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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  February 17, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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say it. she was not polite and greg used her as one of his -- >> bill: hard to read the facial behind the mask. >> dana: harkening back to the super bowl. the foix us up next. >> harris: massive outrage. the death toll has risen in texas. it is raising big questions about energy and in particular green energy. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". more than 20 people have now died as a powerful winter storm has been targeting for days now and continues to much of the nation. and in texas, the historic conditions have plunged the state into a full blown electricity crisis. and it's turning out to be a
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humanitarian crisis as well. a woman and her child were found dead due to carbon monoxide poisoning trying to keep warm using their car. the governor says wind turbines failed during the deep freeze and halted natural gas delivery and said the left's climate agenda has played a role in creating this tragedy of epic proportions. >> if the biden administration is going to try to eradicate fossil fuels in the united states every state is going to constantly have challenges like what america is seeing take place in texas right now. >> harris: a lot more this hour. jason chaffetz on president biden's plan to offer blanket amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants. dr. nicole saphier on the white house shift getting children back to school and a bunch of softballs lobbed at joe biden
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in his first presidential town hall. the power panel weighs in on that. let's get to casey stiegel live in dallas, texas, with the top story. >> making matters worse on the ground here in texas, energy officials cannot tell customers when the power is going to be back on. they can't really provide any kind of a timeline. what's more, aside from some of those frozen wind farms we've been talking about, the pilot who shot this video from his helicopter tells fox news in fact that it appeared as if there was oil leaking from some of the turbines so it's possible that repairs will have to be made once they even thaw out. governor greg abbott says a mix of wind, coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants are all offline. at one point wind production dropped from 42 to 8% here. abbott has directed the state legislature to investigate federal legislators will too.
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many local leaders are joining the chorus of people angry and upset saying they were only warned about the potential for rolling black-outs that would be temporary but had they known this, preparations would have been different. listen. >> we would have made completely different decisions. we would have ordered evacuations, we would have warned vulnerable people they needed to make other plans. that's not what we were told. we were told it would be short bursts and that's it. >> now some people are going into day three with the lights and heat off. last night parts of the state got hit with a second wintery blast, another three inches of snow for parts of dallas fort worth and a quarter inch of freezing rain an ice through austin. dozens of community warming stations have been opened with covid protocols in place. the numbers also keep fluctuating wildly. earlier this morning the power
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outrajs had gone down a little bit and under 3 million. but right before we went on the air and i checked and they're back up to 3.4 million. so again, wild fluctuations with these numbers. lots of reports of people saying it has been off, it comes on for a few minutes, only to go back off again. back to you. >> harris: you know i have 11 cousins in the dallas metro and relatives all over the state of texas and i'm getting that sporadic text messaging. phone lines are disrupted by this. cell towers, i mean, everything. so all you can do from afar is pray and worry at this point with no information from the energy company. casey stiegel, thank you very much. you know, just a programming note because we are hoping to speak with representative pflueger from texas. he really can speak to the issue of energy and he is going to try to join the program a little bit later. as i just mentioned, communicating with people in
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the state right now is kind of spotty so we may get him by phone. we'll take him any way we can get him. he understands the infrastructure there and what's going wrong. watch for that. when you thought it couldn't get worst for the anti-trump lincoln project some former employees are now coming forward with serious accusations that some of the lincoln project's founders actually knew about sexual harassment allegations against co-founder john weaver as early as last march. gillian turner reporting in washington with the details. gillian. >> this is just breaking now. former staff of the project put out a statement claiming the group's leaders knew about the allegations of sexual harassment against john weaver last march but they stayed silent. in the statement they say if the leadership knew weaver was a serial predator in march and placed interns recommended by weaver in the spring and summer
