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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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yes, we tried to get to the truth every single night. news he won't get from the media mobou ever. anyway, in the meantime, oh, apparently laura's not here. i can do a monologue like i do -- >> laura: we had a little thing. i had a thing with my earring. >> sean: i was like screaming. >> laura: i had to put my earring in,rr sorry. there's a lot going on here. >> sean: and albert, i was going to be able to charge fox and get paid for another hour. >> laura: you know, you have no idea what we go through here. >> sean: time and to have for overtime. >> laura: no, no, sean i'm telling you, this show before the show is really the show. that would be the show. we're going to do itbe sometime. >> sean: the behind-the-scenes
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think i'm of the, people that makeup and hair. >> laura: there are the best. >> sean: i do my own every night,>> believe it or not, it might surprise people i do it fast it takes about 3030 second. >> laura: okay, we don't care about you. >> sean: i hope something's going that hannity's hair is out of place, the makeup also. >> laura: is the aqua net. >> sean: oh, really? old spice too? >> laura: all right, we got to roll. >> sean: conversations when you talk about the great people, the hair and makeup people are wonderful people. >> laura: hannity, thank you. >> sean: you're digging a grave! >> laura: we've got to roll, i'm laura ingraham this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. should the u.s. we cut the beijing olympics? my angle later lays out the argument for the boy cart. mike pompeo offers his thoughts
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and are we debuting a brand-new segment today? you bet, the "the ingraham angle" mystery guest. throughout the show, we will give you clues before we reveal the big name. fromom the world of music, entertainment, sports, could be anything and that's in the last block. tonight, first clue, he got butterflies before this year's super bowl. but first, we've been warning you for six weeks that the tragic events of january 6thpr could provoke a dangerous response. unfortunately, that's exactly what's happening. democrats andnd the media allies continue to peddle peddle the toxic narrative that sleeper cells of trump supporter's are lying in wait and ready to commit terror at any moment. there perceived threats, more committee hearings, ultimately some sort of surveillance apparatus that will look like the patriot act on steroids.
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one of the most disturbing developments of latee are the experts being used to propagate their big lie. the latest example came during the house judiciary committee hearing on white supremacy terrorism. the democrat star witness was a man name malcolm nance, and msnbc contributor. now, this was the conclusion of the opening statement yesterday. speak at the former president 2020 defeat led to a completely new wave of organization. that could potentially realize the most violent fever dream fantasy that patriotic resistance fighters. if they don't understand that there is a i national rejectionf their behavior, then they may feel compunction to act on the potential. >> laura: pbe, potential violence extremism.
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since he feels comfortable describing 74 million trump voters as resistance fighters, it's only fair we take a closer look at him. let's start with the smearing of pro-life christians. if you take that broadbrush characterizations of terrorists, anything new, look at this from 2015. >> you can't differentiate between the islamic terrorist then a christian they are very well organized and the antiabortion movement. ideologically, there almost the same. >> laura: unbelievable, two years later that mr. nance, publicly called for violence infamously tweeting about trump tower, my nominee for first isis suicide bombing of a trap property. he deleted the tweets but did not apologize and of course that only endeared him to the liberal media even more. as msnbc's intelligence leading
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experts, 2019 he compared trump to history's greatest trader. >> when benedict arnold gave the planne to west point to major andre, they did not have any real any plans looking at the benedict arnold. >> laura: that's totally normal. totally normal stuff. it gets worse, months later nance made another absurd claim. >> donald trump had been on the russian intelligence surveillance for a long time. as early as 1977. from that moment on, an enormous dossier of information was collected on him and more importantly, how to exploit him. >> laura: statements like that should be totally discredited, but not long afterwards, he was spreading even more baseless lies. >> donald trump is believed to be backed by russian oligarchs
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at the direction of vladimir putin because they needed a conduit to launder their money. donald trump has russia as an equal partner if not vladimir putin as a replacement for his father. a strong leader who will just kill whoever gets in his way and trump admires that. >> laura: being a liberal means you never have to say you're sorry. following the events of january 6, he went on msnbc and made another whack job prediction. >> what's next with these people? because we saw the attack on the capitol is the ultimate white privilege. they knew like an enemy that was really similar to theirs, they can close in on law enforcement. they are going to become more dangerous. >> laura: more dangerous? this is all about laying the predicate for the surveillance of fellow americans. crushing civil liberties in the
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process. then using folks like nance to pursue it. joining now, andy no. he appeared opposite nance at yesterday's hearing. also with may come a former fbi assistant director chris. going to you first, chris, are you concerned about what's obviously the politicizing of domestic terror and where will this all end up leading? >> unfortunately, this is an area of the law that's easily politicized by the media and politicians because it involved u.s. citizens by definition that involves the first amendment. so, there's a temptation here to go after ideas and ideology instead of actions. the law punishes actions or attempts to commit illegal acts or conspiracies, but not simply expressingsi an opinion. i think that is where -- this is where it's headed based on the hearing i saw yesterday when they brought in the week not.
