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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  February 18, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> it was an honor to honor rush today with you. >> bill: well done, guys. good morning. hundreds of thousands in texas going four days without power and heat sparking anger over the state's failed electric grid and a lot of questions about what led to it. 30 people have died in the storm. some just trying to stay warm inside their homes, inside their cars in some cases. >> dana: officials in texas are directing millions of people, a quarter of the state's population, to boil their drinking water before they drink it. many of them don't have power so they can't do that. now the devastating storm is on the move. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer live in new york. great tribute to rush over a past couple hours.
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good morning. this is a perfect topic for limbaugh if you think about it. if you follow the story carefully and the dueling stories between the "wall street journal" as to how this happened and "the new york times," they have very different takes as to how texas got itself in this situation. >> dana: the other thing is while the debate is going on they're running out of food at the grocery stores because the supply team in breaking down. janice dean is tracking the storm. let's begin with casey stiegel reporting live from dallas. hi, casey. >> good morning to you. now officials are warning texans to be prepared for what they call disasters within a disaster. you hit on this, dana. we've seen a lot of long, long lines, people waiting for hours in some communities just to get some groceries or water. they are standing in line for hours at food banks and also
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atwater distribution sites. many shelves empty. all of the houston metro area, the nation's fourth largest city and all of austin under mandatory boil water advisories thanks to frozen pipes and equipment atwater treatment facilities. south and central texas like san antonio and austin are getting more snow today. if there is a silver lining power outages have dropped significantly in the overnight hours from 2 million to a half million. texas governor greg abbott telling reporters that wind is not the only energy source to blame. >> the fact is every source of power the state of texas has access to has been compromised because of the ultracold temperature or because of equipment failures. >> north of here oklahoma also digging out from this powerful winter storm. lots of snow on the ground in
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that state and six days after much of oregon was blanketed with freezing rain and ice snapping trees and downing utility lines over 100,000 still don't have electricity and trying to survive the cold snap. the system is heading into the mid atlantic and setting its sights on the east and northeast. headed your way. >> dana: we're bracing for it. >> bill: snowing already outside. janice dean here, meteorologist, to tell us what comes next. >> for our friends across the south still below freezing temperatures. the ice and snow are going to remain in place over the next couple of days. we'll bring those temperatures up a little bit as we head into the weekend but really not enough to melt things and warm things up. look at the windchill. it is what it feels like with the wind. 11 in dallas, 9 in kansas city. minus digits across the
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northern plains. the folks in the hartland incredible to see this much snow coverage across the u.s. including much of texas and arkansas and louisiana and oklahoma. really incredible. as casey mentioned on the move. want to make mention we have the threat of severe weather with this system including tornadoes for parts of florida up towards georgia. tornado watch for several hours and the potential for strong storms moving into south carolina later this afternoon and the ice on the roads, power lines. power outages could be imminent for parts of the mid atlantic up towards the northeast where we expect 3 to 6 inches of snow. that icy mix is the one that really leads to danger on the roads and power lines. >> bill: when does texas melt? >> they will get into the 40s and 50s saturday and sunday and things look better next week. just to have these temperatures
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in place for close to a week is devastating. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: let's bring in fox news contributor karl rove from austin. the "wall street journal" headline is texas spins into the wind. electricity gried also needs nuclear or coal power. listen to one of your old friends former congressman beto o'rourke. >> the decision to deregulate our electricity grid in the first place and not to require additional capacity in emergencies like these nor to connect to the rest of the national grid so we can draw down power when we need it are decisions made by greg abbott, rick perry, predecessors and other statewide elected republicans. >> dana: how would you respond to that, karl? >> he is running for governor so be careful. second these sessions were made in the 1990s with a democrat legislature and democrat
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lieutenant governor and speaker of the house. some of what he says is baloney. our capacity in texas is 83,000 mega watts of energy that we can produce. we need peak demand 57,000 mega watts during a er. this is not normal. our wind capacity is 30,000 mega watts out of that 83,000 total. the wind over the last week has fallen from providing 42% of our energy to 8% of our energy needs because the turbines are freezing up. they don't work in these kind of conditions. gas we now have producing 43,800, coal 10,800. nuclear, solar, wind the balance. our demand is much higher than normal. and look, take a look at this. monday of last week through tuesday of this week as the "wall street journal" pointed out the juice being generated
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by wind dropped 93%. it went from providing 42% of our total energy needs to providing 8. on the other hand coal is providing 47% more than it was a week ago and gas is 450% more than it was a week ago. but we got problems. we have an agency, governor abbott was right. we have a private entity that supervises the energy system in texas and they don't have incentives for winterization. one of our nuclear plants is down because it is frozen. we have problems with our gas transmission system because it is so much colder than it is even in extreme times in texas. so i love how o'rourke makes it political. >> bill: that's the point here. you look at the -- i read the piece in the journal this morning and "the new york times" as well. they have competing narratives on this. you listen to alexandria
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ocasio-cortez, this is an opportunity for those who believe that global warming should change the face of america to jump on the issue. they are taking their shot. >> look, we have really cold weather. it is climate. climate in distress. if we have a hot day it is climate in distress. we have a hurricane, it's climate in distress. we have cold winters. we have had colder winters in the past. what we ought to be looking at is not how to advance one's political career but what are the problems in the system that are wrong. the company needs to have innocentives for winterization. they discourage power generators from winterizing. >> dana: it is like reckless endangerment. we want to talk about the recently departed rush limbaugh. listen to hannity last night.
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>> whenever rush spoke tens of millions of americans listened. he had an amazing presence. always authentic, a true original. genuine, never, ever let his detractors slow him down. he did it with his humor, people get upset, bubble and fizz, snowflakes in the day. when rush would say with talent alone from god that's so arrogant. all great talent comes from god and he always fought for what he believed in. >> dana: about 24 hours since his passing. i know you were close friends with him. did a lot of politics around him and with his show and filled in for him once. >> i did, which was -- when he called me up would you fill in, i was a little scared. he told me just prepare a lot of material, told me how to do it. i showed up at the studio with a stack -- it had to be three
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feet tall of file folders organized in the fashion, something that will grab attention. don't be afraid of having something to explain. fun things that are short and concise. i had a stack of file folders this high and i thought i've got this, i'm nervous but i got more than enough material. the beginning of hour three i was running out of material and afterwards i told him i said i can't believe that you are able to do this every day for decades. i know what kind of preparation goes into it, i just did it for myself. it took a lot of time. you do it every day. i was doing it one time. that was because he had a great mind, curious mind. he knew how to organize information. he asked good questions of people that he had confidence in. but you know hannity touched on something important. he had a great sense of humor. a very private guy, low key guy with a wonderful sense of humor and informed a lot of what he said and how he operated. >> dana: a big laugh, too.
