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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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kentucky. they say that we love animals that look and that most don't necessarily love. so they nurse him back to health and let them go again. they are not acute when they are big. they get to be 37 inches long. >> jesse: that's it for us. have a great weekend. speak of the houses hours away from voting on a relief bill as lawmakers refused to that build a $15 minimum wage even though the senate parliamentarian says it can't be in there. plus president biden surveys the damage in texas after destroying targets in syria. and republicans host their first meeting since the election that decries biting policies and cancel culture, is it or isn't it how an online tom cruise is blowing people's minds while presenting a problem with separating fact from fiction. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ good evening, welcome to
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washington. i am bret baier. president biden is in houston right now delivering remarks at this hour of coronavirus vaccination facility run by the federal emergency management agency's. you will see him there. we are monitoring these remarks and we will finish later. peter doocy on the white house domestic trip when one of the questions he is facing is about foreign policy, surrendering air strike in syria that we first told you about at the end of "special report" last night. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. on his way to those remarks president biden said that the air strike was to send a message to iran. "you can't act with impunity, be careful." today after iranian forces, he has they are trying to heal texas. >> saving people's lives and as my mother would say, doing god's work. >> on the way to texas, the white house explains the rationale behind the first air strikes biden ordered as commander in chief.
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american interests in iraq. speak of the president sending an unambiguous message that he is going to act to protect americans and when threats are posed, he has the right to take the action at the time and in the manner of his choosing. >> in every peaceful response what must have been exhausted already according to foreign policy rules, biden x plane at the pentagon two weeks ago. >> the central admission of the department of defense is to deter aggression from her enemies and if you have to fight and win mentors to keep america safe. but i believe that force should be a tool of last resort, not first. >> some democrats wish that biden would've asked them for an okay. military action without congressional approval is not constitutional as in extraordinary circumstances. congress must be fully briefed on this matter expeditiously. locations in syria targeted in 2017 by a trump, jen psaki had
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questions "what is the legal authority for strikes, assad is a routable dictator, but syria is a sovereign country" perch he argues that was different because trump was interfering in syrian matters. >> 2017 was an attack on syrian military installations in response to a chemical weapon act. last night was a strike on a militant group to defend u.s. personnel under attack in iraq. there is a massive difference in both policy and law. >> there is also a massive difference between house and senate rules. the house is allowed to pass a covid-19 relief bill with a $15 minimum wage attached. the senate is not. according to the senate syria, pushing it to overrule. >> doing the things that vice president rockefeller did, and humphrey did, in not accepting the advice of the parliament. >> not happening according to the white house. >> with respect to the senate process and will not overrule
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the parliamentarian's decision in this case. >> last night jen psaki said that president biden is disappointed in its outcome. but he could not have been surprised, because this aired three weeks ago. >> that may not be in your american refuge. >> i put it in, but i don't think it's going to survive. >> he was right. but as of right now even without the minimum wage increase in there, the package had zero republican support, so even though jen psaki told me yesterday that the white house was not resigned to try to pass this with democratic votes only, it looks like that's what's happening. >> peter doocy on the white house lawn, calling it a cowardly attack and urging president biden not to follow what he calls the law of the jungle. trey yingst has the latest from the middle east newsroom. >> fox news has learned the threat level for american service members in iraq was raised today. as a u.s. military fears
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retaliation. for air strikes overnight in eastern syria. according to u.s. officials, seven 500 laser pound bombs were dropped near the iraqi border, killing 22 iranian pack fighters. u.s. and coalition personnel in iraq were targeted three separate times with rockets this month by iranian backed shia militias. one attack have been 11 days ago in the city of rubio. killing a contractor and injuring five americans. including one u.s. service member. >> we are confident in the target that we went after, we know what we did. and we are confident that that target was being used for the same she a militia that conducted the strikes. >> the pentagon quickly released a statement calling the strikes "proportionate and done in consultation with coalition partners." it was the first major american military action abroad since president biden took office in
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the department of defense was clear, these targets were meant to send a message. the ongoing provocations from iranian proxies, made a backdrop of significant tension regarding the 2015 nuclear deal. the stalemate has only increased regional provocations against the u.s. and its close ally israel. a high ranking israeli official told fox news on friday that the jewish state was notified ahead of the u.s. air strikes in syria. reports last month indicate israel is returning plans to strike iranian nuclear sites if needed. >> the united states, iran, and israel are all making ongoing calculations. we do know the region is waiting to see what happens next, but a single misstep could lead to a much larger conflict -- conflict in the middle east. bret. >> bret: they are israel, how much concern is there that the biden administration despite the action is really working hard to establish the iranian nuclear
