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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 23, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> the police force of the future, what happens when they get on ice? that is all the time we have tonight, shannon bream in the fox news at 19 take it from here . >> a glimpse into the future. >> have a great show. >> we will get into the latest on tiger woods and just a minute . now at a los angeles hospital, we are told in serious conditio after rolling his suv across several lanes of traffic and down as southern california her outside. that's twice in a week we hear from former president from donald trump publicly wishing his friend like tiger woods while. last week remembering his frien rush limbaugh, we'll hear from the former president again this weekend at a servant of convention. when will his return to the political stage mean. welcome to fox news at night, first, to the breaking news correspondent monitoring the very latest on tiger woods. >> there are reports of tiger
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woods fleet for morning event and was seen speeding from the hotel parking lot just after 7:00 a.m. as he came down the grade from the rolling hills estates, he made a sweeping left turn followed by a bending right where he apparently lost contro likely because of speed two. listen now to the first deputy on the scene. >> that stretch of roadway is one of our local spots. we know that it's a hotspot for traffic collisions as well as speed. in my experience it is deputy that is traffic trained, i've seen many collisions. the nature of his vehicle, the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt i would say that it greatly increased the likelihoo that it saved his life right. >> minutes later when firefighters arrived on scene they say tiger was conscious an talking, but that he could not free himself from the wreckage so they used a tool to pry open the windshield and then pulled him out. firefighters say at first tiger didn't seem overly concerned
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about his leg injury, but that' likely because he was still in shock. he was taken to the ucla harbor to repair to leg fractures and kook including a compound fracture and a shattered ankle. throughout the day his friends and colleagues send their prayers and best wishes and tonight on fox, former presiden donald trump also weighed in. >> he's overcome a lot, and he has had eric incredible life an he will continue to have an incredible life for it he will recover from this. it's pretty bad on the legs i understand. he'll figure a way, but he is a wonderful person. aside from everything else, he' a wonderful person. >> he has a contract with discovery network to do behind-the-scenes and in fact h spent the past few days in southern california giving lessons to people like comedian david spade, basketball star dwayne wade. here is what wade posted on instagram.
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>> i would told you about to do something amazing today. in they got an opportunity i sa the goat, he's not comfortable with it, but i came out here too , with this guy right here. tiger, thank you for teaching m something. how good of my? >> good. i'm not good. >> we're getting better. >> everybody, i got some lesson today from the goat, tiger woods . appreciate it. >> today he was scheduled to work with quarterback drew breeze and justin harbert after at the rolling hills country club which is 4 miles from the crash scene. >> we will check back in with you if news breaks on this and how are doing. >> it now the for the very latest, we know about the crash tonight and where the investigation goes from here. you want to bring in los angele county sheriff's. great to have you back with us.
