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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 25, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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waiting for more to come to see what will happen next. great to have everybody. this is "outnumbered." so glad you watched today. before i go, cpac streaming all weekend on fox nation. i can't forget that, that is so important! now, "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> john: harris and company, thanks so much. a fox news alert to start this our peer troubles piling up for new york governor andrew cuomo following stunning details of a former aide accusing him of sexual harassment. democrats in the state join for growing calls for an investigation. hello, welcome to "america reports." i'm john roberts in washington. hi, sandra. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. lindsey boylan says the governor once kissed her on the lips, and asked her once to play strip poker. the governor's office says those claims are simply false, but new york republican congressman is demanding answers.
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>> he has called for an fbi investigation for polygraph test, and a matter of fact, in 2013, there were similar charges against and assemblymen. he demanded his resignation immediately. he said there was no tolerance for sexual harassment in new york state, and so the governor now has a lot of answers that he needs to give new yorkers. >> john: "the new york post" with its typical subtlety out with this headline on its front page today "cuomo's of pig." >> sandra: inside that paper, a book with the is a new piece on the harassment piece. but brian yunus is with us today, bill de blasio now speaking out on this. what is he saying? >> that's right, mayor bill de blasio calling these allegations made by former aide lindsay boylan "disturbing." he says that if true, it is unacceptable.
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>> when a woman comes forward with this kind of very specific allegation, we have to take them seriously. we need a full and independent investigation. >> meanwhile, five new new york state republican senators are demanding a full investigation by new york's attorney general in a letter, writing "this investigation should also include a review of the alleged actions taken by executive chamber staff members and loyalists to try to intimidate the alleged victim and other women into remaining silent." new york democratic state senator tweeting "i have no doubt that this is true. i witnessed a similar behavior and is unacceptable." after the me too actor, it's truth leaks from everywhere and on the screen that she wrote. we are still waiting to hear
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from top democratic leaders in new york including senator kiersten jill a brand, alexandria ocasio-cortez, but white house press secretary jen psaki was just asked by our peter doocy and she said basically president biden believes that all allegations should be heard and not silenced, and by the way, she we chairing the national governors, which biden is expected to be at this afternoon. >> sandra: real quickly, we don't usually hear from the governor in his daily press briefings, they don't usually happen on a thursday and he says we are going to from them. >> no, there is no sense we are going to be hearing from him today. >> sandra: all right, brian yunus in brooklyn. thank you. >> john: "the new york post" editorial board is joining calls for governor cuomo to be impeached. cuomo's true character, she says, is coming to light in her op-ed titled "finally, the bully governor cuomo has been exposed." she is a "new york post"
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journalist and fox news contributor. this bully aspect is something people have known about for some time and it's finally coming to light but these allegations from lindsay boylan have set a whole 'nother level. >> it sure is but really, it's the truth about andrew cuomo. it's now allowed to come out because he's no longer needed by the democrats as a spoil against donald trump. march, april, may, they were televised nationally and around the world. andrew cuomo was held up as the gold standard of leadership in the pandemic. they were joe biden's words. women swooned, he was the love dove, he could do no wrong. in fact, he was doing a lot of wrong behind-the-scenes, particularly with the march 25, covid positive patients, which
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we know was a disaster and led to an additional 10,000 dead. he's covered up, he has lied, making false statements on his behalf, said that he believed him over the phone, told him he would destroy him. this is a pattern of behavior we are now being told the democrats around andrew cuomo knew about for years, covered up, and tolerated. and now we are told it included this really extreme sexual harassment of lindsay boylan who says there are other women as well. >> john: this came at a couple weeks ago across the street at the white house, peter doocy brought it up to the press secretary. let's listen to what she said about it. >> is the white house worried about this becoming a distraction from an important
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meeting about covid response? >> secretary psaki: let me first say the president has been consistent in his position. when a person comes forward, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. therefore it should be heard, not silenced and any allegations should be reviewed. >> john: while peter doocy was alluding to is this afternoon at 4:30, biden will be meeting with the chair of the governors association. mayor bill de blasio of new york is calling for an investigation here. what should happen here? >> of course there should be an investigation. there already are investigations into the nursing home scandal and of course, there should be investigations into what lindsay bolin is alleging. and it's interesting, isn't it? that bill de blasio, the very unloved mayor of new york, is now turning against andrew cuomo. he's also implied that he himself was bullied and one of
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the reasons the pandemic response was so subpar was because there was such a fractious relationship between the mayor and the governor. cuomo constantly overruled bill de blasio. they were both equally incompetent, that is the tragedy of it. >> john: people close to governor cuomo are denying the charges. saying yesterday, her claims of inappropriate behavior are quite simply false. it's interesting that we haven't heard a lot from democrats at the national level about this. for example, kirsten gillibrand came out very forcefully against congressman al franken but nothing from her about the governor. >> i guess i haven't gotten the memo yet. no real use to them anymore because his main reason for existing was to belittle and show up president trump, and that is why he was invited to
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the national democratic convention last year to showcase his wares. now he has become an embarrassment, so no doubt that they will completely jettison him, but they have to stand by him so far because this afternoon, he is chairing an important governors meeting and what an embarrassment. joe biden will be there, it will be very interesting to watch the body language. >> john: interesting column today, definitely must read material. thank you so much for joining us today. sandra, should also point out that the brett kavanaugh situation, governor cuomo was right out there leading the charge against governor cuomo, saying he should take a lie detector test. they are silent about governor cuomo. >> sandra: you hand "the new york post," this morning, your daily news was on
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the pileup for andy, john. it seems like a story that is only growing. we have a new york lawmaker demanding answers and an investigation coming up. fox news alert, president biden, 50 million covid vaccine doses administered in the united states. at a white house event next hour, all of this as he promises to do a better job at disturbing the vaccines across the country. some states are really struggling to get those shots out in a very effective way. white house correspondent kristin fisher is out from the north lawn. which states are doing well and which are not? friends and family are saying they can't get an appointment. >> yes, sandra. some states like west virginia and connecticut have done very well by centralizing the decision-making process and by making sure their vaccine distribution plan is simple. take for instance, the democratic governor who just announced a major change to a mostly age-based symptom.
