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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 24, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> what is your secret? >> pray, pray, pray. >> also, did you do something with raisins? >> put them in hr, keep them for nine days. after nine days, eat nine a day. >> laura: reasons. okay, we are writing that down. god bless her. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. i have never heard of raisin gin before. >> shannon: cucumbers -- >> laura: no. >> shannon: if that is the combo, i'm good with one of them. the other one, i'm going to have to take my chances. >> laura: [laughs] have a great show. >> shannon: thanks, laura. start with this. breaking tonight, new york stands to get billions of dollars from the so-called blue state bailout. democratic governor andrew cuomo under fire on numerous fronts,
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hoping the infusion of federal hash will bolster his standing going into reelection next year. cuomo faces extremely serious charges from members of his own party. a former democratic staffer and new york progressive tonight accusing him of sexual harassment. very serious and disturbing allegations. democratic assemblyman ron kim accused of not only covering up nursing home covid deaths but also threatening to destroy him if he did not back the governor's version of events. janice dean joints came today to call for justice. >> a lot of news agencies, news companies, think this is breaking news. we have been shouting from the root rooftops for ten months. >> shannon: referring to allegations that cuomo tried to intimidate assembly men kim, new york mayor brazeal also said "the bullying is nothing new." the former top aide talked: "we
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operate on two's beads, get along or kill." calling for cuomo to get arrested over the nursing home or sexual harassment scandal. any chance either will happen in new york? cuomo has refused to negotiate union contracts despite a lockdown related budget shortfall. might be rewarded by the democratically controlled senate in washington working to handle $250 billion in what critics are calling blue state bailouts. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. correspondent aishah hasnie reports on the detailed new sexual assault allegations against the governor. >> lindsey boylan claims the governor in a properly touched her, kissed her, and suggested they play strip poker. on a plane with governor andrew cuomo, a press aide and a state trooper, lindsey boylan, his former aide, says cuomo suddenly remarked
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"let's play strip poker." it's one of several stunning allegations of sexual harassment made in an essay she posted on the medium website. boylan said she first met the governor back in january of 2016, and by december, she says a staffer pass along the message from him. he said, look up lisa shields. you could be sisters, except you are the better looking sister. boylan says lisa shields was the governor's rumored x. by 2018, boylan was promoted to deputy secretary for economic development and special advisor to the governor, a job she says she initially turned down because she did not want to be near him. in that role, she says she found herself alone with cuomo in his manhattan office. "as i got up to leave and walk toward an open door," she writes, "he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lips. i was in shock, but i kept walking."
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boylan first accuse the governor of sexually harassing her in a twitter thread in december. back then, the governor denied the claims. >> i heard about and what it said about comments that i had made, and it's not true. >> today, the governor's press secretary called these fresh allegations false, claiming there was no flight where boylan was alone with the governor, a press aide, and a trooper. even riding, "we were on each of these october flights and this conversation did not happen." and shannon, tonight, five female state senators are asking the new york attorney general to investigate boylan's allegations. this, of course come in a state that claims to lead the nation when it comes to sexual harassment laws. in fact, governor cuomo just recently extending the statute of limitations for allegations like boylan's from one to now three years.
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shannon? >> shannon: aishah hasnie for us in new york tonight. thank you very much, aishah, we will debate this later in the show. the biden administration facing increasing backlash tonight for opening the same migrant detention center in texas for unaccompanied children that father president trump was attacked for using. actress and progressive activists susan sarandon tweeting, "wrong, just wrong. no kids in cages, ever, not under trump, not hunter biden." the wright administration also planning to reopen a for-profit facility for migrant children in florida. democratic congresswoman fredricka wilson tweeting "i've a lot of questions and concerns about the reopening of the homestead detention facility centered around the children's health and physical safety, education, family reunification, and more." back in washington, president biden's team is working hard to create a difference between his the actions of the predecessor. here's peter doocy. >> unaccompanied kids tossing
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the border wall with brightness president are taken to the same facilities as those who cross the border wall when trump was president. democrats accused trump of putting kids in cages. >> this is not because kept in cages. >> so what is the more accurate description of this facility just reopened in texas with prominently placed shipping containers? >> is it kids in containers and set of kids and cages? >> these hhs facilities, we do expand facilities because there is not enough space in the existing facilities. this has been revamped. >> cries about cages were never on the nose, according to republicans. >> that facility, they are not cages. they stay in rooms. it is an absolute, 180-degree live of what aoc and anyone from the left says. >> aoc still wants these facilities shutdown. >> this is not okay, never has been okay, never will be okay, no matter the administration or party. >> we have kids coming across the border.
