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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 23, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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the assistance of the national guard and mr. irving stated that he was concerned about the optics of having the guard deployed, is that correct? >> that is correct, on the fourth it actually was a phone call it was an in person visit over to his office where he went in and requested the national guard. >> mr. irving, could you clarify when you use the word optics and may be your recollection is you didn't, so maybe you can speak to that, are you concerned about the optics of the national guard and can you elaborate on what you meant by that? again, this is monday january the 4th now. >> yes, monday january 4th, senator, safety was always the deciding factor of making security plans, and the issue on the table was whether the intelligence warranted troops at the capital, and the conversation with mr. sund was not, i did not take into request, he was merely informing
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an aide that he received an offer from the national guard when we included mr. stenger we discussed the specific issue as to whether the intelligence warranted the truths and the answer was no. it was a collective answer no, and his recommendation to have them on standby and by recollection mr. sund was very satisfied with that. he briefed the following day that he was satisfied and i saw no concern at any time thereafter. >> were you concerned, the use of the word optics and the appearance of what it would look like is what mr. sund testified was that there is a reluctance to request assistance because of the appearance, was there something -- what's the appearance that you were concerned about, mr. irving if indeed you were, were you concerned that having the guard present would look like it was too militarized? were you concerned about the criticism of the guard being deployed in washington during writing earlier this summer? just give us some insight into your thinking as you recall it.
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>> senator, i was not concerned of that appearance whatsoever it was about the safety and security. any reference would have been related to appropriate use of force display of force and ultimately a question on the table of any security asset is does the intelligence warranted? does the security plan match the intelligence, and the collective answer was yes. >> mr. chairman, can i ask one final question. madam chair, thank you. speaker pelosi has asked retired lieutenant general to lead a review of capital security in light of the attack. the general has said that the leadership of the capitol police, that would be you mr. sund, and both of you gentlemen, the house and sergeant of arms, he has criticized for you "the appearance of complicity" during
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the attack and said that you were potentially undertook complicit actions, those are his words during the attack. mr. sund, were you complacent in the attack on january 6? >> absolutely nuts or come i've heard those comments come i think it is disrespectful to myself and the members of the police department. >> mr. stenger come where you complacent on the attacks on january 6? were you complicit in the attacks on january 6th? mr. irving, were you complicit in the attacks on january 6th? >> absolutely not, senator. >> of course none of you were, there is no evidence to that fact, and mr. sund, i think your comments are taken that none of you were complicit in this
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violent mob attack on this building i think is not only extremely disrespectful, it is really quite shocking and this person has no business pleading any security review related to the events on january 20 -- six. thank you, madam chair. >> a new member of both committees senator padilla. >> thank you, madam chair. there has been a lot of questions popping up from multiple committees as i understand there are a lot of questions about intelligence, what was known, what was assessed, what was shared, et cetera in difference of opinion, i will try not to be too repetitive. first a quick question for chief sund and the two sergeant of arms. i imagine like most people, you saw most if not all the house impeachment managers presentation before the united states senate as they
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stored of laid out the case to the impeachment aside, we know how that was a result, but in terms of how january 6th did not just happen, but the leader of january 26th, is there anything from that presentation that you would disagree with? >> just to make sure that i understand, the video i watched in all the information that was portrayed as all accurate video, as far as any of the other commentary associated with the video i can't say that i watch every single bit of it, but i can tell you the video a lot of that video was video from the united states capitol police and it is all accurate. >> thank you, mr. stenger, mr. irving, same question. to speak of the video i saw certainly from what i could see from my window on the day of january 6th.
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>> and from my perspective, senator, i have not diagnosed the why the attack at the time, we left all information to the intelligence agencies that we had at the time, and i would say now to leave it to the after actions investigations and determinations. >> okay, question for chief sund specifically, there is an intelligence division within the department, correct? >> yes, sir. >> and, now, having read your letter to speaker pelosi, you make reference to events on november 14th as well as december 12th that you had sort of comparable intelligence in terms of risk assessment, direct assessment and the events of november 14th and december 12, not leading into anything near what happened on
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january 6th, is that my correct interpretation of your letter? >> yes, that is the correct interpretation both assessments indicated that we would have various militia groups and extremists in attendance. in addition to the fact that as chief conti testified to earlier, weapons were recovered during both those events. >> and so to the best of your recollection in the lead up to january 6, since it was comparable assessment and intelligence, roughly, you therefore proceeded with comparable preparation of posture? >> yes, that is absolutely correct. we proceeded with the posture of good instances of violence, we knew that it was going to be approached on the capital and we knew that there would be members of a proud boy, antifa participating, and like i said before, capitol police, not metropolitan police or any federal agencies had information of armed insurrection of thousands people.
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>> if we take our experience with terrorism globally and look at case studies, both incidents that have been prevented and those that were successfully executed against the united states, is it plausible, and i know hindsight is 20/20, is it plausible that the november 14th, december 12th incidents may well have been trial runs? the very extremist organizations that you referenced involved with the organizing participation of november 14, december 12th to gain counterintelligence on how you and your partner agencies would be planning and preparing for such incidents? >> as you rightly point out when you look at some of the terrorist attacks that have occurred, there has been
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preplanning and presurveillance, precollection of intelligence on the security features. i don't know if the november and december were two incidence of that, but i would suspect with the fact that we were finding this was a coordinated attack that it would not doubt that there was presurveillance. >> we don't know they were, we don't know they weren't. and it will be at a subsequent hearing, but we are all reading it together in your letter and testimony earlier today you bluntly say the intelligence community missed this. >> that is correct, sir. that is the way i feel. >> who was commander in chief on december 6th? >> when you say commander in chief? beagle who was the president in the united states? >> donald trump, sir. for the entire 18 agencies that represent the intelligence community, he would be commander in chief. >> who was that again? >> president donald trump.
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>> let me ask a couple of questions on a different topic, i think it's obvious too many across the country, three senators who are not in chambers on january 6 the head of the benefit of watching the events occur in real time both inside the capitol and outside the capital on television, one thing that was off on many people that i've talked to is the difference in both police presence and response on january 6th compared to events from last summer when peaceful protesters were demonstrating in the nation's capital in the wake of george floyd's murder. last summer they were met with significant force, a couple of data points to dates, some 250 individuals who are involved in the capitol insurrection have been arrested and more will likely be arrested in the coming
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weeks and months, but only a small number, 52 of these individuals were arrested on january 6th. by contrast during a largely peaceful protests last summer, 427 people were arrested on june arrested similarly some 300 protesters were arrested during the kavanaugh hearings in 2018. can you tell us exactly how the capitol police preparations for january 6th differed from preparations for the protests from last summer? and if you can specifically address if they were the same or different use of guidelines in place on january 6th compared to the protests of last summer or any criteria for making arrests
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on january 6th versus the protests from last summer. >> if you can do that in about a minute. >> i will do that very concisely. i want to look at it from planning and preparations. we plan for every demonstration the exact same way. does not matter the message or the person. does not matter the demographics involved in the demonstration. we do it the exact same way, we develop the information in the intel and base a response plan on that. so i will tell you, we handled 15 major demonstrations involving black lives matter's group, following the death of george floyd over the summer. a total of six arrests, no use of lethal capabilities or lethal force capabilities. the events and everything we put in a place for january 6th far exceeded any planning we did for any events in 2020 with the full activation of the department, besides the perimeter of
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expansion. in the protective equipment, the deployment of less lethal and the application of leslie full far exceeded any other events that i can recollect on the nations capitol, so i will leave it at that. >> thank you, thank you senator padilla. we will go to senator haggerty. >> john: you are watching a hearing on capitol hill and the senate on the events leading up to january 6th in terms of security and whether there was appropriate security to fend off the invading mob that took over, clearly there is not enough to fend off the mob, but trying to figure out why there wasn't. good afternoon, welcome to "america reports," i am john roberts. hi, sandra. >> sandra: hello, john. this is the first senate hearing looking into what happened on that day january 6 back to what happened leading up to that day as you heard the questions from many of the senators. what really stood out with the opening remarks from the acting
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chief of d.c. metropolitan police sayings early on that i was surprised at the old reluctance to immediately send in the national guard to the riots. he and the agency requested officers from as far away as new jersey and that army staff expressed concerns over the optics of boots on the ground at the capitol, so we see the questioning on capitol hill. >> john: we also heard that the local police forces did not know of the intelligence that the fbi received to that there could be that sort of an action, and then there is also some disagreement on when the national guard was requested versus when the national guard was called in. let's bring in john kennedy of louisiana. a member of the senate judiciary committee, what do you make of the claims that the intelligence was not shared and the contradictions between when the national guard was requested and when they were deployed? >> we are starting to peel back the onion here, look, and we all
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know this, john, sandra. nut jobs violated the capitol and they ought to be punished, nut jobs violated portland in chicago and atlanta, they need to be punished. in terms of the nut jobs at the capitol, we know that some of the writing was preplanned. the fbi knew about it ahead of time, what did the fbi do with the information? did they sit there like a bump on a log or did they tell somebody? who did they tell? i don't know exactly what happen, but we need to find out. i do know that some of the leadership in the house spent the entire summer calling all board officials stormtroopers. so did that biased, it's inaccurate, but their title of their opinion this is america, their attitude that all law enforcement officials are stormtroopers affect their decision to protect the capitol on the day of the riots, we need to find out. >> sandra: there are other
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members of congress to agree with you we are also hearing that pentagon leaders will be called before lawmakers next week in some capacity, jennifer griffin reporting on that at the pentagon leaders will have to answer questions of what they knew when they knew it and what precautions were obviously made. senator, what questions do you have? we are listening to the lawmakers, obviously wanting to get to the bottom of why that happened inside of our capitol. it is still stopping when you look at these pictures. >> this is not complicated, they need to bring in chris wright, one of his top lieutenants and say, okay, what did you know about the washington riots before they happened, and when did you know it's and who did you tell, and then call in the people that they say they told, not their staffers, the people and say, okay, here is what chris wright said, is it accurate? and what did you do about the information?