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this is why congressss congressional hearings nobody puts any stock in them, they're not credible. >> laura: earlier today, you told me on the podcast that the democrats largely ignored you in the hearing until the end when i think it was sheila jackson lee ask you a question. what happened?yo >> she asked me who the leaders of antifa as if i had that claim. it's as silly of a question about who is the leader of the far right. there's many different groups and a thomas modly organized that make up antifa. also for nance, yesterday, when i was giving testimony, he kept downplaying all the points i was making about the violent extremism comparing it to unruly super bowl revelers. i've found to those comparisons quite vague.
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organizedsu violence has led to people being maimed, killed, i myself was beaten and nearly killed in 2019. so, i mean, this is through the looking glass, one of the star witness on the hearing of domestic terrorism and somebody who called for a suicide bombing on a trump tower. >> laura: shock? we say it's shocking, but it gets worse. something else he said at yesterday's hearing. watch. >> major violent extremism including the ku klux klan, the heritage groups. neo-nazis, fascist international groups, christian identity groups, antiabortion extremism, neck or nationalists, the 2016 election of donald trump is a tribal chieftain they can all rally behind. >> laura: he used the phrase tribal chieftain, i think that's questionable appropriating cultural references.
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so, anyone affiliated with w conservative pro-life groups, pro-border enforcement groups, antitax groups are part of a domestic extremist mobs that need to be surveilled? really? >> that the case in point right there. if that's how far he can take it. the fbi loosely defined four types of industry mists and they involve the far left in the far right wing extremists. you noticet his testimony madep several categories on the right wing and you talk about nothing about the far leftr extremists. again, look at the credibility of the congressional hearings, this witness knows nothing about terrorism as far as i can tell. i investigated terrorism for my 24 years in the fbi. domestic terrorism is the most difficult area to investigate again because it involves first amendmentve rights, if the walk the balance between
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ideology and action, and when he transforms into action, that's when it becomes prosecutable and investigated and investigated. >> laura: their criminalizing thought. if you're a a trump supporter and you ever intended a trump rally and had a good time, you're in the suspect class. it's so obvious when you go and see the razor wire which i sanscapitol hill which is discug in an abomination, and you see the hearings. they are calling at msnbc, the hosts called blm over the summer a false flag. so, real terror criminality is blown off is no big deal, false flag. for a boy and the painted face, other criminality on capitol hill is a sign of more things to come. >> my take away from the hearing
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yesterday is i'm just really disturbed and scared about american public safety lawmakers in d.c. are getting advice from so-called professionals and experts who deal the burning of buildings on occupied by people useless by bombs, homemade explosives is merely civil disobedience. >> laura: gentlemen, both of you tonight, thank you so much. the real reason why the left is constantly hammering the nadomestic terrorism narrative, they want to keep trump out of politics and away from the base. those dreams came crashing down today as cpac kicked off and it's clear that trump is still in the driver's seat. even mick ronnie admitting the 2024 nomination, if he wants it. he was formally disinvited from cpac by my next guest running ml now. matt schlapp, matt, there's a
