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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  February 23, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> as you look at the west side of manhattan and aircraft carrier intrepid thank you for watching "fox & friends." we'll back here on the virtual couch tomorrow. >> have a good day. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. fox news alert now. the first senate hearing on the january 6 capitol hill riot will begin an hour from now. watch this hearing now. we'll hear from three top security officials on the hill at the time. they've all since resigned so what they have to say not just on 1/6 but on january 5 and 4 and what they knew then. more on that coming up shortly. also today there is growing frustration over the question of how soon we'll return to normal. what normal looks like with a round of mixed messaging from the white house. i'm bill hemmer. good tuesday morning. >> dana: you could definitely say that. i'm dana perino. i'm glad we're here together again on tuesday. >> bill: we are not vaccinated.
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i think we'll be vaccinated in april. >> dana: what makes you say that? >> bill: johnson & johnson is coming online with 30 million doses, single shots now toward the end of march. i think we'll see really a chance for perino and hemmer can step up. >> dana: i think that's one of the questions. once we get vaccinated what can you do? it's why dr. anthony fauci is facing criticism saying we'll have to keep up precautions even after getting the vaccine. a sampling of his messaging over the past couple of days. >> i think there will be others coming and that is when you have a fully vaccinated person and they come into contact with someone who is known to be infected with sars covid 2 they don't have to do the kind of quarantine that we have been recommending. we do have a good vaccine again. that's more incentive to say
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rather than even think about declaring victory and saying well, we have herd immunity and we're in good shape. we have to keep pushing and pushing, continue to do the public health measures that we speak about all the time. the uniform wearing of masks, physical distancing, avoiding crowd settings as we do everything we can to get vaccines into the arms of people as quickly and as efficiently as possible. >> bill: take those thoughts now and contrast that with what he said about this last year. >> can you try to help us understand when will life get back to normal? how long does this last? >> it is going to be a matter of several weeks to a few months for sure. >> will we be ripping our masks off and running back to the office, what will day-to-day life look like sf >> that's a good question and it will depend very much on what the percent or level of
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efficacy of the vaccine is. i would be very happy with 70 to 75%. >> bill: there is also a clip from early march where he was asked whether or not he will be tested. he said i have no symptoms, why should i be tested? that's not the case now. >> dana: we didn't have tests for people to take. >> bill: we're learning. he is learning about this just like we have been for the past year. nonetheless, the criticism is out there about when you can get your shot, etc. kristin fisher starts our coverage live from the white house this morning. good morning. >> good morning. ask any grandparent what they are looking forward to the most after getting vaccinated and most of them would probably tell you seeing their grandchildren and many of them probably thought they could. but now more than two months after these first shots were administered here in the united states the cdc still is not saying if it is safe to do so. dr. fauci was really pressed on this point, is it safe for
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vaccinated grandparents to visit their unvaccinated grandchildren? and he did not have an answer. >> i don't want to be making a recommendation now on public tv. we want to sit down with the team, take a look at that. >> the fact that dr. fauci is going on cnn and can't tell me if i get the vaccine if i'll be able to have dinner with my family or dinner with -- i don't have any grandparents left but older people, if i can go to dinner at friends' houses who are older it is terribly inconsistent messaging. >> the cdc website defines someone as being fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving their second shot in a two-dose series or two weeks after receiving one shot in a single dose vaccine. it raises the question of why is that data that is already out there on the cdc's website, why isn't that enough to say it's safe for vaccinated grandparents to visit their
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unvaccinated grandchildren without wearing masks and other social distancing measures? dr. fauci was pressed again on that point this morning and he punted back to the cdc saying there were more guidelines that should be coming soon. >> if i'm fully vaccinated and my daughter comes in the house and she is fully vaccinated, do we really have to have as stringent public health measures than you would if it was a stranger who was not vaccinated and you were not vaccinated? common sense tells you that, in fact, you don't have to be as stringent in your public health measures. but what we want, we want to get firm recommendations from the cdc. >> dr. fauci said the firm recommendations should be coming soon. bill and dana once again millions of americans are waiting for guidelines from the cdc to come out. first it was delayed guidelines reopening schools, now this. the question, of course, is what is taking so long? bill. >> bill: fair question.
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back to you shortly there. >> dana: very good question. when you are dealing with a crisis in a communication's environment dr. fauci does a ton of interviews. i think it's a mistake. in order to stay consistent waiting for information from the cdc you don't have to answer every interview request until you have that information or do one briefing where everybody gets a shot at the apple where they can ask him questions so there can be a little more consistent. the frustration some people have they're running out of patients they're seeing different messages and don't feel like they're the same. >> bill: fair point. more coming up on this. for now check this out. >> the money they are passing in this bill don't even come to fruition until another year going forward. it does nothing to help moving forward. it is what the democrats always want to do, spend more money only 9% of it goes to covid. what they are doing is telling you the swamp is back.
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>> bill: kevin mccarthy voicing concerns of a lot of republicans on the hill. democrats pushing a $2 trial covid relief bill. republicans balking at the size of it and it's packed with programs that have nothing to do with the pandemic. karl rove to break it down. a couple of white boards on a tuesday. i'm told that $20 billion of the $2 trillion goes toward vaccines and distribution. what do you know? >> what i know is out of the bill if you look at it there is $46 billion for testing, contact tracing, etc. there is $14 billion for vaccine research and distribution. and then there is $20 billion for a national vaccination program. so in other words, if all of this is really needed, this sort of seems -- some of them seem like duplicates. if it's needed that's $70 billion, less than 4% of the total amount of money that they are asking for, 1.9 trillion.