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now a good lawyer can do that in a day. and let's find out what happened. and if somebody had because of their bias against law enforcement refused to protect the capital, i'm not saying that's the case, but them by god, they ought to man up or woman up and say sell like the american people know. >> john: the hearing will continue and we will monitor it. there is other news of the day. at one the things that people are wondering about is exactly where we are with coronavirus and vaccines and how we should go about our daily lives. we have been pointed to on fox news some contradictions issued by the top infectious disease expert in this country dr. anthony fauci saying one thing one time and then as the evidence changes saying something else. let's listen to a compilation of where he has been in the past year. apparently we do not have that, but what he said was you should not wear a mask, you should wear a mask and there were other things that we played throughout
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the day, but do you understand that there is confusion among members of the public as to what we should be doing and specifically on vaccines, the question was asked over the weekend, once you have the vaccine, can grandparents interact with our grandchildren, and there was no answer. >> i'm sorry, i do not know it was my turn. if you are confused, you understand it perfectly, because the advice has been all over the map. here's what i do know that we should not be confused about. though apparently the biden administration is. we need to open our schools. everybody says it is okay. and in louisiana 70% of our kids are in in person learning and have been for a while. our teachers, our administrators, our parents and kids have done a great job. that number is only 35-40% across america and it is
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destroying our kids. now in terms of when will the economy reopen and when is it safe, i don't know or not, there was a great article in "the wall street journal" this week saying that between herd immunity and vaccines, that we ought to be completely open by april or may, i don't know if that is accurate or not. >> sandra: i don't know if it is the frustration of some of the backtracking of comments we have heard over time from dr. fauci, and this is nothing against dr. fauci himself. he is in a prominent position of advising the pandemic and a trusted doctor by many on both sides of the aisle, but often times it is looking for that guidance prayed he gave so much guidance under the terms administration the covid team then but to john's point when asked about if your grandparents have had the vaccine, can they visit their grandchildren and he would not commit to giving guidance on that, why not? what has changed, why would he
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not make a recommendation, he did say guidance from the cdc specifically will be coming out on that, but it feels like he used to weigh in on it. >> i don't want to speak specifically to dr. fauci, let me talk about the exports in general, and we need them, we should listen to them, but most of them are very risk-averse, you can say that that is a good thing or bad thing, and they are scared they are going to be wrong. and that's just a fact of human nature, but this is the time for our epidemiologists and our experts to look the american people in the eye, forget about being wrong and give us their best advice and if circumstances change, come back on fox news or other stations and say, here is my updated advice, because things have changed. but the american people need to know. we need to know whether we can open our schools, we think
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everybody says we can, so why hasn't president biden done it? >> sandra: you have had your vaccine? have you gone back to normal life, are you visiting family? >> yes, i'm still being careful as we need to be. i still wear a mask. i socially dispense, we all need to do that until everybody is vaccinated and the virus we know stop spreading, but to this is not an all or nothing circumstance. there are gradations here. and i see no reason based on all of the science that we can't start doing some things that they told us we could not do before like open schools. i mean, everybody agrees it is okay, why doesn't president biden encourage the schools to open? and why doesn't dr. fauci scream at the top of his lungs exhausting his lungs saying, open the schools, for god's sakes, you are hurting our
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children! >> john: that is a question we have asked all week and that many of the guests have been asking as well. senator john kennedy, thank you for being with us. we appreciated and will see you again soon. the senate committees in the meantime holding that hearing on the capitol hill riots and in terms of security what led up to the lack of security that allowed that mob to breach the capital, let's go back to the briefing now in the former chief sund testifying. >> you're looking at a number of states where you are having events coordinated and that detection i think would have been key to putting the effective security in place for this event. >> finally when we are talking about providing this level of security, do you -- is there a playbook? is there a contingency plan that is literally sitting on a shelf somewhere that says demonstrations around the capital going back capitol,
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here's what you do? some of the timing, like the deployment of the national guard might've been faster had there been a predetermined set of phone numbers, actions, steps to be taken, does that exist, and if not, should it exist? >> to the level where you are including the national guard, there is a process where we handle special events and demonstrations, but i tend to agree that we need to streamline the process that we request the national guard in the future. >> because clearly there was a delay that was important part of the response at the time. madam chair, again come i want to thank these witnesses. i think they really made a contribution and they made a contribution when they were serving in their respective positions. thank you, i yield back. >> thank you. >> thank you senator.
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senator sinema is recognized for her questions. >> thank you mr. chairman. my first question is for chief conti, what coordinating actions were taken leading up to januars federal and local law enforcement and what security planning took place and with which agencies? >> thank you for that question, so, there were a series of several meetings that took place leading up to the events of january 6th. there was the weekly law enforcement or nurse call that took place where our federal partners are part of that, the first amendment called that took place by at least two of those, the parts of this event, this national talk service, permanent call that took place prior to this event and as chief sund mentioned, several calls involving several of the law enforcement agencies
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leading up to the events of january 6th, so there are significant phone calls or virtual meetings that took place leading up to january the 6th. >> thank you, and could you talk a little bit about what you see of the mistakes or the holes that did not help connect all those dots in those meetings coordinating two prior six january 6th? >> the major issue from my perspective i think that in terms of the sharing of information, how it is shared, i think that that is where the focus should be, and we are talking about a report that came from a corporate office on the day before, that night after 7:00 p.m. that was sent to email
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boxes. as the chief of police i assure you that my phone is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week and i am available for any phone call from any agency that has information respective something of this magnitude, certainly if there was information about one of our police stations or a federal building being overlooked run i assure you that i would be on the phone directly with the officials that are responsible for the law enforcement response to give them that information first hand. i'm not really relying on technology of the form of email in hopes that that information makes it to where it needs to be. so i think that that is critical, to the point, there were several phone calls leading up to this, no specific information that talked about the events that we saw and experienced on january 6th. and i really do believe that
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there should be more attention given to that. >> i appreciate that. the next question is for mr. sund, you outline that the fbi report send emails to the capitol police on the evening of january 6, and you never received the report, is there an understanding within the system of how that report did not make it to you or to other individuals in leadership in the capitol police the 9th of january the fifth? >> i appreciate that question, ma'am. as i mentioned earlier in the discussion, this is a report that i am just learning about within the last -- informing yesterday of the report, so i'm not sure what investigation may be going on since january 8th i have left the department, what investigations, i know that the chief has put additional safeguards in place to make sure that that does not happen again, but i'm not sure what the
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outcome was and why that did not get pushed further? >> was there an expectation or a process procedure prior to january 6th that should have gotten that memo up to your attention? >> there is a process that ensures that information from the joint terrorism task force and our task force officers gets over to their intelligence division or moved up to our intelligence analysts and the director of intelligence division, based on that information they could push it again to the assistant chief or directly me, he has my cell phone number and we talk regularly. >> as you mentioned you were learning about this recently, but would it have been an expectation of the fbi would've called capitol police or someone on the joint task force to alert the new intelligence in an expedited fashion knowing that this information made it to the capitol police intel team on the
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fifth, what i'm trying to understand is how it did not get to the higher level to make preparations the night of the fifth. >> i will echo what chief contee has mentioned that i do think it observes additional focus. if we have information that is coming in the day before a major event that that has that level of specificity that it can get a little bit more attention than just being handled through an email or electronic format. >> was there any intelligence that you did receive in the several days leading up to january 6th that caused you to change any security plans amongst the united states capitol police? >> just to reiterate, all the intelligence and all the information that we had been receiving during the development of this event for the sixth outline very similar to what the intelligence report that was published on the third outline, we were expecting a large number of protesters coming in and a potentially violent group. we know that they were focused on the capitol and we knew that
