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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 28, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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jeanine got started thanks for watching. i'm judge jeanine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way. the gutfeld show is up next and i will see you next saturday night. greg: like kale coconut water and crossover fanny packs it's amazing how much evil can suddenly become acceptable. i guess it's time for -- meme and now "the greg gutfeld show" presents all made when you were a democrat. i wonder did you say it's not kids in cages? >> you said it is not kids in cages. we have seen photos now of containers. is there a better description?
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the kids and containers instead of kids and cages and what is the white house use of this facility? >> we have a number of unaccompanied minors, children who are coming into the country with out their family. greg: what? announced no longer kids in cages separated from their parents? its teens and facilities traveling alone like backpacks to europe. now they admit it was never about tearing kids from their mom and dad just protecting them from stranger so now they discover nuance. oh my immigration is actually hard in the border stuff is harder. we could usually -- really use a wall. that was close. i was waiting for jen to say but peter we made sure to limit putting kids in cages. >> what is president biden doing for my small business? >> you nominate a woman to be the head of the small business
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administration. greg: i wonder if there goes over well in her free time? the c hello have you've been in contact with anyone suspected to have coronavirus in the past 14 days? >> as you know joe biden appointed me and i am a woman so he does appoint women. >> it's a yes or no question. >> question. >> a dozen eyes have to be a yes or no answer, john. just because i am a woman i don't need you to mansplain to me. i appreciate your work but the white house is going in a different direction. >> why? >> it's absolutely crucial to president biden that effort first in this kitchen is a woman. he wants all of his sandwiches to be made by women.
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>> what about your wife? >> she is a lawyer. >> if she's she is a woman she belongs in the kitchen. have you've been reading the story about the woman who killed her husband? to me what is crazy is its 2021 but you don't seem to understand that a woman can do anything a man can do. you know what else was shattered, the glass ceiling. it's not just for men anymore and that's something president biden takes very seriously. greg: of course anything bad under trump became everything awesome under biden because new democratic management means new names a new perspective. rising crime is part of the equitable redistribution. children in cages really it's just a camp for kids and look at
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the vaccine. under trump who was telling you not to take them? >> let's just say there's a vaccine that is approved and distributed before the election. would you get it? >> i would not trust donald trump and would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of what everybody is talking about. i will not take his word for it. greg: like the robotic juke box she has changed her turn. >> i promise you and i'm telling you this vaccine is safe and it will save your life and the lives of your family and your community and we have it within our power to actually do that so get your vaccination when it's your turn. it will save your life. >> people are skeptical about the vaccine that you turned me around. greg: why was he skeptical in
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the first-place? its amazing what happens when you have to be the adult in the room. the dems always have the advantage with the media being there their in-house or outhouse pr squad. i wonder how joe is handling this? >> and now president biden on words. >> it's all about words, man. he changed the words to change the policy. use a cages, icy containers could use a containers, i say cantinas. that's great. i learned about words from barack obama when i was his vice principle. we are going to take these kids and move them from cbp to hhs and sit back and watch "cnn" show is a little tlc. are you down with opp? you know me, uncle joe. text joe toohey noddy by greg: of course he is our president but he would know it if you watch those late-night
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shows. >> remember back in 2019 when donald trump met kim jong-un in vietnam and they have a summit there? according to a former national security official after the summit trump offered to give camera ride home on air force one but 45 is not out of the woods yet it does today the supreme court denied his final did to block the release of his tax returns. >> trying to spread the disease to as many people as he can like president outbreak. greg: they are like the slums who never got over going to the prom. they will be live it every day or maybe they will hire lazy hack rioters beware funny about the new administration. the fact is they need jump in every story needs to be about trump. they could use the network that caters to their addiction. >> you are watching atm all trump news because everything else is warring by comparison.
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>> i am anderson lemine with all trump headlines for this minute. tiger woods is lucky to be alive after a serious accident in california. woods might have lost control of the vehicle but experts theorize climate change could have played a role. a serious existential risks donald trump continues to deny because he hates clean air water and birds. speaking of words birdwatchers is spotted a once-in-a-lifetime rare male and female cardinal and we are sure sure sure if donald trump would have his way this bird would never be able to serve in the military or be allowed marry another half male half female cardinal because he is a heartless trans-phobic monster. bruce springsteen has been fined four to $50 for drinking tequila in a national park but after having donald trump as president for four years shouldn't all of us be allowed to drink tequila in a national park? i mean seriously he is really evil.
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i've been drinking tequila since noon and it's all because of that horrible. from washington i'm anderson lemine all trump team. greg: maybe the media is in for wake-up call. remember the sticker that says objects in the site view mirror are closer than they appear quite complexity offers a view that make objects look smaller pro-trump is the opposite. in our rearview mirrors a larger field of vision telling you something else. it's the dams that are getting smaller because they can't do better job than trump. he aced the test and they are trying to not plunk it. north korean four years what obama needs the most pressing threat to the incoming demonstration is on biden's to do lists. why? the trump solve the most pressing problem before the pandemic? the vaccines effectiveness is called miraculous by the trot -- press.
