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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 18, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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he said ingraham, be glad that you live at a time where we hav great medicine and great technology. you're going to get through this . essentially, what he was saying was suck it up, buttercup, no time for two years. godspeed, my friend. rush limbaugh. >> welcome to fox news at night. by mike emanuel in for shannon. though they didn't know each other until just a few years ago , rush lim >> i mike emanuel in washington in for shannon. they didn't know each other until a few years ago, rush limbaugh and donaldba trump, th conservative movement to succeed, had to fight for what it believes, the most listened to radio host for more than 30 years, donald trump is doing his first post-presidency interviews. >> so happy with what we do, rebuild the military. all things you like, cut taxes, cut regulations, that is why we built that foundation that can
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propel us if it is not messed up but rush was just somebody that he loved talking about the country and future. >> over the past four years limbaugh gave mister trump and daniel supporting pushing america first policies on immigration, trade and foreign policy. his passing comes at a crossroads for conservatism. a 2021 fight happening over the direction of the gop which it helps to result in time for the 2022 midterm elections. a couple weeks ago limbaugh took a call from a trump supporting listener who wanted a primary republican despite having never held office before. >> look at trump, trump was elected president, had never run for anything. that is reason number one. they hate the guy. he ran for president and won. so you support the trump agenda.
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the question you have to ask yourself is this, does the republican you would be primary in support the trump agenda or not. if the republican you are running against does not support the trump agenda go for it. >> with that let's start with kevin cork, good evening. >> reporter: where we were driving across kansas on a lonely interstate and sunflower socks way been the wind or perhaps sitting in your service truck on the job while taking a quick lunch break rush limbaugh's voice was unmistakable from coast-to-coast his was a voiceover movement determined to celebrate and defend the america of today, yesterday and tomorrow. a voice that today was in many ways not silenced but rather amplified. >> radio is big stuff and he made it that way. he was the king. >> thoughts, memories and stories. rush limbaugh, radio lifetime
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dead at the age of 70, cancer remains undefeated. >> thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country. >> reporter: milania trump said -- presented him with the presidential medal of freedom one day after the host revealed he had advanced stage lung cancer. as soon as the word broke, the well wishes for him. >> rush will forever be the greatest of all time. rush was an extraordinary man. a gentle giant, brilliant, quick witted and the hardest working person i know. >> what made rush limbaugh the russians likeness would undoubtedly rest upon radio's mount rushmore, was his willingness to swim upstream, to challenge orthodoxy, a trade the gains and legions of fans and perhaps just as many who couldn't stand him.
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conservative, yes absolutely but he would also say distinctly american. >> didn't go from being a liberal to being a conservative. he was there from the beginning and hasn't changed his views. he will be missed by a lot of people. >> reporter: we had a chance to find out what the white house might say about the passing of the radio icon, the president very jen psaki said there wouldn't be an official statement from the president but she did pass along her condolences and sympathies to the family. >> limbaugh appeared on this program on december 4th, 2018, a few days after the passing of former president george h w bush to discuss the legacy of our 40 first president making the kind of connection between two republican eras the way only rush could. >> the current objective is to
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get rid of donald trump however if they can do it, driving down public opinion or mueller's report and impeachment. anything they can do to contrast trump with what they say was the greatness and the way out of to be, every republican and the media's idea loses. they celebrate bush because he raised taxes, he was bipartisan, he went against the interests of his own party, that made him a good guy and it is just phony, nothing but a vehicle for them to continually contrast this made up image they have of george h w bush which what they are saying now is true. all of the class and dignity and sophistication, but they never reported on him this way when he was president. >> you spent time with them over the years. what do you make of this idea that he was a great compromise, there was more bipartisanship than. do you think he works well with democrats, was he too trusting of the democrats, what do you make of his legacy?
