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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> the vaccine which we didn't have when we came into office. >> those schools may only be open one day a week. >> that was a mistake in communication. we have to put more money in. >> president biden touching on a wide variety of policy issues and wide-ranging townhall but there were a couple critical items left out. live in washington, the major moments. >> texas governor greg abbott calling for an investigation and power failures the left millions in a dark deep-freeze with more winter weather on the way. >> the former president back online. "fox and friends first"
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continues. ♪♪ we love this. todd: to raise money for charity this is one of the songs that was played. if you want to embarrass me, let me know. the challenge for social media, we will get one done. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. jillian: president joe biden's first townhall since taking office. todd: scandals rocking the democratic party go unmentioned.
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jillian: what did the president have to say? >> the president taking that plan on the road to sell to the american people but was with on the minds of many milwaukee and this was when schools will reopen. >> those schools may only be open one day a week. >> that is not true. that was a mistake in communication. k-eighth grade are the easiest to open. the goal is 5 days a week. todd: the mistaken communication was a reference to the statement by his press secretary last week. >> his goal that he set, more than 50% open by day 100 of his presidency. at least one day a week, hopefully more. >> reporter: president biden was optimistic pledging 600 million doses of vaccine by july, enough for all americans and the possible return to normalcy by christmas but he misspoke about the vaccine situation. >> there is no backlog --
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>> when donald trump is still in office he got the vaccine. then there was a gap in response to racial disparity and vaccination suggesting minorities not capable of registering online. >> not everybody in the community, not to determine how to get in line for that covid-19 vaccination. >> reporter: the townhall hitting on a range of other issues from police funding to white supremacy to student debt and minimum wage. >> i am prepared to write off the 10,$000 a, increasing the minimum wage. it is about doing it gradually. >> reporter: the president previewed the immigration bill, there is a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants but one thing that
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did not come up is talk of a green new deal and climate change and millions in texas in a deep-freeze this morning. jillian: something that didn't come up, jobs and energy, the biden administration, the dakota access pipeline, south dakota governor christie gnome is feeling the impact of the keystone cancellation. >> at the point it was being built, they had the pipeline ready to be installed, everything stopped. restaurants and motels and gas stations expanded getting ready for the workers that were going to be here building the pipeline. they were excited about the opportunities to get the property taxes, local small schools from the pipeline, it was always going to be a source of revenue to keep commerce going and make sure teachers are well paid and a lot of remote
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areas where economic development is a little challenging so overnight, the plan for the future was gone. jillian: the plan was approved by donald trump in 2017 after being denied, after a court order environmental review. todd: extreme weather, storm warnings in effect for millions across the south and east coast, the storm killing 20 people across the us including nine in texas. the lone star state seeing a snownato outside dallas. jillian: an ice storm took down trees and electric poles. they are using construction equip into clear 18 inches of snow. todd: this semitruck sliding off the oklahoma highway and arkansas, brutal cold.
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>> i never actually tried that. temperatures hitting record lows in texas has millions of residents go a third day without power, a blackout sparking frustration with energy companies.without power. >> customers are still without power as dangerous winter weather continues to slam the state, churches, convention centers and furniture stores where thousands are seeking shelter. some residents using flashlights to pick up food and necessities at grocery stores, nine people have died but the medical examiner's office is requesting refrigerated trucks in anticipation of more fatalities. it is unclear when power will return. the ceo of electric reliability council that manages the power flow saying we can see those
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customers getting more and more service during the course of this week but it depends on how the weather turns and how much power supply we can make sure is secure. texans largely rely on natural gas but climatedepot's climate depot, wind turbines for the tipping point. >> a renewable energy, they are calling and reliable. the only reason is subsidies, mandates, politics driven by fears of the climate crisis which had the original come into this winter storm with fossil fuels running they would not have had the blackout. >> texas governor greg abbott stressing the importance of fossil fuels. >> it shows fossil fuel is necessary for the state of texas and other states was the biden administration will try to eradicate fossil fuels in the united states, every state is going to have challenges like
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what americans need in texas right now. >> reporter: governor abbott calling for an investigation into the power braid calling the electric reliability council anything but reliable. todd: from the texas public policy foundation, states need energy backups to avoid the backup, what we are seeing in texas. >> wind and solar produces in texas and across the country are not responsible to produce power when needed. that is not valued in america. the wind and solar you have on the grid. unless it is backed up with natural gas plants that sit around waiting to be used at huge battery farms, what happens is california style blackouts will be increasingly common through the country. texas just experienced a little bit of california and it is not good. todd: he left california for texas years ago to escape liberal policies.
