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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 27, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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enormously. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the sick obsession, that's the subject of tonight's watters words. the democratic party isn't who they say they are. long gone with the days where they cared about unions, women, children, edge covid-19 don't seem to be a -- a big priority. beside the obvious power and control, the main issue democrats care about are trump
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supporters. how do i know this? they admitted it. of all the issues facing this nation in 2021, the top concern for democrats, trump supporters. you. their fellow americans, their neighbors. not just concern. they are quote extremely concerned about you, followed by nationalism and sexism and capitalism. republicans don't care about the isms, they care about the issues. the top concern republicans have is illegal immigration followed closely by law and order and high taxes. china and media bias also on that list. this tells me one thing. love thy neighbor? no. democrats have been radicalized to mate thy neighbor.
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they are more concerned about trump supporters and racism than they are about china. they are more worried about who you voted for than whether their children can go to school. whether they can go back to work and when they can get vaccinated. trump derangement syndrome is officially showing up in the polling. we are looking at mass psychosis. donald trump is not even in office anymore and he's their top concern. democrat leaders in washington are entirely driven by emotion now. that emotion is hatred. hatred for trump and anyone who supports him. they have been brainwashed to believe everything trump did was evil, thrfort -- therefore, everything they did was good.
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this is the thing about the democratic party. democrats don't care about results. they care more about intention. their intention is always good. because trump's intention was bad, see? it makes them feel good to take a different action than trump. even if their actions harm the very people they say they are intend to go help. but they don't care because it's all about them. their fragile egos, not other people. how many times in the last four years did you hear democrats try to act hike tough guys on russia and call trump a patsy. >> the increased russian threat. >> russia's continued malign efforts in cyberspace and disinformation. >> it looks like he's rinsing to putin more than american intelligence. jesse: you would think after joe
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biden was elected he would knock putin into the upper deck. but that's not happening at all. putin has gotten away with more in four weeks with biden than he did with four years of trump. he's constructing a pipeline that's goes directly into germany. once it's finished russia can control europe's energy politics. them could almost own our allies. construction of this pipeline stopped understood donald trump. he stopped it by threatening germany with a trade war and slapped massive sanctions on every company involved in the construction. but the very day after joe biden came into office, russia started rebuilding the pipeline.
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and joe biden hasn't done anything about it. when he spoke to putin, he didn't bring it up, according to the readout. biden is helping russia build back better. axios reports, allies worried biden shake are you only putin's pipeline. thousands of american jobs done. >> i'm 45 years old. i'm a member of local 798. i have been a pipeliner for 21 years. it's all tino how to do. the recent administration has taken my livelihood from me and expecting me to get a job somewhere else. itch a whole life invested in this. >> unions built the middle class. that's how we got to where we
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are. to continue to hollow out the union movement and hollow out the middle class, i promise you if i'm elected, it stops. you will have the best friend you have ever had in the white house. jesse watters joe freeze. amon workers are trying to unionize. 6,000 workers are holding to vote to join a union. bernie packed the -- backed the union vote. but when they asked joe for support, he stayed out of it. there are a number of reasons but they all involve money. amazon bank rolled joe biden's inauguration and donated $7 million to the bide be campaign. they hardly sent trump a nickel.
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jeff bezos, the richest man in the world, biden doesn't want to make him mad, especially because he owns "the washington post," the paper that terrorized donald trump and put joe in the white house. democrats only go to bat for people who put them in power. not the people who need the help the most. pelosi delayed covid relief for months while americans suffered so trump wouldn't get any political props before the election. instead of gt giving the people the relief they need, she stuffed it full get re-elected. they are calling it
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payoff. only 1% goes to vaccine. and 90% goes to pork. billions in bailouts for pet states. corporate interest slush funds and teacher union giveaways. p.p.p. loans for'. teachers unions are still holding us hostage. >> if you don't bleach' white privilege temperature matters don't teach. if you don't believe black lives matter please don't teach. jesse: and she is a teacher. you can't get a vaccine. you can't open your business. you can't send your child to school. but pelosi is sending stimulus
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checks to illegal aliens. if biden cares so much about covid why is he opening the borders? he brought back safe and release. is that safe during covid? >> i like kids better than people. jesse: if biden las vegas kids so much why is he driving central american children into the hands of coyotes. trump cut deals with our southern partners to keep the caravans out. democrats in the media must care about women. remember the me too movement? dead, democrats killed it because it boomeranged on them. all that talk about empowerment
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meant nothing. ' governor cuomo was accused of fondling his female colleague. the day it broke, not a single network covers the cuomo sex harassment story. and not a high-level female even comment on it. it's like it never happened. believe all women became believe all women unless they accuse democrats. it looks like it was really about keeping democrats in power. the whole flynn sting? democrats tried to take him out for talking to a foreign power. they said it violated the logan act? john kerry just got busted for talking to the iranians for four