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and here's why. >> i'm going to focus on the old business model, k.i.s.s. keep it simple, stupid. they finally tried to slice the salami and it got very complicated to administer. >> on the other end of the spectrum you have states like maryland, which left the decision-making process up to individual counties, making things very complicated. in rhode island, the biden administration's push to make this rollout both fast and equitable. the head of the state's health department said earlier this month that we have come up against a push for speed versus equity that ends up being at some cost to the speed dynamics. so the biden administration is insisting that you can do both at the same time, but at least states like rhode island are really having a tough time pulling that off. >> sandra: kristin fisher live
10:11 am
at the white house. we hope the johnson & johnson single shot vaccine is a game-changer, as that was just approved by the fda. >> john: i signed up weeks ago in my local county for this thing, and i have a couple stints put in my heart so i qualify for the pre-existing condition but all i have heard so far as the chirping of crickets. but fingers crossed, hoping that something like that will come along at some point. president biden's covid relief bill could be in jeopardy as progressives threatened to pull their support if the measure doesn't include a federal minimum wage hike but they will have little control over a key ruling in the senate. chad pergram is live on capitol hill. we have been wondering where the parliamentarian is going to come down on this. where do we stand? >> good afternoon. tom petty said the waiting was the hardest part. and everyone is waiting on the senate parliamentarian to see if
10:12 am
it qualifies under this bill under special senate rules. >> i know we are all on pins and needles. we are all waiting to see what she decides. speak at that decision is important for the bill but will liberals support the bill, the wage increased is dropped. >> you are going to have to ask the question on the senate side, but we are very, very pleased with the case that has been made. we will pass a minimum wage bill. >> the house could vote on a stand-alone bill later. it will include the new wage and its bill tomorrow, however democratic senators kyrsten sinema and joe manchin opposed including the wage increase in this particular covid package. as democrats can only lose five members on their side and still pass the bill. >> john: looks like the whole thing could be in jeopardy. we will keep watching, thank you so much for weighing in on that. this minimum wage provision could be a deal breaker, not
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just in terms of whether or not that part of that gets in, but it could take the whole bill down. >> sandra: really interesting to see unity on the part of republicans and democrats, on how raising it to $15 could be a job killer. that has been a really sensual debate to all of this. some middle school doors opening for in person learning for the first time since november. could this be a turning point to reopen schools across the country? watch this. >> do you believe president trump, former president trump should speak as he backed this weekend? >> yes, i should. >> john: an awkward exchange ahead of president trump's big speech at cpac this weekend so what can we expect from that speech? we are joined live from orlando coming up next.
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>> john: some students in new york city are returning to in person learning for the first time since november. it's a trend we are seeing nationwide as more students finally had back to the classroom. david miller is live in new york city with more. how many kids are going back to school there? >> the roughly 200,000 middle school students in new york city, about 60,000 starting today can return to the classroom, at least part-time. students that do show up had to previously sign up. they needed a signed parental consent form, agreed to take part in random covid testing parents parents we talked with are believed to get them back in school. >> i considered getting confetti this morning. that's how excited we are. kids need to be in school for many factors, from learning, on
10:19 am
hand learning, to the socialization, to even just mentally, getting out of the house, having a purpose. speak at the reopening of not only middle schools but all schools is a national trend. three states, iowa, montana and wyoming now make classroom learning available to all students in here in new york city, which is the largest school district in the country, elementary schools opened in december. still, no word when high schools are going to open. the mayor says he expects to make that announcement in the next couple of weeks. john? >> john: some parents are finally breathing a sigh of relief. thanks so much, we will check back in with you as things progress and more students go back to school. sandra, they are in new york city, so many frustrated parents, as you do in many states, some parents are able to say kids come off to
10:20 am
school, finally. >> sandra: and so many parents that need to get back to work full-time once their kids get back to school full-time. cpac meanwhile kicking off the day in orlando. the headliner this weekend is former president donald trump. he is scheduled to speak on sunday afternoon, what can we expect from that? let's bring in "fox & friends" cohost pete hegseth. this is going to bring the first big speech since he left office and we were looking back yesterday to 2019 cpac speech, he went off script and that speech was over two hours long. what do you expect sunday? >> and he will be amongst friends here in orlando, let me tell you that. cpac normally in washington, d.c., in florida here and i'm telling you, the conversations here are as passionate as we ever heard. i just had a conversation with two young ladies from st. louis who said, give me an action plan. i want to know how we are charting the fight forward. people are asking, will he be on
10:21 am
script or off? we will probably get a composition of both and with him off of twitter may be some commentary on things that have happened over the last couple of weeks that he would normally chime in on real time. i think you will hear a huge indictment of executive actions of joe biden, of the immigration policies that have already been reversed. even things that aren't talked about a lot like the 1776 commission, the cultural issues, education issues, which have been totally stripped out under the biden white house, so i think you will hear a rip-roaring speech and what you are going to here is an audience who looks up at the podium at the former president and says, that's the leader of the republican party. as one part of washington, d.c., that thinks they are turning the page. we have come here to cpac, going to see a group of people fired up in support of president trump. >> sandra: i'm not a betting woman, pete, but i think you will probably see a former president trump go off script just a little bit in that
10:22 am
speech. a couple lawmakers having a very sort of awkward, uncomfortable exchange, kevin mccarthy and liz cheney are sort of split, what we will see from this exchange, listen. >> do you believe former president trump should speak at cpac this weekend? >> yes, i do. >> president trump and the extent to which january 6th, i don't believe he should be playing a role in this. >> that high note? >> sandra: there was that and there's karl rove in a "wall street journal" piece this morning who said to expect peril and opportunity for trump at cpac. he asked, will he doubled down on grievance or begin the
10:23 am
arduous process of re-creating his image, which is an incredibly interesting question. rogue took that on fox news earlier today and said this. >> his last two speeches on the fifth of january and sixth of january would indicate that at that point, i'm angry. i was defeated, i'm going to declare a civil war, if you are not with me, you're against me and i will defeat you. that wasn't a particularly good tone. i believe if he does that tone on sunday it will be an indication that it's going to be a very difficult recovery. >> sandra: will it be peril or will this be an opportunity for trump? >> it would not be correct to say that he is suddenly now okay with the election, there will probably be mentions of that but i see the president trying to carry the mantle of the party, saying this is my nomination, if i want it and to that exchange, i bet if you stop hold that come
10:24 am
he will get 99/1 support, the belief that let him speak, and he is not defined by january 6th, nor is the movement and it's going to be something to watch, guys. >> sandra: pete, great to see you, thank you, and i should also point out that the radio legend rush limbaugh, we just said goodbyes to him, he's going to be honored at cpac and inducted into the conservative hall of fame. we will be covering all of this, "america reports" this weekend. 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., special coverage on the fox news channel. >> john: we want exactly have a front row seat. we won't be in orlando, we will be in washington and new york but looking forward to that. it should be a watershed moment in terms of the future of the party. is herd immunity playing a role in the falling number of covid cases? what the top scientists are saying about that. >> sandra: and republicans are seizing on a pair of democratic
10:25 am
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10:30 am
washington. >> herd immunity in the u.s. can really only be reached at two ways, by vaccinating the majority of americans are enough americans covid, recovering, and then they develop antibodies. the exact threshold for herd immunity isn't known right now because the virus is relatively new but scientific estimates right now range from about 70% to 90%. at the latest available numbers show that cases nationwide have dropped dramatically, about 70% pure show at the numbers on the screen so everyone can see them. despite this, dr. anthony fauci has declined to give a definite answer but america's timeline to reach herd immunity. he is instead focusing on the danger from the new mutant strains. take a listen. >> rather than even think about declaring victory and saying that we have herd immunity, we are in good shape, we've got to keep pushing and pushing because this thing could bounce back with the variants very, very quickly.