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it is heartbreaking. >> and there are other problems, the president is also trying to patch up supply chains to stop shortages of batteries, ingredients and pharmaceuticals, and computer chips. republican lawmakers in the room on the same page as the president. >> this is important not only to our economy but also to our national security because these cutting edge conductors, they operate on everything from the f-35 fifth generation plane, to our cell phones. >> republicans were invited to the white house but not asked to vote on anything. the president is planning to solve issues with another executive orders. >> one of the best meetings we've had so far. >> part of the reason may have been nothing particularly controversial came up. one of the six republicans in the oval office, senator john cornyn, says they never talked about the things president biden says is his number one priority, the covid-19 legislation. the white house is determined to pass that with democratic votes
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only, though, something he thinks is a mistake. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy, at the white house, thanks, peter. republican senators accused of racism and sexism tonight because they are asking questions about the records of some of the president's most controversial nominees. white house correspondent kevin corke has the very latest for us tonight. great to see you tonight, kevin. >> great to be with you, as always, shannon. this is a familiar playbook in washington. you accuse the other side of racism, sexism, or some otherrism, and that is usually enough to knock your opposition off balance, off message, and sometimes off their most closely held convictions. >> i do think it is interesting the three people the republicans have chosen to fight over, tanden, xavier becerra, and haaland -- >> of the inference, the g.o.p. opposition to neera tanden,
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xavier becerra, and deb haaland, must have something to do with her race or in the cases of haaland and tanden, there sex. >> opposing her past tweets and being too partisan, but these same people voted for ric grenell, who is probably more toxic on twitter, -- >> sexism? >> double standards? that depends on whom you ask. you made that argument when kristin nielsen, betsy devos, and ben carson were all nominated and later confirmed for the trump cabinet, each based withering criticism on the hill. critics say allegations of racism is something that democrats have used against republicans repeatedly, and in many cases, effectively. though it may not work this time around. >> i have never sued. i have taken on the federal government, but i have never sued any affiliation of nuns.
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>> but as california attorney general, he sued the federal government to reimpose a federal mandate under obamacare to force insurance providers to provide contraceptives, affecting groups like the little sisters of the poor. meanwhile, a brewing civil war within the g.o.p. >> do you believe president trump should be -- former president trump should be speaking at cpac this weekend? >> yes you should. >> congresswoman cheney? >> i don't think you should be playing a role in the party. >> top republicans kevin mccarthy and liz cheney did not just a disagree on president's future role in the party, to say nothing of his participation in the upcoming political conservative action committee -- they are fundamental differences in the way they see the party itself. >> it is very important, especially for us as republicans, to make clear we aren't the party of white supremacy. >> now it is comments like that
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the g.o.p. operatives complain are simply straight out of the democrats playbook. it is the kind of talk that really hurts the party when it is actually becoming more diverse, they argue, than ever. when is california's congressional winners in 2020, for example. by the way, sources telling fox news tonight mr. trumbull's fell just short of announcing a 2024 presidential bid at cpac but will "walk right up to the line of announcing yet another campaign." we will all be watching on sunday. shannon? >> shannon: yeah. he is quite a show man, and he knows 18 and how to get the audience riveted. we will see what he has to stay this weekend. thanks, kevin. >> always a pleasure. >> shannon: also, seemingly invoking the race card tonight, white, male democratic congressman from california eric swalwell, who tweets this, "i represent one of the largest indian-american districts in the u.s. how do i look at what is happening to neera tanden and tell little girls of south asian
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descent they will have the same opportunities in life as white men? the answer, i can't, and that is a shame." talk about the accusations of racism with the chairman of the california republican party, jessica malan patterson, and g.o.p. congressman from florida, byron donalds. good to have you both with us tonight. >> thank you for having us tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: in response to that tweet from congressman swalwell, "you tell them the literal vice president is indian-american, and they like everyone else has the privilege of living in a meritocracy where professional twitter trolls with no budget experience cannot run the nation's budget. jessica, i will start with you to reaction to what we are seeing. >> well, certainly this is straight out of the democrats playbook. here in california, california democrats have done everything they possibly can to ruin our state, and the attorney general, who is now up for the hhs spot,
