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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> looks like he was skinny dipping there. wow. thanks, jesse. that was scary. that's it for us, folks. "special report" is up next. hey, bret baier. >> bret: never go with a man bun. thanks, juan. millions remain without power and the death count rises as brutal winter weather maintains its grip on much of the nation. federal investigators look at andrew cuomo amid cover-ups in nursing homes. and is the cancel culture coming after you? the growing power of internet mobs. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. the death toll is climbing as americans shiver from the coldest weather of the season. a problem compounded by a lack of power and water in the south. 36 deaths are being attributed to the situation. texas is particularly hard hit
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tonight. that is strangely turning out the political heat on texas senator ted cruz. casey stegall is in dallas. good evening, casey. >> bret, good evening. many parts of texas are getting the power on after days of no heat. 361,000 without. tonight, the governor, greg abbott, says he's working hard to get to the bottom of what went wrong. >> i'm taking responsibility for the current status. again, i find what has happened unacceptable. >> day four of the storm and a quarter of all texans were advised to boil their water. that is if they had water at all. >> my mother lives a mile down the road. two days ago her pipes broke and her house flooded. >> frozen equipment and busted pipes causing chaos. >> hundreds stood in line in austin, dallas and houston for
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water and other supplies. >> there's no way these stores will have enough food. nobody is coming in. nil is filling shelves. >> and there could be a larger problem. >> we're not equipped for these kinds of temperatures. >> farmers worked to save animals and crops. >> if we're not able to get animals to market to the processers, the processers to the stores, it's going to create a hiccup in the system. >> gas is in high demand and short supply. >> we stuck here. i have nine miles left to go. we have to find something within nine miles from here. >> texans aren't alone. people in oregon are still reeling from the storm there. >> charging my phone right now in my car. >> which hit well before it hit texas. >> i have not seen a utility truck. i haven't seen one truck. >> oklahoma was also hard hit with traffic brought to a
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standstill. in louisiana, ice blocked storm drains and led to massive street flooding. anger is murdering about the electric reliability council of text, which manages the independent power grid. as the only sliver of texas not on the grid like el paso fared much better. >> blame can be assessed soon. >> ted cruz found himself in the hot seat on thursday after pictures surfaced on social media showing him board ago flight to cancun as many of his constituents were left freezing. after being called out, he was seen on camera coming back to the u.s. >> we can tell you the senator just landed in houston not long ago before his flight. he released a written statement saying that with school out and with no power that his daughters asked if they could take a trip
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with their friends, and he said trying to be a good dad, he flew down there with them and flew back. bret? >> bret: casey stegall live in dallas. the piling on continues against andrew cuomo over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his response to the grows criticism. bryan llenas has more from new york. >> tonight andrew cuomo of being a bully by members of his own party. >> continue to yell and let me know that i haven't seen his anger. >> that after ron kim publicly accused cuomo of trying to cover up a growing covid-19 nursing home scandal. kim says cuomo threatened to destroy his career. kim is not alone in his thoughts of the governor. >> he's a bully. >> nobody is surprised by this. this is a governor that is very
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vindictive. >> the new york post called him a raging bully. new york city's democratic mayor bill de blasio doesn't believe it. >> that's classic cuomo. the bullying is nothing new. i believe kim and it's very sad. >> pressure is mounting on governor cuomo from all sides. his administration is reportedly the subject of an investigation by the fbi and u.s. attorney in brooklyn over whether his covid-19 task force purposely withheld nursing home death toll data from state lawmakers. the department of justice and the public for fear of political consequences. democratic leaders are set to move as early as next week to strip governor cuomo of his emergency pandemic powers. for their part, republican state assembly members announced today that they will set up an impeachment commission. a report by new york's attorney
