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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and humiliated, which they now are. >> tucker: anyone who has fantasized about violence like that should take some time off. julie, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we'll be back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. we can't wait. in the meantime, sean hannity takes over from new york. it's the one thank you. welcome to "hannity." people are still without power after this massive storm continues to pelt the state of texas. according to reports, frozen vines and you got it, green new energy are likely playing a significant role in the widespread blackouts. and coming up, texas governor, greg abbott will join us. he will have the the very latest as he has ordered the ongoing investigation into the shortage of power there. huge and sustained support for president donald trump within the republican party. we are going to explain what that means for the future of the
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g.o.p. coming up, but first, the mob, the media, their embarrassing love affair with joe biden. after five years of never ending lies, smears, conspiracy theories, breathless hysteria erected at any and all things donald trump. most of the so-called journalists, fake news people are now taking it easy. just like they did with obama. it sounds eerily familiar. remember that question about president obama, what do you find enchanting? >> during these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about this office, and chanted you the most about serving in this office, humbled you the most, and troubled you the most? >> let me write this down. [laughter] >> i've got, what was the first one question mexico surprised. >> surprised. >> troubled. >> troubled. >> enchanted.
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>> even obama is laughing at the softball question. this coverage is -- they delivered this hard-hitting expose featuring joe biden's preference for having a fire in the oval office fireplace. and get this, according to the report, "he sometimes adds a log himself to keep the fire going." wow. and that's not all. the story, fake news cnn goes on to detail how biden is in early to bed type. no surprise there. i'm guessing 8:00 p.m. bedtime story following an afternoon nappy. but i digress. anyway, joe biden playing as luigi wins in the "mario kart" race against grand order camp david. and this article from "politico"
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claiming that she agrees. they are not just genuine. they are restorative. now public displays of affection are all back all thanks to joe and jill biden. not to be outdone, this has led from "the washington post" reading "power up. scrunchies and dog walking. but hunter gets a taste of joe biden's radical normalcy. now, there's nothing wrong with a few fluff pieces about the president and his family but i don't recall this ever happening under donald trump. instead, the media attacked, they mob, they spewed never ending, a steady stream of obsessive psychotic rage and hatred against donald trump, against his entire family, and against all of his supporters for 5 plus years. and over and over again, they would jump through hoops to attack the president and his family. for example, last summer when president trump was calling for, you know, law and order to be
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restored amid a wave of far left riots and city after city, many in the mob and the media pretended that the riots weren't actually happening. during the violence of kenosha, for example, this is my favorite picture. you've got a fake new cnn reporter standing in front of literally the city on fire decked out in protective gear above a banner reads, you can read it right there. firing, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting. many analysts, msnbc not to be outdone, you have an anchor claiming that the situation was not generally unruly. that reporter was standing outside another burning building. and today, our old friend joe, he's back, continued to downplay the summer's carnage. he said you can't possibly compare the riots to what happened at the capital because only a few measly taco stands were impacted over the summer.
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take a look. >> i know they are idiots on older cable news channels that will say well, these mom-and-pop store was vandalized that's just as bad as the united states capital being vandalized. no, actually, no, no, it's not. the capital of the united states is the center of american democracy. while i am a fierce believer in defending the right of property, i'm not going to confuse a taco stand with united states capital. >> sean: joe, do you have any clue at all how many tacos that one would have to sell to rebuild a burnt down building of business? do not realize the tireless work, mom and pop small business owners put into their company question work so cavalierly, it's not as important in the
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capital. they are all important. we are talking about people putting their life or, every penny they have two make their business is successful. you have any idea about the level of debt and destruction from the summer of violence that, well, your network pretty much ignored? over 2,000 police officers injured. remember the cocktails, frozen water bottles, bricks, knives, and every thing else? these 30 americans killed? kenosha alone, more than 35 small businesses, all those dreams come all those families were destroyed. and don't forget in minneapolis the police precinct burned to the ground and several other private businesses set ablaze. hundreds of businesses. arson. far left riots caused about $2 billion in damage. one might have to wonder how many tacos is $2 billion, joe. maybe you can do the math. people were killed. people were injured.
