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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 27, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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the last thing you'll need... is a road. the chevy silverado trail boss. ready to off-road, right from the factory. the best we can with the one true love. we will see you soon. now sean hannity. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" it is friday night. we are tracking multiple developed stories, cpac is in full swing from beautiful orlando, florida. the state that actually protected the elderly from covid and never adopted draconian shutdown measures and is doing so much better than those states that did, like you know new york, michigan, california, et cetera. we will bring you the highlights coming up. plus, we have an exclusive preview of president trump's keynote address coming on sunday
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and later. we will expose hypocrisy in the bidens administration foreign policy. apparently bombing syria is now a okay as long as the democrats is in office. and we will bring you all of this plus a shocking new report is making us wonder, who was really in charge at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? we will have biden's blunders a week in review. if you think the $2 trillion so-called emergency covert relief package has anything to do with the ongoing pandemic? think again, this is in fact the pelosi/schumer pay off to the political cronies a $350 billion budget bailout for a liberal governor that misappropriated money and text people into oblivion appeared a bridge from new york to canada for new york senator chuck schumer comay tuny for nancy pelosi. billions for social justice
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issues and green energy initiatives. and of course loan guarantees for planned parenthood. hundreds of billions of dollars won't eat them be spent until after 2022 and other funds won't be spent until 2024. now the disgusting washington swamp, as you can see on your screen, none of this is emergency covert relief period! i make no mistake only 9% with this 2 trillion dollar wish list of socialist democrats, they are just getting started because they are also buying a separate $2 trillion green energy bill that socialist bernie sanders, aoc, the spot want to pass through what is called the reconciliation process. that is the procedure. lawmakers can use once a year to avoid filibusters on vegetarian legislation. in other words, he wants to ram it through congress without any republican support. kind of like obamacare, and sanders is also looking for a way to raise the minimum wage to
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$15 an hour. again, through the reconciliation process. the brand-new tax on businesses. and congresswoman alexandria alexandriaocasio-cortez the spee house has another idea. she wants to buy or the senate parliamentarian who won't allow the minimum wage hike to be part of the spending bill. so much for that unity that joe talks about. so much for the u.s. constitution, and so much for the idea of coequal branches of government. we don't even need a legislative branch. democrats now want to ram through the socialist vigilance with an iron fist. here is the thing, democratic socialists almost always remember our lying to you peer they talk about unity. there is no unity. they talk about health care, no, they failed us there too. they believe in texas, against fracking and only i believers all when it fits their political
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agenda. and of course, this is also true when it comes to foreign policy. for example breaking last night the biden administration ordered air strikes in syria targeting a rainy militias. remembered when donald trump was president? not that long ago and ordered target air strikes in syria and beat back the caliphate too? joe biden cold president trump erratic, impulsive decisions endangering our troops and making us all is safe. in 2016 jon jen psaki white house communications director questioned the president's legal authority for air strikes writing "assad is a brutal dictator but syrian is a sovereign country. does she still believe that today? and senator harris also publicly question the legal rationale now vice president harris. apparently, these are all just hollow, empty, political smears against donald trump. one standard for the democrats,
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one if you are a republican and according to a new shocking political report vice president harris is quickly being prepped to take the foreign policy reign from the biden administration. by this, now reportedly encouraging vice president to engage directly with warring leaders fear that would be his job. by the way, develop rapport with the u.s. allies. and here is meeting weekly with secretary of state antony blinken. so the question tonight is, why? if joe biden is not up to the task, well, we know he rarely appears in public, and we know he takes very few questions. we know he has not schedule joint session of congress for the state of the union address. this week he struggled mightily to read off of a cheat sheet. frankly embarrassing and hard to watch. we could all see with our own eyes that joe is frail. he is weak, and yes he is struggling cognitively. even a few democrats are trying to take away the nuclear codes
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from joe biden so it's not in the hands of just him, one person. they never tried that with trump and his vice president now holding one on one coals with other world leaders, what is really going on here? who was in charge? by the way, should we be concerned? you got somebody weak, frail and cognitively struggling, matter of fact here, a week in review. >> the idea that over 500, a carry a car on me every day, folks affected by -- as of yesterday, there were 500,071 people who have died from this. for god sake, wear a mask. >> bye-bye, thank you.