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years during the trump administration. they were advising them how to undermine donald trump. even though trump bankrupted the iranian regime, took out soleimani and cut the middle east deal setting up a balance of power so we could get out. biden wants to wreck it all and rejoin the iranian nuclear deal, burning our allies and sending the region back into the chaos we saw during the obama-biden years. this unhealthy obsession with trump and his supporters is hurting our women, our children, our jobs, our safety, what our allies. now that you know what motivates joe biden and the democrats, you will be able to predict the next move. the only principle they have is
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their principled opposition to you. joining me to react, president trump's son and president of the trump organization, donald trump, jr. it seems the only thing that divide the american public it hatred. that decision is driving everything in -- in washington and i think it's hurting the country. >> what's going on right now is insane in our country. we are destroying our jobs, bowing down to china. when i look at the upper echelons of law enforcement, the fbi, they are spending more time investigating lady gaga's missing dog and the garage pool at nascar tracks than the 10
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months of arson and burning that happened in america. the fact that they can totally ignore dozen more deaths, millions more in damage, and not even think about it, it's like jeff zucker of cnn and jussie smollett teamed up together to run the fbi. it's lunacy and it's happening before our very eyes. jesse: your father will be speaking at cpac on sunday. how is he doing? and can you give us a preview of what to expect? >> i think he's doing great. the people, the base is 100% united behind donald trump. all of a sudden they are backtracking because as the republican party typically does. they don't know how to read the room well. when i walk around the room at
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cpac, the amount of love for my father's policies. it's absolutely incredible. i think you will see talk of that. you will see talk of this just being a different republican party. one that isn't just in to losing while being graciously received at the cocktail parties if you washington, d.c. that's what our establishment has done. they have done nothing better man he sessionally snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. donald trump said you don't have to do that. you can fight for the people. you can put america first and you don't have to be ashamed to do so. when i see what's going on at cpac and around the country, i know there is hope for the country, but it's following donald trump's methodology. jesse: occasionally there will be a firearm in the back drop
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and msnbc thinks when that happens you are osama bin laden. >> this week he posted a video of himself ranting about teachers unions while standing f guns. becoming a trends on the right. republican congress woman lauren boebert has built her campaign around guns. last thursday she zoomed into a virtual congressional hearing with a mess of guns piled on the bookshelves behind her. osama bin laden liked to pose in front of guns prominently displayed. >> these people are seriously more -- are morons.
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the -- the second amendment has to be protected. crime is not going down, you are just not arresting the perpetrators of those crimes. the fbi spending more time talking about -- trying to find lady gaga's missing dog. talks are rather than people wht down entire cities. the fact that i want to be able to defend myself and my family shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. these guys will be coming after it big. the democrats are going to come after it hard, and we have to make sure the republicans representing it in d.c. push back equally hard. it will be a sad state of affairs when joe biden gets what he wants. all the things i predicted in
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"liberal privilege" are happening now. joe biden will be a moderate. sure. joe biden is not going to come for your guns. sure. jon: won't ban fracking and shut count oil industry, sure. one in six biden voters said had they heard abo the hunter biden laptop and those scandals they wouldn't have voted for him. the media did what they could to protect him. it will be the downfall of america because you see the even competence. jesse: dr. fauci is on thin ice. right back with that.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: the american people have somehow handed over large parts of our lives to dr. anthony fauci. this is not a fauci bashing segment. we respect the doctor. but we are increasingly critical. i spoke to him last spring. are there other things you think
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you could have done to spare the country from a full economic shutdown. >> we felt at the time and still do now that that was the right thing to do. were there other approaches? i'm humble enough to think there could be. that was the decision we made based on the information we had. jesse: he is an unelected temperature ask leader with a narrow focus. his pronouncements have been all over the place. >> now in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. if one mask is good, two masks are better. >> travel restrictions. when you have multiple countries involved, it's difficult to do that. in fact it's impossible. >> when will life get back to normal. >> it's going to be a matter of
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several weeks to a few months. i think it will be easily by the end of 2021. >> do you think americans will still be wearing masks in 2022? >> it's possible that's the case. jesse: in the beginning of the pandemic fauci said masks and travel bans don't work and told us the virus was low risk. he went from praising trump to bashing trump. he objected to being in a trump ad but democrats re fundraising off him and he hasn't said a word. the biden administration is sending hundreds of thousands of our dollars to that sloppy wuhan lab which many people believe was the source of the outbreak. fauci criticizes desantis but
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praises cuomo. at this point people have lost a lot of faith. the most dangerous place in the world is between fauci and a camera. he's almost on tv more than i am, and i have two shows. has all this publicity affected his medical advice? hard to tell. most people would have dialed it back after this. but fauci wasn't embarrassed at all. he keeps seeking the spotlight. he gave an interview to reuters and blamed americans for not wearing masks. he said the pandemic arrived in the united states where wearing a mask became a political statement rather than a public health measure. not only had he not told americans to wear a mask when the pandemic arrived. he's pushing a myth that americans don't wear masks at