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lives were destroyed. dreams literally up in smoke. morning joe's hatred of president trump knows no bounds. let's be very clear here. so, there is no liberal ambiguity. we have said from day one that what happened at the capitol on january 6th, that breach was horrific. it can never, ever ever happen again. all who committed acts of violence, all who broke the law must and will be held accountable. every institution and every elective official, this transcends politics. republican, democrat, independent. all of them must be protected. but so should every american home and business and every kid come every school as well. unlike the mob, the media will apply the same standard to those who wreaked havoc on american cities and americans all over the summer. unlike the mob, yeah, as always, we are independent. we are not controlled by the democratic party or the republican party. i'm not even a registered
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republican or democrat. let's see, ferguson, baltimore, cambridge police, and the list goes on, and on, and on. and oh, nicholas sandmann. don't forget that case. we will always hold our elected leaders accountable. and of course, that includes joe biden. tonight, troubling new development inside the white house. i doubt the media mob will pay attention to it. presenting kamala harris in fact is holding solo calls with leaders on behalf of joe biden. and while joe has talked to russia and china, why has he snubbed israel, our closest ally in the middle east, the only democracy there? why is she acting as commander in chief? are these international calls interfering with joel's early time? is he passing on all that responsibility to kamala harris?
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joining us with more, fox news contributor and writer on the media for the hill. let's start with a double standard. what do you find enchanting, president obama? and then you hear liberal joe. and then you hear these comparisons. i see quite a big difference from one in administration to the next. do you? >> oh, that's impossible to miss. i can't get over this story as far as the log on the fire. he sometimes adds a log himself to keep it going. remember michael jackson had that one guy who held an umbrella over his head the entire time question market seemed to be his only job. is there someone outside of the oval office who is in charge of putting the log on the fire? look, this other quote, by the
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way from a "newsweek" story as far as the president playing "mario kart" over the weekend. "he sat on the right as luigi and naomi is princess peach." on the left, despite not being a a -- the commander in chief came out victorious. and so, we see the stories and again, you are right. these stories are fine for any president once in a while. talking about the human side. but those pieces took a vacation over the last 4 years under the previous president and that's why there is a great pier. but i think the biggest example i saw as far as what has become a marshmallow media as far joe biden is concern, he is on the north along with the first lady on friday. he is taking a stroll. at one point, reporters had a chance to ask questions. one asked the first lady what inspired you to do this as far as the cardboard hearts and so on that were on the front lawn, and i have no problem with that. but the other question provided
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was -- which one is the old one? and then another one set i will bring the doughnuts next time if you come back. there were no questions around covert relief, no questions around the thousands of jobs that were lost in terms of the keystone pipeline and those folks are out of a job during the pandemic. nothing about the redefinition of schools opening in the first 100 days, which has now gone from reopening, which you would think means 5 days a week to one day. and of course having people coming in the tens and thousands amid a pandemic, the ultimate super-spreader event. that is what we are seeing here. when the press actually has chances to ask mr. biden a question, plain luigi and "mario kart." it's laughable at this point. >> sean: how about this one. speak of them have any self awareness of how ridiculous it is. >> sean: what you have to say
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about all those keystone xl pipeline workers that got fired? your administration's promising millions of jobs but they are not getting a check next week. what you say to them, joe? how about we ask that question? why haven't you called israel? and by the way, why are you having a hard time figuring out that we are going to have 300 vaccines next summer customer all right, great. now we turn to a developing story surrounding former president trump. according to a grand new -- they still overwhelmingly support the former president. look at this. 75% of them now want donald trump to play a prominent role in the publican party moving forward. thousands lining the streets in florida to cheer for president trump as his motorcade drove by and still weeks after leaving the white house, a massive crowd of supporters goes with him wherever he seems to go. don't forget, 75 million americans voted for trump in