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big question i think a lot of people are asking beyond future elections. you know, how can we have a leader of ideas without a sense of where donald trump is going giving the fact that he is still the biggest figure out there. >> how outrageous is it that in america he could literally get silenced and cut offra from 90 million followers on social media. i think what happens throughout the year with the pandemic and heso many other things left a bg chunk of our country, very despondent over the state of things. they were cut off from the candidates in the president they voted for, i think that there's something conservatives and republicans don't overly emotional eyes things. but there's something special about the moment wheret the president will be live on stage and speaking to the people across this country where hungry
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to hear what his perspective is at the time. >> laura: you've made an excellent point about the need for americans to be together. people to be with one another, social animals, we need to be with each other. the idea that everyone's walled off, and the protective bubbles for lord knows how long, till fauci says we can be free again. it's not working. i think you're sitting on the basis of a lot of the cpac attendees just to be together. >> that'ss right, our theme is america on campus because governor hogan canceled it and said in the state of maryland it would be unsafe to have cpac. so what state can we go to and there is no better state than florida because ron desantis who i call america's governor had aa' common sense approach to this. he believed that individual has the right to govern their health care concerns. he never allowed searches to be closed. the economy is open for
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business. this hotel wanted the business and the people here are right. they are beaming because they're not being told that it is wrong to be out there socializing and talking about saving their country. >> laura: the blue states will be left behind in their being left behind. governor hogan, shame on you. not a big fan of what's happening in florida. >> cpac isn't about conservatism anymore. cpac is about trump's and donald trump until they will follow him right off the cliff if that's where they lead. he leads them, they are playing a shrinking base. >> laura: gloria, a world a world-renowned expert in conservatism, a shrinking, base. >> i don't tend to follow the advice of cnn but look, there's this one point which is the conservative movement is not about a singlebo voice, it's abt lots of voices.
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wees have a star-studded lineupf great conservatives but here is what 95% of the coalition of republicans and conservatives and the new bank of people. they believe what donald trump, after four years, basically eight years of accomplishments arthat were shrunk at the four years, they're overjoyed that we had a president that did the things that they talked about and fought like for them. if it's donald trump running for president, that's what they want. >> laura: american first conservatism. if you so much, good luck this weekend. okay, time for second clue for tonight's mystery guest. now, he shares the same number as mickey mantle and john elway. who could that be. up next, my ankle explains why the u.s. boycott of the beijing
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we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction... ...and learn how much you can save at ♪ ♪ >> laura: and now, boycotting the beijing games, that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the following of indisputable facts, china is a brutal dictatorship, a repressive regime. china does not recognize individual freedom, freedom to worship, speak for a late, government. in fact, china and tortured political dissidents. has more than 1 million muslims in reeducation camps. how does china keep its citizens in line?