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general laticia james found the cuomo administration undercounted nursing home deaths by as much as 50% and cuomo's executive action requiring covid-19 possibility hospital patients back into nursing homes may have led to more deaths. >> the covid-19 positive patients were sent to nursing homes where seniors were killed to the tune of 15,000 people. that is the root crime that needs to be investigated. >> nearly two dozen republican state assembly members have formally asked the national academy of television arts and sciences to vacate the emmy they awarded to cuomo for his covid-19 news briefing. bret? >> bryan llenas in new york. thanks. >> bret: breaking tonight, the country's top diplomat says the united states is ready to engage
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in diplomacy with iran. tony blanken made the statement to european allies. rich edson is here. >> the state department says they're willing to resume discussions with iran. the potential first step of getting the united states back into the iran nuclear agreement. state department officials said there was no time line. the united states would accept an invitation would meet with iran, china, russia, u.k., france and germany. the same countries that agreed to the 2015 nuclear deal. in 2018, president trump with drew the u.s. to the agreement. soon after, iran began violating the terms of the deal. the biden administration said that the u.s. would rejoin only if iran returns to compliance first. the tom republican, michael mccall said the trump administration created leverage for president biden on iran. we should not squander that
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progress. this afternoon secretary state anthony blanken said the us is announced their intention to return to diplomacy with iran. iran says they will expel nuclear inspectors unless the u.s. drops sanctions by this sunday. the foreign minister demanded sanctions relief tweeting remove the cause, if you fear the effect, we'll follow action with action. now, a state department official says that the united states is relaxing travel restrictions against iranian diplomats. those are restrictions that were put on the trump administration. bret? >> bret: rich edson at the state department. thanks. president biden postponed a planned trip to michigan today because of the weather. his team in washington continues to work on a major immigration policy overall. there's serious concerns about whether the bill would get enough support to get through the senate. kristin fisher has details
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tonight. >> congressional democrats unveiled president biden's sweeping immigration reform bill by opening with the question that matters most. >> does this bill have any chance of passing the senate with 60 votes? the answer is you won't know until we try. >> all of the presidents predecessors, republicans and democrats have tried but failed to pass immigration reform. >> convictions run deep when it comes to immigration. >> lord knows we need to reform our immigration system. >> to every citizen call congress and tell them to finally after all of these decades to secure our border. >> but their failures haven't stopped president biden from trying again. at the center of his u.s. active, an eight-year pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants and would raise the caps for visas and replace the term "alien"
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with noncitizen. so far the proposal has no republican support. house minority leader kevin mccarthy said democrats have a plan to open america's borders but not america's schools. tells you everything you need to know. president biden and congressional democrats are signalling while they're pushing ahead on immigration reform, they're open to a more piecemeal approach with smaller stand-alone bills with a better shot of becoming law. >> i salute the president for putting forth the legislation he did. there's others that want to do piecemeal and that may be a good approach, too. >> today the biden administration officially rolled out new instructions, on immigration and custom enforcements officers that are qualified for deportation. ice confirm as limited number of ice detainees have begun to receive the covid-19 vaccine even as millions americans await
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their first shot. now, we did not see president biden at all today, but he did put out a statement and reads in part, "these are not democratic or republican priorities but american ones. i've laid out my vision for what it will take to reform the immigration system and i look forward to working with congress to get this done." bret? >> thank you. congressional lawmakers looking for answers about the wild wall street activity last month. surrounding the gaming company, gamestop. chad pergram has specifics tonight. >> a tense hearing as lawmakers question market manipulation escalated the price of gamestop. >> you're doing a great job of wasting my time. >> who really controls the markets? big-time investors or the little guy? >> many americans feel that the system is stacked against them and no matter what wall street always wins.
