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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 17, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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on the way after a rare winter storm slams the south, 20 people killed and millions without power. jillian: mixed messaging from the biden administration. >> schools will only be open one day a week. >> that is not true. that is what was reported but that is not true. jillian: the president walking back his own press secretary's benchmark. todd: very mad, to teach or not to teach.
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influence shakespeare. ♪♪ ♪♪ jillian: fan -- cancel culture has gone too far. todd: will you deliver? the rest of february before she starts calling me on it and taking attendance. jillian: welcome on wednesday morning. todd: president biden has townhall. jillian: press on his plan to open went unmentioned. todd: the president's pledged to parents. >> reporter: president biden taking the covid-19 relief plan.
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anyone in milwaukee in this when those schools reopen. >> they are open for one day a week. >> the easiest set to open, the goal will be five days a week. >> reporter: mistaken communication was a statement by his press secretary last week. >> to have the majority of schools, more than 50% open by day 100 of his presidency, it is a week or not more. >> reporter: biden pledged by the end of july there would be 600 million doses available, a return to normalcy by christmas. he also misspoke about the vaccine situation. >> there's nothing in the
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refrigerator, 10 million doses a day available. the first few weeks in office, significantly more than that. >> reporter: he got the vaccine himself when donald trump was in office and critic stick out what appears to have been a gaffe in the question about racial disparity in vaccinations. >> not everybody in the community, hispanic or african-american community to determine how to get in line for that covid-19 vaccination was likely to spend billions of dollars on public education help people. >> reporter: from police funding, student debt and the minimum wage. >> i am prepared for the 10,$000 desperate not 50 increasing the minimum wage. it is about doing it gradually. >> reporter: the president previewed his immigration bill.
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a path to citizenship, 11 million undocumented immigrants. the green new deal and climate change as millions down in texas are freezing. todd: we will break down so many of the topics you mentioned. >> president biden's comments, and about a vaccine when he got into office is dangerous. >> it was donald trump who was knocked, ridiculed and made fun of by every person in mainstream media when he said we would have a vaccine by october or november, the announcement came after the election, operation warp speed was considered to be near impossibility, donald trump promised it by christmas and delivered before then. joe biden trying to rewrite history, incredibly irresponsible. jillian: 15 million americans
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have received both vaccine doses. todd: storm warnings in effect for millions across the south. and 9 people in texas. the lone star state seeing the snow -- cleanup underway after an ice storm took down trees and electric poles was workers in wisconsin using construction equipment to clear 18 inches of snow, causing chaos across the country. semi sliding off the highway. out of arkansas brutal cold, they did the freezing, boiling water in midair trick. temperatures hitting record lows as millions of residents go a third day without power. questions about clean energy. jillian: the race to restore power. >> reporter: 3.2 million
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customers still without power and dangerous winter weather continues to slam the state, churches, convention centers, they are seeking shelter. some using flashlights to pick up food and necessities at grocery stores that lost power. the medical examiner's office is requesting refrigerated trucks in anticipation of more fatalities. it is unclear when the power will return. the ceo of the electric reliability council of texas that manage the safe power flow saying customers get more service during the course of this week. it just depends on how the weather turns and how much of the power supply, residents are demanding answers.
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>> you knew the storm is coming, there will be much better job being open and honest because we are starting to find out what is going on, everybody is shifting blame around. jillian: natural gas operation and frozen wind turbines causing the crisis. texas governor greg abbott calling for an investigation into the state's power grid while stressing the importance of fossil fuels. >> it shows fossil fuel is necessary for the state of texas and other states was the biden administration will try to eradicate fossil fuels in the united states, every state will have challenges like what takes place in texas right now. >> reporter: the author of green fraud will join us to discuss the energy failures that led to this deadly situation. todd: thank you. jillian: us marshals increase
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the reward as the search intensifies for person of interest in a yale graduate student's murder. kevin jan was found dead in newhaven connecticut earlier this month. police are offering 10,$000 for tips that can lead them to a researcher from mit, as he is laid to rest by the connecticut national guard. >> towards conway calling for the lincoln project to be shut down, former counsel to kellyanne conway for cofounded the organization in 2019. sexually harassing 2 dozen young men including myers who worked for the organization. jillian: white house revealed president biden did not want to discuss the nursing home scandal when meeting with andrew cuomo. >> the focus of the meeting, was providing an update on plans to get under control.
