launchers. at the source of the weapons is not yet identified. it just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable
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>> there's no question. president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the event of the day. if this was an intensifying crescendo of conspiracy theories orchestrated by an outgoing president determined to either overturn the voters decision or else torch or institution on the way out. >> bret: it's clear now that the senate minority leaders speech after the impeachment acquittal and his -- in "the wall street journal" did not sit well with the former president. in part, "the republican party can never be respected or strong with political leaders like senator mitch mcconnell at its helm. his dedication to business as usual, status quo policies
3:39 pm
together with they's lack of political insight, skill, and personality has driven him from majority leader to minority leader. it will only get worse. which is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack. if republican senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. he will never do what needs to be done or what is right for our country. where necessary and appropriate, i will back primary rivals and our policy of america first. we know our america first agenda is a winner, not mcdonald's -- first agenda or biden's america last." let's start there with our panels. in charles lane, opinion writer, katie pavlich, news writer at and political correspondent of the u.s. examiner. long gone are the times of getting judges and justices
3:40 pm
through the back and forth between president trump and mitch mcconnell. this is no love lost here. >> no love lost now that these two men don't have to work together. i think that their true feelings about how they feel about each other personally and professionally, as well, have come out. it's very clear to me reading the statement that president trump put out that this is about who is responsible for losing the senate, president trump is blaming mitch mcconnell for not getting on board with the $2,000 checks. mitch mcconnell and others, and to data shows the president showing doubt in the election system in georgia made it so a number of republicans did not go vote in those runoff elections. moving forward, there's been a lot of questions about what president trump will do in terms of his political career. tonight, we got some more clarity on that. he plans to get involved in the primary process, usually an old-school republican politics you let the primaries play out without a lot of endorsements. at the president has a history
3:41 pm
of getting involved in these primaries very successfully, i should add. moving forward, the polling shows the republican party is the party of charm, not be party of mitch mcconnell beer that they can put the work they did -- good work on the judiciary and supreme court nominations behind them. >> bret: georgia republicans -- they'll tell you that the president's election statements, and all the focus there took away at that runoff. obviously, the former president is making a different calculation here. senate minority mcconnell is married to leng chow, former transportation secretary in the trump administration. it goes on to say, mcconnell has no credibility on china because of his family's substantial chinese business holdings. he does nothing on this tremendous threat. obviously, it's the child family
3:42 pm
ties. she was transportation secretary until the end. >> that is really -- i don't want to say a low blow, but a knee in the gut of mitch mcconnell to go after his wife in those very nasty personal terms. i can't imagine a democrat who is ever said anything meaner or more hostile about mitch mcconnell than what donald trump just said. it shows that he began what was in effect a hostile takeover of the republican party, trying to wrench away from the establishment back in 2015. he's not finished doing it. notwithstanding the fact that he can fairly be blamed for their loss of the senate. although in his statement, he took credit for their good performance in the house, and even for mitch mcconnell's own victory, because trump endorsed him in kentucky. mitch mcconnell may have the inside track in d.c., but i
3:43 pm
believe out there in america, it's no contest as to which of these two people is more popular within the republican party. it's donald trump, and this struggle. >> there been both that have been done, we are always hesitant about polls because of the past track record in recent months. anyone that has been done has been shown in increase in support and the publican party, at least, for the former president. i had 2024 shows him while i had to. where do you think this goes, this battle in the party going forward? >> right now, it's about 20- 22. mitch mcconnell just slammed trump on saturday on the floor of the senate minutes after voting to acquit him, just absolutely slammed him.
3:44 pm
this was going to happen. it really sets 2022 up as this fight between trumps -- what he calls the america first agenda and the dash first agenda of mitch mcconnell. this means everything to mitch mcconnell. if you remember, he had a terrible experience back in the tea party days in 2010, republican party nominated some really weak candidates, christine o'donnell, sharon angle, and they lost. mcconnell took it really hard. he is absolutely furious at trump over losing the senate and to georgia runoffs. basically it's a mcconnell-trump battle for 2022. >> bret: it will be the story. stand by, up next, state democrats turn on democratic governor andrew cuomo in new york. with us.
