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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 24, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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so tragic. >> sandra: it is. we thank her for telling her story. her family wants justice. her words. thanks for joining us on "america reports." great to be with you, john. >> john: great to be with you, sandra. "the story" can martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: hi, guys. thanks, john and sandra. i'm martha maccallum. we have a busy show for you today. here's what's happening on "the story" for this wednesday. you have brand new troubles for governor cuomo. we now learn there is a brand new push for a subpoena for the governor to testify before congress on what happened in these nursing homes. a huge rally this afternoon against that scandal bringing it to life. people with signs all over the place about their loved ones. that whole thing is getting overshadowed today because you have a former aide bringing new specific allegations of sexual
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harassment and a bullying against the governor. it's not a pretty picture when you put this together. take you live to the scene at city hall moments from now. plus, they planned the capitol hill raid weeks in advance it turns out. new revelations about climbing ropes and pipes bombs as nancy pelosi wants to investigate. now we're learning what was billed as a bipartisan commission to be weighted with democrats. what is that about? we'll talk about that with senator hawley. the new video of tiger woods minutes before the car wreck as the car goes by on a beautiful morning in california. what we're learning about the reality for tiger woods as we get an update coming straight ahead. brian kilmeade and geraldo here to talk about that. first, on president biden's first day in office, he announced a 100-day moratorium
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on most deportations of illegals back to their country. even some of them criminals were allowed to stay. now a texas judge is stepping in and he's shutting that whole thing down. aoc changes her tune, but still goes after biden on the facility for his administration is now holding hundreds of children. peter doocy in another back and forth with jen psaki pressing on this new part of the story. watch this. >> has the white house seen the comments from alexandria ocasio-cortez speaking about that facility that this is not okay, never has been okay no matter the administration or party? >> we have kids coming across the border. it's heart breaking as parents, mothers and fathers, too. we only have a couple of choices. what we're not doing is dividing these kids and separating them from their parents at the
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border, which is what the last administration did. >> martha: so in january apprehensions of unaccompanied children hit over 5,800 last month since the new administration took over. it's the highest we've seen actually in two years. so it begs a question of policy, what is leading to these higher numbers at this point and where should these children be held? karl rove and chris hahn debate with peter doocy fresh off of that white house briefing moments ago. happier? >> good afternoon. unaccompanied children coming a board the border while joe biden is president are being kept in the same border facilities that unaccompanied kids that came across while president trump was in office. back then, democrats referred to these facilities and the things inside as cages. what about them now? >> is it caging containers instead of kids in containers?
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what is the white house's description of this facility? >> let me give a broader description of what is happening here. we have a number of children that are coming in to the country without their families. what we're not doing, what the last administration did, was separate those kids, rip them from the arms of their parents at the border. we're not doing that. that is immoral and not the approach of this administration. these kids, we have a couple of options. we can send them back home and do a dangerous journey back. we're not doing that either. >> not doing that either is what republican critics are blaming for the big backlog at the border following a surge of unaccompanied children there. the new policy to try to resettle everybody that comes in to the u.s. instead at least under age people that come to the u.s. instead. these children though only supposed to be held by homeland security officials before being turned over to health and human services officials for 72 hours. but the white house is admitting some recently have been held
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there longer. >> there's been some -- there were some delays last week because of weather and because some of these facilities to safely move these kids to did not have power and were not in a place where they had the capacity to take in the kids and do it safely. that's not our objective or our goal. so some unfortunately stayed four or five days later. so our objective is to move them as quickly as possible. >> as the white house confronts issues about to do with children coming to the border now without adults, congress, they're asking, to try to figure out how to shorten the pathway to citizenship down to eight years for 11 million adults that came into this country illegally beforehand. martha? >> martha: peter, thank you. joining me now, karl rove. former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and a fox news contributor. chris hahn, former aide to senator chuck schumer and a syndicated radio host. chris, start with you. i guess, you know, it's no