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is no different from the rest of them. you don't have to look very far to find problems here in california. he is by far the most partisan attorney general that this state has ever seen, and that is saying something when he took the spot of vice president terrace. we have seen him sue the federal government over 100 times, for everything from protecting migrating birds to insufficient regulation for greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes. meanwhile, californians have an edd problem where real californians needed help from the government and couldn't get a call back from our unemployment department, but over $11 billion in fraud have already been sent out to parishioners on death row, and another 20 billion is being investigated. that is the type of real problems that we are trying to point out, and i think these senators are trying to point out in these hearings, and they
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should get some real answers. >> shannon: and no surprise that senators from an opposing party are going to be tough on a nominee, but congressman, i want to play something senator alex padilla, california senator, talking about what he thinks xavier becerra is getting such a tough grilling. >> both attorney general becerra and i, throughout our careers, have too often been the only latino in the room. sadly, xavier and i are not unfamiliar with being held to different standards. >> shannon: congressman, your thoughts? >> i think it's ridiculous. i think what he said is frankly stupid. xavier becerra has proven to be a rank partisan, even when he was here as a member of congress. secondly, he is somebody who'd stood for one of the most radicl cuba policies at that time in congress, so much so that you had republican members of the
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congressional hispanic caucus who left the caucus over his radical position when it came to cuba policy. it is clear that if he is head of hhs, he is going to bring that same radicalism to that agency. that is why senators should be concerned. >> shannon: i want to read something from joy reid. she says this about how these various nominees are being treated, "if democrats allow republicans and a small crew of conservative dems who care more about bipartisanship and justice to torch three qualified women or poc nominees while republicans keep a strict hands-off approach on biden's white male nominees, they are base voters will remember." quick comment from you both. congressman, i will start with you. >> joy reid is always doing this. she is using race as a supposition for qualifications of people who should actually be confirmed. neera tanden should not be confirmed. i signed a letter against her. the reason is because when she was at the center of american progress, she basically made sure that her corporate donors were never talked about badly in
8:16 pm
their reports. when she was -- a staffer in the middle of a sexual assault allegation, she outed the staffer. she has never proven herself to be able to handle a management position. that is why she should not be confirmed. i thought would joy reid said was complete out of line and ridiculous. >> shannon: jessica, click final word to you. >> i think certainly all of these individuals are running with the records, and they are being confirmed or not confirmed based on their records. not a single time race has been brought up it has been about their positions, their policies, and what they have said in public. we should hold them accountable. these are some of the highest positions in the entire country and they should be held accountable for what they've already done and what they will bring to the table for our country. >> shannon: chairwoman, congressman, great to have you both. thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: american airlines feeling fresh speculation tonight that one of its flight encountered an unidentified flying object, some of us call
8:17 pm
them ufos, over northeastern new mexico. they reframe questions on the matter to the fbi. cheap breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening, trace. >> shannon, good evening. this story is fascinating. americans flight 2292 was about new mexico on sunday afternoon when the pilot noticed an unidentified object flying right on top of them. it was concerning enough that the captain decided to call it income and the message from the pilot to air traffic control was recorded by a man name steve douglas. he was on the ground in new mexico, listening to air traffic on a radio interceptor, and american airlines has also confirmed the message did come from flight 2292. listen. >> we just had something go right over the top of us, hate to say this, looks like a long, cylindrical object, almost look like a cruise missile type of thing moving really fast, went right over the top of us. >> it is interesting the pilot thought it looked like a cruise
8:18 pm