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great to have you this morning. >> bill: listen to so many stories today and again this morning. for those who listen to rush a lot of those stories don't surprise you. for those who made him the enemy and the target, just remember this is a gracious man and he was very giving of the great american gift that was given to him through great fortune after so many years. >> dana: he was so powerful, too. members of congress, you probably wouldn't have had the contract with the america in 1994. a lot of legislation. people will say what will rush think? you could see not only a gracious person but a powerful one, too. >> bill: there will be no one like it. someone will fill his shoes but not the same. rest in peace, rush. as the political pressure against him mounts new york governor andrew cuomo lashing out at critics including ron kim who claims that cuomo threatened to destroy him.
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kim is a democrat. this comes as we learn the f.b.i., u.s. attorney in brooklyn are investigating the handling of the nursing home deaths that has left more than 15,000 new yorkers dead. bryan llenas back on the story today. hello. >> bill, good morning. this investigation launched by the f.b.i. and u.s. attorney in brooklyn is reportedly in preliminary stages. the albany times union says there have bren allegations of wrongdoing yet but they are investigating the covid-19 task force, part of a department of justice probe into whether the cuomo administration purposely manipulated and withheld nursing home death data from the public. d.o.j. prosecutors requested the data back in august and in october but according to the associated press, for months cuomo's office had not been cooperating. they deny this.
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just last week cuomo's top aide admitted in a private meeting with democrats they released incomplete nursing home death toll data to state lawmakers and the public for fear it would be used against them politically. new york state democratic assembly member ron kim was in that meeting and accuses cuomo of obstruction of justice, cover-up and urging democratic colleagues to strip him of his pandemic emergency powers. yesterday in a telephone news conference cuomo personally attacked kim's integrity. kim says cuomo threatened him last week in a traumatizing phone call. governor cuomo called me directly on thursday to threaten my career if i did not cover up for melissa derosa. he said i hadn't seen his wrath and he can destroy me. this morning mayor bill deblasio blasting cuomo on another network. >> that's classic andrew cuomo. a lot of people in new york state have received those phone
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calls. you know, the bullying is nothing new. >> cuomo says kim is lying, a move to strip the governor of his emergency power is expected as soon as next week. >> bill: bryan llenas more to come on that story. >> dana: after heavy criticism over lack of coverage of the of the new york nursing home scandal chris cuomo has been blocked by interview his brother on the show. it relaxed its rule against interviewing family members early in the pandemic. i have a feeling that my friend greg gutfeld will have a few things to say today. >> bill: deblasio called him a bully, said he makes threat. belittles people and that's his track record. deblasio and cuomo and this relationship in new york needs to be emphasized to the rest of the country. these men do not like each other. they don't get along. at a time when new yorkers need them more than ever political
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leadership at the top is what will take the city and state forward. right now we're crumbling. >> dana: their spat at the beginning of the pandemic prevented cuomo from taking action sooner which would have perhaps saved some lives. >> bill: 15 past. migrants continue to make their way through central america a lot of them with hopes of reaching the united states. democrats set to unveil and new and expansive immigration bill today. we'll tell you what's in it. >> dana: capitol hill today lawmakers preparing to grill the key players in the game stop stock mania. what it could mean for reform on wall street after the break. >> bill: scammers taking advantage of the government programs during covid we'll talk to a man who inspired one of the greatest scam movies of all time and our all-star lineup for the rest of the hour. check it out on the wall right now.
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>> dana: migrants from central america are on the move again. the first group made their way to mexico. they're handing shelters and seeing record numbers for this time of year. the swell of migrants hoping to make it to the u.s. as president biden prepares to unveil his immigration bill this morning. a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants a top priority. reading a story in "politico" the white house is under no illusions how difficult it will be to try to get any of this legislation passed especially as joe biden said he was going to try to do it in a bipartisan way. tough. >> bill: you have 25,000 migrants on the mexican side of the border. administration is making it a priority to process them. further south way down in southern mexico you have a facility there that has already
6:22 am
got two times the number of illegals they had a year ago. most of them clearly have the intention of coming here to the united states. most of them will tell you we have two bad hurricanes in central america last year and with the change in administration in the united states they think this could be a prime opportunity for them to come here. >> dana: less harsh treatment. we'll see on that. >> bill: in the meantime after taking wall street by storm a month ago the key players in gamestop stock mania will testify on the hill. lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of the trading surge that exposed what some call shady practices by some of wall street's top hedge funds. to break it down sandra smith as america reports. smitty as we call her. >> so happy to be with you guys. >> bill: what's going to happen here? >> we've noticed high, high interest in this story every time we cover it our viewers weigh in. everybody has an opinion as to what went down here. i can tell you there is going
6:23 am
to be a cast of characters when we see that hearing today. unfortunately it won't be in person, covid. a virtual hearing. you have the ceo, head of the robinhood brokerage firm at the center of this in his prepared testimony and remarks we already see, bill and dana, that he is going to say he did what he had to do to meet regulatory requirements. and one can make the argument that's exactly what he did. but he will come under fire and scrutiny from these 54 lawmakers that make up this committee led by maxine waters as well as ken griffin, okay, the chicago billionaire trader sophisticated trader that is behind citadel which then bailed out the hedge fund at the center of this, melvin capital which you know was the hedge fund that their short sale on gamestop stock is what drove the price way down and the little guys came in with
6:24 am
the reddit talk platform to try to run the price back up. there are so many different elements of this story. at the center of this is roaring kitty, bill and dana. how he shows up early 30s, operates out of his basement. he wears a red bandana, long hair, wears t-shirts and claims he was for the little guy and wanted people to get in on this. he was talking about this for years and reddit and rallied all these individual investors which by the way would be really careful of the interchanging the word trader and investor. two different things. larry kudlow has been very accurately pointing out investing is very different than day trading. investing you buy and you hold the stock for hoping that it will go higher over a period of time. these day traders, some of them
6:25 am
were getting in and out within hours and days, dana and bill. that's really risky trading. these lawmakers have to be careful what they are wishing for. >> bill: gamestop was going out of business and these guys pumped it up and may have saved the company. who are they going after next? who is the next company? >> that's a big question. there was a handful of stocks they got into. but one thing you are likely to see in that hearing today questions over whether other companies will be targeted for sure. but ken griffin agrees with the robinhood ceo. they need to change the settlement of the securities because it would hold those individual day traders more accountable. there is a two-day settlement. it gets wonky but you'll hear about it today. they want to push for a one day settlement or immediate settlement and that would completely change the scope of day trading. i would just urge caution.
