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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 24, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> the police force of the future, what happens when they get on ice? that is all the time we have tonight, shannon bream in the fox news at 19 take it from here . shannon: a glimpse into the future, thank you. [silence]
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>> pretty sure. >> what is the difference? when it comes to laundry, everyone thinks their way is the right way. i wash on delicate. i just stuff everything in. you have to wash on cold, because it saves energy. the secret is, tide pods work no matter how you wash. so, everyone is right. it's got to be tide.
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♪ hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play ♪ ♪ hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid ♪ ♪ and all that glitters is gold ♪ applebee's $1 boneless wings with any handcrafted burger. >> have a great show. >> we will get into the latest on tiger w shannon: we will get into the latest on tiger woods in a moment now in a los angeles hospital in serious condition after rolling his suv across several lanes of traffic and down a southern california hillside. twice in a week we've heard from donald trump publicly wishing
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his friend tiger woods will. last week remembering his close friend rush limbaugh and we will hear from the former president this weekend that a conservative convention. what will his return to the political stage mean. we will debate that. first to trace gallagher monitoring the latest on tiger woods. >> there are reports this event, he was seen speeding from the hotel parking lot just after 7 am, then came down the grade, made a sweeping left turn followed by a bending rights, apparently lost control, likely because of speed. listen to the first deputy on the scene. >> that stretch of roadway is one of our trouble spots. the states know it is a traffic hotspot. in my experience as a deputy who is traffic trained and worked hard i've seen many coalitions. the nature of his vehicle, the fact that he was wearing a
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seatbelt greatly increased the likelihood that it saved his life. >> minutes later when firefighters arrived on scene a say tiger was conscious and talking but cannot free himself from the record so they use the tool to pry open the windshield and pulled him out. at first he did not seem overly concerned about his leg injury that is likely because he was still in shock. he was taken to ucla trauma center where he underwent surgery to repair two leg fractures including a compound fracture and shattered ankle. throughout the day tiger's friends and colleagues send prayers and best wishes and tonight on fox donald trump also weighed in. >> he has overcome a lot and has had an incredible life and he will continue to have an incredible life but he will recover from this. it is pretty bad on the legs i understand. he is a wonderful person aside from everything else he is a wonderful person. >> reporter: he contacted
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discovery network to do behind-the-scenes videos and teaching lessons with various stars, spent the past few days in southern california giving lessons to david spade, basketball star dwayne wade, here's what wade posted on instagram. >> i got an opportunity. the goal, he's not comfortable with that but to come out here with this guy right here, got tiger the day before teaching me something. i'm good on that. i am not good. we are getting better. everybody be on the lookout. appreciate it. >> he was scheduled to work with true breeze in los angeles, and quarterback justin herbert at the rolling hills country club which is four miles from the crash site.
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>> we will check back in with you news breaks on this and how he is doing, thank you very much. now for the latest on what we know about the crash and where the investigation goes from here we want to bring in los angeles county's sheriff. good to have you with us. i know you said tiger woods is very fortunate to be alive. we want to show the crash scene that tell us what happened, this is an area with a grade, a little bit of a curve. not a stranger to accidents. >> that stretch of road we had 13 accidents with injuries including now with tiger. it is downward. the speed, the road itself is very easy to stray from where you are supposed to be and encounter that center median.
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>> the diagram shows he did go through the median and through opposing traffic and down that hill side. this is what the la times says. there did not appear to be skidmarks on our foreign boulevard but the welcome to rolling hills estates sign that had been in the median was obliterated. there was a license plate on the southbound side of the road and woods's suv narrowly missed a telephone paul and it careened up the hillside. sounds like a terrible crash but could have been even worse was the car missed some messy targets that would have been even more destructive, where will this investigation go, how long will it take until we know what happened? >> it will take a few weeks to get the facts together and do investigations as we don't have any witnesses per se. we will look for any potential
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witnesses who were on that section of road the time prior to the moment of the crash, we will hear from people who may have information on that but no evidence of any impairment whatsoever and we are proceeding as an accident as any other accident though a very serious one. we wish tiger well and hope he gets back on his feet in the future and he is lucky based on the condition of the vehicle. he is extremely fortunate. shannon: one of your deputy is said he was very call and collected. he may have been in shock, but he was conscious and talking but having been at the scene, we are showing pictures are you surprised he's not in worse shape? >> he is a conditioned athlete, that is in his flavor. he had a seatbelt on missed hitting the console, the steering wheel or a big object like a telephone pole that would
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have made a different outcome. he sheared off a tree eight inches in the process but a lot of these things slow down the vehicle, and reduce the major impact, could have been very different. shannon: when you see an accident like this whether it is average americans or celebrity like this you shop on the scene and see the revolutions the car went through and all that happened what are your thoughts that somebody walks away from that, not walks a bit is alive and fighting and in surgery? >> thank god for just being fortunate, using all the vehicle's safety features, the seatbelt, the airbags deployed and did the things they were designed to do and the interior of the vehicle is more or less in tax, the outside, the front end was all destroyed, the undercarriage, but the interior compartment was very much intact and that kept him alive.