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surprise given the fact that the construction on the wall stopped, that sends a big signal to basically walk away from the work that was being done there. then you have the news that deportations will be dramatically decreased. if you're caught, you're not going to be send back. so obviously that sends a signal to a lot of people south of the border that it's a good time to come. so it's no surprise that you end up with this surge was unaccompanied minors that now they're put in this untenable situation of having to deal with and take care at this point. is it? >> well, it's no surprise that there's horrors all around the world and that the united states is a beacon of hope -- >> martha: that wasn't my question, chris. >> it's no surprise that people want to come here. thank god. when they stop wanting to come here, i'll worry. but right now karl will agree with me that what we need right now in this country rather than rhetoric about both sides is
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comprehensive immigration reform that passed in 2013 with bipartisan support. then we can deal with these problems instead of making a big deal out of certain issues and certain places where people are kept and when they're sent back or whether or not judges should be allowed to block the president's supreme authority, i might add, to -- unique authority to determine immigration status in this country. enforcement in this country. >> martha: so the hypocrisy -- you can't be surprised, karl rove, if you have a policy that makes it easier for people to cross and is clear that they're not sent back. now they're using a tent facility that they heavily criticized, that they should be thankful for, i guess because it's the only place to house these children and built by the trump administration to tremendous outcry from the other side. karl? >> yeah. let's remember a lot of these unaccompanied children, my heart goes out to them. many are being trafficked for sex or work. they don't wake up one day and say i'm going north to the
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united states. many instances, they're the victims of trafficking. so good that we got them. good they're in a facility. good we can try to reunit them with their families in the country of their origin. let's not kid ourselves. i have a hunting lease in south texas. it's in that area between the highly populated lower accessory yes grand valley and corpus christi and kingsville. the county, kennedy county, is half the side of rhode island and 400 people live in the county. i've seen more evidence of traffickers and more evidence of large groups of immigrants coming across our hunting lease than i've seen in five or six or seven years. water containers everywhere. we see people in the brush. we see evidence of large groups moving forward. we see sacks that they have kept their food in. we see the tattered blankets. i've never seen anything like this in the last five or six years. it's people moving north because
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the message is the border is open and if you get to the united states, you can get here. they're paying thousands each in all likelihood to traffickers to move them in a sophisticated criminal enterprise in to the united states of america. >> martha: chris? >> so you know, look, if what you're saying is true and i have no reason to believe it's not, all the more reason why the united states needs to do something about our immigration policy. we are where people come when they're in trouble. we don't want people trafficked in this country. what the the former guy did, he would take them back to where they were struggling, camps in mexico where they were abused, trafficked and killed. then he would rip them from the arms of their parents and have no plan for them getting reunited down the road. we need -- >> with all due respect -- >> you should get on board and get going with it. >> don't lecture me about it. i don't remember seeing you and
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your senator helping on comprehensive immigration reform in 2005, 6 and 7. >> 2013 bill -- >> i didn't interrupt you, chris. he voted for all the killer amendments that brought down immigration reform in 2007. so don't be lecturing me about it. don't be lecturing me about supposedly the trump administration because the obama administration was similarly taking unaccompanied minors and put them in the camps and separated them from parents. so it's a question of degree. but we need comprehensive immigration reform. don't start -- >> it's a question of humanity. >> do not start in my opinion by doing what this administration is doing and saying people that were here illegally can become citizens of the united states faster than people that have applied for citizenship legally and waiting in line. that was one of the big issues. in 2005, 6 and 7, kennedy, mccain and bush agreed if you're illegally -- >> comprehensive immigration reform. >> martha: we have to leave it
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there. i'd say on the way out, being more lenient does not necessarily make people safer. it can put more people in danger. that's what we're seeing happening right now, chris. so if you want to be humane and talk about the best thing to do for the safety of people, keep that in mind. have to leave it there. we're going to go chris hahn and carl rowe, thank you. that will continue. so it's another ugly day for governor andrew cuomo. this time it is a close former aide that says that he repeatedly harassed her and then made an unwanted physical move. the sorted story, which he's denies today. she tells next. we were alone when my husband had the heart attack. he's the most important thing in my life. i'm so lucky to get him back.
