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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 24, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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it was like stew with corn bread. thanks good to see you. now.taught me. >> john: we begin with an fox news alert and allegations of sexual harassment from a former aide against andrew cuomo. i am john roberts. >> sandra: i am sandra smith. lindsay boylan claims cuomo is get of sexual harassment including unwanted kissing and touching. this is happening as his and his administration face on-going allegations of the cover-up of
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nursing home deaths in new york city. brian is live. >> lindsay boylan was the former secretary of economic development and a special advisor to governor andrew cuomo. she worked for the governor in 2018 for less than a year and made the accusations of sexual harassment on twitter. now she is detailing those allegations. in october 2017 a flight back from an event she accuses the governor of remarking let's play strip poker. in a one-on-one meeting in governor cuomo's office that he called for. she said he pointed to a cigar box given to him by president bill clinton and she took that
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as the monica lewinsky scandal. she detailed all of this. i tried to excuse his behavior and told myself it's only words. that changed after a one-on-one briefing to update him on infrastructure projects. we were in his new york city city office on third avenue. as i walked to an open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips. i was in shock but i kept walking. we are waiting to hear from governor cuomo on this accusation and the other scandal about covid in nursing homes. today at city hall there was a protest with assembly men and democrats and families who lost people in covid.
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they are asking for a full investigation. >> sandra: he spoke today at a vaccine sight. we don't know if he will have a briefing later. thank you. >> john: another fox news alert. house republicans requesting an fbi briefing on eric stalwell's past ties to a chinese spy. it was reported that a chinese national targeted politicians including stalwell. david is reporting from down the street. >> they specifically want a briefing from the head of the fbi director christopher wray. this is the letter that 14 republicans sent to director wray. it's unusual because they are asking for a briefing about a sitting member of congress not a national security event.
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however, they want this briefing specifically 14 republicans. 10 years ago the congressman to him. part of the letter resides: swalwal. christopher wray's office is in receipt of that letter. director wray in an unrelated case william banting appear
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before congress next week. >> john: we will hear more about this. one of the 14 members of congress who signed that later from new york will be joining us. >> sandra: looking forward to. that jam-packed 2 hours coming up. a lot of breaking news. a federal judge in texas blocking president biden's 100 day pause on deportations. this is the administration coming under fire for reopening a fault that critics say is holding kids in cages. the white house says that's not what is happening and this is a temporary fix to follow proper covid protocols. peter doocy in the white house briefing room yesterday. >> kamala harris said putting people in this facility was a human rights abuse and joe
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biden said under trump there have been horrifying scenes at the border of kids kept in cages. now it's not under trump. it's under biden. >> this is not kids kept in cages. this was a facility that was opened that will follow the same standards of other hhs fatalities. it's not a replication of the past administration. >> sandra: kristen fisher is live at the white house. >> over the last few weeks there has been a surge in unaccompanied minors arriving the border. take that with coronavirus restrictions and the white house said had no choice but to reopen what it describes as a child migrant quality down in texas. this is the same facility that was the source of so much controversy during the trump
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administration but it was called a tent and the administration was accused keeping kids in cages. candidate biden said under trump there are horrifying scenes the kids kept this cages and ripping children from their mother's arms. the white house insists this is different. they are not separating families and because of the pandemic. >> because of covid-19 protocols, the social distancing requirements, the capacity has been reduced. you can't have a child in every bed. >> republicans say that this is what happens when you institute more lax policies at the border. there is are no indications that this surge in minors will let up any time soon. >> sandra: we will stay on that. thank you. >> john: let's bring in former
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white house speech writer mark also a "washington post" columnist and fox news contributor. is this a case of be careful how much scorn you heap on your opposition because you may end up owning the same building? >> that's right. we all thought that the family separations were a terrible mistake unaccompanied minors were coming in here because the smuggers knew we had to accept them. now in the last month there has been a surge of 1,000 more per month unaccompanied children arriving. the reason is not because of the facilities. it's because the biden administration sent a signal it won't deport anybody.
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the coyotes according to the "wall street journal" are telling families that it's time to send the unaccompanied children to the border because of the lax policies of the biden administration. they are inviting a surge of migrants to the border. that is going to hurt them. biden made clear that he intends to pursue immigration reformerly in his presidency. border security is a prerequisite for immigration reform. under obama and biden tens of thousands people showed up and there was no way to get immigration reformed passed. >> john: i looked up statistics because the white house says this is termerary. -- temporary. but the critics say you may need to leave this facility opened longer than you expect. in 2020, 33,239 unaccompanied on
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minors came across the border. so far, 20,278. and the total encounters: that's the biggest number since coronavirus began. it looks as though there are people who are lining up to say new administration. new chance to come into the united states. >> yes. he put out a welcome sign for illegal immigrants. for most americans, they want to have a welcoming immigration policy for legal immigrants but also want to secure the border. if biden wants to have a policy where he will have more access to legal immigration and get something done about the dhaka
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kids he has to have a secure border. not everything biden was bad. trump's immigration balance was successful. if you can get into the united states with a false assignment claim that's an attraction for people to come here. >> [overlapping talking]. >> john: real quick, mark. i wanted to get your take on neera tanden the nominee. is that dead in the water? >> oh, i think it is. democrats lowered the bar by eliminating the filibuster for the executive nominee.