11:22 pm
1.3 billion. through intimidation and fear, for sure. a vast surveillance network. according to bbc, by 2018, there is about 200 million surveillance cameras in china. at the number is expected to reach 560 million, roughly one for every 2.4 centimeters. peaceful protesters in hong kong tried their bestt to avoid being caught on surveillance cameras, bow down and kind of walk below them, but ask wearing was a bigger help than their camera dodging. and china's aggressive ambitions esaren't limited to its own borders of course in asia. they want the entire world with america being the crown jewel. dominating america means defeating us economically. to advance the goal, they are
11:23 pm
infiltrating american education systems. one estimate puts a number of chinese duty students at 350,000 at americanan institutions. colleges and universities have become infested with agents. one recent example is the university of texas professor who the feds accused of stealing proprietary technology from a u.s. tech start-up. handing it over to the ccp controlled while way. late last year, dhs warned that chinese made drones were providing critical infrastructure and law enforcement data to the chinese government. what is the ccp want the data for? what did they plan to do with it? the first part, desperate for cash and supporting a struggling economy. it doesn'tst seem to care that much about human rights in china. >> the chinese president spoke
11:24 pm
e yesterday and he and i agree n that, we see a need for naturalism. >> we need to find a corporatism. >> america's back, diplomacy is back . it's the center of foreign policy. america's back. ready to leave the world. >> laura: well, translation, translation, appeasement is upon us. it's funny that they never seem tose hesitate when it's time to criticize us, the voters. they have no problem criticizing people and demarco believe america first. but china backs away. how will they leave the world if it has to go in hand to an evil regime like china? that's giving in. joe biden claims that america's back and wants to be a world leader. if that is really true, he
11:25 pm
should start by announcing a boycott of the 2022 winter games in beijing. then convince the allies and elsewhereer to join the boycott. when the olympic committee let hitler host the berlin games, it was a dark day that lasted for decades. it was a big propaganda and a coup for the. it will be the exact same for the chinese communists. imagine president xi walking into the stadium, lording over the crowd packed and tight to show the decadent west, boy, you guys having overcome covid but we have with this air of superiority. if we are there, the united states is there, the ccpp will argue that our complaints about human rights won't mean anything. that we are just too weak to resist china. we will only do what we are told. observers around the world i'm afraid will agree.
11:26 pm
past, we've had presidents who were brave enough to take on rogue regimes. heck, jimmy carter stood up to the u.s. in 1980. biden can stand up to the ccp today. i'm not holding my breath. for most of his career, old joe has defended china from its critics. he is still doing so. >> the idea i'm not going to speak out against what he's doingwh in hong kong, when he is doing with the leaders in western mountains of china. taiwan, chimed in, one china policy by making it. he gets in, culturally, there is different norms of each country and the leaders are expected to follow them. >> laura: different cultural norms, the whole thing they're doing but all mouth the words. you see what he did there? of course, the establishment figure such as mitt romney, they are pushing back on the idea of a boycott claiming it would
11:27 pm
punish our athletes. to be blunt, that's just pathetic. the angle of course empathizes withe the athletes. of course, the ioc, they should never have awarded the games to china in the first place. bubut rewarding china's after te action surrounding the virus and its gross human rights abuse? it's not an option. china is desperately seeking legitimacy on the world stage and we should not give it to them. of course, corporate america no problem, they associate with china and we know it from what nike hasgi done. u.s. companies who are top-tier sponsors in the a 2020 games. it's a big one. the institute disagrees with the boycott as well. he argues the solitary or almost solitary hold up by the u.s. might make some feel righteous but it's likely to be counterproductive.