6:26 am
this committee ocasio-cortez. only half of them have done this and these are the lawmakers trying to change or reregulate the way wall street and main street interact. i think that's a fascinating thing. you have to urge caution. they can overregulate in some instances and change the free market. >> dana: see if the government will help. >> they say they're out for the little guy. we want the individual investors to play in the market as well but it can be risky. >> bill: we were going to talk about the world health organization as well but save it for another time. you are welcome every time. >> dana: thanks for coming. energy diversity in the spotlight. texas grapples with a fourth day of power outages and how it's affecting the state's wildlife. broadway dark and businesses going out of business is this the best use of bill deblasio's
6:27 am
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>> dana: a federal judge ruling harry dunn's family can sue the wife of a american diplomat. she admitted she was driving on the wrong side of the road when she crashed head on into dunn back in 2018. she and her husband left the country three weeks later and claimed diplomatic immunity. british prosecutors charged the woman but the state department denied a request to expedite her and the civil trial will take place in virginia. a long time coming for justice in that family. former employees of the lincoln project are demanding answers from the group's leaders when they knew about the sexual harassment allegations against co-founder john weaver. gillian turner, there is always more. here you are again to tell us what's going on.
6:33 am
>> it just keeps breaking and breaking. the lincoln project leadership is acknowledging the tidal wave of crisis hitting its shores in the group's first p.r. effort to address allegations of sexual misconduct against john weaver and mounting financial trouble have put out a statement announcing they've identified the real problem. even though they're a super pac that takes in millions of dollars they say we've been operating like a campaign and we now know we have to put in place some organizational structures and processes to continue our evolution. responding to reports that management misspent tens of millions of dollars and siphoned off to firms of co-founders they announce a stewardship report for our donors breaking down expenditures so donors understand how we spent the contribution. but this might not cut the mustard for former employees claiming leadership knew about dozens of sexual harassment allegations against weaver for months but stayed silent.
6:34 am
they allege that the leadership allowed weaver unfettered access to young men. listen to this statement. if the lincoln project leadership knew weaver was a serial predator in march of 2020 but continued to place interns recommended by him in the spring and summer, then the lincoln project knowingly put some of us and our lgbtq colleagues in danger. now a former executive director of the group sarah agrees. leadership knew about allegations a year ago but stifled them to continue to get donations to fight trump. political operatives are predicting for the lincoln project these boom times are over. take a listen to karl. >> so now they will try and go back and clean it up for i guess to protect themselves legally but it will have no practical effect. nobody will be giving the lincoln project money. >> the lincoln project in the same statement put out this morning also saying now they
6:35 am
are very excited about what the rest of 2021 is going to bring. they say they are continuing to bring in historic amounts of donations and they feel pretty good about everything going forward. >> dana: maybe the next financial disclosure we'll see about that. thank you so much. >> bill: president biden meanwhile meeting with labor leaders talking about infrastructure. texas entering its fourth day without power in some areas. the electric grid failing after an historic winter stormed hit the state. good day to you, michael. good morning. what do you think is going on in texas? >> well, you have had a massive power outage. we saw wind turbines were a huge part of the collapse. we saw frozen natural gas pipeline. one of the nuclear reactors went down. the nuclear plant is back up and running. gas pipelines are simple fixes
6:36 am
to make. i think what's going on raises real questions about president biden's climate change agenda which is heavily focused on expanding weather dependent technologies with weather turbines and solar panels that can't operate during extreme weather events. the second time we've seen power outages or the last 12 months. we had them in california. people rely too much on unreliable forms of electricity. it is a reminder we care about the environment and care about climate change. we should do more nuclear power and a lot less unreliable solar and wind. >> dana: we've seen every year california has energy issues with rolling black-outs. this is the cold snap of historic proportions in texas. still the point remains you have to have reliable sources of energy. this gets political very quickly. one of the reasons none of these things get done like weatherization and maintenance it gets bogged down in politics. doesn't an event like this
6:37 am
provide an opportunity where people with cooler heads can come together and discuss this without any suggestion that you want to ruin the planet because you aren't for 100% renewables by 2035 >> what we know when you use a lot of unreliable electricity like solar and wind you have to spend a lot of money to make it reliable. we've also seen even not reliable during extreme weather events. too hot, no wind, too cold, freezing. there are de-icing technologies for wind turbines but no way they will install thousands of de-icing technology that make wind expensive when you have concentrated power like a nuclear power plant it's an easy fix. the nuclear power plant is back online providing power to texans right now. it is much harder when your technologies are spread across the landscape like they are in texas and california. we saw they simply don't work when there is no wind and huge
6:38 am
demand for reliable sources of power. >> bill: what i hear you and others saying you have to diversify trying to tackle this thing. we had a ranch runner from texas yesterday. >> the coal-fired plants have been reduced by a third of capacity. we're not investing in new gas-fired generation plants and yet there has been an explosion in the construction of wind energy farms all throughout west texas. and that's an intentional public policy decision from the highest levels of state government. >> bill: take that on, michael. help us understand it. >> yeah. look, they are planning on expanding or were planning on significantly expanding wind turbines in texas without expanding nuclear, without expanding reliable sources of energy. that is just madness. i think the raises fundamental questions. i think it does pose a serious threat to president biden's
6:39 am
climate agenda which relies heavily on expanding renewables. i point out i'm a left wing democrat. if democrats cared about climate change we would be expanding nuclear and looking for a green nuclear deal rather than a green new deal that relies much more heavily on wind and solar. we now know solar panels are almost entirely made by the muslim minority in china under slave-like conditions, coerced labor conditions. i think there are real challenges to the biden climate plan that nobody has been addressing. they've been papering it over suggesting there is some easy fix when there is no fix to technologies that depend on the weather. >> dana: good points all around. thank you, michael. >> bill: thank you. come back. >> dana: appreciate it. texas wildlife rescuing thousands of sea turtle left stunned by the temperature drops. the cold water paralyzes and
6:40 am
eventually kills them. volunteers are hauling turtles to facilities that they can get warmed up. >> bill: that's remarkable, wow. good luck to all of them. criticizing cancel culture might get you canceled yourself. the host of the bachelor stepping aside at least for now after he blasted the practice. plus the "new york post" labeling governor cuomo the raging bully as the nursing home scandal widens. what the governor is accused of doing now. >> i said to him on phone there is still integrity and honor and decency in politics. but that's not for m kim. >> bill: how about that? check out the lineup coming up next hour right here over on the big wall.