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>> the search intensifies the person of interest for yale graduate students murder. kevin jandg, police looking for tips that lead to a researcher from mit. this as an army veteran is laid to rest by the connecticut national guard. george conway, calling for the lincoln project to be shut down, kellyanne conway cofounded the organization in 2019 as cofounder john weaver faces accusations of sexually harassing 2 dozen young men including minors who worked for the organization. will: the wuhan lab in china were many suspect that coronavirus originated is reportedly authorized to get more us taxpayer funding, your money. researchers received 600,$000
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from the us over the past 5 years. according to the daily caller the funding came through a nonprofit. the who says it is highly unlikely coronavirus leaked from that wuhan lab. a los angeles health inspector, and surveillance video dancing after wrongfully shutting down the business before the super bowl. bravery brewing co-owner mark avery says the instructor tried this because there was no food truck. why covid-19 lockdowns do not work. >> when you take away every possibility for people to socialize, church, libraries, bars, restaurants, people are still going to socialize, we are social animals. now you go from a safe environment like mister desanto has in florida where people are masked and people are spaced to a situation people are you can't do what they are doing in florida going into people's houses, smoking cigars, 10 people in the garage drinking beer, very unsafe.
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todd: turns out avery was not violating any restrictions because he was only serving draft beer. this is the best part of the story. accountability. jillian: seeing it in some areas and not in some areas. i commend them for recognizing it. todd: speaking of various it doesn't seem to be accountability still ahead andrew cuomo being called out for his nursing home cover-up but will he ever apologize? >> apologize? i have said repeatedly we made a mistake in creating the 40 do. we should have done a better job providing more public information. todd: our next guest joins us live with more on her family's fight. todd: we first had hurricane harvey, now magic mac is back.
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to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪ change nothing to investigate. covid-19 got into nursing homes by staff walking into nursing homes. apologize? i have said repeatedly we made a mistake in creating the void. i am saying we should have done a better job providing more public information. todd: andrew cuomo trying to talk his way out of the back lash on nursing home deaths. >> families are not buying at our next guest lost her mother in a nursing home advance to
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keep fighting until the truth is revealed. teresa joins us live with her family's story. said to talk to you under these circumstances but thank you for being here, appreciate it. your mother was 60 years old, died ten days shy of her 50 first birthday. six days after that order was signed, the fateful order we spent a lot of time talking about, the center had their first confirmed case of coronavirus, your mother started showing symptoms. what do you feel when you hear governor cuomo on tv saying everything he has said for the waste -- the last year? >> truly heartbreaking. i tried to keep it together emotionally just for the well-being of my family, and my mother, to stay strong and to hear this coming from him almost
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a year later is unheard-of. you wouldn't think this would still happen. the fact he is still lying and covering his trailers in the same. i can't believe we are going through this. we do want answers. >> what do you want the world to know about your mom? >> i want the world to know the she was a strong courageous woman and i admired her so very much and the fact that she went through this tragic experience is heartbreaking but i promised her i would fight for her until the end and that is what i'm going to do. jillian: what would you say to governor cuomo if you had a chance to talk to him? >> simplifies with the experience, tried to have compassion.
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in the political position, i don't want to say who cares that they die? we do care and we do blame you. he did fail and could have handled it a lot better than he did. i understand - could have implemented better situations about transmittal. it is unheard-of. todd: let's remind viewers of the numbers, covid-19 depth in extended care facilities, the original report headline thousand. revised total 15,000. those are not just numbers but lives. >> those our lives. todd: that is your mom, one of those individuals we will keep up the fight. how will you do that to get the truth out? >> i will continue to rally and peacefully protesting and speaking out just like i am now
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and letting people know they have a voice, the only weapon and there are ways if change is made and you can use it. i will speak out and let people know there are families that are suffering. jillian: not just a number, your mother died at 60 years old in a new york facility, continue the fight and keep us updated. see and follow where this goes. thank you very much for joining us. your mother was a beautiful woman, thank you. >> thank you, appreciate it. jillian: new jersey's governor has new competition was a republican hopeful says the garden state is ready for revelations. >> >> to take on phil murphy.
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jillian: welcome back. governor phil murphy up for reelection in new jersey, one of two gubernatorial seats up for grabs in 2021. some are seeing as a referendum on his handling of the pandemic. of next guest steps into the political arena. joining me live, pastor of the church, philip rizzo. why now? >> thanks for having me. i never believed it was the wrong time to do the right thing. new jersey is looking for help and i'm throwing my hat in the ring to bring help.
