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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> jesse: he pushes you and you fall right down. >> dana: i would figure that out but i think i would have liked that job. >> juan: they look like robocop. >> bret: can we go back to the ping-pong dog? thanks, juan. good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. critics of new york governor, andrew cuomo take to the streets over his nursing home scandal. a former employee is accusing the governor of sexual harassment. the woman is making her case in a published essay tonight with some very serious allegations. and the governor is fighting back. correspondent, brian gannon has this story tonight from new york. good evening, brian. >> good evening. lindsey says that she first met governor cuomo in 2016. then she went on to work from m in 2018 before resigning later.
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she later accused him of harassing her in a series of tweets. today, she is giving details. let's play poker. i should have been instructed by the governor's crude comments but i wasn't. that she claims is what he told her on an october 2017 flight. it is one of the details that she lays out in an essay accusing him of unwanted kissing and touching, making unflattering comments to women about their weight and ridiculing them about their romantic relations. boylan says it was a progressive culture of harassment normalized by female staffers. it was an indication that you might be doing some thing right. he used intimidation to silence his critics and if you dare speak up, you would face consequences. in a statement today, governor cuomo's press secretary says as we climbed before, ms. boylan's claims of an
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appropriate behavior are quite simply false. about that poker comment, four staffers on the october flights had this conversation did not happen. it is the latest scandal. they are already facing an investigation. >> not just on my mother, but for the thousands of seniors that have died in our nursing homes. >> today, the victims families and democratic politicians had a rally demanding congressional hearings. ron kim is zeroing in on new york's immunity provision that shields nursing home operators from liability over covid-19 deaths. one of cuomo's political donors. >> they told the donor that if they sent covid patients home from nursing homes, they will die.
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what was his answer to them? he gave them a license to kill. >> and tonight, fox news digital has exclusively obtained a letter from republicans on the house oversight committee demanding cuomo be subpoenaed to testify about his administration's handling of covid-19 in nursing homes. a cuomo spokesperson said "political theater and an attempt by republicans to distract from the congressional investigation into the january 6th capital riots." bret. >> bret: bryan llenas in new york. ryan, thanks. continuing to face tough questions tonight about its retention of immigrant children crossing the border into the u.s. without their parents. the president's team is trying hard to draw a contrast between its actions and the actions of its predecessors. peter doocy has a look. >> unaccompanied kids who crossed the border while biden's
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president are taken to the same kind of temporal facilities as while trump was president. democrats accused trump of putting kids in cages. so, what is the more accurate description of this facility just reopened in texas with prominently-placed shipping containers? >> is that kids in containers instead of kids in cages? >> we had to expand and open additional facilities because there was not enough space in the existing facilities, the facility in texas, which has been closed has been revamped. >> that facility emma they are not cages. they stay in rooms. is is an absolute 180-degree lie of what aoc and anyone from the left says. >> this is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay no matter the party. >> we have kids coming across the border.
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it is heartbreaking. bigger and there are other problems the president is also trying to patch up supply changr pharmaceuticals and computer chips. >> the current strategy is -- i didn't realize how many chips were in here. but people not being laid off. typical republican lawmakers in the room or on the same page as the president. >> this is important not only for our economy, but also for national security because these cutting edge high end conductors, they operate on everything from the f-35 fifth generation fighter plane to our cell phones. typical republicans were invited to the white house, but they weren't asked to vote on anything. the president was trying to solve the issues with another executive order. >> we have only been here about 5 weeks. it's like the old days. people actually are on the same
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page. >> part of the reason might be because nothing particularly controversial came up. one of the 6 republicans in the oval office today, senator john horan said they never talked about the thing biden says is his number one priority. the covid relief legislation. he says he has heard the white house is determined to pass that with democrat only, democrat votes only, something he thinks is a mistake. bret. >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn. thank you. the biden administration says it will increase vaccine allocations to pharmacies bringing the total to 2.1 million doses. also tonight, dustin johnson single dose vaccine, approval and this tradition. now many states are implement in their own vaccine protocols. steve with us tonight from atlanta. >> when you can get your covert shot in the u.s., it may depend on where you live. at the top is alaska where 21%