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>> bill: new york city mayor bill deblasio facing backlash over an open culture program. this will issue permits for outdoor cultural performances around the city. not everyone in the arts community is happy with it and were less impressed by the mayor's video of the launch announcement. david lee miller is trying to sort it out in a chilly new
6:46 am
york city. what's up? >> bill, the old adage the show must go on, but not everyone agrees. during the pandemic here in new york city, broadway has been shut down along with all performances of dance, opera, other forms of cultural entertainment. the mayor wants to revive the industry with what he calls the open culture program. one critic of the mayor called his recorded announcement cringe worthy as deblasio speaks, dancer from a harlem-based dance company perform. >> we need arts and culture back and need people to see it and feel it. to participate in it. >> the mayor's plan allows certain arts and culture institutions to get a one-day permit to perform at 100 locations throughout the city. when the city has more serious problems. musician tweeted out the fact
6:47 am
these folks don't realize how insulting this is to the hundreds of thousands of dedicated performers and professionals put out of work is a glimpse into how they don't value the arts and view it as sort of a hobby. a report from the city controller found out that the creative sector here in new york city, that includes the performing arts, brings in each year about $110 billion dollars. put another way, bill. that's roughly either directly or indirectly one out of every eight dollars in the city economy. >> time to open up. david lee. thank you, sir. >> dana: let's bring if robby -- 9 out of 10 restaurants couldn't afford rent in the city in december. how do you feel about this idea? i don't blame the artists. they want to work as well. i appreciate the effort. but one of the ways to do that would be to open things up and
6:48 am
let them perform. >> absolutely. if this was about letting artists just perform, that's fine by me. but that isn't what this is. this is like a new licensing regime. you have to be approved by this other board and they have to have some say over your art. it ends up being government-funded and sponsored art, which is always a bad kind of art. any dollar being spent by the government right now should be spent on vaccination, testing, opening schools, businesses, etc. not on dancing in the streets. >> bill: what's remarkable, robby, a covid speak easy i go to, right? don't tell anyone. they do exist. we're at 25% capacity now. you know what the taxes for a single business they paid for sale tax in december? $44,000? do you know what they paid in january? 6,000. that's how much money is being siphoned out of the city on a daily if not hourly basis. you know what they are probably
6:49 am
waiting for? they're waiting for the covid relief package because they know there is $350 billion tucked inside that legislation and a lot of that money is going to go to these states so they can make easy choices instead of hard ones. >> absolutely. why 25% open instead of 30 or 40 or 10 or -- is there any science to keeping things closed to this exact degree? i don't think so anymore. >> dana: i want to ask you about this. the host of "the bachelor". i don't watch it. chris harrison, the host got canceled. he was trying to -- i think he was trying to be gracious about one of the contestant. she had gone to an antebellum part a few years ago. he said could we have a little grace. his apology was so over the top and not enough. he is canceled. what do you make of it? >> the key thing to understand here is the -- the headlines
6:50 am
say he resigned from his hosting thing after racist incident. but it is not even him who is alleged to have done the bad thing years ago. he just -- all he said was i don't want to rush the condemn this person. i haven't heard from her yet and i don't understand fully everything going on with it. that got him canceled. that is how insane we're becoming where you have to immediately swiftly denounce something even though you don't understand it or you are just as guilty. >> bill: see whether or not he can hang onto his job. >> dana: thanks, robby. >> bill: crime skyrocketing in one part of san francisco. burglaries jumping more than 340% in the district known as richmond. assaults, car thefts. rapes and larceny dropping when police budget cuts in the city. series of democratic police
6:51 am
reforms replacing officers with unarmed professionals for situations that don't involve a public safety threat. big city america is changing. >> dana: quite quickly. but also if you say that it is changing then you get criticized. we're seeing that a lot. all right. ahead we want to talk about this. a south carolina lawmaker accusing democrats of being hypocritical for demanding protection at the united states capitol but not at the border. nancy mace joins us in the next hour and leonardo decapprio former conman, security consultant frank abagnale will join us next. here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more
6:52 am
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6:56 am
>> bill: experts say pandemic
6:57 am
relief scams have cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. our next guest saw it coming when congress passed the cares act. good to get your perspective. what do we need to know? >> pleasure to be with you. as you know, of course, during the pandemic scammers follow the headlines so we've seen a 400% increase in scams. and of course the cares act you could see coming. the government putting $630 billion in the hands of the states. $63 billion estimated went to fraudulent claims. and of course the government, when giving the $630 billion, gave the states a waiver and said they would take care of any fraud and protect them from any liability. so there hasn't been a lot of safety and motivation to keep the fraud out. they are using antiquated systems and, of course, they
6:58 am
are understaffed. the staff in the state of maine had 13 employees when the cares act started. you have a lot of untrained people in there as well. you know, people ask me all the time who do you trust more with your money? the government or your bank? i always say my bank because my bank is using very sophisticated technology, spending billions of dollars to update their technology to protect their customers. the government is an easy target. criminals realize who has the money, the government. who is the easiest to defraud, the government, and they become the target of criminals all over the world. >> dana: frank, one of the things you advise people what should you never give to anybody who calls you? one of the things never give your birthplace. >> people on social media i'm not on any social media. people unfortunately on facebook and things of that nature immediately tell people where they were born and date of birth. that's 98% of the keys necessary for me to obtain all
6:59 am
the rest of the information i need about you. i always tell people never, ever tell people on social media where you were born and your date of birth. stop giving out a lot of personal information about yourself over the phone. you don't know who solace -- solicited the call or at the other end of the call. if someone starts asking you for money and telling them you have to give them immediately give me me your credit card number or give them information about you, you have to make sure you hang up and verify who calling you on the other end of that line. >> bill: great stuff. can't disagree with anything, right? you live by three principles. prevention, verification, and education. last word on that, frank. >> prevention because once you lose your money it is most likely you will never get your money back. we have over $110 billion in court ordered restitution outstanding now.
7:00 am
91% of it uncollected. verification because unfortunately we live in a world where you have to verify everything before you part with your money or information. you need to stop and verify. and finally education is the most powerful tool to fighting crime. if i can explain those scams to you, if i can give you the tools necessary to protect yourself, people are smart enough to do that. fortunately people are honest but because they're honest they don't have a deceptive mind and they fall for a lot of these scams. >> dana: it is important we educate people. thank you for being on with us and our best to your wife as well. >> thanks for having me. pleasure. >> dana: cold weather catastrophe in texas, more than half a million people are waking up to a fourth day without power. now there is also a water crisis. texas officials are ordered 7 million people to boil their tap water before drinking it. meanwhile stores are running out of food and folks are lining up for hours at gas stations to fill tanks and get fuel for generators. so much going on. welcome to a brand-new hour of
7:01 am
"america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: janice dean said it will warm up in texas over the weekend. >> dana: four days with very distressing situation. 30 deaths already. there could be more. all the damage to homes because of all the ice that is going to melt and then you will have flooding, a lot of very difficult problems. >> bill: big system out there, too. powerful system bringing heavy snow and ice now into the northeast where it is snowing here. back the back storms leaving 15 inches of snow on the ground in little rock, arkansas. that ties a record set more than a century ago back in 1918. so big system, polar vortex coming down freezing a lot of people out. didn't see it coming. >> dana: that groundhog says six more weeks of winter and two weeks since then. i'm counting it. meantime watch this. >> who do you hold responsible for your mother-in-law's death?