10:31 am
>> dr. scott godley, estimates 40% to 50% of americans have some sort of protective immunity right now but other doctors insist we may be a lot closer than epidemiologists would have people think. maybe even a month. take a listen to dr. mcgarry. >> our previous estimates on the prevalence of immunity, we were probably underestimating natural immunity. >> about 45% of americans are believed to have some form of this immunity. it's interesting whether or not this is the same thing >> sandra: john, it's difficult sometimes for people who are taking so much information throughout this pandemic to then receive some of these mixed messages from the top. >> john: as you learn more about this coming you get more information and sometimes early calls weren't correct, but i'm hoping that what he says is
10:32 am
correct and in a month or so we may be on the downside of this. when you look at that graph, new infections and how it is going down so quickly, it is pretty remarkable to say. republicans on the house oversight committee calling on new york near governor andrew cuomo to testify about the nursing home scandal. they say an investigation is owed to the thousands of families who lost loved ones over cuomo's "recklessness." let's bring in kentucky congressman james comer, the top republican on the house oversight committee. governor cuomo insists he did nothing wrong, he followed the guidelines of the cdc on nursing homes, that all of the deaths were recorded. what he looking here with an investigation? >> what we know is governor cuomo ordered patients in the nursing homes, lied about it, covered it up and now he is threatening anyone who tries to cross him to get accountability, so we have already seen a scathing report out of the new york attorney general's office where nursing home deaths
10:33 am
were under reported by as much as 50%, so what the oversight committee wants is we want the truth, we want to know exactly how many deaths occurred at the nursing home, we want to know what possessed governor cuomo to have this strategy with the contagious patients and we want to make sure this never happens again. >> john: congresswoman cara maloney of new york is the chairwoman of the committee, do you expect she will accept your recommendation to call governor cuomo to come in and testify? you pointed out earlier today that the speaker of the house nancy pelosi did strike a select subcommittee to look into all of this. >> that's exactly right and it is a branch of the full oversight committee, so in fact, chairwoman maloney is in charge of the select committee, so being from new york and being that new yorkers overwhelmingly want to get to the bottom of this, i think that she is eventually going to have to cave
10:34 am
in to pressure from her own state and her own district. she has not been very good at taking advice, she is obsessed with the trump administration but given that she represents new york city i am pretty confident that she's going to eventually ask governor cuomo to deliver some answers. she may not go as far as the subpoena that i requested but i think she's going to want to try that, to at least publicly look like she's getting to the bottom of this. >> eager for an investigation, your colleagues on the house committee are asking the fbi director to talk on his relationship with this chinese woman who was alleged to be a chinese spy. do you support those calls? >> absolutely. this is the biggest scandal from a member of congress. eric swalwell has proven that he
10:35 am
had a close relationship with the chinese spy. it's proven that he was investigated, and yet nancy pelosi has done nothing about it. in fact, nancy pelosi may have known about the investigation years before the media got hold of it. the fact that eric swalwell is still on the homeland security committee and he has access to sensitive, classified material, it's a very concerning. the narrative from the democrats in washington now that they are very pro-china and we know that china poses the biggest threat right now. so it's very concerning that swallow well was still on these committees and we don't have any answers. >> john: for his part, eric swalwell insists he did nothing wrong, but we can get some more clarity on what happened. good to talk to you today, thank you for taking time out of your busy day, appreciated. >> thanks for having me on.
10:36 am
>> john: so many things that republicans want to have a look at here. sometimes when you are in the minority you can make more noise than when you are in the majority. >> sandra: he wants to know the truth, how many deaths, what's the number, how did cuomo come up with the strategy that he did for the nursing homes. we will continue to watch that push. meanwhile, millions of parents struggle to hold down jobs while helping their kids with remote learning. democrats are looking to get federal workers paid time off so that they can stay home if their kids can't go to school. so what else is in that covid bill? next. for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right.