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>> bill: that's more than $20 billion but it's not quite 2 trillion. >> we're seeing editorials questioning the size of this $1.9 trillion bill. $422 in stimulus checks which go to 90% of americans. are 90% of americans that hard up we need to borrow money from our kids and grandkids in order to send them a check today? we have state and local government, $350 billion. 195 billion of it to states. the states and local governments have actually turned out to be in better shape than we think. for example, take the state of texas. our budget shortfall over the next biennium is estimated to be $1 billion. of $195 billion in state aid
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distributed on a population basis we'd get 16.8. we'd fill a billion dollar hold with 17 billion. we're unemployment insurance giving people more money passing it in the bill from june to september as well as between march and june. the economy is coming back. do we really need to say that in the summer and early fall that we're likely to have the need for this additional assistance for unemployment? we'll create a public health corp of 100,000 people and spent $7.6 billion to do it. new spending, new program. they'll get 100,000 people recruited into it. how long? the next couple months? no next year and years after. >> dana: there is 1.5 billion for the amtrak bail-out. a perennial. it should be every february we have to bail them out. >> money for the post office. >> dana: 70% approval rating across the country for this bill. are republicans on the right
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side of this thing politically? they're trying to make this argument the bill is too big but a lot of democrats pointing out to republicans you didn't care about spending for the last several years. >> first of all, two wrongs don't make a right when it comes to oh, you spent money, therefore we should be able to spend money. second of all look, we should not be writing bills based on polls. we ought to be writing bills based upon real need. every single dollar of this $1.9 trillion will be borrowed. it is our kids and grandkids who have to pay it back with interest. being stupid in our spending today and throwing money out the window on unnecessary things is going to be a real effect on our kids and grandkids. also i would make this point. don't count on it being popular. in february and march and april of 2009 the stimulus bill was popular. by the time it came to the 2010
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elections people figured out it was wasted money and they turned against the democrats with a vengeance in 2010. >> bill: watching the framing, too. as we found out yesterday, they aren't calling it covid relief. it's the american recovery act. i know you make the case the economy will be on a different plain a month from now. we'll see as that debate goes forward. thank you, sir. >> dana: criticism of new york governor andrew cuomo turning into action after members of the state democratic committee issued a resolution to censure the governor. the "new york post" says give it up, gov. merrick garland said he was open to hearing evidence on the nursing home deaths and any federal investigation would avoid conflicts of interest. we're live in brooklyn with the latest on the governor. >> good morning. yesterday republican senator
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ted cruz asked the attorney general nominee judge merrick garland whether he would commit his department of justice will investigate governor andrew cuomo's administration. here is garland's response. >> all of these investigations, the justice department is open to evidence of fraud, false statements, violations of the law. they normally begin in the appropriate way in the relevant u.s. attorney's office and that is the way that something like this without commenting on this in particular because i don't know the facts. >> garland indicating his d.o.j. will follow the evidence but fell short of promising an investigation. while new york republican congresswoman stefanik was not satisfied with that answer. >> they deserve answers and they deserve a commitment from the attorney general nominee that this will be an independent investigation and he better get up to speed quickly because that answer is not good enough for the
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american people. >> the f.b.i. and u.s. attorney in brooklyn are investigating weather the cuomo administration underreported nursing home deaths by purposely withholding the data. cuomo yesterday again decide his office stonewalled d.o.j. requests for this information. meanwhile, members of the new york state democratic committee have signed onto a formal resolution calling for the censure of cuomo over conduct, quote, unbecoming of his office. during this en vier ordeal where the governor claims to not have had time and human resources to comply with information he did have time to write a book congratulating himself for new york's covid-19 response and have a poster created. despite holding cuomo accountable yesterday, not one new york state democratic senator voted yes to stripping governor cuomo of his pandemic
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emergency powers. the 15th time that effort has failed. >> dana: i had a feeling that would happen. our next guest says governor cuomo should be worried about a federal investigation. john daukus. i know you've written a speech that said the governor should be worried. what is the biggest thing they should be concerned about right now? >> thanks for having me on. there are several criminal federal statutes implicated here. a federal criminal statute for false statements and concealment. a federal criminal statute for conspiring to defraud the federal government and several obstruction of justice federal criminal statutes. now, i think what they should be most concerned about at the top is that the cuomo administration clearly stonewalled and did not produce data in response to the department of justice request for information.
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that request was made in october. the cuomo administration did not produce any information, perhaps wait pg for a change in the presidential administration. and we know because we know what governor cuomo's top aide said the reason was they did this. this is secretary derosa. i should quote here she said trump directed the department of justice to do an investigation into us and we basically froze because then we were in a position where we weren't sure if what we were going to give to the department of justice was going to be used against us. that makes out a prima facie case for obstruction of justice. >> bill: call for number two, guys. new york state here is what we know as of now. nursing home deaths 13,500. assisted living facility deaths more than 800. all care facilities total combined is 15,301. extraordinary. you say it's a crime to make false statements to the federal government. crime to conceal information
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and otherwise obstruct government investigations. it has a ripple effect for the 49 other states going through the pandemic as well. if you do not impeach him but strip him of emergency powers, how would life change in new york, john? >> well, i think what many people in new york want and the loved ones of the victims of the governor's policy want to get the truth out there. they want to know if the governor's march 25th order that compelled nursing homes to take covid-infected patients and that didn't allow the nursing homes to test those people before introducing them back to this vulnerable population caused harm to their loved ones. i think frankly just getting the truth out there is something that's very important to many people. >> dana: do you believe the new biden administration attorney general merrick garland if he becomes the attorney general, do you have confidence the investigation into this issue with andrew cuomo, the governor of new york, will continue? >> i work with many fine career people up at the department of
6:17 am
justice and there are some terrific people and leadership in the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district in brooklyn which is investigating this. i think if we keep politics out of this and we just follow the evidence justice will prevail in the end. that's my hope. >> bill: you say the order prohibited nursing homes from testing the patients before admitting them. governor desantis in florida saying he did the exact opposite thing and it saved thousands of lives in florida. in a word, john, quickly, is that true? >> yes, that is true. you can read the governor's order which again march 25th and you can see the difference. new york had over 32,000 deaths last summer from covid at a time when florida's deaths were in the range of 10,000. florida has a much larger population and had only a fraction of new york's deaths. there is a reason for that. >> bill: we'll talk again.
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very interesting. 18 past now. in a moment senators holding their first hearing to question top security officials on the hill about the riots of january 6th and what happened prior to that day. >> dana: plus so many people in texas lost power during the historic storm last week. some who didn't are actually getting huge electric bills. we'll talk to a man who got a nearly $17,000 bill. >> bill: a whopper. tom brady, speaking out for the first time since he gave the lombardi trophy a toss. that and much more as "america's newsroom" rolls on on a tuesday. the lineup on the wall still to come. stay tuned. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now
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senate. we're watching it carefully. about what happened on the january 6th assault on the hill. lawmakers trying to figure out what led to a massive security breach that day. chuck moreno, welcome back here. january 6 is one thing. how much weight and importance is on january 5th and january 4th as well? what did they know, when did they know it and what did they say? >> even more i think today's testimony of the former senate and house sergeant-at-arms, former chief of police at the capitol police, the current chief of police for the metro d.c. police department will give us a pretty good look at where the failings occurred leading up to, which is very important, and including january 6th. it will show us why there was a collapse and a failure to anticipate, coordinate and plan for that day.