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shannon: we are happy to see the technology kicked in and people across the world praying and wishing him the best in this fight to recover, thanks for popping in. in rochester, new york, demonstrators taking to the streets, protesters and one via chanting move back as they get into formation and push back against a line of police officers. following the announcement no offices will be charged in the death of daniel prude lessons. body can put it showed the black man handcuffed and naked with a hood over his head while being held by an officer before he stopped breathing. breaking tonight, there is potential trouble brewing for donald trump junior as the manhattan district attorney's office expands an investigation into the trump business empire.
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the biden administration pausing over the objections of some democrats. white house correspondent kevin cork has the latest on some contentious hearings that got heated. >> as you know it is customary in washington for senate lawmakers to for lack of better description make a bit of the sport after growing prospect of cabinet nominees putting them through their faces before at least in most cases sending them off with a few political bumps and bruises but ultimately confirmed. but some biden nominees seem to be taking more hits than usual. >> oil and gas development on public land develop huge revenues for local schools, potential services. what is your plan to make up for any loss local revenue for public safety in children's education. >> as i mentioned earlier if i am confirmed as secretary it is president biden's agenda that i would move forward. >> just a small sample of the
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grilling deb collins received on capitol hill, a contentious interrogation including questions about her embrace of the green new deal, anti-fracking stands and comments about republicans not believing in science. john barrasso is a surgeon. >> do you think as medical doctors we don't believe in science, how do you stand by this statement? >> >> if your doctor i would assume that you believe in science. >> and so it went. if confirmed she would become the first native american cabinet member but best comments and policies she would be forced to defend jeopardize her bid and she's not alone near attended's nomination to head the office of management and budget is even less likely, bipartisan opposition already established. even the administration at surgeon general nominee is facing new scrutiny after the washington post obtained documents showing he was paid or
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than $2 million last year for coronavirus related consulting and speeches as the white house today tried to explain how a border facility used to house children under the trump administration and now biden wasn't tantamount to, quote, kids in cages. >> joe biden said under trump there have been horrifying scenes at the border of kids being kept in cages. notice monitor from, it is under biden. >> this is not being kids kept in cages, it's not replication, certainly not. >> twitch alexandria ocasio cortez replied by twitter this is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay. no matter the administration or party. meanwhile mister biden discussed the recent rocket attacks on iraqi and coalition forces, the two men agreeing those responsible must be held to account.
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the latest rocket attack on monday was the third in iraq in just over a week targeting the green zone. >> president biden defending his decision to shut down an american pipeline coming, critics say, an estimated 11,000 american jobs but so far he is not taking an approach with the pipeline that will benefit russia. peter doocy looking into the brewing controversy tonight. >> the prime minister raises concerns and welcome today. >> the biden administration stopping construction on the nordstrom 2, a putin priority that runs russia to germany because according to the wall street journal when the state department sent congress a list of companies of sanctions involved in a project it didn't have any names added to it since the last report in the trump era. >> taking the first step.