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>> thank you. >> i know if you've said that tiger woods is actually very lucky or very fortunate to be alive. we have some aerials that we've have showed a little bit of thi crash scene, but can you tell u of exactly what happened? it has a little bit of a grade or into curve, that's not a stranger to accidents. >> that stretch of road we have had 13 accidents, four of them with ben with injuries includin this with tiger today. it is downward, and it has a curve to it so if you're not attentive to the speed or to th road itself, it's very easy to straight where you're supposed to be and you're going to encounter that center median. >> the not that we've got up or the diagram showing this shows that he did go through the median and through opposing traffic and down the deals i'd. this is what the los angeles times said there didn't beard t be skidmarks on the northbound side of hawthorne boulevard but
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the welcome to rolling hills estates that had been in the median was obliterated. there was a license plate owned in wood's suv very narrowly missed a telephone pole as it careened up the hillside. sheriff, it sounds like it was terrible crash, but it could have been even worse. the cart missed some really nasty targets that would have been even more destructive due tiger woods as we wait to hear how he's doing coming out of surgery. where will this investigation go , how long will it take into we know exactly what happened? >> it will take a few weeks to get all the facts together into all the investigations. unfortunately, we don't have an witnesses. we will be looking at any potential witnesses in that section of the road prior to th moment of the crash. we want to hear from people tha may have information on that. we are investigating this as an accident. we wish tiger well and hope he gets back on his feet in the
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future and definitely, he's lucky based on the scene. i went to the scene myself and saw the conditions of the vehicle and he is extremely fortunate. >> it was reading, one of your deputy said that he was very calm and that he seemed very collected. he may have been in shock, but he was able to give his name, h was conscious and talking, having been at the scene and they are showing pictures now, are you surprised he's not in worse shape? >> he is a conditioned athlete, so that's always going in his favor. he had his seatbelt on so he wa spared from major trauma by getting the council, the steering well and all that. he missed an object like the telephone pole which would've had a very traumatic impact. he sheared off tree in the process, but a lot of these things slow down the vehicle an reduce the major impact that could have been very very different. >> when you see in accident lik
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this whether it's just one that average and americans are a celebrity like this and you sho up on the scene and see the revolutions like car went through and all that happened, what are your thoughts that somebody walked away. not walked away, but at least i alive, fighting, and in surgery. >> think god for just being fortunate for using all of the vehicle safety features from th seatbelt, the airbags that were deployed and they did other things are designed to do, then the interior of the vehicle is more or less intact. the bumper and all the undercarriage, but the interior compartment was pretty much intact and that's what kept the alive going through all these car flipping over and over and. >> we are happy to see that tha technology kicked in here and people across the world praying and wishing him the very best i his fight to recover. thank you for popping in.
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>> any time. >> rochester to new york tonigh where demonstrators are taken t the streets. protesters and one video chanting move back as they get into formation and push back against a line of police officers. following the announcement that no officers will be charged in the death of daniel crude last march. the 41 -year-old black man was handcuffed and naked with a ove his head while he was being hel by an officer. also breaking tonight, potentia trouble brewing for donald trum jr. at the manhattan manhattan district attorney's office expands its tax investigation into the trump business empire. the beat goes on for the bite n ministration pushing texas nominees and cusses over the objections of even some democrats. one house correspondent has the latest for us tonight on some contentious hearings. >> contentious indeed. as you know, it's customary her in washington for lawmakers to
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make a bit of a sport out of grilling prospective cabinet nominees, putting them through their paces before at least in most cases, sending them off with a view to political bumps and bruises, however, some bide nominees, they seem to be takin more hits than usual. >> gas development generates huge revenues for local schools potential services. what is your plan to make up fo any lost local revenue for public safety intern children's education. >> as i mentioned earlier, if i'm confirmed as secretary it i president president biden abundant agendas that i would move forward, not my own. >> just a small sample of the grilling hall and received toda on capitol hill i contentious interrogation including questions about her embrace of the green new deal, her nt fracking stance, and comments about republicans not believing in science. wyoming senator is a surgeon.
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>> do you think as medical doctors we don't believe in science. so it went, she would become th first native american cabinet member, but as comments and policy should be forced to defend may actually jeopardize her bid. she is not alone. the office of management and budget meant even less likely with bipartisan opposition already established. even the administration surgeon general nominee is having new scrutiny. for coronavirus speeches. this as the white house tried t explain a border facility used to house children under the trump administration and now biden wasn't tantamount to kids in cages.
