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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  February 22, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ ♪ enormously. steve: welcome to next revolution, i am steve hilton, a positive populism, pro america. much more on our pandemic origin investigation. next week. but tonight we launch ourselves into target rich environment that is the biden administration, we use word administration loosely, people in charge not so much administering as to subjecting it a end lease streak the woke tweets, it adds up to a massive political opportunity for the republican party.
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despite what media want you to think. here to discuss it, lisa boothe. matt gaetz, pete hegseth. charlie kirk and more, here we go. put yourselves in their shows for a moment, joe biden, perhaps not shoes, slippers. when you were 22 years old, you told women who would become your first wife that you would be president when you met her parents, you would be president, president of what, you thought about this for a long time. on first day making sure biological men could play girl sports and tear down the wall you proclaim, the one protecting american's southern border, even though you once supported it, making sure federal employees
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can be in-- indoctrine rated with racism. force every small business to pay the same minimum wage, even if it costs millions of jobs, open the borders immediately. and more jobs are lost. and america goes back to years of wage stagnation. and energy independence, lower carbon emissions, you can't have that, block fracking, and kill the jobs that go with him. that is why america's caron emeg-- carbon emissions have fa. if. back to the iran deal, sucking up to xi jinping, snubbing israel, and losing respect on the world stage. i don't think that is what
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22-year-old biden was thinking about doing. is there anything that young joe biden or middle aged joe biden thought about that president biden is actually doing? you can say, well, the issues have changed, so the policies change, but what kind of 22-year-old announces he will be president? the kind of person who does not care about what he does, he is not in politics to do something, he just wants to be something, young joe biden sets about being president. a lifetime. as a machine politician, that is the central point about him. and gang of charlotte -- around him. they don't believe in anything, but their own personal advance am, they will say anything, they will do anything on in response to political pressure, right now, all of the pressure in
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democratic party comes from two places, the woke left. and the government union. that is why, we're subjected to all nonstop -- about historic this and that, what cares what the treasury secretary is corrupt on key policy question, she say woman, hoeschtic. -- historic.and disgrace of ames schools shut. who cares if children and family are suffers, the teacher unions are our owners, they must be obeyed. and biden harris gang are not really interested in substance. they care about message they send. not lives they are affecting. that is part one of the huge political opportunity for republican party, relentlessly, remorse.
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remorseless -- real world affect of biden's bosses, woke left and government union on real americans, part 2, media trying to make gop as divided, they want a republican civil war, why give them that satisfaction? , the republican party is united on ideas, policies. it was an intellectual revolution as deep and lasting as conservative revolution lid by goldwater, buckley and reagan a half century ago. economic policy, pro business on tax and regulation, pro worker on trade and immigration. in foreign policy, america first, china confronted endless wars ended it worked, peace deal in most that long evaded trump's predecessors. record numbers in work, lowest
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black and hispanic unemployment rates in history. trump conservative populism worked in political terms too, republican won highest share of nonwhite vote in 60 years. for who really thinks we should go back to the establishment economics and endless wars and sucking up to china? certainly not republican voters, this is the future for the g.o.p. positive and optimistic,a we say at starts of every show, positive populism, pro worker, pro america, build on trump's foundation, then, add new elements, to add more people to the coalition. on the big issues that animate younger voters, show that we have the solution, not the left. on race, it is decades of
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democrat policies and leaders that inflicted poverty, inequality and injustice on black americans and its conservative ideas like school choice that can turn things,. climb actor not democrats .-- empty gestures that will mae progress, but conservative ideas, harvesting power of markets and innovation. we should build on trump's foundation with conservative ideas to solve big long-term problem like collapses family formation, and growth of tral government power. but not just about policies, the g.o.p. needs to fight for democracy itself to fight democrats nancy and -- less ballot integrity, more ballot harvesting, g.o.p. must unite to stop it, perhaps above all to