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as long as you get every democrat to vote for you, you are guaranteed nomination. you have to be bad to hit that low bar. she attacked senators on twitter. thnts of tweets. you -- thousand ever tweets. you can't expect people to vote for you. now we have joe manchin and others who will say no. >> john: suddenly republicans are worried about tweets, but a lot of those were personal by the people she needs to have vote for her. >> sandra: we will follow that story. a lot of lawmakers speaking up. senator mitt romney making a prediction for 2024. the utah republican said former president trump would win his party's nomination in a landslide if he runs again.
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cpac in orlando this week will host the president's first public appearance since leaving office. fox news nation will be streaming dailiy starting tomorrow at 1 p.m. and we await the former president trump big speech. >> john: i talked to somebody close to the president asking about that speech. he said he would be warm to the idea of another run in 2024. may walk up to the edge of antifa announcement. -- of an announcement and strident criticism of the biden administration. >> john: fox news alert on tiger woods. recovering after a car crash. what we are learning about his injuries and the moments that led up to the crash. >> sandra: our next guest sees a big opportunity fruity republican party in the golden
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state as a recall election against california governor gavin newsom inches closer to a reality. >> john: after 10 years of 1 party rule, sacramento is out of balance and it's out of touch.
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>> john: golf legend tiger woods is awake after a horrific crash in l.a. county. he had extensive surgery. this story broke around this time yesterday. questions remain about the cause of the crash and whether tiger will ever be able to play golf again.
10:19 am
matt flynn at the hospital outside of los angeles. what is the latest? >> well, right now, tiger woods is still believed to be inside this hospital recovering and the chief medical officer released many more details about the extent of woods injuries writing in a statement. mr. woods suffered significant orthopedic injuries treated during emergency surgery. fractures in the upper and lower portions of the tibia and were stabilized by inserts rods and: woods team thanked everyone for the support including the ucla medical center and the fire department that helped remove woods from the suv that rolled several hundred fetus. >> i would be surprised right
10:20 am
now if he is even thinking about golf. his world is his children. his daughter sam and his son charlie. that's what he is thinking about right now. when you think about golf, i don't know if that's going to be any time soon. >> the l.a. county sheriff said the stretch of road tiger woods was driving on had 13 accidents and 4 involved injuries. >> john: we saw a lot of people on social media yesterday commenting about that. we saw some video of tiger woods traveling up it. matt, thank you very much. more on this coming up from one of tiger woods colleagues. >> sandra: this is a story that gripped the nation. this broke in our hour yesterday. we were glued to the tv screen watching the breaking details.
10:21 am
the updates from the hospital. kevin spielman who golfed along tiger woods had personal stories to share and a childhood friend of mine. we look forward to talking to him. >> john: i feel for tiger. i broke the same bone and still have the rod in the leg. the leg gets better. the problem could be the ankle. they are talking about placing screws in the ankle. you need the right foot to play competitive golf. >> sandra: we hope for the best for him. republicans getting closer to forcing california governor gavin newsom into a recall election. the fight over reopening schools in san francisco continues, our next guest says the gop might have an opportunity in the blue states. josh joins us now.
10:22 am
great to see you. it's been a while. this piece stopped a lot of folks in their track. what is the opportunity that you see for republicans in california? >> well, this recall which is not official but it's looking more likely to happen of governor newsom, it's a lesson for what happens when you have one party within the democratic party that controls state politics and faces little push back for a long time. for the last decade california democrats have been living in a political safe space and unresponsive not just to republicans but to moderate voters who are looking at the school closures and the state of the economy in the california and rising crime in the biggest cities. they wonder what the heck is going on. this is a unique election. if the recall gets on the ballot
10:23 am
it will be unpredictable. you never know who will run and what the support will be for the recall. this is a reverendrum on governor newsom? do you support governor newom? >> sandra: millions of kids are still at home. you wrote gubernatorial arrogance made california a political laboratory to test whether democratic blunders can breathe life into the opposition. you also layout 3 potential gop challengers in your piece. who might that be? >> well, the number 1 republican to look at is the former mayor of san diego kevin who won
10:24 am
elections in a democratic city in the state in recent years. he has a political track record of bipartisan coalitions. that's the favorite. the republican with the best chance of emerging. if this recall is successful. there is a complication on the republican side. you have donald trump's former intelligence director is thinking about running and another conservative candidate already running in the race. republicans have an opportunity but california is a very democratic state. if this becomes about donald trump it will be tougher to watch. >> sandra: we will watch this. josh, great to see you. saw that hit yesterday talking about this growing as a real possibility and becoming more of a reality. it got a lot of attention. >> john: no question about that.