7:02 am
>> i blame the nursing home. i blame cuomo. she was absolutely in tears crying on the phone to me and my husband every night saying i'm going to die, i'm going to die. >> dana: lawrence jones talking to a woman who lost her mother-in-law in a new york nursing home representing thousands of families calling into an investigation into cuomo's handling. now the f.b.i. and u.s. attorney's office foixing on senior members of the governor's tax force. d.o.j. has been looking into it for months and we're cooperating with them and will continue here. lawrence jones. the governor is saying d.o.j. investigation is no big deal. we knew about this. it doesn't seem how other people are taking it. >> because we have more facts. before -- cuomo really used this tactic to dismiss the
7:03 am
victims as you saw the interview i did last week. the victim talked about her mother-in-law crying every night. she saw the writing on the wall. they were bringing covid patients into the nursing home and the family really didn't have contact with the nursing home staff. when some reporters, it wasn't a lot of them that brought it to the forefront. the cuomo administration dismissed it. even went on record saying people just died. it wasn't because whether it was a nursing home or in the hospital, it didn't matter. and now we're seeing after election, after he is no longer useful for democrats, these investigations really coming out. i think there is something that people are missing. the mob-like mentality of this governor to go after elected officials, members of his own staff, even the families, to dismiss this. now the writing is on the wall. and even democrats, people of his own party are saying look, you know what? we had not only constituents that were impacted by this but our own family members died,
7:04 am
too. we deserve answers. >> bill: listen, if you want to give him a pass and say he didn't have a lot of knowledge of covid, okay, if you want to take that argument you have to assume today they don't know what they're talking about either in a city that's still shut down and we were making the point a few moments ago how much money this place is bleeding by the hour. deblasio, the mayor called cuomo a bully and threats as he be little people all the time. the new york mayor a short time ago on another network. >> that's classic andrew cuomo. a lot of people in new york state have received those phone calls. you know, the bullying is nothing new. no public servant, no person who is telling the truth should be treated that way. but yeah, the threats, the belittling, the demand someone change their statement right that moment. many times i've heard that and i know a lot of other people in the state have heard that. >> bill: i don't know who is right. they've been going back and
7:05 am
forth for more than a year. it doesn't help the people who live here period end on that. immigration. a lot of talk in washington, d.c. what will come of this? >> legislation on the ground now to talk about amnesty. but bill, whether you are pro immigration, pro immigration reform, i think many americans. those are the people i speak to on a day-to-day basis are talking about themselves. the border wall debate is one thing. first you have to get border security. you can't talk about fixing the system before getting that border security aspect or you will look like ronald reagan who gave amnesty but didn't fix the real problem on the border. secondly, you have to talk about timing. the middle of a pandemic. these people have made it clear they want jobs. they want to go back to work. even with my home state of texas experiencing these catastrophic events right now, no power, no water. people are still flooding the
7:06 am
border. so many americans are saying look, we still haven't got the relief we want. we're not open. how can we even have this conversation when we aren't at a point as americans living the american dream right now? so it will be a lot of debate. i think the biden administration has a campaign promise and have a progressive base that wants to get this done. but this is going to be the mantra he campaigned on. he should pick a different time to have this debate. >> dana: it is interesting as the white house you decide to send up legislation specifically or principles of legislation and let congress do that, they decided from the white house to send up actual legislation. the hard part begins and start to be picked apart. >> maybe he should get america opened up for business. >> what is the specific threat that is so dangerous and so large that we need more national guard men and women in our nation's capitol than we have in afghanistan and iraq combined? what is that threat?
7:07 am
many of us are calling this fort pelosi now between the fencing and this brigade-size force. it just doesn't seem to match the threat at all. >> bill: that's michael walz. republican congressman out of florida questioning the national guard in washington and heightened security at the u.s. capitol building. want to bring in republican nancy mace out of south carolina. welcome back here and good morning to you. we now know the guard will leave in mid-march. what's wrong with this weekend? >> well, it should be today. this is the capitol of the freest country in the world being protected by miles and miles of razor wire draped fencing who. are we protecting ourselves from? our american citizens should be free to visit the capitol. one of the issues we have faced with a crisis and post crisis we start to take our freedoms away. the biggest challenge in doing that it's hard to take it back. we were told this fencing and
7:08 am
the national guard would be here for a few weeks, a few weeks may turn into a few months. i've heard rumors it could go into the fall. so we've got to put a stop to it right now. ironically i hate politics and the reason i got into politics because i hate the hypocrisy we see in politics and we're seeing it now. we have the left who wants to fund this border security around the capitol but don't want to fund a border wall at the southern border. i don't understand it at all. >> dana: this immigration bill that the white house is putting forward today will get a lot of attention. i want to hear from you about what do you think the fault lines are going to be? i read a piece today the white house is under no illusions how difficult it will be trying to pass $2 trillion of covid relief up to $3 to 4 trillion on an infrastructure bill. >> we don't have the money. we talk about 1.9 trillion that we don't have. 30 trillion in debt we'll be adding to it. my question is how are we going to afford to pay for this?
7:09 am
nobody in this country, no one in d.c. is actually talking about how we are going to cut spending elsewhere to fund this. we have huge infrastructure needs in this country. right now we want to be part of it. this is something republicans and democrats want to work on together. how will we fund it? where will the money come from? >> dana: that's the next step. they're telling us that at the white house. >> the decisions being made now affecting small business, the backbone of jobs in the country. we'll hurt the economy and we can't raise taxes on hard working americans just trying to put food on the table and gas in the tank and get kids back to school. we have much larger issues now. if we don't make these decisions about the american people we'll continue to hurt the american people. >> eight year path to citizenship. 3 years if a daca recipient. green cards to immigrants who pay taxes and applies to immigrants who arrive before 2021. a certain rich irony happening in washington, don't you think?