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they knowingly put some of us and lgbtq colleagues in danger. at least some of the founders of the lincoln project appear to agree and they're calling for the group to shutter entirely. a man who resigned a few days ago said just shut it down 's over. george conway who resigned last summer agreed retweeting saying it's a shame and we shouldn't forget the hard work of so many people and the positive things the organization did but yes, i think this is right. so now the million dollar questions for the project is really about its future. lincoln project mega donor who spoke to fox news says the group was not created just to take on president trump. take a listen. >> the lincoln project had a broader mandate in their own mind which was to not only defeat president trump, but also defeat representatives and senators who they felt were complicit in not holding him to
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be accountable. >> but fox news learned most of the projects bets on candidate were a bust. the 10 democrats it backed during the 2020 cycle totally a $12 million price tag seven of the candidates lost. a reality that might disappoint some donors. >> being a member of the republican party for years, i did not like what i viewed as our inability to hold our politicians accountable. >> this also developing this morning. as the co-founders made millions off this super pac, one of them quietly launched a side organization that appears as least according to financial documents that siphoned off money from the lincoln project, $24 million and put it into his own pocket. more as we get it. >> harris: all right. lots breaking on this. gillian come back as the news warrants. meanwhile i want to bring in
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jason chaffetz former house oversight committee chairman and fox news contributor. i am curious with gillian's last interview there where we are on the idea of oversight for the republicans. you saw that one donor said i was putting my money into the lincoln project not because of trump but we wanted to hold republicans accountable. have oversight. you know what oversight looks like, jason. talk to me about the lincoln project's ability to do that. >> well, i think the lincoln project based on the reports and things that i've seen were snookering a lot of people. it appears as if as much as half of the money was just going to the founders' pockets. it wasn't actually going into campaigns. they ran very feckless campaigns. they took a group of losers, who never had success in politics and they came together and tried to take advantage of
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an anti-trump approach. a lot of those donors are democrats and probably aren't republicans. they lined their pockets, didn't win elections and now it appears as if they put, you know, what some have accused as a sexual predator and they fed him interns and said hey, put these people right in front of him. it is kind of disgusting. >> harris: how widely known was john weaver in republican circles? you know, the staff is coming out and saying what you just said that this was known inside the lincoln project among its co-founders as far back as almost a month, march next mo, that's a year, rather, almost a year. john weaver, how well was he known among the gop? >> well, he is known as a person. he is very involved in the john mccain campaign. i didn't -- i have never met the man and didn't know about his, you know, this promiscuity problem that he had.
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i had never heard of this. when you have the executive director of the lincoln project making the allegation that the founders, his partners, knew about this almost a year ago as you said, and they did nothing about it, that's when law enforcement has to get involved. that's where if you have a predator and they are doing things, there is one allegation about somebody as young as 14 years old, you have to have law enforcement to do that. you also need the fec, they're pretty feclless themselves to look at their books. when you make a donation to a super pac there are limitations and they may have violated that. >> harris: you heard gillian. we're digging on that part of the story as we find out whose pockets that cash may have landed in, potentially millions of it. one of the people that gillian talked so said just shut it down already. your thoughts on that. do you shut down the lincoln
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project and move on? it doesn't solve the legal problems, though. >> no, it doesn't. that was kurt bar della, he worked for darrell issa and jumped into this project. you need to shut it down. even george conway saying it is probably time to shut it down. it was a farce, a scheme to raise a lot of money and line those people's pockets and stir a lot of problems within the republican party because they don't have a home in the republican party of the future. and i do think they need to shut it down and probably should have shut it down a long time ago. >> harris: the white house has reaffirmed that president biden backs the plan to create a pathway to citizenship for at least 11 million illegal immigrants. let's watch and i'll get your reaction. >> there certainly is part of the proposal the president outlined on proposed on day one is an earned path to citizenship right for 11
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million immigrants who are undocumented living in the country. >> harris: jason. >> i think the message going out to the american people is they care more about people that aren't legal, lawful citizens of the united states. i feel for some of these young children that were brought here through no fault of their own. they didn't know. but i feel a higher moral obligation to the people trying to come through the front door in a legal, lawful way. i see democrats putting a fence and wall around the capitol because they don't want people to get in. i see them wanting the tear down border, the southern border and attracting a magnet. they are not deporting people here illegally and committing crimes. that's what we saw with biden when he was vice president for barack obama. more than 60,000 times people were arrested for crimes and instead of deporting them they let them back on the streets, many of which committed more crimes. this is not palatable to the