6:25 am
>> dana: and chuck, let me put this up here. 31 states and territories and the district of columbia that sent national guard troops. there are thousands there until mid-march. there is this other date on the calendar. we talked about this hearing today january 6th. this is also something that people are looking at which is this march 4th date. there are some on the hill saying the capitol hill needs protection through that date in which apparently some people think president trump will be returned to the white house on that day. what do you know of that? >> you have a whole bunch of investigations going on now. the internal capitol police investigation into some of their officers. i think there are 35 that have been suspended to date for actions deemed inappropriate. then you have another investigation going on by retired lieutenant general looking at the infrastructure of the capitol as it relates to overall security. that will include everything from the perimeter to the middle to the inner security
6:26 am
plans and of course things like the national guard come into play here. the thing with the national guard here, this is not something that can be laid out there and utilized for unfinish -- infinity. you have to point to intelligence that justifies this. >> bill: what i find interesting. four law enforcement officials testify today. three of the four have resigned. some never spoken before publicly. what are they going to say? >> well, it will be a good glimpse into who asked for what and when and was it denied, which is what the reports that we're hearing about right now. the other thing, too, which we've spoken about previously is this unique relationship between the capitol police and congress. it will be very interesting to see if it comes up what role, if any, congress played in this process regarding the overall security planning for that day.
6:27 am
if any politization crept in that day. >> dana: i want to go back to one thing you just said. i feel like it got lost. 35 officers have been suspended. that's a lot. >> yeah, it's a lot. obviously that day, dana, we saw officers perform incredibly well. unfortunately we saw a portion of officers not do their jobs. so that needs to be investigated thoroughly. what caused that? was there some type of alignment and allegiance to the cause that these folks were aligning themselves to? so this is really something that we need to be looking at regarding the overall domestic violence threat here in the united states regarding law enforcement and military and other organizations in terms of how far this may have crept in and influenced and can influence.
6:28 am
>> dana: that's not suspended but being investigated. i don't know if we get answers on that today. investigations need to be done thoroughly. i'm not suggesting anybody should jump the gun. we were there covering live in the afternoon. it has been six weeks and we still don't have any answers. i hope we'll get some today. final word from you? >> yes, we'll be looking at a lot of different areas. a lot of layers to peel of this onion. we'll look at things like intelligence, lack of coordination, potential politization. so we definitely need some type of commission here. let's remember, i will close with a lot of money reorganization, creation of the department of homeland security followed september 11th as you both know very well. so really holistically and strategically looking at this. how is it possible that after all these efforts following september 11th this actually happened? >> bill: no doubt. make the commission bipartisan
6:29 am
like they did after 9/11 and people will believe it. chuck, thank you. talk to you later in the week. 28 past now. >> dana: new charges surrounding the jailed drug lord guzman. this time his wife is facing a federal judge. what she is accused of doing. president biden's decision to halt the keystone pipeline impacting workers in the u.s. and canada. the south dakota governor kristi noem will join us next.
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6:35 am
gas prices -- we're at our highest price in a year. i don't know what the trend is there but you think about the keystone issues, etc. how do you see this all going tying together? >> we talked about this before the november election that the policies that biden was embraceing were going to impact everyday families. in south dakota we use a lot of energy. a lot of oil and gas and keep our homes warm in the wintertime, cool in the summer. so holland's views on federal lands and accessing the resources that we have there are extreme. she wants to shut down federal lands. that's very hard on those of us in the west that have a lot of presence from the federal government in our states. >> dana: what do you think about how the keystone pipeline decision that the president made in the first six hours as president to cancel that curious how that has affected you. have you seen impact already and comment on the fact that president biden will meet with justin trudeau today, the prime
6:36 am
minister of canada who was taken aback by that decision on keystone. >> i was hoping that would be a topic of conversation with the two leaders today. sounds like they won't touch on it. when he canceled the keystone pipeline it was devastating for south dakota. we lost jobs immediately. families that had invested in expanding their hotels, their restaurants, their gas stations getting ready for the build-out. we had pumping stations already built and we needed the lower energy prices and the stability and safety the pipeline was going to provide. it was the wrong policy to cancel the pipeline. wrong for people, wrong for safety and wrong for the environment. >> bill: what do you think of the recovery act when it appears that if it goes through a lot of democratic votes that states like new york and california and illinois will get a pretty large pile of money. what does south dakota get from that? >> it's a very, very unfair bill. it bails out those states that shut down their economies, rewards them for making people
6:37 am
stay in their homes and for taking away business's right to be open and take care of their customers and employees. it is incredibly detrimental to our state. we made the right decisions. we trusted people. we have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and are tied for it with nebraska and we're getting through this together. what this bill does is reward new york and illinois and california for their bad actions and their overstep of our personal liberties and freedoms. >> dana: have you made any -- do you think you will have any chance of getting any of that paired back? >> you know, i'm not sure how this bill will play out. what is frustrating for me is that people attack us in south dakota for taking the route and path we took. what they don't talk about the fact is when the top three of the nation vaccinating our people. we've been very pro-active at making sure that people have access to the vaccine and protecting our vulnerable population and people are happy.
6:38 am
congress needs to do the right thing. they need to stop doing bills like this. they need to start focusing on what made america great and it was trusting people, protecting freedoms and making responsible fiscal decisions. >> bill: thank you for your time today. watching the hearing. hope you come back soon. kristi noem, thank you. closer to home, closer to new york new jersey's legalizing recreational marijuana. the governor phil murphy signing three bills yesterday makes it legal for anyone 21 or older to buy 6 ounces of pot in the state. new jersey the 13th state to legalize marijuana. >> dana: nobody is really happy with the end result but inevitable this is going to happen. colorado was the first state to do that. friends say they think it was a terrible decision. family is doing well under it. i have a cousin there who has
6:39 am
figured out the business side. he has done very well. for me, i'm not into it. you? >> kind of change the sense of the sidewalks in new york city. >> dana: another mark -- >> bill: all the time. >> dana: another big confirmation hearing on capitol hill today as hhs nominee becerra prepares for tough questions from republican senators and the recall effort against california governor is gaining steam. newsom will send out stimulus checks to millions in california. will it help him? we'll talk about that next.