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deal? >> the major concern for israel, brett, according to officials we have spoken to him in jerusalem is that the biden administration is going to cut a deal of their own with the other partners to the jcpoa agreement that would ultimately lead the proxy threats off the table. israel faces threats from gaza with islamic jihadists, and has below. >> bret: trey yingst live in the l.a. newsroom. thank you. a declassified u.s. intelligence report released today states that saudi arabia's crown prince was aware of and likely approved the killing of u.s.-based journalist jamal khashoggi. "the washington post" writer was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in 2018. saudi arabia says the report has unjustified and inaccurate conclusions. khashoggi was a critic of crown prince consolidation of power. let's talk about the khashoggi report, the u.s. air strikes in
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syria coming in then extracts with -- steps with iran and this administration. a former national intelligence manager for iran and a former cia expert. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> bret: let's start with the strikes. in the administration saying that it is essentially a warning shot, your thoughts on the strategic importance of it or the criticism that they are taking for it, what about the strike? >> so let me explain what has happened here. in this case coming of the united states has either been attacked or received information of an attack and has responded with public and private warnings to iran not to undertake those attacks. iran failed to do so, so then we responded with an action that demonstrates that we are not going to allow them to destabilize a rock. but we are demonstrating our power and our intelligence and our capacity to strike those who are behind the attack. here's the question, will iran respond by getting the message
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or just taking it up another step on the escalatory ladder to test our will in the long run? it's going yes, in the meantime as this is happening with trey, the administration is making moves to get back into some nuclear deal, there were reports that some members of the administration were kind of talking to the iranians including secretary carrie has the trump administration was in office, thoughts about that and what it means for the strategic middle east geopolitically? >> well, first, diplomacy is always a good thing. this said, engagement thus far with iran has not been producing i believe what the administration seeks. in addition to arriving within the vips that they would engage and return to the nuclear deal if possible, the administration has been some pathetic two iranian requests for funding to the ims. look what we have seen in response, attacks on u.s. troops in iraq, and attack today on israeli vessels in the gulf monmouth, with the irg c.
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iran's refusal to cooperate with the iaea. thus far iran is testing our fortitude seeing how far it can push the biden administration in the international community for additional concessions. >> bret: i want to read from this intelligence report about saudi. the assessing the saudi government to rule in the killing of jamaal coco shook -- jamal khashoggi. prince approved in a style delete neck and stumble turkey, the crown prince viewed as a threat to the kingdom and have broadly supported using violent measures if necessary to silence him. you know, i asked to the foreign minister about this back in october of 2018, here is the exchange ahead. >> in an authoritarian government, and you are saying that the crown prince did not know about this at all even though there are members of the 15 person team that are closely aligned with him? >> first of all, we are a monarchy, we have checks and
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balances in our systems, we have individuals who did this outside of the authority. this is a mistake, this is a criminal act and those responsible for it will be punished. >> to the original question, did the crown prince know anything about it if there were people closely tied to him involved in the operation? >> there are multiple people closely tied to him and in the operation, pictures of some security officers who were a part of the security detail from time to time, but this is normal. it was in operation, it was a group operation. >> bret: so this a administration choosing to declassify this report not seeing any strict punishments for mbs, the crown prince. your thoughts on this in the middle east. >> well, the administration has chewed steve -- achieved today several things. this is another step in relations with saudi arabia in recent weeks we have seen the president denied the opportunity to speak with the crown prince
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himself, they ended in an arms deal. they have also cut back on saudi arabia regarding yemen, but to this makes it very clear, u.s. intelligence community believes or assesses that the crown prince played a decision-making role in the faction. i should note that this report provides no evidence and appears to be based on intelligence community's understanding of how saudi arabia works less than the actual information. i should also note that despite this report, they are been routine discussions between the united states leadership and saudi arabia on multiple security issues within the last few weeks. the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the president himself have all engaged in counterparts and a very influential saudi ambassador to the united states in a routine contact with the state department and the national security council. so the reset continues, but the broader relations between the united states and through god one issue of importance to each of our countries does go on. >> bret: and just quickly, obviously the last a administration use the gulf