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american people. joe biden is lurching further to the left and i think it's wrong for this country. >> harris: always great to have you on the program. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> harris: president biden has sparked more confusion as he was contradicting his own white house press secretary last night on the timeline of reopening schools. but what does the science say and are they going to follow it? dr. saphier is here to break it down. is impeachment on the horizon? legitimately for new york governor cuomo or is it just something democrats are talking about? nine state democrats now say impeachment could be on the table. >> the fact that he is still lying and covering his trail is insane. i cannot believe that we are going through this. i'll be strong and continue to fight for what is right and we want answers. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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>> your administration set a goal to open the majority of schools in your first 100 days. that means the schools may only be open for one day a week. >> president biden: that's not true. that was a mistake in communication. what i'm talking about is i said opening the majority of schools in k-8 grade. i think many of them five days a week. the goal will be five days a week. >> harris: president joe biden there directly contradicting his own press secretary jen psaki last night. the majority of k-8 schools open five days a week by may. wouldn't that be the end of the school year? but many big teachers unions are pushing back against the
8:19 am
return to school unless a long list of demands are met. dr. nicole saphier joins me now. fox news medical contributor. this sort of boils it all down. i want to show you one headline real quick, doctor. a "wall street journal" headline said school reopening pits parents against teachers. is there a word beyond frustrating? dr. saphier, what is the science that they need to follow? >> well, harris, about 40% of u.s. households actually have school age children. this is personal for a lot of americans. and i have been for about a year now getting in front of this camera and saying to people we have to follow the science and a year ago that was pretty hard to say when we really didn't have science. but study after study has come out showing us that covid-19 affects children less severely, less symptomatic and likely have less viral transition than that of adults. the question is not is it safe to get our children back into
8:20 am
school because we know that to be safe, we have many studies proving that. the question is, is it safe for teachers and schoolworkers to get back. a big study looking at 90,000 children in the united states showed there were only 32 cases of in-school transmission of the virus. guess what? guess how many of those were children to adult transmission? zero. adult to adult transmission, child to child or adult to child. the truth is like when you look at restaurants and other places of business, the transmission isn't occurring in the states. they get comfortable in break rooms. many of the studies show with mask wearing and physical distancing it is absolutely safe to get children and their teachers and workers back to school. now harris, the average teacher age in the united states is 42. if you look at skilled workers,
8:21 am
plumbers, electricians, everyone we have been relying on for the last year that average age is 55. there is a significantly increased risk of death and severe covid-19 in those skilled workers than those teachers. when you are talking about priority, what about the front line workers who have been working for the entire year without a vaccine? it's not about who goes in front of who. everybody should be getting a vaccine but at the end of the day students should -- >> harris: i have to -- dr. saphier i want to get to this because it's important and has to do with vaccinations. forgive me for cutting in. would only do it if it were necessary. this is something going back and forth. we need to get clarity on what you say and square it with what this administration says it wants to do. the vice president, kamala harris, would not answer a question on whether or not teachers need vaccinations before they go back into the classrooms. you spelled out the science, we got it. here is what she said.
8:22 am
>> can you reassure teachers who are listening right now it is safe for them to go back to school even if they are not vaccinated? >> teachers should be priority. they should be a priority. >> is it safe for them? >> this is why it's so important, we pass the american rescue plan. >> i don't want to beat it to death i know there are teachers listening. cdc has said they don't have to be vaccinated to go back to school. >> we think they should be a priority. >> harris: dr. saphier, is this settled science or not? >> of course nothing is settled science when it comes to covid. but the truth is science shows it is safe to go back to school without a vaccine. i'm not saying teachers should not be prioritized. they are essential workers. they are front line workers tasked with grocery store worke
8:23 am
bus drivers, everyone else who continued to work without a vaccine. >> harris: excellent point. i wrote down what you said. 40% of u.s. households have school age children in them. this is a critical issue. i want to turn to this. are democrats turning on new york governor cuomo? members of his own party say he committed obstruction. what they are calling for now and even a growing criticism of his ally in the news, president biden was not asked at all about the scandal surrounding governor cuomo at cnn's town hall last night. he got kid glove treatment by the media panel. thank you to dr. saphier, we're back straight ahead.