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win back house, senate and white house, republicans need trump fighting spirit. standing up for decent working class americans, failed and dismissed by condescending elites, standing up for freedom of speech, even freedom of thought, put this program that is a winning combination, ideas and attitude majority of republicans to get behind, if you agree follow us. share the message when we post it joining me two people who are very much part of g.o.p. future, south carolina congresswoman nancy mace and author of fire brand, florida congressman matt gaetz, matt, seem that republican voters' republican pole sessions to attack the bad things that biden is doing not
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each other, there is material. >> i believe future of g.o.p. is another candidacy of president trump in 2024. a spend a couple hours with 45 president yesterday, he has a focus and a fighting spirit that is inline with the level of ded craigcasion, high have push back >> i don't see a republican party that is united. when you asked question, who wants to go back to forever wars and bad trade deals, and caravans crashing across the boredder, establishment republicans, and there are a lot of them inside of miles of washington d.c., you are right, america, united around america first set of policy ideas but for example, liz cheney remains
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spokesperson, and your next guest gave a speech encouraging fellow republicans to vote to keep liz cheney. this does demonstrate that there is america first, pro trump wing of party, and there is establishment wing, and establishment wants their power back. steve: but, to the point you made, don't you think that you know about what people really' to see, out there they want to policy implemented by republicans that we agree about, i that think majority of republicans, voters top see -- want to see, they want focus on be on rather than up fighting, they think how will that help. >> we have to know, who we are to be worthy of a victory in 2022, all history would indicate republicans to take back house
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of representatives, we have to be worthy of winning, we should fight against the biden administration having coalition u.s. back forced moving to syria, but we have a spokesperson of party who 1u7 supports that stuff, who thinks we ought to be in more wars and have lower wages for americans and invite illegals across the border. -- somehow beneficial to us, even if it hal. >> before we can our message. steve: i think that if a policy focus debate, ideas focused that is is good. that is what people' to see, there is unity about that outcome should be. from republican voters and out
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there. congressman gaetz, we will can't back with you in a moment. let's talk with south carolina congresswoman nancy mace. matt gaetz referenced you there, on policy matters there is not that much of a debate. president trump did achieve a big turn in the orientation of the party, toward the working people that have been left behind for so long, you see that in support come back to the party. no polls out showing -- more polls out showing that policies to support that adding to them, that appeal more to younger voters, that is a positive future, that i think majority of party can get behind. >> that is right, thank you.
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policy of trump administration we saw lower taxes, greater freedom of opportunity, and entrepreneurship they able to work for yourself, and have a dream, and see that dream to fruition where policy system brac open braced by former president, we should talk about millions of american who feel their voices not heard right now, that is how trump became so popular, that is important to take those ideas, we saw operation warp speed, vaccination forever covid-19 made in 10 months rather than 10 years, those are things policy wise to get back to. i never once gone after representative matt gaetz or said anything negative, i won't do that, i will not take the bait tonight, we have to follow the policies that make us freer and more prosperous and stop attacking one another, if we
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want to win 2 and 4 years from now. steve: yeah, not just, that positive alternative. but also holding the biden regime accountable for what they are doing, seeing, beginnings of an agendthat will hurt working americans. >> st is troubling last week, we saw -- the budget reconciliation policy, they did not allow a single republican amendment to pass, the talk about unity was just talk, there is not a two way street, it will be challenging over the next two years. steve: just one last thought to get your view on. point i mentioned, we can talk about policy but not just about
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policy but attitude, in particular people see onslaught of this leftist woke agenda. clamping down on free speech and free expression. i think people top see party as a whole fight back against that. >> right, problem is once you take our freedoms away it hard to get it back, we see that, look at it right now with left, and fencing and razor wire in dc but they won't fund a wall, they are more interested in keeping our borders open but not the schools. steve: well. appreciate you coming on. we'll see you sudden. >> thank you. steve: coming up, how the g.o.p. can fight back against one of the squads, top issues next. ♪ ♪ the chevy silverado trail boss.