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10:41 am
deadly capitol hill riots. the oversight board has 90 days to make a decision which facebook claims it cannot overturn. of the advisory board were to say, give it back, sandra, facebook has got to give it back. >> sandra: that is quite a story. david sitting next to me, he's got his reaction. thank you. a special fund in the $2 trillion covid relief bill would give two weeks of paid relief when their children are learning remotely due to the pandemic. i will let you respond to that in just a moment. this is from the article, full-time federal employees would be able to take up to $35 an hour and $1,400 a week through september 30th, this is well into the fall, that would amount to 15 weeks at 600 hours in paid leave. >> this is on top of their paid leave. this is $21,000 on top and of
10:42 am
course, this is a special interest group. federal employees who have been known to almost always vote democratic, by the way, just look at the voting statistics from the district of columbia, 80% democratic in every election, so the more we read about this bill, what's in it, this was on page 305 of the bill, so you really have to go in with a fine toothed come to do this, but this is more about rewarding special interests of nancy pelosi and the rest of the democratic party than it is about covid. andy mccarthy says that 95% of it doesn't deal specifically with covid. that only 5 percent do specifically with covid but this particular thing just points out again how they are looking for their own special interests, to reward them in various ways, looking to the future, what's most important, congress is getting reelected, they have the power now so they are rewarding the special interests so they can get reelected. there is another thing we just
10:43 am
heard about silicon valley, facebook, silicon valley has been making out like bandits over the pandemic. god bless them, glad they are making money, benefits a certain part of the system but they are making hundreds of billions of dollars. they got what got wet in here? $100 million to increase the rail system going into silicon valley. >> sandra: this bill is a sunday swamp is back, listen. >> this bill is too costly, too corrupt and too liberal. we watched the swamp come back to washington. i have watched what they do here. this seems like a payout for those who agree with them. that is a corrupt system. >> sandra: directly addressing this bill. >> that's about all that is, is pork. it's very interesting the democrats are now selling this thing. i just got on the mailing list of democrats who are running for reelection, one congressman running for congress, put simply
10:44 am
it's the most ambitious economic recovery bill since the new deal, so they are likening it to a new deal kind of bill rather than a covid relief bill. if they said it was that then they would be more honest, it's not about covid relief as much as it is about changing our system. >> sandra: if new york and cities like new york could just open the doors and have gotten back to business weeks ago -- >> far more important. no matter how much money they print in washington, it's not going to equal the power of the market once we reopen the economy. by the way, look at what's happening in the market today, the market is getting crushed because interest rates are going up because they have been printing more money, printing more money to buy more government debt which is being created by this bill. >> sandra: that's why we bring him in, he explains it to everyone. thank you. might as well put the big board. down 4411 points, the dow right
10:45 am
now, 31,500. >> john: if you think the debt is getting closer to $30 trillion if this covid bill go through. even in washington, d.c., if you add it up, $1 trillion starts to become some real money. >> sandra: a few zeros there. >> john: the fight to reopen american schools pushing some parents to run for school board seats. we will talk to a pennsylvania mom of two who is doing just that. stay with us. ♪ ♪
10:46 am
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >> sandra: lady gaga is offering a $500,000 reward after somebody shot her dog walker and stole two of her dogs. she's offering the money for the return of her beloved pets, no questions asked. happened last night in los angeles. a third dog apparently escaped and was recovered. the singer has been in italy working on a new movie. the gunmen still on the run. it appears as of just a couple hours ago the l.a.p.d.'s robbery
10:50 am
and homicide division has taken over this case. they are tasked with investigating high-profile cases in l.a. >> john: she offered the reward for the return of the dogs i was wondering, is there reward to find out who shot him but he's okay, at least an update there. >> john: there you go. only a handful of states currently have more than 90% of their school districts offering full-time traditional learning. some frustrated parents now running for school boards themselves to make sure their kids get back into the classroom. my next guest is one of those people. this mother of two is running for a school board seat in pennsylvania. great to see you. you are in the east town school district northwest of philadelphia, what is the situation in your town? >> thanks for having me. the situation in our school district is just like every other school, last spring we shut down for two weeks and never came back for the rest of the school year.
10:51 am
over the summer, there's not a lot of planning or communication about what's going on, and resulted and now we are open as of october, so 30 days total of kids being in school. >> john: you've got two children yourself, one is four, the other one is seven years old in first grade. you put the 7-year-old and a private school for the year so that he would have in person learning what you want to get back to public school and in order to do that, you want to become part of the group that makes the decision. why is it you wanted to run for school board as opposed to just as a parent putting pressure on the school board? >> that's correct. our 4-year-old is in day care and our first grader is in private school right now. he was having an amazing year in
10:52 am
kindergarten and we were very sad because schools closed down in education stopped and his social, emotional growth came to a stop. we made the decision to put him into a private school is a measure, hoping to return to the school district that we moved here for and that so many of the people moved here for. you know, i've been hearing from so many families in my community who are struggling. there is a major mental health crisis, no real education happening with the hybrid learning. not every kid can learn and a hybrid situation. we really need to address these issues with the school board. >> john: the politics of the school board in your area is you have got to be a republican, democrat or something else. you have chosen to run as a republican and i thought it was really interesting, nicholas kristof writing in "the new york times" op-ed section yesterday, but a large part of the blame on democrats for the current situation with schools.
10:53 am
this one deals with disadvantaged children. he writes the blunt fact is that it is democrats, including those who run the west coast of california through oregon and washington state who have presided over one of the worst blows to disadvantaged americans in history. you notice there is a partisan divide in terms of whether or not to get kids back in school full-time? >> i think that is a great question and really, national politics have come to play in what is really local. locally, we are the ones who are making decisions about what our kids are or are not going to do from an education standpoint. politicians can say what they want but at the end of the day, it's up to our community and our school board and administration to get kids in school. >> john: we will be watching your race and check to see if you become a member of the school board, whether or not you
10:54 am
get to make some big decisions. from the east town school district, thank you so much for joining us today. >> sandra: tough decision so many are facing. meanwhile, the biden white house respond to harassment claims against andrew cuomo and an update to growing calls to investigate him. many democrats are joining him on that list. >> john: we will also speak with republican senator rand paul on a busy day in washington. congress preparing to take up the massive covid bill as the president gets ready to mark a vexing milestone despite some distribution hiccups. check out this lineup coming up in the next hour. the holidayt exactly smooth sledding this year, eh santa? no, but we came through smelling of mistletoe. the now platform lets us identify problems before they became problems. if only it could identify where my ball went. this you? hmm...
