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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 25, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the one-way trip, i'm not a fan of that. when i get sent into space i have travel orders from kennedy center, i was glad to see the return. >> neil: a lot of people are saying neil, you needn't return. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everyone come on jesse watters along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, juan williams and kennedy. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the pandemic is the best thing that ever happened to joe biden. that shocking statement reportedly coming from one of the president's top advisors. according to a new book, now white house aide anita dunn says that while americans were suffering and dying from covid, and biden campaign officials all thought covid might help their chances but would never dare say
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it in public. i wonder why. fast-forward to today today. after falsely claiming the trump white house left them without a vaccine, joe biden is putting himself on the back. he couldn't resist attacking the guy who gave him the vaccine. now, take a look. >> we are moving in the right direction despite the mess we inherited from the previous administration, which left us with no real plan to vaccinate all americans. before i became president, the previous administration saw 6 million's shots. this week we will deliver 12 million shots, double the pace. we must stay socially distant, keep washing their hands, and for god's sake, wear a mask. the question i'm asked most often is when will things get back to normal? my answer is always honest and straightforward, i can't give you a date. i can only promise that we will
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work as hard as we can to make that day, as soon as possible. >> jesse: dana, what did they say, a scandal in washington is when someone tells the truth? is that what we are looking at here? >> dana: a gaffe. close, and i could work as well. jessie, you might be too young to remember the show, the west wing. it was a great show and there was one scene i remember very well when the president is dealing with all sorts of terrible things, scandal on his hands, something happens overseas that is an actual international crisis and the press secretary says the president is glad to be talking about something that matters, and that caused a whole other scandal in the white house, and this is one of those days where you say, why do you keep kicking yourself? one of them is this gaffe. i think actually most people,
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anyone that analyzes politics and i'm including everybody, could have said that yes, obviously covid helped joe biden. we all knew that. if you remember back in february of 2020, president trump had just beat impeachment, the economy was going great, then covid happens and that is when the president's numbers started to go down and joe biden's win was very narrow, so i think it's safe to say that without covid, yes, trump would have had a second term and that's just the way it is for the situation that we are in but the other things i would say that happened, why do you keep kicking yourself, the chief of staff. reportedly, strategic genius. somebody that the white house is wow, this is going to be great. one of the things that happened today is the nominee that president biden put forward to be the director of management and budget, lots of history with mean tweets, fine.
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doesn't matter but even the bare minimum of calling bernie sanders one of her worst enemies, giving a call because he is now the chairman of the budget committee, never happened. little things like that, then he goes on tv last night and says we are going to work our hearts out to make sure that she is confirmed but even if she's not, we're going to give her a job in the white house. to me, that is okay, there's another gaffe. she basically gave everyone permission on to vote for her. the third thing is a winter meeting of the national governor, that is where president biden was giving those remarks. we all know governor andrew cuomo is under a lot of pressure here at home, and there you are, they are having kind of a jovial moment. i don't know if that is what was being said at the moment they are but over and over again they put themselves in a pretty bad position not just today. >> jesse: dana mentioned, i think it was probably
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mid-february. trump beats impeachment, fastest wage growth in 50 years a year before and the stock market is at an all-time high. peace and prosperity. right before covid hit it was looking like a layup. i think any honest broker can tell you that. >> greg: i was in a great mood then and i'm in a great mood now and that is because i'm not a democrat. i don't have to be in charge to enjoy something great for america. the fact is the rapid testing and the vaccines are tremendous. amazing, miraculous progress. whether it's to trump's credit or to the credit, stealing, lying plagiarist who is trying to steal the credit because that is what he does. we have to think about this looking backwards, the two most important impacts on the disease were vaccines and rapid testing. the two things that will pave the way back to normalcy. it's not mask wearing or social
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distancing, it's not washing your hands. those are important things but you will be doing those for the rest of your life and still die without the rapid testing and without the vaccines. we talked about how amazing the vaccines are. the fact it took ten years of progress and did it in less than eight months is insane. it's bigger than a moon shot. but then add onto that the rapid evolution of rapid testing, from april to september, actually to august, to end up with a $5 rapid antigen test out of the gate is pretty amazing. i think i said it on "the five" or somewhere that it had to be as easy as a pregnancy test to change the game and that is exactly what we have. you have the vaccine and the rapid testing happening under trump, right? and he still loses. his prioritization was flawless. it was about rapid testing and