missile because southern new mexico as a whole home to the white sands missile range. but the chief public affairs officer says the missile range was not testing anything on sunday, and if they missile is being tested, the base would have to notify the faa, which in turn, would keep air traffic out of the area. but the faa is now involved in this ufo report, though it is unclear if or when the agency might release more information. american airlines is now referring all inquiries to the fbi. so far, the fbi, not commenting. put back in the summer of 2014 into early 2015, navy pilots on the east coast were seeing unexplained flying objects almost daily. the even captured video released by the pentagon. watch. the pilot's report of the object from 30,000 feet moving at hypersonic speed, yet had no visible engine or exhaust fumes. one pilot of an f818 super hornet even reported having a
8:19 pm
near collision with one of the objects, and we could soon be getting a lot more information about u.s. owes, because there was a hidden provision in decembers covid relief bill that requires u.s. intelligence agencies to tell congress exactly what they know about ufos by the middle of this year. shannon? >> shannon: oh, we're standing by. trace gallagher, thank you very much. new calls tonight for governor andrew cuomo to resign. now sexually harassing a staffer and bullying anyone standing up to them. our panel, leslie marshall and penny nance, our live to debate that, next. ...little things... ...can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea,... ...nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight, potentially serious new trouble brewing for new york governor andrew cuomo, already
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facing calls for impeachment, an investigation over a controversial covert nursing home policy, including allegations he attempted to hide the number of those who actually died. now a former aide is accusing the governor of sexual harassment. let's discuss with fox news contributor leslie marshall and the ceo of concerned women for america, penny nance. welcome to you both, ladies. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: so i want to read something from lindsey boylan, a former longtime aide working in the cuomo administration very closely with the governor. these are her accusations. she says "governor andrew cuomo has created a culture within his administration were sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected, and if you dare to speak up, you would face consequences." penny, she lays out very specific allegations, they are allegations at this point, including the fact he kissed her, and unwanted advance, on the lips while she was working for him. what do you make of what we are hearing tonight? >> you know, i think this is a matter of, you know, perhaps a
8:25 pm
governor who is behaving like he is governing in the air of "mad men" versus the #metoo movement. lindsey boylan is a young mom, a married woman who has now told her story, and she said there are others. what i know, shannon, what i have learned over the years is when there is a predator, there's never just one victim. there's always more, and it will be interesting to see, as this plays out, if other women are able to find their voice and come forward. but it's very important that we take time and listen and see what happened. this is really a time where the chicken, as they say, come home to roost for governor cuomo. his behavior, his bullying, perhaps his lying, have really played out in the national media, and i hope the lovefest is over. >> shannon: this is what we hear from a governor's press secretary today. she says ms. boylan's claims of
8:26 pm
inappropriate behavior quite simply false. that is the official word from his office. leslie, we know due process is a very important a part of any accusation against a man or a woman. how do you see this playing out? now we have people in his own party saying "yeah, he has bullied me," "i know what is likely to ratify the sky," they say with the all new to be true, there accusation ongoing public. >> there is a difference between bullying and sexual harassment, certainly, he does have a bullying type of personality, but a lot of people set out about former president trump, and ready for people came forward and made accusations against the president and he remained president, and as i say that as a woman who has been a victim, i believe any woman who comes forward until fax show otherwise. and so far, what we have heard is from four individuals who are on a flight that she claims the governor had said something to
8:27 pm
her, in specific, they said that that didn't happen, you know, that wasn't made, and of course, and a lot of people were questioned, not just why now, because i wrote a whole piece for fox news on why christine blasey ford took so long to come forward. i don't have an issue with that. other people certainly will. but also, people will say, why now when governor cuomo is getting heat from both sides about this nursing home crisis in the information that he wasn't forthright with? >> shannon: yeah, and lindsey boylan put out some tweets in december saying there were things, very hostile, toxic work environment, got much more specific today, but quickly, penny, i want to read a little more of what she said. she said, "i expect the governor and his top aides will attempt to disparage me. they would lose their jobs if they did not protect him. that's how it administration, i know because i was a part of it." quickly, their calls for an investigation. do you think we will get solid answers? >> i hope so. i mean, you know, we have been
8:28 pm