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thank you so much. >> sean: all right joining us now with more at the host of untold patriots rebuild on, with florida congressman matt gaetz is with us. good to see you both. now if you have one position when donald trump is president one view on striking syria and syria, sovereign country, pete and then joe biden does perfectly fine. like everything else the democrats do, all i believers but dead silent when it comes to andrew cuomo. >> of course, there is only one standard and it is a double standard. in this particular case, maybe we are lucky, sean because joe biden hasn't been right on single foreign policy aspect of the year so maybe outsourcing to kamala harris. how much worse can you do the worst? in this particular case so much
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has to do with the fact he's not capable. why would you want him involved and they were grooming her as the lift has from the very beginning for that particular decision. the problem is it serious and a half measures they are taking pale in comparison to killing the sanctions put on by the trump administration that actually brought iran to its knees to put them in a place where they don't get a bomb. now we are bombing buildings on the syrian border without a real strategy on the brand deal. it is foolish and joe biden is absent and wrong. front and center who was in charge? we don't know but i would be remiss sitting next to my man matt gaetz with a great speech today. he rocked the house come i have to say. >> sean: matt gaetz is that true? really? did you let it all out or go full on or half measure? i'm imagining full on matt gaetz first and out. >> sean, we are not even wearing ties here in florida, no ties,
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no lockdowns, no mandates but just together enjoying patriotism for our great country. you have democrats in congress, sean, talking about taking the nuclear authorities away from joe biden. kamala harris taking these meetings with foreign leaders and you have to wonder has the transition to kamala harris already begun? i'm watching these clips you read of joe biden. joe biden would score below average on the cognitive matrix and like florida retirement community. so this guy the one to be running the country and begs a lot of questions. on the foreign policy stuff, absolutely right. you have to realize syria, what are we trying to win there and what does america hope to get out of these adventures in syria? i think it is time to focus on our people that the docket president trump advanced. >> sean: i know what is biden's blunders in review and a part of it is funny. he loses his plays, oh, i got my
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card, and i feel like he's reading my name as joe. i live at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he was looking for a number that lost 500,000 fellow americans to covid and just had a visual, the day before. and he was having a hard time remembering that number. that is not a hard number to remember. and it was slow and it was confusing. and he loses his place. it is kind of getting disturbing. then i watch all of this foreign policy being conducted by kamala harris. and i began to wonder why. and why isn't there a state of the union address scheduled? >> good question. it is not hard, sean and it hasn't been from the beginning. this particular case, day after day, time after time we have examples and remember that executive orders? the one line written on what they were and reading them line by line while signing them? who wrote them and what does he
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really know about them? of course the far left is driving this. you know why it is serious? we are firing on all cylinders in beijing. the chinese no full-court press on initiative whether militarily on big tech and technological advantage. this is serious times we can't have a guy sit at the wheel. we can joke all we want. it's not funny because we have real adversaries taken advantage of this moment. >> sean: i think about this all the time, matt gaetz, russia a hostile regime. the iranian hates us and joe biden tries to get south korea to hand over $7 billion to the irani and mullets. i worry about them. i worry about china. i worry all these hostile regimes. and you've got to believe that they studied the american political system. and you've got to believe that they've seen what every person that i know season joe biden. enter they began to think they