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vaccines. he saw the imperfect solutions with the masks and the social distancing and he saw it for what it was. that's not what was going to get us through. however, he had to play the game and he wouldn't play the game. he had to pretend that this was the number one priority, masks, but he didn't do it. now history is going to be kind to trump over this and meanwhile, i have to add that, kamala harris now says it's important to get vaccine, but under president trump, she was telling her constituency not to trust the vaccine for a political reason, to hurt president trump. given the fact that minority groups have a problem, justifiably, trusting the effects of new treatment because they are often not given all the information, that does not help the situation with her saying don't trust the vaccine and now she is saying, let's trust it. that's a political move. almost as bad as withholding aid
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to americans in order to punish a president. but they did that too. >> jesse: speak to greg's point. 44 or 45 million of the vaccinations out of 50 that joe has administered were ordered and delivered by donald trump. why can't joe biden just give the guy a little credit? >> juan: i think the point he was making was pretty clear, that the plan for vaccinating so many americans just wasn't there. i don't think he said there was no vaccine or there was no warp speed plan. i think he said there was no plan for the vaccination, but i want to get back to anita dunn because i think what you set off the top is right on the money. i think a gaffe is sometimes the truth in washington. but here's the thing, her truth, i don't think it's exactly right. i don't think it's so much that it helped joe biden as it hurt
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donald trump. why did it hurt donald trump? usually people rally behind a leader in a moment of national crisis, but in this case, you know, it seems to me that trump -- by the way, you look at the governors and mayors, everybody's numbers went up but trump botched his handling of this so badly that his numbers and public trust went down. for him it was like carter with the iranian hostage crisis. he couldn't do anything right. he talked about the masks, obviously not there. you talk about straight talk, he's telling us come of the american people, something else. in fact, he engendered distressed because people said he rushed the vaccine. we don't know if they are going to be good. that is what hera said what she had to say. but it seems to me that -- >> greg: but he rushed it, that's why we have them. he rushed them. >> juan: no, people --
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>> greg: he's doing it, though, juan. he's making them. >> juan: what are you talking about? that's why it hurt him so badly, politically. >> jesse: kennedy, get a knee -- >> greg: you got the vaccine! you should thank, donald trump, juan! i'm still waiting! >> kennedy: who didn't get the vaccine, who didn't get the vaccine because of kamala harris? who didn't get the vaccine because of a righteous criticism? how many grandmothers are sitting around talking about it because they believe in her and they see what they are doing and they are so impressed with her trajectory and how plainspoken she is, and they don't get the vaccine. did that cost lives? >> greg: yes! >> kennedy: and one of joe biden's advisors to say this is the best thing that ever happened to him, tell that to the parents whose kids have committed suicide during the
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pandemic. it's beyond. i'm sorry, i don't have words for it because it is so deeply offensive and they will never get their children back. >> jesse: all right. coming up, it's a media blackout on the cuomo sexual harassment allegations, plus, why are a ton of top democrats silent about it? ♪ ♪
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some top democrats finally addressing the new scandal surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo. he is facing calls for a second investigation after a former top aide accused him of sexual harassment, including unwanted touching and kissing. it's a big story but many in the media are avoiding it. the broadcast network cnn and msnbc did not cover the allegations last night and cnn spent about 40 seconds on it today and we're still waiting to hear from these prominent democrats who champion and the me too movement. some of andrew cuomo's old comments are coming back to haunt him. back in 2018, excuse me, cuomo demanded that brett kavanaugh take a lie detector test and also he took a big swipe at the now supreme court justice. take a look at this. speak of the disrespect for women that this administration chronically exemplifies. after the me too movement, they
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did absolutely nothing when it came to sexual harassment. they have always diminished the charges of women. always, consistently. >> dana: greg, i was kind of feel bad for brett kavanaugh that any time a prominent is accused of sexual harassment they have to say, look what you did to brett kavanaugh, not even one of those accusations, wasn't clear if he ever even met the person but that is where we are. your take on this? >> greg: obviously andrew can make a path and get a path. the real victim here, chris cuomo's producers, they are quickly running out of stories, so i thought i would help them out and pitch some stories to his producers that chris could actually cover. number one, dana, the facts