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steve: welcome back, aoc last week tried to blame fallout from texas storm for the refusal to embrace her green new deal. here is me now florida
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congressman matt gaetz. you have been pushing this for a long time. over to you. >> i don't believe that americaa just an idea, is our home, we want our home to be beautiful, the green real deal would have investment across grid. we would be more resilient. not only against bad weather conditions but energy that leaks off our grid, market based solutions, smart government investment, can work hand in hand. to ensure that our people live better lives, and our environment is better. aoc 's green new deal, actually taking a position against having a extended amount of private investment in electric grid, she believes it should only be public equipment, then you get
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limited investment and then you have tragic circumstances. that tear at heartstrings of so many americans like we see in texas. when you asked in your monologue -- >> answer is the republican conference woman part of two-thirds republican congress that voted to keep liz cheney as republican spokesperson, i confess to you, my idea is why they are popular, they are in the minority of the minority in the united states congress. steve: well i think that, i don't want to get bogged down in, that i think that you have to. i have worked in political parties, broad range of views in the end you have to make a case for kind of vision you set out, you think it will work, in terms of winning elections bring your party with you, it is clear that argument has been won in direct that we've been talking about
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for a long time. and you know not everyone will share that but that does not mean that you have to kick everyone out who does not share your view, just mines they lost argument -- >> sure, everyone is welcome to be in the church, but not everyone is the pastor. you take one of few people that voted to impeach donald trump you make them a spokesperson for movement and two-thirds of republican say that is right we want to person to be the spokesperson, hard with a straight face to -- we're confident it will be reflected in congress it needs to be because stakes are so high we're fighting against a woke left, they want to change america, and if we don't have smart environmental policies, with green voter, democracies have a later likely -- democrats have a better likely wood of winning
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those long-term. steve: i agree, i appreciate what do are doing on it. the republicans do care about the environment, and protecting the world we share. but, in a smart way, that works, and helps the economy. rather than in the kind of counter productive way that democrats do. anyway could we'll have a lot more opportunity to talk about this issue and many more. this question of where the party heads in future is the big one. it is the agenda we need to get behind, and hold this administration accountable for its failings. if we look forward not back. that to me is key, matt geafts thank you. steve: we talk all about time first amendment and second amendment, there is another one that does not get as much attention, it could be a big
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part of g.o.p. future, we'll talk about it next with pete hegseth. don't go away.
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steve: welcome back, for years, i have been advocates for
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positive populism. people power. populism makes taking power out of the hands of the elite, putting it in the hands of the people, different to what democrats want. they all' to centralize power in the hands of the government. but also different to what establishment republicans have stood for, too often they have been too relaxed about concentration of power. whether big business, getting better -- bigger or expansion of the government in dc swamp. the power we see is un-american. he is amendment in constitution we don't focus, on tenth amendment. powers not delegated to united states, by the constitution nor prohibited are reserving to the states or to the people. we're miles from that, only
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g.o.p. could do something about it. you can't reform the federal government, you have to reduce it. let's honor the tenth, close down everything, but defense, treasury, state and justice. more power to the state. to communities, power to people. school choice, lower taxes, less regulation, called self-government, we need it now, more than ever. joining me to discuss it president and ceo of mississippi center for public policies douglas cogswell and pete hegseth. pete, just talk to me about how
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you think this can play a part in g.o.p. future, how we need -- -- focused on it. >> amen on 10 amendment, you are correct, we need a solution as big as the problem, thankfully our founders understood that, they gifted us article 5, gave power to state if federal government got so big, states could come together and pass amendments in their state, if enough pass they hold a amending convention to reign in federal government. it right there. they said, if the federal government -- we created. ever got so big we should put power back to the states and state legislators, there is a move. in article 5, right now, that is isfa gathering steam, you don't need governor signature,
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people's power pass the same amendment, you can balance the budget, put in term limits, for bureaucrats, and elected officials and rein the size. the federal government. >> well said, douglas, you, like me, if i could put thoughts in your -- you are a brit more in love with the constitution than perhaps many americans, what is your take on it? >> revised conservative movement needs to be as passionates about tenth as they are about first and second. there has been a lot of talk about draining swamp, we need a action plan to sidestep the swamp. we don't need to wait for progressives, if you look at you talk about a positive
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alternative to dc. if you look at some of what the states are doing, there are already some good initiatives. we need to not wait on the progressives in dc, but we need to exercise 10 amendment right and get out there and start right away to set out an alternative. if federal government wants to impose -- there are things we could do, we're doing here in mississippi with. >> to resist, that if that i want to impose an economic agenda and turn other 49 states to a giant version of california, there are things we could do at a state level to resist that. that is what we're starting in mississippi, that is future of conservatism. we should not try to assume people in massachusetts and michigan and mississippi will have the same priorities, they need to understand that, allow
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that and welcome it. steve: pete, we have to make it happen. we have all say and agree, but we have to put energy behind take the powers back, people in washington, they will will not give it back, we have to force them. >> absolutely right, state are doing things on constitutional carry. i love about international 5 article 5, a collective effort of the states to rein the federal government, we created you, now we can rein you in. if you get too big in dc we will pull that back, convention states article 5, is that answer, it's your show. positive populism for the american people, it really is. steve: right. and the beauty that, actually as
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we noted, republicans did really well, last year in state legislative elections, we could make it happen, thank you so much great discussion. >> thank you. steve: and all right coming up president biden announced last week he is ditching america first, how should g.o.p. respond. don't go away.