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>> martha: well, the straws on the camel's back got heavier today for governor andrew cuomo. it's now a top aide that has levelled sorted accusations about her time in the governor's office. she's very specific about these instances that she says represent serial sexual harassment against her. she says the top women in his office condoned this environment. her name is lindsey boy land and she talked about strip poker suggestions and unwanted kisses from the governor. the governor's office is now responding to the allegations. for that we turn to bryan llenas who is on this story every day for us. hi, bryan. >> hi, martha. look, lindsey boyland first met governor cuomo in 2016 she says and began to work for him in 2018 but resigned less than a year later. boyland's first accused governor cuomo of sexually harassing her over many years in a series of
12:17 pm
tweeting back in december. today for the first time, she detailing those claims in an online medium post accusing the governor of unwanted kissing and touching, making unflattering comments to women about their weight and ridiculing them about their romantic relationships. boyland says cuomo sought her out and made arrangements where he made inappropriate comments. she started with "let's play strip poker. i should have been shocked by the governor's crude comment by i wasn't. we were flying home from an october 2017 event in new york on his tax-payer funded jet. he was seated facing me so close our knees almost touched. his press aide was to my right and a state trooper behind me." cuomo's office released flight logs from october 2017 and a statement from four people that were on those flights that said we were on each of these octobers flights and that
12:18 pm
conversation did not happen. the press secretary said as we said before, miss boyland's claims are false. she detailed a one-on-one meeting in the new york city office where she alleged cuomo stepped in front of her and kissed her on the lips. she wrote "governor andrew cuomo has created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive it's not only condoned but expected. his inappropriate behavior is an affirmation that you might be doing something wrong. if you dare to speak up, you would dare to face consequences." martha? >> martha: an interesting detail there. thanks, bryan. let's bring in joy murdock from national review online and fox news contributor and geraldo
12:19 pm
rivera joining us this asp. geraldo, what is your reaction? >> oh how the mighty have fallen. six months ago, andrew cuomo was the paragon of virtue, the man that steadied the entire nation during the pandemic with his well-publicized briefs, his book that came out. he had the only reputation that was salvageable in the midst of the pandemic. now it seemed everything has come to light that shows there's another side to andrew cuomo. you have ron kim, bullying him beyond pale. the nursing home scandal is the most important of these scandals that he fudged the figures to make himself look better. disguised the total nursing home toll.
12:20 pm
now comes this allegation of pervasive sexual harassment. he not only allegedly kissed her on the lips, he frequently touched her and various body parts according to her. she's the politician, running for manhattan borough president. point that out. but her allegations are detailed, seem corroborated now like her tweets in december. seems to me that andrew cuomo is on the defensive right now. you know, unwanted groping is a crime in new york punishable by up to a year in prison. >> martha: as we pointed out, he denies it and we'll get his due process on her. this is her claim and she's come forward with a lot of specifics. he was at a vaccine center. he's scrambling to change the subject. he want back to his own playbook. he blamed president trump. here's a weird thing that he said out there. watch this. >> i'm going to be doing the
12:21 pm
vaccination. i'm am a certified vaccinator by the state of new york. i took a 20-minute course yesterday. i get to select a part of the ananatamy where i do the vaccine. you'll be surprised where i see the anatomy that i pick. >> martha: that's like a lead balloon. that was weird. no laughing, no clapping there. what do you make of this? >> yeah, it's a little hard to laugh at something like that when you're the person that is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of some 15,000 seniors that died in nursing homes across new york state because by order that he issued march 25, he sent covid-19 positive seniors into nursing homes. we have janice dean that lost
12:22 pm
her mother and father-in-law. a lot of people that want answers. rather than people fessing up, taking responsibility, explain what he did wrong, here we have him laughing, telling jokes. it's terrible leadership. >> martha: how do you have is this for him? you think he survives as governor, real quick? >> i think he faces serious legal trouble. obstruction of justice, conspiracy. serious federal crimes. >> martha: yeah. that was a subpoena from congress potentially on the nursing home issue. we have to leave it there, gentlemen. thanks so much. geraldo, great to have you with us. thanks, sir. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up next, we're live outside the hospital where golf legend tiger woods is recovering from major surgery today. the good news is that he was awake and responsive. so we're going to get more information about that and what we now know about whether or not