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jillian: this comes as mckinsey and company helped the state's health department author the report in nursing home desk, the job approval rating has fallen 10 points since the scandal broke. todd: this marks the beginning of lent in the ash wednesday tradition, the vatican recommending clergy spring glasses rather than apply directly to people's for his. some churches may offer take-home passages, still limited in some states. this is odd. ash wednesday and the lent season an important time in church. is going to be really difficult. around last year this time - 9 minutes after the hour, an investigation into a key energy company as millions remain without power.
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climate publisher mark moran this is a preview of the green new deal. jillian: a health inspector coming camera dancing after shutting down the business for covid-19 restrictions. the brewery didn't break any rules. ♪♪
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trusted experts. guaranteed accurate books. intuit quickbooks live. solar got to shut down and they were collectively more than 10% of the power grid and that threats to texas and was situation lacking power in a statewide basis. >> texas governor greg abbott demanding an investigation after a deadly winter storm left millions without power for several days. >> they are blaming green energy for the rolling blackouts. without getting too much in the weeds, what really went on?
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>> part of the problem, unprecedented cold and extreme weather which many blamed on global warming but the just of it is solar and wind melt throws us and this was a key part of the grid on the edges that mattered. people are claiming the fossil fuel -- the problem is oil and gas were off-line and once you had wind panels freeze up, starting up all kinds of things because they weren't running. it wasn't designed to be a fossil fuel grid because they were doing so many mandates with the wind, windmills, this is what ended up happening. they scramble to get fossil fuels online, they had problems with that. had they originally come into this winter storm with the fossil fuels running they would
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not have had the blackout. even the governor is confirming. >> former us energy secretary has said this was unavoidable tragedy. this shows that having a divers energy supply is necessary. this conversation has become political even before the storm happened but do you think his words indicate as far as the future of energy? >> in place like texas we have a lot of things. it makes some sense to have legitimate wind power. the problem is previous governors of texas, the policy of texas the last 10 or 15 years has been wind wind wind, it became energy policy by press release, a virtue signal in a, how reliable and instead of renewable energy, it is unreliable. the middle ground is to use all
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of the above energy strategy. windmills in the wintertime for record cold and the real problem is what they want to do is expand, 4% of our energy, 3.8% comes from solar and wind combined. 80% come from fossil fuels. the biden administration, they want to get 4% and convert it to replace 80%. and in 10 years, 12 years, 15 years depending on the plan. todd: would you say the less push the green energy, to use solar and wind cost lives in texas? >> it may have. there will be all sorts of investigations and a lot of other groups piled on top of this, mismanagement, lack of the
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grid system to heed these warnings and there have been warnings before about overreliance on wind panels especially in the cold. that will happen again, it is a virtue signal because you cannot keep adding all these windmills on a national system. the only reason they were added were subsidies, mandates, politics driven by fears of the climate crisis, not because this -- it was done for political and financial reasons. jillian: keep an eye out for the book green fraud. have a good day. >> 17 after the hour. california prisoner threatens to attack a guard in order to fall under the jurisdiction of the far left la county da. >> i will do what i need to do. >> q da joins us next on how this progressive policy threatens victims rights.