calling for investigations into what happened in congress in 2018, so, you know, it is essential that this is truly investigated, and this is not a republican or democrat issue, shannon, it is a senate issue and we need to make sure we are serious about it. i agree we need to actually look into it and make sure there's corroborating evidence that says this, but if there are other women that are going to come forward, as she says, this will play itself out. but again, you know, bullying works in the number of ways, and a bully, often, throws his weight around in a number of ways, including an harassment in the workplace, and so, i'll wait with baited breath for this to be fully investigated. i wish other networks were doing as thorough a job as fox news is doing on this. >> shannon: well, as you both know, it is very difficult come as a woman, to decide to come
8:29 pm
forward with these allegations, but due process is definitely part of the process too. thank you both. good to see you. >> thank you. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: the very latest on tiger woods on hollywood being called out for its own diversity hypocrisy. tonight's real news roundup is up next. for a strategy gut c? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. voila! maybe a couple throw pillows would help. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk. ♪♪ up at 2:00am again? tonight, try pure zzzs all night. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep.
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust your heart to entresto. as a colony is a ♪ ♪ >> shannon: tonight's real news roundup, the los angeles sheriff calling the accident that injured tiger would purely an accident. woods is recovering tonight after emergency surgery. teachers unions in maryland not backing down as hundreds of students were scheduled to be back in their classrooms next week. teachers holding a massive car rally and protest, demanding the school address educator concerns and equity issues. the county sheriff office releasing this video of a shoot-out that took place last month, killing 31-year-old deputy adam gibson and his k-9
8:34 pm
officer. police say the suspect was armed with a semiautomatic weapon. suspect also killed in the shoot-out was on patrol with connection to a very similar crime. a compelling hit-and-run evidence against south south dakota attorney general. detectives save the victim's face came through the windshield and his glasses were inside the car. he maintains he thought he struck a deer. he is facing three misdemeanor charges. both push for more diversity, now called out for their alleged lack of it. a new report from the directors guild of america says hbo has the lowest percentage of minority directors of any hollywood studio, and cbs has the lowest rate of female directors. the report comes at a time when hollywood studios are under increased pressure to embrace diversity culture, following black lives matter protests and riots. breastfeeding now under fire for being "ethically problematic."
8:35 pm
u.s. academics think breastfeeding could endorse controversial values about family life and gender roles. hospitals in the u.k. have already started flopping out the word breastfeeding for "chest beating." colorado congresswoman lauren boebert been taking heat for her background of guns during a virtual natural resources meeting, even though they don't think the display was the best idea, defending the constitutional right to own the firearms. fox news contributor johnny joey jones tweeting "i found lauren albers display tacky and insincere. gun ownership is a an unwavering constitutional right and that was insincere, but i support her. "johnny joey jones, good to have you back with us. >> thank for having me on. >> chris hayes and what he said about people in the u.s. he thinks are upset with displaying
8:36 pm
them. >> the use of guns as props. a long, not necessarily great history among the various movements around the globe. usama bin laden, for one, like to pose in front of a gun display. >> shannon: so, the connection between folks who are to a supporters and usama bin laden, a veteran, defended all rights in the constitution, what do you say? >> yeah, it really makes me mad just sitting here. i almost get lost in my words because i know most of the things i want to say right now i would probably get in trouble for saying, but chris hayes has the luxury of being on a pedestal and getting to say these things. he is a cheerleader for this movement to disarm americans, gets to say, you know, you are radical, and how dare you want to invoke your second amendment and show people about it. let me be clear. i'm not going to throw things up
8:37 pm
on a bookshelf. i don't think that sense the right message, causes more problems than it helps, but why the congress and would like lauren boebert or marjorie taylor greene, why do they feel like they need to do commercials, shooting ar? why do they feel like their constituents need that? is because every single day of our lives, we live in fear that democrats will have the right tragedy to out and used to take our guns away now that they have both houses and the executive branch, and when i say our guns away, i don't care if you mean simply ar's or 30 round magazines or whatever classification you want to use, gun ownership in this country is an inherent risk we take as a society because freedom will always be worth that. the same way we serve alcohol at a bar, but we do not stand a police officer at the door and ask people if they're going to drive home safely? we take that risk and expect that from our fellow citizens, and because we are a better place, we lose people needlessly any day, and i will always be
8:38 pm