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2020, the most votes and a republican by far has ever received in the history of u.s., increasing his 26th turn out by over 12 million americans. make no mistake, 75 million americans didn't vote for, oh, let's say mitch mcconnell or john zoom. they voted for donald trump and they support him until this day because donald trump, they knew what they were getting in 2016. they elected an outsider. a disrupter. a businessman that fought every single day to keep the promises he made to the american people. was he played all the time? nope. just some people have problems with his style? yep. to some people not like his tweeting? yep. to some people hate his blunt honesty? that's true too but he kept his promises and in the process, he turned the d.c. swap upside down. both the democratic swamp and the republicans want. one must ask tonight now that mitch mcconnell got sanctimonious. i don't remember mitch
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mcconnell ever talking about democrats the way he did donald trump this weekend or john thune and other top republicans when kamala harris and chuck schumer, joe biden, nancy pelosi, well, i think we've played enough of their inciting insurrectionist rhetoric if we are going to use the definition for democrats. where were they at the time? republican swamp creatures are not really a whole lot different than democratic ones. now, mitch and john thune, if they had criticized all violent language equally, okay, i would say fair and equal treatment of everybody. but this is a whole different thing. remember kamala harris after supporting that bail fund for rioters in minneapolis after they burned down that police precinct and riots were going on in that city? what did she say? she says, you got to listen. they are not going to stop. be warned and take note on both levels. they are not going to stop.
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be aware. they are not going to stop. they are not going to stop before the election day in november and they are not going to stop after election day. and everyone take note of that on both levels. they are not going to let up and they should not let up and we should not let up. well, i don't remember mcconnell or john thune's speech then. it was no fight whatsoever as a matter of fact and chuck schumer, on the steps of the united states supreme court threatening two supreme court justices. where was mitch? where was john thune? m.i.a. are you to fight somebody that wants to drain the swamp or do you want to keep this mob? now, keep in mind, democrats frequently endure in party struggles. now republicans are facing one of their own. also keep in mind, donald trump rose to power with the support of americans from both parties that were disillusioned with the entire system. those voters now, they are not
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going away. in fact, they seem more energized than ever before. look at this poll, a whopping 62% of americans want a third party. what does this mean? as we go forward politically in the country, myself, i'm a registered conservative. my agenda is simple and it has been pretty consistent throughout my career. i maybe have become a little more the rotarian over the years. i believe in liberty and i believe in freedom. less regulation and lower taxes so we can build massive manufacturing centers. i believe in law, order, and safety for every american and every town, and every city. i believe that every child deserves to go to a safe school and have -- i believe that we need to secure america's borders. i believe we need to be energy independent. it is the lifeblood of the economy. we need constitution justices.
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free and fair trade. pro-second amendment. peace through strength and military dominance. that's about it. here with reaction, south carolina senator, lindsey graham. ron johnson said, mitch mcconnell doesn't speak for the congress. you pretty much said the same thing, lindsay. now, maybe i'm wrong. i did some research today. i didn't find a whole lot of fight in mitch mcconnell or john thune for that matter when it came to crossfire hurricane. a few comments here and there appeared mostly missing in action for that three year battle. i didn't hear either one of them really go after kamala harris, chuck schumer, joe biden, nancy pelosi, or maxine waters either. not particularly happy with the double standard myself. >> well yeah, number one, senator mcconnell speaks saturday. i don't think is widely shared view of president trump by most republicans.
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but remember, you said you are a conservative. a democratic majority in the house and the senate with the democratic president is a nightmare for the pro-life movement, for the second amendment. we are going back to open borders and asylum-seekers and going to have a very weak foreign policy. president trump's statement today in response to what mcconnell said saturday is very predictable. i remind everybody, ronald reagan's 11th commandment was don't speak ill of fellow republicans. why did people like president trump so well cluster mark he was -- good president. he built up the military. he brought order to chaos at the border. he put iran in a box and built to .3 great justices on the court. but i want you to know this. mitch mcconnell is indispensable.