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>> i've only been upstairs in the yellow room. the oval upstairs.
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voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> harris: new york governor andrew cuomo -- [no audio]
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[captioner is not receiving audio]
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>> he admits that the nursing home data was not released sooner but denies it was a cover-up. more than 15,000 residents have died in new york's care facilities. families are demanding an investigation saying they believe the governor's policies cost lives. >> harris: the governor has been accused of being partisan in the way he was pushing hiding the numbers potentially, allegedly. the trump administration wouldn't find out it wasn't working what he was doing in
8:31 am
the state and now the bipartisan push to take his emergency powers away. how days change. good to see you, bryan, thank you for the great reporting. cnn hosting a town hall meet. it happened last night with president biden. including governor cuomo's nursing home scandal and the resignation of when his deputy press secretary. he wasn't asked about that. dr. fauci has done a flip-flop. defending kamala harris's claim the administration is starting from scratch on vaccine distribution and knocking the trump administration vaccine roll-out. power panel next. >> i believe what the vice president is referring to is what is the process of actually getting these doses into people? that's something that we had to get much better organized now.
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>> over the years we've spent a great deal of time at 1600 pennsylvania avenue except now you're living there and you are president. it has been four weeks, what's it like? is it different than you expected it to be? have you picked up the phone and called any former president yet? >> harris: they certainly weren't interviewing president trump there, were they? cnn taking some heat for failing to challenge president biden on a number of headlines including the covid-19 nursing home scandal surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo. remember, he professed support for cuomo in the past. also the resignation of his white house deputy press secretary who threatened to destroy a reporter. tucker carlson says the media have a shameful love affair with president biden.
8:37 am
>> family man, took the train back to wilmington every night for the 10,000 square foot a campaign donor bought for him in lobbying for credit card companies. he is not last the last guy. his family is normal. no weird sex scandals or drug problems orion going criminal investigations you have to worry about. >> harris: bring in the power panel. leslie marshall and tomi lahren. leslie, i want to come to you first. this is an opportunity for joe biden to do something he didn't do on the campaign trail, take some tough questions and tell america really what's happening and what's coming. but when you get softballs, all you have to do is sit still and don't dodge them. they don't hurt. >> well first of all i think journalists have a responsibility regardless of who you are interviewing especially the president to ask tough questions. they should have asked about ducklow and cuomo and the
8:38 am
nursing home six in light of the facts that have just come out from the state of new york. but i think harris, what we also have seen not just with the media but also with some of the public is you have very different style from joe biden compared to donald trump. joe biden said look, we've heard for the past four years about donald trump. we'll hear for the next four years about america and the american people. a lot of people, even people who didn't vote for him liked the way he spoke to that woman who had the child that had a lung condition and was having difficulty getting a vaccine. then lastly i would say donald trump attacked the media and the press for the majority of his four years. so maybe this is the honeymoon phase. maybe there is a bit of a love fest. i don't think it will last. i do think they should have asked the tough questions along with the praise of joe biden thus far. >> harris: donald trump also gave unfettered, unprecedented access to the media, my goodness. it was quite a difference than
8:39 am
what we're seeing now. before i come to you, tomi, i want to do this. the love continues. take a look at this. cnn today gushing over the president with the lower third on its screen the words on the bottom of the screen during the coverage that read biden brings compassion, centrism to cnn town hall. not only are they advertising their own thing which they can do. they are advertising how he did on it while also being tossed softballs. >> of course he gets softball questions because see a soft president. i don't think they ask him tough questions because they know he can't answer them. for four years we heard about donald trump's personality, not his policies. why? his policies were working for the american people and country. they had to attack his personality. now joe biden has horrible policies and people well know that so they'll talk about his personality. there are places you can go in cities like l.a. where you can hire professional cuddlers to give you warm fuzzies.