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all. at the height of the election a bunch of polls came out on mask wearing. over 90% of americans said they put a mask on when they left the house. 89% of conservatives said they put a mask on when they left the house. if we are all wearing masks this winter, why was this winter the deadliest stretch? as liberal california slapped a makes mandate on, why did case and deaths explode there afterwards? i'm not saying masks don't work. i believe they do work, they are important. but they are not a silver bullet. and mask shaming is an excuse for democrats to blame trump supporters instead of china. mask shaming is an excuse top
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shift blame. he's the top infectious disease expert in america who oversaw the pandemic. 7% of the country doesn't wear a mask didn't cause half a million deaths. china did. and we still don't understand this contagion. now dr. fauci is telling us even when we are vaccinate we can't get back to normal. he's saying if you are vaccinate you probably shouldn't see your grandkids. and if you are vaccinate you should probably wear a mask in 2022. fauci keeps pushing the day back to when we get back to normal. he's frustrated with americans who have had it with the mask shaming. his focus as a doctor is very narrow. he's looking to extinguish every
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single virus case in the country before we can go back to normal. but that's not our goal. that not how americans live. you can't eliminate all risks. fauci's tunnel vision comes with a huge financial and mental health cost that he's not accounting for because that's not his job. few this one of many advisers that the president relies object for counsel. if biden only listens to fauci, america will never get back to normal in time to survive the recovery. hospitalizations are way down, infections are way down, and spring is just around the corner. we are actually close to herd immunity if the vaccinations keep coming. there is a sweet spots between
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eternally optimistic and the doom and gloom of never ending lockdowns. joining me now, president of the america commitment, phil kerpen. i don't think there is anything wong with scrutinizing dr. fauci. >> i would be harsher than you are. he has been on he side of every issue with respect to the virus. the herd immunity threshold is 60%. now it's 75, 85, 90 percent. there is no aspect of this he hasn't been on both sides of. a year ago he was asked if people should go on tinder and hook up. i'm amazed he continues to command the respect he does from
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a large segment of the population. i agree with you that his principle activity seems to be being on media. and now he's cozying up to our current administration saying you can't open any schools unless you pay the $128 billion year with no incidents in most of the red states. i think he's fundamentally a political oap ray tore. you have got a part of the country that won't be willing to go back to normal until he says so. jesse: he holds so much power because of the worship he sustained the last year. you put this guy on a pedestal and his job is to eliminate
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every case in america before we open back up. that's not going to happen. and it shouldn't happen. we should be able to live with this virus. he's a political animal. put the lab coat on. i don't want to know your politics. phil, thank you very much for your analysis. joe biden is not putting kids? cages. he's putting them in containers. i will report next. [♪♪♪] investigation.
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i'm jon scott. now back to "watters' world." jesse: kids in cages turns into kids in shelters when the democrats are in charge. the biden administration re-opened a facility in texas. the democrats accused trump of keeping kids in cages. >> kamala harris says putting people in this facility was a human rights abuse committed by
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the united states government. and joe biden says under trump there have been horrifying scenes of kids being kept in cages. now it's not understood biden. >> this is not keeping kids in cages. >> what is white house description of this facility. >> we had to expand and open additional facilities because there was not enough space in the existing facilities. jesse: here is a picture of the facility as the kids are arriving. they look like storage units with little bars on the window. i keep some of my extra stuff in these things. the biden administration says the facilities have been revamped. the "washington post" calls it a migrant facility for children. but understood trump it was children in cages. cbs news did the same thing. get this. while schools across the country
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are closed, the children at the border are being caught in classrooms. estimates say 13,000 kids crossed the border in may alone. a record. jim jordan. what is it congressman? is it a storage unit? a container? a cage, is it a tent facility? i can't wrap my head around the hypocrisy. >> it's the same thing it was in the trump administration. it's just that the democrats get a double standard. this is why they try to cancel conservatives and republicans so much because they don't want to point out the double standard. democrats can have thanksgiving dish with their family but we can't have it with ours. we weren't suppose to be able to
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object to the electors on january 62021 to states that changed their election law in scene unconstitutional fashion. but democrats could object on january 6, 2017. one come drapt objected toal d one democrat oned to alabama, a state trump won by 17 points. maxine waters told her constituents, she objected to wyoming, a state president trump won by 42 points. they can do that to overturn the will of the people but i can't object to a 8 that changed their election law in an now they are saying this is the fine thing to do if you said atn the biden administration he would be putting kids in these
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cage facility that trump opened. he had done airstrikes in syria and people hadn't gone the their covid relief checks yet. i think a lot of people would have changed their votes. jim jordan holding it down there in washington. i appreciate your expertise. jeffrey epstein had tapes of bill clinton. this according to a "60 minutes" producer. he's on deck.