for anything we can do to prevent that, and like the gun lobby you want to demonize, as a gun owner, completely unattached from anybody, let me say that i have a million ideas on how to make our gun control policies we have today work better and i will work with you on it, but if you want to know why second amendment act advocates are so dug into the dirt, it's because you can't even properly classify firearms before you tell me you're going to take it away from me. it is because you have put no effort into understanding what these guns are, how they work, or what they are used for, or you have not used the opportunity to really mentally understand the hundreds of millions of these guns that exist in this country and a way only if you are ever used against us, what an amazing thing that is, and what a testament that fact is to what kind of people we are in this country. we wake up every day looking for perfection. we never meet it, but we always want it, and i'm happy to be on the right team when it comes to
8:39 pm
gun safety. but you are not going to do it by restricting my rights. i do not believe my freedoms are worth giving up to be less safe. and so, obviously, very passionate, but let me tell chris hayes, how dare you tell someone like me that have anything like the man's whose life's work was to take my legs and dozens of my friends lives. i'm sorry we disagree, but you weak minded individual, how dare you say something like that to me. i take that personally. >> shannon: i think we will leave it right there. >> yes-man. >> shannon: veteran on gun rights activist who speaks from experience and has stood there and paid the price for our freedom. johnny joey jones, thank you very much and we look forward to your new show on monday on fox nation. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> shannon: and just a gentle reminder that my new blog, "the women of the bible speak: the wisdom of 16 women under lessons
8:40 pm
for today" is available now for preorder at by looking at their lives and struggled along with their faith and bravery, i found a whole lot of encouragement and inspiration for all the things we are facing our lives today. i hope you will be inspired too come and we have a fox nation special coming up i will tell you about shortly. reports tonight the biden administration may work to free up assets frozen under the trump administration. y, weou will tell you what's gog on next. ♪ ♪ hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: the state department is in consultation with south korea tonight over the impending release back to iran of a billion dollars in assets that were frozen by trump administration sanctions. let's talk about why the biden administration is working to get around that money with the author of the new book "operation dragon: inside the kremlin's favorite role in america," james will be. and faster, good to have you with us tonight. >> great to be with you,
8:45 pm
shannon. >> shannon: what is your assessment of the scum of the movie biden administration has been making with regard to iran, talk about rejoining the nuclear deal, other things like unfreezing these assets, potentially in discussion with south korea of doing that. what is your assessment? >> i am not a moderate on this one. i think the administration was dead wrong to negotiate this deal. i think this is the worst deal i know of in foreign affairs the united states has ever signed. i think the iranians have cheated six ways from sunday on it and will continue to, and basically i could go on, but i think i probably communicated my main thinking. >> shannon: what do you say to those who say he gave some form of accountability or structure for keeping an eye on iran and those protections were lost when we walked away from it. how do you respond to those folks? >> it does not help to keep an eye on iran, they lie, cheat,
8:46 pm
and steel, that is the way they operate. there is no real opportunity, i don't think, to cut an important deal, the way we did, for some extent negotiating for years with the soviets about strategic arms. sometimes, you can do a deal with the country, but i think iran is not an example of that capability. >> shannon: i want to ask you about this new book that you've got out. it's got some explosive claims in it. i want to start with "the new york post," this is how they assess or some up the core claims of the book. they say lee harvey oswald was s personally instructed by soviet leader nikita khrushchev to assassinate president kennedy. sometime shortly thereafter, the soviets changed their minds, and oswald was told to drop the
8:47 pm
plan, but oswald, harboring a blinding love for all things ussr, refused." tell me how you came to that conclusion, because everybody has their theory on what actually happened with the assassination of president kennedy, but this is the conclusion you and your coauthor have come to. >> oswald was a fanatic. he was able to essentially persuade the system to let him try in the summer, preceding summer, to shoot down, essentially knock out the american president, and he tried it, and his round came very close, came very close to him. but he pressed on and very sadly was able to keep the soviet
8:48 pm
system going, and to let the system work, and kept doing that for everybody, except oswald, because finally, everyone else stood down, but oswald was operating, essentially, under his own steam, and did create a situation whereby the operational side of the killing proceeded. >> shannon: well, you all say in your book that the material is there for what has been put together if you know how to dec, you can come to this conclusion not only that he was commanded directly to do this, but there was at some point a decision to call it off and oswald went ahead and acted alone. we will add this to the theories. it is a fascinating read.