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>> that's not what happened with gamestop. little guy investors scooped up shares and video game merchandiser gamestop. the stock went viral. shares swelling to nearly $500 apiece. lawmakers interrogated keith gil who helped spike the stock on red it. >> i'm not a cat. >> gamestop prices ballooned to 1,600%. the stock plummeted to a fraction of that. >> the idea that i use social media to promote gamestop is preposter rouse. >> many investors made their trades via robinhood costing investors money. brokerages defended pausing the trade so they could protect themselves first. >> protecting customers from selling is a difficult and painful experience and because they're able to access their money. >> lawmakers are mulling
3:13 pm
penalties for raising prices and not sound fundamentals. >> we spend a lot of time ensuring the authenticity of our platform. in the specifics, we didn't see any signs of manipulation. >> republicans fear democrats will overreact with more regulation. >> i don't fall for this inequitable regulatory structure that d.c. has created. >> market volatility has scooped big and small investors. that's why lawmakers say the most important thing is to instill confidence in the market itself. but they don't agree on how. bret? >> bret: chad, thank you. the number of americans applying for unemployment aid rose last week to 861,000. that is up 13,000 from the previous week which was revised sharply higher. stocks were down today. the dow lost 120. the s&p 500 dropped 17. the nasdaq fell 100. long-time kansas senator bob
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dole, age 97, says he has stage 4 lung cancer. dole says his first treatment will begin monday. dole lost to bill clinton in the 1996 presidential election and gerald ford's presidential nominee in the 1976 election. up next, is the cancel culture crowd coming after you? we'll bring in that story. first, some of our fox affiliates around the country. in greenville, south carolina's governor signs into law a bill banning most abortions. planned parenthood has filed a ral lawsuit to stop the measure from going into effect. the state attorney general in south carolina says he will defend the law in court. fox 11 in los angeles is one of the two major republican candidates running in the likely california gubernatorial recall election invested another million dollars of his own money in his campaign. john cox is hoping to succeed in battle democratic governor gavin newsome who face as possible
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recall over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. and this is a life look at nashville from one of our affiliates down there. one of the big stories tonight, dolly parton asks tennessee lawmakers to withdraw a bill that would erect a statue of her on the capitol grounds. parton says given all that is going on in the world, i don't think putting me on a pedestal is appropriate at this time. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. every veteran family has earned the right to their american dream. the freedom and pride that comes with owning their own home. at newday usa we help more veteran families every day make the most of their va home loan benefits.
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>> bret: there's growing concerns about the power and influence of internet mobs. individuals or groups ready to wreak havoc and unleash the cancel culture with the click of a button. mark meredith has more on whether there's adequate defense for you or your business. >> bachelor host chris harrison
3:20 pm
is fighting for his career. he gave an interview to "extra" in which he did not condemn a contestant that attended an antebellum party three years ago. he stepped away from his duties but it shows a trend. >> it's cancel culture. people are online all the i'm too. they're outraged. >> last year goya foods faced protests after its ceo voiced support for president trump. internet mobs catch most people off guard. >> you can go from coasting along in your life to being under attack and fighting for survival for your business and in many cases facing physical threats. >> instagram influencer kendall
3:21 pm
jenner is promoting a tequila drink. >> we have to be more careful about our words, which i think is a concern for open expression. >> melissa mendez talked about cancel culture discrimination. she's pushing for housing and employment options. >> when it comes to internet mobs, there's no one size fits all for fighting back. some clients are advised to stay quiet and others speak up. it depends on the case. this issue is more relevant by the day and bret, no end in sight. bret? >> bret: mark, thank you. facebook is blocking australians from sharing news stories escalate ago fight with the government over whether powerful
3:22 pm
tech companies should have to pay news organizations for content. australia's government is condemning the move, which also blocks some government communications including messages about emergency services and some commercial pages. up next, searching for clarity in president biden's strategy with questions about his covid relief package and vaccinations. we'll have the republican perspective live when we come back. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. ♪ ♪ the chevy silverado trail boss.
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>> bret: as we told you earlier, president biden's trip to michigan was postponed by the weather. he's expected to get a look at one of the major coronavirus operations today, which brings us to the increasing uncertainty over the president's covid relief package. his plan to reopen schools and the vaccination strategy. peter doocy has more from grand rapids, michigan. >> two days after semis rolled away from a pfizer facility, president-elect biden said -- >> we finally got good news with the vaccine approval. >> by february, different story. >> it's one thing that the vaccine which we didn't have when we came into office. >> the vice president goes so far as to say -- >> in many ways we're starting from scratch. >> even though a month ago dr. anthony fauci said -- >> we're not starting from scratch. there's activity going on in the