10:25 am
california has elected plenty of republican governors. no reason why somebody from the other party would not have a good shot. we will see. something to follow for the next 6 months. coming up a third covid-19 vaccine could be available. what the fda is saying about the new johnson & johnson shots. dr. marc siegel weighs in on that and plus this. >> any targets up here? we have something to go over the top of us? >> what? an american airlines jet encounters something unusual flying over new mexico. we will tell you what it was coming up. here's huge news for veteran homeowners who need cash. refiplus from newday usa. record low mortgage rates have fallen again,
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that johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and expected to authorize it for emergency use this week. studies show a new virus strain in california that could be more contagious. steve is live in atlanta. a lot of interest in the single dose johnson & johnson covid vaccine. >> that's right. that's good news. people asking when they can get their shots. it depends on what state you live in. some states have more success with the roll out of the vaccine. at the top is alaska giving one shot to more than 21%. new mexico with 20%. south dakota 18%. the other end, georgia just 11%. tennessee and utah 11%. across the u.s., 16% of americans have gotten at least 1 shot. this comes as pfizer and moderna are ramping up production. they expect to deliver 14.5
10:31 am
million doses of the vaccine this alone. that's up one million. johnson & johnson ready likely next week with 4 million doses. 20 million by the end of march. there are concerns about variants especially california which may be more contagious and deadly than the original virus. >> variants are more transmissible. questions remain how this will impact vaccine effectiveness and mortality. >> the big question: when will there be enough vaccine for all americans? the administration said that should happen by july. >> sandra: steve, thank you. >> john: let's bring in dr. marc siegel author of the book covid, the politics and fear and the power of silence. this johnson & johnson vaccine looks promising. 72% reduction in all infections
10:32 am
and 86% reduction in severe covid and can be steroid at normal refridge traited temperatures for 6 months and works in a single shot. >> this will be a big addition. they are talking about pfizer plus moderna plus j&j offering 240 million doses by the end of march. j&j the vaccine committee is meeting friday. they looked at 100 pages of dat onna the j&j. the word i get is that they will vote for it. it will probably be approved by sunday. that's not definite but that's what i am hearing. that would mean the roll out would occur next week. these vaccines can go into areas where you can't get super freezer trucks. maybe in poorer neighborhood and
10:33 am
may help overcome vaccine hesitancy. the track record on the moderna and pfizer unbelievable. over 65 million doses given out. safety profile incredible. but johnson & johnson has been used effectively for ebola and that platform has been used. that may reassure some people. >> john: the white house seemed surprised only 3 to 4 million doses of j&j will be initially released. let's listen to jen psaki at the white house briefing. >> we were surprised to learn that johnson & johnson was behind on their manufacturing. it was reported earlier to be 10 million. now it's 3 to 4 million doses that they would be ready to ship next week if they are moved through the fda process.
10:34 am
we will continue to work with hem on ensuring that can be expedited. if the johnson & johnson vaccine is approved. >> john: i don't know why the numbers are lower than projected. this vaccine roll out seems slow. >> i can see both sides of this. first i agree with the press secretary, it's frustrating. we saw the same thing with pfizer and moderna when they first rolled out. you remember with operation warp speed, the idea was to have the vaccines ready at the time the emergency use authorization game. here's the approval and here are the vaccines. the problem is when you go to one of these manufacturing plants, you see how fragile this process is. when the messenger rna you have a particle covering.
10:35 am
it you want to not contaminate any bachelors. oo batches. >> john: we will continue mitigation techniques and for a while after that. thank you very much. any idea when you get your shot? >> sandra: hopefully soon. there are mini-celebrations happening with family and friends. your mother or whatever gets it. it's great news. you get that sense we are coming out of this. >> john: i love the local health officials to bring a pinata full of covid-19 vaccine roll out. >> sandra: a lot of people will
10:36 am
want the johnson & johnson one dose vaccine. the push for a federal minimum wage hike. can tiger woods overcome his latest injuries to play again? we await an update from the hospital. we will talk to another pro-golfer about just that. first here's john daly last night with "hannity." >> he is the most incredible kid i ever met in my life. the talent and everything with tiger woods is just incredible.
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10:41 am
reconciliation on his lips. >> we should learn later today in the democrats $15 an hour makes it into the next coronavirus bill. they are using a special process to bypass filibuster called budget reconciliation. but they can't add to the deficit. chuck schumer is lobbying for the plan to make the cut. >> look, the first step is to go before reconciliation. that will occur on wednesday bernie sanders and i are arguing for $15 and for it to be reconcilable. we will await her judgment before we go further. >> it's up to elizabeth mcdunnou gh to make the call. >> if the government sets the
10:42 am
wage above the market wage it causes unemployment and the people hurt the most are those at disadvantage. >> the wage standard will be in the bill when the house votes on it friday. the house doesn't have to comply with budget rules. that gives house democrats say they voted to approve the wage increase but dropped in the senate. it could be just for show. >> john: chad, thanks. >> sandra: golf legend tiger woods recovering from surgery after crashing his car yesterday morning. he was planing to rejoin the professional tour after receiving from back surgery. kevin is -- the pga advisor council. thanks for being here. i imagine this news hit hard for anyone who played with him or knew him personally. we have seen him struggle. the "wall street journal" piece this morning asked the core question here as we wait for
10:43 am
details on his injuries: can tiger woods come back after his car crash is the headline? he suffered significant leg surgeries. he faces his most difficult rehabilitation ever. can he come back do you think? >> if anyone can, it's him. what he's gone through and his body has been through. as a professional golfer myself for 20 years, i have not had one surgery, i can't the will purand the passion and the drive to come back from 5 back surgeries and multiple knee injuries. this will be on his right leg which is the leg you load into that we get our power from and his ankle and leg are in a real tough place. it will be about at least maybe a fuel year of pt and a lot of work to get back. if anyone can do it, it's him.