2:24 am
jillian: a lot of republicans are coming in on the fact the current administration made the decision to include prison inmates and smokers among those who qualify for earlier rounds of the covid-19 vaccine but there is a lot of back and forth when it comes to opinions on that. is that one of the fighting arguments for you? >> that's not high on my list, they are feeling a lot of injustice for selective winners and losers for the economy, children are frustrated and depressed for not being in school with their friends, reopen the economy, looking to reopen the state, that includes vaccine distribution, to make sure everybody is safe and feel safe. our job is to get back to normal. jillian: one of your contenders is jack cheddarrally who says
2:25 am
new jersey's business climate, the property taxes are extremely high in new jersey. how will you be able to handle someone like him as a competitor? >> as a businessman i know a few details about finance but taxes are high because the current administration is pushing spending through the roof so i am all for lowering taxes. that is important for us to do but on top of the list is to cut spending. spending is out of control in new jersey and we have to do that first. jillian: what could new jersey have done better in the last year? >> it could have trusted citizens more. as a pastor i talk to people and find out their part and help guide them through their decisions in life. the administration decided new jersey and is don't know anything, the government knows
2:26 am
best, they are in every effort of our lives. jillian: you hear from any residents are frustrated? >> frustrated, fearful and a lot of injustice. people are looking at tennessee, florida, texas. as a new jersey native, to decide to keep root here and fight for our state. jillian: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. have a great day. todd: storm warnings and watches in effect from the midsouth to do a good, the lone star state in a deep freeze and janice dean tracking it all for you. students at baylor university want a christian lecturer fired for questioning white house transgender policies, stephanie crenshaw fighting for her right to free speech next. ♪♪
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jillian: winter storm warnings in effect for millions across the south and east coast, the storm coming 9 in texas. the lone star state seeing us to knownato outside dallas. cleanup is underway after an ice storm took down treason electric poles, workers in wisconsin using construction equipment to clear 18 inches of snow. senior meteorologist janice dean, something in the last hour, when you mentioned there were only a handful of states the don't have snow on the ground right now. >> 76% of the us has snow coverage or snow on the ground, this cold air still in place over places like texas, mississippi, louisiana, alabama, that is going to cause a lot of
2:31 am
problems as the next storm system moves in so those our current wind chills when it feels you are not protected outside, single-digit 10 below 0, next round of winter weather, it is not only cold and snow but measurable ice across texas towards louisiana. this is happening -, 2 inches of ice on roads and power lines, a tremendous amount of damages this happens. that is a big deal, and only snow and cold but ice, that is presented on areas of the appalachians towards virginia and north carolina so this is a big deal. the ice, ice accumulation is the most dangerous weather you can have on the roads, we will continue to keep you up to date. jillian: heavy on this power
2:32 am
line. thank you. the texas power crisis could affect the us, their warning the price of gas, $0.20 a gallon, shutting down texas refinery. jillian: baylor university students petitioning for christian faculty member over a controversial weed. stephen crenshaw explains why she's finding herself in the crosshairs of can cell culture. thanks for being here. let's pop up your tweet that offended some people, quote, what if i don't want biological boys in the bathroom with my biological daughter? do the 99% of us who do not struggle with gender dysphoria have a voice? know? cool. what has happened to you?
2:33 am
>> when i tweeted this no one paid it much attention. that is typically how my twitter feed goes. a week ago, what end up happening is a group of old beachy tea q group notified each other and retweeted it and retweeted and twitter did its thing and from students reported this week to title ix. for official record i was never reached by title ix, the adults behind the screen got this, we don't report people for tweets criticizing private lives but that was not enough for some of the students so the student paper wrote the most disheartening and slanderous article ever. they call me trans-phobic,
2:34 am
apparently holding orthodox traditional views about gender was not okay at an orthodox traditional christian campus. the paper ended up apologizing after a few days, they issued a public apology but it had been picked up by so many news networks and they started a petition to get me fired. there was this really angry progressive kind of mentality that woke mentality so to speak that really sought to take down this traditional narrative that is espoused by most people at this university. the irony is i asked a question and they made it very obvious that no i don't have a voice on this. todd: this wasn't berkeley, this was baylor university in texas,
2:35 am
the home of oil, football and did this come as a shock to you? it came as a shock to me when i did the story. >> it came as a shock to everyone who has heard it. i asked myself, only two weeks and they released the story and there must be a motive. it just does not make sense otherwise and i found out there has been an 8 year tension between this group and the university to become officially recognized campus groups of this tweet ended up being fodder. the students and faculty told me what was going on behind-the-scenes and it then made perfect sense but the concern remains, they talk about having safe spaces, you see that it berkeley, baylor and for the first time i am asking myself is it safe even to espouse
2:36 am
traditional orthodox christian views, at a traditional christian university, we all want to be able to say it is safe and this is a sacred space. the group has given pause to that. todd: your university did issue a statement, the protection of free-speech by individual faculty members is vital, you're not being investigated or punished. it does appear at least in this instance university is behind the faculty members but that is not necessarily the case across the country. keep us posted if there are any developments. jillian: children kidnapped by gunmen at a school in nigeria. officials say they were dressed in military uniforms and overwhelmed security. it is unclear how many children were taken. the country is no stranger to
2:37 am
mass abductions, that her group book from --bca harum captures the girls in 2014. we will let you know what happens. the interim chief says the newly relaunched platform is open to donald trump and biden. >> we would be happy to have him along with president biden, we are happy to have anybody from anybody who wants to come on and engage in civil discourse. jillian: parlor is on sky silk. amazon had a platform following the capitol hill riots. todd: 37 after the hour, the district attorney resigning from the state's da association. it goes a little tough on crime. hear more from counterparts to this back lash.