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state to do it a different way to middle east peace, and we are having some success, obviously significant success, does this change that? does this administration take an opposite view with not only iran, but the goal states? >> not regarding the goal states and israel, this administration will further look at the trump administration which was significant and historic. but that will take some time to develop. in the administration will push the gulf states to engage iran and they will be reluctant to do so since they are under a routine attack by the cook force. >> norman rule, we really appreciate your perspective always. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> bret: we are expecting the vote sometime tonight in the house of representatives on the coronavirus stimulus package, we mention that earlier. but there is still uncertainty over one of the major items in the legislation. an increase in the federal minimum wage. congressional correspondent chad pergram tells us where
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things stand tonight. >> tonight's vote is the first test for president biden's legislative agenda and a test for democrats to see if they can stick together in a divided congress. the senates procedure umpire disqualifying inclusion of a minimum wage increase in this covid package. the rolling rock to liberals. some argue democrats should ignore her senate parliamentarian elizabeth mcdonough. >> 32 million americans are being denied a raise because of a decision of the nonelected involuntary. she has incredible integrity, she is not to blame. >> dropping the wage increase could freeze the skids to pass it in the senate. democrat kyrsten sinema and joe manchin opposed inputting a wage requirement in this bill. democrats need their votes. but the exclusion of the minimal wage increase reveals the political reality is of the agenda. this could rip at the scenes of the democratic coalition as the party struggles to pass liberal priorities like immigration reform and climate change policy in a split congress. >> i think that if you are
3:15 pm
looking for a real civil war, look at the democrats in the house. >> republicans are in your lockstep opposing the bill. >> we already know what is the best stimulus plan out there. it is to fully reopen our economy. to do that we need our economy back to work, back to school and back to health. >> the bill includes $1400 stimulus checks, money for schools and local governments. it extends unemployment aid, but conservatives contend that only prolongs the pandemic economy. >> you are going to see by our estimates five to 8 million fewer americans in jobs that won't go back to work until those benefits run out. >> the house still intends to vote on the bill tonight, but we are hours away from the debate even starting. the senate will change the bill, but it is unclear if liberals will spit the bill -- split the bill when it comes back to the house and do the math. they can only lose four votes on their side and still pass the bill. bret. >> bret: as you said, chad,
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it's always about the math. >> always. >> bret: chad pergram on the hill. thanks. dropping 470, the s&p 15, the nasdaq gain 15. the nasdaq lost one and three quarters percentage points, the s&p 500 -- and the nasdaq fell almost five. judge rules state senators can get access to more than 2 million ballots from arizona's most populous county so that they can audit were results of the 2020 election. that comes after a retracted battle between the republican-controlled state senate and the g.o.p. dominated maricopa county board over subpoenas issued by senators. the board contends that the ballots are secret, so the legislature had no right to access them. senate lawyers say that the constitution gives the legislature the role of maintaining the purity of the elections. this weekend republicans are holding their first major conference since the november election. there are been popular speakers so far, the main event by four
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will feature former president donald trump sunday. correspondent mark meredith is in orlando, florida, tonight. >> we stand together and defend liberty! defend the constitution! defend the bill of rights! here of every american. >> texas senator ted cruz received a standing ovation after telling that the conservative movement is alive and well could he even posted himself or a controversy he calls last week. >> orlando is all some! it's not as nice as cancun. [laughter] >> one of several high-profile republican speaking at florida this weekend, the annual conservative conference normally held near washington moved to the sons only action set -- sunshine state due to the pandemic. and build as america on canceled found a new home. >> we are the freedom of the nation that is suffering in many parts of the country under the yoke of oppressive lockdowns.
3:18 pm
to speak with eric some covert restrictions in place, attendees undergo temperature checks and are required to wear masks indoors. the conference highlights the issue top of mind for conservatives for arkansas senator tom cotton it's about the need to defend american values. >> there is no more pernicious threat to america then the rejection of our founding principles and our heritage and our tradition. >> traditionally the conference is a testing ground for potential presidential candidates, but this year it's a former president with the spotlight. president trump speaking sunday and will criticize president biden's performance and make it clear he has not done with politics. >> i assure you that it will solidify donald trump and all of your feelings about the maga movement as a future of the republican party. >> he is not expected to announce at 2020 for candidacy this weekend, but the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell told bret baier last night that the party is open to a potential second term term. >> if the president was the party's nominee, would you support him?