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of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: nass are releasing a new batch of high definition images from its mars rover perseverance. the panorama where the rover
10:59 am
will be doing its work over the next couple years. it is 4 billion years old. perseverance will be searching for signs of ancient life. >> john: heavy stuff. ten years since the start of serious civil war with the scale of atrocities dating back to the obama era. benjamin hall live in london with more. the past decade has pretty much just been a litany of suffering for so many people in syria. >> it is absolutely been the most brutal and bloodied conflict, i have seen these atrocities firsthand and i can tell you, the turning point with 2013 when the obama administration did not enforce the red line set on the use of chemical weapons and many people say that it was that in action that has led to the brutality we saw for the following seven years, which means that today, the dictator has controlled much of the country, over 400,000
11:00 am
kills. many are now asking when president biden might address the atrocities, some of which continued and many carried out when he was vice president. it's worth remembering president trump did act twice, sending dozens of missiles into syria. by then, he already had the upper hand. there has been some small justice. today, former syrian official guilty of crimes against humanity, hoping more of those will happen but it's a rare victory because russia and china continue to veto any trials in the criminal court. destabilizing actions in the region are part of the renegotiation. he would do well to start with support of the regime. whether he will, he has not mentioned in public yet. >> john: we will keep watching to see with the biden administration may or may not do. benjamin hall in london, thanks. >> sandra: thank you, and here we go, top of a brand-new hour, more new york democrats are calling for an investigation
11:01 am
into the governor, andrew, after a former aide accused him of sexual harassment. good afternoon, everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts in washington. the second hour of "america reports." lindsey boylan's claims about the governor include kissing her without consent after a meeting, inappropriate touching, and a suggestion abort a private aircraft to play strip poker. the office has denied all of that. in the last hour the white house weighed in on that. >> sandra: a lot of new headlines on the stories, coming under siege as a result of the latest allegations against him. rose mcgowan is backing the cuomo accuser lindsay boylan in this matter, calling for an investigation into what she called monstrous claims. also what is being pointed out in terms of the flashbacks that is happening is that he was called for brett kavanaugh to take a lie detector test. that is being played against him and the white house is being pressed on this issue and they
11:02 am
weighed in earlier. jen psaki was asked about it by peter doocy, here's what she said. >> is the white house worried about this becoming a distraction from an important meeting about covid response? >> secretary psaki: let me first say the president has been consistent in his position. when a person comes forward, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. their voice should be heard not silenced, and any allegations should be reviewed. >> sanandra: as our please point out, many women in the democratic party are nowhere to be found on this matter, pointing out that hillary clinton, longtime cuomo allie has not responded to fox news for a comment. aoc, who back to the nursing home claims, she has not spoken out on this, either. so silence as far as some of those democratic women are concerned, so far. >> john: some former officials of cuomo's, secretary to governor cuomo saying that the
11:03 am
entire time that he was working with the governor, the former attorney general, private citizen andrew cuomo, i have never seen anything of the like of what she has described. some people are coming to his defense. >> sandra: we have is set to mark a vaccine milestone, 50 million doses have been administered in the u.s. all of this as many americans are struggling to make an appointment for their first shot as some states are having trouble getting those out. steve harrigan's live in atlanta with more on that. what states are doing better than others with this? >> there really is a gap when it comes to efficiency across the country with different states. that's when it comes to utilizing the vaccine, getting the shots into the arms. at the very top of the list is new mexico. they have managed to utilize 99% of their vaccines. in west virginia with 98%. at the other hand, arkansas and maryland, both below 70% in the
11:04 am
utilizing the vaccines. the ramp-up has been tremendous over the past few weeks. 14.5 million doses delivered by the government to the states. this week alone, 2 million more to pharmacies. that means the rate of vaccines produced right now is double what it was just five weeks ago. and we are likely days away from a third vaccine. a single shot, johnson & johnson vaccine likely to get emergency use approval. this is 66% effective right now. it can prevent moderate or severe covid-19. it's a single shot, it doesn't need special refrigeration. it will keep you out of the hospital and likely keep you from dying but the numbers still don't compare to the moderna and pfizer vaccines. go ahead. >> john: i'm sorry, go ahead. >> sandra: congressional leaders on both sides holding news conferences, drilling down on the big issues dividing d.c. and the nation and there is a growing debate over coronavirus
11:05 am
aid along with the fight over a couple of president biden's cabinet nominees. also the white house playing defense of a reopening migrant facility for children when the trump administration did the exact same thing, labeled, as you remember, putting kids in cages. let's kick things off here with senator rand paul, who joined us now. senator, thank you for joining us. a lot to cover with you but first of the vaccine rollout. as a doctor, you have weighed in on this extensively throughout the pandemic. there's so many people across the country right now, elderly, vulnerable, who still cannot get their first shot, so what is happening here? >> i think the news is overwhelmingly good, i think naturally, we are achieving a lot of immunity, plus the vaccine, the combination. there was a doctor two days ago and "the wall street journal" saying this could be gone by april. i know that sounds optimistic but count me in the optimistic
11:06 am
club. i think we are really moving fast. i think we are moving so rapidly towards an end of this that we really ought to delay this whole covid bailout thing because it's just $2 trillion more of borrowing. i would start opening the economy and letting people live again. we are really doing well but the vaccine. 50 million, that's a lot. 20 million people have gotten it but there could easily be another 20 million people who don't know they have it, so we may be about 100 million or so with immunity now and i don't know, the numbers are coming down dramatically, so i think a lot of good news. >> john: when you look at that curve coming down so steeply the way that it is coming think maybe we are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. another big topic in washington, the white house defending its reopening of that migrant minor facility down there in texas, the same one that was so robustly criticized when it was opened during the trump administration. this is really any different than we saw during the trump
11:07 am
administration? just a political different party that's doing it. >> do you think the democrats who are crying those tears over the poor people they said trump put in cages, do you think those might be tears of hypocrisy? the cages, the detainment facilities were built under the obama administration, they were used under the trump administration and now they being reopened. count me one who thinks that there is a load of hypocrisy going on here and i think we should always be humane to people, even coming to our country illegally but i think we should have a strict policy of sending people back who come here. if you're trying to break into the country, staying on the other side of the border, you never set foot here and if you do, you are sent back beer but i am also for more legal and lawful immigration. i want more people to come to our country. i think immigrants are a great asset to our country but i don't want illegal and unlawful immigration, so i think there's a lot of hypocrisy going on. >> sandra: jen psaki was pressed about just this about
11:08 am
migrant kids at the border, here's what she said. listen. okay, she said our focus is approaching this with humanity and safety. she is talking about the protocols that are needed, they needed to be revamped, there are teachers there, education services there, is it any of this, and by the way, her in her own words first. >> our focus is on approaching this from the view of humanity and with safety. we have to open, reopen a new facility that had previously been closed because of covid protocols, because previously, because we can't have kids in beds next to each other, spaces have been revamped, educational services there, there are health services and medical services but our objective is to move them as quickly as we can to families that have been vetted. >> sandra: to be clear, what she's talking about, those containers that these kids are in right now where they are supposedly getting, we have come
11:09 am
of the best medical care, food that needs to be provided to them, education, whatever it is. i don't know, is anything about this different than what the trump administration was doing with these kids at the border? >> john: no, and it's important to listen to what she says, how she appears to show compassion but also how when you tell people that it's a great place to come to, more people will come, and it's very dangerous to come across the border. they come across the desert with coyotes, many are drug dealers, some of them are sex traffickers, some of them get tricked into coming, kidnapped, or go into the sex trade. so do tell them we are going to have schools for you and we like summer vacation is a bad idea. the message should be we want you, if you come here illegally, unlawfully, go to an embassy, apply to come to our country legally and lawfully. i'm all for that but telling people to come in caravans of
11:10 am
25,000 people, it brings a covid risk to us but it also endangers those people. every year, every day people are dying across the desert or being tricked into being part of a drug cartel caravan. so now, i think what she does on the surface appears compassionate but it is actually something that is very in humanitarian that she is offering. >> john: senator paul, yesterday you and the congressman introduced a national right to work act that would elevate the situation andmake it national. they like to be right-to-work states because it makes them competitive. they can try to attract business from states that aren't right to work. if you make it national does that not kill the uniqueness of these 28 states? >> there is that argument, you're right, we want to compete with neighboring states that our right to work or other states that aren't but i guess the way i look at it is if the whole united states became right to work it gives us a competitive
11:11 am
advantage over other places in the world and it makes us all competitive and people would still be able to organize, i'm not against collective bargaining. there is value in using your leverage, but all we do is take with a force from the law so you can't be fired if you choose not to join the union. i think it's a good piece of legislation that is as much about freedom for the worker as it is anything. the worker gets to decide, do you want your wages? that with the unions will have an incentive to work harder and appease the workers because they would have to get the workers' vote instead of all being forced to give dues. >> sandra: i want to ask you about the china threat and house republicans requesting that the fbi them on the eric swalwell chinese spy scandal in the full extent of this when it comes to lawmakers. here is the congressman on swalwell, listen. >> this is the biggest scandal in congress right now from a
11:12 am
member of congress. eric swalwell is proving that he had a close relationship with a chinese spy. it's proven that he was investigated, and yet nancy pelosi has done nothing about it. >> sandra: that was james comer from kentucky. where do you stand on this and what do you want to see happen? >> not only are they not punishing him or investigating it, they had the audacity to send him over as a house impeachment manager to lecture us on how bad donald trump was. meanwhile, he's a guy consorting with the chinese spy, people have to realize, he is on the intelligence committee and they have all kinds of specialized information that i am not allowed access to. i can't go to their meetings, he's been compromised, so without question, he should be suspended until there is a completion of investigation but nancy pelosi is just sweeping this one under the rug.