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some of them may be armed and that was what was driving up until regardless of what was put out the third, this was information we knew in developing the security plan around that and that's when we looked at based on our review of the november and december events determine we would adjust the fence line out we wanted to do that, that's when i requested the national guard knowing we would need some more fence line. >> thank you. you know, chief contee you received the intelligence on january 6th did not differ from the previous marches. with the two previous, was there any conversation or consideration about the fact that the january 6th was scheduled on a very important day that congress would be in session certifying the results of the election? and was that different in consideration around security than the other two marches which
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were on weekends without congress being in session? >> absolutely, and that is reflected in the response posture of the metropolitan police support department. for the two prior, the maga one and the two marches, we did not call up officers from surrounding jurisdictions to be stationed physically within the footprint of the district of columbia. we did not do that before. the mayor in addition to calling up those additional resources again called up the national guard specifically for the reason that we outlined to them which would allow the metric metropolitan police department to be more nimble in our response. that enabled us to be able to respond quickly to assist the capitol police officers. so those responses were different. we were disrupting individuals or intercepting individuals who were armed, open firearms in our
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city in violation of the mayor's order on federal grounds, so the metropolitan metropolitan police department posture certainly escalated beyond what we did the prior to marches. >> thank you. mr. chairman, i appreciate your indulgence i see i have gone over my time. thank you. >> okay, very good. thank you senator sinema, and your emphasis on the fbi reports. >> sandra: the hearing on capitol hill continues looking into the security breach of january 6th, the first hearing of this kind. senators digging in and looking for answers as to why that happened in the events that led up to that day, john as it continues on capitol hill we will monitor it. >> john: one of the big questions appears to be this lack of intelligence sharing and here we are 20 years after 9/11 when there was a big intelligence failure, and apparently there was an email
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that was mailed around saying that there could be an attack on the capitol, and nobody seemed to get the email. it was very few people. joining us now for more on this is a former secretary of state mike pompeo. i expect you were listening in, this idea that 20 years after 9/11 intelligence sharing is still not what it should be, what are your thoughts? >> john, thanks for having me on. i did not have a chance to hear all of what took place before i came on, but the idea that information was not pushed to the right place and that there were communication gaps if that's what happened is really disappointing. we should be better than that. i watched as a cia director i watch the global communications network about counterterrorism and the work over two decades, bipartisan work and they are able to share very, very quickly across countries and boundaries. many terrorist plots taken down by a really good network over the last two decades. i hope that we don't find that there was a u.s. domestic
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intelligence failure, just sharing things we knew about what might happen amongst law enforcement officials at various levels, that would be really unfortunate and we need to find out what happened that day and how the breach took place. it's an important set of questions to ask. >> sandra: if you could just stand by for a moment. we are told that ted cruz is speaking on that hearing, we will dip back in and listen for a moment. >> what occurred in the days preceding january 6th and then on january 6, so in your written testimony you say on monday january 4th, i approach the two sergeant of arms to a request the assistance of the national guard as you had no authority to do so. you go on to say that i first spoke with the house sergeant of arms to request the national guard. mr. irving stated that he was concerned about the "optics of having national guard credit and did not feel the intelligence supported it. he referred me to the senate sergeant of arms to get his thoughts on their request. i spoke to mr. stenger and again
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requested the national guard. instead of approving the use of the national guard, mr. stenger suggested i ask how quickly we could get support if needed and leaned forward in case we had to request assistance on january 6th." can you describe it a little bit more length those conversations with the two sergeant of arms on january 4th? >> absolutely, sir. the first conversation occurred monday morning and i went over and i had to refer to my notes, but sometime around 11:00 in the morning i saw and met with mr. irving in his office, that's where i made the first request for the national guard. he had indicated to, i don't know if i really like the optics. i don't think the intelligence really supports it. he had likely said and recommended that i talk to the senate sergeant of arms. i went over and met with later on in the day you turn trying to recall if it was in person or over the phone, i would have to go back to my timeline where he reached out to him and they may
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have already talked, because he had referred to me, he said do you know somebody over at the d.c. national guard? i said yes, i have a good friend over there, william walker. and he said how quickly could we get assistance and what type of assistance could he give us? so as i was driving home at about 6:35 at night, i called general walker and spoke to him and said, i don't have authority to request, but i want to figure out if we needed them on wednesday, how quickly could you get on for us and is there where you can be prepared in case we put in the request? at that point he had advised that he had four and a 25 national guardsmen who were supporting the covid response in the district of columbia. and if we needed a response, he could repurpose them and get them to the armory at which point we could get somebody to swear them in as quick as possible. we ended the call, the next day i met with both mr. stenger came
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over to the office for the video call i hosted with a dozen law officials from the capitol in d.c. we spoke about it briefly there and told him what's william walker had told me as well as i had passed on to mr. irving later on that afternoon and they both seemed satisfied with that response. >> so, mr. irving and mr. stenger, as i understand that you have some disagreements with the characterization about the concern about the optics. so i would invite both mr. irving and mr. stenger to relay your best recollection of that conversation on january 4th. >> senator, my best recollection of the conversation on january 4th was a phone call from chief sund indicating that he had received an offer for 125
10:38 am
unarmed guard that could be positioned around traffic perimeter checkpoints, the capitol. i recollection again is that we followed up with mr. stenger and the three of us engaged in a conversation whereby we looked at the offer in light of the existing intelligence, and the decision amongst the three of us was that the intelligence did not warrant the national guard. and it's my recollection that depended the discussion relative to the offer and again the only question on the table is, should we perform any follow-up, and mr. stenger recommended that we ask that they be placed on standby. and that was what i understood. >> so to the best of your recollection did you make the comment with the optics, and what did you mean by that? >> i cannot remember my exact
10:39 am
verbiage, had i used any language to the effect, it was all in reference to whether the intelligence was matched to the security plan. >> and let me ask both mr. irving and mr. stenger, did you all have conversations with congressional leadership either democratic or republican leadership on this question of supplementing law enforcement presence bringing in national guard either on januarn january 6th? >> on january 4th, no, i had no follow-up conversations and it was not until the sixth that i learned in leadership that we might be making a request and that was the end of the discussion. >> for myself it was january 6th that i mentioned it to leader mitch mcconnell staff.
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>> so there has been some disagreement about what time phone calls occurred, senator portman asked earlier, presumably everyone has phone records and i think it would be helpful if each of you could forward the relevant phone records to this committee and chief sund coming you reference in your testimony that you send an email to congressional leadership, if you can forward that to the committee as well i think that would be helpful. thank you. >> thank you. speak to questioning by senator cruz of texas to the officials here on this intelligence failure i guess you can call it and the lack of security on january 6th per the capitol riot. sandra, it seems that not everybody was on the same page here in terms of what was necessary and what was about to happen. >> sandra: and that fbi memo, that warning of a january 6th
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war, many are asking why is the head of security on that day now many former security officials why they were not privy to that intelligence and why they did not receive that memo, we will monitor the hearing on capitol hill at the time. >> john: mike pompeo is still with us, one of the reasons why we booked to you in the first place was about this talk from the biden administration about potentially re-engaging with iran on the comprehensive plan of action, the jcpoa, we have seen reports in the last 24 hours that former obama administration officials including john kerry, robert malley and earnest money is, the secretary of energy all whom worked on the jcpoa had during the course of the trump administration met with iranian officials in what is seen to be a plan to potentially undermine what the trump administration was doing in terms of its maximum pressure campaign to get iran to give up the nuclear
10:42 am
program. what are you saying about all of that. >> we know that happen and that those meetings took place. we know that some of what was discussed, the truth of the matter is that's not right, it's un-american to undermine the duly elected president of the united states and the secretary of state and the team that is trying to execute american policy, but the worst is what is happening now, they will try to go back into this deal that created a straightaway path for the iranians to have a program on the territory, they tried this before, if we just give the iranians enough money, enough policy cash and get this right and bribe them, they will be peaceful. we saw that did not happen and we saw the attacks and the terror that continued, and we seldom continue to work on a nuclear program that led to an localization and bad outcomes for our friends and allies in the middle east.