3:19 pm
>> the nominee of the party, absolutely. >> not every potential 2024 candidate is in orlando this weekend, there are some notable names missing including forum -- nikki haley, maryland governor larry hogan, and former vice president mike pence. he was invited by the kind to come down to cpac this year. >> mark meredith, full coverage this week and come up next one big city is putting a lawyer who calls police officers barbarians on the public payroll. and still had could be an impossible mission, can you tell the difference between the real tom cruise and his deepfake? >> let me show you some magic. the real thing. [laughs] ♪ ♪ ♪ hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid ♪ ♪ and all that glitters is gold ♪ get 5 boneless wings for $1 with any handcrafted burger.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: u.s. government is deploying hundreds of northern and coastal border patrol agents to the southern border to help handle a surge of latin american immigrants. sources tell fox news that order takes place monday. the agents will come from as far away as florida and the canadian border. they will deploy to mcallen, texas, in the rio grande valley sector to help with border apprehension. a federal prosecutor says the investigation into last month's
3:24 pm
capital riots is moving at an unprecedented speed. acting deputy attorney general john carlin says the justice department has charged more than 300 individuals interested more than 280 so far, one of those is richard machete of ripley park in suburban philadelphia pit he was discovered after his former girl for the leman girlfriend called the fbi and said that he had called her and bragged about attending the uprising. the district attorney in los angeles county is under fire tonight over his hiring of a public defender who has called l.a. police officers barbarians, and is an advocate for the abolition prisons. chief correspondent jonathan hunt has the story. >> los angeles county attorney general campaigned on the idea that he would revolutionize the way that crime and punishment is handled in l.a. and now he is following through. but the d.a. is getting pushback from many prosecutors. the latest act over tiffany black mold, a former public defender who campaigned on the
3:25 pm
behalf now pointed to a high-ranking prosecutor role. a position in which she will need to work with the los angeles police department. that might be difficult given a tweet from last june when l.a. was rocked by a sometimes violent protests in the wake of the death of george floyd. responding to pictures of police using batons, black noel wrote "look at these barbarians, l.a.p.d. is an army deep on police." she also posted a selfie wearing a t-shirt that read the police are trying to kill us. and while her job would routinely involve obtaining prison sentences for criminals, she has also tweeted that "prison is obsolete." all of which some -- leave some in the das figuring what is she thinking? >> he wants to work with us, he wants to make l.a. county a safer and better place, but he is bringing in people who do not believe in law enforcement and
3:26 pm
do not believe in prosecuting. >> in a statement of fox news, the d.a.'s office said "the utmost confidence in his executive team and is looking forward to having tiffany black mold joined the office." being sued by some of his d.a. over the reforms, but he says that they were in the campaign platform and he therefore has a mandate to carry them out. bret. >> bret: jonathan hunt in l.a., thanks. up next, what is vaccine hunting and how does one do it? is it right for you or your family and we will explain. first here are some of the possibilities around the country tonight, fox 11 in los angeles says that it burned stacks of pallets and buses in the commercial area in the county, it erupted in compton before dawn and a massive column of smoke that rose high to the sky spread widely across the metropolitan area. fox 5 in new york where the attorney general is reviewing a letter from state senators
3:27 pm
requesting an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against democratic governor andrew cuomo. former aide has accused ♪ ♪ of kissing her and making crude comments. the office has deny those allegations. and this is a live look at st. louis from our affiliate fog stories tonight a report that rush limbaugh was laid to rest during a private ceremony wednesday. that's according to the southeast missouri and newspaper. a local radio station with reports that the funeral is private and attended by about 40 people. the widow says that there will be a virtual ceremony at a later date. that's a nice live look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back. ♪ ♪ when you have a two-inch lift. when you have goodyear duratrac tires. when you have rancho shocks and an integrated dual exhaust. when you have all that, the last thing you'll need...