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stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> bill: the wife of judge guzman arrested at dallas airport on drug trafficking charges scheduled to appear in federal court via videoconference. we're watching this intriguing development. hi, david. >> quite intriguing. 63-year-old guzman is behind bars in new york for the rest of his life plus 30 years. he was sentenced back in 201. now his wife may soon join him. probably not for life. she is in virginia just outside d.c. she was picked up as you mentioned by federal authorities. her name is emma. she was arrested yesterday at
6:45 am
dulles airport. according to an after today dave it released to the public yesterday facing multiple charges conspiracy to import drugs into the united states. the wife of the drug king pin faithfully attended his court hearings in 2019. often seen blowing him kisses in the courtroom as he stood in handcuffs. el chapo escaped from prison multiple times in mexico in two decades. u.s. authorities took custody of him january 2017. he has been in custody ever since. his wife and mother of their two young daughters now accused of plotting to help her husbands cape from a mexican jail. authorities say she took messages directly from her husband to his drug associates living outside of jail. she grew up in the illegal drug trade and married el chapo when she was a teenager. she is 31, he is 63.
6:46 am
emma will be before a judge, a local judge coming up in a few hours. she is a dual citizen. born in california and raised in mexico. >> bill: nice to see you, david spunt in washington >> dana: 19 house republicans wrote to the biden administration saying he is backing a far left immigration processes as migrants make their way through mexico. joining us to discuss mary anne marsh former advisor to john kerry and colin reed. this is lindsey graham last night on sean hannity's show. >> all the people remaining in mexico waiting for their date in the united states for asylum claims are being brought back to the united states and released into the united states. by june of this year if the biden administration continues to dismantle the wall, change
6:47 am
the trump policies about asylum we'll have a million people hit the border. >> dana: the biden team could not wait to get the american rescue plan passed and send the immigration bill to the senate. >> the timing is everything. joe biden first of all immigration is an issue that derailed the second term of the obama administration. if joe biden isn't careful it could really derail any progress he wants to make on covid relief and getting the economy going. those are the issues he was elected to deal with. to me progress begets progress. starting with immigration is just a good way to get stuck in the mud and not able to move anything forwards as there is such a slim majority in the senate now. anything that joe biden wants to get done has to start in the middle and work its way out. not start in the left and work its way back. >> bill: human smugglers believe this administration is vulnerable. what will they do to prevent the situation from growing worse? >> i think they're enforcing
6:48 am
the law. in this country coming to the united states seeking asylum is the law. donald trump is the one who didn't enforce the law. to colin's point he is right. the republicans are pursuing immigration in particular. you saw lindsey graham's appearance at the wall last week. you are starting to see the republican strategy of opposition not only to biden but to keep the trump-base fueled largely on divide and conquer politics. it fuels domestic terrorism as the biggest threat to our country. >> bill: stop one second here. one at a time. how did donald trump not enforce the law? >> he refused asylum seekers and sent them back. >> to the next -- mexican side of the border. now you have an administration easing social distancing requirements to use more of the beds to operate in the facilities. they want to change the definition of a family so that the kids traveling with an
6:49 am
adult family member unrelated can pass into the united states. what these policies seem to be doing is encouraging more people to make a break for the border, mary anne, not fewer. >> more compared to the last four years. when the law was not enforced. i didn't hear republicans complaining about the treatment of children and immigrants during the trump years. now they are claiming the pandemic is a threat when many of them don't even enforce the pandemic protocols here or acknowledge it. increasing people to flee here we wouldn't be in this situation now. this is a decades long problem we need to fix. >> bill: what do you think of all that, colin, that was said there? >> it's a fundamental misreading electorate bill. we care about border security. biden pledged to undo everything trump has done. that's fine. some things the donald trump
6:50 am
administration did that are widely popular for border security. for biden to get into this is a political mistake. >> bill: we'll watch the numbers increase. we'll see how we solve this now. talk about using facilities in florida as well. we'll track that together. thank you both. there is a resident in texas now considering himself lucky not to lose power last week until he saw his electric bill. an eye-popping number that he and many others may have to pay. >> monday it's 1,124.95. tuesday's bill is $1,449.32. it's like okay, do i feed my family or do i run the heat? >> bill: our next guest had a bill for $17,000. this lineup is coming up next hour so stand on by as we continue after this.
6:51 am
6:52 am
here's huge news for veteran homeowners.
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6:56 am
>> dana: the greatest of all time tom brady reacting to his infamous pass. super bowl parade in tampa throwing the lombardi trophy on another boat. he credits cameron for making the catch. i never would have been able to catch that. >> bill: don't sell yourself short. >> dana: i don't know. >> bill: you would have realized what was on the line. i think you would have caught it. >> dana: then i probably would have fall sbeen the water. >> bill: he probably wouldn't have thrown it to you. >> dana: exactly. he knew who he was throwing it too. >> bill: brady is having a great time. >> dana: he seems happy. >> bill: i would agree. tampa bay. a guy feeling happier now. texans face a historic winter storm that knocked out power and clean water to millions for
6:57 am
days on end. some of them are facing insanely high energy bills because of that storm. my next guest said he never lost power but was he slammed with an electric bill totaling $17,000. scott willoughby has the story now. how did this happen, scott? >> well, it happened because the texas power grid wasn't regulated and no cap on the upper end of what you can pay. so we went from a normal 8 to 10 cents a kill watt hour to $900 a kilowatt hour. >> dana: that was automatically taken out of your account because it's how the company works? >> you pay in advance. had it set up to do $200 at a time. that would take most of a month to fill but when the power -- the prices surged it would
6:58 am
refresh my account three, four, five, six times a day up to 15, 17 times a day at the height. >> bill: we're looking at a bill of $16,752.68. who is going to pay that? >> well, i've paid it. it has been taken out of my account. but the texas legislature and governor abbott had an emergency meeting saturday and they are looking at ways that they can help us. so i'm hopeful that they will eventually do that. >> dana: scott, i know that you have paid it and you had that money in your account thankfully for you to pay that. what is your concern for so many people in texas who are not in that situation? >> that really is the biggest concern. gridy has 29,000 customers. i don't know how many hundreds of thousands rely on that. hundreds of thousands of texas residents that are facing an
6:59 am
average of $5,000 or $6,000 for those seven days. there is no way they can pay it. i was lucky enough to have the money to be able to pay it but for a lot of people that will impact them devastatingly. no food on the table for the kids. no rent or house payment or car payments. there is no recourse. the money is gone. >> bill: a hardship. you sound optimistic and positive. sounds like you'll get your money back. a good attitude through this, scott. >> well, i've always just left things i can't control in the hands of the lord and he has always provided so i've never really been real worried about it. >> bill: amen to that. >> dana: yeah. scott, thank you. thanks for your care for the other people in texas and well oh he stay on top of the story. i think i would have fainted if i saw that bill coming through. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: fox news alert.