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>> i'm speaking for the department of state, the people who have been working this and the people working this now were the same people a month ago, the same people who 3 months ago. >> republicans are concerned about 11,000 jobs lost. the keystone xl project. >> they are in some ways heartless. if you look at the cancellation of the keystone pipeline and the jobs lost because of that cancellation. >> the administrative won't citing the threat of changing climate. >> john kerry said there are 9 years left to save the world from climate change. does president biden share that assessment? 9 years? >> i don't have a new timeline. i can confirm the president agrees with former secretary carrie that it is a crisis, time is of the essence. >> reporter: it is not clear how quickly jobs killed by climate minded executive orders can be
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replaced but the administration insists fossil fuel workers can learn to do something out. >> what president biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, they have alternatives, they can be the people who go to work to make solar panels. >> many things president biden is trying to do differently than trump are because of the environment and justin trudeau said this afternoon as the us and canada work on putting together a joint communiqué about their bilateral meeting he thought it was nice the us was not taking out references to climate change as it happened in the past but instead were putting them in. >> president biden and justin trudeau didn't publicly discuss a vote by canadian lawmakers to call china's treatment of muslims genocide. we looked into it. >> there's a genocide going on. >> president biden is caught between competing priorities when it comes to china. >> if i may, on china, how do
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you cooperate with china on climate change when you say you greeted engaged in genocide? >> the answer to that question from the biden administration, more cooperation with china on climate change. >> it is in our mutual interest to try to work together. >> when it comes to bridging's treatment of muslims analysts took this to mean human rights in china will take a backseat to other considerations for now. >> culturally there are different norms each country's leaders are expected to follow. >> of the signatures there is a genocide, the president knows about it. >> i declare the motion is amended carried. >> canada's parliament sentiment mystical message division, it's
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treatment is 21st-century genocide and it needs to stop. >> people are dying. >> in america they fear the biden administration is not going to stand up for their people facing unimaginable cruelty. >> ultimately what we are going to witnesses another, a 21st-century holocaust. >> we are not in a rush. we want to come to approach to china from a position of strength. >> reporter: stories like this one continue to filter out of western china. >> any woman under 40 was raped. everyone in the camp experienced this. we are humans but the way they tortured the girls and even boys is like we are animals. >> i don't think they should have any path to a normal relationship with communist china. they are testing our resolve, testing our patience. shannon: we will continue to track that story. donald trump wishing tiger woods well after predicting golf superstar will be back.
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tiger's critics blast him for being too cozy for the former president. matt schlapp weighs in on that. . . former president these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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for standing aside donald trump is really ridiculous for the fact is, these to met and have had big amazing successful live and they have a relationship, they have a friendship.
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jack nicholas is a republican >> check necklaces a republican, he never gets attacked for being a republican. arnold palmer, a strong republican, dan crenshaw protested during the recount in 2000 in florida for george w. bush, they didn't get criticized for their politics. why does tiger woods get criticized for his politics. not showing politics, just showing friendship. of the president of the united states can't all of our heroes on sports fields for young men and women to appreciate then that is a terrible thing. this cancel culture is a cancer on our society, we are calling see pick this year america and canceled. we got to start making a crime to be a republican. shannon: let's talk -- the president get a lot of attention speaking to the political stage,
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people wondering if he will announce running in 2024, what will he say about the party and the future and that kind of thing, newsweek saying analysts described tension in the republican party as a civil war, gop critics will not be given a platform to share their perspective during the event. is that a conscious choice to have people who are not the president's supporters speaking? >> we are going to have over 100 people speak i am sure some of them will speak their mind, i don't ask people what they will say out of time can we don't ask for their speeches or their remarks, we had so many moments in history when people said things that were unexpected and i'm sure that will happen again. that being said we are focused on conservative members of congress and conservative conservatism generally, donald trump has a great conservative record and that record was so strong it lifted up people who are not normally associated with the republican party and the key for the republican party going
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forward is to stop trying to push people outside our coalition and starting correcting people to stay within our coalition. whether donald trump is a candidate are not in 2024 we want these voters and there's republicans and there are conservatives who consider themselves republicans, libertarians and always amaga voters, some never involved in politics before. we don't hold it together we will never put another conservative on the supreme court. shannon: what do you look for from the president's be this weekend? >> i'm interested to see what he has to say in terms of the future, how he is going to participate in this new conservative coalition that came -- coalitions always have tensions within them, different parts that don't 100% agree with everything but i'm interested in what he has to say and what the
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senators and governors and former cabinet members have to say. this is a unique event where most of the people attending, 25 and under, young conservatives so it is a look into the future. >> a lot of people are looking to see where conservatives and the gop go moving forward. eyeballs on that event this weekend, great to see you both. mixed message on covid-19 from the white house and birx pushing nationwide confusion. we will try to impact the facts next.