2:18 pm
behind tiger woods accident, with it prudent and q that made him crash? a four our expose, worse than watergate. number two, violence, rioting and arson, why it never happened last year except for one day in d.c. and that is a six hour report and number three, the police brutality epidemic, how it swept across america, except one day in january when the police were heroes. and the final one, i really did get covid, seriously, i did, and i never left the house. so those are some stories for cc and the muscle factory. >> dana: they are having their meeting right now. kennedy, alexandria ocasio-cortez, she is giving establish democrats in new york, new york, a little trouble. she did make some comments about this today. she said the allegations are
2:19 pm
extraordinarily serious and should be heard but she also called for due process from the state legislature. once we actually get to the bottom of the situation we can figure out what accountability looks like. so that's her take on it. due process is something that should happen here, what do you think? >> kennedy: there are other democrat lawmakers in new york who are saying the same thing but they are not the ones who are making the blanket pronouncements. i believe all women. where is kirsten gillibrand, senator from new york. she is the one who wrote the playbook on how to properly respond to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. the presupposition is if someone comes forward with the claim, you believe them, you give way to that claim and andrew cuomo in that hypocritical clip right there, he was talking about the trump administration doing nothing for them he too movement and denigrating women whereas his staff was doing the same
2:20 pm
thing with lindsay boylan yesterday. they were making her out to be a liar and they were all trying to discredit what she was saying and they were all very guilty of the things andrew cuomo was so forcefully speaking against just a few years ago. so he's in a lot deeper trouble than these major networks will give him credit for, and they should be a lot more honest in their coverage of this. >> kennedy: suggested that brett kavanaugh should take a lie detector test. should he take a lie detector test? >> juan: i don't see that this is analogous. clearly, brett kavanaugh, it was very time sensitive, it was being pressed at the moment, so everything had to be done in a very condensed fashion, but you know, that's what he thinks would help him, politically, go for it. we've been talking about the cuomo nursing home scandal and by the way, i have seen this sex scandal all over, it's in
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all the papers, but what strikes me as i think on second thought, this may be bigger and more damaging to him politically than the nursing home scandal. why do i say that? because i think in the next 42 to 78 hours, other women come forward with similar charges. i think at that point, it really breaks loose on governor cuomo and you are going to see not only are you going to see aoc but i think you're going to see other democratic women began to take a side. i think that's when the tides begin to shift. i wanted to say, i don't think sexual assault should be a partisan affair but the key to this, it seems to me, is if you look at cavanagh, if you look at cuomo, the big difference is the time frame so i say the next two or three days could be absolutely critical for what happens to his approval numbers. >> kennedy: because he was in high school and cuomo was the
2:22 pm
governor. >> juan: he was up for a lifetime appointment. >> dana: she actually did work for him, there was no proof that they actually even met, yet that allegation got dragged up. jesse, what do you think? >> jesse: this is a case study about democrats get reelected. the media doesn't cover the bad news for the democrats and then they conduct the poll and the people taking the pole have never heard anything bad that the democrats have done, so they give the democrats high marks and the democrats are getting all these high marks, and then people look at this coverage and they say, we've got to reelect this guy. i mean, dana perino, the other thing they do is the choke hold. i'm going to attack this right here, why do you think nancy pelosi, hillary clinton and kamala harris haven't commented on cuomo's sexual harassment allegations?
2:23 pm
it's because they haven't gotten asked about it. you think they are what hillary's comments are about these cuomo allegations? of course not but let's say ron desantis kissed some woman, you don't think that every elected official republican on capitol hill would be swarmed with reporters? where do you stand, what do you think? in whatever they say the republican party gets backed into a corner. you now have a situation where joe biden himself was accused of sexual assault in his vp said yeah, he probably did it, he probably sexually assaulted his own staff member but the power is really important so i'm going to endorse joe biden. we are at a point now where i don't think a democrat could get me tood. because it's not 50/50 in the senate , i would like to see them
2:24 pm
circle the wagon. i guarantee you circle the wagon. i swear to god, that would happen. if they had a sex dungeon. >> dana: i was with you until the dungeon part, in which case, i wish i could hold your hand. theoretically, got it. a liberal media host gets compared to osama bin laden. see you next. ♪ ♪ [typing sounds] i had this hundred thousand dollar student debt. two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in debt. ah, sofi literally changed my life. it was the easiest application process. sofi made it so there's no tradeoff between my dreams and paying student loans. student loans don't have to take over for the rest of your life. thank you for allowing me to get my money right.