11:28 pm
in a unitary action would highlight americans isolation. beijing would feel emboldened, more convinced no one would be prepared to confront even its worst behavior. it's kind of unpersuasive, the boycott would show the world that we are not going to treat china as a normal country anymore. perhaps we could not convince some of our allies to join the boycott, but they would probably side with china no matter what we do. at least we would not be selling out our own principles. the biden administration apparently has not made reportedly a final decision on china. again, that's what they claim. regardless what the u.s. government and the international olympic committee decide to do, we as consumers should all refuse to watch the games. the ioc gets an enormous amount of money for the u.s. tv rights and we need to show nbc that the rights will be worthless if they insist on acting as ccp promoter
11:29 pm
and legitimize her. allowing china to become the most powerful country was a catastrophic failure of u.s. policymaking with blame from everyone from george w. bush to joe biden. but if we want to remain independent ourselves, we americans will have to get used to the idea of sometimes being a lonely beacon for freedom in the world. a world dominated now by dictatorship, and techno craft. for 2022 olympics will be a good place to start. that's the "angle." joining me now, former secretary of state, mike pompeo. secretary pompeo, why should the world community honor beijing with its presence? >> laura, thanks for having me. that's a pretty good catalogue of what's taking place with the chinese communist party today. we shouldn't honor the chinese communist party with this. indeed, president biden talked about wanting to lead to
11:30 pm
coalitions and that's a great place to start. we knew this kind of thing, laura, when we went up we recognized it was dangerous for her and the american people. it's a lonely place out there for the secretary of state traveling the world. we should do the same thing with the olympics, we could get every country to recognize we don't want to recognize the chinesee communist party with a period of july 1st last year, they passed the national security law, what athlete wants to travel to china and know that if you said anything about the chinese communist party, you're likely to be arrested. it's designed to shut people up and we've seen the outcome of the issue with the general manager of the houston rockets. this national security laws dangerous and i would tell any athlete thinking about going to china to be very careful about the things you say because that's precisely the kind of prohibition that the chinese, and his party wants to do so they continue to expand the propaganda efforts. that idea ioc to a word the
11:31 pm
movement of the games to someplace other than china. >> laura: scale 1 to 10, one least likely, ten most likely, what will the biden and administration do you think? >> i'm going to root for them to get it right, laura. >> laura: you're being charitable. of >> haven't seen tremendous strength they are. we've seen them declared that, but we haven't seen themt honor the commitments to come. we saw what happened in the previous administration, when rwanda was engaged in we walked away from it. same actress today at the state department. i hope they get it right here. >> laura: secretary blinken, back to that point, he agreed with the year that china is guilty of. was committed against the leaders. that hasn't no changed. again, the secretary of state says they are guilty of
11:32 pm
committing ongoing against a million muslims or more, we don't know the whole figures. if we are going to fly over to beijing and give president xi's greatest propaganda coup, the facte that we have been considering that to me is almost takes your breath away. i was going to ask about the air strikes tonight in syria. a lot of people saying that there were iran backed forces responding to a rock. but i was critical of president trump bombing syria and likewiseofs being skepticalf this. isn't this what china wants? is getting bogged down in the middle east even more? >> you've got to protect and establish deterrence. we did it a couple times and it was effective, i don't know what targets they went after. i just hope it wasn't bombs in the desert, i hope they win something that threaten the united states of america. if not it's useless. don't need to get bogged down there to take an air strike that
11:33 pm
we could do it getting in, getting out. we've got to make sure we deter the iranians every place. the iranians will only be rewarded with more terror from them from them. >> laura: secretary pompeo, one final question. a lot of young people across the country love tiktok. you guys in the trump and mr. schumer trying to force the sale of tiktok by chinese interests and that's on hold by the biden administration. it looks like china's interest in tiktok will continue and how big of a mistake is not? >> my advice to parents hasn't changed. just say no. tell your kids stay away from it, their information for my friend's information, data handed to the chinese government. they will continue done the same path we did and prevent the chinese communist party from being inside our talking vacations infrastructures stealing american information. >> laura: secretary pompeo,
11:34 pm
thank you so much. joe biden and the medical congress advising him do not want like to get back to normal. how do you explain what they said just the last 24 hours? are medicine cabinet is here to react. next. ♪ ♪ ♪ and so are lost for good♪ ♪ and some of them are pretty flawed ♪ ♪ and some of them are slightly odd ♪ ♪ but many are small businesses that simply lack the tool ♪ ♪ to find excited people who will stop and say 'that's cool'♪ ♪ and these two, they like this idea ♪ ♪ and those three like that one.♪ ♪ and that's 'cause personalized ads ♪ ♪ find good ideas for everyone ♪ beauty's age-defying formulas
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♪ ♪ >> the question that asked most often is one well things get back to normal? i can't give you the date, i can only promise we will work as hard as we can to make the day
11:39 pm
come as soon as possible. if this is a victory lap. everything is not fixed. we have a long way to go, it's not over yet. getting close. >> laura: cases and death plummets, that's the message from your president? but he's not alone, if you think of vaccine iss your ticket to normal existence, the director of the nia, dr. francis collins is not so fast, kids. >> and even after vaccination, you don't know exactly whether it is still possible for that person to carry the virus. it might be, until we have better data, masks are important. i know people are tired of them, i'm tired too. but it's a life-saving medical device. to put it on even if you're doing, that's fine. >> laura: joining me now is dr. harvey rich. and paul, former advisor to hhs.