10:43 am
>> sandra: secretary pompeo, you talk about the appeasement under the obama administration come you talk about a lot about that during your tenure, based on the biden administration policies and what you have seen before and what we are learning, have we return to this? >> well in some sense they brag about it. they say we are going back, he says america is back. sounds like we are back to the same idea that you can fundamentally appease tyrants, dictators, theocrat's who really mean harm to america. the truth is and what we could demonstrate clearly during the term for administration is what they understood was power, they understood deterrence, when we were threatened the united states of america, the president said that's enough we will not let that happen. and that's what the iranians understand, that's what the russians understand, a strong america, and america prepared to deter threats keeps american safe and our kids from having to fight in tough places all across
10:44 am
the world, that's what america deserves and i hope to be a administration will go back to the same appeasement policies that led to decreased cystic lament security and prosperity for the united states of america. >> john: but we have seen iran up to its old games, the biden administration floated the idea of the united states getting back into the jcpoa if they are in full compliance. they are saying we won't go down the road of compliance until you lift all of the sanctions, this could have easily been predicted. >> john, you could predict this, not only did they say that, they said they won a trillion dollars to be paid as reparations for the fact that we departed from the jcpoa. and they think they might get it, this is the craziness. they think that this administration will so badly want a deal that the pressure, the enormous pressures that the iranian regime is under will give up and be thrown away and we will appease them and give them the money that they want and they will go back to the old tricks that we have seen for so
10:45 am
long. >> sandra: if i could just really quickly circle back on what we're hearing from capitol hill this hour, when you hear the discussions from lawmakers on that security breach of january 6th, looking back and knowing what we know today, what needs to be done to prevent them from ever happening again? >> well, it's not clear precisely, there is conflicting testimony from what i have heard so far, but if there was information that was available, it could have protected the officers that were serving that day they could have prevented the risk to all the people inside the capitol that day, just like all the work that could've been done to preserve and protect property where there was writing all across america, we have a responsibility, people have the right to peacefully protest, but they don't have the right to do what has taken place in the break-ins and destruction, the failures that we are now starting to hear about that may have well taken place in these institutions and the community across boundaries from the federal level to the state level, to civilian law enforcement, we have to make
10:46 am
sure that those things are locked down and it may not have been on this day. >> john: secretary pompeo, thank you for staying with us today, we appreciate your role in this. >> you all have a good afternoon. >> sandra: the wife of convicted drug lord el chapo in court today, accused of helping the kingpin run his blood international drug empire, emma cornell taking part in a virtual hearing, that is happening at this hour following her arrest outside of d.c. just last night. she is accused of drug trafficking including helping to distribute, heroin, and cocaine. following all of the slide from the justice department, david. >> hi, sandra, good afternoon, staying behind bars, the hearing actually just wrapped up a few moments ago and the judge says that she is staying behind bars pending trial, there was a current serve that she could be a flight risk because of her monetary means, cornelis burrell
10:47 am
learned her fate yesterday at dallas international airport, and was arrested by federal authorities and just appeared via videoconference before a judge in washington, d.c. according to an affidavit, the wife of joaquin el chapo guzman facing charges including conspiracy to bring in cocaine, infinity, and heroin in united states. and read the charges in spanish to the 31-year-old, this was just international appearance, one of many appearances, her husband who is facing life in prison right now in new york, he escaped prison multiple times in mexico over the past two decades, u.s. authorities finally took custody of him in january 2017, he has been in custody since. in addition to the life sentence, he has 13 years. emma coronel aispuro faithfully attended his court attendances
10:48 am
and seeing blowing him kisses. also plotting to help her husband and escape from that mexican jail. authorities say she took messages from her husband to the drug associates outside of jail. she grew up in the illegal drug trade. and was raised in california and is a dual citizen. she is 31, he is 63 and we found out today from a judge, sandra, if convicted she could face minimum ten years behind bars, maximum life and a fine of $10 million. >> sandra: david on that story, the booking shot on the left-hand side of your screen that we obtained this morning from her arrest last night, the big story we continue to follow, john. >> john: i was surprised to find out that she was arrested not far from here, 29 miles down the road at dallas international airport. don't know what she was doing or where she was going, but a real local connection here, the washington, d.c., area. >> sandra: watching the breaking news on the hour.
10:49 am
>> john: a new yorker grieving after losing her mother to covid in a nursing home, via governor cuomo's directive is responsible as more families speak out. >> the last thing my mom said to me was donna, i'm scared. ♪ ♪ i would like to ask a governor cuomo, how would he feel if he had to live with the words from the last words from his mother, andrew, i'm scared. ♪ ♪ a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. hi sabrina! >>hi jen!
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10:53 am
♪ ♪ >> sandra: the growing number of families calling for new york governor andrew cuomo to be held accountable for his administration's handling of nursing home covid deaths, the next guest is a grieving daughter from long island who says the governor's directive is responsible for her mother's death. joining us now, also a cofounder of the voices for seniors advocacy group, and so sorry for the loss of your mother through all of this and it must be a just absolutely heartbreaking for you, why do you believe that governor cuomo directives are responsible for your mother's death. >> thank you for having me, his mandate especially the 325
10:54 am
mandate encouraged covid to go inside of our nursing home, and many of them were not equipped to handle such a volume of sick people, and the reality is that my mother, like many who were there even temporarily receiving therapy were victims to his mandates. >> sandra: sadly, the governor on friday tried to make the case that the coverage of this story of the covid nursing home scandal in his state is bringing more grief to families like yours rather than helping. here he is in his own words, listen. >> i'm not going to let you hurt new yorkers by lying about what happened surrounding the death of a loved one. so, i'm going to take on the lives and the unscrupulous actors, especially when they cause pain and damage to new york. >> sandra: what did you think when you heard that, vivian?
10:55 am
>> every time he speaks, we have to contend with new insults, and we wanted the truth. of that so what we want is the full truth, and the ones who really have been lying is him and his administration when especially was leaked that they basically were covering the numbers in order to avoid the doj, so he actually has given up with a reason to pause, and we cannot bring any of our loved ones back, and that's the sad truth, but we want accountability. we would like justice for them and it is just painful because it continues to see things that we are looking for someone to blame and he continues to say that with the conspiracy theory or a misinformation campaign, and here we are, the family is clamoring for over ten months just saying i want the truth, i want accountability for my loved one, and then he gives sadly immunity to his facilities. >> sandra: we are showing
10:56 am
beautiful pictures of your mother, at one point on a rocking chair with her grandchild, is that your child? >> it is her first grandchild. >> sandra: beautiful pictures coming you're calling for accountability here, we hear your grief still purred what would make your family feel better at this point? are you simply looking for an apology, what do you want to see happen? >> the time for an apology has come and gone, so we are no longer expecting, we are asking -- we would like accountability, if that includes him resigning, then so be it, if that includes howard zucker resigning, so be it. howard zucker during the last press conference said that they did everything correctly and that they would do it again, so they admitted to 15,000 seniors that we know of, there are many seniors that are not counted and continue to argue that the seniors that have died as a result of the lockdowns should be counted, not as covid deaths, but as a result of --
10:57 am
we know that the numbers are higher, and know that someone like zucker would have powers to do that again. >> sandra: we wish you the very best, thank you for sharing your story here. >> john: another point of outrage, parents and students in los angeles holding zoom blackout protests demanding schools reopen saying science and the experts are on their side. for the schools remain closed as teachers stay home. frustrated parents putting up 50 billboards up and down the state. this one looking like an amber alert saying missing all students, last seen march 13th 2020, reward, their future. open schools now. jonathan's ackerson is the founder of reopen california schools, we should mention that your kids are in school and class in county's, so you are working here to help other parents and other students, but you're being accused of playing hardball here in a not so nice way with the billboards, people saying they go too far and are
10:58 am
insulting the teachers, what do you say? >> they are not insulting the teachers, and i would say that teachers are working harder during this time as well, distance learning is not working for the teachers or the kids, and our kids are suffering and we need to get them back in the classroom. >> john: you also organized a rally in oakley, california, that's where we saw the infamous caught on camera miked tape, asking for the school board to resign and they got ahead of you and did it, but you held a protest anyways, what did you think when you saw that hot mike moment which we should say you posted? >> yes, so the video was posted originally by a mom who heard some disparaging comments being made about a kindergartner and her mom, so she quickly acted and started recording, that got sent to me and we posted it on our twitter account and on facebook, and you know, and went viral. i think that like myself and a lot of other parents, we were
10:59 am
shocked to hear those kind of comments on tape, but it was not too surprising, because we have been hearing those comments throughout the last six months of parents that up and advocating to go back in the classroom. we know that board members are not listing them and glistening many areas. and this is one example of why. >> john: and on funding, we know that there are tens of billions of dollars from the relief bill that have earmarked from schools that are not being spent. the biden administration of the white house behind me asking for $1.9 trillion in more covid relief, a lot which will not be spent on schools until next fiscal year and then fiscal years after. so we have the unions and politicians saying we need money, money, money, but there is money and a lot is not going to be spent, what are your thoughts about that? >> yes, it's horrible. i think that it is increasingly clear that in areas where teacher unions hold a lot of
11:00 am