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he got the tax cut with a two vote republican majority. mitch mcconnell was much to credit for -- mitch mcconnell working with donald trump did a -- of a job. they are now at each other's throat. i am more worried about 2022 the and i ever been. president trump is the most consequential republican in the party. if mitch mcconnell doesn't understand that, he is missing a lot. but my beef is not with mitch mcconnell, because we have the same policy views. my beef is that we need to knock this off. kevin mccarthy is the leader of the house republicans. he has taken a different approach to president trump. i would advise senator mcconnell to do that as president trump. you own the republican party, my friend. but 55% of the people wanted you impeached and removed. you are the hope of the future of conservatives, but we've got to make some changes to get back to the white house in 2024 and have the republican majority in
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the senate in the house in 20.2. i believe that democrats are doing all they can to help us. we just need to help ourselves. >> sean: the establishment wing of the republican party, if you can look at it through the lincoln project, for example, again, putting stylistic issues aside, the agenda of donald trump was a conservative's dream and he kept the promise, fought every day, got it accomplished. and it's not that easy to get that much accomplished in 4 years. anyone would recognize that. what bothers me, though, is the people that are throwing the first punch here are the establishment and if they have their way, donald trump supporters, you know, be gone. and they think that they'll take control of power. i think donald trump, i think he has been able to wake a lot of people up of how it needs to get done in washington because the
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old style is gone. i would rather be battling socialism, joe's radical new green deal and everything free and destroying the economy. and weakness with israel and around the world. i would rather fight them and align where we can align. if we agree 80% of the time, that's fine. >> sean, i hope people listen to what you just said. i'm going to report to you next week on your show if you will have me come of the disaster in the making. biden is changing all of trump's policies about remaining in mexico. we are going to have a run on the border like you have never seen. again, mitch mcconnell is indispensable for president trump getting the judges on the court, getting a major tax cut through a very narrow senate majority. what i would say to senator mcconnell, i know that he can be a handful, but he is the most dominant figure in the republican party. we don't have a snowball's chance in --
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of taking the majority without donald trump. if you don't get that, you're just not looking. he was a -- of a president. from all of the things that conservatives really believe in, it was a consequential. i'm sorry about what happened on january 6. he will get his fair share of -- to my republican colleagues, let's try to work together. without president trump, we are never going to get back into the majority. president trump, you are going to have to make some changes for you to reach your potential. at the end of the day, we are going to hang separately or we are going to hang together as republicans. >> sean: i want to see him use the same type of indignation, outrage against the language of humor, kamala harris. and guess what, we haven't seen it. if he's not going to do that, he's not in a position to lead anybody. all right, lindsey graham, thank you. coming up, live report on the deadly winter weather hammering texas and other states. many are now blaming, believe it or not, renewable green energy,
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wind turbines in the loan state, lone star state are freezing. texas governor has just ordered an investigation into a texas energy company. he is next as we continue. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: for a third straight day, millions are without power in the great state of texas as plunging temperatures have caused widespread power outages all across the southwest. here with the latest is our own trace gallagher. trace. >> sean, the power grid in texas is run by the electric reliability council of texas. the power company is anything but reliable these days as evidenced by the 3.1 million texas residents who are still without power. here is the problem. with these historic winters
6:28 pm
battling the lone star state, the demand for energy is the equivalent of the summer. to make up for the shortage of power and extra load on, the company has implemented rolling blackouts. solar and wind power cannot be stored. you either use it or lose it. and the mirror appears to be fed up. watch. >> we have to have more generation in this state. that is it is simply unacceptable at this point for people to be without power at the coldest time in the history in the last 30 years. >> governor greg abbott also called it unacceptable and is calling for a full investigation. it's unclear how many have died because of the outages in rolling blackouts. but the galveston county medical examiner's office is now requesting refrigerated trucks in anticipation of more
6:29 pm
fatalities and another storm is on the way. >> sean: all right, trace gallagher, thank you. while democrats continue to roll out their radical new green energy agenda despite its wide sweeping negative effects, millions in texas continue to face rolling blackouts. they are freezing, not working. greg abbott, calling for an investigation into the outages and he joins us now live to explain. i don't have a problem. i'm going to be very clear. anything that works, i'm all for. i'm in all of the above guy. but that would include the lifeblood of the world's economy. gas, oil, old-fashioned oil, and coal. i'm not against nuclear energy. not against wind turbines. but my question is, if to have these rolling blackouts and you've got freezing weather, i mean, and not reliable, it's use it or lose it, what good is it?