10:44 am
>> sandra: you hear that from other players. this golfer said he is an amazing human being and i have no doubt he will be back. it will take him longer but he is one of the most impressive human beings i have ever met. he is someone you had direct contact with him. your rookie year in 2008 you walked along tiger woods. what a moment that was. we have the pictures up on the screen. >> i yes and only my third event on the pga tour. at the time i was 1100th and he was number 1. it was one of the most memorable experience of my career. he was gracious and good and won the tournament by 8 or 9 shots.
10:45 am
some of the shouts witnessed it was very entiring for me. as a young professional i saw what the best did. i put myself in that atmosphere. i hung in there descently it. seeing him at the peak of his greatness was memorable. >> sandra: i am sure it's hard for the golf community to take this in. kevin and i grew up across the street from each others in a chicago suburb. >> right. >> sandra: i would see you shooting hoops and proud of your success. great to see you. that's the story. everybody is gathering around tiger woods right now hoping for the best news out of that hospital. we hope to get an update soon. you have heard from golfers. john daly with "hannity" last night saying he has the heart of a champion. if anybody will come back from this accident it's him. >> john: a tough competitor.
10:46 am
and his leg is really torn up. it will be a long does difficult recovery. >> sandra: i heard something special last night from a golfer. he said you look at tiger woods and we act it as a golfer tiger woods. now you look and he is a dad. he has a son coming up and following in his foot steps. we wish the best for him. >> john: we are praying for him. charges dismissed against the boss. why bruce springsteen won't face drunk driving charges. and an american airlines pilot spots a ufo. we will play the recording of the moment it happened.
10:47 am
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>> john: a grandma not letting a purse snatcher ruin her birthday in australia. he was in a local bar celebrating when a man grabbed her hand bag and the grandma tackled the man to the ground. look at this. that's like a hockey fight. [laughing]. managed to grab her purse back. the man ran off. but officers arrested him and charged him. the fight left the grandmother with cracked ribs and bruises. >> sandra: i don't know if he knew what hit him. >> john: they are tough down under. >> sandra: all right. what a video.
10:52 am
american airlines pilot spotted a ufo during a flight and the airline is not denying it. the moment it happened. >> do you have any targets up here. something just went right over the top of it that looked like a cruise missile right over the top of us. >> sandra: american airlines are not denying this. >> hello, file this under bizarre. it happened on sunday afternoon. an american airlines passenger jet was making a 4 hour and 20 minute trip from cincinnati to phoenix. a typical flight until something strange caught the pilot's
10:53 am
attention in new mexico. the cockpit audio was captured by a radio interceptor who said the excitement in the pilot's voice caught his attention. the audio was from an american airlines flight. for additional questions reach out to the fbi. new mexico is home to the department of defenses white sands missile range but there were no tests schedule on sunday. the fbi did not immediately respond to a request for comment. this one remains a mystery. thousands of ufo sightings are reported each year. >> sandra: there is more report. navy pilots reported numerous
10:54 am
ufo sightings. >> in april the pentagon released 3 images of unidentified objects. >> sandra: call the fbi. >> that's quite the statement. >> sandra: john, ever seen a ufo>> john: i have not. that's not far from rozwell and we know there were aliens. i have been there and saw them. [laughing]. republican lawmakers demanding answers. we will talk it a top gop lawmaker wants an fbi briefing on congressman eric swalwell and the push to boycott the beijing olympics. don't go anywhere.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> john: a postcard delivered to the family of a world war ii veteran after 77 years. 18 bill caldwell was a new recruit when he sent the card to his ofteningle. -- uncle. they said it was put back in the system. that's a long time. >> sandra: 77 years. i am sure the family was overjoyed to receive it. >> john: no question about it. i loved the old fashion way of getting mail. you go out to the mailbox. most of the mail is a week old not 77 years old.
11:00 am
>> sandra: i will right you a letter. >> john: dui charges against bruce springsteen dropped. laura with with the latest. >> while the virtual hearing ended with 2 of the most series federal charges dropped against the boss who pled guilty to the one less: drinking alcohol in a closed area. he was in a park where drinking was not allowed. his lawyer asked what he did the day of questioning. did you consume alcohol? bruce springsteen answered yes. what type of alcohol, sir? bruce springsteen, i had 2 small shots of tequila. you understand it's a violation to consume alcohol in this closed area of the park? bruce springsteen answered question. the federal prosecutor is
11:01 am
dropping the charges of drunk and reckless driving because the government didn't feel it could sustain burden of proof. they imposed a fine along with $40 in administrative costs giving bruce springsteen one week to pay. he said i can pay that immediately, your honor and the hearing ended. >> john: thank you very much. >> sandra: we begin a brand new hour with eric swalwell. his ties to a suspected chinese spy. i am sandra smith. >> john: i am john roberts in washington with the second hour of "america reports." house republicans report that they are briefed on eric
11:02 am
swalwell's connections and beijing's efforts to undermine the u.s. joining us with a republican who asked the briefing. congressman, why double that the fbi director should come to congress and brief you on everything the fbi knows about swalwell's connections to this alleged chinese spy, the woman who is known as fung. >> we are asking to get a briefing to make a determination whether there is a problem. that's what we are looking for the respect to the letter on the fbi. i am concerned about what is going on with the olympic in beijings next year considering they are engaged in massive human rights allegations
11:03 am
including genocide on a large scale. >> john: let me ask you about the letter you sent to the president himself. you wrote: this casts a shadow on the promise for those who seek free and justice societies. what signal would u.s. participation in the 2022 olympics send? >> rationalization of their conduct. they are gathering up 3 million muslims in concentration camps and engaging in genocide with them as defined by the united nation. president biden acknowledged it.