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>> i have one of the greatest honors and thrills of my life, i was invited to spend the night in the white house during campaign 1992, it featured an hour and a half discussion of the campaign. at this time ross perot was threatening on the republican side of the kind of appeal donald trump has and had in the 2016 campaign ad at this time it was june of 1992 and there really wasn't considerable democrat threat at the time. they were not thinking bill clinton was all that serious and contender. i got the impression they weren't taking the campaign as seriously as they should have but i remember the president telling me he loved tom foley, we could really work with tom foley but he found him to be a very cooperative guy, george mitchell he said was the most partisan man in washington but george h w bush believed in the
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idea of service and government working together and compromising of the end result was what was important to him and as such he didn't fight against the criticism just like his son didn't and those two facts, the fact that there was more attempted cooperation, no attempt to defend themselves against the most outrageous charges they were faced with by the democrats is one of the things, republican voters have been frustrated that candidates they elect don't fight back and when republican candidates don't fight back they are not defending republican voters so here comes trump doing what republican voters wished republican candidates would do for 25 or 30 years and it is not a mystery why he won. pete: mourners paying tribute to conservative media archon placing flowers in front of his home. let's bring in karl rove and
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conservative radio talkshow host larry o'connor for a deeper dive into limbaugh's life and legacy. i have known you since 1994, the governor's race back then, you are my republican historian. how do you assess rush limbaugh's impact on the conservative movement? >> huge. today rural america is heavily republican and conservative at one of the reasons, rush limbaugh revitalized a.m. radio, hit it big time particularly in rural america, convinced conservative democrats they are to be republicans and did so by pointing out the foibles on the democrats that they were voting for and how the broadway actually were and particularly in the 90s in the early part of the 21st-century, rush rooms, and a lot of small towns, it is where people got together to
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have a cup of coffee, a bite of lunch and to listen to rush limbaugh and talk about what they were hearing on the air, not only save the medium of talk radio and a.m. radio but also revitalized the conservative movement in a powerful way. >> is rush on america being worth fighting for. >> people call here now, you always told us, you told us when it would be time to panic, is it time to panic? let me tell you it is never going to be time to panic because we are never going to give up. we are not going to give up on america. i'm not. i don't think most of you are either. america is worth it. america is worth fighting for. america is worth not giving up.
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mike: your thoughts on his gift in terms of framing an issue. >> he was a master at complicated ideas and making it consumable, understandable and relatable and something we could hear him say on the radio and take to our lunch rooms, the sidelines of the soccer field when watching our kids play, talking with our in-laws and re-articulate what he said and how he could make this strong powerful personal political idea. i'm sure carl would attest to the fact that our elected officials who pay millions of dollars in consulting fees to learn how to do that russia did it rolling out of bed and one thing i disagree with carl on i don't disagree but want to add to it, he affected rural america and how states vote but he dominated in los angeles on kf i in new york on abc, he dominated in chicago on w l as in here in
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dc, these are not traditionally red states cities. he transcended how people voted because a lot of people who disagreed with him still listens because first and foremost he was an incredible broadcaster. even when you disagreed he made an impact. mike: private moments come to mind with limbaugh and bush 41 or bush 43? >> i had a personal moment during bush 43's time in office, during my time with president bush 43 i was talking to rush and rush talks about how he mentioned i was having breakfast with somebody -- never had breakfast in the mess. i stayed overnight, 41 and barbara were so kind to invite me to stay, but never had breakfast in white house mess, next time you're in washington i will treat you to lunch and breakfast but you can't be in the mess because you are a journalist but we can be in the white house mess wardroom and he said i'm coming for a heritage foundation shortly i would love to do that. i said there is only one
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requirement, i want to meet the guy who makes you look like a star, but i who screens all your calls and they came and we had a wonderful breakfast and everybody when they heard he was there came in to pay their respects. the thing that left me was how patriotic he was. he was almost overwhelmed that he, a kid from missouri, the middle of the country, was having breakfast in the west wing of the white house, the white house mess. that is one of the things that made him so powerful, he never forgot where he came from and the values he grew up with and the traditional values of patriotism and faith and respect for others, it was fantastic to see him be so emotional about having the opportunity and i was happy to share the moment with him. neil: talk radio on the conservative side become fractured, instead of one giant voice there will be 500?