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will >> los angeles county district attorney george resigned from the da's association setting is, quote, all whiteboard. >> this prompted another da to take over a cold case murder. what is going on? >> gaston stepped down because he doesn't like the tough on crime approach the targets people along racial lines saying the absence of a single person of color run 17 member board, this is the leadership that sets the direction from elected prosecutors all of whom disproportionately prosecute communities of color at a time
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when the nation, but just on's soft on crime approach has the da taking a cold case murder. convicted sex offender kenneth rasmussen is accused in the sex assault and murder of jeffrey bargo and la county boy, refuses to file enhanced charges which could carry the death penalty. he would not take any chances having sexually violent predator in contact with one more child. george refuses to follow the law in prosecuting his pedophile murderer i will. gaston notified her after she was elected to let her know the death penalty and life in prison may be taken off the table. >> my biggest fear he has spent 6 years in jail and getting 20 years to life, he will give credit for the time he has been in jail. possibly he could get out in
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1516 years and killed another 16-year-old boy. this is a double murder trial and to think he would be able to get out ever is too much. >> the word is not in out about the new policy, daniel avila, assaulting an officer and a chilling message. >> subject to a special directive. i want to do what i need to do. >> so far there's been no response from district attorney. >> that prisoner spending 130 years to life behind bars in sacramento but hopefully the senate was reduced by george
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gast on's office, joining me to weigh in on the dangers of these liberal policies and this is outrageous. does it shock you the criminals are figuring out ways to gain the system in la? >> i'm from sacramento and proud to be from sacramento. for public safety, not just radical but rogue policies and when you look at the history of daniel avila, he is a violent and vicious criminal and a maniac and his record demonstrates is willing to do anything to avoid punishment in this new da in los angeles many of us call road doing what he can to avoid imposing punishment so you have a perfect storm where you have a violent criminal who is ready, willing and able as demonstrated by his
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record to commit violence to go back to a county where he's trying to get his get out of jail free card by going back to los angeles county. >> we ran the full screen, 2005 arrest, fraud and identity theft, premeditated murder, 8 counts of assault on a pop peace officer with a deadly weapon. what he is incentivizing is if you grow the list of crimes longer you will spend less time in jail. is there any other way to read that? >> not at all. we can recognize these directives put forward by this, that we said our dangerous for quite a while now. it is no longer a theoretical discussion.
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it is absolute fact showing they are dangerous. the history of this inmate, not surprising he would threaten custodial staff. what is surprising and alarming here is the call for support, to the elected district attorney, the rights and causes of victims but somehow it seems these directives have opened the door in la and placed a welcome mat inviting crime to occur? >> he is doing the work of the public defender more than any public defender i have ever seen. how worried are you this scheme is going to spread through the justice system? >> should victims be worried about that? we started receiving phone calls whether a case that originated their in state prison is going to fall under the jurisdiction
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of mister gast on, that's not the case. the silence from his office, he needs to take an absolute stand, send a message to this inmate and the other inmate that violence will not be tolerated and any scheme will not result -- it should result in the opposite. the victims, the blood of those victims will be on his hands and his hands alone. todd: is there anything das like yourself can do to stop? >> we can do what we can to make sure he never has a case, educate the public, we can tell the story of victims, the most important thing in this conversation is to talk about the victims.
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when you have inmates, they are getting out of jail, we have a big problem in this country. >> and marie from sacramento, central valley through and through, apologize for missing that up. over to you. >> 27 after the hour. president biden walking on his press secretary's comments on school reopenings. >> schools may be open for one day a week. >> that's not true. that is what was reported but not true. >> the president said through his press secretary under the bus, she joins us. talk about dedication. a 90-year-old woman trudges to 6 miles of snow to get the covid-19 vaccine.
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jillian: we are back with extreme weather in the south and east coast. the storm killing 20 people across the us including 9 in texas. the lone star state being a snownato in dallas. todd: workers in wisconsin using construction equipment to clear 18 inches. >> janice dean tracking the storm, a busy week. >> janice: another round of snow and ice across the southern plains they can't handle more winter weather and temperatures are cold enough to support snow. look at wind chills, minus 7 in kansas city, but you get the picture but it is really cold. we have the next system on the heels of snow and ice across texas and louisiana,
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mississippi, alabama, now let's look at the current snow depth, snow on the ground and the only places we are seeing snow, florida, georgia, south carolina, the rest of the country has measurable snow, winter storm warnings in effect in louisiana and arkansas, tennessee, the ohio river valley toward the mid-atlantic, and we get in on this thursday and friday, temperatures cold enough for snow in new york city and north and west of the area. forecast precipitation, not the good stuff you see on the map, that is measurable ice on the roads, the power lines for the mid-atlantic as well. look at the snow, thursday and friday, maybe 7 inches in new
1:34 am
york city, higher total northwest of the city. it is a february to remember. todd: the longest february ever. todd: a houston furniture store owner opens his doors to those without power. >> if your home is out of power, we have food, water and a facility that has lots of furniture to ride out the storm. >> the name on his birth certificate is jim mackinfail, you know him by this, no stranger to chair ready, giving thanksgiving dinner to hurricane rv victims. we are having him on "fox and
1:35 am
friends" this morning, stick around for that. >> i interviewed him in the world series. todd: 34 after the hour joe biden contradicting his white house press secretary while clarifying his stance on reopening schools. >> reporter: your administration set a goal to open the majority of schools in the first hundred days, you say schools can only be open for at least one day a week. >> that is not true. that is reported but not true. that was a mistake in communication. jillian: you to weigh in, beverly holberg and president of the independent forum, thanks for joining us. there shouldn't be confusion and mixed messaging a year later. >> him saying this was misreported, referring to his own white house press secretary who said the goal was one day a week for kids.