11:04 am
the canadian government voted to get the olympic moved to another venue. that's all i am asking. i am not saying keep the athletes from competing but i don't want them to compete in a country engaged in genocide. >> john: i want to ask about canada but they agreed that beijing should be stripped of the olympic. president biden pledged that the united states is going to lead in the area of foreign policy. but already we are behind our neighbors to the north in this. >> that's right. why follow the lead of canada? we are supposed to be the greatest country in the world. it's time for the president to lead and say come on, we can't abide by this. this is not the right thing to
11:05 am
do. i spent my fair time of canada too playing hockey. >> john: it was 40 years ago now but the united states boycotted the moscow games in 1980 because the soviet union's invasion of offing offing. -- of afghanistan. why not exercise that this time around? >> and this is far more serious. they are committing genocide. the president could use his authority to move the olympics to a more friendly venue and not reward ghastly behavior. in homeland security we have products on the list now we have to quarantine and stop being imported to the united states because they are engaged in
11:06 am
slave labor in concentration camps and in genocide. move it to a friendly location. but time is of the essence. let's get it done. >> john: let us know if you get an answer to your letter. >> i sure will. >> john: good to talk to you today. >> sandra: fox news alert. brand new allegations of sexual harassment against governor andrew cuomo. his former aide wrote in a new essay accusing the governor suggesting they play strip poker. the governor denied these accusations before. the new york sexual harassment
11:07 am
laws are some of the stronger if the world. brian is following the latest on this breaking story for us. >> lindsay boylan first started working for governor andrew cuomo in 2018 as the department secretary for economic development. she resigned less than a year later. she first met couple couple this 2016 but in december in a series of tweets she accused cuomo of sexual harassing her for many years. today for the first time he is daling those accusations in an essay where he accuses cuomo of unwanted kissing and touching and she said cuomo would harass other females as well and making unflattering commence about
11:08 am
their wet. -- weight. she said he creates a culture where sexual harassment is condoned and expected. his inappropriate behavior to women is an affirmation he likes you. governor cuomo denies sexually harassing boylan back in december. >> it's not true. look, i fought for and i believe a woman has the right to come forward and express her opinion and express issues and concerns she has. but it's just not true. >> now this as the governor faces criticism over his handling of covid-19 in nursing
11:09 am
home. today a rally was held demanding that congressional oversight hearings into the nursing home scandal and pushed cuomo to rescind immunity provision laws he passed last year that offer protection to nursing home operators shielding them from lawsuits. >> sandra: thank you. we will follow the breaking news on that and whether new yorkers want him to remain as their governor. a woman says she wants the governor to face consequences after her father died in a nursing home. her message for andrew cuomo coming up. >> john: fox news alert. golf legend tiger woods is recovering after a roll over crash in california.
11:10 am
doctors say he had surgery for serious leg injuries. they say he is lucky to be alive. will he be able to play competitively again? matt flynn live outside of the hospital in los angeles. what is the latest? >> right now tiger woods is believed to be inside this hospital recovering from surgery. the chief medical officer released more details writing mr. woods suffered significant orthopedic injuries that were treated during emergency surgery. the bones were stabilized with a rod:
11:11 am
woods team is emphasizing woods might have escaped death. >> he is lucky based on the scene. i went to the scene and a the condition of the vehicle. he is extremely fortunate. >> officials say an investigation into exactly what led up to that horrifying accident will take several weeks. >> john: thank you very much, matt flynn in los angeles. >> sandra: jim gray sportscaster and author of the new memor, talking to goats about his career interviewing the greatest athletes of all time including tiger woods. you joined us yesterday when this was breaking. you were speechless. this was shocking to hear. adding to all of the trouble and trials and tribulations tiger woods as faced. another one. >> well, it was shocking because
11:12 am
it comes on the heels of just over a little over a year ago when we got that phone call from fox about kobe bryant. a helicopter with a wreckage on the side of the hill. your mind races at that time. thank god we are not talking about tiger and he will recover. whether or not his injuries are so bad he can't resume his golf career, that remains to be seen. it was shocking. it's starting to wear off as the news has gotten better over the past 24 hours for tiger. >> sandra: at first we avoided the worst case scenario. he was going to live and then in surgery and now we await the specifics of what injuries he really has and whether he will play golf again. that's of course the big
11:13 am
question. the "wall street journal" asked that in a headline this morning: can tiger woods come back again after his car crash? >> if anybody has shown they can withstand this type of stuff, it's tiger woods. he's had 19 surgeries. he knows, but those are much different surgeries. not the trauma type of surgery he endured yesterday. those were from swinging a golf club violently since he was 3 years old and not from a violent crash. if of a guy had the mental discipline and able to withstand the physical enduance and pain of rehabilitation, it's tiger woods. his father was a green beret. he has the mental toughness. can he physically be repaired? usually in trauma surgeries they
11:14 am
stop whatever the problem is right there. it could lead possibly to many more surgeries down the line. we don't have enough information as to what it is that it tiger has. hopefully those surgeries will suffice and he can start rehabilitation. where he can play competitive golf again is a long way off. he is probably just hoping to be able to walk and be with his kids. >> sandra: i agree. you hope he can walk away from this. let alone play golf again. there were so many of us who watched this happen yesterday in fear. golf fans watching his career. but now watch him as a parent as well. we just fell in love with him again when you see him embracing his son who is coming up if his foot steps. he is an excellent golfer. tiger spending time withim --