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♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. if you support the second amendment or any part of the constitution, apparently you are a terrorist. msnbc host chris hayes is
2:29 pm
comparing gun owning americans to dirtbags. >> is where does this image is it has become a trend on the right. this republican senator has built her identity around it. carrying a glock around capitol hill, posting video to make sure we all knew. last thursday she zoomed into a congressional hearing with just a mess of guns piled on the bookshelf behind her. lots of people immediately noted the use of guns that way and the implicit threat that comes with them has a long, not necessarily great history among various movements around the globe. osama bin laden, for one, liked to pose in front of a bookshelf with guns prominently displayed. >> dana: i look at someone like chris hayes my first thought is pity because someone like that would never survive in the wild. unlike jesse. >> jesse: i have no pity on that guy. you didn't sound good.
2:30 pm
if you look at american history, every single american president has displayed a weapon prominently in their home. i would say majority of the house and senate today owns firearms. i would also hazard a guess that if you go from the mid atlantic down through the south and then all the way out right until you get to california, that every single statewide democrat state elected official owns a gun, so it's ignorant to say that just because you own a firearm makes you a terrorist. i would say the host of msnbc would probably be a loyalist during the revolutionary war. he would have sided with the british, he would have been a traitor and you can't trust a guy like that. it's fine to have a weapon and display it prominently, it's your second amendment and the second amendment shall not be infringed. >> kennedy: not only the
2:31 pm
second amendment but a natural right. when people in the left complain about guns they arbitrarily try to categorize guns without really knowing how to shoot or knowing anything about firearms but they all catalogue where the people with the guns are because people who have guns have food and water as well, so they know when society starts to fall apart, as we saw it falling apart in many big cities last summer, you are going to have to have somewhere to go, so you better be nice to those gun folks, juan. >> juan: i don't know, you are overwhelming, kennedy. i'm just going to stick with the topic which is the congresswoman. i think that she did that show of guns intentionally. i think she did it to appeal to the pro-gun crowd and i think she did it to shove it in the face of people who want more restrictions and feel like we have a proliferation's of guns, too many guns in america today, so i don't see how you could complain when you do something
2:32 pm
to intentionally get attention and then you get the attention and people say, why are you showing off these guns? but you don't have to make a show of it as a political statement in the way that she did. >> jesse: of barack obama and john kerry -- what is she -- okay, okay. hang on. that is not what we are talking about. those were not hunting weapons. >> kennedy: how do you now? how do you know? >> jesse: juan, they are! >> juan: washington, d.c., is a pretty safe city. we've got a ton of police here and right now today, the capitol hill acting police chief said the biggest threat is that these people who attacked on january 6th want to blow up the capital when joe biden comes to give a speech to the congress. that is why the fencing is still up, so that is the biggest threat but she is appealing to that crowd.
2:33 pm
>> kennedy: so is she tantamount to osama bin laden? >> greg: there is kind of a flaw in chris hayes' impenetrable logic. bin laden seen in a picture with a gun, therefore guns are bad, try to remember what killed bin laden. was it a slinky? >> dana: smallpox. >> greg: smallpox, thank you for correcting me. we saw a huge leap in gun sales for good reason. the media are great at selling guns. when you push for defunding police, the message to the citizen is i've got to defend myself. when you see violent demonstrations are justified as opposed to peaceful ones by people in the media on cnn, you add that to the defunding message, you're going to turbocharge gun sales and rightly so. finally, when you see the media advocating the end to oppositional speech, if you dare think there was something wrong with the election or you think your rights are being imposed, the second amendment is there to
2:34 pm
protect your first amendment, so all of these things are coming together, and, basically with this is about is trump supporters. there is a poll that shows that democrats, their number one fear is trump supporters, so this is part of that whole media conjuring up this evil domestic terror fantasy, as if the trump supporters were the ones who killed dozens on the street during riots or set fire to buildings or caused billions of dollars in damage or riots in i don't know how many cities. anyway, i will stop now because i think i made my point. >> juan: but the fbi says that the -- are the biggest threat -- >> kennedy: you changed your name to dana, that is so exciting. try buying ammo right now, they are not just going after guns. >> dana: we should delve into that topic when we have a little bit more time, ammunition,
2:35 pm
buying it, and also liability when it comes to ammunition. a communications tip from dana, talking about fellow americans, do not ever compare somebody to hitler or osama bin laden. >> greg: can we compare them to you? >> dana: sure. >> greg: that is so dana perino. >> kennedy: i wish someone would say that about me. a left-wing hand out hitting the joe biden stimulus bill being called a bailout for bureaucrats. that's next. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right.