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here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. ♪ ♪ >> bret: the u.s. food and drug administration advisory committee has endorsed the single-dose coronavirus vaccine by drugmaker johnson & johnson. the fda is expected to quickly follow that recommendation and make that shot the third vaccine authorized for emergency use in the u.s. and that is a one-time dose. the navy says two u.s. warships in the persian gulf have suffered coronavirus outbreaks. the fifth leak says that the ships will likely be out of action for a few days. it says about a dozen crewmembers aboard the uss san diego have tested positive. and the uss philippine c has several people who may be impacted. one of the presidents top coronavirus adviser says nearly
3:32 pm
half of all americans over the age of 65 have now received their first vaccine shot. tonight correspondent casey stegall looks at a new phenomenon called vaccine hunting. >> one, two, and three. >> as millions of americans roll up their sleeves to receive a covid vaccine, millions more wait their turn. >> it is so hard to get. >> jose espinosa and perez live in california but are part of the growing movement across the country known as vaccine hunting. >> i am here in hopes that there is any that might be left over. >> these vaccine chase or show up at distribution sites before they close in the event other people don't make their appointments. location managers say that that can lead to extras, because each vial contains ten doses. and once opened cannot be restored for the next day, so they would go to waste. >> we need to make sure that if they pull out that vaccine, that we have the people signed up and the resources. >> but it is a gamble, one that
3:33 pm
paid off for jose. he got his shot, cynthia didn't. >> they there a number of vaccines for today. >> you can't be upset. it's never guaranteed. >> supplies and rules also vary by state. this man drove from california to florida and had luck at a pharmacy chain. >> if you hang out around a cvs or walgreens at the end of the day, a lot of the vaccines that are being passed up on are being disturbed it. >> some doctors however call it cheating. >> people are going to try to game the system of however they can to try to move ahead in line. >> community activists have joined the fight calling for better systems to better direct those additional doses to the most vulnerable, versus just anybody lined up outside. >> they have taken advantage of the opportunity that is here for our community, and that's what i resent. and that's what frustrates me. >> vaccine hunters don't see it that way, they see it more as being in the right place at the right time.
3:34 pm
>> i'm not trying to jump the line per se, i'm just trying to take advantage of any vaccines or doses that might be thrown away. >> if there are extras, staff at these mass vaccine sites now try to screen people in line. ensuring those eligible actually get the shot. bret. >> bret: thanks. up next, is this really movie star tom cruise? take a close look. or is it a clever trick? using advanced technology. we will have that answer in the broad questions about it. first beyond our borders tonight, unidentified gunmen seized more than 300 girls in that raid on a school in nigeria. police say that they believe some of the girls are being held in a forest nearby. it is the second such kidnapping and a little over a week in a region increasingly targeted by militants and criminal gangs. a dozen palestinian protesters clashed with israeli security forces in the west bank city of hadron, the violence started after friday prayers when palestinians march through the israeli controlled sitter
3:35 pm
holding the removal of jewish senators. settlers. they respond with tear gas. new zealand's prime minister says that their government is backing up a new project using drone technology to understand and protect endangered maui dolphins. the animals live in a small stretch of the ocean off of the west coast of new zealand's north island, current estimates suggest only 63 dolphins older than one year remain raising concerns that they may soon be extinct. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back here in d.c. ♪ ♪ germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant.
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3:40 pm
how technology and the celebrity culture are fooling a lot of people. and causing quite a fuss over a one of the top movie star spread in a ball something called a deepfake. after tom cruise and a kind of deception that could potentially turn out to be in some cases extremely dangerous. here's correspondent gillian turner. >> deepfake videos of hollywood make a star tom cruise doing magic tricks, cracking jokes, tripping and golfing are going viral on social media at tick-tock. they are pretty realistic looking, some are saying scary good. >> hey, tiktok fans, switchover. >> the last celebrity deepfake to go viral was a video of queen elizabeth's christmas day speech. she gives it annually from buckingham palace. >> brings me back to the question of trust of whether what we see and hear is always as it seems.