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>> i wouldn't say that. it is useless to speculate where talk radio goes because it is impossible to replace rush limbaugh, literally, understand something about our business. rush was the dominant voice not just on the stations, the company that he worked for owned, he was on all of his company's competitor stations as well. having a primetime news show on abc, cbs, and the cable networks, he was on all of the stations, no one will ever do that again, but understand if there are hundreds of conservative talk radio voices who will try to fill rush's avoid it is only because rush existed in the first place. he led the way for so many other talents to come and follow them and understand he did 3 hours a day live, no redos, not on tape, 5 days a week for 32 years and carl mentions i got to meet everyone who works on this show, you can't find anyone over those
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30 years who can say anything bad about the guy, he was generous, a great boss, great coworker and there's no one like him. mike: sorry we are talking about it under these circumstances but thank you for your time. rush will be missed, no one to other news, mayor bill deblasio facing first criticism for touting new york city's art and culture seen as residents and business owners struggle under the weight of a full year of pandemic restrictions. meanwhile it looks like major trouble is brewing for new york governor andrew cuomo tonight. the fbi and us attorney in brooklyn looking into his administration's handling of covid-19 in nursing homes. aishah hasnie shows us how cuomo is lashing out under mounting pressure. >> reporter: a lot to get to in new york. let's start with that breaking news. multiple news outlets reporting tonight about the fbi and us attorney's office but launched the investigation into governor cuomo's administration and his
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administration's handling of the nursing home crisis. telling fox news digital tonight that the doj has been looking into this matter for months but have been cooperating with the doj but fox news cannot verify whether this is one in the same or whether this is the same thing as the doj probe but launched back in august but we can tell you there is incredibly ugly fight taking place between the governor and members of his own party and public view. >> my office more than me has had a long and hostile relationship with -- >> the gloves are off as new york governor andrew cuomo goes after status of women run kid. the governor's loudest democrat critic of the nursing home scandal. kim is one of my democrats accusing the governor of obstruction of justice, even trying to strip him of his
12:16 am
emergency powers after his top aide revealed the administration delay the release of nursing home data. in a telephone call with reporters today cuomo fire back claiming he and kim have had a long and hostile relationship, dragging back up 2015 spat accusing him of flipping his support on a bill to protect nail salon workers when business owners protested and engaging in pay to play. >> raised the money from those business owners and continues to and i believe it was unethical if not illegal. >> but kim tells the new york post the governor's attack started last week with a threatening phone call in which he said you will be destroyed and you have not seen my wrath. kim says the governor told him to write a statement in support of his top aide adding i can tell the whole world what a bad person you are and you will be
12:17 am
finished is cuomo apparently so mad kim's also post his wife could hear him yelling through the phone. the governor's senior advisor says kim is lying about quote and he lacks credibility. senators ted cruz, lindsey graham, chuck grassley and 6 other us senators sent a letter to the chairman of the senate judiciary committee asking to open an investigation into governor cuomo's administration and start scheduling hearings right now. mike: how the texas snowstorm emergency related debate over the future of energy policy. leslie marshall on that next. when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust.
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>> the texas power crisis has
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become a >> the texas power crisis has become a partisan battleground as liberals point to the lone star state the regulating power system while conservatives blame her noble energy resources. the washington examiner cautioning, quote, texas gradual offers warnings about biden's anti-energy policies. leslie marshall and examiner's national political story who wrote that headline is also the author of the great revolt. welcome to both of you. tell us more about your take on the electricity crisis across much of texas, shivering in that deep-freeze. >> all of our prayers to the people in texas that are experiencing this. some of these images are absolutely terrible. we always think of texas as this resilient strong state that
12:23 am
rises to the occasion ultimately their own state but helping other states as well. part of the problem with what happened in texas is we don't know everything that happens in texas. it is a long time before we understand what all the vulnerabilities were, it gives us a window into understanding the strong -- baseload comes from natural gas, oil and nuclear and those also failed, the distribution of those failed under the pressure of the storm system but if you shrink that baseload, if you don't have a strong baseload been wherever you are in this country there is a vulnerability and that is part of the challenge with the longer-range view of the biden administration's outlook on
12:24 am
climate justice and environmental justice and so it is a moment for us to have a debate about how this can impact all of us and what do we really need to have the power available when we need it. >> on my radio show earlier today i spoke to utility officials in texas who were nonpartisan and they said the facts are the majority of our failures stemmed from thermal sources specifically natural gas, more specific, 80% from natural gas, even more specific 67 gigabytes. texas is known in the politicians leading texas have known for 10 years this was going to be a problem. you might want to be the lone star state but you don't want to be alone when it comes to the grid. we've seen that they needed help from here in california where i am and other places, this was
12:25 am
not just a political failure, this was a very bad choice when it comes to deregulating and the governor of texas can point his fingers at wind turbines all he wants but that is not true and in antarctica they use wind turbines and it is a lot colder there although i will say i just got off the phone with one of my best friends from houston, 39 degrees in her house, fortunately she is staying with friends, people need help and we shouldn't make this just about politics and partisan griping, we also need to have the facts and the facts are 80% of it. >> people from all different political backgrounds, millions of them are very cold tonight wanting answers from both sides and we will see where it was with robin watts offered this assessment. >> we are no stranger to cold weather. in texas we have had -- i am a native texan.