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>> joe biden said, under trump, there have been horrifying zine of at the border of kids being kept in cages, now it's not under trump, it's under biden. >> it's not kids being kept in cages. >> twit congressman woman aoc replied via twitter, this is no okay. it never has been okay, never will be okay. no matter the administration or barley bird meanwhile mister biden and iran's prime minister has a chance to discuss her recent rocket attacks on rocky and coalition forces that happe then on the phone call later this evening. those responsible must be held fully to account. the latest rocket attack happening on monday was the third in iraq in just over a week to target the green zone. >> thank you very much. >> president biden defending hi decision to shut down the
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american pipeline killing an estimated 11,000 jobs. so far he is not taking a get tough approach with the pipelin that will benefit russia. peter ducey is looking into the brewing controversy tonight. >> the prime minister raises concerns directly that the president has previously and he's of course welcome to today. >> the biden administration les keen to stop construction on another pipeline. according to the wall street journal and the depart a list o companies sanction if involved in that project, it didn't have any names added to it since las report in the trump era. >> i am looking for the department of states. the people who have been workin this, the people who are workin this now, are the same people a month ago or the same people three months ago. >> republicans here are most urgently concerned about 11,000
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jobs last year on the keystone xl project. >> they are if you look at the cancellation of the keystone pipeline, and the job loss because of that cancellation. >> the administration won't blood citing the threat of a changing climate. >> they said that their own onl nine years left to save the world from this effective climate change freight does president biden except that timeline? >> i don't have a new timeline to get you from your. the president agrees with forme secretary gary that it's a crisis that time is of the essence and we need to act quickly. >> it's not clear how quickly these can be replaced with the administration sits, fossil fue workers can learn to do something else. >> what biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, they could be the people to go to work and make the solar panels. can get many of the things that he is trying to do differently
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are because of the environment and justin trudeau said this afternoon as the u.s. and canad were putting together a joint communiqué about their bilatera meetings he thought it was nice the u.s. was now taking out references to climate change as had happened in the past eight instead we're putting them in. >> thank you, peter. president biden and canadian prime minister didn't publicly discuss a vote by canadian lawmakers to call china's treatment genocide. we looked into it. >> there is a genocide going on so let's take action part. >> president biden got between competing priorities week close to china. >> how do you cooperate with china and climate change when you say you agree that it's engaged in genocide bird can ge the answer to that question fro the biden administration more cooperation with china on
8:15 pm
climate change. >> it's in our mutual interest to try to work together. >> when it comes to the treatment of analyst took the statement to mean human rights in china will take a backseat t other considerations. >> culturally, there are different norms in each country and their leaders are expected to follow. >> at the secretary of the states had their genocide, but guess the president knows about the. >> i declare the motion as amended carried. can gate the decision is under the speakable message. his treatment of the 21st century genocide and needs to stop. >> it is not going to stand up for their people, facing unimaginable cruelty. >> if they failed to act in time , than ultimately what we're going to witness is another 21s century helicopter. >> we are not in a rush. we want to come to our approach
8:16 pm
to china to that relationship from a position of strength. >> stories like this one continued to filter out on western china. everyone in the camp experience this. we were humans but the way they tortured these girls and even boys, it's like were animals. >> this genocidal campaign need to stop it i don't think that community should have any type of a normal relationship with communist china. they are testing our resolve. they are testing our patients. >> we will continue to track that story. former president trump wishing tiger woods well and saying he will be back. we will weigh in on that and th president upcoming speech. former president president tim coming up here it
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>> he is a very respected person . he is respected by the other players and they idolize him. he is going to be back i have n doubt about it he will be back. >> former president trump predicting we will see yet another tiger woods come back i the near future. woods took a lot of heat from accepting the medal of freedom from president trump following following history infant victor in the masters tournament. our discussion with political reporter selena diaz and take a grade to be with you. >> going to read something from the baltimore sun, the editoria board they said mister woods ha made his choice and part of his legacy will be embracing a man who recited bigotry and racism.