power, they are holding our kids hostage for additional funding with nothing to do with covid. >> john: finish your thought, i'm sorry. >> and here in california specifically we need to fundamentally change the way that we fund education, so that this never happens again. >> john: jonathan's ackerson, we thank you for your time, good luck in your crusade. i think that you have a lot of people there in california behind you. thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: fox news alert as we begin a brand-new hour, the feds once again appearing to move the goalpost when it comes to covid guidelines. welcome to our brand-new hour of "america reports," i am sandra smith, hi, john. >> john: hey, sandra, and john roberts in washington, d.c., dr. anthony fauci saying even getting a second dose, folks should avoid indoor dining and gatherings of family and friends, but he says updated guidelines are on the way. in the meantime struggling small businesses could be facing a new
11:01 am
hurdle, president biden's pick in health and human services testifying at his confirmation hearing. the california attorney general laid the legal groundwork for some of the strictest lockdowns in the nation. >> sandra: one republican making sure that that does not happen. senator tom cotton lynn is standing by with a spirit he will weigh and live in moments. but we begin with blake burman who has more on the confirmation hearing and white house correspondent kristin fisher will begin, she has the lead and government guidance that is raising some eyebrows as we try to keep track of this all. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, sandra, the latest confusion really stems from whether or not it is safe for vaccinated grandparents to see their unvaccinated grandchildren. and it is a question that is ultimately up to the cdc, but dr. fauci has been asked about it repeatedly in recent days including this morning, and dr. fauci said that while common sense tells you that it's probably okay for these grandparents to see their
11:02 am
grandkids, he is still advising everyone to hold off on those family reunions until this new cdc guidance comes out. >> if i am fully vaccinated and my daughter comes in the house and she is fully vaccinated, do we really have to have a stringent public health measure? common sense tells you that in fact you don't have to be as stringent in your public health measures, but what we want, we want to get firm recommendations from the cdc. >> dr. fauci says the recommendations from the cdc should be coming soon, but once again here you have millions of americans waiting for guidance from the cdc, at first it was those delayed guidelines on reopening the schools, and now this. more than two months after the first shots were administered here in the united states. sandra. >> sandra: kristin fisher live at the white house, thank you. >> john: president biden's topic, during the pandemic
11:03 am
facing a tough confirmation by lawmakers beginning in hearings today on the nominee for health and human services tech echo terry javier becerra. and among republicans complaints accusations that he was gavin newsom's "enforcer" helping create and impose those strict coronavirus lockdowns. from the fox business network live at the weight house for us. >> they are conservative activists here in washington who are trying to coalesce and try to stop javier becerra becoming the next secretary at health and human services. deciding their proficiency in the past as it goes to abortion and religious liberty, but also that he is unqualified for this position. when you look at his resume, stamper law, member of congress for quite some time, california attorney general, however senator richard burr noted that when you are looking at health and human services secretary nominee, he actually does not have any background in
11:04 am
health care. >> members of congress do not become subject matter experts just because they are members of congress. i will say what i've said to him privately, i am not sold yet. i'm not sure that you have the necessary experience or skills to do this job at this moment. >> the white house and democrats say that he is qualified helping the affordable care act and we heard from him on this matter today, during his hearing, and he says that he is the right person for the job. >> i helped write and pass the affordable care act. from the means committee i fought to strengthen and moderate medicare, taking on hospital and drugmakers who unfairly jacked up prices on patients. >> there is a movement for conservatives to stop him from moving forward, but you know how the math and the calculus with all this works if all 50 democrats stick together, it looks like he would end up
11:05 am
making his way through. however if there is a democrat or two, more than that waffle on this nomination then democrats would need the help of republicans to get xavier becerra through. a little way to go. >> sure that any will be helpful given what some republican senators have said about it. sandra, we have one of them too pray to >> sandra: let's bring in tom cotton of arkansas, member of the armed services ans us now, senator, it's good to see you. you also want to stop the nomination, why, what case are you making? >> where to begin, so first off, no relevant experience and has been a politician his life, not a doctor or a dane of public health school or pharmaceutical executive. he has been the architect along gavin newsom's walked down, which he has put small businesses out of business despite the clear science to the
11:06 am
contrary, third he wants to eliminate health care on the job and be in charge of programs like medicare and medicaid and obamacare, i am worried that he will use those programs to try to take away your health insurance on the job. and forthcoming he is a zealot on abortion. we saw this morning he refused to admit that he would not use taxpayer funds to fund abortion. refused to say that he opposed gruesome practices like partial-birth abortion, joe biden needs to send a nominee that know something like public health in the middle of a pandemic. >> john: as it typically is when house is session, it is a big week out there on capitol hill, one of the things being considered this week it's a $1.9 trillion covid relief bill which opponents of the bill say is jam through, we have some to put up on the screen for you, including federal minimum wage of $15 an hour which we will hold you on that, because we know you have an idea about that and a second. $270 million in funding of arts and humanities.
11:07 am
50 million for family planning funding, $112 million for the bart system in san francisco, one and a half million dollars for a bridge from the u.s. to canada, the senate is responsible for the federal budget the goal of covid relief is to end the pandemic and protect the income and support the economic recovery, not only spending far more than needed to achieve these goals but also two clinical dollars in place. that is a nonpartisan organization that is run, and she is saying that about this bill. >> it reflects what a bad bill this is. are there a lot of earmarks in here, bringing back wasteful earmark spending and doing it on contingency in this bill. nancy pelosi will get nowhere in mass transit san francisco and chuck schumer will get his bridge to nowhere from new york into canada. but the bill spends a lot more money that is not necessary. it spends hundreds of millions of dollars on states that have not lost any money. he states that have had surpluses in the last year. tens of billions of dollars on
11:08 am
schools not this year when the schools may need it most, but in future years. that is nothing to do with getting kids back to school this year. more to the point, john, i feel like the democrats are living two or three months in the past. over the last seven or eight weeks, cases have plummeted in the country. now open to 50 million people vaccinated by the end of march probably well over a third of the population has either been vaccinated or exposed to the virus and has natural immunity, it was wanting to spend this money a year ago at the outset or the height of the pandemic, but now we are on the verge of turning the corner and getting back to something very much like normal in a matter of weeks, not months. this money is just fulfilling a lot of democratic wishes. >> sandra: you also mention the minimum wage, there seems to be some bipartisan support for addressing the minimum wage in this country, although republicans say that raising the federal minimum wage to $15, you cannot do it and it will be a job killer. i know you along with
11:09 am
senator mitt romney have something that you believe you can put on the table that could work to bring some of those folks that are earning minimum wage in some parts of the country that are below the poverty line, what is the solution? >> sandra, what we are doing is a $10 minimum wage over the time the pandemic ends and a mandatory e-verify program where they are only hiring legally authorized workers, those go those go hand-in-hand. if you raise the minimum wage you create incentives for dishonest employers to hire illegal immigrants, so you use the e-verify system to make sure that higher wages are going to american workers, we think it is a reasonable compromise, obviously the 50 million -- $15 an hour minimum wage would kill so many jobs, we think this is a constructive step that hopefully they can both get behind. >> john: i was going to interject, the bridge that senator schumer once would connect the northern part of new york with cornwall, ontario, it's not a bridge to nowhere,
11:10 am
it's a bridge to somewhere. people would argue what does that have to do with coronavirus relief, in terms of the minimum wage, senator joe manchin of west virginia has suggested that he would be okay with $11. the white house was asked about that today, jen psaki saying, president biden would refer 15, but she did not rule out 11, do you think that you can compromise with senator mansion on an $11 minimum wage and get that through with 51 votes? >> i would be open to working with any democrat that realizes that $15 an hour is too high a many parts of the country, and who is willing to work across the aisle. the democrats have taken a partisan approach to the bill so far i'm not sure that they will reverse themselves on that, but our proposal is designed not just to be an amendment on the spending bill, but to be a stand-alone bill that will help raise wages for working class americans. for those people who are american citizens or legalized
11:11 am
to work here. >> sandra: if that did not find bipartisan support, is there a number you believe that you could settle on that do you believe could get bipartisan support for a federal minimum raise of wage hike russian mark >> sandra, i will not negotiate on television, but it will work with any democrat who wants to crack the solution that raises wages for american workers. because senator cotton come appreciate your time. thank you. >> john: i laugh when he called it a bridge to nowhere, because i have been to nowhere -- >> sandra: an area you know well. the debate on minimum wage hike, you know very well, that has been a heated debate on capitol hill for quite some time, we will see where there is support. >> john: it is interesting that hans senator romney and senator manchin seem to be only a dollar apart. it could be timing, because that cotton bill would not kick in until 2025 and it would be a
11:12 am
gradual rise, but maybe there is room for some compromise below the $15, we will see. ahead we will sort through the confusion on covid, dr. nicole saphier will be here to talk about the shifting guidance from the fed and dr. fauci in the vaccine. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: up next the biden administration question whether it is taking credit for president trump's accomplishments as former secretary of state mike pompeo says the new administration is moving backwards. ♪ ♪ >> they in some sense brag about it, they say we are going back. president biden says that america is back. sounds like we are back to the same idea that you can fundamentally appease tyrants, dictators, bureaucrats, people who'd mean harm to america. >> sandra: bret baier is back. he will break it all down for us next. ♪ ♪ it's a new day for veteran homeowners. with home values high and mortgage rates at all time lows. great news for veterans who need money for their family. that's me.