7:10 am
you referred to it. you are putting up a wall around the capitol and preventing one from continuing on the southwest border. >> i don't know how you can do this and not have border security or border wall be part of the conversation. all this talk about unity and working together. we can't have one-sided policies and ideas and not work together. this is not what the american people deserve and we're hurting right now and struggling. people are out of work, kids are out of school. people desperate to get vaccinations. this should be our focus now for the future of our country. >> dana: indeed. you are there in charleston. what are people on the ground saying to you? you have to go home for this week to touch base with everybody. you have been in d.c. for a few weeks. >> right. when i am home in charleston i'm somewhere in the district every day meeting with people. the issue this week has been based around our debt as we continue to discuss the 1.9 trillion. i'm hearing that every day now.
7:11 am
people are worried. it is something that nobody is talking about. >> dana: so interesting that issue comes back around. thank you so much, congresswoman. great to have you. >> thank you. >> dana: talking about this. a major city slashing its budget for school police diverting millions of dollars for racial equity. can climate coaches make schools safer? the women of the view finally agree on. what they say about new york governor cuomo. carley shimkus joins us next. >> there is no empathy coming from governor cuomo at will. completely and utterly ghoulish in the way he talked to people. hasn't apologized to families who lost family members in this way. retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income
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>> dana: conservative talk radio pioneer rush limbaugh died yesterday. he was 70 years old. dominant force on the airways for deck adds. he was one of the most influential voices in republican politics and architect of the modern conservative movement and much more. a very gracious person. >> bill: so many stories being told over the past hasn't been 24 hours and many more will be told. the quiet generosity by which he lived his life is just now emerging. i think about tunnel to towers and frank siller and the millions of dollars he helped raise. their relationship came late in rush's life. i was on the air with harris when the news broke. i got an email from a gentleman i hadn't seen if years and he runs an organization in baltimore, maryland. he said this is such a small story that says so much about their kindness talking about
7:18 am
kathryn and rush. he said somehow they learned about our mission serving critically ill children and then they started to send large shipments of stuffed animals and electronics to each of our pediatric hospital and respite facilities. they then funded the creation of a beautiful healing garden. in maryland. i never had the pleasure of meeting or even talking to them. they did this quietly without expectation of anything in return. it was simply pure kindness. >> dana: that is true charity when you ask for nothing in return. >> bill: we have heard so many stories about rush and the impact they have had on people and his life and this is a clear example of how you can change lives. >> dana: probably a lot more where that came from, too. >> bill: i agree. 18 minutes past the hour. rest in peace, rush. we'll give you details on his funeral and arrangements when they come available us to. they don't agree on much but
7:19 am
governor andrew cuomo managed to bring together the women of the "the view". his handling of the nursing home crisis. carley shimkus with us 24/7. one from the left, one from the right. here is how it went down yesterday. roll it and watch. >> i asked him the question about the nursing home deaths when he was on the show. and i thought he was a bit evasive then and now in retrospect really evasive. >> i have a lot of anger towards this story. i think the media has done a really piss poor job of covering this in all ways. >> bill: it's cable. did not see that. sorry. what's up, carley? >> the view is a good representation of how democrats and republicans agree on this scandal. governor cuomo is making things
7:20 am
worse for himself through that press conference that was widely panned through threatening people according to ron kim. those two things, threats and lies are two things that democrats constantly accuse president trump of and reacted with glee with drama at the white house or the former president made an inaccurate statement. my, have the tables turned. governor cuomo was initially presented as and presented himself as something that was a straight shooter throughout those press conferences and somebody who was above the drama. two weeks ago he said incompetent governments kill people criticizing president trump for that. a bit of a different story today. >> dana: he finds himself a little lonely today when democrats and republicans start agreeing you find yourself in some hot water. can i also ask you about this? i'm not too up to speed on the
7:21 am
kardashians. one is being attacked for cultural appropriation from this tweet. kendall jenner coming out with her own tequila brand. it rubs me the wrong way, like the idea of white -- yet -- >> it is a cancel culture world, guys. we're living in it. kendall jenner comes out with a tequila brand. two tweets out of many examples on social media. this surprised me. george clooney has a tequila brand.
7:22 am
if she is getting criticism and he isn't i think that's sexist. what do you say, bill? >> bill: i agree. what else will i do? you would cancel me. it is call 818, the area code. >> people are criticizing her for naming it after her 818 the california area code. said it should have had something to do with mexican heritage. i was surprised she came out with this brand. she was a super model and not necessarily into tequila. >> bill: she wants to make money. >> dana: it doesn't have much sugar, right? i can't even smell tequila. >> i can't, either. bill, i bet you like tequila. >> bill: maybe on a friday. you guys had a bad experience, right? what it means you can't smell it. >> dana: i think my mom is watching. >> i think my mom is, too. yaeger was my bad experience.
7:23 am
i think the reason this is happening is because the kardashian/jenner family have been canceled so many times through, you know, i remember when kim kardashian tried to make her skim line, a line of clothing called kimono and considered cultural appropriation as well. sometimes they respond, sometimes they don't. >> bill: here is what i want to say carley and dana, you are both right always. >> you are the best, bill. >> dana: a guy with sisters. a volcano in italy erupting spewing ash and plumes of smoke into the sky. two states very different strategies, similar covid trends appearing to leave the white house coronavirus advisor completely baffled as to what is going on. >> the virus continues to surprise us, very hard to predict. around the country we need to do a better job. i think we are but we're not done yet.
7:24 am
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>> dana: a massive eruption from europe's most active volcano. the blast temporarily shut down an airport in sicily. >> bill: new york city food bloggers say they get death threats for posting videos eating at restaurants. the city resumed indoor dining at 25% capacity just about a week ago. >> dana: republican candidate for california governor john cox making another $1 million donation to his campaign to recall governor newsom. organizers have exceeded the 1.5 million signatures needed to call for a new election. scan the qr code on your screen there and go to >> bill: historic winter storm continues. continues to pummel texas. turning into a full blown electricity crisis with
7:30 am
millions losing power across the lone star state. the failure of the power grid taking an especially heavy toll on businesses. already trying to operate in an unprecedented conditions. grady trimble is with a rancher in texas. >> no power or intermittent power here. the equipment won't start because it's so cold and water supply for the animals has frozen. those are some of the challenges that they're dealing with at this ranch. john paul is the rancher here and you have heard even worse stories at other farms and ranchs across the state. >> these folks. we're not equipped for these temperatures. it's calfing season. the cold weather is affecting
7:31 am
anything. frostbite on the ears and lost 10% of their calf crop due to these conditions. >> this is food for this state. the state ag commissioner issued a warning about a food shortage. a red alert. farmers and ranchers across the state are reporting the interruptions in electricity and natural gas are having a devastating effect on their operations. will we see what we saw at the beginning of the pandemic with meat shortages and other crop shortages? >> i think you will. it's already kind of showing up because the inventory of the stores have been wiped out. trucks aren't able to move things in now because of the ice on the roads and everything. there is some stored in warehouses, that kind of stuff. but it all starts right here on the place. if we're not able to get animals to market, to the processors, the processors to the stores, it will create a hiccup in the system.