11:13 am
>> sandra: senator, i appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> john: coming up next, new information in the mystery over lady gaga and her stolen dogs. we are hearing the moments police responded after somebody shot the starbucks best dog walker and made off with the pups. >> sandra: democrats making some big moves when it comes to our nation's systems but republicans say is just one big power grab. >> john: all eyes turn into cpac as former president trump gets set to take the stage but it comes amid some big questions over the future of the republican party. >> i think you're going to hear a rip-roaring speech and what you're going to hear is an audience who looks up at the podium at the former president and says, that's the leader of the republican party. from newday usa. interest rates have dropped to record lows. one call can save you $3,000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income,
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>> sandra: now to a developing story we are following for you out of los angeles. lady gaga is offering $500,000 reward after somebody shot her dog walker and stole her dogs. chief correspondent jonathan hunt live with more on this. she was out of town at the time, i believe. >> she is in rome shooting a movie right now but a long time dog walker, a 30-year-old man by the name of ryan fisher was out walking three dogs in the west hollywood area last night. when he got approached, he was shot apparently several times in the chest. we are told by police he is in critical condition and then two of lady gaga's three french bulldogs that walter was walking were taken. those of the three there. the white one, the brown one, and the black one is miss asia. they were both dog-nafta miss asia apparently ran away and then was picked up a little later. we have some heartwarming video
11:19 am
of the police with miss asia, there you see her wrapped in a blanket, so she is okay. but the other two are still missing and lady gaga has now said that she will pay $500,000 for the safe return of those two missing bulldogs. in the area where i live there has been a surge of street crime, robberies of people wearing rolexs and other street jewelry in broad daylight and now we have this, this young man shot several times, according to the police come in critical condition and lady gaga's two french bulldog still missing. sandra. sandra? >> sandra: what a story, we will keep following it. thank you. >> john: people act aims to reform the nation's election
11:20 am
systems. one member of congress is the bland name is actually masking an unconstitutional power grab by democrats rejoining me now republican congressman of florida, good to see if he folks at home know what we're talking about, this is called hr one comedy for the people act. same-day voter registration, election security measures including paper ballots, financing for campaigns, requiring packs, to dispose donors, requiring the president to release ten years of tax returns and promotes statehood for washington, d.c. it's called the for the people act but many people, including you, save this is more a for the democrats act. speak of this is one of the worst pieces of legislation coming through capitol hill. in the great state of florida that i have the honor of representing, we have the best election laws in the country. why in the world would we give our election laws over to
11:21 am
nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and joe biden? it's absolutely ridiculous. same-day voter registration will be a travesty for america. >> john: one thing this does is it seems to dilute measures that states like florida have already put in place to ensure the integrity of their elections like voter i.d., absentee ballots arriving by election day, other measures. this may pass the house, senator mitch mcconnell indicating it's going to have a tough time if and when it gets to the senate. listen here. >> house democrats want to try to use their slim majority to unilaterally rewrite election law itself. they want to use the temporary power the voters have granted them to try to ensure they will never have to relinquish it. >> how does this assist democrats? >> number one, gets rid of voter i.d. laws like you just said. voter i.d. is something that 33 states in our country have already approved in varying degrees. why would we get rid of making sure that the people who are
11:22 am
authorized and eligible to vote actually prove who they are? that's number one. the other thing this bill does, it brings something nationally called ballot harvesting which we covered of in florida. what it does is allow anybody to show up at a polling location with hundreds and hundreds of ballots. how does that help actually the sanctity of the vote and protecting every american citizen? it is measures like these that are really for democrats because in the areas where they typically run the election show, they allow ballot harvesting, they allow a voter i.d. they don't have any of the controls necessary to secure the vote and to secure the ballot. that is what we should be doing in every state in the country, securing the election process. not opening it up so anyone can throw ballots any which way they want to. >> john: there are some republicans who believe this passes congressional muster. they point out that yes, congress does have the ability to do some regulation in terms of congressional elections.
11:23 am
trevor potter is a republican, the general counsel for both of john mccain's presidential campaigns. he's also a former member of the federal election commission. he says "two-thirds of americans across party lines to support the for the people act. this landmark legislation is not only written within the legal bounds of our constitution, it's also an integral step of our nation's promise of a democracy accessible to all americans." how do you answer that? >> number one, i completely disagree because i guarantee you two-thirds of the american people do none of the democrats want to eliminate voter i.d. laws. that in and of itself would change the very nature of that poll. you can put a nice title on anything and people will agree to a but the devil is always in the details. number two, yes the constitution allows congress to make regulations, it doesn't buy congress the ability to unilaterally rewrite election law. this would change their election laws unilaterally. that is why it is
11:24 am
unconstitutional. the one before the house rules committee on monday, we will see where it goes. one quick question just and here, you are speaking at cpac. president trump is speaking at cpac on sunday. what do you want to hear from the former president? >> i want president trump to talk about his agenda and all the wonderful things he did for our country and contrast them with the disaster we have seen under the biden administration and the president should ask why and again, who built the cages? not sure everyone wants to know that answer. >> john: do you want to hear him relitigate the election? >> i think he should focus on his agenda, the positive things he has done for the country and the disastrous things that are happening right now for all americans. >> john: thank you so much. we will see you again soon. doesn't want to hear of the litigation of the election, wants to hear about the future. we do we will hear what we see on sunday when you and i will by
11:25 am
afternoon. live coverage of "america reports," 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on sunday. looking forward to spending sunday afternoon with you, john. >> john: looking forward to it. >> sandra: up next, randy response to the sexual harassment claims against andrew cuomo. >> john: plus, a vaccine milestone comes as many americans are still struggling to get a shot. our panel debates it coming out.