11:15 am
with him. amazing to watch this play out. >> tiger woods would be happy to teach charlie and he will be involved with his daughter sam and her activities. seeing him with charlie brought such joy to all of us who follow tiger's career and the father and son combination. it was watching not only his son but total protege. his mannerisms are the same. his swing almost identical. it was so much fun. you don't want to put too much pressure on charlie to walk in the foot steps of his father who is the greatest golfer of all time that's a lot of expectations. >> sandra: they do look like they are having fun out. similar fist pump as well when he made the putt. we wish the best for him. you have been writing about
11:16 am
these greatest of all time tiger. you believe he is one of them. >> the good news today is we are smiling because tiger is awake and responsive. >> sandra: thank you. we are just getting word from the sheriff in l.a. that they have concluded no criminal element to the crash. just an accident it's been ruled so far by the investigation. that's just in. >> john: life changes in a nano-second. given the extent of his injuries it's going to be a long road back. rehabilitation to walk properly and load into the right side as golfers have to. he probably has nerve damage and scar tissue. coming up next the white house on defense claiming their move to reopen a migrant facility for kids is different than it was on under president trump.
11:17 am
the media gives the biden administration a free pass. joe weighs in on this after the break. stay with us.
11:18 am
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11:21 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> sandra: the white house facing accusations of hypocrisy over reopening a detention center in it texas for migrant children. president biden and vice-president harris criticized the trump administration's use of that facility. peter doocy joins us from there now. what is the latest? >> the white house is now admitting that some of the children unaccompanied caught up in the custody at the southern border were held for longer than the 72 hours that they are
11:22 am
allowed to be. jen psaki is explaining why that is. >> there were some delays last week because of weather and because of these facilities to safely move the kids to did not have power and were not in a place where they had the capacity to take in the kids safely. some did stay 5 days or longer. the objective is to move them as quickly to possible as the hhs facility. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez posted about a headline that the biden administration was reopening one of these facilities for my grant children. -- migrant children. her tweet said this: and i read that to jen psaki who said this. >> we only have a couple of choices. what we are not doing is dividing these kids and separating them from their parents at the border which the last administration did.
11:23 am
and president biden and harris were outspoken about these kids being pulled from their parents. we are working as quickly as possible to process the kids into the hhs facilities which were revamped to transfer them to families. >> we have sources at the border who tell us that the facilities, these unaccompanied children are held in under the biden administration are the same facilities that were used during the trump administration including one in donna, texas, where the children are kept in tents surrendered by chain link fences. >> sandra: peter doocy. thank you. >> john: joe a fox news contributor. i think this tweet from nikki
11:24 am
haley sums it up: this is the problem with life in america right now. is there a double standard in the media? >> i will read headlines from the "washington post" in 2018. the american tradition of caging children. another one the real reason we are locking kids in cages. yes, the headlines were far different in terms of tone and content under the trump administration than in the biden administration where it is described as a migrant facility for children. what we are seeing as a result the right is hitting the biden administration for hypocrisy between candidate biden who said these facilities would say
11:25 am
closed and president biden -- they are not on the same page. president biden reopening them. from the left, you saw the tweet from alexandria ocasio-cortez. there are other groups as well that are chimeing in. "families belong together." president biden announced plans to reopen homestead. this is not pleasing the right or left. for jen psaki, if the flow of immigrants is increasing across the border how can you say this is temporary? i don't see these facilities closing any time soon because the flow is going up and not down. >> john: there's a big difference between campaigning and governing. and the "washington post" this article they wrote about it
11:26 am
reopening. groups of trailers encircle a giant food tent and they have a banner with welcome. that's probably all true. but can you imagine them righting about that during the trump administration? >> that's quite a glowing profile. class rooms? are we saying that migrant children crossing the border at these facilities are going to class or learning while many kids in american are still learning through zoom classes? that's interesting as well. instead of asking jen psaki, how about the president of the united states? he's yet to do a solely press conference since taking office.
11:27 am
president trump had done 2 at this point. and president biden -- president obama, excuse me, he did a press conference as well. now here you have a president on the cusp of signing into law a 2 trillion dollars spending bill. he is yet to take any real questions. i have a feeling by the time it gets to his desk he won't holds a press conference do answer why 90% of this bill doesn't have anything to deal with covid relief but he says it's about covid. the president invisible from the press. >> john: those are all good questions to ask. good to see you today. thank you very much. >> sandra: coming up the fight over biden's covid relief bill. democrats going at it alone despite republicans calling them
11:28 am
out for stuffing that bill with that has nothing to do with struggling americans. our panel will take it up next. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust. when you have all that, the last thing you'll need... is a road. the chevy silverado trail boss. ready to off-road, right from the factory.