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can take advantage of that? that does concern me. >> you mentioned the mullahs in iran but i will be announcing no cash that any reentry in a deal with iran we don't trouble cash out them but these proxies and militia forces to use around the world went shooting at pete's buddies wearing uniforms. so we need to make sure we stand strong on theft. but let us not delude ourselves to think the state of intellectual wonderment that joe biden is in is somehow stopping the progress they are making. remember hunter biden's lawyers, law partner has been installed in the criminal division of the united states department of justice. they are taking peter strzok's wife and putting her in an enforcement role when you look at the american financial sector. and i think that the vertical integration of people who are going to hunt should concern everyone and that is happening even though joe biden probably
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doesn't know it. >> sean: i don't know, i know both of you pretty well and you are both friends of mine, matt gaetz in orlando, trouble. i don't know, but i just sensed trouble, somewhere, someplace. and we will have to send bodyguards down there. >> if we need bail money we know you can wire it. i will step it up tonight. >> sean: i will wire the bail money and be a good christian. now let's turn to cpac officially off and running, yep, down in florida. they didn't have draconian shutdowns and doing a lot better than new york and california. on sunday, president trump set to give his first public remarks since leaving office. earlier today, well here is what senator ted cruz of texas had to say about donald trump and the future of the republican party. let's take a look. >> there are a lot of voices in washington that want to just erase the last four years. want to go back to the world
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before where we had the lobbyist by the lobbyist and for the lobbyists. where the republicans compelling message was, republicans! we waste less. and look at donald j. trump and then look at the millions and millions of people inspired who went to battle fighting alongside president trump and they are terrified. and they want him to go away, let me tell you this right now, donald j. trump isn't going anywhere. >> sean: even trump a permit from the admitting president trump runs again, he will get the party's nomination. we have minority leader mitch mcconnell saying he will support president trump in 2024 if he becomes the party's nominee. which brings me to an important message to every conservative and republican. i understand how this works. ronald reagan called it the 11th
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commandment thou shall not attack other republicans. in reagan's way. of course that will not happen, but i do believe in reckons 80% principal. if we agree with people 80% of the time, well, they are not really your enemy hear the republican party, well i would prefer to be as conservative as i am. it is not but the republican party like the democratic party is made up of a broad coalition and republicans to succeed and win elections moving forward, it is really not that complicated. they have to stop the infighting and focus on a few basic america first, make america great again, reagan conservative principles. glitzy conservatives, what do we believe? we believe in freedom, liberty and limited government, lower taxes, less bureaucracy so a good business environment and we can create jobs. we believe in constitutionalist on the bench, judges. we believe in law, order, we
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believe in safety and security and in every city, every town in every neighborhood. parents should have school choice all across the country. we want our borders secure. we want free and fair trade. we believe in energy independence, national security reasons we like to pay lower prices at the pump and less for heating our homes. we believe in the first amendment and yes the second amendment. we believe in the constitution. we believe in peace through strength with the meanest, toughest most advanced military equipment on the face of the earth. and yeah, freedom of fair trade. that is it. i'm a conservative peer that is my agenda. have not changed in 33 years on radio and 25 years on fox. and for the idiots of washington, d.c., that want to fight each other, if you stay focused on that agenda, it is not that complicated. it is simple and you will win and you will get power.
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all you need to do if you promise it, go fight for it. by the way, affordable health care using free-market standards instead of obamacare. by the way, not just for america first principle. that is not what all of this is about but also this mirrors, the attacks, from democrats, the media mob. there are enough enemies in your life. here with reaction come of course this landmark supreme court cases united david basile was with us. the american union chairman matt schlapp runs this mess in florida. i'm usually they are i took a year off. i hope you don't mind and i hope you're not mad at me. but this is an important year. and i think this speech is coming at a very pivotal moment, especially now mitch mcconnell's comments, and the democrat seymour divided. the democrats seem to be coalescing together. >> i think that is right, sean.