8:22 pm
they said they were on twitter saying this is what you get for hanging out with president trump . why is everything so rancorous in the world of politics and sports? >> part of the problem, biden had this problem is that politics is in everything we do whether it is forts, or the foo we eat, or the television shows that we want watch. he has really kept politics out of his personnel. in his personal injuries, and people came to get there, even people that criticized him when
8:23 pm
he had that moment because he earned his way back. i think that's why you will see this on twitter, but he might have to be in the sort of daily communication. >> we like to think about twitter and the real world whic are two different things. there was a back story, americans generally cheer for someone like this and i'm sure they will be again just as the president is tonight. >> i think everybody wishes the best for tiger woods. i think this cancel culture where everybody is a tax simply for standing aside donald trump is really ridiculous for the fact is, these to met and have had big amazing successful live and they have a relationship, they have a friendship. jack nicholas is a republican. arnold palmer, another great golfer who is a strong republican. then crenshaw, protested during the florid george w. bush, they
8:24 pm
didn't get criticized for their politics. why does tiger woods get criticized for his politics. he's not even showing politics he showing friendship. the president of the united states can hold up our heroes including on the sports field. we have to stop making it a crime to be a republican perth. >> let's talk about this the president is going to get a lot of attention speaking this weekend first is from foray int the political stage people are wondering if he is going to announce a d's running in 2024. although analyst has described tensions within the republican party as this is a war, the gop critics will not be given a platform to share their perspective during the event.
8:25 pm
that as a conscious choice to have people that are not the president supporters speaking. you tell us fred. >> we're going to have over 100 people speak. i'm sure some of them are going to speak their mind. i don't ask people what they ar going to say ahead of time. we don't ask for speeches or remarks. we've had so many moments where people have said things that were unexpected, and i'm sure that will happen again. of that being said, we are focusing on conservative member of congress and conservativism generally. by the way, that record was so strong that it listed people wh aren't normally associated with the republican party. i think the key for the republican party going forward is to stop trying to push peopl outside our coalition.
8:26 pm
we will never put a conservativ on the supreme court. what do we look for further president speech this weekend? >> i'm interested to see what h has to say in terms of the future, how he is going to participate in this new conservative coalition that cam along with him to mike's point, coalitions always have tensions within them. there is always different that don't 100 percent agree with everything. i think we're going to see with the senators and the governors and the c pack is this unique event or most of the people attending our 25 and under, young conservatives, so bring
8:27 pm
them into the future. >> i think a lot of people are looking to see whether conservatives and the gop go moving forward. a lot of events on that eyeball on that event this weekend. thank you. >> thank you. can get the mixed message on covid from the white white hous sparking nationwide confusion. we will try to take apart the facts. ing was my symptoms were keeping me from being there for him. so, i talked to my doctor and learned... humira is for people who still have uc or crohn's symptoms after trying other medications. and humira helps people achieve remission that can last, so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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8:32 pm
musk killing give the regards t your puppetmaster. by combat presumably hammed at owner of the post. a stand against what they calle white nationalism. the protest are in response to series of recent attacks agains asian americans across the country bright critics point ou the suspects in the attack on the asian american victims we'r displayed on the protesters are blackberry vets according to la enforcement. florida's democratic arcing pretzel. or of a request by gop governor. to fight/flight in honor of top radio host rush limbaugh who passed away. the state must not celebrate heat speech. the coder volleyball of. because of a policy that as female players to as shirts and
8:33 pm
long pants. still not bagging calls for a call of the. that they are calling the game say genocide games. subjecting its u.s. workers to white privilege training. they says it will stand for the national anthem. star defender saying players ar past the protesting healing ove social injustice. in putting other talk into work. >> they were seen is bike in carjackings. by banning video games we will continue to follow that story next up though, i will tell you what's coming up britt critics coming down on the white house chief medical advisor. some calling for president bide to fire dr. anthony fauci. intentionally lying about mask wearing early in the pandemic into a continually sending mixe messages to the american public.