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11:17 am
is? be going just to point out, that
11:18 am
was a veteran correspondent with the associated press matt lee who is doing the pressing and doing a good job at it reminding them that it was the last administration that did all those things setting up the engine on any company they work on the pipeline. there is real concern especially in the neighborhood of eastern europe that the biden administration is going to go soft on the pipeline and that it is going to turn the other way and let it happen. jonathan swan with axios good piece citing sources over there about that concern, and if you look at it, it is russia seems to be signaling that they are taking the biden administration too, because construction has forward with with that pipeline. he was stopped under the term administration. >> john: what is interesting is that axios can we hear the name volodymyr zelensky, same as the ukrainians are just appointment limit that he did
11:19 am
not commit to use every tool in his power to stop nordstrom two, new? be good also get to a bigger picture on the focus of russia and trump, and reality, the policies of the church and had him russia were pretty firm right on the beginning of the biden administration we don't know what it is going to look like long-term mobile we know that they have started the start treaty with russia, something that who wanted, and they are now signaling that they are not going to lean into fighting the pipeline, and that's really a goal of where this goes. >> john: there were some interesting data out of the florida republican all that shows that ron desantis, the governor of florida is gaining strength as a republican mover and shaker, the question was asked in the 2024 republican primary, where ron desantis gets 64% compared to 12 percent per marco rubio in rick scott,
11:20 am
founded in the state of florida which is now former president trump's home state, ron desantis was more popular than the former president was. as an indication that he could be a contender for 2024? >> it is possible, that whole is startling, and it could be tony rubio's looking for a polling job with ron desantis, but also his performance during covid has may be part of people of importance, and they feel like they are headed in the right direction. it is worth pointing out the rick scott has been rumored to be looking at a presidential plan, and he is the head of the national republican territorial committee in charge of getting republican control in 2022, those numbers are not good for him, but the bigger picture is on his covid and what is happening down in florida. due to another jumping off point as the headline in the national review that says that andrew cuomo is everything the prosecutor ron desantis use
11:21 am
them as being. there is a difference in how ron desantis was perceived versus andrew cuomo. como is lionized for his response to virus as ron desantis was bill and eyes, but when you look at the numbers is actually the other way around, let's put this on the screen for new york at the population 19.4 million people, 46,000, almost 47,000 have died of coronavirus florida has a larger population thousand of your death and it has been open the entire time. >> yes, it is pretty amazing and the stories that are painted ron desantis as being cavalier and risking people's lives now have been turned around. and he has really use that. is another folded called him the trump-iest of leaders coming in on the senate floor, so i think
11:22 am
that you look at that and you have to look at that pole and state, there is a real chance that he is going to do bigger things to the question what happened sunday at cpac and whether donald trump freezes the field with whatever he says. perhaps he could be a running mate in 2024 if the former president decides he is going to throw his head in the rain again, the former presidedent my have to switch his residency back to new york make sure that all the votes get counted. thanks so much, we will see you tonight at the clock. when y think about that, sandra, contender? >> sandra: there is the peers and from not just how they treated the new york governor in the florida governor, but the comparison that shines brightly on governor desantis covid situation, the cases and caleb versus florida strict lockdown measures happening in california and not so much in florida, but then in the same place as far as
11:23 am
covid cases and that really reflected positively on ron desantis. to be are a lot of conservatives that would like to see ron desantis as a potential candidate for 2024 if president trump decides not to run. >> sandra: it will be interesting, president biden under fire for reopening a migrant child facility in texas. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live on that from los angeles boris. jonathan. because such a surge in unaccompanied children crossing the border this year that the government is literally running out of facilities in which to house them. hence the biden administration decided to reopen an emergency facility used during the trump era and one that attracted a good deal of criticism at the time from immigration advocates. the springs in texas is defined on 700 children between the ages of 13 and 17, and yesterday dozens were taken there in advance. the reopening of the camp
11:24 am
prompting that the children's defense fund to "if that's true today as it was in 2019, children do not belong in detention. the white house said today it is not replicating trump-era policies. because this is not kids being kept in c around 7,000 children are currently in the custody of the department of health and human services, and housing them all has become more difficult because of covid restrictions. back in 2019 when the controversial spring site was used under president trump, hhs person said the emergency facility was essentially the best of a bunch of bad options. we go the reason for the spring and why we have set this up is again not to allow children to stay on border patrol stations any longer than they need to. >> and told us via email today that the camp is still a better holding facility had of border patrol station, and he and his
11:25 am
view that children receive good care at that facility during the term of restoration and received good care there today. jonathan, thank you. tiger woods may have been in a car crash, we will develop some information on that as we can. in the meantime, the former wife of drug lord el chapo in court today. the punishment she faces for drug trafficking charges and what we just heard from the judge, plus there is this. because this bill is too expensive and too expansive. it supposed to be a covid bill, only 9% of it goes to covid. what they are doing is telling you that the swamp is back. the two republicans ripping into democrats over all in their covid field, larry kudlow is here to react, coming up next musical
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>> john: the wife of convicted drug lord el chapo order to remain in jail after the feds arrested her last night, that decision from a judge in a virtual hearing that wrapped up last hour. the former beauty queen accused of helping the kingpin run his bloodied drug international empire. investigators say she helped him plot his famous escape from a mexican prison with, heroin, and cocaine. looking to see if her rest can help them crackdown on the rest of the cartel facing the possibility of life in prison if convicted. >> sandra: increased certainty of president biden's $2 trillion covid relief bill showing $15 million is allocated in that bill for environmental justice. and climate change leading some to believe that it is a push to get rid of coal. from fox business network from washington, he has the latest. >> when you dig deeper into this, the energy institute to says there relief package will
11:31 am
kill the growth in that energy sector. now $50 million in the relief package will go to environmentally climb into grants reading the fine print the money will go to implement environmental justice purposes and objectives described in the president's executive order signed a day after getting into office. that executive order gets us back into the paris climate agreement and reinforces the need to cut financing on coal projects. the senior economist for the energy institute for research says that this will make reliable and affordable energy less reliable and less affordable. >> they don't actually have to ban the energy projects. they just make the financing so uncertain, because you don't know if you will be able to complete them. they are going to be financial rules that work against you, so that people won't want to invest in them in the first place. they can say we did not ban anything, we just made it totally accountable to make the investment in. >> democrats say the section will open avenues to renewable
11:32 am
energy. the full house is expected to vote on the relief package this weekend. back to you. >> sandra: live in washington on that. thank you. >> john: republican rivals warned that by then white house would be taxed sites. in a month in signaling they could be on the way. federal chair jerome powell fielding questions on whether he would support a wealth tax while testifying before the senate banking committee. hillary vaughn live on capitol bill with more on this. >> has said today the way the fed is looking at employment is going to be different moving forward. not just looking at the number of people that are employed but whether or not that number includes minority groups and that's exactly what some senate democrats wanted to hear today from towel and pressed him on how far the fed is willing to go to address income and economic inequality. it's senator elizabeth warren asked about a wealth tax.
11:33 am
>> does it increase inequality when wealthiest americans paid total taxes at less than half the rate of nearly all other american families? >> we can't affect wealth inequality. >> i appreciate that you are trying to move sideways on this, but you pointed out the inequality that it is the problem in our country. >> and republicans today also said that the testimony that there are sectors in the economy that are not only fully recovered, but booming like housing and manufacturing is proof that we don't need a blanket payout stimulus bill, we need a targeted stimulus bill. john. >> john: hillary vaughn porras on capitol hill, thank you so much. sandra. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert, i believe that we are now reporting on this car accident that tiger woods, the pro golfer was involved in this morning. los angeles county sheriff's department has just issued a statement that approximately at 7:12:00 a.m. this morning the
11:34 am
police responded to a single vehicle rollover traffic collision on the border of rolling hills estates in rancho verde's moving north bound. the vehicle sustained major damage. this is the sheriff's report, the driver and sole occupant was identified as tiger woods, the pro golfer and was extricated from the wreck with the jaws of life by the l.a. county firefighters and paramedics then transported to a local hospital by ambulance for his injuries. there is an ongoing traffic investigation into this matter at this moment. prayers for tiger woods at this hour, john. >> john: just looking at some online traffic related to all of this, that road is fairly dangerous and is quite a steep angle according to some people who say that they live near the area that the road has been closed for at least a couple of hours now that there are many traffic accidents in the area. and he was playing golf yesterday with the actor david
11:35 am
wade, so he has been very active in the area though he does will maintain a home in florida. this would be terrible news for him depending on the extent of his injuries. maybe he is just banged up a little bit, but i'm seeing some traffic, don't want to get too far that his injuries may be more serious -- >> sandra: the vehicle sustained major damage according to the sheriff's department using the jaws of life to remove him from the vehicle. to the point about where the vehicle was traveling, northbound on hawthorne boulevard at black forest road when the car crashed. he has a data two and has a son who is following in his footsteps in the game of golf, making major headlines lately as being a wonderful golfer, we wish him the very best. as we get information on the story we will bring this to the viewers. all we have at this moment is a los angeles county sheriff department's statement was put out to us.