12:26 am
we dealt with plenty of snow events for decades but this is the first time ever we had one of these events where 25% of our power grid relies upon wind turbines and when those wind turbines freeze, it puts us in a crisis. >> your thoughts? >> she is correct but there were also problems transporting the natural gas, part of it was available, the highways were dangerous. texas is unique in that they are their own grid and it falls within the state line. they are not regulated by the federal government but they also
12:27 am
were not prepared, for lack of a better way of saying this, a perfect storm of every thing not working. it is going to be weeks, maybe months before we fully understand this but we really need to understand as a whole country, vulnerable to this kind of situation whether it is extreme cold or heat or hurricane or storm, tornado, all these things can impact our energy. mike: terribly sorry, we are out of time, thank you. at 3:5:05 pm eastern tomorrow nasa will initiate what a call 7 minutes of terror, the perseverance rover will attempt to land inside a 20 mile wide crater on mars, bearing sequence happens faster than radio signals can reach earth. the spacecraft is essentially on its own when it reaches mars's
12:28 am
atmosphere. but that's it is down successfully perseverance will embark on a search for martian life. is millions in texas remain without power in frigid temperatures some are calling for help from the national guard as thousands of guard troops remain in washington, that is next. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis. some patients even felt less fatigued. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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>> back in the cultural spotlight after a high school principal in new york goes v >> wokenest in academia, heiskell principal in new york goes viral for asking parents to check their whiteness at the door. trace gallagher is on the case tonight. >> the principle of the side community high school sent out a graphic to all the parents that shows eight different weight identities ranging from good to bad. good being white abolitionists, bad being white supremacist. in the middle are categories like white for your resume which is defined as wouldn't challenge a white supremacist, desires not whiteness because it is interesting, it is part of the
12:33 am
curriculum written by an associate professor of african american studies at northwestern university in illinois who often criticizes whiteness, there is a regime of whiteness and action oriented white identity, people who identify with whiteness are one of these. it is time we build an ethnography of whiteness since white people have been the ones writing about and governing others, going on to say these are people who operate without fully acknowledging the burden of blackness was the principle of the high school says he gave the graphic to parents as part of a series of materials meant for reflection and food for thought but a race education watchdog tweeted graphic says this is the new language of public education. another tweet said this is what a public school spends time and money on, antiracism like this is poison and it should be noted be 8 point graphic was produced
12:34 am
by the slow factory foundation, progressive that focuses on race and climate, the same group that previously encouraged followers to free palestine and oppose capitalism and this all comes at the same time richard carranza, the chancellor of the new york department of education, the largest school district in the nation is pushing to eliminate what he calls the current administration's white supremacy culture. >> reading writing and arithmetic and now whiteness. thanks a lot. with the state of emergency in texas questions are being raised about whether resources like national guard troops in dc could ever be better utilized especially with no current threat to the united states capital. >> at this time i'm not aware of the threat that is out there but that involves all the time. >> let's bring in for a congressman and member of the house armed services committee michael walsh, welcome.