3:45 pm
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♪ ♪ >> there is nothing to hide. why don't they just hand over the information that we asked for? the information was available. if they could've just disclosed it, but they chose not to. >> he needs to get his facts
3:49 pm
together, and present us with some real data at this point. none of this is making any sense to people who actually work here, to the people who lost their loved ones, and the whole community. >> workers and democrats in the state house in new york criticizing the new york governor. a lot of media coverage now doing this, "the new york post" has been on it from the beginning, as i do. tailspin of "the new york post" today about the explanations, we are trying to explain away some of the questions around this. we are back with our panel. if by rain, where do you think this goes? it seems like obviously his star is falling quickly, even in democratic circles. >> he is going to keep fighting. at this news conference was really interesting. he does not give an inch. he doesn't admit he did anything
3:50 pm
wrong, except for maybe it will push back about lies and disinformation told about him. now it's extraordinary, we are seeing democrats go after him in new york. it today, they are saying, look, you governor cuomo at the news conference yesterday claimed to you were just following cdc guidelines and bringing those covid patience into nursing homes. at that very time the nursing homes were saying to you complaining about how many of their staff had covid. then, you pushed through an immunity, a legal immunity for them afterwards. they really want an explanation as to what happened when this revelation broke that he did not release or hid the number of patience, it causes people to go back over everything and a lot of bad feelings are coming out. >> bret: it's a number of different outlets in the number of different places that don't usually criticize democrats.
3:51 pm
>> who cares? 33, 28, died in a hospital, died in a nursing home, they died. >> it appears from inside the cuomo association is, who cares? they did. if they wanted to downplay the fact that there was a nursing home problem. it's because they thought the trump administration would use h nursing home deaths against them, which, yeah. that usually if you're not doing a good job, it gets used against you. if that's the whole point of data. >> bret: at the point is, it's crossing over to different outlets here covering the story. >> yes, and this was bound to happen. at the pandemic has been going on so long, it was bound to happen that people have been lionized as heroes like andrew cuomo had in the beginning would accumulate some mistakes along the way and start to have to be
3:52 pm
held accountable for them. especially in political environments in new york for the democratic party, it is bitterly divided among all sorts of factions. people have their knives out if you make a misstep. or something similar may be going on in california, if i can widen the view here. gavin newsom has made some mistakes out there. he is facing a possible recall effort. that's mostly a republican thing so far, but we will have to wait and see if he takes this to jump on. >> florida, take a look at the florida governor. >> we have florida had the exact opposite order. we said, you can't send a positive nursing home resident back into the nursing home. if that is the most vulnerable population. you obviously would put them in serious risk. we also did, after the first few weeks, we established covid only
3:53 pm
nursing units. if someone tested positive, they could be safely transferred, recover, go back so the other residents are protected. >> political rights this piece, the florida governor's clashes were reluctant to embrace covid restrictions. fueling chatter of a 2020 for a presidential they do. you've been lambasted a lot, now it seems to be coming out top. >> ron desantis didn't make the mistakes that cuomo did, despite all the praise he got in the beginning of last year. he's also able to save his economy and not put its people in the unemployment line like we've seen in 70 states around the country. certainly, he is at the top of the list for 2024. for andrew cuomo, he thought he was going to get away with this because there were so few media outlets covering this. are there a lot of families who
3:54 pm
aren't republicans who are discovering that their family member was put into one of these nursing homes. if you listen to his language, he talked a lot about no investigations, a subpoena isn't allowed. he's gearing up for a legal fight. that's going to matter because the media at this point has not been holding him accountable. >> we will see under the biden administration what comes next. if when we come back, tomorrow's headlines, tonight. ♪ ♪ . ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections,
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a look at tomorrow's headlines tonight. first to you. >> i'm going to go some version of tensions escalated within democrats over $15 minimum wage. that's going to be a real sticking point in the senate. people need to understand that both joe manchin and
3:59 pm
kyrsten sinema are against it in their states the minimum wage is already over the federal minimum at $15 an hour already in the flagstaff, arizona, so they don't have a reason to go with us. >> i am from flagstaff, but my whole line is top cuomo aide melissa derosa over his lines and up as a nursing home scandal gets worse. i think the legal implications from democrats at the local level may be issuing subpoenas along with republicans and the department of justice looking into the nursing home scandals and surrounding states raising questions about her role and what she had to do with the governor's position. >> bret: go ahead, byron. >> my name is teacher unions weigh whether to allow biden to open schools, which i think is an exaggeration, but i am not entirely sure. >> bret: we will follow that. big story. panel, thank you and thank you for inviting us into your home
4:00 pm
tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel duffy, you have five seconds extra. >> rachel: thank you, excited to start the show right now. welcome to "fox news primetime," i am rachel campos ducky, and today frozen. bringing the power grid to its knees. ice and snow with record low temperatures are literally freezing wind turbines responsible for the green energy supply. and as a result more than 4 million people are without electricity. that's more than hurricane flora, harvey, katrina, and sandy combined. it's terrifying, but to think that an active nature could crippled the energy grid of a


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