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and let me tell you, we are mad that you are not here only because we love it when you are here. but i have to say that doing a great job of covering it. it is an important moment and i think david would agree, conservatives and republicans don't emote too much but more like logical thinkers. there was something emotional about having your president get silenced, get shut down and have his twitter account and everything shut down. the way the election ended, it was really upsetting to these people and really, jarring to see the socialist policy coming at them every day. in fact the fact that the president is going to come and reconnect with the people that love him so much on this stage, i think will be a very, very important moment for healing amongst conservative sight of all of this, but i think for the country generally one's voice should be silenced and deftly not a president of the united states. >> sean: i'm noticing hr one, the bill that the democrats want they want to take the changes in
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election law and bake them into permanent status, things we were told specifically designed in consideration for covid. that would include overturning the landmark decision of citizens united peer that would include fellows right to vote peer that will include automatic registration. that would include no voter i.d. and no signature verification standards whatsoever. now, if that happens, even "the new york times," they had said that would open the country up to fraud and a lack of confidence in our election results. do you think that that will happen next? is that the next issue to draw? i hope hr one is defeated. i hope the left will pass it out of the house but i don't think it will get through the senate. mitch mcconnell we have a lot of disagreements over the years, but he is unbelievably good on free speech. i think we will be able to defeat this monstrosity. but what it does, sean, it will
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continue to educate the american people about how far left the democrat party has lurched. they do not know any boundaries here they are going to move this country to the socialist agenda. that is what joe biden and kamala harris that they would do and that is what we see the left demanding of joe biden. and i think that we will see that. we will benefit from it. look this is a tremendous place for a rebirth for donald trump and for conservatism and cpac has always been the leader and relate the cathartic moment postelection we come together as a movement and we move forward as matt was talking about. we talk about the conservative ideas that bring this all together. donald trump will bring in energy to cpac on sunday. i think it will be off the charts. i'm excited to see it. i can tell you how much. >> sean: i'm expecting surprises. real quick. i have no idea if the president will make an announcement about his plans come i have no idea
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what he is ultimately going to decide to speak about, but i would assume the president will talk about "i told you so" if this agenda of biden's is radical and these are the differences between the two parties. he will talk about the trouble of media mob, big tech controlling, creating this candidate protection program, matt where biden was hidden in the basement the whole time. >> you yeah, wow it is shocking to think about, but i think what he might talk about? he might talk how he will get revenge with a new social media platform or new strategy when it comes to the silencing of conservative focuses on social media. or maybe helping those victims of the cancel culture. so he clearly will stay involved in politics and you know what normally republican presidents doing including the last when i revere? they tend to leave the stage.
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donald trump is not leaving the stage. that is the greatest thing. hillary clinton never left the stage, bill clinton never left the stage, barack obama did not leave the stage and guess what, guys donald trump can stay on the stage too. >> last word dave bossi. >> president trump speech will talk about the future. certainly he will talk about what happened. i think that is a very important thing cathartic leap for the conserved fund movement to hear from the president about it, but you look at what we will be able to do. the left is going to move and the democrats will move so far to the left over the next year or two that 1994, it 2010 all over again. we are going to see us begin to take back the house and senate in 2022. donald trump will be the leader, the political leader, the ideal leader, the fund-raising leader for our party over the next couple of years. i think you will be tremendously successful at it. >> sean: all right, coming up
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capitol hill. now back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> sean: now, more explosive developments surrounding andrew cuomo's burgeoning sexual harassment scandal has we are now learning new york state attorney general is reviewing a letter from republican state senators asking for a full investigation, but in all fairness this effort has started because of democrats, not republicans in the state of new york. by the way all because left wing hollywood is beginning to to turn on the man they gave their emmy award too and at times,
1:29 am
rufus released a statement calling for full pledge investigation and reporting governor cuomo's denying the allegations. ask yourself, where is the entire i believe her caucus? where are the rest of the eye believers? where is kamala harris, kristen shall abandon the ones who rush to judgment and gave no due process to justice kavanaugh? by the way, who by the way said this, she hasn't even read the complaint against cuomo. of course, the scandal is a media scandal, major networks have largely ignored the nursing home cover-up and allegations. fake news cnn are highly covered cuomo allegations from the nearly 96 seconds and totally ignoring it during prime time hours. compare that to the endless, never ending hysteria of unfounded allegations against justice kavanaugh and donald trump. every second, minute, every hour
1:30 am
of every day. look at these two headlines right there on your screen. look at the one september 2018. woman accuses cavanaugh of a soul to letter to senator. compared to a headline from thursday, "cuomo denies harassment allegations. slight difference in coverage. you see the abuse of bias and don't forget, a lot of these fake news channels covered up nursing home scandals for months and months. refusing to take it seriously, despite what was overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing. and now they continue to downplay what is a growing harassment scandal with very serious claims. fascinatingly, it is democrats leading the charge. here with reaction new york post columnist miranda devine and fox news contributor, media columnists "for the hill" joe je mantra.