3:27 pm
distribution. >> schools closed under president trump and will reopen under president biden. what will it take? biden had been saying guidance. >> we have to make sure businesses and workers have the tools and are resources and the guidance, the health and safety standards to keep schools and businesses open safely. >> now they got that guidance from the cdc. >> we have presented pieces of this guidance to the white house. >> no white house plan for opening schools as promised. biden is eyeing a return to normal life at the end of the year. >> by next christmas, i think we'll be in a very different circumstance, god willing. >> white house advisers aren't so sure. >> the rest of us are hired to get the job done, not make forecast and make predictions. >> maybe all of this confusion stems from biden not getting the word out the way he wants to. he had a prime time address in mind last month. >> next month, my appearance
3:28 pm
before a joint session of congress, i will lay out my build back better recovery plan. >> but that speech was never on the books. >> it's a great mystery. have not nancy drewed that one out yet. it was never planned to be in february. >> we've learned tonight that tomorrow's virtual g-7 meeting, president biden plans to make another pledge president trump did not want to. $4 billion in taxpayer dollars for the nonprofit gabi to vaccinate citizens in low income countries. >> bret: joining us tonight, mark short, former chief of staff to mike pence. thanks for being here tonight, mark. first, i want to ask you about the status of the biden agenda and what you see from your viewpoint about how they're doing and where republicans are as far as positioning ahead of
3:29 pm
2022. >> i think we all wish them great success in recovering from coronavirus and making sure that vaccines are distributed. i think there's an iron any when you hear them say that we're going to follow the science and all the science indicated the world should be open. looking at your last segment, cdc was consistent throughout the trump administration our last year saying schools should be open. they provided plenty of guidance to make sure schools would be open. the reality the teacher's union that have a strong grasp on the democratic party prevented childrens from getting back in the classroom. the science says schools should be open. the biden administration is more beholden to the teacher's union. >> and there's a rift with the more establish meant members of the gop like mitch mcconnell and former president trump. here's the senate minority leader now talking after the
3:30 pm
acquittal. >> even as the mob carrying trump banners, beating cops and breaching perimeters, the president sent a further tweet attacking his own vice president. >> you know, we saw a scathing statement from the former president about senator mitch mcconnell. this is your first interview since that. you're the former chief of staff to mike pence. tell us about january 6, where the vice president's mindset is after this and what is the fallout from it? >> well, bret, a lot there on january 6. i'll fast forward to the moment that we were in the senate moving from the house over to the senate chamber to debate
3:31 pm
arizona. the secret service asked him to leave and recess into his ceremonial office off of the senate floor. over the next few minutes, the secret service came in multiple times to ask the vice president to evacuate. he was resolute and saying i'm not going to evacuate. we're not going to allow them to win. the third time, they didn't give the vice president or his family a choice. they said we're taking you and evacuating. we went down to a secure location. we went by the motorcade. they said to the vice president, we can hold here in the vehicle. he said look, i trust you, tim, but once in this vehicle, you're going to take it away. i'm determined to stay here. i saw the vice president exert enormous leadership by calling senator mcconnell and pelosi and schumer to make sure that they
3:32 pm
were okay and how we can get back to finish the work of the american people. the frustration that he heard was the sense that the national guard was a little slower in getting there than leadership wanted. so the vice president offered to call secretary miller and general milley, which he did. they said we're moving as quickly as we can. convey that back to leadership. they had several calls. at some point it may take a few days to reconvene. at that point hi asked me to call the chief of police for the u.s. capitol to meet with us. because there were concerns that there could have been explosive devices and take a long time to clear the building. secret service offered to bring k-9 units in and the vice president and leadership were determined to say, we want to make sure that the sort of actions are not rewarded. we want to finish the business tonight. they pursued it. and he was in command and worked with leadership to make sure that that was executed that evening.
3:33 pm
it was a tragic day. for the party, it -- you know, the enter squabbles are less helpful. where we should be focused today is recognizing that democrat policies of opening our borders but not opening our schools and have taxpayers to pay for more wind mills in texas and killing millions of jobs is where we should be focused on our agenda that will bring our party back to together. the reality mitch mcconnell and the president, they accomplished an enormous amount together from passing incredible historic tax relief to passing deregulatory legislation. to con firming 230 judges and three supreme court justices. for them to work together would be much more constructive for the party moving forward. >> bret: a lot to unpack here, mark. i don't want to relive january 6 too much but this is a unique perspective.