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11:32 am
>> sandra: democrats set to ram through a massive covid relief but republicans point out many items have nothing to do with the pandemic and they are pounding democrats for not reopening american schools. republicans taking the right tact with this and those are on the other side, will democrats regret icing out republicans on this issue. our panel. jessica and sean. sean, first. republicans said we want to help. there are struggling americans out there. why about this bill that you take issue with? >> most americans want the $1400 in the stimulus check and have money for vaccine distribution. this is not about covid relief.
11:33 am
there is abortion money in the bill and foreign aide. social justice farming aide. i am from wisconsin with a lot of farmers. i don't know what that is. this a liberal bill. it might sit well today but if you see how it ages, it won't age well as americans find out what kind of progressive liberal things are in here. under obama a bill was passed and a year later the man who wrote it dropped out of the race because people found out what it was in. this will happen with this massive spending bill and they are mortgaging our friends future. it has to be put back. >> sandra: there is so much in there we could not put it all on the screen, that doesn't have to do with the pandemic.
11:34 am
kevin mccarthy takes this on the tweet. so much for biden's call for unity. jessix jessix -- jessica, is that a fair point? >> we don't know it's going at it alone. republicans are on board to raise the minimum wage. mitt romney wants it to go $10. >> sandra: mitt romney called this a clunker. >> i understand that. the negotiations are are not done here. there has been a misconception when joe biden talked about unity we will do what republicans say. we won this election fair and square and picked up two seats in georgia because republicans would not get on board with helping the american public.
11:35 am
80% of americans support this bill. i don't think bailing people out and this is the american rescue plan and not just the covid relief plan will ever sit poorly with americans. look at the governor of west virginia a super conservative state. >> sandra: what is the goal? >> the pandemic ransacked the economy and public health and education and the environment. i don't think anyone can deny what is going on in texas. [overlapping talking]. >> sandra: this is where republicans take issue, right,
11:36 am
sean? looking at people affected by being out of work. senator john kennedy is making the point this is about you want to put money out there. reopen the schools. listen. >> president biden has, i used this expression before. he flipped flopped on this issue like a cat fish. he needs to call a press conference and look our school leaders in the eye and say by god, open your schools. we will lose a generation of kids. >> sandra: what is the focus on this? >> he is right. one of the amendments from kevin mccarthy in his tweet was we want to tie the funding for schools to schools having a plan to reopen. democrats said no, we want to give them 130 billion dollars when there is 64 billion dollars from the last package they have not spent.
11:37 am
we are giving 40 billion dollars to university liberals who have billion dollars in their endowments. this makes no sense. if you want to be bipartisan, it takes compromise. you have a 1.9-billion dollars bill and i won't work with 10 republicans in the white house to come to an agreement. no it's my way or the high way. that's not comp nice. to bring us together as a family don't have abortion funding in this bill. focus on americans. >> sandra: quickly? >> being bipartisans is bringing together democrats and republicans and independents. just because republicans serve in washington don't like it, it doesn't mean their constituents would not be happy if they get
11:38 am
the checks. >> sandra: thanks for the debate. good to have both of you. thanks. we will continue it later. >> john: a fox news alert. the cuomo administration responding to new allegations from lindsay boylan who was a former official accusing governor cuomo of repeated sexual harassment including an incident on a flight where the governor said let's play strip poker. according to the press secretary for governor cuomo she said: they put out the flight manifest of everybody on board. this is october 2017. this conversation about strip poker did not happen. we will continue to follow this and see where it goes.
11:39 am
sandra, the governor of new york every day something new pops out. most of it about nursing homes. now these allegations from lindsay boylan who was the chief of staff for the governor. >> sandra: those just emerged 2 hours ago. we will see where that goes. he denied these allegations in the past. still ahead the future of the gop and why one republican says there is a clear front runner. ari fleischer will weigh in. important news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at today's all-time low interest rates plus get cash. with home values climbing, now is the smartest time ever to turn your home's increased value into an average of $50,000 cash. refiplus. it's new, it's only for veterans, and it's only from newday usa.
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including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. du more with less asthma. talk to your asthma specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. romney says former president donald trump would win the 2024 republican party nomination "in a landslide" if he ran. ari fleischer, former white house press secretary. if he ran in 2024, would he win in a landslide?
11:44 am
>> well, history has a little bit to say. it was tried twice before. cleveland in the 1880s. he got beat by harrison and came back and beat harrison 4 years later. roosevelt in 1901, he ran again in 1912 as a third party candidate and lost. history is 1 and 1 on former presidency. -- presidents. donald trump, 3 factors come into play. 1, he will be 78. how healthy would he be? can he win in general? he is getting his clocked cleaned by kamala harris. it would be a problem. how many other republicans would run against him? if one-on-one against donald trump in a republican primary,
11:45 am
then i think it's a fair fight. trump is the front runner for certain. but it's way too early to call this a landslide for everyone. >> john: how many people in the republican field in 2016? 15 or 16? >> yes. >> john: the president has a watershed moment on sunday in orlando addressing the cpak conference. he will be warm to the idea of a 2024 run. he won't step over the line to announce it. he continues to hold sway in the republican party. what we see on sunday will be a real indication of how much power he will hold going forward. >> he does hold a tremendous amount of sway in the republican party. he will be influential in the mid-terms for republicans and democrats. both parties will try to take advantage of president trump.