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>> juan: joe biden and democrats taking plenty of heat over what is in their massive $2 trillion covid bill. republicans taking issue with what is called a bailout for bureaucrats. it would create a special fund for federal workers. they would get 15 weeks of paid leave to stay home with their kids if they have to do remote learning. jesse, obviously, republicans are still fighting but i'm wondering if making this bill popular is becoming a lost cause. a poll this morning, 76% of americans support the bill including 60% of republicans. what do you think? >> jesse: i think if they knew what was in it they wouldn't support that much, and americans love free money, so let's go, let's just keep renting it. it's morally wrong but i will give her credit, what she is doing is paying off the federal government employee parents to
2:41 pm
not complain about their children's schools being closed, so she is running interference from the teachers unions. they're closing all the schools and all these parents are complaining, i've got to send my kid to school, what are you doing question right then she is saying hush, hush, here's some hush money, we are going to pay an extra $5,600 a month to be quiet and stop complaining and keep your kids home. you think that's fair? i don't think i should be paying a federal employee union person so they can, you know, get a bonus for staying home. i don't think that's fair. >> juan: all right. the bank of america is projecting 6% growth in gdp this year, 2021. that would be the biggest jump in year-over-year in 40 years. do you think republicans just don't like this bill because the bank of america says the number
2:42 pm
one reason for that big jump will be the stimulus package. >> kennedy: now, i think republicans really like money. they used to be able to keep more of that when there was a republican leadership you're not so much anymore because everyone spends way too much money. yes, and 44 states will actually see a surplus if this passes and many of those states were in the red before the pandemic so i think the measure should be if you are mismanaging your stay before the pandemic you do not get a federal bailout and states like florida and south dakota that have mostly remained open that have much greater tax receipts and lower unemployment, people who live there will be forced to pay for states that have these lock downs, and that is the moral, the federal government is too big and employees don't need another payoff. >> juan: just a few minutes ago, alexandria ocasio-cortez, the new york congresswoman said that democrats are lucky that
2:43 pm
progressive don't want a $24 minimum wage as opposed to 16. what do you think? >> dana: i think she's been busy this afternoon. she has a lot of comments to make and we certainly cover the heck out of them. why not $30 an hour. i see her $24 and raise another 6. the thing about it, you mentioned that people think the bill is popular, and the polls do show that. but that's as deep as it goes. i think most people out there that are trying to feed their families, get their kids educated in whatever way they can are like, we need relief for people who have been struggling. if they knew there was something in here that would help chuck schumer with his constituency from new york to canada, what about that little transportation deal they want to do out in silicon valley to help people get to work even though people aren't even going to work in silicon valley because they are all working from home, i
2:44 pm
think it's popular but one of the reasons is because the biden team was smart. they said, let's just do this. let's do it fast, let's not have any hearings about it, let's do it on reconciliation. it might be popular now but i don't know if it will be popular in a little while in the senate. >> juan: greg, it seems like death by 1,000 cuts. republicans don't like it here and there. would you vote against this bill? >> greg: i would, for a number of reasons. it is a money-laundering scheme for the government to pay the government. they are actually paying the federal workers. this is their import, export business. jesse said, they are greasing everybody's palms to make sure everybody minds their own business. it definitely goes back to the teachers unions, who are probably now going to brand in person learning as racist any day now because frankly, the government cares less about helping you than helping
2:45 pm
themselves. and, finally, this is the biggest outrage of all. and nobody talks about it. we are paying federal workers to stay home with their kids, what about federal workers who don't have kids? i'm tired of this discrimination. am i going to have to reproduce in order to be treated equally in this country? because frankly, i don't have it in may. >> jesse: please don't reproduce, greg. i don't want to have another got greg gutfeld. >> juan: up next, don't call him mr. potato head anymore. why the classic toy brand is getting a new name. that story, next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: all right, welcome back. mr. potato head is going gender-neutral, changing the name. the classic brand to be more inclusive. by the company says that the mr. and mrs. potato head characters will stay. i am very confused by this.