1:36 am
the reality is parents were up in arms about this statement. i'm not sure jen psaki the press secretary misspoke, not sure what white house policy was at that moment in time. we look at the science, see the science, it is safe for children to go back to school. so many kids in private and charter schools across the country in certain states. president biden when he struggled in townhall did have sure footing, he knew he needed to get the answer corrected. todd: the underlying soundbite, take a listen. >> his goal that he said was to have the majority of schools, 50% open by day 100 of his presidency. one day a week, hopefully more.
1:37 am
todd: you don't know if it flies for most of the nation trying to get kids back in school, sick and tired of this over the last year. >> they are sick and tired of it when the science points to children do not contract covid-19 at the rate at which adults do and don't pass it on. this is about teachers unions, teachers unions are fighting, when teachers unions gave more money to joe biden's campaign, he also has to look at teachers unions as well. he realizes americans are fed up. we need to get back to school and because parents need kids out of the house or get back to work or have better focus but children need to be in school, need socialization and it is a shame we have to send children through this. todd: i will ask you a question. i'm so upset about the next story, why don't you take it? william shakespeare ditched by
1:38 am
woke teachers over misogyny and racism claims. here's the headline. to teach or not to teach, is shakespeare still relevant to today's students? the thesis statement is as follows, shakespeare's works are full of problematic outdated ideas with misogyny, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-semitism and misogyny. how chilling is it that the way our parents learn from our grandparents learned, they are trying to throw it out. how concern is that? >> it is extremely concerning. i wish teachers and school boards would focus on getting kids back to school and not getting literature. and focus on education, and that is learning from the past. we should lift people up for their achievements, william
1:39 am
shakespeare, great adventure of a literature icon but societies and perfect. the best way to learn as not repeat mistakes is not learn about it, we are erasing history. how do they learn about mistakes if they never knew mistakes existing? jillian: the race history and we have nothing to learn from. thank you for joining us. have a great day. now let's take you to philadelphia, where the mayor's punishment for teachers who do not return to the classroom after they threatened to discipline educators. >> i want to see kids back in the classroom, they do this in a punitive way. jillian: they will receive doses when students are set to return. todd: this story was number 2. los angeles health inspector
1:40 am
caught on surveillance video dancing after uncle the shutting down business after the super bowl. bravery -- the inspector try closing his business, there was no food truck. sean hannity by covid-19 lockdowns do not work. >> you take a church, libraries, bars, restaurants, we are social animals now you go from a safe environment like in florida where people are wearing masks to a situation where people out here can't do what they are doing in florida are going to people's houses, smoking cigars, drinking beer and wine, very unsafe. todd: turns out a very is not violating any restrictions because he was only serving draft beer to go. they called to apologize.