12:23 pm
there would have ever been any charges in this case. brand new breaking news on that after this. we have brian kilmeade and jared mack coming up. stick around. with sofi, i was able to condense all of my loans under one account. i was able to lower my monthly payments and feel like i'm well on my way to becoming debt free. and i have sofi to thank for that. ♪♪
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12:27 pm
of recovery ahead. matt finn has more as we await the latest update. matt, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, martha. the emergency crews that were first on the tiger woods crash scene are now emphasizing that tiger woods likely escaped death. they said wearing his seat belt and the vehicle's crash safety features likely helped. this is the hospital where the golf legend is believed to be right now recovering from surgery. the chief medical officer writes in part "mr. woods suffered significant orthopedic injuries that were treated during emergency surgery by orthopedic trauma specialists. lower portions of the tibia and fibula bones were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia. bones of the foot and ankle were stabilized at the combination of screws and pins." woods team is thanking the ucla medical center, the l.a. county sheriff and fire crews that pulled woods from his rolled
12:28 pm
over s.u.v. >> the reckless driving change has a lot of elements into it. this is purely an accident. there will be a cause of it and a vehicle "attached" to the cause if it's intensive driving, whatever the case may be. it's an infraction and reckless driving is more of an infraction. a misdemeanor crime that has a lot of elements to it and nothing like that. >> so you hear that official stressing there was nothing to indicate that tiger woods was impaired while driving. the exact cause could take weeks or months. the sheriff notes that that stretch of road that tiger woods was driving on had 13 accidents since last january and four of them involved injuries. martha? >> martha: tough spot. matt, thanks very much. so let's bring in brian kilmeade, "fox and friends" co host and jared mack. we learned that a tv director
12:29 pm
was driving his car nearby and was almost hit in this accident. so we wondered how he could have made it across the other lane without hitting other cars at 7:20 a.m. brian, your thoughts as we listen to where we are with the tiger woods story today. >> no doubt, extremely lucky. no question. i got more details on the injury. it's just his right foot and leg. dr. jazrell at ucla, he tells us that they put -- to his source, they put a nail into the tibia and screws into the ankle and foot. when asked, when he asked his former resident, he said recreational, it will take awhile to close the wound. we know with alex smith in washington with the football club. by the time you close the wound, it will take awhile to get weight bearing. he can be the tiger's tiger. who knows how much he can come
12:30 pm
back. everything is early. he's lucky. but extremely focused, too. even though the leg is damaged before with past injuries, and acl replacement, you know that could be a little bit difficult in terms of weight bearing will take time and he's 45. don't think it's out of the question of him playing a again at a high level. >> martha: no, i don't think it is given who we're dealing with her. i'm sure, jared, first and foremost, he's so glad to be alive and to have a future and watch his children grow up and all of those other things that could have been taken away yesterday. >> thank goodness that tiger was wearing his seat belt. that would be a message for anybody. that tiger is still with us today because of that. rory mcilroy pointed out today, tiger is not superman. for many of us, we think tiger has this superman effect. we expect somehow that tiger will come back, right? we expect that one day we'll turn on the television and see
12:31 pm
tiger woods not only walking out for a tee shot but to perform again professionally. whether or not he does, we don't know. he just had a fived back surgery. the possibility to come back from that is very different than what you're talking about things like shattered bones like we were dealing with here. not just compound fractures. where you have bones that are broken into many pieces. we saw as brian just brought up, alex smith has no business walking anymore let alone playing football and here he is starting for washington. the power of will and modern medicine, we can root for him to come back. he's still here with us today. we can talk about his golf memories without it being something that we would never see again. >> martha: yes. completely agree. i think yesterday at this time we didn't know if we would be having this conversation about him playing recreational golf and even having the possibility of getting back out there.