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of the residents have gotten at least one shot. new mexico is next at 20%. south dakota, 18%. near the bottom are georgia, tennessee, and utah. only 11% have gotten a shot. ned lamont says federal guidelines on who gets the shot are too complicated and starting next week, anyone in his state over age 55 and sign up. >> these are our goals for vaccination. one, get as many people vaccinated as quickly as we can, especially those age-related who are much more likely to suffer complications and fatalities get the shots in the arm as fast as you can. >> both pfizer and -- are ramping up production. third single shot vaccine. johnson & johnson will be able to add three to 4 million doses next week and 20 million by the end of march. >> with 14.5 million doses allocated to states, tribes, and territories and 2.1 million
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through the federal retail pharmacy program, we have nearly doubled weekly supply of doses. for global covid is going away. three variants from the u.k., south africa, and brazil are already present in the u.s. >> variants have emerged and are available. they are indeed transmissible. questions remain about how the virus will impact vaccine effectiveness, verity of disease and mortality. >> the california variant is more contagious and potentially more deadly. >> we don't want to lose. >> the big question, one can any american who wants the vaccine get it? president biden says that will be by the end of july. bret. >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta. thank you. let's talk about state vaccine programs. governor justice, thank you for joining us. >> hey, bret, thank you for
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having me. appreciate what you do every day. >> bret: thank you. governor, virginia is not known historically for great health outcomes. it leads the nation on diabetes and drug overdoses but when it comes to the covid-19 vaccines, you are not only leading the nation, leading the world as far as this rate. what are you doing? what are you doing right? >> while, bret, you know, i don't want to sound like i'm taking credit for this because i've got lots and lots of great experts around me, but it's a different day in west virginia. west virginia is becoming a diamond in the rough that everybody misses and no question we had our days when we were stuck in a rut, but we really looked at this differently. we vaccinated all of our nursing homes. we got through all that in all the second shots in every thing. we looked at it as age, age, and age. and that's all there is to this.
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and you have to move and you have to move really quickly. you know, bret, there was a day when other states were looking at this as like a committee would look at it. you know, a committee, my definition of a committee is a fraction of individuals, those individuals has dumb i have never accomplish anything. people were stepping back and instead of counting the call was in the field and losing, they were counting and dividing by four. as you go through all of that, all you do is create more and more of a bureaucratic engine that really falls down, when what we did is we absolutely got our national guard, everybody rolling and we got shots in arms. west virginia today, every week, every single week, we get more than 100% of did because we are getting more of the vials. there is great work here in west virginia. that's all there is to it.
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>> bret: a lot of states should look to this because the numbers are pretty astounding. you started out with 80 and older. you didn't do it on the internet. you did it by a call-in system. you have a smaller state as far as population, but it seems like you got to the older people and you handled that population quickly. >> well bret, we are a smaller state, but look how we are spread out. i mean, i hate to say but we've got a lot of people who we've got to go find and we've got to get them into the vaccinating planning and everything. this was not rocket science and it is still not rocket science. the bottom line is you just can't, i mean, i can't believe that we were looking at people that were dying and the ability to save people's lives. it was sitting on the shelf somewhere and even in some cases wasting vaccines. our model is real simple.
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it really boils down to it. we got our local pharmacies, all of our local clinics, our national guard stepped up and we took off. and we took off with the people that we knew were going to die, and that was our elderly, and we absolutely got ourselves back in school because we vaccinated all of our teachers and service personnel right off the get-go from 50 and up and absolutely, you know, i can say it over, and over, and over. there's a lot of good things going on right now in west virginia. >> bret: governor, you're getting praised a lot for that. for critics of big spending that are concerned about pork in legislative, you are not getting a lot of praise for backing a $1 trillion covid bill as it stands on capitol hill. you've said go big or don't call. the bigger, the better. what do you say to mitt romney? he wrote in "the wall street journal," though $1.000000000000 bill is a clunker. it was del mike would waste hundreds of billions of dollars.