11:40 pm
it dr. rich, is it that they are bad messenger this or is there something else going on with collins on the issue of the masks and thee vaccine? >> honestly, i don't know how we can save masks are a life-saving measure when there is no evidence to suggest that. trying to argue, that's fine, but to call them a life-saving measure is totally beyond anything that scientific and knowable. >> laura: well, so, you're saying that the push here is -- you can pick this up, paul, this is about pushing more vaccines like more booster shots even after you get the vaccines to keep getting boosters every year, like other things like the flu. >> yes, i think what we are seeing, this is almost like you
11:41 pm
do something when you see that there is no evidence to back up for what they are saying. there are two issues that are very complex. one, the vaccine, i think what dr. collins is passingg here, this vaccine is effective but not equal. these vaccines don't produce that kind of neutralizing agent that's required for the body to provide death. he's pushing masks that the evidence shows, we love together that, they're not effective and actually harmful. it confuses me why such high-level people could not see it coming. it's a little nonsensical what they are saying.
11:42 pm
>> laura: dr. rich, a lot of the reports on masks have been done with dummies, correct? there's one study done, but there is one i could examine infections in humans and it kind of shows it's all a wash, correct? >> i don't know who they dummies are. the investigators are the subjectsts. but they don't show much. there's not enough measurement capability and the masks are in functionally enough to show enough benefit or harm. if they might show a little but it's not enough. they also show that they don't work as well as we want them to. we want them to work, but they don't work that well. wothey might work a little. >> laura: one thing we keep hearing from the medical cartel as i call them, fearmongering over the virus variance. here's the latest example. >> we have to be concerned because we know some of the
11:43 pm
variance or causing an increase of transmissibility, even the numbers aremi declining pretty dramatically in the u.s. we have to wonder if it's going to be short-lived. when year hearing about the decline in new york and florida are not as fast as we might have expected. >> laura: dr. alexander, why are they still pushing the variance issue? cases plummets and as we see deaths and hospitalizations from brazil, india, prevalent testig at 56 and aboard the 66% in some cities. people were exposed to the virus and a huge number of variance. >> laura, when you said is actually fact. hospitalizations,d and of coure america in the world. the fact of the matter is the viruses, they will undergo
11:44 pm
mutations. it's a fact of life. generally, the mutations are done right. less lethal, less pathogen, less infectious form. it's something we know and not something that's a big problem. we kind of do an echoing of what we have seen but this is more for pushing vaccines. arming the public with the truth, insensibly speaking reasonable precautions to go on with their lives. >> laura: we've got to roll but i'm going to post this in the prevalent study. how many people and what percentage of people have been affected and exposed to the virus. it is fascinating. gentlemen, thank you so much. it's almost time for you to find out who are net humectants rick estes. the final clue, the
11:45 pm
fighting irish. have your guess is ready, the big reveal, next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now, we've been giving you hints throughout the show and it's finally time to find out who our mystery guest is. let's review the cloaks, number one, before this year's super bowl our mystery guest says he has butterflies. if numberbu two, he shares the same jersey numbers as mickey mantle and john elway. number three, he plays for the fighting irish. this is so hard to, i will give youu a bonus one. he once acted in a movie with burt reynolds. oh, come on, who could this be? reveal yourself, super bowl
11:50 pm
champs john size men, the author of how to be a champion every day. joe, first of all, thank you for being our very first mystery guest. i know will be one of the most popular segments on the show and your edits. that's pretty cool, right? >> laura, i am flattered, that you asked me to do your first show. i guess i have been a man of mystery for so many years. all of a sudden you crowned me a man of mystery. i appreciate being with you but yeah, those little hints bring back some very interesting memories for me. >> laura: one thing i want to talk about right away is your start and you grew up in new jersey. you wear a caddy at one point, which was your first big golfing experience. tell us about that. >> i had no idea how to hit a golf ball and i'm trying to