3:41 pm
>> the deepfake version included jokes about prince harry and meghan markle's move to l.a. these things are no laughing matter. they called on the most dangerous form of crime through artificial intelligence. in cyber security experts warn american should be aware. >> what if a president four years from now somebody has video of a president man or woman saying something inflammatory, in the mere perception that this got out and you have to spend all this time walking it back is too much time between the time it is said in the time somebody perceives that's what you said. that becomes a reality and they take action on that. >> deepfake uses deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence to take existing videos like this well-known one that appears to show president obama and replaces the people in them with other people's faces and even bodies. making it appear they are saying and doing things they never did. people live more and more of their lives online for their content captured and exploited by pretty much anyone with an internet connection. so experts insist that if you are looking to avoid becoming
3:42 pm
the next deepfake and victim, protection is key. >> as technology progresses, so does crime and the ability to create these perceptions, which at some point it will get to be, is it the real thing or a fake? >> congressmen taking little action to regulate online. but they did directed the secretary of homeland security to produce an annual report outlining the use of deepfakes over the next five years. bret. >> bret: jillian, thank you, next election could be interesting. the panel with the air strike in syria, the latest on capitol hill, cpac, and winners and losers if we can squeeze it all in. ♪ ♪ orking night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention. trusted experts. guaranteed accurate books. intuit quickbooks live.
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♪ ♪ >> it was a proportionate military response, the president sending an unambiguous message that he is going to act to protect americans and when threats are posed, he has the right to take an action at the time and in the manner of his choosing. >> it just wasn't bombs in the desert, i hope that it really went after something that threaten the united states of america, if not, it's useless. >> what about iran on the military i action? >> you can't act with impunity. be careful.
3:47 pm
>> bret: the air strikes in syria killing one, wounding three, apparently. getting some criticism from both sides of the aisle, though bench mcconnell just put out a statement saying he supports the authority to do what he did. but tim kaine, senator from virginia, the american people deserve to hear the rationale for the strikes and believe in a justification for acting without congress. offensive military action without the approval is not constitutional. extraordinary circumstances, congress must be fully briefed on the matter expeditiously. with that let's bring the panel. trey gowdy, former congressman from south carolina, harold ford jr., former tennessee congressman. ceo of of empowerment inclusion, and steve hayes, founder of the dispatch. what we find about the strike, and striking out at iranian militias. what do you think that it means for the middle east? >> look, i think it is a pretty big deal. how many times, bret, over and the obama administration did we
3:48 pm
talk about president obama's efforts to decouple talks with iran about the nuclear program and pursuit of the iranian nuclear deal. with all of the other actions and line actions of the iranian regime. and basically the obama administration's approach was nothing is going to get in the way of us executing the steel and us coming to a deal. ben rhodes announced that early, it was what the obama administration prioritized throughout the second term. joe biden is sending a message pretty early that he won't be coupled in these things and he will consider iran's trouble making in the region as he looks to get back into the nuclear deal. i don't think we should be surprised that he is still prioritizing getting back into the nuclear deal. but this was i think a welcome expression of some distance between his policy and president obama's. >> bret: yeah, and you know, trey, this tim kaine to his credit has had this dance for a long time by saying congressional action, congressional approval is needed or at least briefing, they want a new operation, authorization
3:49 pm
of use of military force, don't know if that is going to happen in congress. >> yes, i applaud him for being consistent, even if he is wrong. he mentioned extraordinary circumstances, the extraordinary circumstances, bret is that no one in congress can keep their mouth shut. they will leak it and if you debated on the house or the senate, you lose the element of surprise. and there is never a consequence when the executive branch kind of outpaces its branch authority. the legislative branch never does anything to the executive branch. so, if you are the president coming are not going to ask what you do? >> bret: yeah, as far as we are stepping up on capitol hill, harold, take a listen to the debate about the minimum wage. >> making less than $15 an hour, you are living below the poverty wage. >> but that may not be in your american -- dylan and --
3:50 pm
>> i put it in, but i don't think it will survive. >> they say that they will not vote for the bill unless they have it in their parrot all the studies show that you are actually going to lose more jobs. >> more disappointed by the parliamentary influence, we believe that it is a justified or urgently needed step forward. you know, passing the minimum wage within a raise to 27 million americans. >> so the senate parliamentarian says budget reconciliation with the balance, but they say we don't care and are going to put it in there anyway and we'll put it into night. >> thank you for having me on, i agree with everything that was said prior. with regards to minimum wage, the proletarian is following the rules, and i think that president biden would be wise to follow those rules and to follow through on the other thing that he promised most during this last campaign, in fact, the vaccine distribution in a covert relief package to wean down
