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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 25, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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try pepto® diarrhea. its concentrated formula coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. see, pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. so, make sure to have pepto® diarrhea on hand. this thursday february 20 fifth. another cuomo cover-up? new york's governor under fire as a former aide claims he sexually harassed her. the claims resurfaced. the suggestion has one democrat calling to investigate. shannon: tiger woods still in the hospital as law enforcement investigators horrific car crash. >> this remains an accident, not a crime. >> live access question whether he will ever play professional golf again. shannon: don't mess with grandma.
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we will see more of that video. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ anything could happen ♪♪ anything could happen ♪♪ anything could happen ♪♪ todd: this song is light. anything is light in midtown manhattan as we get closer to end of this pandemic. jillian: i thought you could say anything can happen when you see grandma on the streets. related to the video. todd: i am worried about that grandma, i am worried women are going to go crazy. good morning.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. more trouble for embattled new york governor andrew cuomo was a former aide in lindsay borealin talking about sexual harassment claims, a legend cuomo once kissed her without consent after a private meeting in his new york city office. boylein saying as i got up to leave and walk toward an open door he stepped in front of me and kissed me on the lift. i was in shock but kept walking. she mentioned that cuomo suggested, quote, let's play strip poker. boylein went on to write, quote, i should have been shocked by the number's comments but i wasn't. she accused the governor of creating a, quote, culture
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within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but is expected. boylein came out with her claims against cuomo in december. the governor denied the allegations then and now. his administration responding to the most recent claims writing, quote, as we said before ms. boylein's claims of inappropriate behavior are quite simply false. new york democrat is joining calls for an independent investigation into the allegations against cuomo as the governor faces calls to resign over his administration and handling of data about nursing home covid-19 deaths in the state. at a rally, some women ron kim and meteorologist janice dean called on cuomo to repeal the pandemic immunity related to nursing home hospitals and make public all his communications to those industries. a greater new york hospital association spokesman saying in part, quote, that it is right to protect healthcare facilities except in cases of gross
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negligence and intentional wrongdoing, cuomo is at the center of a federal investigation whether his administration tried to hide the true toll of the pandemic. a lot of information. we will keep you updated. tammy bruce says cuomo's life transparency and history of bullying are coming to a head. >> this issue whether it is sexual harassment or sexual assault or losing a loved one in a nursing home did not need to die because of an order by the governor, this does not care about your political party. a woman is a woman, doesn't matter what party you belong to, what you believe on policy. what you've got here, civil or criminal action is one thing but we are looking at a man here who had no compassion, has been careless, there has been no empathy in facing the nursing home scandal, no admission, no passion at all for having been wrong, no real apology, blaming everyone else.
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jillian: janice dean has been coming up the governor from the beginning along with james comeare who is pushing for cuomo to testify on the nursing home scandal. house democrats aiming to pass $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill tomorrow as the fate of the minimum wage hangs on 1-sided official. todd: more on the controversial spending package. >> reporter: should it stay or should it go? that will be decided by a woman rarely in the national spotlight, elizabeth mcdonagh. a bipartisan referee will determine the minimum wage in place -- increase complies the bird rule in the reconciliation process, majority leader chuck schumer says it does. >> raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour has a
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significant budgetary impact which should make it permissible under the senate's reconciliation. todd: if democrats push the massive covid-19 bill through the national debt. to $30 trillion, $14 to the 6, $400 weekly unemployment benefits, extension of the child tax credit, $350 billion for rapid transit expansion in nancy pelosi's district. republicans are opposing the minimum wage increase but they don't like the size of it is senator john kennedy blasts it. this isn't a coronavirus bill, this is a left of when in the oh socialist wishlist. it just is. it is chock-full of spending porn. >> as the confirmation blitz continues, near attendant has run into serious trouble as
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senator bernie sanders ways in. >> no secret she's blocking the votes, she's trying to get the votes. >> her vote held up after she lost democrat joe manchin, the white house is sticking by her side. >> i repeated yesterday we are fighting for nominations. she's very engaged in doing outreach to senators, members on the hill answering any questions they have. >> tendon is the only one facing scrutiny. xavier becerra is getting grilled by republicans over his actions as california's attorney general but it is not clear if he is at risk of losing any democrats and in a 50/50 split, so republicans can kill nominees if they stick together, every vote counts. >> w battle of policy other becerra side versus the tendons side but we will see, thanks. >> nobel charges for tiger