2:38 am
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jillian: los angeles county district attorney george resigns from the da association citing the always boarded. todd: the controversial criminal justice reform is prompt the da to take over a cold case murder. >> he step down because he doesn't like targeting people on racial lines but it's a soft on crime approach has the orange county da taking over cold case murder. ken rasmussen is accused in the 1981 sexual assault and murder of jeffrey vargo, and refuses to file enhance charges which could
2:42 am
carry the death penalty. he notified her shortly after he was elected to let her know the death penalty and life in prison may be taken off the table. >> my biggest fear is he has -- they will just get a 20 years to life and get credit for when he gets in jail so possibly he could get out in 15, 16 years and he killed another 6-year-old boy. this is double murder trial and to even think that he would even be able to get out every is too much. jillian: word has gotten out about the new policies. daniel of the law has a long rap sheet including assault on an officer and chilling message that he can take advantage of guest on's policies. sacrament a county district attorney anne-marie schubert slammed the policies.
2:43 am
>> when george guest on was warning he shocked public safety with these not just radical but completely rogue policies. he is a violent vicious criminal into maniac, this demonstrates he will do anything to avoid punishment. jillian: there's been no response. todd: did you hear about this? the literature works of that guy, william shakespeare on the chopping block as they debate whether to teach or not to teach. >> woke teachers issues thing that is accusing shakespeare of misogyny and racism. beverly says enough is enough. >> it is important when it comes to education. society isn't perfect. people aren't perfect. the best way to learn and not
2:44 am
repeat mistakes is to learn about it. we are you racing history. jillian: books like hamlet, macbeth and romeo and juliet, saying they are problematic and full of outdated ideas. 43 minutes after the hour. ainsley ehrhardt traveled to my hometown to talk to parents who are anxious to get their kids back to school. >> reporter: you are from this area. you heard a lot from parents, friends with kids in school. a lot of parents are exasperated because they want their kids back in school. they haven't been in school for a year and they have decided k-second grade will go back on the 20 second of february, third graders and above, there is no plan yet. you heard president biden say he wants the majority of these kids to go back to school, the 100 days is over in the beginning of may.
2:45 am
that leads us right into summer. we will interview four parents, two students, one of the students, their best friend, one moved to a district 15 minutes a, he could be back in school and play football again. he has been sidelines, and sports shutdown as well. an interesting story to get kids back to school, the cdc says you can get back in the school if you follow the right protocols. unions are pushing back. >> a lot of times their voice is not being heard. >> the unions are the advocates for teachers, who are the advocates for the child? the most important ones to look at. >> looking forward to it. have a great 3 hours. we will be up next.
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todd: the nra declaring gun-control a priority. jillian: gun rights activists being called on to make their voices heard. >> reporter: the nra responding after the white house said gun-control is a priority for president biden. they said don't surrender and we will fight for your rights. jen psaki said the president would be tough on the gun rights group. >> not afraid of standing up to the nra. used in a multiple times on a range of issues that it is a priority on a personal level.
2:50 am
>> reporter: president biden calling on congress to take action on gun control saying the administration will not wait until the next mass shooting to end gun violence. biden's comments coming on the third anniversary of the parkland shooting that left 17 people dead. biden wants congress to pass common sense gun law reform including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers. lawmakers pushing to protect the second amendment like state representative scott campbell slams any potential tightening of gun laws. >> this is about guns going on the extinct list or the illegal list. what constitutional rights will we lose next? >> the white house says it has not yet formally proposed any gun legislation to congress. jillian: don't go anywhere. we are talking to florida congressman byron panel next.
2:51 am
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. .