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it would enact policies that work against drug creation. >> well, i would just say this and i've got all the respect in the world but the way i've looked at things throughout my life, you know, i've run hundreds of different businesses and employed thousands of people and everything. every problem that i have ever seen, you will never cut way out of that problem, and absolutely the hand of the day, when you're messing around with the fine print and everything on what all is going on, people are hurting out there. really and truly, if we happen to just throw away a few dollars and really jump-start our economy and take care of all the people who are hurting, at the end of the day, in my opinion, what i have done throughout my life and everything, that is what we needed to do. i absolutely am not an advocate of funding people's, pitching
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plans that they have been barreling about for decades and all of the wasteful things that we could get with the low-hanging fruit where we could just look at it and do it. if you absolutely get right down to it and you start really trying to super manage and over manage the store, you will never get there and you will make a lot of mistakes and you will leave a lot of people hurting. >> bret: so, for the critics of that, governor, you would say absorb the projects that they had a problem with that may be democrats managed to get into legislation, take the hit, and take what you can get now and the big form rather than whittle it down? >> well, first and foremost, bret, you've got to understand, i am not an advocate of the project. i can't stand it. but in this whole situation, we have got, we are going to have to be able to stomach something to get everything across the finish line or we are going to end up in a lot of ways just how we've ended up. so, with all that being said,
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what i would do is if you have to stomach a little bit, and that in itself really jump-start our economy, i've never seen a situation that you don't have to do that. just think about your budget at your house. you know come at the end of the day, we think it's going to be x, it always ends up a little bit more and everything. so, let's go big enough that we can get there. we don't need to throw money away just to be throwing money away. but we've got to go big enough to make it happen. >> bret: governor justice, we appreciate your time and i'm sure there are a lot of governors looking at your state plan for vaccines. thank you, sir. >> bret, thank you for everything. >> bret: so, a lot of questions about the man running one of the evaluations into the security failures surrounding the capital right. up next, we will go live to southern california on the condition of tiger woods following tuesday's rollover traffic accident. >> when you start thinking about golf is when you, i don't know
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>> bret: and electronic payment system used by the federal reserve is back online tonight after a disruption of service. a spokesman for the richmond federal reserve says an operational error is to blame. the system processes mortgage payments and is used in banking operations. the dow jumped 425 points today to a new record close. the s&p 500 gained 44. the nasdaq surged 143. officials who run the electrical grid in texas are defending their handling of the state's massive power outage there. they say managers prevented a catastrophe working tirelessly to keep the grid from collapsing. power was cut for more than 4.3 million people. at least 5 members of the board of directors have resigned so far. right now, legendary golfer, tiger woods is being treated for injuries he sustained in a serious accident.
3:21 pm
southern california highway. tuesday, woods underwent what was described as a long surgical procedure to address shattered bones in his legs. police say there was no evidence that he was impaired at the time of the crash. let's get an update quickly from correspondent matt fenn outside of ucla medical center in california. >> tiger woods, and all recovering this los angeles area hospital just a day after rolling his luxury suv in route to a photo shoot. >> i don't think he was aware of how bravely he was injured at the time. it could have been a mix of adrenaline. it could have been shocked. >> tmz sports released this video of woods driving just minutes before the crash. an overnight message on his twitter account revealed the legend had a long surgical procedural dominic procedure on his lower right knee and ankle. they said that he suffered significant orthopedic injuries
3:22 pm
detailing broken bones and the insertion of a rod, hinge, and screws. if it all goes well, it will be months before he can put weight on his legs. it will be a year before recovery according to the orthopedic surgeon. can tiger play golf again when he recovers assuming his leg heals fully, the answer is yes. the development of arthritis at the ankle is a longer-term concern. >> i would be very surprised right now if he's even think about golf. right now, his world as his children. that is what he is think about right now and when he starts thinking about golf, i don't know if that is going to be anytime soon. >> the commissioner says the golf world is pulling for woods. >> we are excited to help him overcome his injuries, to help him recover, to be a great partner and friend to him. >> the l.a. county sheriff's
3:23 pm