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woods, the golf legend recovering from significant leg injuries, pulled an accident. >> ashley joins us live with the latest. >> tiger woods is recovering in the hospital in the first of several surgeries on his shattered leg following the horrific car crash tuesday. his suv went off the distance of a football field before finally coming to a stop, los angeles county sheriff shutdown the notion he may have been impaired during the crash. >> we don't contemplate any charges. this remains an accident, accident is not a crime. >> another question is can tiger come back from such a severe injury? the doctor who is not treating woods had this to say. >> it is very unlikely that he returns to be a professional golfer after these injuries. it would be difficult for any golfer. shannon: achievement officer at the hospital, was is recovering
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and said he had open fractures, that means bones in his right leg broke in more than two pieces and pierced the skin. metal rods, screws and pins were read inserted and these injuries prompt infection. >> if anyone can, it is him. what he has been through, what his body has been through, in a real tough place. it will be 6, 9, maybe years, a lot of work to get back. if anyone can do what it is him. >> schererville in a letter said the black box -- they will pull it possibly get more information about the crash. there is also claims from a crew member that the show's director was almost involved in a crash with tiger just before 7 am tuesday. much more to come out of all this.
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>> ohio natural resource officer dies after attending to rescue two teens who fell through the ice. the officer suffered a medical emergency on scene. a 6-year-old girl also died after saving her 15-year-old brother. he is expected to be okay. he is survived by his wife, two young sons and k 9 partner. in the sunshine state, governor ron the santos, conservatives will honor rush limbaugh throughout the event including a video tribute on saturday. the radio host said to be the first person inducted into the conservative hall of fame. the nra was the inaugural inductee in 2018. pete hegseth, jack brewer, join us with a preview of the highly anticipated event. jillian: incredible images of the surface of mars beaming down to earth from the perseverance rover. the first 360 degrees panoramic
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view of the red planet showing the crater where it landed one week ago after a 7 month journey through space. neil: people on social media, you believe in aliens, right? do you believe in aliens? jillian: you say yes, i work with one. 11 minutes after the hour. a reopening entry norming, parents in san francisco taking action, two people leading the effort to recall school board members joining us next. todd: did you see this? bernie is back, going viral again. the new meme, dressed for success. ♪♪
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and safety standards with all her labor represented. for the past several weeks we've been with the united educators of san francisco regarding the
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plan for this spring. >> unified school district reaching an agreement to open school this spring but not giving a start date. jillian: recolored against three school board members. joining us now, those who are recalling these efforts, we appreciate your time. good morning. let's pull up the members you are attempting to recall here, the president, vice president and the commissioner on that list. can you tell us why? >> the school board, the best in terms of covid-19 control and schools -- open schools, the hybrid.
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>> the process they used for parents, haven't made school reopening a priority, so many parents are putting across the city. >> a lot of important things to do but we have an urgent issue. can to been out of school for close to a year which my own son for example has struggled with distance learning and struggled academically. i've also seen them struggle personally. >> you mentioned the priority, let's focus on the priorities for a moment for renaming controversy getting a lot of national attention. the mea culpa from president lopez over the weekend, quote, i also acknowledge and take responsibility for mistakes made
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in the process. we need to slow down and provide more opportunities for community input, that cannot happen until after our schools are back open in person. when you talk to your fellow parents what was the reaction from them that renaming was even in the conversation when there are so many other priorities that really take precedence like getting kids back in the classroom? >> growing up in your i saw this happen, the focus on renaming streets that were full of potholes, we need to get them educated and they are important but not urgent, we need folks -- most share the same dissatisfaction with the school board, not critical for the large group in the school district. >> 70,000 signatures are needed to get the recall on the ballot. where are you with that number so far? >> that the legal process we have to follow to get the
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petitions ready. we 0 because there are no paper petitions to sign. but we've seen outpouring of interest throughout the city, people from across the political spectrum interested in this. we have a mailing list people signed up for and in under 40 hours we had thousands of people sign up and only want to sign a petition but are able and willing to help us get 70,000 every one of the commissioners who are available to be recalled. >> when do you need that 70,000 for each by? what is the date? >> 1260 days from the time we file. we have a lot to finish but we have 160 days to get to that number. todd: keep us posted.