12:32 pm
we're not going to underestimate tiger woods in any way, shape or form. we're glad he's on the road. thanks. >> thank you. >> martha: you bet. great news in california where unions and schools are making deals finally. but sorry, kids. there's a catch. they refuse to commit to a date to actually come back to the classroom and do their job there. will cane has a lot on his mind about this. the debut of our new segment, "wednesdays with will". looking forward to it, will. see you on the other side. into money for your family. that's me. introducing refiplus from newday usa. take advantage of record low rates plus get cash for security today or retirement tomorrow that's me. refiplus. only from newday usa.
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>> martha: parents and students in san francisco are still stuck in limbo even after the teacher's union and the board said that they struck a deal. they'll go back to the classroom. they just won't say when that might help. first, claudia cowan is on the
12:37 pm
breaking news on this brand new deal today. hi, claudia. >> hi, martha. it's a step forward but a small step in the minds of many san francisco parents that have no idea when or if public schools will reopen before summer. the deal reached last night requires vaccines for all on-site staff if san francisco's covid case rates go to red tier. that could happen next week. it demands free covid staff for students and staff and a dashboard listing all positive cases in the school. after a board meet atenneding by hundreds of staff, families and members of the u.e., united educated teacher's union, there's no deal on how school days will like. dr. vincent matthews says the district wants more days and longer hours in person than the teachers do. you can see him in the upper right of your screen. >> under the district's plan,
12:38 pm
mr. students would receive five full days of instruction of five hours each day. under e.u.'s proposed schedule, students would never receive more than three hours per day. >> the teacher's union says after a year of distance learning, continuity is key. their plan would allow students to stay with current teachers and offer the option of remote learning for kids that don't want to go back. the scheduling is so contentious, the head of the union is calling for a mediator to step in. eventually the district says elementary schools will open first, but before that can even happen, each campus will need to be checked and cleared by city health officials. this elementary school here is one of a handful that has been cleared to reopen. more than 50 left to go. martha? >> martha: claudia, thank you. let's bring in for the debut of our new segment "wednesdays with
12:39 pm
will", will cane. glad to have you here on wednesdays. >> exciteded to be here. >> martha: great to have you. one of the things that struck me in the san francisco chronicle, they point out that the unions are making demands that no other class of essential workers in the entire country has made for their benefit. you hear these teachers saying, well, possibly we could do three hours a day. i can't imagine a job where anybody would have any tolerance for that kind of -- for that kind of negotiating, especially talking about the fact that this is about kids that vice president been in school since march. >> these teachers as represented by the teacher's union in san francisco are not interested in educated children. it's the only logical conclusion we can come to. even the details in that report as to when they would come back leaves so many questions unanswered. how many day as week, how many hour as day, what zone, what
12:40 pm
designation will san francisco be in at that time. will it be a requirement that every teacher is vaccinated. the long and short is, there's so many unanswered hurdles to getting kids in classrooms that your only conclusion will be realistically months away, towards the end of the school year, possibly some element of in-person learning. more obviously, they're just not interested in getting back. they're getting paid to perform distance learning or no learning at all and not interested in getting back this year to teach the children of san francisco. >> martha: to that point, will, i want everybody at home to watch this. this is the oakley union elementary school district board of trustees making fun of parents. watch this. >> are we >> yeah. >> [bleep]. if you're going to call me out, i'm going to [bleep] you up. >> do they forget there's real people on the other side of the letters they're writing, it's unfortunate. they want to pick on us because
12:41 pm
they want their baby sitters back. >> martha: they want their baby sitters back. >> sandra: right. >> martha: what do you think about that, will? >> here's what i think. i think that crushing our economy on purpose and declining to educate our children and holding them back on their socialization and emotional development is one of the worst policy decisions of the last century. now, there's some stiff competition here. i'm open to the debate. jim crow, segregation laws, japanese interment, abortion. sacrificing our children is one of the biggest and worst policy decisions of the past century. one has to ask is why has that been so acceptable in the name of science? it's not science. it's sacrifice. somebody should be paying the price for this. >> martha: yes. as you point out, it sends a clear statement.