7:32 am
>> john paul mentioned this, what struck me on my drive out here on the highway is the lack of semi trucks which are crucial to getting that food supply out to the grocery stores. >> no doubt about it. >> bill: good luck to everybody. south of dallas is where this ranch is. >> contrast states like florida and california. california basically in lockdown and their numbers aren't that different from florida. >> there is so much of this virus that we think we understand, we think we can predict that is a little beyond our explanation. we know the more careful people are, the more they mask and social distance a quicker we vaccinate the quicker it goes away and less it spreads. >> dana: that was the white house senior advisor on covid. california has added 9,000 more new cases than florida in the last seven days. the total number of covid cases as a percentage of the population are sometime lar. of course, californians are
7:33 am
facing much stricter lockdown measures that folks in florida. want to talk to ari fleischer. any sympathy for those at the white house trying to pass a $2 trillion covid relief bill and still say they can't get a handle on it. they don't know what's going on. things are changing. >> a lot of sympathy. when it comes to governing it is not as easy as it is when it's campaigning when we say we'll shut down the virus as joe biden once said. the other thing that is so puzzling about all the science and everything else we've been told that is supposed to work, the covid numbers have been plunging across america. the number of new cases and hospitalizations in the middle of the winter. we were told winter is when it would soar. instead it's dropping. i think he is right when he says there is a lot about covid that nobody understands. >> bill: okay. so a little bit beyond our explanation. doesn't that peel back the curtain? think about all the heat the
7:34 am
trump administration took and now they're in the line of fire. >> well, that's right. that was my point about when joe biden said during the campaign i'm going to shut down the virus, where was the press saying you are exaggerating, unrealistic. they just went with it. when joe biden on december 2 said it's a fact, it's just a fact i'm going to level with you, there will be 250,000 more deaths between now and january, instead there were only 76,000 deaths. where was the press saying joe biden is using covid to exaggerate how bad it is. that way he will get credit for how good it eventually becomes. they slammed donald trump for everything and they are so easy on joe biden. that's what troubles me. good to start to see a little pushback like you showed on that interview but it is lot east -- >> dana: where the see the pushback coming is on the schools reopening issue. here is kamala harris on the
7:35 am
"today" show after the town hall biden had tuesday night. watch. >> was it a mistake for the cdc to connect school reopening to how much infection there is in a community? >> well let's first say this. in the last four weeks schools are opening every week. more schools are opening. they want to go back to school, we want them to go back to school. teachers want to teach. >> what about the cdc guidance then, that's the question. >> dana: do you start to see this? parents out there, republican or democrat doesn't matter. they're agreeing on the issue that kids need to be back in school and the administration seems to be on the wrong side of this. >> when something goes wrong inside your home, when it changes your lifestyle and ability to work as a parent, when it changes to get your kids out the door to get an education, that hurts. people are fed up with this. it has been going on too long. when the head of the cdc said you can safely put students in school and you see the
7:36 am
administration is not doing that, listening to the unions particularly in the cities who say everybody has to be vaccinated first when there is no scientific evidence for that yeah, it's starting to frustrate a lot of parents. joe biden, who has a town hall this week said i will always level with you. he is not leveling with people when it comes to sending their kids back to school. it is safe and they should go. >> bill: do you sense a shift in the media? you said they just went with it referring to the information that they were given over the past year. >> bill, it's fascinating. when donald trump was on the scene they were really easy on joe biden. when it came down to are they going to cover the story in a way that makes joe biden look bad or donald trump look back it was 99-1 make donald trump look bad. now that donald trump is gone from the scene you do start to see some anchors. you just played them, pushing back on biden administration officials. it is welcome. it should have been that way all along and always been 50/50, roughly 50/50. at least now they are starting
7:37 am
to get the sea legs of opposition back. i would like to see more it and every day. >> bill: california's percentage of cases based on population is 8.8%. florida 8.3. these are two different planets, ari. last comment. >> you look at how the press covered the governor of georgia and florida and the governor of south dakota, all republicans. they've been turned against them since covid began. and that's the bias that i see in the press coverage when as you point out what's the difference between california with its lockdowns and effect on covid? i would much rather be in florida. >> dana: thanks to see you, ari. >> bill: in a moment the biden administration pushing for a $15 federal minimum wage as restaurants face very tough decisions. some conditions they've never experienced. would a wage hike put them out of business?
7:38 am
plus far left congresswoman aoc connecting the dots between the devastating power outages in texas and a green new deal. what is she saying about that coming up next. >> if we relied solely upon green energy it would be a challenge. if you have risk factors like heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪ vascepa, when added to your statin,... clinically proven to provide 25% lower risk from heart attack and stroke. vascepa is clearly different. first and only fda approved. celebrate less risk. even for those with family history. ♪ don't take vascepa if you are... ...or become allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. serious side effects may occur like heart rhythm problems and bleeding. heart rhythm problems may occur in more people... ...with persistent cardiovascular risk
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>> dana: democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez saying a green new deal would have helped texas prevent a crippling black-outs that left millions out power during the winter storm. she made the comment in a tweet referring to infrastructure failures. yeah, infrastructure failures in texas are quite literally what happens when you don't pursue a green new deal. check this out. this is what rick perry said about it. >> the key here is to have a diverse energy sources. that will be natural gas, coal and nuclear. if this green new deal goes forward we'll have more events like we've had in texas all across the country. >> dana: energy issues are frustrating when people try to go to the corners and say you can do all renewables. there is a place for a mix. >> bill: i'm old enough to
7:44 am
remember when climate change was global warning. >> dana: when the inconvenient truth came out. al gore's movie. i was working for the white house council january something. it was the coldest day of the year in 2004 so far. it was -- when the movie debuted. can't make it up. >> bill: here we go. national restaurant association urging congress against increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour forcing businesses to cut jobs and raise menu prices or shut down all together. the president of sergio's family restaurant in miami is here. thank you for your time. lay it out. what do you see if we went there? >> well, already passed in florida and we protected 300,000 it will cost our restaurant every year. now, such an increase cost during a pandemic is tough to swallow. i think when you look at
7:45 am
metropolitan areas such as san francisco, new york and the budget office said it will cost 2.7 million jobs. what a lot of people don't know is that there is a secret -- something secret in this bill n. this bill they are targeting restaurants. that's very important. the tip credit. they want to eliminate the tip credit. it's important. it allows restaurants basically for the front of house employees not pay the minimum wage, pay less because they get tips per table. and we restaurateurs are the safety net. we say if you don't hit the minimum wage we'll pay the difference. think about that. if we eliminate that, 60 to 70% front house staff will double the labor cost and the insurance industry, realtors.