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shannon: calls for governor cuomo to testify in congress over covid-19 nursing home does. live report on the effort to get him under oath. todd: marine veteran joey jones calling on msnbc host for comparing a congresswoman to usama bin laden. more from his fired up response next. >> how dear you tell someone like me that i am anything like the man who's life's work was to take my legs and dozens of my friends lives. ♪♪
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neil: biden administration will release a declassified into a report on the 2018 killing of jamal khashoggi. >> the journalist's brutal
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murder, live from the middle east with more on this. >> reporter: the biden administration is set to release the documents shining light on the death of jamal khashoggi. us officials reportedly believe the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin selman who directly ordered the killing that took place at the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018. calling the murder, arms sales to the kingdom and sanctioning key individuals involved but the crown prince continues to maintain high-level global relations. the release of these new documents will come ahead of a planned call in the near future between president biden and saudi king salmon. biden told reporters he has written report but hasn't yet spoken to the saudis. we do not know if other members of the administration have been in direct contact but advisers are expected to continue
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conversations with saudi arabia. the middle eastern country is an enemy of iran as well as playing a role in the many civil war. both issues the biden administration's foreign-policy team are actively addressing. on wednesday during the daily briefing jen psaki was asked about future us saudi relations. >> if you come to the conclusion there were any senior saudi officials who were involved in the jamal khashoggi murder would those officials be welcomed in the united states? >> i understand the line of questioning and i know there's an eagerness for the full report to be released. i'm not going to get ahead of the policy process of the release of that report. >> reporter: and asked really complicated relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. one relationship to look at in the near future is that of saudi arabia and israel. reports indicate this out he kingdom could be the next country to normalize ties with the jewish state. todd: this jamal khashoggi information is interesting.
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todd: president biden's climate envoy john kerry, comparisons with general michelson after washington times report accused john kerry of colluding with iran during the trump administration to engage in the shadow diplomacy to save the iran deal. experts call those meetings reckless and even more appalling than the communication general flynn was prosecuted for having with russia. todd: joey jones unloaded on chris tate, compared to a zoom gun display to usama bin laden. listen. >> shooting in a are, why do they feel constituents need that? every day of our lives we live in fear the democrats will have the right tragedy to take our guns away. how dear you tell someone like
1:26 am
me that i am anything like the man whose life's work was to take my legs and dozens of my friends lives. sorry we disagree but how dare you say something like that to me. i take that personally. todd: he admitted he finds it tempting. 26 after the hour. if the aces endorsing johnson & johnson's 1-shot vaccine for approval, how much could this speed up the vaccine rollout. doctor jeanette answers that next. jillian: don't mess with grandma. that would be season coming up next. ♪♪ work hard for the money ♪♪ so you never see her eyes ♪♪ work hard for the money ♪♪ work hard for it policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly
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>> republicans are demanding answers from governor andrew cuomo surrounding nursing home covid-19 death in his state. >> republicans on the house oversight committee want to subpoena new york governor andrew cuomo to testify on covid-19 deaths in nursing intimacy. i exclusively obtained a letter from republicans led by ranking member james come to the er to carolyn maloney urging her tomp demanding to, quote, hear the truth under roof directly from governor cuomo. republicans are also requesting subpoenas for documents, information and communication related to new york's covid-19 nursing home policy and the full investigation into cuomo's actions, this after cuomo last year directed new york nursing homes to accept patients who had or were suspected of having covid-19. the move created an onslaught of
1:31 am
cases infecting thousands of elderly patients and resulting in thousands of deaths among new york's most vulnerable population but cuomo defend of the policy saying at the time it was in line with guidance from the trump administration the cuomo spokesman is slamming the request from republicans is, quote, empty political theater telling me that cuomo is focused on managing the coronavirus crisis it won't let these, quote, antics distract from that work. it is unclear at this point how chairs of the woman maloney will handle the request from republicans and coming up at 5:00 congressman comeare will join us live with reaction. >> covid-19 variance could cause trouble in new york, officials say a new strain it could be more resistant to vaccines has been discovered in the tri-state area so how concerned we should