7:00 am
congress taking a deep dive into security failures leading up to the january 6 capitol hill riot. a hearing is about to get underway in the senate where we'll hear from the first time for the people responsible for capitol security ahead of the attack. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. what went wrong, what did they say? the senators will need to know what needs to be done to make sure it never happens again but prior to the getting to that answer there will be some stiff questions now for three or four security officials who worked in the capitol hill intimately with the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader. most of these men have yet to make a public comment at all about what happened that day. >> dana: they have been very tight lipped. regardless they will be under oath and so we'll pay attention to that. joining us for more on this is fox nation host lawrence jones. good to see you. i counted six weeks tomorrow
7:01 am
since this riot. it is high time some answers started to be given. >> yeah. it's way too long right now. listen, we still don't know who killed brian sicknick, the officer that was killed at the capitol. conflicting reports. fire extinguisher. said he had a stroke, pepper sprayed, blood clot. we still don't understand what took place there. and you guys came back from the super bowl a couple weeks ago and the people that are responsible for overseeing that is homeland security. why is the capitol police over security at the capitol? it seems like they didn't have the amount of resources they needed. didn't seem like they were prepared. didn't seem like they had the knowledge to do this. it seemed like the only people able to do it were the rank and file like officer goodman that led people away on that day and
7:02 am
he has been promoted to deputy sergeant-at-arms. again there is a lot of questions. but i think we've got to start looking at this. does there need to be a restructureing of how they secure the capitol? now, do i believe that there should be 20,000 national guardsmen surrounding the capitol? absolutely not. that's overkill. the overkill happened because proper security measures weren't put in place. we still don't know who dropped the ball. there needs to be an independent investigation. i don't think congress can do this. i think we need to bring the people in that investigate these things on a day-to-day basis. >> bill: congress can do it if it is even number democrats and republicans. i think it's 7 dems, 4 republicans. people won't believe the findings on that. nancy pelosi as speaker of the house in her role she is in charge of capitol hill police. what did they tell her in the
7:03 am
days leading up to january 6th? what did mitch mcconnell know? what did the washington, d.c. mayor know? what were they told? how were they adviseed? what decisions did they make because of it? >> that's the core of it. as you know with politicians none of them like taking responsibility. they start pointing fingers and we never get to the root of it. i think honestly to cut through all the noise, all the documents with regard to this should be subpoenaed and put out for the public. if you requested national guard security and you say it was denied put it on record. it should be in writing. and that hasn't been done yet. >> dana: last night if you were watching tucker naomi wolf, advisor for hillary clinton very liberal person has some strong feelings about what she thinks the biden administration
7:04 am
is doing with its continued covid plan. take a listen to her. >> under the guise of a real medical pandemic we're really moving into a coup situation, police state situation. that's not a partisan thing. if you see that transcends everything you and i might agree or disagree on that should bring together left and right to protect our constitution. >> dana: i know you pay a lot of attention to this and sensitive to that idea of government overreach. >> the libertarian in me said this would happen. when you give the state this much power they'll abuse it. the effect on children, businesses. i just interviewed a cleaners, a family business, three generations, and this guy is taking money out of his private savings to make up the difference so he can keep his employees, who by the way are legal immigrants to this country. there is a big problem. you know, i don't think we will
7:05 am
ever be able to shut down government and businesses ever again because of how they handled this situation. i said from the very beginning we weren't going to really open up until we got the vaccine. people said i was fear mongering. that's the reality. we were told three weeks to slow the curve and that's just not the case. let people decide their own destiny. you can't expect them to shut down when washington still won't give these private businesses money to carry out and pay their employees. it is not fair. it is inhumane and i think history is going to remember this moment and i think americans are going to reject any type of shutdown in the future. that's sad. >> bill: thank you, lawrence. talk to you soon. lawrence jones. more than 64 million doses of covid vaccine have been administered so far across the u.s. more than 13% of people getting at least one dose.
7:06 am
the roll-out raising expectations as the rest of america wonders where is my shot? steve harrigan is on that story live in atlanta. steve, hello. >> a lot of frustration across the country over the vaccine roll-out. a lot of confusion, too, about the continuing changing regulations and rules in different states. as far as the numbers go the two companies that provide the vaccine pfizer and moderna they have provided shots to 44 million people. health officials say it's a long way from the 70 to 80% vaccine rate we need for herd immunity. we need a flood of the vaccine now. >> huge number that will impact our new cases and the transmission of the disease itself. vaccinating more and more people each day. >> both pfizer and moderna are behind schedule. pfizer promised to deliver 120 million doses by the end of march. moderna promised 100 million
7:07 am
dose. they're both upping production. pfizer even producing some of the raw materials itself like lipids. they've cut their production time from 110 days to 60 days. administration officials say we'll see a surge in production of the vaccine where supply will eventual be more than demand and ramping up major vaccine fast filts in parks and stidium. the challenge two months from now not where can i get my shot but convincing people to get the shots which will be readily available. >> bill: steve harrigan. nice to see you, atlanta home of the cdc. thanks. >> my parents have already gotten their second dose. they are fully vaccinated. does that mean it's okay for them to spend time with their grandchildren who haven't been vaccinated? what is your recommendation? >> there will be recommendations coming out. i don't want to make a recommendation now on public tv. >> you are fully vaccinated. are you seeing your family? >> right now not yet.