1:41 am
you rarely hear that. 40 minutes after the hour. his name is brian simmons running for pennsylvania. >> every day, the value my army officer, to take responsibility. to have courage. jillian: expert they don't believe in, he harassed her pro-life kids when they prayed outside an abortion clinic. ♪♪
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>> brian simmons counting his values as he declares a run for lieutenant governor. >> some people not happy about this announcement. that he doesn't deserve anything, he harassed the pro-life team and joins with her story. here is the statement, the situation with your daughters in 2019, take a look. >> i have $100 to identify any of these three. there is nothing christian about what they are doing. >> what kind of man goes after teen girls in an attempt to ruin their lives? >> he has never done what he claims to do in that announcement video, never taken responsibility, he did not show
1:46 am
courage, he was a coward because he didn't try to doh x an adult woman, he pointed his camera at three teenage girls, offered money to personal information, that is cowardice and he was not empathetic because he was insulting and derisive and beyond that. beyond the clip you just showed he declared his title as sitting state representative and he used his position of authority and his title as a sitting political representative and used that as a weapon to endanger the lives of my daughters and their friends and that is cowardice. >> in a 2019 planned parenthood fundraising -- to the staff, volunteers and patients of planned parenthood i'm sorry to have created this distraction. i wanted to send an apology.
1:47 am
my behavior was aggressive, i acted in an inappropriate way and i am truly sorry. i'm curious if he never directly apologized to you or the girls? >> he sent a postcard that was disingenuous and deceitful the took 10 months to arrive at our house. i don't consider it a genuine apology. i don't consider it a sign of his actual contrition for what he did. he was able to apologize very specifically and immediately to planned parenthood. it took him many many months and the extended pressure from my husband and myself and certain members of state legislature to bring them to the point he would send a postcard. todd: as a parent what went
1:48 am
through your mind when he friend your kids? >> a very upsetting experience. we didn't know at the time who he was, not until the videos went viral did we realize he was a state representative and posted the video himself declaring that title which took it to a new level of concern not only because he was violating his own off of it is both of office which applies to my daughters but also he had a significant public platform where he posted that video. we had a police car in front of our house for two nights. >> thank you for joining us, have a good day. todd: this is the awesome. tonight-year-old woman walked 6 miles in the snow to get covid-19 vaccine. to the hospital on monday. not letting anything get in her way. let's get somebody to help her.
1:49 am
still ahead a push in tennessee to declare itself the second amendment sanctuary. >> the proposal draws a line in the sand after the biden administration pushes for gun-control. state lawmakers carly campbell is live next.
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todd: a tennessee lawmaker, second amendment sanctuary is president biden pushes gun-control. the bill says tennessee should not cooperate with, quote, enforcement or administration of any executive order that violates the second amendment of
1:53 am
the united states constitution. representative campbell joins me now. >> thank you for the opportunity. jillian: tell me why you decided to write this bill. >> we don't know what the biden administration will do. hr 127, very concerning to me. jillian: can you go into more detail? >> absolutely. at the federal level, congress is looking, and firearms licensing, purchasing or requiring of concern. was we are trying to do in
1:54 am
tennessee, taxpayer money cannot be used for the enforcement of federal law deemed unconstitutional as relates to the second amendment, the federal government through executive order, and tennessee highway patrol, they have to take guns away the president biden made clear he wants to see assault weapons - many tennesseans choose to use those. the crime doesn't increase. shannon: here's what the president is calling for common sense gun law requiring background checks on gun sales. and immunity for gun manufacturers. with that being said, why
1:55 am
tennesseans don't agree with that, are what you trying to do successful? >> i think this will be successful and part of it, letting the court system nowhere the state of tennessee or the state government stand on the second amendment. once we put this in the tennessee code and tennessee law, making their decisions, this is about seeing the guns don't go on the extinct list or the illegal list. if we start losing some of those freedoms right now, one piece at a time, what constitutional rights will be lose next? shannon: thank you for explaining this to us, appreciate it. have a good day. todd: a christian lecturer questions president biden's policies, now for students, that teacher will join us live.
1:56 am
byron donald live next hour. don't go anywhere.
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>> the vaccine which we didn't have when we came into office. >> those schools may only be open one day a week. >> that was a mistake in communication. we have to put more money in. >> president biden touching on a wide variety of policy issues and wide-ranging townhall but there were a couple critical items left out. live in washington, the major moments. >> texas governor greg abbott calling for an investigation and power failures the left millions in a dark deep-freeze with more winter weather on the way. >> the former president back


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