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>> not everybody in the community, in the hispanic and the african-american community know how to use -- know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that covid vaccination. >> president joe biden stumbles while weighing in on minority community access vaccinations at cnn town hall. >> here to react are congressman
2:55 am
byron donald. todd: tune what joe biden was trying to say there and if so what is he trying to say? >> i never have had any idea of what joe biden is actually trying to say so i don't bother. here is the relate. it's clear, again, the president sees that plaque people or brown people simply don't have the same abilities to get on on the internet or don't know how. that's simply not true. we figure it out all the time. we know how to get things done for our lives and for our families. once again, this is the president putting his foot in his mouth again when it comes to people of color. >> yeah, i was going to ask you is that insulting to hear him say something like that? because beings, look i know people of all races or background are having a hard time figuring out how to get their covid vaccine when they go online they make phone calls and tonight get answers. it seems like everyone has questions right now it. doesn't have to be a race thing. >> everybody has questions. tough situation. not not vaccine supply to meet all of the demand. that's what's going on. to insinuate or say because somebody is black or somebody is
2:56 am
hispanic that they have less of an ability than somebody who is white is just ridiculous, it's disgusting. the president should have never said it. once again, i'm going to tell you the president has a history of doing these kind of things. i know they try to put this on the last president but this president has it, too. todd: what would happen in mainstream media today if ron desantis said those exact same words. >> it would be a firestorm. going after ron's head left and right trying to say he thought less of people who looked like myself. once again, ron would never do or say something like that. i think it's important for people to understand the distinction that joe biden is going to continue to get these passes while republicans, while conservatives are being held to account for every specific word that comes out of our mouths. lack, let's be very clear on this. black people know how to get on the internet. we will figure that out. so will hispanic people. what our government need to make sure supplies of the vaccine to meet the demands of the american
2:57 am
people. jillian: todd asked a question about your governor ron desantis in florida. if you kind of rewind a little bit over the course of almost year at this point and you look back at the steps that he took and the state of florida took to be able to handle this covid-19 pandemic, what's at the top of your list for things that have been done right there? >> number one, we have actually been able to keep our economy open while managing the virus. managing this situation. our business owners, in particular, have been able to flourish here in florida while so many other business owners across the country have been stifled. number two, when it comes to vaccine distribution, our governor got it right first prioritizing senior citizens, people who are actually the ones who are susceptible to the worst symptoms and also die at a higher rate whether it comes to covid-19. so he handled that right from the beginning and now other state are following our lead. todd: let's look at some of those numbers the florida vs. new york battle. cases per 100,000 people. and nittedly florida has more
2:58 am
cases per 100,000 people but the devil is in the details. look at that deaths per 100,000, much higher in new york as it a percentage and hospitalizations per 1 million people again much higher in new york vs. florida. you started to get into it a little bit there, but, specifically, when you compare the two, what did new york do wrong that florida said hey, we're not doing that we're going to do it the other way and we're going to do it right? >> the number one thing i think new york did wrong is they went to be another shut down mode completely. our cases are higher per thousand you have to allow people to move and roam. what you sea and hear about states like new york with massive lockdowns. people don't stop getting around each other. what they do it is do in each other's homes. they do it in tight con phoned spaces that's where you are seeing some of these effect. in florida we have been able to manage our hospital system which is key to having managing
2:59 am
covid-19. that's one of the big differences. i truly believe if you lock down people, people are still going to congregate they are going to do it away from where you see it happening. which unfortunately puts them in tighter spaces. jillian: many absolutely. seen that across the country. byron donalds thank you for joining us. have a good day. >> thank you. todd: a houston furniture store owner, a friend of one jillian mele opens his doors to those without power, take a look. >> open as a shelter, already got people come in. if your home is out of power, come in and see us, we have food and water and a facility that will -- has lots of comfy furniture for you to ride out this storm. todd: jim helping dozens of freezing texans. jillian: mattress mac no stranger to charity. giving shelter and hurricane harvey victims in 2017.
3:00 am
he will join "fox & friends" later this morning. i told you earlier i had a chance to interview him in houston for the world series when houston was beat by the washington nationals he was fantastic to talk to. i'm looking forward to that interview. todd: does a lot for charity. we appreciate that "fox & friends" start right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ >> deadly winter weather hammering texas and other states. many are now blaming renewable green energy this. >> shows how the green new deal would be a deadly deal for the united states of america. >> the new administration had set a follow to open the majority of schools at least one day a week. >> no, that's not true. that was what was reported. >> his goal that he set is to have the majority of schools open at least burn day a week. >> u.s. marshals increase the reward as the search intensifies for the person of interest in a yale graduate student's murder. police are offering $10,000 for tips. >> animosity between former president donald trump


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