7:08 am
>> bill: critics hitting back at dr. fauci for sending out mixed messages over whether or not it's safe for vaccinated grandparents to see their kids. not the first time he has stepped around a lot of questions on issues surrounding covid. dr. marty makary is a professor of public health at johns hopkins university. thank you for coming back. i want to play a clip of recent comments on behalf of dr. fauci. some people think sit a contradiction walking if plain sight. your reaction after we hear this. >> right now at this moment there is no need to change anything that you are doing on a day-by-day basis. but as soon as it became clear that there was community spread, then it became clear that we were in real trouble. >> when was that? >> that was probably towards the middle to end of january. right now in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. putting a mask on yourself is
7:09 am
more to prevent you from infecting someone else. and if everybody does that, we are each protecting each other. if one mask is good, two masks are better. >> bill: maybe we go to three masks now. give him the benefit of the doubt. perhaps we just learned about covid as we took it day-by-day and week-by-week and now month-by-month. is that satisfactory, doctor? >> well look, i think dr. fauci has done a great job serving this country through aids, ebola and sars. he missed this one. as early as march or the beginning of march he had said when his strong recommendation was that older americans should avoid cruises. that's all we heard. of course, then all of a sudden was the scramble. i like dr. fauci he is a master of not answering questions. like his answer on schools, his answer on masks. when things will be over. he said quote, unquote, we may see something that might resemble a variation of normal.
7:10 am
i'm not sure how to interpret that. he is very good not answering questions. >> dana: dr. makary, what do you tell your own patients about seeing their grandchildren? >> look, dana, i'm a physician and i can tell you about the power of human touch. when people are anxious, when people are lonely, when people are scared in the hospital, when people are sick, that human touch is better than any medicine. it is powerful. we have to rebuild communities. loneliness is a great epidemic that pre-dated covid and it is getting worse and been magnified. it kills people and affects your reserves. telling people to live their life once they have a vaccine. >> bill: live the life. yesterday on "good morning america" fauci said when asked about the 500,000 death mark he said i believe that if you look back historically we've done worse than most of any other country and a highly developed rich country. it was just bad, it is bad. he was there then. he is there now.
7:11 am
you look at vaccinations around the world, we're in the top four i believe of every country on the planet with distribution and development. i think one of the three ahead of us is uai in the middle east. how do you evaluate those comments? where are we? >> i love dr. fauci. he puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us and he missed it. when many of us were out there in february and early march begging and sounding the alarm and begging the ncaa to postpone and south by southwest to cancel repeatedly as i called the white house repeatedly i was told but dr. fauci says he thinks we'll be okay. that was a big mistake. we got behind the 8 ball. got behind on a global supply chain. you can only pull so hard on that behind on the testing and behind on other things. we paid a heavy price because of it. >> bill: thank you, doctor, more to come on this as we move through it. thank you.
7:12 am
>> dana: long-term care facilities across the country are facing a financial crisis with many on the brink of closing their doors for good. families are worried they may be left with few options. the situation compounded in new york state as governor cuomo grapples will fallout over his handling of nursing home deaths. we're live in troy, new york with lydia. tell us what you know. >> good morning. we're outside of a nursing home in troy, new york. it is losing thousands of dollars every day as it continues to work to protect its at-risk residents from covid-19. this nursing home also defied governor cuomo's march 25th order and it is not one of the nursing homes that is facing closure. but many across the country are not quite as lucky. hundreds, 1600 according to national estimates could close this year facing $22 billion in projected losses and some say
7:13 am
that would be another healthcare crisis. >> we're probably losing about $17,000 a day. i was willing to take that hit to protect the people inside this building to keep that covid positive wing open. >> nationally occupancy is down also because families have been reluctant to enroll loved ones in nursing homes where they haven't been able to visit them. adding to the financial strain is this $30 billion that have been spent by these facilities on ppe last year. we spoke to one man forced to move his wife earlier this year when her facility in new york closed. >> there is a lot of nationwide places closing. it is definitely stressful and basically just, you know, if you think the place is going to close, do everything you can right away to find a bed because they are scarce. they are hard to come by.
7:14 am
>> the encouraging news in all of this is that the vaccine roll-out that prioritized nursing facilities first is being effective. it is cutting down the rate of new covid cases we're seeing nationally in nursing homes. that's down 67% as of the last week of january. and now industry leaders say they're working to keep as many facilities open as possible and hoping that the federal government will come through with more aid for them. they're looking for there 20 billion. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: welcome to fax, lydia. >> bill: merrick garland facing questions yesterday on the hill on his stance on gun control. how far is he willing to go with the job? after taking a very public stance against racial injustice the u.s. women's national soccer team says they will no longer kneel for the anthem. why is sudden shift? we have an answer next.
7:15 am
>> even though we're choosing to stand it doesn't mean the conversations go away or stop. it is all to say that we're now i think ready to move past the protesting phase and move into putting all of the talk into actual work. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa. ♪ ♪ the chevy silverado trail boss. when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust.
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>> bill: merrick garland signaling if confirmed the justice department would advance the biden administration's gun control policies. here is one exchange during yesterday's senate judiciary committee hearing. >> do you support banning of certain types of firearms? >> the president is a strong supporter of gun control and has been an advocate all his life. his professional life on this question. the role of the justice department is to advance the policy program of the administration as long as it is consistent with the law. there is room under the law for
7:21 am
the president's policies to be pursued. then i think the president is entitled to pursue them. >> bill: looks like he will be confirmed. five years post shall we say. >> dana: interesting thing about the gun control issue in 2020, america had an increase of 8.4 million new gun owners. so that debate is going to be very interesting but they will pursue it. >> bill: some republicans weren't satisfied with a lot of the non-answers they argued yesterday to a lot of the questions. that's what hearings are about. >> dana: looks like he will be confirmed in a bipartisan way. not so much for the other one. >> i think those that were collectively kneeling felt like, you know, we were kneeling to bring about attention to police brutality and systemic racism. we decided that moving forward we no longer feel the need to kneel because we are doing the
7:22 am
work behind the scenes. we are combating systemic racism and we never felt we were going to kneel forever. >> dana: u.s. women's soccer team explaining the team's decision to stop kneeling for the national anthem. dunn says they're past the
7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:31 am
>> dana: a little political news now. former georgia senator perdue won't run in 2022. he loss it to senator ossoff in a tight runoff last month. released a statement saying this is a personal decision not a political one. i am confident that whoever wins the republican primary next year will defeat the democrat candidate in the general election for this seat and i will do everything i can to make that happen. so that's going to be a state to watch. there are so many different things happening there politically and now you wonder who might try to run for that seat. doug collins, former congressman pursue? he might. >> bill: listening to kelly loeffler earlier today on "fox & friends" as well. perdue lost the general
7:32 am
election fight in november by a third of a point. so he finished at 49.7. if he gets to 50 there is no runoff and mitch mcconnell is still the senate majority leader in washington >> dana: 25,000 republicans did not show up on election day would have put them all over the top. >> bill: look at some top stories. second boeing jet in less than a week forced to make an emergency landing. delta flight from atlanta to seattle landed in salt lake city with a possible engine issue. comes as the feds release photos of the fractured blades from the boeing engine that shredded in midair over the weekend. >> dana: rush limbaugh's widow says there be a virtual memorial service. a celebration of his life that his audience, friends and family will be able to view. >> bill: rest in peace. >> bill: a member of cuomo's own party is calling for his impeachment.