6:30 pm
>> sean, this shows how the green new deal would be a deadly deal for the united states of america. texas is blast with multiple sources of energy such as natural gas and nuclear as well as solar and wind. our wind and our solar got shot down and they were collectively more than 10% of our power grid. and that thrust texas into a situation. it was power that was spread out. as a result, it just shows that fossil fuel is necessary for the state of texas as well as other states to make sure that we can heat our homes in the winter time and cool our homes in the summertime. >> sean: on a second level there, i have interviewed guys working on the keystone xl pipeline. i know you have leonardo dicaprio and
6:31 pm
scarlett johansson and holly would say let's close the dakota pipeline. now they are going to close down -- these are high paying career jobs in the middle of a pandemic and in the middle of a time where illegal immigrants are going to be made legal, which is going to drive wages down. these are high paying career jobs for these people. so the question is, is that the same problem california has been facing with these rolling blackouts? is that the reason? you see similarities? >> i think california is in a tougher situation because they are even more reliant upon the green new deal type of energy such as wind and solar. and they don't have the capacity that a state like texas does to be able to tap into fossil fuel and that's my point, sean. that is if the biden administration is going to try to eradicate fossil fuels in the united states, every state is going to constantly have challenges like what america is seen take place in texas right now. it is essential that we as a
6:32 pm
country remain, where we continue to provide access to fossil fuels for heating, for taking care of our homes, for industrial purposes, for cities to be able to run. and so, it's just foolish to think that we can disband the use of fossil fuels and have a safe and comfortable nation. >> sean: we are all going to pay more at the pump. we are all going to pay more to heat our homes. jobs are being lost in these countries in the middle east, some of which hate our guts, they are going to get rich again. putin is going to benefit financially. i ran will benefit financially and china is going to benefit financially. it makes no sense for me to be where you look at countries like china and india and these developing nations and we are paying 100 times more than they are, or a significant amount more. my question is, so you still have 3 million people out of power right now and it's freezing temperatures. how do you deal with the people
6:33 pm
that need help at this time? >> we provide warming centers across the entire state of texas for everybody who is in a situation where they cannot be warm. in any large city, at a minimum, there will be dozens and sometimes may be approaching 100 warming centers to help our people in our state. we have the national guard deployed across the state as well as the texas department of safety. even texas parks of wildlife working with wildlife. they will be taken care of during this trying time. but our goal is to make sure that we have them working around the clock as well as working with energy generators to make sure they can get the energy back online so people can get back in their homes and get back to normal as quickly as possible. spew when i'm watching, we just ran some video and in thinking texas doesn't need a plow's sanders and salters.
6:34 pm
how were you able to get those plows there so fast? >> sean, those were already in texas. the texas transportation department, they deployed more than 700 snowplows across the entire state. >> sean: it doesn't snow in your state. it doesn't snow that often there. >> sean, amarilla is closer to colorado than it is in texas. there are parts of texas where it actually does know that much. so, we were prepared for that. but one thing, sean, that was unprecedented was the ultra low, below 10 degrees temperature. sean, bioequivalence, this would be like a weeklong in alaska in 100 degrees plus without any air condition, which they don't have, because they don't need. and so, this is a very tough week for texas. but we are going to get through it. it's going to be about
6:35 pm
60 degrees in austin, texas, this weekend. and so, the snow will melt. the ground will thaw, and we will work to get back to normal as quickly as possible. we won one thing i do know about texans, they are tough. governor, we wish you the best. we hope you can get your power up soon so everyone can get back in their home safely. all right, coming up, a scandal continuing to grow. things are so bad. even one of the cofounders is now calling for the group to shut down completely. we will get reaction. coming up, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant."