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intentionally lying about mask wearing early in the pandemic into a continually sending mixe mess shannon: sending mixed messages to the american public. it is not picking up where operation warp speed left off. senior official, i tried, great to have you with us. >> perfect, thank you for having me tonight. shannon: let's talk about a couple things. andy flabbit who has been health
12:30 am
issue to president biden at the white house on january twentieth, 8.5 million vaccines were swing delivered each week, today we announced we will be delivering 16.5 million vaccines after nearly doubling in a single month. we will continue to ramp up until everyone can be vaccinated as soon as possible. touting the progress they are making, seems like something all-americans would celebrate. >> we should be celebrating this. when i see those tweets i smile because the fact is the biden administration should be applauded for implement the plan that was handed to them and the news that he has been announcing all our things that have been in the works. the trump officials, i am one of the former ones should go ahead and appreciate that the biden administration is doing it and even coming up with additional things such as some fema centers. the number one goal once we get enough supply is dealing with
12:31 am
the hesitancy issue a lot of people are still facing. shannon: we are getting a lot of attention paid to different statements doctor birx has made about masks, whether vaccinations will allow you to resume real life and when so there's been a lot of back and forth on that, britt hume said remember his job is to fight the covid-19 outbreak, he has no responsibility for children's mental health or education. the economy someone else's problem. sore mixed cancer screenings and other collateral damage from lockdowns etc.. a lot of people feel it has been a devastating year on numerous fronts, people lost loved ones, jobs, homes, they are struggling, they need some hope. why does it seem at this point that we are being sort of cautioned that things aren't going to get better quickly, seems like people need some reassurance and the number of
12:32 am
trends, there is hope on the horizon. >> there is a lot of hope and the recent reports about herd immunity is coming and like we were talking about before the supply situation will be improving as further vaccines are approved. when people get frustrated with doctor dulos who has such an amazing career and is a respected people are searching for a single federal official who will look very broadly at all the impacts whether it is on mental health, kids, the economy and look sort of holistic way as opposed to let's only look at the restrictions some believe need to be put in place because of covid-19. that is part of the frustration. shannon: i want to ask about one of the nominees from the biden administration getting a lot of attention, xavier but sarah, this is how one of his critics sums it up.
12:33 am
alexander desantis from the "national review" says no healthcare experiments, to punish pro-life and religious californians, voted against bans on partial birth and elective abortion, opposes concentrator medical workers, forcing nuns to fund abortion inducing drugs, there are plenty of critiques of him. he says he has experience go draft the aca, knows how it is to work through the throngs of capitol hill. what do you think? >> a lot of those comments were repeated today during the hearing, there will be a second one tomorrow. he wasn't a choice that a lot of people were necessarily predicting. in the past you had governors, he certainly is a partisan, someone who worked on the aca, file i think 100 lawsuits,
12:34 am
tomorrow is going to be contentious as well. i would predict he is probably going to get through, not sure where senator manchin will come down but it is interesting. he does have a deputy secretary who does have experience from a former hhs and that is important because it is the largest single entity in the federal government, a tough entity to manage. shannon: thank you for being with us tonight. new video justin, tiger woods shortly before the crash, we get that to you. (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (naj) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (naj) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (naj) our fees are structured so we do better when you do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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shannon: tiger woods undergoing surgery to repair multiple leg injuries have a shattered ankle he suffered in a high-speed crash in southern california this morning. met in reporting live on tiger's condition in torrance, california. good evening. >> reporter: late today officials confirmed this is the hospital tiger woods was brought to in serious condition after that terrifying rollover accident in los angeles. we don't know his exact
12:42 am
condition in his hospital but his injuries are described as non-life-threatening. tiger woods suffered multiple leg injuries and was rushed into surgery. the los angeles county sheriff says the luxury genesis suv tiger woods was driving rolled several hundred feet after it hit a median. woods is lucky to be alive. he was wearing his seatbelt and did not show signs of impairment. here is the first chair of deputy on the scene. >> he told me his name was tiger. at that point i recognized him. i asked if he knew where he was or what time of day. he seemed as though he was lucid and calm. >> reporter: the sheriff says the area has slopes and curves and a high frequency of
12:43 am
accidents and woods's suv was driving at a relatively greater speed than normal. woods was extricated from the car using a pricing tool and ask. we will have a team throughout the night into the morning and keep you updated when tiger woods is released from this hospital or transported to any other medical care facility. shannon: thank you for the latest from california. let's talk about what tiger faces medically and professionally with doctor mark siegel and clay travis. thank you for being with us. i started to go through the list of all the knee and back and other surgeries tiger has had over the years dating back to 1994, he has been through a lot and just had a procedure in january and now this. what do you make of what he's facing medically, he's a professional athlete.