8:34 pm
let's talk about how the biden administration is into is not breaking up where operation war speed left off. this senior official jack, i tried. i hope that's close. please feel free to correct me. >> it was perfect grade thank you very much. >> let's talk about a couple. was in a private who was the advisor on health issues to president biden, to the white house in some capacity said this . on january 20, 8.5 wirthlin delivered each week. we would be delivering 16.5 million vaccines after nearly doubling in a single month we will continue to ramp up from here until everyone can be vaccinated as soon as possible. it seems like something that al americans would want to celebrate. >> exactly, we should be celebrating this. i think when i see some of thos
8:35 pm
tweets, i sort of smile because the fact is that the biden administration should be applauded for implementing the plan that was handed to them an the news that he has been announcing all our things that have been in the works. the trump officials, i am one o the former ones, they should go ahead and appreciate that the biden administration is doing it , and that they are even coming up with some additional things such as some human centers, i think the number one goal once we get enough supply is really dealing with the hesitancy issue that a lot of people are still facing. >> and so, we are getting a lot of attention paid to different statements that doctor max v5 has made around the way about masks, about whether the vaccinations will allow you to read he says, his job is to fight for covid for children's mental health or education. the economy is someone else's problem.
8:36 pm
so it is who sites and other collateral damage of her suit and a newly this whole conversation a lot of people feel like it's been a devastating year on numerous fronts, people of lost loved ones, their jobs, their homes, they are really struggling and need some help. why does it seem at this point that we are being sort of cautioned that things aren't going to get better quickly. it seems like people need reassurance and the number of trends and stats are showing as there is hope on the horizon. >> you're right, i mean there i really a lot of hope in the recent reports about herd immunity is coming and like we were talking about before, the supply situation will be improving as further vaccines are approved. i think sometimes when people get frustrated with dr.'s v5 wh has had such an amazing career ended so well respected, sometimes people are searching for a single federal official who will look very broadly at
8:37 pm
all of the impacts, whether it' on mental health, whether its own kids, whether it's on the economy and look sort of holistically instead of let's just look at the restrictions that some believe needs to be put in place because of covid. i think that's part of the frustration. >> and want to ask you about on of the nominees from the biden ministration getting heard the former congressman ag, this is how one of his critics some do it up, alexander desantis from the national review alliances n healthcare experience, used his to punish pro-life and religiou californians, opposes conscious rights for medical workers, supports forcing nuns to fund abortion inducing drugs. there are plenty of critiques o him. he says he's got experience he helped draft the aca, he knows what it's for like to work through these problems on capitol hill, what you make of it?
8:38 pm
>> a lot of those comments were repeated today during the hearing. there will be a second one tomorrow. he wasn't a choice that a lot o people would necessarily predicting and in the past we'v had governors whether it's governor leavitt or governor sibelius, he certainly is a partisan. he someone from congress who worked on the aca, and filed i think something like 100 lawsuits against hhs. i think tomorrow will be contentious as well. i would predict he's probably going to get through, i'm not sure when people are going to come down. it is interesting. he does have a deputy secretary who does have experience from a former hhs, i think that's important because it's actually the largest single entity in th government. >> it is. jack, thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you.
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of course, we have been trackin this holiday. he's recording live on tigers condition outside in torrance, california,. good evening, matt. >> late today, officials confirmed that this is the hospital that tiger woods was brought to in serious condition. his agent he did he suffered multiple leg injuries and was rushed into surgery. the los angeles county sheriff says the luxury genesis suv tha
8:44 pm
tiger was rolling road several hundred feet after it hit the median. woods is lucky to be alive righ officials say he was wearing hi seatbelt and did not show signs of impairment. here is the first sheriff sheriff's deputy on the scene. >> the sheriff says the area he was driving in has slopes and curves and a high frequency of accidents. and that woods suv was driving at a relatively greater speed than normal.
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>> he says he will deliver a list of demands to the governor to give them more transparency.
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>> thanks, alex. thank you so much for joining us for fox news at night. that's it for us. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪
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how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucked: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we take a lot of digs at the media on the shell, and we do it for two reasons. it is fun and they deserve it. recently, we watched with growing a amusement as they thrash around in a frenzy of foaming hysteria over the possibility that someone somewhere might dare to present facts or form opinions without their permission. freelance thinking is what they hate most, it is a threat to their monopoly pit i can say that out loud, so instead they call it disinformation. disinformation is the real


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