12:42 pm
there's a charter school system in new york that wants kids in school automatic summer, to begin the process of making up for it. if you care about the learning loss and students, you'd be at the front of the line as a teacher saying we lost so much time and i need to get my kids caught up. so we need to figure out a way to get as many hours as we can over the summer if you're in the right place with what the goal is for these kids. thanks, will. great to see you from texas today. see you here soon. >> see you, martha. >> martha: right now senators are getting briefed on the intelligence that was shared and unshared that led to the capitol hill riot. senator josh hawley is hustling to get out of that meeting and join us in moments. also on that front, nancy pelosi wants that 9-11-style commission except that was evenly split with republicans and democrats to keep it apolitical. she wants democrats on hers. why would that be? stay tuned.
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> martha: the fact that the group that attacked our west front 20 minutes before the elipse ended, which means they were planning on our agency not being at where they call full strength, this was a significant coordinated attack. >> martha: drama on the hill when the barriers came crashing down january 6. the rioters came ready with helmets, pipe bombs and ropes. impeachment managers said president trump was solely responsible. and now democrats are casting a wider net. now they want a democrat-led commission to investigate and
12:48 pm
frame the whole picture of this day and what happened in moments. josh hawley joined me, chief correspondent mike emanuel has more for us first. hi, mike. >> hi, martha. ahead of the briefing, the senate intelligence chairman says he has serious questions about the capitol hill riot. >> we have to figure out why it happened, how it happened. one of the goals of the intelligence committee is to look at the government extremism. this is not a phenomenon that took place on january 6. >> former officials have pushed back hard on retired general honery calling him disrespectful. nancy pelosi has called for a security review. republicans said security measures came too late. >> obviously what we see out our windows right now is an armed
12:49 pm
washington d.c. just strikes me that this is like after the horse is out of the barn is erecting the security. >> there's been calls for a commission to look to the security failures at the capitol similar to the september 11th attack. republicans say speaker pelosi wants democrats to have more power and more members. >> first, it's not bipartisan. 7-4. secondly, they don't allow subpoena power for the minority and the majority to work together. >> i'm not involved in the drafting of the legislation but it's not prepared to say a 7-4 split is unfair based on who actually is part of the commission. that ultimately should be the determination. but i'm showing the committees of jurisdiction will weigh-in. >> republicans note the 50/50 split of the 9-11 was a key
12:50 pm
feature. martha? >> martha: thanks very much. my next guest has been briefed on this and following it very closely. republican senator josh hawley. thanks very much. good to have you back. >> thank you. >> martha: i'm curious as you watch all of this, are you concerned about the framing of this and how it's being presented and why there would be need for a 7-4 democratic republican split if you want to get to the bottom of what led to this? >> i'm concerned about the fact that the democrats don't seem that interested in the facts. they're interested in scoring political points. we've seen them shut down the senate for weeks on end to pursue impeachment of a guy that is not in office. that tells you what their priorities are. there's major questions about the riots on january 6 that need to be answered. i can tell you from being in the hearings yesterday and asking questions, there's basic disagreement on whether the national guard was formally requested by the capitol his
12:51 pm
police chief, when was it requested, who was responsible. we don't have answers to any of those questions. the witnesses disagreed significantly among themselves. we need answers. this partisan approach that nancy pelosi and the democrats are going after looks very political, looks designed to score political points. meanwhile, leaves the actual security questions unanswered. >> martha: yeah, a real shame. what you need to know here is what is the process. god for bid if this happened again. who has the authority to call the national guard? we saw it all summer with the riots in different places in the country and the discussion whether or not we should bring in the guard, which was shot down in democratic strong holds. now they want that protects and don't want it to go home at this point for the foreseeable future, senator. >> yeah, it's very strange to know. the senators are asking how long is the guard going to be here, what is their mission here, what is the end date. we can't get any answers to the