department says the investigation continues but he does not face criminal charges saying an accident is not a crime and reiterating his good fortune could still be alive. >> i think that is just a testament to the fact that he was wearing a seat belt. >> and the very first sheriff deputy the scene says his body camera was on and recording when he was interacting with tiger woods. he said that his office will be as legally transparent as possible regarding that video. bret. >> bret: we'll see. matt, thanks. up next, a live report on the continuing problems for president biden's nominee as well as other nominees. fox affiliates around the country. fox 5 in new york. drunken-driving charges against bruce springsteen, the legendary rocker was arrested in november of last year in new jersey. they admitted that his blood
3:24 pm
alcohol level was so low, it did not warrant the charges. this is a live look from phoenix on fox 10. one of the big stories there tonight, an american airlines passenger jet traveling from cincinnati to phoenix encounters an apparent ufo over north eastern new mexico sunday afternoon. it was flying right on top of the plane. follow that one. that is tonight's live look outside the away from us before. we'll be right back. he's a musical >> woman: what's my safelite story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: house republicans are asking that he host a briefing on eric swalwell's past ties to an alleged chinese five. the lawmakers are asking to learn about what they call the full extent of chinese targeting members of congress. the concern about swallow originated in december -- including those who have the potential of becoming national figures. house speaker, nancy pelosi's choice to lead a review of the capital's security systems following last month's riot is ruffling some feathers tonight. general russell says he has
3:29 pm
never seen so much incompetence. he says capitol hill's security leadership is "either that stupid or ignorant or complicit." republicans are calling the general and extreme partisan who has no business leading a security review. republicans insist president biden's pick to run the health and human services department is not qualified. the democrats are supporting javier becerra and they say all of that is just politics. correspondent, gillian turner tells us where that stands tonight. good evening, jillian. >> good evening, bret. javier becerra was asked by the finance committee to guarantee americans with private health insurance will not need or will be protected, excuse me, from a future government federal takeover of their plans instead of answering that question, he said his top tier tire prioritys going to be protecting the obamacare act. >> he has made it very clear
3:30 pm
where he is. you want to build on the affordable care act. that will be my mission to achieve the goals that president biden took forward to build on the affordable care act. >> battle lines were drawn before he even spoke. democrat chairman, ron wyden opened the here edens with a jab at republicans. listen. >> he avoided the federal care act from a dangerous far right attack. >> democrat, alex on defense claiming opposition to him is based on his identity rather than qualification. >> both attorney general and i throughout our careers have too often been the only latino in the room. sadly, they are unfamiliar with being held to different standards. >> he grilled him yesterday and disagrees. >> i've got to tell you that he
3:31 pm
wanted have made it to an interview process in the real world for this type of a position. he's got a $1.2 trillion budget on health care and really has zero experience. >> the other big issue today is california's attorney general. republicans laser ring in on his abortion record. >> the issue of the facts that came out of california requiring pro-life facilities to have to post in their facility. here is a way to get an abortion instead of having your child up for adoption. it feels very much like promoting abortion, not providing abortion. >> it feels like you spend her -->> he told fox news that his entire career has been focused on "correcting structural inequalities in health care." they say this includes women's rights to an abortion. next up is the senate finance
3:32 pm
committee will vote on the sarah hill's nomination. they will then move on to the full senate. bret. >> gillian turner live on the hill. president biden having serious issues in the confirmation process. votes were delayed today. congressional correspondent tells us why. delma he may not cross the finish line. >> the nomination is in trouble teetering between confirmation and failure. that is why two senate committees postponed meetings about the nomination. it was an effort that coaxed at least one republican to vote yes. >> i'm not going to get into specifics and names we are continuing to look. >> joe manchin described him as a little bit toxic and describe the opposition last week. mitt romney soon followed. >> it's obviously a 50/50.
3:33 pm
for her to get confirmed, it would require a republican friend to support. >> they won't say whether he offered to withdraw. biden is sticking with her for now. >> i don't so much blame it on the senate. i blame it on the failure to have a transition that was rational. we are doing fine. i think we are going to be in good shape. when asked if he could keep republicans together opposing him come mitch mcconnell says he "hope so. ">> i'm not saying she is a smoked turkey, but the smoker is warming up. her tweets are a manifestation of an attitude that concerns most democrats and republicans. >> democrats say it's ironic republicans oppose her because of her tools. >> for four years, i've seen senators walking around saying i don't need to tweak. now all of a sudden, tweets seem to be driving.