1:32 am
we be, dr. janette nesheiwat joins us now. what do we know about this new variant, we know 80 cases across the tri-state area been discovered. what do you know about it and when do you think we will have data showing whether or not these vaccines are resistance these new variants or not. >> if i take a pcr swat and swap my patients knows we send it to the lab and what happens is genomic sequencing surveillance and board of health will look to see is there a new strain, new variant and they discovered will likely see a new variants in california, brazil and south africa and the uk, now in new york. it is of concern, if it can evade the vaccine which means the vaccine may not be as effective but the good news is so far the vaccines are effective against preventing severe jets, hospitalizations and that is what is important but what we need to do is make sure we vaccinate as quickly as
1:33 am
possible, we want to out vaccinate the opportunity for the virus to mutate. if we can vaccinate everyone quickly we cannot allow the virus to thrive, we cannot allow it to replicate. when it replicated mutates, that is what we need to do, vaccinate quickly and continue our mitigation efforts covering your face, washing your hands, physical distancing. >> the quicker we vaccinate people, reach that herd immunity, the less the virus can mutate and the fewer of these strains we would be seeing and part of that is getting the vaccines out. we have moderna, we have fisa, now johnson & johnson, that single shot vaccine. what do you know about this? when you look at it on the surface level it doesn't appear to be as effective percentagewise but it is just a vaccine. >> correct. it has very good safety profile, it is highly efficacious which means it will prevent you from
1:34 am
being hospitalized, it can prevent you from severe disease, by 85% and in the trials there were no deaths in all the patients, all participants who received this vaccines so it is only one shot which is great for people who don't like needles or not reliable to come back and get the second shot, you don't have to put it in a freezer, it can be restored in a refrigerator and it has been shown to have 72% protection in the united states which is a blessing and we are going to get 3 to 4 million doses hopefully in the next couple weeks if we can get emergency use authorization in the next few days. another tool that will help us fight this pandemic. jillian: we hope we have access to as many of them as possible, that is for sure. we will continue to follow that as i know you will. we have one more topic i want your opinion on. health and human services nominee xavier becerra spoke yesterday saying his priorities building upon the aca, listen to this.
1:35 am
>> i'm here at the pleasure of the president of the united states. he made it clear he is. he wants to build on the affordable care act, that will be my mission, to achieve the goals president biden put forward to build on the affordable care act. jillian: what is your reaction to that? >> we need affordable, accessible high-quality healthcare but we have 2 thirds of americans with private healthcare insurance and we can't just strip them of that. americans want options, they want choices. this is a country that thrives on the market and competition and we need to allow for that but government run healthcare is not sustainable, not efficient. we had veterans dying waiting for medical care. we had to allow veterans to go outside the va to seek care in a timely manner. focus should be on the pandemic,
1:36 am
tackling racial and ethnic disparities we are seeing as far as blacks and hispanics to dying at a disproportionate manner, we should focus on mental health and reducing premium co-pays and deductibles. jillian: a lot of people struggling. dr. janette nesheiwat, thanks for joining us, good information. todd: a group of asylum-seekers in texas today, dhs saying 25 asylum-seekers in a refugee camp will cross over to brownsville, texas with hundreds more in the following days. these migrants are part of a trump era program forcing them to remain in mexico during us immigration proceedings. the biden administration has reversed. jason riley says president biden seems more concerned with making a headline rather than fixing the problem on immigration. take a listen. >> reporter: what is going on is unwillingness of the biden administration to admit that there are problems with our immigration policy that trump highlighted and i say this as
1:37 am
someone who largely disagreed with donald trump on immigration but he did do, i said consistently he did point out flaws particularly in our refugee policy, people showing up on the border claiming they want asylum from persecution and really fake, they crowd out the real a siamese. these are fundamental problems and joe biden is more interested in headline saying i reversed a trump policy, rather than addressing the underlying problem. todd: president biden has stopped construction on the border wall. shannon: taught's favorite story, a grandmother in australia caught on camera tackling a man who tried to steal her bag. video shows the man snatching her purse and trying to get away but she rushes behind him, grabbing him by the collar and throwing right down to the ground. the woman can be seen walking off with her bag leaving the man to drive off with nothing but a
1:38 am