12:35 am
>> thanks for covering this. >> there was some talk the national guard troops might stay until fall, the pentagon spokesman john kerry said the plan as of now is for their mission to end in mid-march. what is your understanding? >> we keep asking that question. i attended that hearing you just showed today and we continue -- i asked formally in a letter, i talked to the acting secretary of the army and ask the hearing today, what is the specific threat that is so dangerous and so large that we need more national guard men and women in our nations capital that we have in afghanistan and iraq combined, what is that thread? if it is that diet in the entire nation should know about it and certainly us as member of the armed services committee. of the threat doesn't exist, we keep getting referred to this kind of vague online chatter, but if it doesn't exist, send troops home, these men and women, have to remind everyone,
12:36 am
they have been pulled out of their businesses, families, lives, many of them are single parents, they have childcare issues. send the moment come up with a more permanent solution, many of us -- between the fencing and this brigade size force it just doesn't seem to match the threat. we can't even get the threat articulated at this point. heather: from the federalist no such showed military force was deployed in the aftermath of the militant black lives matter rights that shook the city for days. is that fair? >> the entire operation was pushed back on when some national guard was deployed within.
12:37 am
it was deprived and criticized so you are right, it doesn't comport, january 6th was horrific, january 20th, the inauguration was secured but what is the threat going forward and what is the long-term plan and to your point, these men and women have been called up for covid-19, vaccine, natural disasters, social unrest and they still have to train and be ready to go overseas for overseas deployment and is anytime you go to your employer or your family and say i'm gone again that has real impact. mike: we have to leave it there, thanks for your time. vice president kamala harris pushed on the administration's messaging on schools next but first, we're in the world, video surfacing of princess latifah claiming her father, the ruler of dubai is holding her hostage, secret recording so her begging for help after a failed attempt to flee the united arab emirates
12:38 am
in 2018, the uk's demanding proof that she is alive while the us is investigating complaints. in brazil police can't stop people partying during what would be there most famous annual carnival which was canceled this year because of the pandemic but police are breaking down crowded maskless parties. brilliance reportedly have struggled with restrictions on gathering since the start of the pandemic. and it literally mounted the us sending so, as and rockefeller the island of sicily. mounted the is europe's most active volcano, 3300 meters high, the eruption forced italy's airport to shut down temporarily, no injuries reported. make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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>> we all want the schools to open, all of us with children i our liv >> we all want schools to reopen, all of us who have children in our lives, they want to go back to school, we want them to go back to school. >> what about that cdc guidance? parents watching, what is the
12:43 am
bottom line? how soon can they reopen? >> our goal is as many k-8 schools as possible will reopen within the first hundred days. >> i know there are teachers listening and the cdc says they don't have to be vaccinated to go back to school. >> we think they should be a priority. >> struggling to articulate the biden administration on getting students back in american classrooms for in person learning. let's bring in former california teacher rebecca friedrich and harmeet dhillon, founder for the center for american liberty, welcome to both of you. from the new york post today kamala harris humbles when challenged on school reopenings, savannah guthrie trying to get a straight answer from the vice president. how do you read it? >> don't know why we are surprised about the lying and
12:44 am
hypocrisy of the unions and their political allies was the biden and harris administration have this shifting timetable in school reopenings because they are totally and completely controlled by the corrupt unions who masquerade as teachers, they do not represent us. the unions are using our kids as ponds in their political games and this is really dangerous. it is about money, power, greed, control, pushing their leftist/communist agenda. we have to fight this. we have to be awake and i don't know why anybody would want their kids in the union run school, we want unions out of our schools, awakens what is going on. >> president biden assuring a little girl she is safe from covid-19. >> the evidence of our children are not the people most likely to get covid-19.