8:49 pm
for folks to want to check it out, we wish you all the best with the new book. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: honoring the late rush limbaugh. that's next. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims,
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>> shannon: the political back and forth continues in florida tonight over governor ron desantis' effort to honor the late talk show host rush limbaugh by flying flags at half-staff. correspondent phil keating shows us tonight from miami. good evening, phil. >> shannon, the conservative radio host made a career, a wealthy one, at polarizing people in politics. conservatives loved him. liberals despised him. and even after his death, that has not changed. rush limbaugh died in palm beach last week at the age of 70 with stage four lung castor. last april, he was awarded a presidential medal of freedom in washington. on friday, republican governor ron desantis announced he would honor limbaugh by ordering allstate likes to be lowered to commemorate limbaugh's life and influence, especially in the republican party, to half-staff. >> once the date of interment for rush is announced, we are going to be lowering the flag to
8:54 pm
half-staff. >> that triggered quick opposition and repellent criticism among many state democrats. as flags lowered to half-staff, something typically reserved for well-known public officials, members of the military and law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty. the governor ended up scaling back his plans significantly, from hundreds of flagpoles to only three locations today. >> state capitol, palm beach county courthouse, and palm beach town hall, which is what you are looking at right there. the only democrat elected to statewide office is nikki friede, the commissioner of agriculture and consumer services, who declared she would not go along with the governor as the 70 flagpoles are on the state she controls. >> taking this partisan divide, left or right, we are missing the big picture. the flags are to be lowered for heroes of our country that bring us together, that we all can salute and memorialize, and whether it is left or right,
8:55 pm
either one would be wrong. >> a handful of mayors around the state of florida also announced they were not going to go with this half-staff for limbaugh plan, and that included palm beach county county commission, which controls the flagpole at the palm beach county courthouse. all u.s. flags nationwide are already flying half-staff. that's because the white house earlier this week ordered that to honor the half million americans who have already died from. shannon? >> shannon: phil keating in miami. thank you, phil. and some good news before we say good night. check this out. a lost postcard from a dj hero finally made its way to his family, almost 78 years later. he mailed a card to his uncle in liverpool back in 1943 to tell him about his first week of training with the navy. caldwell and his uncle have both since passed, but caldwell's children were thrilled to get that postcard and to learn more about their dad, one of his
8:56 pm
daughters calling it "surreal." what a gift. that is it for us here on "fox news @ night." thank you so much for joining us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪ dinner with the drakes...tonight. alexa, ask buick to start my encore gx. ♪ ♪ four filets. you know this dinner's for their... kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly $4,300 purchase allowance on 2020 buick encore gx models. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ current elhey limu!n-gm owners get nearl[ squawks ]rchase how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening!
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." have you ever noticed how nobody in washington can agree on a number? math is supposed to be objective, except in oregon where it is racist, but in the real world you would think people are functioning calculators could come to similar math-based conclusions once in a while. but not in d.c. try getting a consensus on unemployment projections or consumer confidence levels for members of congress. you can't even get a straight answer on how many troops will be occupying the capital three months from now, and i do something they directly control. even allowing for the fact that most politicians aren't capable of math, it is striking. statistics turn out to be a lot slipperier than they look.


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