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♪ ♪ >> sean: another update for the anti-trump-lincoln project but the scandal group is now
6:40 pm
vowing to continue on despite circulating reports that they began covering up the allegations against cofounder, john weaver as far back as last mark. calls from cofounder, george conway for the group to be disbanded even as the group promises to push forward, the mob, the media, well, they are quietly severing ties. cofounder, rick wilson's appearances on the podcast are on pause as the scandal continues to grow. we again reached out to the lincoln project today to see if they had an updated comment from the one that they gave us last week. we have not heard back. shocker. here with the latest, the reaction of these development's, fox news contributor, miranda devine. you know, i'm a freedom guy. i don't care if people have different views than me and i always thought it was a joke that they call themselves republicans because they just help support the biggest radical
6:41 pm
socialist ever running on a major party platform are now implementing those ideas. my issue with that, with this apparently, they have known about for some time. >> they are not going to be able to continue. they are in the middle of their death rattle. he might not be able to hear it with the few remaining people there. there is no way that continues. the money has dried up. and that is appropriate. when you do what they did, when you look the other way for predatory behavior of john weaver and then you basically morphed from an anti-trump group that has a support, why would you be able to survive unless democrats prop you up? they don't deserve to be propped up and there is a little bit of common going on here, isn't there, that they are getting what they deserve. >> sean: ran to your take. >> really is collapsing.
6:42 pm
the karma trained has come to get them. it was obvious from the start that this was a group just driven by hatred and resentment. a bunch of losers who could not get a job in d.c. and so they decided to make a trump syndrome into a business. they loved their anti-trump and they pretend to be moral arbiters. free publicity to the tune of $19 million, most of which they lavished on themselves. of course, now that they are of no use now that they have served their purpose during the election campaign to try and run down donald trump, they are not useful anymore, so the media is finally reporting on these depraved activities that we are
6:43 pm
learning about with john weaver allegedly and the fact that the rest of the lincoln project turned a blind eye. it was obvious that there was something deeply flawed about the character of these people. you just had to look at george conway on television every single day bashing his wife's boss. who does that? that is not something you would do to your worst enemy. >> sean: let me go back to this battle. and you can see battle lines being drawn. okay. as far as the agenda goes, if you are a republican, you would probably agree with 98% of everything that donald trump did. people that had stylistic criticisms and differences, i'm from new york. nothing offends me. absolutely nothing. i think a lot of people were pretty phony. but the point is this.
6:44 pm
you can sense the establishment republicans of mitch mcconnell's, not particularly loved by anybody to be blunt. they think that they can purge the party, the 75 million voters really that like donald trump because he is a disrupter. >> you know sean, i have seen this before. the party has had splits before and we will go through it again. the only question is how bad is this one? is it deep or is it worse? what i do know is that the only way that republicans can pass conservative policies into law is to keep the coalition together. that means the establishment where i worked for many, many years needs to be respectful of the mega people, the people who make up this outsider populist movement and they need to be respectful of the establishment. they actually know a lot about how to get laws passed and to make the machinery of government work. i am very much in
6:45 pm
addition-subtraction person. it's great for the democrats. it's terrible for the party. >> sean: all right miranda, blessed are the peacemakers. let's pass that on. the fight is really being picked by the establishment. they want to pick this fight and it is obvious that they are just feigning their hatred for this incredible organic movement that we have really not seen in our lifetime before. >> yes, but look, we saw that from the numbers that came through in the impeachment in the house and in the senate. so, they don't represent the future of the party and they know that. and so, of course that is the death throes of the old establishment that really lost elections and took america down a very dark path. so, i think the writing is on the wall. it's obvious that the mega maga
6:46 pm
movement is what voters want and it is an enormous amount of people, americans, who love that and they have a root future of the republican party. >> sean: all right, thank you both. coming up, the story is bizarre. l.a. county health inspector. guess what. caught on surveillance. you can see it right there. allegedly, look at this. doing a little dance after shutting down the business on a super bowl sunday. the owner of the business seizes after he just got shot down. he is not too happy. he will join us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) ♪ ♪ comfort in the extreme.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, it's no secret that the draconian
6:51 pm
lockdowns have wreaked havoc on small businesses all around the country. one small business in lancaster, california, took a double hit on super bowl sunday of all days. the l.a. county health inspector was called a bravery brewery company after telling employees that they had to shut down for covid-19 violations. after that moment, the inspector was caught on camera. you can see right there, appearing to be carefree, cavalier, maybe even dancing. that's right. moments later after telling the brewery to close your doors, not a care in the world. seen on surveillance video clapping her hands, dancing. certainly not upset in any way. we reached out to the l.a. county health inspector, her supervisor and press office asking for comment. they won't respond. joining us now, one of the co-owners of the bravery brewery companies. i'm watching this and first, this is important to get out of the way, first. thank you for being with us.