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[♪♪♪] >> come object out. you don't want to talk to me? i don't understand. you must be ashamed of something. >> she lost her virginity that day. why would she say that if it
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were not so. it's contemptible. i would like you to get out of here. jesse: the ambush interview made famous by make wallace and carried on by yours viewly. no show has done more investigative journalism than 60 minutes. stories involving bill clinton, the mob, all of it. joining me now, former "60 minutes" producer, ira rosen. you ran -- inghislaine maxwell.
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>> i said i know she has the tapes of trump and i want those tapes. she put her finger in my face. she said i'm the daughter of a presents baron. bill clinton took 25 flights on the lolita express. she said if you do one side you have to do the other. i said i will go with the tapes take me. get me the tapes. she shoe the tapes existed buff she didn't know where he kept them. i never did get them. it was quite interesting, her community. jesse: in one of your meetings she tried to get you in bed which you artfully dodged. she is admitting there are tapes from two presidents at epstein's property.
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you also spoke to mob bosses about the jfk aalways nation. what did she tell you? >> we completed a profile of joe banana. and i'm sitting with joe, who killed kennedy? and he said the first thing he did was call down to miami and talk to the man who ran the mob in florida and said what happened. and he said miami and norms which is run by carlos barcello will take the heat for it. new york is clear. joe found out later, according to what joe banano told me. he said they took care of the grassy knoll and they were taken care of. his son later wrote a book that said it was a chicago gangster
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that fired a shot from a sewer that was the kill shot. when i did a profile of john gotti, jr. who ran a major crime family in new york. junior told me johnny had lousy eyesight and he could never make the shot. who knows what the truth is. jesse: that's what they say. we are talking about the mob here so you can take that how you want to take it. we don't have time to get into the jimmy carter ufo information. apparently he wanted to release the ufo files, but george bush senior blocked him because he was with the cia. maybe we'll have you on again to explore some of the exploits you and mike wallace got yourselves into. >> it was pretty wild.
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jesse: get your dancing shoes on. lord cuomo much new york says we are aloud to throw weddings again and have sweet 16 parties, but not until march 15. but a lot of rules about how you are allowed to dance. you can only dance with people seated at your table or family. you get a dance zone. and you have to stay in your zone. ceremonial dances are aloud. but you have to stay 6 feet away from other dancers. joining me now to discuss, fox news contributor and author of the upcoming book "the thief who stole heaven,." raymond: . heaven," raymond arroyo. if you were to tell the founding fathers that the government was
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regulating dance move, they wouldn't believe you. >> does it apply to strip poker? do you have a stripping zone where you have to be so far away from your partner? here is my big problem here. people in a family, they are free to dance as they want. let's get conga lines. is that less covid vulnerable? the zone cuomo should be worried about is between himself and his female staffers. jesse: he violated all those rules obviously according to her. i guess the school is called in western washington. they are worried about covid, but they need to have band practice. look how the band is practicing. they are basically in a fauci
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bubble. i don't know. do people see this raymond and say wait a second. maybe this is going a little too far? >> imagine what the cheer team at this school looks like? are they in hefty bags rolling around in the grass. what you are seeing is a terrifying look into the dystopian future where they are putting aside $128 billion to buy this kinds of paraphernalia. i call it the covid protection racket. but putting these children. these little musicians in tents. this looks like an act of cruelty. they can play their instruments in a tent, but they can't go camping in a tent. jesse: i think each one of those tents probably cost $45,000.
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>> where does the pianist go? jesse: up next, last call with some very hot video.
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jesse: the sky is on fire in sicily. mount etna keeping its title as the most active volcano in all europe. lava and ash has been spewing out of the peak for a week now. it's no telling how long the eruption will last this time. i have been there in sicily and got a little ash on me. but not from the volcano.
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"justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. i'm in orlando, florida for cpac. we'll have all the can't miss moments along with reaction from congressman matt gaetz. but first my open. in he fascist state the first step towards takedown is shutting down your voice. the second step is taking away your weapons. big tech, thens


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