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steve: welcome back last week president biden told a munich security conference he is ditching america's first. >> back to what? >> starting wars in most, sucking up to china, selling out american workers? republican in washington have to understand that their voters, and new ones they hope to win over report them to fight this. >> no one. outside of bill way bubble agrees, america first agenda on foreign policy, but also
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economic policy like trade and immigration was not only successful but popular. a united g.o.p. that wins elections, with me now fox news contributor lisa boothe and host of rob smith is problematic podcast, rob smith. lisa, your take. >> who is standing up for america, not joe biden. decimating union jobs and american energy jobs, and it not just fact that democrat turn their back on working families. there is an arrogant with putting someone like john kerry, as the face of your climate agenda, and someone that told
12:44 am
the workers your livelihood is destroyed. the same guy, voted into office who said he had your backs, turn your backs on them, and like john kerry say, oh, just learn how to make solar panels in is an arrogance to it. they should stand up to the people, they don't have anyone fighting for them in dc . steve: a great way of putting it, rob. >> i think this republicans should not forget new people that trump brought into the party. i count myself as one, i cast my first vote for a republican in my life, for donald trump. and i think that if republicans and conservatives forget these new people that he brought into the party, if they don't know what to do with these people, don't know how to use our voice, republicans will get left behind, we have to look at that
12:45 am
and make sure we're engaging the new people, and we -- i'm tired of our side of republicans play against everything that left is for, we have to focus on the ideas that we have. because i believe that they are good ones, we have to talk about why big tech censorship is bad, and why, school choice is good. talk about election integrity. there are a large aim of people who don't people their votes counted, we have to focus on the issues and people that are in and make more arguments about what we're for, steve. steve: total agree. that is rail in many ways the theme of the whole show, rob, quickly. remind us what did bring you in? people would love to hear you explain what it was that led to fact that you voted republican for first time with donald
12:46 am
trump. >> it was an america first agenda. all your viewers know, i am a veteran, always loved this country, i got the feels that left has left america behind, and left people that love the country behind. more so, i saw a sort of populism that used to be on the left, but now left is the party of big corporations. the left is at party of total totallianism and long downs, and i see republican party as padrey of freedom, i saw that embodied on president trump. i like what he said, on his mind, he was open and honest, that is what i connected to, he was not a politician. and a lot of new people that came in, i think they could tell you the same thing, that is what we're want from our candidates moving toward, you had matt gaetz on, a great example of of a congressman that is a fighter,
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the new people, that are here because of trump, we want fighters we want people that are america first. we is sniff a mia conout like that, we know it. steve: i thought this way rob put it, positive, and optimistic and it is attractive. >> there are going to be so many opportunity for republicans heading to midterm elections, file optimistic about republican chances. we have seen so many americans ha see freedom is floating. -- is leaving, we left new york to come to florida for that very reason, with so many working families and small businesses, at drop of a hat, a american governor can take away your
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lively hood. even school choice. we have seen in last few month, individuals living in core communities don't have same opportunity. even energy workers who will lose their job as joe biden and john kerr pursue this liftist climate agenda. let's get back to the basics of what makes america great, joe biden is taking us away from everything that makes this country great. steve: there you are, a great discussion, i want to quickly give you a moment, rob on.