12:44 am
>> he is a great hospital. i've done rotations there. it is a great trauma center. they got him into surgery. your point is right. he had his acl replaced, that will be under a lot of pressure. his achilles has had damage done in the past. back surgeries he has had, he has a spinal fusion that could be under a lot of pressure. from what i'm hearing from reports, he had an open fracture of the to be a which is a big bone in the lower leg and the ankle got crushed so he will need plates, screws, a nail, he will have open wounds that have to be washed out for days but they should be able to put this together right away today, wash out the wounds, get everything to heal and he should do okay. you can ask about this, maybe not go back to recreational golf after this. you can never count tiger woods out, even that he came back from that spinal fusion, he was
12:45 am
winning tournaments after that. golf is not like football. for him to go back to professional golfing will be very difficult. shannon: we were showing video shows a video of tiger driving the suv before the accident. we will let people get context for that but tiger woods is the ultimate comeback story not just from sports but america in general. he's been through so much, public disgrace, challenges and now he is doing so he loves, a lot of fun videos show he was with dwayne wade and david spade and other people, seemed like he was in a good place and hoping for a strong recovery from the latest procedure. what do you make of where he is in his career? >> so fascinating because this is a guy america has grown up with. think about when he was playing
12:46 am
golf in the junior tournament, a teenage kid, 15, 16-year-old tiger woods dominated, win for masters, win for the ages in 1997, 25 years ago, he has gone from sunda husband to father and the last image many of us have of tiger woods on the golf course was not tiger woods himself playing but his son who is a perfect mirror image swing that resembles tiger woods and you are right that he's been through so much with tragedy, america now roots for him and this felt like a really tough blow for tiger woods not only the golfer but the father because he's been through so much as a golfer, the second best or the best in the history of the game but this is something he is starting to share with his own son and like a lot of parents when you saw this accident your first thought was not about tiger woods the golfer but tiger woods the dad and whether he was going to be
12:47 am
okay and one year later, the echo effect in the same city of los angeles. a lot of morning going on among sports fans who grew up in that kobe and tiger generation, glad he is okay and will get back to some form of normalcy in the future according to the doctors. shannon: was will you be looking for in the day's reporting in the next day or 2? >> the first is the surgery. they will not go back and operate again. i talked to the head of sports medicine about this and what he has to face. he has a long rehabilitation process, the big thing in days to come is to close the wounds, that the big thing. you want to avoid infections and then slowly rehabilitate so you can get weight back on those legs. that will take weeks before he
12:48 am
can do that. i don't see him being discharged in the next couple days. they've got to pay attention to the wounds but the surgery the screws and the plates. shannon: you join folks around the world, thanks. new accusations against governor cuomo from the new york democrat who says he is furious, up next. with our highest concentration of prebiotic oat intensely moisturizes over time to improve skin's resilience. aveeno® healthy. it's our nature™.
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[birds chirping] [female voice] i'm always the first one up. ♪ i'm always up for a challenge. ♪ i'll overcome any obstacle. ♪
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i don't believe in limits. ♪ i refuse to be average. ♪ x the new york democratic lawmaker making new accusations against governor andrew cuomo. alex hogan as the latest for us. >> reporter: 15,000 people died in new york city nursing homes. moms, dads and other loved ones many of whom died alone because the lockdown. new scrutiny of a lot pastoring merely months of the pandemic. new york governor andrew cuomo facing harsh criticism for an order that protects nursing
12:54 am
homes from covid-19 death lawsuits, this rule came after an earlier order requiring long-term care facilities to accept recovering covid-19 patients from hospitals, democratic family member ron kim hasn't provided proof but accuses the governor of signing off on your last year's budget to protect the greater new york hospitals association. >> it passed by one vote last year giving legal immunity, a get out of jail free card for the worst in the state of new york. >> the greater new york hospitals association donated $1 million to the democratic for cuomo's gubernatorial election saying cuomo made the decision to protect the owners and print them for demanding an investigation. the governor responding to the simmoneau next allegations saying the accusation is a lie. >> that was passed in the budget by the assembly of the senate so if he wants to accuse his
12:55 am
assembly colleagues and senate colleagues of the same conduct he has been accused of, paid to play, that is what he is doing. >> according to a new college bowl 61% of new yorkers say they believe the governor did something wrong when it comes to nursing homes, 41% say they think he did something unethical but not illegal. the call to action will take place wednesday at city hall, the assemblymen says he will deliver a list of demands for the governor to give grieving families more transparency and closure. shannon: thanks. thank you for joining us for fox news at night. that's it for us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream.
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>> wednesday february 2, '04, tiger woods awake and recovering following that terrifying crash near los angeles. jillian: he underwent major surgery. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. >> let's get to jonathan hunt in the hospital where woods is recovering. with the latest? >> reporter: let's get to the very good news. just


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