3:34 pm
>> his nomination reveals just how perilous the path is for democrats in a split senate. they can confirm controversial nominees and pass bills only if they stick together and republicans can kill nominees and bills if they stick together and score at least one democratic. bret. >> bret: chad live on the hill. chad, thanks. republicans are clearly divided over trump's future within the party. when asked about his scheduled speech sunday after a very conservative action in orlando, house republicans had very different views today. >> do you believe president trump should be, former president trump should be -- [inaudible] figure yes, he should. >> on that high note --
3:35 pm
[laughter] >> meantime, you, mitt romney says mr. trump will likely win the 2024 nomination and the republican party if he runs again. we'll talk about the state of the republican party right now with senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell tomorrow night on special report. meantime, overseas, a south korean human rights group says north korea has been enslaving political prisoners including children in coal production. the aim is to boost exports and foreign policy as part of a link to its missile and nuclear programs. no response from the korean government. up next, inconsistencies on the immigration policy from the bite administration. (man) how hot is the diablo chili? (waitress) well, you've got to sign a waiver. [loud laughter]
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♪ ♪ >> on a believe we are a nation
3:40 pm
that thinks it's okay to put kids in cages on the border. >> babies in cages on the border and calling that border security for what it is. it is a human rights abuse being permitted by the united states government. >> here's what i'm going to do as president. i'm going to make sure that we finally and every executive order trump has instituted. no longer are we going to have kids in cages separated from their parents. >> bret: well, there are kids at the border unaccompanied migrants coming over and some democrats have a problem with what is happening now on the border as opposed to what is characterized in the trump administration including alexandria ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman from new york who tweets this is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay in about of the administration or party. let's bring our panel, former tennessee congressman, and jason
3:41 pm
riley. jason, what you think of this? overall the policy. >> well, that's it. the overall policy is what really disturbs me. yes, this is hypocrisy that is easy to poke fun of. but what is really going on here is the unwillingness of the biden administration to admit that there are problems with immigration policy that trump highlighted. and i say this as someone who largely disagreed with president trump overall on immigration. but he did point out flaws, particularly in the refugee policy, how we have people showing up at the border claiming they want asylum, persecution, and they crowd out the wheel of acai leas. so, these are fundamental
3:42 pm
problems and joe biden seems more interested in saying i reverse a trump policy than addressing the underlying problem. and the irony here is that i think if he would acknowledge it don't like the flaws in our system and that they need to be addressed like the refugee policy, he would find some buy-in from republicans. yes, let's do something about these fake acai leas are showing up. and the republicans might say okay, i will give you some support on handling your immigration agenda like handling the dreamer situation. i really think this is a missed opportunity for biden. >> well, thanks for having me on. i think jason makes some great points. i think one of the things that we are finding very hard, the bite in the administration is coming to understand that. i think it is also important to note that caging children is just bad policy whether it is done under trump or anyone else. i think the congresswoman from new york, i think where i would
3:43 pm
differ a little bit from jason is that we have to think a little more broadly about immigration report. we can debate the amount of time it should take one to enjoy that citizenship and the kind of conditions associated with that. but the majority of americans, even half of the republican party. and two, when you wait 35 years, remember, the last time this was done was under president reagan back in 1986. no smart corporation or not-for-profit takes 35 years to make things better, stronger, more efficient. we should do that now with immigration law. the guy said the other day that any bill that starts with comprehensive has a really tough road ahead in washington over years. take a listen to democrats talking about this immigration bill. it does not sound like there is a forceful push for what is
3:44 pm
happening here legislatively. take a listen. >> we are punching for the house action. >> the senate majority is probably not necessarily the one in position to lay out what the house schedule is going to be. >> what i am doing is reaching out not only to my side of the aisle, but to individual republican senators. that doesn't mean we've got 60 votes lined up. we've got to reach the point we do. >> the initial presentation from congresswoman on the immigration bill but she introduced, we will see where it goes from there but we are at the very, very early stages of making decisions. >> bret: that does not sound like let's get this thing across the finish line and take this. ben. >> i was a senate staffer back in the 2000s under bush, so i
3:45 pm
have a lot of bad memories associated with those arguments. let me just say that about this issue of regarding, we shouldn't ignore what this was. every administration has taken children who were brought to the border, who were disconnected from their family and they have held them in places in order to figure out legally where they were supposed to go, where they are supposed to be placed. that is something that has happened under every administration. and yet, under donald trump it became a human's rights violation as you heard kamala harris saying how quickly we go back to compassionate human holding facilities and the like. but this is going to be a big problem, i think going forward because as the biden administration approach is the border, they are only going to incentivize a lot of these central american families, migrant families that are going to try to come north. and this is the situation that has been exploded time again by coyotes, by cartels along the border, using these kids in
3:46 pm