2:50 pm
they're dropping the mr. so now they are just called potato head, which is essentially cultural appropriation anyway of a potato pasta best life. what do you think wes marks before i never put it together. mr. potato or mrs. potato and gender, it's like a non sequitur for me. i never sexualized mr. potato head. [laughter] >> dana: that's good to know. >> greg: that's going to end up in court. kennedy, on the hasbro website, they make disney princess dolls, shouldn't they be gender-neutral too if i want to be a princess? i am. >> dana: you won pretty pretty princess when we played it in the makeup room today. but when i was reading the story, a sensitive, mean person would think is how nice that
2:51 pm
brian seltzer got his own toy but i wouldn't say that because i think that is cruel and offensive and i think that's wonderful. we should soften the edges of every experience a child might have in case, on the off chance they are potentially may be offended. >> greg: there is still the old, white rich guy. what is he doing there? >> dana: i think that one is okay. i loved playing with mr. and mrs. potato head. i love those games so much but i think the company needs to change its name. hasbro. >> greg: it's a very, very true. i had no idea there was a mrs. potato head. i guess she was always in the kitchen! see, that's the sexist joke that we have to get stopped in america. i am disgusted by my own phraseology.
2:52 pm
what about g.i. joe? hasbro, should that be gender-neutral? g.i. pat? >> jesse: g.i. jane. that's what i don't get, you have mr. potato head, is having a gender, is that a bad thing? i just can't help but think, i'm a grown man on national television and i'm talking about the of mr. potato head. what am i doing with my life? >> kennedy: there is no! genitalia! >> jesse: that's how i played with it. >> greg: you know what, i am outraged, there is still no transformers. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for "one more thing," i told you guys about the rollerblading unit in the pakistani police. the nypd has a similar idea. if they have a robotic k-9 unit now here in new york city. it's a 70-pound robot, it can climb stairs and carries a small payload. it can record video and it actually was sent to the bronx to investigate a home invasion. apparently it did a great job there. so, you will start seeing these all over the streets of new york city. it don't kick it because it's very expensive. but it can't be accused of racism because it's just a robot. this is the world we're living in and you're going to see it's
2:58 pm
on the streets very soon. >> greg: i just don't want to step on it. [laughter] >> dana: jesse, the weather is warming up, we are equally anticipating the birth of your baby in april and i found the best vacation spot for you. for the baby moen, this is in west palm beach, florida, and it is starting a complementary butler for all the guests. this is the bend west palm hotel partnering with a local bookstore and they will bring you topical and timely books. you want a new book you dial zero and it comes with the book of butler will hand you a new book and this is perfect radio. >> jesse: will they deliver your new book to me, dana? >> dana: it possibly could, speaking of that, march 11th just announced today, i'll be doing a bit with a george w. bush and margaret spelling will talk about
2:59 pm
everything will be okay. you better believe it. >> jesse: excellent. okay, greg gutfeld, go ahead. >> greg: greg's celebrity sighting, i would expect demand to mike was excited downtown. jude law. i recognize his walk from the road to perdition, an adorable dog. but he's got a little neurological thing, happy dog, he's got the morning the misfits reminds me of jude law. anyway, i'll shut up. >> jesse: it's funny, yeah. he actually looks like jude law and that's what funny. go ahead, juan. >> juan: now we have one more turtle, how many turtles? i have good news out of texas. take a look at thousands of turtles being put back into the
3:00 pm
gulf of mexico. there were pulled from frigid waters last week, they couldn't swim, their bodies began to freeze. but the temperatures are back in the 70s and the turtles are back in the water. >> jesse: all right. i think bret baier is interviewing the turtles tonight on "special report." mitch mcconnell with bret baier. could you ask mitch mcconnell a question for us? i want to get his answer on mr. potato head going genderless? i want to see what he thinks about that, ask him that. >> bret: what happened to mrs. potato head, right? [laughter] she now also genderless? >> greg: she disappeared on a hiking trip. to be when you have any other questions for senator mcconnell? >> jesse: you don't like the genderless thing? >> bret: i think it's okay. anything e


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