3:51 pm
fatalities and get it in everyday households and mainstream businesses, as we well know, florida passed a minimum wage increase bill that was the wreck of our norm -- referendum on the floor. what i can imagine happening in the recent months is democrats rally much like republicans have to get minimum wage increase on safe ballots all across the country in 2022. let's let states make this decision. so many of my republican colleagues, when i say old, stated that there should be a state by state, region by region issue. let's put it on the ballot and let voters make that determination. in the meantime, pass the covid-19 relief package and let's get schools reopen, our economy reopened and people back in working. >> bret: just concerned about what is in there and whether it is actually going to hit the covid relief, that they say it is going to hit. >> yeah, i think the people are right to have concerns about that. joe biden asked rhetorically of the other day, what should he
3:52 pm
cut, and people came forward with an even number of programs, many of which were not at all related to covid-19, and not related to relief. you have this $1.9 trillion package, and on the heels of it you are hearing rumblings of the biden administration with an additional multitrillion dollar infrastructure deal. at some point, people have to care about the debt. they have to care about the spending, and if they pass the $1.9 trillion tonight it becomes, it eventually becomes law, we are going to be much, much deeper hole. >> bret: i want to head down to cpac and listen to a lot of florida talked down there about covid, take a listen. >> in florida, schools are open. every floridian has a right to earn a living and all businesses have a right to operate. florida got it right, and the lockdown state got it wrong. >> we will not win the future by trying to go back to where the
3:53 pm
republican party used to be. if we do, we will lose the working base that president trump so animated. we will lose elections across the country, and we will lose our nation. >> let me tell you this right now, donald j. trump ain't going anywhere. [cheers and applause] >> bret: just a little flavor, former president speaking sunday. that will be one to watch. all right, quickly, winners and losers around the horn, trey, when her and then the loser. >> winner merrick garland, the senate parliamentarian gets more press than you do, you have had a great confirmation week. the loser women who accuse prominent democrats, because the standard is completely different if you accuse a prominent democrat than if you accuse say i don't know, brett kavanaugh. spewing all right, harold, winner and loser. >> the winner is president biden resetting our policy prioritizing our intelligence over adversaries, congratulations. to some losers, i congratulate
3:54 pm
cpac for talking about cancel culture, but the losers are people who continue to say that president trump had the election stolen from him. move on and focus on ideas, the country needs it. >> steve, winner and loser. >> my winner is lucio de klerk, new jersey nursing home resident 105 years old who survived covid, she said by eating gin-soaked raisins. not sure that has been proven, but kudos to her anyway. my loser is andrew cuomo, he has been investigated for hiding nursing home deaths, he is bottom ten in vaccine and administration, and now he has the sexual harassment charges that trey mentioned earlier. >> bret: listen, enjoy some gin soaked raisins this weekend. you guys have a good one. thanks. when we come back, notable quotable's. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
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3:59 pm
quotable's. >> i thought they would probably take better care of us since when you don't pay your electric bill they will cut it off. >> mayday, mayday. >> we want to make sure that people continue to wear masks despite the fact that they are vaccinated. >> i think that the is lockdowns that we had, they were the worst public policy is decisions of our lifetime. >> these children are political hostages and they want to go back to school. we are so fed up. >> when a person comes forward they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. >> is no evidence of that whatsoever. >> is going to be back, no doubt about it. >> i'm not saying she's a smoked turkey but the smoker is warming up. >> i have to say, orlando is awesome. it's not as nice as cancun. >> we are confident in the target we went after. >> i don't remember them up of her being offensive but here we
4:00 pm
are again, cancel culture. >> i want you to get mitch mcconnell's answer on mr. potato head going gender list. >> if the president was the party so many would you support him? >> absolutely. >> president biden: this nation well smile again, this nation will no sunny days again. >> is that my note? >> bret: thanks everyone, that's it for this "special report." fair balanced and unafraid. tonight, "fox news primetime" hosted by katie pavlich and i took a couple extra seconds katie. >> katie: and that's okay, love notable quotable's. good evenings, i am katie pavlich and tonight the great republican recharge is officially underway. the first day of cpac wrapping up a few hours ago, stars of the conservative movement taking the stage this afternoon and laying up the platform of the republican party. it couldn't come at a more pivotal moment as joe biden on the democrats continue to accelerate their f


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