order to get people access to america. and this creates a huge problem that is only going to grow. and the time of covid is going to be completely a threat i think in terms of what it brings to the border. i feel like this administration is walking into a real problem here without a clear plan of action on how to deal with these things. it is fine to have slogans when you are running for office. but once you actually get in that job, you have to have solutions, and i'm not confident that they do. >> bret: it just sounds like democrats on the hill feel like this is going to be a political issue potentially in 2022 already. when we come back, more problems for the president and we will talk about the other nominees as well, where that stands. to♪ ♪ what you need? i mean it... uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ♪ hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play ♪
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turner: every time i had to move to the back of that bus, that reminded me that somebody thought they were better than i was. williams: we just weren't recognized as legitimate people. brown: in order to become liberated, we would have to create the conditions for change in the system, what we called revolutionary change. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> for four years, i've heard senators walking around saying i don't read the tweets. now, all of a sudden, tweets seem to be driving a particularly important function. >> particularly in the role of an officer, that is not a place for a partisan warrior and i think other democrats are recognizing that bernie sanders, so it's not strictly a party
3:51 pm
issue. >> i don't so much blame it on the senate. i blame it on the failure to have a transition that was rational. but we are doing fine. i think we are going to be in good shape. >> bret: the nominees are talking about having, bumping a road with a hhs nominee pure we are back with the panel. harold, obviously the former attorney general from california is getting a lot of questions about what he did and how that reflects on what he would do as hhs secretary with the $1.2 trillion budget. your thoughts on where this stands? >> i think his chances are good and hopefully the committee will hear him out and vote on him fairly. i served with him in the congress. he is a person of integrity, purpose, and certainly strong ideas. but he works for a president who has laid out ideas and a set of
3:52 pm
policies. we are not electing him. we are confirming him to work for the person that is elected. so i hope that the senate will move forward and allow him to serve out that role. and i think he will do it effectively. >> bret: then, republicans seem to think that there is movement here, but clearly on -- >> he has always been kind of a shiny object of the people that were put forward as nominees by joe biden. she tracks a ton of attention because of her really epic and impressive trolling efforts on twitter. and also, i think just a long list of bad blood with a lot of different people including people on the democratic side of the aisle. so, she was always going to attract some attention. but he is the one that is going to be in charge of administering so many different aspects of health care in america. and what we have learned about his background, which obviously
3:53 pm
is not in health care, from california, he really was a culture warrior and a lot of different respects. he actually denied today that he had ever sued, but we know from his record that he actually did sue them and he was certainly someone who was kind of the tip of the spear on the culture war agenda on so many fronts. >> bret: jason, for the most part, these nominees should be able to get through. but increasingly, more people are calling joe manchin, democratic senator from west virginia, the senate majority leader essentially, because he is the most important vote, it seems, when it comes to any of these nominations or really big ticket items. >> yeah. yeah. this goes back to the old thing that elections matter. it so closely divided in the senate that joe manchin finds himself in this position. i think, you know, people think california is the model for how the country should look, whether it's homelessness or covid, or
3:54 pm
state finances. go for it. i think her problem is there isn't much there. these aren't useful indiscretions. this isn't some article she wrote for a college newspaper. she has spent the past four years as an activist employing really a scorched policy when it came to attacking her political opponents and now she needs these people to join the administration. and i don't think there's a lot of sympathy there for her. she made this bed. >> bret: all right, panel, when we come back, a sneak peek at tamara's headlines. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust.
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the new myww+ gives you more of what you need to help you lose weight! more simplicity with the what's in your fridge? recipe feature. and more motivation with on-demand workout classes. the new myww+. download the app and try us out with a 14 day free trial. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a look at tomorrow's headlines tonight, we will start with harold.
3:59 pm
>> the world awaits the return of sam and charlie dad, tiger woods on a whole new level i want to back his family on a very selfish level i want to see another green jacket, so my prayers go out to them. >> bret: there you go, jason. >> infectious disease expert, and you always need to include that anthony fauci says to double the number of masks you are wearing but to believe half of what he is saying, that way you can have it both ways. >> bret: that would be quite a headline. then, wrap us out. >> democrats revise their opinion of andrew cuomo to be the fool's gold standard. i think that cuomo really is seeing the winds turn against him and his fellow democrats wake up to the mistakes that he made as governor. >> bret: pretty good, guys. thank you, panel. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "fox news primetime," fair, balanced,
4:00 pm
and still unafraid. remember tomorrow a big interview, the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell will talk about the legislation on capitol hill, what is happening, what potentially will happen in the future of the republican party in his eyes. you don't want to miss that. "fox news primetime" posted by katie pavlich starts right now. >> katie: we will be watching you, thank you very much. ♪ ♪ good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i am katie pavlich, this might be hard to believe, but when a politician running for office makes a promise and they win it, there are plenty of people out there who expect them to follow through. >> in the first hundred days of my administration, no one, no one will be deported at all, from that point on the only deportations will take place are commissions of felons in the united states of america. >> katie: so did joe biden really want to end all deportations? we don't even know. did even write that line?


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