11:26 am
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11:30 am
reporting live from brooklyn. we are just hearing about senator kirsten gillibrand. >> bill de blasio called the allegations by a former aides to new york governor andrew cuomo, lindsay boylan. called those allegations disturbing and he wants a full investigation but new york senator kirsten gillibrand, he has been silent about these allegations when he was just asked about them. this is someone who is a big advocate for women's rights, not lead the charge against al franken during the 2018 sexual misconduct allegations against him, she says she hadn't heard or read the allegations being made by lindsay bolin and then said this. >> obviously, these allegations are serious and deeply concerning and anyone has a right to come forward, to be heard, to have allegations be investigated. governor cuomo also has a right to be heard and she has come
11:31 am
forward and denied to these allegations but ultimately, the decision will be up to the state legislature. >> punting the issue to state and local politicians. meanwhile, our peter doocy asking the press secretary jen psaki about this earlier, listen. >> the president has been consistent in his position. when a person comes forward they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. their boy should be heard, not silence, and any allegations should be reviewed. >> five new york state senators, all women, are calling on letitia james to launch a full investigation of cuomo after lindsay boylan accused cuomo yesterday of unwanted kissing and touching, kissing her in a meeting and suggesting they play strip poker on a business flight in october of 2017. cuomo's office denies the allegations. we have not yet heard from the governor himself but today,
11:32 am
steve cohen, who has known cuomo for 30 years defended him. >> i have never in my time working with the governor, the former attorney general, private citizen andrew cuomo, i have never seen anything of the like of what ms. lindsay boylan has described. his conduct has always been in my presence, with the members of other staff, appropriate. >> we were expecting to hear cuomo yesterday at a covid-19 briefing. that did not happen after the scandal broke and we are yet to hear from him today. >> john: as far as i know he is supposed to be across the street and a couple of hours. i doubt if we will hear from him, but thanks. >> sandra: out of the white house, president biden said to speak, 50 million covid-19 doses, picking up that reporting for us this afternoon.
11:33 am
>> we are at 50 million shots on day 37 of biden presidency, so president biden is on track to blow past his goal of 100 million shots during his first 100 days of office and the rarities continues to be equity. here is the vice president about an hour ago. >> the president has always known from the day he took office that addressing, ensuring that we equitably distribute the vaccine would be a big challenge because there was a lack of accurate data. >> some states are really struggling to get vaccines out to stomach both fast and equitably. earlier this month, the departments that we have come up against a push for speed and inequity that ends up being at some cost to the speed dynamic. other states like maryland are struggling with the rollout because they opted to
11:34 am
decentralize its distribution plan and essentially leave it up to individual counties, making it much more complicated. it's very clear that the states that have been the most successful have been successful largely in part because they have centralized the decision-making process at the state level by the governor and they have kept their distribution plans very simple. sandra? >> sandra: really interesting to hear the optimism from senator rand paul top of the hour say we are coming out of this, more people are getting their shots come of the situation is getting better. thank you. john? >> john: thanks, sandra. let's bring in our panel, former senior advisor to john kerry and patrick, campaign strategist. this white house has been so dismissive of everything that has happened under the trump administration in terms of vaccine distribution that i wanted to play the sound from the current head of the national institute of health who was on
11:35 am
axios hbo. >> it's just breathtaking that that got done in 11 months from when we first knew about this virus is at least five years faster than it has ever been done before. operation warp speed, for which i give a great deal of credit, was an effort that many of us were not initially convinced was going to be necessary. >> john: there you have the head of national institutes of health under the biden administration, under the trump administration, marianne says something amazing happened. does the trump administration deserve some credit for where we are now? >> everyone in the former administration involved with the effort to push the push of development of the vaccine and successfully getting it done in record time certainly deserve some credit but especially pfizer, madera and in particular who were able to have it approved. credit to one and all. the bite administration is
11:36 am
critical of the former administration, however, and rightfully so is on the production of issues that they neglected and everything had been left to this space but now you are having an issue with all the things you need to actually get shots and arms. not enough syringes, not enough ppe and that is why president biden has implemented the production defense act, to get all those things going because if vaccines are sitting there and they are not getting into arms, they are not helping anybody and that is the real problem right now. >> john: patrick, let's look at the way this evolves. the beginning of operation warp speed in the late spring. the government for the very first time passed these pharmaceutical companies to go into preproduction so at the end of vaccine development there would be a reservoir. there would be a supply of vaccines. that has never happened before. >> it not only has never happened before but we were told at the beginning of this thing, last february, these cases
11:37 am
decided to show up in europe and north america. we were told it would take up to ten years in some cases. or 18 months, if everything went perfectly. the fact of the matter is from november until december 14th when the first vaccinations went into arms, it was 11 months to develop this vaccine. not only that, but one of the things that marianne points out is the supply chain was critical. at the same time, president trump was driving these pharmaceutical companies and the science to develop a vaccine, we were also repurposing this country to build respirators and create more supply lines of ppe. lots of that stuff, testing equipment, all of that was ramped up simultaneously. again, i agree there are some areas where frankly president trump seemed a little distracted at the end of his presidency and some of his stuff didn't get follow-through, but the vaccine, that is something
11:38 am
no one can take credit away from the trump administration on. they did a hell of a job. >> john: and yet we hear joe biden say when we got here the cupboard was bare. kamala harris saying we are starting from scratch. even dr. anthony fauci said that is just not true. >> sandra: he used the word a reservoir. there really wasn't a reservoir. >> john: there were tens of millions of doses, what you mean there wasn't a reservoir? >> john, look at the statistics in the states and how many vaccines people are getting versus how many they are putting in arms. the big demand and complaint right now from governors is supply and that supply was not there and also it has been widely reported that 20 million doses are like, missing. that's a lot of people. that's a lot of arms. >> john: patrick, quick last word to you. >> i think i think governors are better at it than the federal government. some things government does well on. many things, they don't.