11:51 pm
figure it out. all these years later. but i was looking for a way to make some money. i used to work at my dad's gas station cleaning windshields and headlights for a little bit of moneybi. i'm talking about nickels and dimes. one of my buddy said, hey, why don't you think about caddying? he said, well, you just carry around a golf bag, just walk around. i can do, that. really, it introduced me to the game of golf but i didn't get passionate about it until much later in my life. if you have to start somewhere when it comes to earning a living. >> laura: how important is it for young people to learn the value of a box? if you got a buck tipped back then, that's a big deal. $1, that's a lot. >> i had to settle for $0.50, okay? that's a big deal at that point in time. i think it's important that the young people today understand that if you work for something
11:52 pm
and you earn it, it isn't just a question of puttingt money in your pocket but there is a satisfaction that you feel that you've accomplished something. i'm not a big fan of participation trophies. i believe that if you work hard enough and you put your heart into it, that you're going to be able to feel really good about what you're doing and probably going to have some success. >> laura: you have aso relationship with my former boss, president reagan, bakken '84 i believe it was, he told you the redskins had brought this town together like nothing else had. what was it like to hear him say that then can you tell us more about that meeting with reagan? >> it was such an honor, first of all to meet president reagan. the second thinghe is, after the second half of 81, migo 12-1 in the championship, 16-3 back to another championship, back to anotherth playoff.
11:53 pm
having an opportunity to have lived in the city of washington in 1974 until the period of time, those ten years, i admired president reagan. first of all we talked about the giver, his nickname because he played george in iraq all america. for me , a fellow notre dame or period of about one the most genuine real people that i had e opportunity to spend time with. >> laura: there is something called "this or that." i'm going to name two things and you just, pick whatever you like better. there is no right answer. since you are a jersey boy, we're going to focus on things that have divided that state for decades. we start now. giants are jets? >> jets. >> laura: bruce ohr bon jovi?
11:54 pm
>> bon jovi. >> laura: sauber hoagie? >> saba. >> laura: while law or quick check? >> while while. >> laura: this debate has broken up families. caleb ham or pork roll? >> pork roll.ll >> laura: beecher sure? >> of course i'm going with the shortow. >> laura: you got them all come on, we now know who the new joe is. thisbe is so much fun, i've beea massive fan of yours for so many years. i haven't been happier that you're here and thank you so much and congrats on the book and all your business and golf success, i don't know if you want to praise that. thank you for being our mystery guest tonight. >> thank you so much for having me. i look forward to seeing you and talking to you again but take care of yourself and thank you for allowing me to do this.
11:55 pm
>> laura: jos eiseman everybody. now, the person who's done the most harm in a politically motivated surveillance campaign, that's tonight's "the last bite." ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
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>> at the top of the show we exposed intelligence expert malcolm nance as the main drive of this purse first paranoia sweeping across the left. the former cia head john brenna well, he might be the worst
12:00 am
actor of the mall. >> we heard today is an active to try to blow up the capital o the united states government. unfortunately, some of these republican senators continue to ignore the threat we are facing from these extremists who have access to weaponry, to explosives, and they demonstrated once this year tha they're willing to take it as far as they can. >> take the second amendment, take the first amendment, take it all, john, why don't you be in charge? that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. >> a biker mystery guest. i can't wait for shannon: i like your mystery guest. can't wait until next time. we are tracking breaking news foreign and domestic. president biden ordering an airstrike in syria in retaliation against iran backed terrorists who struck us forces next week. a major blow


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