12:52 pm
questions. not al all. nobody will say. after criticizing vehemently president trump for deploying the guard in d.c. when the white house there was a riot, when there were riots in the city, riots in other cities across our country. we heard from democrats, no, we can't use the guard. it's un-american. it's wrong. now we have a national guard here without any end in sight. we need answers to these questions. >> martha: i have to go. lieutenant general, you believe he should be removed from this investigation? >> yes. he said the capitol hill police were implicit in the attack. there's no evidence of that it's disgraceful. >> martha: we know you'll be at cpac tomorrow. we'll be watching that speech as we see what happens there and look at the way forward for your party. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: thanks so much. so president biden's cabinet picks are coming under scrutiny.
12:53 pm
xavier bacerra could be held up. we have a breaking update on how that is going after this. >> i'm not saying she's a smoked turkey, but the smoker is warming up. here's huge news for veteran homeowners. introducing refiplus from newday usa. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates to save money every month plus you could get an average of $50,000 cash. that's money for security today and money for retirement tomorrow. refiplus, it's only for veterans and it's only from newday usa.
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>> martha: a tough confirmation hearing right now nor the health and human services pick, california attorney general xavier becerra. he's under fight in a tight senate where there's little room for error. two committees are delaying the step for neera tanden. she would need a republican to cross over and save her nomination after manchin and susan collins are nos. gillian turner has moore. >> the battle lines were drawn on the xavier becerra hearing
12:58 pm
before he said a word. we expected this to be contentious than yesterday in front of the senate health committee. because this one, the finance committee, where he is today is the committee that has to vote on his nomination. the committee chairman now just now senator ron widen opened with a jab at republicans. take a listen. >> the attorney general defended the affordable care act from absurd and dangerous far right attacks. >> democrats like dianne feinstein said becerra led the second largest justice department and said he's well-prepared to head up hhs. republicans though like senator marshall who sits on the health committee where becerra testified yesterday tells fox news a few minutes ago that republicans really disagree. >> i got to tell you that he wouldn't have made it through an interview process in the real world for this type of a position. he has no experience in healthcare. he has a 1.2 trillion budget on
12:59 pm
healthcare. really has zero experience. >> now becerra himself is insisted his top priority as a secretary will be the obama era affordable care act, protecting it. take a listen. >> the most important thing is to give everyone in this country coverage, good coverage and what i will tell you, i'm here at the pleasure of the president of the united states. he's made it very clear where he is. he wants to build on the affordable care act that will be my mission to achieve the goals that president biden put forward to build on the affordable care act. >> allies of becerra said he devoted his career to correcting structural unequalities in healthcare. he's doubled down on that commitment today saying he will continue to pursue that as hhs secretary. martha? >> martha: gillian turner in washington. thank you. >> you bet. >> martha: thanks for being with us february 24, 2020.
1:00 pm
the story goes on. so we'll be back here tomorrow. look forward to seeing you at 3:00. "your world" with neil cavuto gets underway right now. have a great day, everybody. >> neil: the good covid news is now going viral. in fact, some stunning developments to tell you. new cases of the united states down 37%. deaths down more than 20%. across the globe, new cases worldwide are down for the sixth straight week. this on news that johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine has been deemed very effective by the fda. this as we're learning cvs is going to offer more vaccines in six states and drug makers, some competing against one another will work together to get manufacturing to fix these delays and get past the delays. all of a


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