1:31 am
they are not any republicans i can name in new york to be honest to have any influence in new york state, not trying to be rude, just being factual. but the point is, you look at this case. this is largely democrats going after cuomo. they are the ones calling for impeachment commit center and investigations. >> the one-party state and anyone who has worked with andrew cuomo we discover what a bully he is and knows about his skills. it is just that they kept them all hidden when he was useful to them in terms of attacking donald trump. and of course he was used last year and put himself forward as a foil against donald trump and joe biden cold the gold standard in leadership during the pandemic, which of course he was the opposite. he was a terrible leader during the pandemic as we know and all also other sorts of
1:32 am
disasters under his reign under a cloud. there are lots of questions asked about the contributions and donations he received from the nursing homes and the hospital industry here the fact is if he were a republican governor, you can bet that cnn and msnbc and "new york times" and all of the democrats media would have made an absolute mountain out of this story. there would have been hundreds and hundreds of stories by now just as there was with justice kavanaugh. >> sean: joe, you followed the media for a living. this is not surprising but pretty much every day, every day of the year, every minute of every hour of every day. >> yeah, that is not surprising that that is the shame of it all, sean. who knew that cnn, cuomo news network because how do you explain the bias of admission of a story with so many layers and links to it every day come a new
1:33 am
development we are learning about. you have a layer one, for example, that goes back to last march when the governor signed that order for the covid-19 positive patients back into nursing homes. then you have layered two's senior aide, alyssa derosa said this recently about the nursing home depth tallies. it is amazing "we weren't sure if we were going to give the department of justice what we were going to give the department of justice would be used against us and we weren't sure if there would be an investigation. that is literally a mission of a cover-up. then you have layer three, the allegations up bowling again by democrats, new york democrats assembling run can echoed by others. labor for code just recently now the allegations of sexual misconduct by lindsay bowen. and this is an allegation that does not come from 40 years ago when cuomo was in high school but something that happened relatively recently. so as far as scandals go with a baseball term, this hits a
1:34 am
cycle. because there is a d next to governor cuomo's name he gets a pass by the media and particularly cnn and the d means disregard, nothing to see here and that is a dereliction of duty, sean. this is a national -- >> sean: what amazes me, the eye believers. i believe, i believe, i believe. i didn't say i took the position that justice kavanaugh, he deserves the presumption of innocence and i'm taking the same position here. just because somebody says something, we don't have all the facts. i don't believe rushing to judgment. the democrats are the ones that use it when it's convenient as a political story, which should bother people. >> absolutely. every man should be given the presumption of the innocent when these allegations come out. every victim should be heard,
1:35 am
but we should keep a sense of proportion. but it doesn't work like that with the democrats. they use it as a weapon. it's not about what works for women but just about power. >> sean: last word, joe. >> 2018, he accuses brett kavanaugh of a party to gang rate. she is represented by michael evan oddi come with a serious contender who became a debate campton at rikers at a cellblock? her allegations are given no scrutiny, nothing whatsoever and she gets on national television and gets an interview and lindsay bolin, we can barely cover it so that is all you need to know if you want to compare that with these two stories were covered again one was a conservative accused and the other is a democrat. >> sean: joe concha joe concha, miranda devine, think about. when we come back to both of post -- hypocrisy knows no
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>> sean: talk about hypocrisy, no resurfaced tweets from joe biden and of course a spokesperson, jen psaki. communications director slamming president trump's previous syria air strikes. nl fueling flames of hypocrisy and massive double standard
1:40 am
after the biden administration launched what was a retaliatory strike last evening against a rainy impact militia in syria. for example april 2017, not that long ago jen psaki quoted "what is the legal authority for strikes? syria is a sovereign country. you sit back and do nothing? that prompted a response from democrats like congresswoman ilhan omar, great question. and in june 2019, joe biden cold president trump's air strikes "impulsive" and claimed he didn't understand the consequences. okay, joe, really? donald trump was alert and aware and used targeted strakes to take out terrorist and defeat the caliphate that you and obama never defeated and take out solo money who you never took out an even baghdadi and associates and al qaeda leader in yemen. by the way you were avoiding endless boots on the ground conflicts in the middle east and
1:41 am