ripped shirt and a damaged ego. >> sign her up for the giant. this wanted 5-year-old woman credits a special diet for helping her present survive covid-19. vegetables, she says she loves eating raisins soaked in gin. the sweet snack is one of her many lifelong habits including drinking aloe juice and brushing her teeth and baking soda. she tested positive in january after receiving a second dose of vaccine, didn't kick in in time but learned a solution, gin raisin. jillian: i don't like raisins. we to jillian doesn't like a food! breaking news! 38 after the hour, the new york times overhauling its culture. the new report labeling it as unwelcome workplace.
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>> reporter: heiskell trakstar will continue to fight for a fair playing field despite the biden administration reversing -- one of 3 girls behind the plate looking to block transgender athletes from competing on girls high school teams. she spoke to fox's primetime about why it is important to female athletes everywhere. >> we train for so many days and weeks, so many hours to be the best in our state and the best in our region and these transgender athletes have taken
1:43 am
spots in the podium that belong to biological females. >> the lawsuit will move forward without doj support. >> outrage is going over in upstate new york school district reportedly telling students all white people play a part in systemic racism. a whistleblower says an associate superintendent was in the buffalo school district, encouraging, quote, radical politics. the school district is not responded to a request for comment. the facebook oversight board taking on a presidential appeal. todd: shimkus with serious xm 115. i have no idea. >> according to newsweek facebook's oversight board is going to take up the case to decide of donald trump should be allowed to have his profile back. it will be kind of a trial of
1:44 am
sorts for the oversight board, facebook employees, the year from a group of experts and public opinion will be taken into consideration. the cochairs is the former president's case is a textbook example of why the board was created because many people are interested in it and it's very sensible process but parlor's interim ceo was on the fox news last week and he says according to him facebook not so principles, take a listen. >> for a long time facebook and twitter and other social media giant to flex their muscle, pushed governments around, a lot of times cooperated with government to silence free-speech so it is time for a fresh look at a new perspective. >> the decision whether or not to reinstate his facebook page will come down by may or sooner, maybe sometime this spring. >> let's talk about the new york times and what they are doing. >> the new york times making some big time changes to
1:45 am
workplace culture after the year-long probe into diversity and inclusion. central finding is too often a difficult place to work for people of all backgrounds particularly colleagues of color especially black and latino colleagues, calls to transform our culture but the times is also been accused of being hostile to conservatives and celebrating cancel culture. we have to see if these new changes exacerbate that. todd: fashionista bernie. >> another bernie sanders meme. check it out. it is a picture of bernie sanders holding a bag, it is on the heels of that very popular picture of him with the mittens at inauguration. he is considered one of the most memeable politicians of all time. mary says that is just as dry
1:46 am
cleaning. they aren't even new shirts, sarah chiming on twitter says if bernie sanders is going to buy shirts anywhere you bet it is going to be a store called shirts. is a simple guy. >> not so simple, this puppy is a miracle. it is incredible. >> she is a miracle and i can't wait introduce you to skipper. she is believed to be the first dog to be born with six legs. she also has two tales. the veterinary hospital where she was born in oklahoma city it is possible she may need physical therapy and assistance with mobility as she gets older. we will research her condition, monitor developments during read checks and help keep skipper pain-free and comfortable for the rest of her life that she appears to be doing just fine. milk bone offered to help with bills and committed to a
1:47 am
lifetime supply of treats for that little cutie. >> one head and one chest cavity the two pelvic regions, two urinary tract, two or productive system, two tales, 6 legs among other things and apparently they speculate she may have been in euro with a sibling but the embryos didn't separate. jillian: this type of puppy has been born before but they usually don't survive but she appears to be pretty strong. skipper. >> 47 after the hour. a push to keep gitmo detainees off american soil. >> nancy maces moving that would be unacceptable and irresponsible. she joined us next. ♪♪ don't send me down ♪♪
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>> back into the obama/biden administration, closed sometimes. >> that is our intention. >> reporter: the biden administration reignited untapped obama era promises for the obama -- the guantánamo bay detention center. todd: one of 6 gop lawmakers seeking to block any detail he from touching american soil. great to see you, what is the crux of your bill? no defense department funds may be used to transfer or release or assist in the transfer or release of individuals detained at united states naval station guantánamo bay, cuba, to the united states. why is it so crucial those detainees not be brought to the us?