11:46 am
the election is not until 2023 for the primary and 24 for the general election. you start running in 2023. i would make no conolutions about 2023 based on what happens in 2021. too much future ahead of us. >> john: i found polling interesting. 46% of trump voters would abandon the republican party and go with president trump if he starts a third party. and 59% of republicans say the president should play a major role in the republican party. that's an increase of 18 points since january seventh. in the republican party lost 46% of trump voters, you could kiss the white house good-bye for god knows how long. >> that is the teddy roosevelt model where he ran as a third party candidate and lost. the issue for the president, can
11:47 am
he win a republican primary? you can't make that call yet. he will be the front runner. i would not use the word landslide. there are so many surprises ahead. you don't know what the alternate is. you let these things play out. president trump goes in with a head of steam and a lot of support inside the republican party. >> john: we will be watching his speech sunday afternoon to see which way he is leaning. ari fleischer, appreciate it. >> great toy sue. >> sandra: now more breaking news on new york governor andrew cuomo under fire on multiple fronts. a new push from republicans to get answers in the alleged nursing home scandal and a woman who blames the governor for the death of her father. he will join us live next.
11:48 am
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11:51 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. republicans in the house urging the democratic congresswoman that leads the oversight committee to subpoena new york governor andrew cuomo to testify on the nursing home deaths in his stated. fox news obtained a letter from
11:52 am
the republicans demanding the committee "hear the truth under oath" from governor andrew cuomo. right now we have a guest, danielle messina. she lost her father to covid and blames the governor for his death. danielle, welcome. >> hi. thank you for having me. good afternoon. >> sandra: pleasure to have you. tell us your story, first. >> okay. i'll tell you a little bit about my dad. my dad was my world, my hero. my bull, my protector always. sadly my dad had a few health issues. i went through a rough ordeal with him and finally had him in a good situation in a nursing home. my biggest fear was him getting this virus because he had some underlying conditions. we spoke, like i said. he was intact mentally. he didn't have -- his mind was
11:53 am
with it. we spoke every day. i said dad, you have a mask. he said what's going on with the coronavirus stuff? he said you're on lockdown. the boys are not playing sports or going to school. he said it's bad. i said please make sure you have your mask on. we had a conversation on the phone. sadly two days later, i get a phone call from the nursing home, your dad is not right.we found him on the floor. we have to rush him to the hospital. my hands were tied. i couldn't go to the nursing home, i couldn't speak to him, go in an ambulance, anywhere. they rushed him to the hospital. almost 104 fever. difficulty breathing. the hospital stated that he had chest x-ray, the lungs of a covid patient. that same night at that time, they did a rapid test. had to wait two days. that was in the height of the pandemic. they sent him back that same night 104 fever to his regular
11:54 am
floor in the nursing home. i questioned why would you do that? he has the virus. they said we don't know what we're treating him for. clearly he had the virus. two days later, they put him on a covid floor. they gave me 15 minutes to say good-bye. i couldn't do nothing. i had to go in ppe and watch my father tumble to his death. i had to walk out the doors knowing i couldn't save my father. >> sandra: a tragic story. he died april 25 in a staten island nursing home. so sorry, a horrible story and horrible you and your family had to go through this. why do you blame the governor for his death and what is his message? >> my message is very disturbing is how he goes on conferences on the news and addresses myself and 15,000 other families. so disheartening to turn around
11:55 am
and say they're old, they're in a nursing home and they'll do. that was my father's nursing home and my father worked hard to get healthy. i was his protector, his go-to person. i had him in a good position. he was not in a dying situation. you do not -- he's saying on the news, this virus is like ground zero. now is not the time to put your loved one in a nursing home. we didn't have a choice. my father wasn't protected. you wanted to free up some hospital beds? that's fine. that's well and good. >> sandra: we can hear you fighting for him now. so sorry. thanks for telling your story hear. danielle, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> sandra: we'll be right back. refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refinance at today's record low rates plus get cash. with mortgage rates low and home values high refiplus can help you lower your rate
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>> john: sandra, i have to say danielle messina, you feel bad for her and the thousands of other family members, people
12:00 pm
that died from coronavirus in nursing homes. so tragic. >> sandra: it is. we thank her for telling her story. her family wants justice. her words. thanks for joining us on "america reports." great to be with you, john. >> john: great to be with you, sandra. "the story" can martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: hi, guys. thanks, john and sandra. i'm martha maccallum. we have a busy show for you today. here's what's happening on "the story" for this wednesday. you have brand new troubles for governor cuomo. we now learn there is a brand new push for a subpoena for the governor to testify before congress on what happened in these nursing homes. a huge rally this afternoon against that scandal bringing it to life. people with signs all over the place about their loved ones. that whole thing is getting overshadowed today because you have a former aide bringing new


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