3:34 pm
we haven't heard from the former vice president. you know, he didn't hear from president trump for a couple days from all that we've heard. the thing -- the tweet that happened is mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country, our constitution and giving states a change to certified a correct set of facts. u.s.a. demands the truth. you know, as he's making the case tweeting that out, as the vice president is being evacuated from capitol hill and people are chanting "hang pence", you i assumed talked to the president about this moment and that interaction. what is his feeling about the former president trump and that moment of time? >> bret, i think they forged a close friendship over four years and accomplished a lot for the american people. unfortunately the president received some bad advice in the last couple months of the
3:35 pm
administration. sadly from senior staff, he should have known better. the reality is since that day, the vice president was clear leading to january 6 what he viewed his constitutional responsibilities to be and the notion that any limited government conservative would suggest that our founders wanted any one person to unilaterally to accept or reject is foolishness. the reality is, they had multiple conversations before departed. the president thanked the vice president for service. told him he did a great job and had conversations since then including this week. so look, there's a lot that they accomplished together and they should be proud about. clearly on january 6, there's a difference of opinion about what the president's role would be and regret that i think the president was misled by some advisers. >> yeah. so just wrapping it up. they mended ties, the former vice president and the former president. the conversations that you've said have happened and do you feel like the party can come
3:36 pm
together, that mitch mcconnell side and the trump side? >> well, i think so. the president trump brought in millions of voters to the republican party. his agenda was i think incredibly beneficial for our country. i think that that agenda is something that we need to be pursuing. we need to be pursuing the policies that provide enormous growth for or economy. the policies that made us more secure on the world stage. those are the things -- he's the first president that took on china in a meaningful way. those are the policies that merged with traditional republicans and provide a winning coalition. focussing our attention of what the democrats are doing and how their agenda would unwind that is where we should be talking as opposed to the inner party squabbles. when i worked for mike pence, in 2010, we won 63 seats.
3:37 pm
he was consistent for providing messages how we stay together and united against the obama-biden and pelosi-schumer agenda. that's what we need again. >> bret: thanks, mark. appreciate your time. >> thanks, bret. >> up next -- >> touchdown confirmed. perseverance is on the surface of mars. >> earth invading mars again. we'll explain and tell you how. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh.
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>> bret: a man and woman involved in the shooting of two dallas police officers are dead tonight. police say the man took his own life and the officers were attacked while responding to a shooting call in a residential neighborhood. police chief says both will covered. all of the cold weather problems in dallas as well. nasa's latest mars rover is now
3:42 pm
hard at work on the red planet. the perseverance touched down two hours ago and the third space craft from earth to visit mars in just over a week. phil keating reports tonight from miami. >> touchdown confirmed! perseverance is on the surface of mars. >> interplanetary exodus. perseverance has successfully landed intact. these are the first low resolution images to prove it. >> one off of the top. >> it came after what nasa dubbed seven minutes of terror. the time taken for the rover to penetrate the atmosphere at 12,000 miles an hour, parachute, reverse thrust and cable down for a soft landing. it's the mars rover to land in a decade and comes loaded with
3:43 pm
equipment. 19 cameras, two microphones so humans can hear what mars sounds like on the suffers. it landed in a crater which scientists believe is an ancient river bed. >> just an amazing incredible day. it's part of our bigger exploration plans which involves understanding mars and the evolution of mars and whether there was life, ancient life. >> and the rover carries a four-pound helicopter to fly reconnaissance missions scoping out further on the surface and providing insight about a future human landing on mars. perseverance has moxie, an experiment to test oxygen of mars critical for a human landing there. every step of the way down today went basically flawlessly. this is the third space craft to reach the red planet this month.
3:44 pm
china's rover got their last week. bret? >> phil keating in miami. thank, phil. up next, a panel on president biden's immigration reform effort. the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $349 a month for thirty six months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. bipolar depression. it's a dark, lonely place. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. emptiness. a hopeless struggle. the lows of bipolar depression can disrupt your life and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms.
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>> immigration reform is an american priority. the president's priorities are towards thoughtfully managing the border, keep families together, grow our economy and address the root causes of migration from central america and make sure america is a refuge for those fleeing persecution. >> many are thinking this doesn't have a chance of passing with 60 votes. the answer is that we won't know know until we try. >> bret: until we try. many have tried to pass a broad immigration bill in congress and it has been in the circular file of congress. the trash bin. let's bring in our panel, byron york from "the washington examiner." harold ford jr., and trey gowdy from south carolina. trey, you've seen in immigration
3:49 pm
efforts on a broad sense. what about this one and its prospects? >> yeah, bret. center menendez is unsure if this bill will pass. it has no chance. it doesn't address border security. unless you address border security, you'll have the same conversation in two years, four years and six years. i don't want to be cynical, bret but both parties benefit from the debate over immigration. i wonder sometimes, the solution to me is not that hard. i wonder if there's an appetite for the solution because both sides benefit from the issue. >> harold, what about that? again, there's been multiple efforts. nancy pelosi is saying this is a great thing. we're not approaching it piecemeal. but actually in essence, is there some things to be done piecemeal until you can get the votes for a broader immigration plan?