12:45 am
you are not likely to be able to be exposed to something and spreads it to mommy or daddy and it is not likely mommy and daddy are able to spread it to you either. so i wouldn't worry about it. i promise you. >> reporter: i agree with the president. that is why the center for american liberties went to court last july to allow our children to be educated in california and kamala harris represented the state. the man and woman every california democrat supported the decision to put the interests of the teachers union ahead of the students. if only the president were able to lecture the teachers union that in fact they too, the vast majority of the teachers are not at risk according to the science that has repeatedly been shared with our government. absent in this conversation,
12:46 am
what is good for children and the health of the children, physical health of the children of america is being negatively impacted and finally i would say this wasn't her being caught short, these are the talking points of the administration that she entered today, simone sanders said the same words on cnn as well. this is there line, trying to have it both ways. neil: cdc up his him here's to be moving the medical goalposts, not clear when schools will reopen, listen to this. >> the literature, over 90% of people, you can have phased opening of schools but this is directly related to how much disease is in the community. we have more flexibly opening school and disease rates come down so i would think this is everybody's responsibility to do their part in the community, to get these rates down so we can get our schools open. >> what do you make of that comment? >> every teacher i know wants to
12:47 am
be in the classroom, they wanted classrooms open in spring of 2020, parents want the same thing. the unions are using us as ponds to push their political agenda. and everything the unions have done is they actually rewrote the scientific method. they crossed out empirical evidence based on repeated steps of the scientific process and changed it to scientific theory based on consensus and only take the consensus of their leftist socialist agenda folks. we have to see through the propaganda here. schools need to be open, children need to be educated, teachers are ready to go back and teach. the biden administration and teachers union to not speak for america's teachers. >> to california, gavin newsom, investigation, big newsom donors including blue shield received no-bid contracts during
12:48 am
covid-19. does that raise red flags? >> it is business as usual, united health and several other vendors, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, no-bid contract, the governor has allowed the movie industry to have meals, schoolchildren cannot be educated because the lobbyists for the film industry were sitting next to the governor at the french laundry dinner. that is how it is done. it is corrupt and we are seeing it in front of our eyes to the betterment of our state. >> thank you for your time. this update on the winter weather. severe winter weather is forecast in texas as the snow and ice the crippled the state's energy system, left millions without power takes aim at the northeastern united states next, this nearly perfect winter storm, all the energy sources the lone star state draws power
12:49 am
from failed to some degree. how cold is it? in dallas one resident captured this individual in the hallway of his apartment building, water leaked from a burst pipe produced with ceiling fan, created icicles hanging off the blade while in houston people desperate to stay warm anyway they can i lighting up by propane tanks. >> i wish it were better, but somebody has to do some planning after this is over and make sure there is an alternative source of energy. todd: many christians observing ash wednesday differently this year. that is next. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> many christians observing as wednesday in different ways thi ye todd: many christians observing ash wednesday because of the coronavirus pandemic, cheap religion correspondent lauren green looks at how faithful are making their adjustments. >> reporter: ash wednesday leads up to easter, another holy tradition altered by the covid-19 pandemic. the vatican issued a directive to roman catholic priests how to administer the sacred ashes normally received in the form of a cross on the 4 head. priests are to say the sacred
12:54 am
words remember your dust and to dust you will return for all in attendance and then sanitize hands with ashes on in silence. sanitizing their hands after each one. altering centuries of tradition the vatican gave a new option, to end the ashes mixed with holy water on the person's head. >> it has similar meaning of the ashes reminding us we must do penance for hours and then prepare ourselves to meet god. >> reporter: our parishioners given the ashes on the 4 head with a sanitized q-tip thrown into the trash, later burned as a sacred element. others coming up with more creative ways to keep the faith. >> for every household. >> reporter: in new jersey ash wednesday is diy, parishioners follow and give themselves or others in their household the ashes.
12:55 am
>> a new set of circumstances and to find ways to continue to preach the gospel, to worship together. >> reporter: the meaning of ash wednesday has not. lauren green, fox news. todd: spiderman, batman and superhero friends. hoping to brighten the day. the f special police force, they hoped their sunrise visit would relieve the loneliness of covid-19, children and adults altering the performance. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am mike emanuel, thoughts and prayers with rush limbaugh's
12:56 am
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sfx: [sounds of fedex planes and vehicles engines] ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of children laughing and running, life moving forward] >> grateful for everything, so much to be thankful for a special we went right in front of you is the prospect of being taken aways up the appreciation for all the goodness in your life. one thing i learned is there is good in everything that happens. it may not present itself for weeks or months but there is good in anything that happens if you look for it. todd: it is thursday february 18th. remembering rush limbaugh, a conservative talk radio trailblazer.


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