7:33 am
ron kim saying the governor must be held accountable for quote, a cover-up of nursing home information. for more on these stories and others scan the qr code or go to >> dana: rise in the number of unaccompanied children at the southern border is putting a strain on government facilities and advocates are slamming the biden administration's approach to the problem. jonathan hunt, what are you hearing today? >> good morning, there has been such a surge of unaccompanied children crossing the border this year the government is running out of places in which to house them. hence the biden administration's decision to reopen an emergency facility used during the trump era. one that attracted a good deal of criticism from immigration advocates. the camp in texas is designed to hold 700 children between the ages of 13 and 17.
7:34 am
yesterday dozens of children were taken there in vans prompting one immigration lawyer to say quote, it is unnecessary, it is costly and it goes against everything biden promised he was going to do. it is a step backward. nearly 6,000 unaccompanied children were apprehended crossing the border in january. housing them has become more difficult because of covid-19 restrictions and as of last thursday around 6800 children were in the custody of the department of health and human services. children whom hhs spokesman mark webber described to the "washington post" as, quote, symptoms of a broken immigration system. now back in 2019 when the controversial site was used under president trump webber in the same position then at hhs said the emergency facility was essentially the best of a bunch of bad options.
7:35 am
>> the reason for this facility is not to alou children to stay in border patrol stations any longer than they need to. again, border patrol stations are designed for a quick processing, not designed for care of the children. >> and mr. webber told us today he stands by that comment and emphasized in his view the children received good care at the facility during the trump administration and get the same good care today, dana. >> dana: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: it started in june as a long shot effort to recall the california democratic governor gavin newsom after a controversial trip to the luxurious french laundry restaurant in napa valley. a special election in the golden state is a real possibility with more than a million signatures so far and verification on going here is
7:36 am
the headline. g.o.p.'s golden state opportunity. republicans getting close to forcing a recall election against newsom. it would instantly become the most consequential in the country. make your case. >> these recall elections if you remember back in 2003 when arnold schwarzkopf got elected, you could see a political repeat of that with gavin newsom assuming these signatures get turned in and get validated. the election isn't a typical election. not like you vote for a democrat or republican. the question is do you support recalling the governor. that's the first question that would appear on the ballot. governor newsom's job approval numbers have been tanking and some polls have shown him under 50% with plurality support for recalling him. so i think it is still a challenge for republicans but they have a better opportunity to compete. they have a better opportunity to compete in california than
7:37 am
they've had in quite a long time. >> dana: you are saying there is a chance is what i hear you saying. the coalition is interesting. the people frustrated is not just republicans. to me this seems less partisan. it is small business owners, parents of children who want their kids back in school. >> yeah. you hit the nail on the head. it started with french laundry, the incident where the governor went against his own coronavirus restrictions but expanded to deal with dissatisfaction over school closures, small businesses suffering under the aggressive covid restrictions. california has been run by democrats for quite a while now and progressives have held the upper hand. there has been a backlash not just among republicans but among moderate voters who would have outside say in this type of recall election. >> bill: polling in that state suggests even if you do a recall newsom would win.
7:38 am
we'll see. you have the state legislature passing this. a relief package for their own state. 5.7 million people with a one-time payment. money talks. >> money talks. the democratic hope is that the pandemic could be going away by the summer, schools will start to reopen, newsom's numbers will go up. but there are a lot of fundamental challenges way the way california has been governed under democratic rule that give republicans the opportunity to build not just a partisan coalition but a center right coalition that could make this a real race. >> dana: josh, it's interesting to watch. thank you. >> bill: thanks, josh. >> dana: president biden challenging republicans not on board with his nearly $2 trillion covid relief package. it has little to do with the
7:39 am
pandemic on the spending. here is the president. >> president biden: critics say the plan is too big. let me ask the rhetorical question, what would you have me cut? what would you leave out? >> dana: what would you leave out? >> a bridge in new york that goes from new york state to canada. >> dana: silicon valley mass transit things. >> bill: i've got 1.5 billion for amtrak. >> dana: yes, absolutely. and i also -- i was questioning the emergency money for museums. it doesn't seem like an emergency. or stimulating to the economy. >> bill: $8 billion for airports. >> dana: that's infrastructure. >> bill: take it up next. >> dana: you could argue for all these things. i don't have my list. you have the list. i started this game. i should be ready to play it. >> bill: the list is long. >> dana: half of it is not for covid.
7:40 am
>> bill: mainstream media considering cruz's trip to mexico the same as cuomo's nursing home scandal. >> the left and leftist media are more fixated on a texas senator taking a vacation than with a new york governor killing elderly people. sounds about right. i can help new homeowners not become their parents. -kee-on-oh... -nope. -co-ee-noah. -no. -joaquin. -no. it just takes practice. give it a shot. [ grunts, exhales deeply ] -did you hear that? -yeah. it's a constant battle. we're gonna open a pdf. who's next? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. no fussin', no cussin', and no -- ♪ hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play ♪ when you bundle home and auto with us. ♪ hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid ♪ ♪ and all that glitters is gold ♪
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>> you guys have only been in office for a month, right? are you telling me that in the last four weeks these 18 companies all of a sudden decided to say oh my god we better not do anything? yes or no? >> dana: state department news briefing gets heated when an a.p. reporter asking if president biden was taking credit for something started by the trump administration. this reporter is an equal opportunity go after him guy. what about the story? >> i remember chris wallace said kurtz he is being tough on both sides. >> that used to be the minimum requirement for keeping the job. speaking truth to power regardless of who is in power.