of course bribing the iranian mullahs and held a raining accountable for their actions? did you ever do that as you appeased iran? and restarting the disastrous nuclear deal to pressure south korea to hand over 7 billion more dollars now? the contrast could not be clearer. here with house reaction steve scalise with texas republican congressman dan control. >> steve scalise it is either the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do. now obama/biden couldn't beat the caliphate but trump did because he took off rules of engagement and let the military do their job. we were critical of the whole time, but it was successful. i would assume that the strike last night was the right thing to do. i don't know the background yet. one day we will probably know. >> yeah, sean, good to be with you. i agree in the end, let's see where the facts are on this strike but it was the right thing to do to send a message to
1:42 am
biden who backs terrorism all the time around the world. president trump led with these two strikes a doctrine that work to stand up for america and our allies again but the whole time he was doing that, you had joe biden, kamala harris and jen psaki all the ones you mention critical of that whether erratic or illegal authority. they were wrong then, hopefully they are right now, but it is this double standard and you see hypocrisy the first 100 days of joe biden defined but nothing but hypocrisy whether shutting down schools when the sciences to open schools, they sidelined the scientist when they said they would follow the scientist. having john kerry fly around the world on a private jet telling american workers to install panels. people are sick and tired of that hypocrisy but it's on full display. hopefully it keeps a piece but also needs to recognize iran is not our friend and don't go back to dealing with iran with a path to nuclear weapons.
1:43 am
president trump took the right steps to back away from that deal and let's not lose ground. >> sean: dan, the movement towards pressuring south korea to give a raining its money on top of that tells me what? do they think bribing the mullahs and iran will make us be nice? $150 billion in cash and currency did not buy buy us any good will and didn't stop the nuclear program. >> and no, policies of appeasement do not work. luca my like kamala harris and i liked it when obama killed and i like it when trump killed baghdadi. and i like biden killing these guys that were just killing our people last week. i like all that. i like consistency. i think what people are upset about her lack of standards. they have no standards of acceptable, criticizing trump, you know while applauding obama. telling us that we will engage in world war iii, just last year
1:44 am
when trump made the decision to kill him. peace through strength actually works, but look it does not mean that we are engaging in the endless wars. it think we should look at am u.s. and maybe modernize those. i don't think americans want american troops on the ground but we have to retaliate and show strength against iranian mullahs as you say. that is exactly right. >> sean: here is my question though. do you think, do you fear as i do that if our enemies, are they assessing joe biden as a leader that they are fearful of? i actually think in an interesting way, steve scalise, that donald trump's, well-being unpredictable probably, you know, they couldn't figure him out which i think is a good thing. >> you are exactly right, look every president has to come to
1:45 am
that point and early in their presidency usually. when donald trump made it clear one, you weren't sure where he was going to go but a lot of allies were worried he would pull out needle. when he did he strengthen nato to to make sure but to the middle east and the rest where he put the united states and defeat in jerusalem. they were predicting, you knew that they predicted there would be violence and all kinds of wars on the middle east. what do we get? we got peace agreements from abraham awards because people recognize donald trump as a man of his word and he will follow through. he believes peace through strikes but he rebuilt our military and it worked. there will be a test no doubt like every president and i hope he stands up for america and the allies around the world when that day comes. >> sean: dan, you get the last word. >> look, i think that is absolutely right. president trump had a good foreign policy, like in disagreement mostly how much
1:46 am
troops you would reduce at a time but for the most part trump took a pretty aggressive stance. and i'm not even sure supporters even recognize that to a large extent. that stance helped us a lot. we regained our deterrence against iran. that moment happened when we killed solo money. that was a big change and i hope the biden administration continues down that path. frankly the strike is a sign they are learning some things from the last administration and i hope they maintain that path and do not pay the iranian mullahs and do not reengage in this disastrous nuclear ran deal with so much better deal at hand. >> sean: think about, steve scalise good to see you both. now coming up according to one report, border officials rejecting 13,000 unaccompanied migrant children who crossed the border in may and guess how much it is costing you, the taxpayer for every illegal immigrant and
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every person to get amnesty. let's put it this way commit is hundreds of either millions
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we continue to see the dangerous real-world consequences of the biden open borders amnesty agenda. a border officials are now reportedly predicting 13,000 child migrants will cross the border in may this year alone, which would exceed the height of 2019 crisis and calls the biden administration to expand the capacity of their migrant centers. or as the media called it under trump, "kids in cages." border patrol employing hundreds of northern and coastal border patrol agents to the southern border to help handle the surge.