11:36 am
the accident happened just after 7:00 a.m. this morning. so as we get information we will bring it to the viewers. larry kudlow is joining me on set. larry, the second you heard this you joined us and said oh, no. not good news for tiger woods. again, we can't speculate on his condition at this time because we don't have any further information, but your reaction to what we know so far? >> i am a longtime tiger woods fan and followed him through thick and thin and have reported on them, made a great comeback when he won the masters two years ago, and golf world generally loves tiger woods, fans love tiger woods, i hope you survived this. i mean, i'm not worried about going back to play, i just want him to survive this and then go on from there. he has shown a lot of great with all of these back operations. and like everybody ups and downs, this is terrible news. just terrible news.
11:37 am
and it reminds me out there unrelated, but you know, when kobe bryant went down in the helicopter, that was just incredible stuff, but life is difficult, and i hope the lord is watching and helping. >> sandra: we will break back in with any information as we get it. to the news of the day, and as we continue to await a covid package, i have heard you talking about it, what ultimately will get done here? you know the pain and the economy in certain sectors, those folks who have been directly put out of work as a result of the shutdown and pandemic, there are people who need help, but i have heard you, and you are very optimistic on the economic recovery that this country is seeing right now and what it is about to see. >> i have always felt that you should target, and i think that history shows and there are some studies out in the past year, keep those assistance packages down around 40, $45,000 a year, that's it.
11:38 am
not a blanket of 75,450,000, help the small businesses and do anything to get schools open. that is not a $2 trillion package. and some studies have shown, we are going to cover this tonight, only a tiny fraction is actually going to health care and covid, and i want to just make this generic statement, we are on the mend, there are now scientists with data showing vaccines soaring, cases plunging, this is not nothing, this is important news, official washington does not want to put this out. i'm sorry, we could be rolling down, maybe not ending, but the pandemic may be coming to a rolling end sometime this summer, many scientists are now saying that, the economy must open, i am tired of all the ankle biting and nitpicking and
11:39 am
toenail clipping and this and that-18, and friends of mine saying even if you have a vaccine you should not go to dinner, look what is happening, people are winning, look at new york, even new york, not a model of wisdom, right? 35% restaurants, going to the next knicks game, the nets mets game, the theaters are opening, out in the west coast, if my friend gavin newsom does not open up, he will lose his governorship. and ron desantis looks like the best health sentence of all. he has shown a very well. i am just saying i don't know why from president biden on down official washington including jay powell who made some statements today, why are they hiding this? america loves and optimistic story, this business about the vaccination and operation warp speed and the crash, and we
11:40 am
are close to herd immunity. that's what at least some serious doctors are saying from johns hopkins. i'm not talking quacks. i'm talking from john hopkins. and this is the best possible bullish news for the entire country. i don't care who you are. this is fabulous stuff. >> sandra: every every day on fox business, you have some optimism. we know we are climbing out of this. but i had the pleasure of joining you last week. we have the breaking news on tiger woods now. thank you. >> john: a fox news alert and the troubling news that tiger woods, the golf legend was in a serious car accident in los angeles, rancho palos verdes earlier today, the car was so smashed up that he had to be extricated from the vehicle with the jaws of life, matt finn is on the ground and has the latest for us, what you hearing? we have a statement from the
11:41 am
sheriff's department, but not much more than that at this point. >> there are images on local media in los angeles working to confirm those, but the images are very horrifying what appears to be some type of car near the area of tiger woods accident, a rollover suv, and to reporting the jaws of life had to be used to extricate tiger woods, off of digest magazine reporting that tiger woods was here in california for a two-day content shoot with the magazine after serving as a host for the pga tour over the weekend, after david spade also tweeted out apparently in the past day or two that he had golfed with tiger woods. it so apparently very busy here in california, and there was some type of major incident this morning in the area of rancho palos verdes that included his vehicle pulled over, john. >> john: we were picking up online traffic about people who were saying this to living in the area that the road that he
11:42 am
was apparently traveling on is very steep and is very prone to car accidents, the road has been closed down for a number of hours now, the fact that he had to be extricated from the car with the jaws of life and tiger woods drives in fairly large vehicles, although we don't know for a fact, we know that the traffic accident began in florida. he was driving an suv, we don't know what kind of vehicle he was in this time, but anytime anybody has to be taken out of a vehicle with the jaws of life, you know that that is a serious situation. according to the situation of the los angeles county sheriff's department he has been taken to the hospital with injuries. we do not know the extent of those injuries at this point though. any kind of an update, is there any information on the ground that might flesh out a little bit more of this as the news
11:43 am
races to the scene to piece some of this together? >> not his current condition, john, but was told cbs that he is awaiting the results of an upcoming mri before he could ramp up his own practicing return, so obviously we know that tiger woods health and wellness is something that he was frequently talking about. he believed he had a series of major surgeries, so that is the latest that we have right now as far as anything to do with his health or current condition. >> john: he publicly talked about the problems he was having with his back and a generative disk problem in his back for which he had surgery. and completely rebuilt his swing and he was looking in the last couple of seasons more solid than he has in the majority of the last decade. so i suspect that mri was probably a check on what was going on in his back in terms of healing and recovery, making sure that he would be solid through the golf season.
11:44 am
we don't know if he had been having any problems with the back injury over the winter or not, but if he has knaus abstained some traumatic injuries and typically in a car crash where you have to be extricated with the jaws of life it would be lower extremities that would probably be heavily involved, if he has had some problem with his legs or hips, that could send him back seriously. go ahead, we can hear you. >> so david spade tweeted 17 hours ago, golf lesson with this guy, there is a picture of tiger woods on their, and he said, he is not bad, referring to tiger, pick things up very quickly, so just a very lighthearted toast on twitter, that was just about 17 hours ago, john. >> john: and again, we don't have any further information from the sheriff's department other than the fact that there was a serious car accident this morning. they said it was at 7:12:00 a.m.