1:52 am
>> we should never have terrorists from gitmo or anywhere held on us soil. that is irresponsible and unacceptable with a number of years ago under the obama administration the first place they talked about, the last place we went any gitmo detainees or terrorists to be held especially on us soil but especially not in the backyard. todd: 40 prisoners remain locked up. jillian: are five men believed responsible for the planning and execution of the 9/11 plot. you just wonder how this conversation makes the families of 9/11 victims feel. >> i can't even imagine reliving that day for those families and that is why it is important we stay on top of this issue. the biden administration has done more damage and been further to the left than i ever thought they could be your would be possible. we need to start the conversation to ensure we
1:53 am
prohibit any federal funding particularly dod dollars going to healthcare on us soil and folks i represent in south carolina don't want them there. >> house republicans requesting an fbi briefing on eric swallwell's ties with chinese by. let's read part of a letter, we cannot overlook successful attempt to gain access and influence. we must ensure the committee can safeguard top-secret information and make an informed decision regarding representative swallwell's access to classified information. why have democrats been so willing to protect swallwell throughout this process? i said once and will say again not like you can't find another democrat to be on these committees. >> typically reward bad actors, doesn't matter what you say or do, you're going to get promoted. we see a lot of hypocrisy and politics. i hate politics. the reason i minute is i hate
1:54 am
it, the hypocrisy that we see, do as i say, not as i do often times, very frustrating particularly we are in a very divisive time. anyone willing to work with me, when you see this hypocrisy rampant in dc it is discouraging for the rest of america as we sit back and watch. jillian: here's a look at the response from his office to ask he is reading, quote, representative swallwill provide information about a person he met more than eight years ago and who haven't seen in 6 years to protect information that might be classified he will not participate in your story. do you think we should be hearing more about this from him? >> certainly. any member of congress should be asked questions and should swear an oath to tell the truth when they are in elected office. we are held to a much higher
1:55 am
standard and have to uphold that standard. we have questions they should be incidentally. todd: we love having you on the show, thank you. a big hour ahead on "fox and friends first". jillian: congressman james comeour, jack brewer, janice dean all live. ♪♪ i can't stop you ♪♪ closer ♪♪
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dinner with the drakes...tonight. alexa, ask buick to start my encore gx. ♪ ♪ four filets. you know this dinner's for their...
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kids. thanks for watching them. where's the pizza? the buick encore gx. current eligible non-gm owners get nearly $4,300 purchase allowance on 2020 buick encore gx models. upon scandal for governor andrew cuomo. allegations of sexual harassment by former rate resurfacing when all eyes are on his nursing home does cover up. >> the last administration did
2:00 am
was separate those kids, rip them from the arms of their parents at the border. we are not doing that. >> then they were cages but now they are facilities. fox news pressing the biden administration about their border hypocrisy. >> when we save cops run toward danger this is what we mean. the unbelievable rescue caught on camera. "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> a great story when you see our heroes, men and women in blue, fire department and communities running toward danger to try to help people when everyone else is running away from it. >> i was reading a book to the little one about firefighters being billed as he rose and i said at least there is one book out there were that message hasn't taken away, so many stories about


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