7:46 am
now this is suddenly the exception. the mike lee's of the world. peter doocy's of the world. this was very interesting, right? president trump was very vocal in his opposition against nord stream 2. so joe biden the candidate said he would be particularly tough on russia and on china and instead what we're getting is basically what the hangover 2 was to the hangover 1 in terms of movies. a continuation of the same script without any real teeth involved in stopping this pipeline which will be done by summer. so we've heard it before with biden, right? he talked about the uighurs in china, called it genocide. stands against china and last week he said no, really i can't really say much about this. it is a cultural norm. candidate biden and president biden seem to be two very different people in terms of words the candidate said and deeds that the president is
7:47 am
carrying out. >> bill: you've been watching the ted cruz coverage and governor cuomo coverage. abc. 55 seconds for cuomo, 3:55 for cruz. nbc1:30 cuomo, 2:55 cruz. cbs only 51 seconds for ted cruz. >> the ted cruz story was a story. the tough don't run off to cancun. he could have sent his wife and children to serve as an escort there. the excuse i don't really buy. when you are talking about two other cable news networks in prime time on thursday night for example when the story broke covered cruz at a 15-1 ratio more than cuomo. while cruz is an optical mistake and a story the cuomo situation is much worse. when you talk about a possible
7:48 am
f.b.i. investigation, u.s. attorney democrat attorney general of new york in terms of that investigation and possible cover-up of thousands of deaths based on an executive order he signed it should be the exact reverse in terms of coverage. that's not what we're seeing here. often sizzle wins over steak in this business. >> dana: we'll talk to a family member who lost loved ones in one of the nursing homes. the other reason the ted cruz story gets attention it is funny for some people. a mariachi band that showed up outside his house and the media is there. they're having a good time covering it. not saying it is right but part of the reason joe. give you the last word. >> mariachi band. i thought about getting one of those when i get engaged to my wife and i thought it was maybe too much. look, this is the over the top stuff we see. the fact that the media is outside of cruz's house. is anybody outside of governor cuomo's house? a lot of tough questions during his press briefing? to this point they are covering the story because they have to.
7:49 am
for 10 months they coddled cuomo up to a great leader compared to trump and the chickens are coming home to roost. >> they were on the sidewalk. joe concha with us. the families of many people who died of covid-19 want more answers of governor cuomo. we speak to a woman whose mother lived in a facility. close to a year later for the governor is coming up next. >> don't go on air and say who cares they died? we do care. we do blame you.
7:50 am
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7:55 am
in nursing homes today. >> bill: new york governor andrew cuomo defending his handling of the nursing home deaths. theresa sari an active member of voices for seniors. her mother lived in a facility where a covid positive patient was confirmed 11 days. what is your message on this now? >> thank you for having me. you know, right now it's just we're very thrilled that it is getting -- we're getting some attention and what we've been fighting for for the past year. it has been heart braeng for afl us especially members -- we're all dealing with the traumatizing loss of our loved ones and we continue to lose family members every day right now behind isolation. it is very sad. >> dana: tell us about your mom.
7:56 am
>> my mother her name was maria and she was 60 years old very outgoing, energetic. she just -- [inaudible] she was the light of my eye and she would do anything for us and she was a very good person. she had a good soul. she is helping me fight for justice. >> bill: he is accused of covering up. why would that be, do you think? >> i'm sorry, what was that? >> bill: why would that be? >> he doesn't want this investigation going forward. he wants to retain his power and, you know, he is just really like i said he is about himself. how can anyone trust him? he doesn't have time for --
7:57 am
[inaudible]. it is insanity. i pray for justice for everyone. this is not the kind of leader we need in states -- >> dana: there is a federal investigation underway but also apparently some rumoring up in albany that there could be an inching towards some sort of impeachment probe. is that something you would want to see? >> absolutely. no one is above the law. everyone needs to abide by the rules episcopal fly a position of power. you need to lead by example. i don't see what is going on in his mind that he thinks he has authority to just do as he pleases. and just sweep it under the carpet. we won't go anywhere. we'll keep pushing forward and demand a full investigation and hopefully it leads in the right direction. >> bill: thank you for sharing your story today. there are so many stories.
7:58 am
>> i'm sorry, can i share voices for seniors. we will keep pushing. thank you for letting us share our stories. >> dana: voices for, check it out. a new book claiming soviet leader khrushchev ordered oswald to kill kennedy. by a former c.i.a. director based on a new interpretation of information published by the warren commission. the mystery continues. the former c.i.a. director put his name on it. does he know something? >> bill: all right. i think as long as we're alive we will continue to hear stories like this. >> dana: i don't think it will be solved. what about the other mystery? >> bill: i'm really into this mars story, are you? >> dana: i can be.
7:59 am
>> bill: okay. so i think it took seven months to get the rover there. the resolution that we are getting in nearly realtime now blows my mind the accuracy, depiction of the red planet and two microphones on board. >> dana: remember when you would think about mars as a kid. you could only use your imagination really. there were illustrations of it but we didn't have -- think about if you are a young kid today learning about space it's a whole different conversation now. >> bill: i would agree. >> dana: you can hear the wind. >> bill: correct on that. if you listen to the sound that is coming back. >> dana: my husband loved that last night. >> bill: after seeing these over the weekend and we'll see more and more. the head of nasa said we're drinking from a fire truck because we have so many images coming now. i do believe that you and i will see human beings on the planet mars. >> dana: will it be americans that get there first?
8:00 am
>> bill: i hope so. i don't know if they're coming back yet. >> dana: i think we should work that out before. good show today on a tuesday. there is a lot going on on the hill and also in new york and across the country and california. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> bill: here is harris. >> harris: fresh mixed messaging from the biden administration on the coronavirus as lockdown fatigue has reached some new heights. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". fauci is throwing cold water on optimism over vaccinations as american is warning the 500,000 plus people who died of covid-19. he is warning americans who have gotten doses should still avoid dining out or going to the movies. arguing that the science is not clear on how much protection the vaccine actually offers. the comments are just the


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