7:46 am
they don't pay an hourly wage to their employees, it's commission-based. restaurants will be targeted in this bill that will cause dramatic effects to our industry. why are we doing this? we're the economic ladder for soft skills for so many minorities, so many young people to learn about hospitality and customer service. we don't know how long it will take for our industry to recover. >> dana: i want to ask you i loved my job as a restaurant way back when. i got paid $2 and you made tips and the way you did that. what are you hearing from employees, waiters and waitresses or other people front of the house employees? do they like the idea of the $15 an hour minimum wage without the tip credit or would they prefer to stay with tips? >> they prefer to stay with tips. a lot of people want to have -- servers can make 40, 60, 80,000 a year. what's great about our industry, you can work three to four hours in a mid shift, drop
7:47 am
off kids in daycare, come pick them up and go back home. our industry the tip sales model model provides that flexibility. five years ago we talked about income disparity between back of the house and front of the house. we aren't really addressing that issue right now. that's unfortunate. we're trying to do a one size fits all policy. there are solutions out there that can resolve this very easily. we talk about transparency wage is one of the solutions. we had the data when wal-mart decides to increase wages and have to declare it target automatically increases wages. you talk about every city has a different standard of living. through transparency wages the market loves that. by doing that it lifts the boat for everyone else and we can add earned income tax credits that if someone does not make that in the federal and state level we can expand those
7:48 am
programs and if you are working hard and producer and don't make enough salary we'll increase your income through the tax codes. so there are solutions out there. >> bill: some people think you hold a gun to their head. a lot of people who own small businesses say we can't hold onto the jobs. carlos, i hope you come back. you make your point very interesting. dana and i both lived on the tip credit at one time in our lives. it can be done. carlos, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: activist in one of america's most violent cities suggesting we pay killers not to kill people. tyrus is here on that next. serena williams getting candid with reporters following a very tough loss. >> i don't know if i have to say farewell i wouldn't tell anyone.
7:49 am
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ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at today's all-time low interest rates plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa. >> bill: serena williams cutting a news conference short.
7:54 am
australian open down under, semifinals. this as she was trying for a record tying 24th grand slam. amazing. here is what she said post match. >> it was errors, i made so many errors today. it was opportunities where -- i don't know. i'm done. >> dana: it did break my heart. she is amazing, amazing athlete. 39 years old. a mom. 24th grand slam win. feel for her and she made a few errors left to fight another day. >> they forget there are real people on the other side of the letters they're writing. we're real community members. we have kids or have known kids
7:55 am
who have gone to these schools and have a vested interest in this process. they don't know what is behind the scenes and it is unfortunate. they want their babysitters back, right? >> right. >> dana: this video showing school board members in california appearing to mock parents frustrated with remote learning. let's bring in tyrus. we hear a lot from what parents are thinking and teachers are thinking. this doesn't represent all teachers but a little bit of a moment that is eye opening for the parents in this city in california. >> the days of the teachers conference room are gone. now it's zoom. anything you want to say in the new zoom conference room you better be able to say to everybody. are we alone? no, ma'am, you are not alone. so again, it goes back to the frustration and i get it. teachers are frustrated. parents are frustrated. teachers union seems to be
7:56 am
getting a break and they're at the center of all this as far as we need to get kids back in the classroom. >> bill: the line is they want their babysitters back. what an insult that is? >> to be honest with you, man, i was a teacher, i'm a parent, i get it. the frustration. there is -- that's a common -- teachers and doctors talk like that about patients. people say things like that. we're all being honest and real we've had an interview or two we've been like that was something i wish i could get back. so i'm not worried about it so much as the talking trash aspect of it. teachers and board members do this. it's what they do. if we get stuck on what one dummy says in a moment of frustration, we kind of get away from the real issue. getting our kids back to school. teachers talking trash in their little thing is irrelevant to me. i think the american people, get back to work. >> bill: last point. makes them look awful, i would say that, right? >> it's not a good look at all.
7:57 am
>> dana: you are right. if you're doing something on a conference call or zoom it can show up anywhere including on our show. want to ask you about this. los angeles students basically are now if you can put this up there the l.a. board president student safety is everyone's responsibility and creating a school environment centered in students' social and emotionall well-being. the black student achievement plan achieves we're working to promote equity across the district. they'll remove many of the police officers down there and redirect that money in the los angeles school district. what do you think? >> it drives me crazy. apparently you can't have one without the other. it is ridiculous and the height of what we see in the media as far as race baiting goes. the only way you can fund black african-american students education is by getting rid of the police department or police officers in the school? police officers in the school are crucial.
7:58 am
they literally just their presence alone. seeing a uniform in the hallway is a deterrent. not having that there and not having the experienced officer there is a letdown for all kids. it goes back to the same thing. you can't have both. defunding the police department is the only way to take care of minority students? there is a word for it that i cannot use during this time of day starting with a b and it's embarrassing. >> bill: here in baltimore there is a report that claims a baltimore activist suggested paying killers not to kill in order to drive down the murder rate. the sound bite clip. watch. >> i can relate to the shooters. guess what they want? they want money. you can't stop the shootings. no one in this world has proven to stop the shootings, not even the church. what we can do is put them in compliance. >> bill: we wanted you to weigh in on that. what do you make of it? >> this theory i get it in
7:59 am
principle. why don't we pay liars and make tax credits for cheating spouses? that's not the issue. it is education in our country, investing in our cities. it is not paying someone not to kill. all you are doing is giving them more money to buy more guns or whatever they want in the first place. every time you get something without earning it there is bad effects. that's the old schooling in me. let's not pay criminals to be criminals. let's pay the people who need the funding to help our criminals become upstanding citizens. >> bill: love your t-shirt, too. >> dana: thank you. we talked -- you were a waiter, i was a waitress. what was your biggest fail? >> i had 19 jobs between the age of 16 and 21. far too much to go into now. i think the worst mistake i made was being an underage bartender in cincinnati, ohio.
8:00 am
i had no idea what i was doing. i did all kinds of mixed drinks. i had no clue. they must have been terrible. >> dana: are you a good bartender at a house party now? >> house drinks. >> dana: stay safe. now is "the faulkner focus". >> harris: the showdown over immigration is about to heat up even more on capitol hill. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". democrats this hour are set to unveil a sweeping immigration reform bill backed by president biden which includes pathway to citizenship for some 11 million undocumented people. it is the most ambitious effort yet to roll back former president trump's border enforcement policies and it comes as a group of migrants are again on the move. yes, a caravan moving north toward the u.s. the senate


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