11:39 am
clearly, there were things joe biden picked up and thought would be very easy here that are way more difficult than the biden administration could begin to imagine. this is a nonpartisan problem but it's one that the trump administration deserves credit for in terms of getting us a vaccine of the highest efficacy, at this point. >> john: for a nonpartisan problem, people do seem to be making it an issue. good to talk to you, thank you so much. >> sandra: the media not only missing the mark on the new accusations, they are completely ignoring the scandal altogether. how we kirk on the silence, next ♪ ♪ for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy.
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11:44 am
declining to cover the claims last night. host of media buzz, does any of this surprise you? >> it reeks of hypocrisy. serious allegations from former top aides of the government, which andrew cuomo denies, and it's not just the evening newscast. zero on cnn this morning, four sentences on or before "the today show." now, if the accuser, lindsay boyland, were to go on camera or talk to journalist, which so far she has refused to do, i think the story would get so big it would be impossible to sweep under the rug. >> sandra: i will put onto the screen the two big new york newspapers, the headlines this morning not being very polite. daily news, who has protected the governor in the past, i will just ask you if this is a sign
11:45 am
that things are certainly changing for the governor, especially with folks like new york, the congressman piling on. she is now demanding answers to these brand-new accusations, listen. >> it would be nice to know where my democratic counterparts like alexandria ocasio-cortez and the representative velasquez, where are they today question rank they should be joining calls for a full investigation. >> sandra: heard new york democratic colleagues. speak up for "the new york post" has never liked, but it is noteworthy that some rivals of cuomo are speaking out, are demanding an investigation and already he is on the defensive and the nursing home scandal but to come back to this year partisanship, when the four decade old allegations were made against brett kavanaugh, many liberals, at the same time, the accuser here has some
11:46 am
corroboration, unlike christine blasey ford, actually worked closely with governor cuomo. every sexual assault allegation against donald trump got big play even though he denied it, a glaring double standard and i'm not sure this can continue. >> sandra: miranda of "the new york post" joined us top hour, she says the bully of andrew, has finally been exposed, listen. >> he covered up, he lied, he tried to force other people to make false statements on his behalf. this is a pattern of behavior that we are now being told that the democrats around andrew cuomo knew about for years, cover it up, buried, and tolerated. >> sandra: going from hero to zero for so many people who supported him and left to the governor during the final days of the pandemic. final thoughts. speak of the fact so many
11:47 am
including your democrats are accusing him of being a bully, threatening people as in the scandal certainly is not helping him. it doesn't mean with everything lindsay boyland is saying is true, we don't know, i don't want to rush to judgment but it certainly makes it more difficult for him to defend himself and he's going to have to do a lot more to respond specifically to some of these allegations of kissing and so forth. >> sandra: msnbc skipped coverage. we will see what happens today and tonight. thank you. >> john: by the way, the senate majority leader just asked about that a couple minutes ago. he declined to comment on it. an update of a story we had for you a week ago. we brought you two brothers awaiting answers for governor, after their father died in a nursing home. now their frustration turning into fury and they are taking action to get the answers they demand. stay with us. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive.
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: last week on this program we had a pair of brothers joined us who lost their father to covid in a new york nursing home. the brothers are demanding action and accountability for the actions of andrew cuomo. peter and daniel join me now. welcome back to both of you. i know this has been incredibly
11:52 am
difficult for your family but you are spending your waking hours fighting for your father. what answers have you gotten so far? where is this going for you? daniel? >> right now, we are pushing forward, but it's going nowhere from our government because they keep finding the numbers, misleading with figures that don't make sense, and so we have come together, for what's the next step. we want to look at the origins. the foundation of what happened is corrupt, everything else is going to be corrupt. >> sandra: perhaps a sign of hope for you and your brother, some republicans on the oversight committee are now pushing for answers. they are actually calling the new york attorney general to investigate this case over the director andrew cuomo deployed over nursing homes in his date.
11:53 am
>> what the oversight committee wants is we want the truth, we want to know exactly how many deaths occurred at the nursing homes, we want to know what possessed governor cuomo to have this strategy with the contagious patience and we want to make sure this never happens again. >> does that give you some hope there are growing calls to get answers to this? >> that was very well said of him, but my own party, the democratic party has to stop protecting the party and start protecting the people and seeking the truth. so what progress we've made, i haven't heard any democratic leaders from my party say they are going to have a fair investigation with subpoena power and that's what we are looking for. unfortunately, a lot of people aren't looking at the origins of this order, the march 25th order, which is behind us, and i look at that every single day and a look at it every day to
11:54 am
remind me why i am here and why i'm doing this and why am fighting for the truth for my father. and for everyone else in the thousands that perished. but we have to understand, the origins of this order, how he arrived at this disastrous directive, defended this disastrous directive for six weeks, then lied about it for ten months. that cometh to me, is the most important thing right now. if he lied at the beginning then there is just a cascade of lies. we stated publicly many times, following cdc guidelines and i want to fact-check that. >> sandra: i'm going to run out of time here. we're going to continue to have you back. we want to follow your story. you guys are pushing and pushing hard and your hearts are there and i want to point out, aoc, democrat of new york, she has called for a full investigation into this matter. there have been some democrats joining in on those calls. real quick, five seconds, thoughts for you and we will
11:55 am
have you back. >> we are moving forward and we will keep pushing for the truth for us in the 15,000 other families who lost loved ones. >> sandra: thanks to both of you for joining. our hearts go after you. thank you for your time. >> john: a lot of that is too is going to depend on what carolyn maloney does, whether or not she decides to hold an investigation into this. the pressure may be mounting. >> sandra: the pictures of their father so full of life, life taken too soon. you feel for them, the fight of their lives. we will have them back. >> john: and. we will be right back. >> sandra: yes, thanks. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes
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12:00 pm
including the run for 2024. it's interesting comment from some that say they don't want to see him relitigate the election. >> sandra: we'll see. thanks for joining us on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: thank you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. it's 3:00 p.m. and this is "the story." any moment now, we'll hear from president biden as he takes a vaccine victory lap as the 50 millionth shot is administered on a beautiful day. looks like a spring at the white house this afternoon. we're awaiting these remarks. we'll take you there live and explain it's his role in that achievement versus what was already done when he came in. one of the big questions. where does the credit go for where we are today.


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