8:40 am
that's what i thought anderson cooper was doing last night. he didn't ask about cuomo and texas, renewable energy in places like texas is failing. wind turbines being frozen. didn't ask him about that, the keystone pipeline and when those people will get the new green jobs. didn't ask him about ducklow. the list goes on and on and on. they asked how it felt to wake up in the white house which he responded sometimes i have to look at jill and ask her where we are. wow, i have a lot of confidence in our new president. leslie, i'm sure if you are honest with yourself you feel the same way. >> i do want the address of the warm hugs place. i could use them. kids at home no school. >> harris: we'll take a sharp turn of the car right now and try to get to something making headlines during black history month at the heart of it is a tough topic, watch this.
8:41 am
>> goodbye, have fun on your date. >> time to get to work. let's do this. >> back already? be right there. >> harris: long time bachelor host chris harrison possibly taking another hit from cancel culture. proctor and gamble said it is reconsidering his sponsorship of crest. he gave up his hosting duties over backlash for defending current contestant rachel after photographs surfaced of her attending an old south plantation themed party in 2018. i want to say he hasn't said how long he will step away. tomi, your reaction. >> cancel culture is the most ridiculous thing. now it came to the point if you defend someone you should allow people to apologize and right their wrongs, even that is
8:42 am
subjecting you to cancel culture. it is ridiculous. we don't give people breaks or allow people to apologize or judge people on their intention. someone makes a mistake we cut them off at the knees and throw them away and now throw away the people that defend people. i hope hollywood and everyone involved nft entertainment industry realizes how ridiculous this is and it will come around and bite them in the butt, too. they better make sure they're perfect before they cancel other people. those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. there are a lot of glass houses in entertainment, sports, politics, and hollywood. >> harris: leslie. >> a couple of things. people tried to cancel me. i'm a liberal democrat. republicans try to cancel each other with the censure for people that voted with democrats in the impeachment trial. look, the bottom line is there are first of all the bachelor,
8:43 am
crest, they're companies, businesses. their bottom line. they care about ratings and money and the outpouring of people that felt violated, hurt and were offended had to be addressed. i don't think it's a matter of canceling, a matter of addressing a large segment of the population. remember, this girl is dating on this show and i'll be honest i'm not a big fan of this show or people dating like this on television but this woman is dating an african-american. she has made allegedly bullied somebody for dating an african-american guy. she liked posts about the confederate flag. the old south party she attended. a lot of people, not just african-americans offended by this. i think -- they try to distance themselves from the negative p.r. they temporarily remove the host. let's move in a different direction. crest is doing the same thing. >> harris: as tomi said he spoke up in defense of that
8:44 am
person. having the right to speak and say why she had done these things and apologize if she chose to. she has since apologized for that plantation party and some other things that have happened. what's interesting is that chris harrison was talking to a friend when this interview came. they were doing a podcast together and he even called her read the back story on it. he called her and said i'm glad we could have with civility that type of conversation. she said people need to see it and that's why we all know about it. we'll move on. growing outrage as millions of texans are left to fend for themselves in freezing temperatures without electricity. without heat. the governor and others are blaming green energy policies. a texas congressman will be with me next and he knows what he is talking about. >> here is the deal. i have $100 for anybody identify any of these three.
8:45 am
$100. give me your name and address it would be easier. >> harris: a pennsylvania democrat who made headlines in 2019 for harassing pro-life teenagers outside of planed parenthood announced he is now running for lieutenant governor. the mother of two of those children has some things to say about that. she is in "the faulkner focus" ahead. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple.
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>> harris: death toll rising in the largest oil-producing state in the nation, texas, millions of people remain without electricity, heat for a full day. some of them as many as 44 hours i'm reading. after historic snowfall and single digit temperatures. "wall street journal" editorial board writes texas's overreliance on wind power. half of the wind turbines froze last week. others couldn't meet the surging demand for electricity which half of households rely on for heating. even as many families powered up their gas furnaces. congressman august pflueger republican from texas joins me now by phone. he is in texas with no electricity or internet.