11:45 am
pacific time, that would put it at about 10:12 eastern time which would have made it almost five hours ago now, said this news is very slow trickling out, but suddenly now it is blasting across the country as we look at the helicopter from k ttd which is going to the area now that they have zoomed in on the road i would assume that this is probably the area where the accident or at least near where the accident occurred, again, it is rolling hills estates, a lovely area there in los angeles county, we are hearing that one of the roads that they were on, hawthorne boulevard is quite a steep incline, we see the police officers on the side of the road there and that -- oh, that looks like the vehicle. aunt sandra, can you see these pictures? that looks like the vehicle that he was likely writing in. my goodness. >> sandra: horrifying images,
11:46 am
no update on his current condition other than as we have been reporting, he has been removed with the jaws of life with the firefighters that arrived at the scene this morning. the los angeles county sheriff's department did confirm that only moments ago while it did happen hours ago, they describe it as a single vehicle rollover traffic collision on the border of rolling hills estates in rancho palos verdes. the vehicle that he was in as pictured here on the sky map seven was traveling northbound on hawthorne bullock heart at black forest road when it crashed. the vehicle as a sheriff described in now as we have seen on the new images sustained major damage, that's when he was of course brought to the hospital. he was the driver and sole occupant. he was then of course identified as pga golfer tiger woods and was extricated from the vehicle by the firefighters and the paramedics that responded to the scene, and then transported to a local hospital as far as we know
11:47 am
at the moment, this is where he remains at this hour, although he could've been transferred to another hospital, we await any further information as the traffic investigation is now being conducted by investigators from the l.a.p.d. so, this is the information that we have at this hour. we do not know anything further on tiger woods condition, he has a father of two, he was married to elin nordic grin. we have followed him for so many decades as a professional golfer. his son has been coming up following in his shoe steps as a golfer himself, he has a beautiful family, and we wish him the absolute best as we see this tragic, tragic car crash scene on the left side of your screen as we get these brand-new images, john. >> john: it looked like he was coming down hawthorne road and for some reason the vehicle left the road and rolled over, judging by the distance from the road to where that suv is out in that field, it is likely rolled
11:48 am
over a number of times. you can see that there were bits and pieces of the car that are going around, looks like somebody has taken whatever luggage and piled it up there, we don't know if tiger woods was driving or if he was a passenger in the car. >> sandra: he was the driver and sole occupant as a release from the sheriff, i believe we have more information from matt finn. >> "golf digest" reporting, saying that he last competed alongside his son at the pnc championship which finished on december 20th in orlando, florida, tiger woods and underwent a procedure to remove a pressured disk fragment that was pinching a nerve. that was -- >> sandra: break them with any other news as you get it, as the pictures really stop you in your tracks absolutely horrific
11:49 am
images as they were left with the first responders at the hospital. >> john: i missed that part of the sheriff's department press release that says he was the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle. and it looks like they took out the front windshield of the car and extricated him that way using the jaws of life. and again, when you have a crash like this, the roof is compacted in the front of the car that was shot back, so you can imagine that it would've likely been some entrapment of his lower extremities in that car, which for a golfer is going to be very, very bad news. for anybody it would be, of course, but particularly for somebody who asked their living off the lower body the way that a golfer does, -- >> sandra: for so many weighing and just hearing this news that tiger woods was injured in a car crash in the los angeles sheriff reporting that we are starting to see some
11:50 am
reaction including lawmakers who are just now seeing the news, lee zeldin from new york, to prayers for tiger woods who has been injured in a single field rollover appeared prayers are being offered by many as you can imagine as it is taking over the social media atmosphere right now. so many weighing in and wishing him the absolute best. >> john: here's a guy who fought back from you know, the situation from a decade ago that nearly torpedoed his career, then experienced his terrible terrible back problems as matt finn was saying, build himself back up into a contender and was winning tournaments again and challenging in majors and now this, and you know, you have to feel for him, because he went through so much in terms of the back problems, the surgeries, the rehabilitation, there you see some recent pictures a much more bulked up tiger then we had seen in the
11:51 am
past with a brand-new swing, and now -- >> sandra: john, we have an update. >> john: is in the hospital undergoing surgery. >> sandra: mark steinberg has just put out a statement saying that tiger has suffered "multiple leg injuries and is currently in surgery." at sportscaster jim gray joining us on the news spread we just learned this now from steinberg that he is injured in multiple places in his leg and is currently in surgery, your thoughts at this time? >> well, it is tragic to hear this. it is tragic to hear this, and it is just an awful circumstance. and i am just listening to the details that you all are giving and catching up on this, but i'm speechless, really. it's quite sad to think of everything that tiger has gone through, the joy that he has brought to all of us in the golf
11:52 am
world, and to sports and to hear this is just -- it's shocking. >> sandra: i hear it in your voice, and i covered very closely his demise as you remember so many years ago when everything happened with his wife, the extramarital affairs, how greatly that affected his family, and at times so many who most wished him ill will based on what we learned, and then there was this major route for him to come back, and he did. and i mean, the crowds gathered around all the golf forces that he ever set foot on. the golfers love him. they brought back the sport of golf. and he has made a major comeback that he has brought so many fans along with him. so as you can imagine, there is an outpouring of support as we learn these details. >> well, sandra, you know, he had last played with his son charlie and the father/son
11:53 am
tournament, or the relatives, i don't know exactly what they call the tournament, but there was so much joy to see him out there with charlie, and he was a proud papa and you could see just all the exuberance that he had and he was trying to shield his young son as well so that this media onslaught would not somehow overtake him the way that it overtook tiger as a youngster, and what has followed. and so then in his last public appearance on the golf course, we saw this tremendous joy, and he had that joy when he won the 2019 masters, and we saw people finally being able to share in that joy with him as opposed to being at a distance. and to have completed that comeback. to have this now, even at riviera just a few days ago professing the trophy that won the tournament that tiger had been unable to play because of the surgery. but he looked in good spirits
11:54 am
and came on with jim nantz on the cbs telecast, so we will have to see about the surgery. >> john: jim, it is john roberts. in terms of the surgery he just had, did it look like he was going to be able to get back into a full season of play this year? >> well, he indicated in that interview with jim nantz that he was not sure. he was going to have to take it day by day and see what happened, in fact, he cast some doubt on that, john, that he would be able to play in a dust and of course he could win in agusta any time regardless of its form, because he is so familiar with the course having won so much and being a legendary, but he had cast doubt as to whether or not he was going to be able to play in the beginning of april. >> sandra: not the first car crash he has been impaired there was a car crash in the suv in 2009 at his home in florida. 45 years old and was in the area for his annual genesis golf tournament at the riviera.
11:55 am
he had met with and taken photos with stars over the weekend, david spade, dwyane wade, and others, and now the recent back surgery, what we still do not know at this hour and what caused the accident, we can only get the details from the sheriff's office and what we just heard from his agent. we await to hear more on his condition as we know he is in the hospital now, tiger woods. rescued with the jaws of life. he sipped stained multiple leg injuries and his agent a few moments ago confirming that he was in surgery, jim. >> he has had numerous surgeries, numerous knee surgeries, a back, he has been under the knife from surgery all of these inflicted obviously by his playing and with what the wear and tear has taken on him, none from obviously any kind of
11:56 am
an impact of an auto crash, so this is a whole different type of thing then what he has had to endure for what has been a physical ailment because of his play and because of his participation in sports over all these years, when you swing a golf club like he has since he has been three four years old, virtually every day of his life that he was physically able, that wear and tear takes its toll, but nothing quite like this. and we just don't know exactly from mark steinberg what this type of surgery is, but none of the things that he has undergone surgery for before, i'm sure is nothing like this to repairing or to fix his back. >> john: many times, jim, not to speculate on the injuries, but many times when you are in surgery for a leg injury it is because a break. i broke my lower left to be back in 2002, and it was a long recovery. it took at least a number of months. and again we don't know the
11:57 am
extent of his injuries other than he is in surgery for multiple leg injuries. or so depending on the extent of his injuries, the back may be the least of his problems at least in the immediate future. trace gallagher is in our los angeles bureau, he has been following all of this. and he has more on the area in which this accident took place. a trace, just looking at some of the online traffic regarding this, looking at the $170,000 suv that has just been crushed, looking at these very steep roads that are prone to accidents. >> i just drove this road about five or six days ago, i live about 6 miles from the area, and as you can see the cars on hawthorne boulevard, and then you get to black forest road, it is not as steep as in some areas. and it is not a high-speed area, you look at the damage done to the car and it looks like it was traveling at a high rate of speed. the car is off the road by about
11:58 am
35-40 yards, but the damage to the front is severe as you can tell, it is unclear, contacting the sheriff's office if this was a single-car accident, but we don't know if tiger lost control on the road were somehow hit something on the road and kind of caromed him off. the jaws of life were used meaning they went in and had to open the door as you see right there on the upside that they had to open the door and crush the window so that they could break tiger out, that's what the jaws of life is for. they go up there and pry open the doors and take him out and he was taken by ambulance. we do not know the hospital yet, torrance memorial is a level 1 trauma center, likely that he went there about four and a half, 5 miles away. we are waiting to hear information on that. he does have severe leg injuries. again, the extent of those are unclear right now, but we are waiting for information from the sheriff's office to give us an idea of exactly how fast they believe the car was going.
11:59 am
at 7:00 this morning, not any fog at all in the area, rolling hills, very well known for heavy fog, but there was zero fog at all in the area, the conditions that uc berkeley are imperfect, so there is still a lot of unanswered questions about this crash, john. >> john: nothing better when it comes to breaking news then you, so we will get back to having you work your sources and finding out more of what happened regarding this. and the condition that tiger woods is in now. as he is undergoing surgery to treat some very serious leg injuries that you can see from the rollover crash. that area of rancho palos verdes not far away from long beach if you are looking for a certain geographic relative points here where this all occurred. and sandra, it's just so tragic after the long comeback that he has had again the nagging back injury and now this. it really is just heartbreaking for him and for sports fans
12:00 pm
around the world to see this happen. >> sandra: there is an outpouring of support for him coming from all over, we wish him the absolute best as he is in there in surgery according to an agent. 69 degrees and sunny when this happened. our thoughts and prayers for tiger woods. thanks for joining us, i am sandra smith. >> john: i am >> martha: thanks, john an sandra. i'm martha maccallum. fox news alert. tiger woods involved in a "major car accident" in los angeles. you're looking live at the scene on the left-hand side of the screen is the vehicle that he was traveling in. the sheriff saying that the golf legend was removed from that vehicle by the jaws of life. machinery that allow them to pull him out of that car. he was brought out by l.a. firefighters and paramedics. it's described as


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