1:52 am
latin american immigrants now and the rio grande valley sector alone apprehended nearly a thousand migrants a day and warned the facilities are being overwhelmed. don't forget come open borders comes at a major cost to you, the u.s. taxpayer has a new report for the center of immigration studies finds, am in this table because the social security and medicare trust funds, brace yourselves, hundreds of billions of dollars, billions come up with a b. hundreds of them. here with reaction host of lara logan, has no agenda returned to the border now available on lara logan thank you for joining us. what is fascinating 2018 shows images of biden and obama kids in cages. the video was from their time in office, they are administration. they built the kids in cages. now they decide to switch to cargo storage containers that
1:53 am
have borrowers on the tiny windows, but they do say they put pictures of butterflies on the walls so we should all feel better? >> you know, sean, what this is symbolic of is obviously the hypocrisy of the medial, which has been exposed so many times that what it is masking is the policies of the biden administration. in terms of the border. because what you are not telling you is that they are having this problem, in spite of the fact that they are pushing these children through quickly as they possibly can. and that is happening so fast because, in part, they don't really want anyone to see the numbers. they don't want anyone to have a real sense of how many people are coming over. those figures you just gave, those don't include the people that are literally running past border patrol agents. and they also don't tell the whole story because there has
1:54 am
just been a significant threat issued by a cartel against border patrol agents, marine units down in the rio grande valley where crossing so many people. they move the team in position with snipers to attack these vote units. the government of mexico was instrumental in driving the cartel members out of the area. now they are telling border patrol agents get your body armor and your guns but why is that significant? are all we are talking about is migrant immigration. no one is talking about border security. both sides are allowing the conversation to be defined by immigration and ignoring what this means for security. all those agents coming from the northern border, they are not doing security control. they are doing migrant care. >> sean: i think when you control the border, we should be able to check people's backgrounds to make sure they don't have radical associations. i think with covid, a health check would be warranted myself. then of course, people should be
1:55 am
able to show us that they will r themselves and their families. this started that came out, hundreds of billions of dollars. well, that is real money at a point where we don't really have that kind of money to give away. >> you know, it is so interesting commission on that you raise that point because i can tell you everyone that i speak to that is responsible for securing the border, that is their number one concern. they are literally telling me over and over again no matter who i speak to that they don't know who was crossing the border. so as you are pushing to get rid of people as quickly as you can, what is the impact of that? they are no longer being interviewed and long enough for foreign governments to come from what they may not only know about them. they don't even know if they are the age they say they are peer so children unaccompanied minors that are being reached, they of, 24 and are saying they are 20 so
1:56 am
they fit in that category and they can be released. and the reality is that they say you can't hold people accountable if you have no idea who they are. and that is what is really concerning so many of these agents. agents. >> sean: great report and you we've got drones that can delive fridges that tell us when we're out of eggs, and people with diabetes are still pricking their fingers? meet the dexcom g6. see your glucose right on your phone without fingersticks. finally, a better way to manage our diabetes.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, we want to thank you for being with us, you make the show possible. we hope you will set your dvr so
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you never miss a episode of hannity. we will be watching the president's speech sunday and talk about it on monday, we hope you have a great weekend. we'll be independent, never the media mob. see you back here monday, thank you so impact of all of tn stimulus and where the economy goes from here. we will see. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, martha maccallum, greg gutfeld and judge jeanine. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: it's a huge weekend for conservatives at cpac down in florida. a lineup of heavy hitting republicans have been taking on joe biden and his radical agenda while also calling out cancel culture and the left's love of socialism. conservatives explaining how they plan to counter biden and the democrats. take aoo


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