8:50 am
cell service is a little bit stronger hopefully but not enough for skype. are you with me? >> i'm with you. i'm on the ground. like you said going on several days with no power, no internet. there are thousands of folks in my district and millions in texas who don't have power and who are cold and this is the once in a generation storm that has hit us here. >> harris: i'm so sorry this is happening. what is really disheartening is to see people talking about what they are reading in your local papers. i know the texas tribune said texas largely relies on natural gas for power. it wasn't ready for the extreme cold. so those systems didn't seem to be able to keep up. they weren't weatherized is what local media are saying. what does that have to do with the green energy conflict that's going on there? talk to me about it. >> there are a lot of answers we need to figure out what
8:51 am
happened but what we do know is when you have an overreliance on green policies whether it's tax credits or subsidies that go into wind and solar which by the way we'll need all the above energy as demand rises in the next 15 years on population on the planet adds another billion people we'll need it all. we'll have more demand than we've ever had but we need free market competition. oil and gas industry is the lifeblood of this country and while this is a once in a generation storm here in texas, throughout the rest of america it is not so uncommon. so when the government forces bad policy and reduces competition, it in effect reduces the resilience of our grid. we have a lot of questions to answer here in texas but what i do know is that fossil fuels are the base load power and they will remain the base load power and we need to treat them as such. >> harris: some democrats agree with you. a democrat blue dog in your
8:52 am
state told me you cannot just shift to green energy. last quick word. >> absolutely. just imagine if we had mandated all electric cars. imagine we now have no vehicles transporting food to our groceries stores, no city vehicles fixing the roads or fixing the water mains. that's a very dangerous position to be in. the government doesn't need to overregulate. let free market, oinvation and technology dictate our policy. >> harris: congressman, republican in talking to us today by phone because he also is suffering with the millions, 3.4 million people in texas still that don't have power. we'll bring you back to the program on the flip side of this. stay warm and stay safe. thank you. pennsylvania democratic lawmaker who made headlines in 2019 for harassing pro-life teenage girls outside of planned parenthood is now running for lieutenant governor.
8:53 am
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>> high matt, everyone, i am outside the planned parenthood t southeastern pennsylvania, they are leaving now. we've got here is a bunch of protesters. a bunch of pseudo-christian protesters who have been out here shaming young girls for being here. i got $100 to anybody who will identify any of these three. 100 bucks, it just be easier if you give me your name and your address. >> harris: that was then-pennsylvania democrat day congressman brian sims offering to pay anyone who doxxed teenagers praying outside of planned parenthood in 2014. joining me now is the mom of those two teenage girls, thanks for being with me.
8:58 am
you have a message for brian sims, what is it? >> i do, he has disqualified himself to hold any office, let alone statewide office. using the barometer of his own words in that video, in his announcement video, he claims to thank every day about taking responsibility and being courageous and empathetic and working productively with others even when he disagrees with them and in every instance he has failed to meet that standard and in the case of what happened with my family, his failure literally in danger endanger the lives of three girls who were peacefully exercising their first amendment rights. and he treated them terribly and he put them in a terrible situation. >> harris: ashley, i want to know specifically what he did. i told the audience, he wanted people to doxx them and put your
8:59 am
personal information up in public so more people could harass your children. >> nobody caught him doing this, he thumped himself, posted it to his own social media account and in his comments he called his followers to please do likewise and push back against protesters standing for life outside of these clinics. so he went above and beyond in his own dangerous behavior and calling others to emulate his egregious actions. >> harris: we have just a few seconds. i'm curious if pro-life groups have protested him. i wonder what is now even more political ambition will bring. >> well, we had a rally back in 2019, over 1,000 people, we had lila rose and abby johnson and matt walsh and our family has been supported and the pro-life community is unified in our declaration that brian sims should resign from his current office and he has no business
9:00 am
running for statewide office in pennsylvania. >> harris: actually, most importantly, i am so happy that you and your family are safe. we will follow the story every day to see what happens next, thank you for being on the program. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." it's noon in the east, time for "outnumbered." we will begin with a fox news alert, a new round of severe weather is on the way, a powerful storm that's already killed 20 people, at least, moves forward. a record-breaking 70% of the united states has been covered by snow, rolling blackouts also hitting the nation from minnesota to texas, more than 150 million americans under winter weather advisories or more, that's nearly half of america. end anger is growing as cold-weather deaths are rising in texas, millions still without power there. in harris county, officials


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