3:50 pm
>> it's good to be on. thanks for having me on. it was almost 40 years ago, 35 years ago when president reagan passed the last package. what nonprofit would not review their practices and performances every 35 years? far more often than that i applaud biden for laying out a plan. he said he anticipates a response and reaction from congress. the laws have to be modernized. i hope we agree as we go through the process and i understand trey's point regarding this could be done and both sides benefit. both parties have tried to do this. it's important. democrats should be willing to concede on border security because it has to be at the core of any plans. republicans would have to be moral. kids were dying ripped out of
3:51 pm
their parent's office. we have to find common ground. not only will there be a political issue, but the country will continue to be torn apart and we'll find ourselves and perhaps a world edition and even larger number of people here illegally. >> bret: all i'm saying, byron, anything that begins comprehensive is dead on arrival or has in resent history. is there a possibility that you can get to common ground around the edges and advance the ball? eisenhower said you sign the things you agree on first and battle the things you don't agree on, a lot that democrats and republican as agree on but they don't get there because they're wrapped around this comprehensive thing that nobody can get across the finish line. >> you're right. there's a disease called comprehensivitis. it does affect congress on all sorts of issues. it will probably sink this one, too. the moment harold just referred
3:52 pm
to 35 years ago, a lot of republicans still feel burned by that. the deal was agree to amnesty for millions that are here illegally in exchange for stronger border security, which would prevent millions more from coming illegally. well, we got the amnesty because we didn't get the security. fast forward to 2013. the last time this has been tried gang of eight. got 68 votes in the senate. that is huge. 68 votes. 14 republicans among them. but they got it at the very last minute by promising billions and billions more more secure on the border but what they call virtual security, no wall, no physical barriers and fell apart in the house. >> trey, i want to ask you about the energy situation in glass. they're dealing with a horrible situation with the winter storm and the heat and the water. senator ted cruz essentially
3:53 pm
busted going to cancun. he said he was talking his kids there. now he's coming back to texas. a big deal or not a big deal? >> he never should have left. leaders are the first to pick up a difficult task and the last to put it down. they don't go to cancun and they don't blame their daughters for it if they do. yeah, it's a big deal. harold? >> i agree with trey. >> that's what you got. byron? >> a really, really bad idea. also cruz is already under fire for his actions in early january anyway. so bad months for him. >> bret: okay. whenever you end a panel with "bad month for him", that's not where you want to be. when we come back, a look at tomorrow's headlines for tonight. our car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry...
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>> bret: final way tonight, i look at tomorrow's headlines tonight. we'll start with harold. >> texas with the deadly winter storm. my father lives in texas. my prayers go out to all in the great state. [audio breaking up] >> bret: i think we lost that headline. there you go. something about texas. trey, you finish it up. >> i think i talked to john ratcliffe while this has been going on, i spent four years in texas. if i didn't live in south carolina, that's where i would live. my headline is " ted cruz fines texas a hell of a lot hotter than when he left." become a headline's space book cancels world.
3:59 pm
if you do anything to irritate them, they will cut you off even if your whole country. this headline may not be tomorrow but we may see it someday. >> bret: harold. >> texas is experiences deadly storm and political earthquake of the same time. let's fix our grid." >> bret: it's a big story. the texas stories a big story. we are going to stay on it. it's a shame what's happening. tomorrow we have -- every week we try to talk to real people as much as we can. we have all stir frank luntz out with a new focus group. hedge funds on wall street. considering what was happening on capitol hill with game stop and that hearing, this is really fascinating and i think you're going to enjoy seeing some of it. for people around the country, a focus group, democrats and republicans will get the input and the feedback here on special report. thank you for inviting us into
4:00 pm
your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts now. >> rachel: thank you. good evening and welcome. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i am rachel campos-duffy. president joe biden made two big promises on the campaign trail. he was going to save the soul of america and crush the coronavirus. he spent months hammering trump's virus response and he swore his administration would do better. that they would speak clearly and honestly and be transparent about every decision they made. and so far, they have done none of that, especially when it comes to reopening our schools. the administration has continued to move the goal post on when and how our children can return to the


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