6:52 pm
we are sorry for what happened to you and your business. you were doing draft beers to go. people were coming in and taking it out. >> correct. correct. we have no tvs at bravery brewing company. every super bowl, we don't bother to be open during the game. we advertised up front that we were just going to be here to go which is basically cans, bottles. so, our first two customers came in and we don't need to have a food truck and then this inspector showed up and all of the stuff happen. >> sean: okay, so now, you actually quoted in an article saying that these draconian shutdowns have decimated your business financially and emotionally. the people that, well, cavalier, explain what exactly that means. >> well, financially it's a huge hit. we haven't made a dime.
6:53 pm
we have lost soul much money. emotionally, my wife and i are both well into our 60s. we are working seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day because of the times we have had to lay off our employees. we are doing whatever it takes. i almost didn't make it on camera because literally minutes ago, it's windy appear. my tents, all of our core customers are forced to sit because of the county mandates. they were going down. luckily i had some customers and some friends that were able to help pitch these tense back together with duct tape, but this is what we are facing. it's terrible. it's not just us. it is so many small businesses, especially the folks out here in los angeles county. >> sean: when you look at your state and now you have this recall of gavin newsom out there. you look at what happened in new york under cuomo. you look at michigan. new jersey. pennsylvania. and then you compare it to rhonda santos down in florida.
6:54 pm
he pretty much stayed open as much as he could and kept the most vulnerable population safe. doing a much better job with vaccine distribution. and i've got to be wondering, let me get the -- out of here and go to texas or florida. >> yeah. you know, we've been doing this all wrong. when you take away every possibility for people to socialize, you take away church, libraries, bars, restaurants come people are still going to socialize here we are social animals. so now you're going to go from a safe environment like he has in florida where people are wearing masks. people are spaced to a situation where people are out here. they can't do what they are doing in florida. going to people's houses, smoking cigars, ten people in a garage breaking beer and wine. very unsafe. what's going on in florida should be going on here right now. the stuff they have been doing isn't working. we need to allow people to be able to go back inside. we need to be able to allow
6:55 pm
people to have a beer without having to buy a meal. it's killing us. it's killing the small business people. and i'm hoping that this may be is the changing point where people see what happens on this and maybe things will change and get better for us. >> sean: i hope so. by the way, the place looks awesome. it looks like a cool place i would like to hang out. i wish you -- you are very welcome. >> sean: i want to come next time i'm there. if i can get there, i would love to get out there. but don't laugh at me. i put ice in my beer. that's awful, right? that's unforgivable. >> [laughs] [laughs] ♪ ♪
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our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. >> that's all the time we have left this evening but as always we thank you for joining us, bu we hope you will set your dvr s you never miss an episode of
7:00 pm
hannity. we will never be the media mom. now, in the meantime, guess what ? let not your heart be troubled, because laura ingraham takes hi from here. laura, what cup do we have tonight? >> laura: i have nothing good except, i can't show brand. you guess what this is. i don't think you can show brands on tv. the rules are always changing. >> you can do it you don't get in trouble. joe biden has claimed that ther was basically said tonight ther was no covid vaccine until he became president, so that's the breaking news tonight that's what we have. >> he said twice in one speech last week that we're going to have 300 vaccination, 300 peopl vaccinated in the summer. 300. i ou


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