12:49 am
we have talked about an issue, school choice. particularlyon opportunity for republicans in the light of what has been going on in last year. >> you know, it a real big opportunity, and like i said, we have to start talking about why we are for school choice, with the biden administration, i am a glass half full kind of guy, he is awful for the country, but this is the opportunity to throw out so many red pills, that means, this is what makes you conservative. we can throw out the wednesday d pills show people what joe biden is doe, lisa brought up teacher's know, they are destroying the lives of so many children, we need to bureau down to what -- borrow down to is what going on, we need to figure out away to convey message that school choice is the right decision, and right thing to
12:50 am
push for republican party, and connection it to negative thing that people are seeing in their own lives in particular with the children and the teachers unions. >> and -- >> there you -- >> go ahead. >> i think there is an opportunity to dismantle union, on energy front, with union leader soldout, you know the jobs -- sold out and teachers union as well, showing they really don't care about the kids it is about them. steve: there you are. i want to send this discussion to everyone republican politician and decision maker, be like rob and lisa. >> we're not argue with you. steve: all right. >> grade. >> booth, smith -- 20 -- >> coming up why being pro
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family is being pro america, next with charlie kirk, don't go away.
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welcome back. years replicants and republicans claim to be the profamily party. regardless of who's in power what we've seen in america and other countries is a collapse in family formation and
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stability except among the rich. this is a minefield because they're worried things in their whole world might contradict her message. it's true no one has a perfect private life, but it is a disaster for our society if we don't put family policy first. joining me now author of the mega doctrine turning point usa founder charlie kurtz. your reaction. >> steve i agree. i don't understand why the republican party has not decided to play offense on this and rebuild the american family. every issue you've talked about so far on this program can all be solved long-term if we rebuild the american family. this all even a lot of the issues of the last year people talk about discrepancy based on race. if you rebuild the american family oc income, we just go up and crime go down. for example, according to the
12:57 am
art of education, a black child is raised by mother and father is more likely to succeed than a way child raised by a single parent. we rebuild the american family you will see crime go down, present sentences go down by each party's tap dances around us that this is the number one way to rebuild the middle class. it's a surefire way to get people out government dependency. there's no easy way to get it done. i think we have to stop subsidizing single motherhood which we been doing since the 1960s in this country. >> that's so true. there are so many interesting aspects. were not going to solve the whole problem tonight. i've written about it and you talked about extensively. there's things we can stop doing that actually incentivize a lot of positive things to encourage that. often it is actually the local
12:58 am
level that this happens, state government, local government, even these, faith organizations i can really support families. that's the emphasis we need to give no doubt. we have a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill is being debated right now in washington d.c. what if even part of that was rebuilding the american family what if there was a marshall plan that was established by our leaders that said we want to cut single motherhood in half over the next ten years. are you allowed to say that in politics to be politically incorrect for no one can argue with statistics or morality every child in this country to be raised by her mother and father. every circumstance is different. there are outliers all of this but it's a moral issue to our country. you talked about in a wonderful opposite couple years ago that every family circumstances difference and people can rise about their circumstance to be moving averages less if you look at the western trend we are
12:59 am
leading the world in the rising single motherhood. i use the word right now because i'm recognizably tender if we don't address it head-on with policy measures and get fathers to stay in the household ends have strong nuclear families in our country. >> exactly. by the way, that is not any kind of criticism of the single mothers. in fact, if anything criticism of the absent fathers and guess you made that point in his speech in 2008. president barack obama he was really onto this. he talks about the spring in terms that you can't imagine a democratic politician talking about today because as you say, somehow politically incorrect. charlie, thank you so much. it was great to have your voice on this. i hope we can talk about a more and of course everything we been talking about because you're right at the heart of this debate the future of the gop and will be focusing on
1:00 am
this show i will see you very soon. thank you so much charlie. >> thank you steve. >> that's all for tonight. don't forget to seat set your dvr so you don't miss the show. rush limbaugh. his words are next. join us next sunday when "the join us next sunday when "the >> it was like the worst, i was praying and i was like this can not be it. i was in disbelief. todd: wow. look at that. it is monday, february 22nd. dozens of boeing's planes grounded after a plane's engine explodes midair. we're live as passengers recount the terrifying experience. jillian: democrats inching closer to passing president biden's massive $1.9 trillion relief plan without gop support. millions for arts and family planning packed in the bill. todd: new york city doing a 180


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