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did middle east peace deal happen under obama and would-be drowning in his own tiers of joy be to the economy of trump hand ushered in a historic economic machine would we have endured the pandemic with unemployment dropping to 50% of the gdp roaring back? could it be the tax break and deregulation help china? you saw it coming first vc cries close causing up to become is one visionary was yelling what about her workers, what about her country? and expose fake news for what it was and shall never be the same. it's amazing looking back and it's funny looking forward but one thing is for certain the media is looking anywhere except their own navels. the next headline button lint and other shameful legacy of trump. >> let's welcome tonight's guests she bought pillowcases for her marshmallows, her new book everything will be okay
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comes up march 9 and it's a thriller. my cohost and coanchor of america's newsroom dana perino. he's afraid of his own shadow which is why he's issa -- comedian joe machi or they call her pool cue because she's skinny and can be found leaning against the wall at most dive bars. host of "fox nation" kat timpf and flat bed trucks or his bedroom slippers. mice sidekick and host of "fox nation," tyrus. what's so special about being a woman anyway? >> apparently we haven't gotten the memo. jen psaki s from an instagram like oatka president trump's pick nominees were women. and linda mcmahon, to get her
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to come into the administration and the economic members appointed to they focused on that she followed through and i was reminded of remember that romney and he talked about how he wanted to hire more women and yet binders full of women and the democrats made it so he'd never hear the end of it but his whole point was he was trying to hire women. >> i was so crazy but he could she could have said in response now we have isabelle guzman here and she will be great to guess at this qualification qualification and because of that qualification and use that time to prop up the qualifications of women. she is telling the country they were checking a box. that's incredibly offensive to women when really it's the opposite. greg: opposite and just filthy. what is your take, i'm sorry
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kat -- tyrus. i'm just telling you i'm sorry. >> you are rattled because your little mind is telling you to say so many things right now. i have the same little brain right now. greg: i'm sorry. i'm sitting here and i can't let a joke go by but i let the jokes they be protected topic late night host joe biden ronald reagan. >> i will say on the first topic you know her saying that we hired a female treasury secretary instead of answering what the administration was going to do on gamestop trading it made perfect sense because it sounds better than janet yellen just took 800 tellers to do speeches for the people she now has to regulate. you would get maybe a half a million if you saw in the arena and i'm sure that speech wasn't
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better than most comedians in the world than i would disagree but that was the bride. i will let you pay me $800,000. greg: that is a lot of money. what do you think about anything? >> well what is our next topic? i'm never afraid. isn't that a mantra? the never afraid. here's the thing, when do we draw the line with by hired a woman? can you imagine the next interview on what everything you are doing here. how do you explain the success for the show? i hired a black. he's not super black buddies middle black. we are fine with that but he's technically according to webster's dictionary he is still black. not little webster, the big
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webster. literally every time we do the show in your today's meet you don't have to do those crazy insulting things about my shoe size. and he is black. you can move on from that. exactly what she did and you are woman. greg: we should do a show where everything is based on a girl. >> i am offended that gender matters at all. >> everyone is drinking fr good. offensive bar fight but first you are going to love this.
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who gets appalled by a little doll? it to cancel cultures next victim. disney plus a string in a classic show but with an offensive content morning before select episodes. a disclaimer notes the show quote includes negative depictions and our mistreatment of p2 -- people or cultures
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breed these stereotypes are wrong then and they are wrong now. it's been added to 18 episodes not a bad marketing ploy disney. johnny cash hosted the show he sings in front of the confederate flag. maybe that's overkill but it got me thinking where the muppets more offensive than you remember? the took an old clip. >> you know miss piggy you could stand to lose a few pounds to anything? >> what did you say? the miss piggy i invited your much hotter sister over. >> let's do it, frog. greg: that was harsh kermit. weight shaming. do we have another? >> i don't know where you want me to go. i lost my job. can you please just leave me alone, please? >> you see kids as men spend all of this his money and drugs and. he is a drain on society.
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greg: count was like that we do we have one more? >> hey neighbors good to see you. how is it going today? >> are used to living with another man? >> he is right over there. >> out that you guys love stuff like musical theater. that's gross. where is the? i want to talk to this word fellow. greg: that is pretty offensive. i guess i do agree that the warning after all. joe, i don't know did you ever try to be you ever try to be a muppet are rather too many strings attached? >> there is a lot of offensive fozzy bear. we are not wiki hype aged boys hacks going around with no self of calm -- self-confidence
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saying what the punchline is. greg: tyrus do you think this was a really in ploy to get people to stream? >> this is our last episode so we got. listen i think this is great for me because of the spin-off on saturday night that i've been telling you about. the judge has got to be available and they can be as old and why does they want to be and it will come on at 2:00 in the morning so no one will really see it but i find it at dens if you are taking away classic comedy stuff so pretty much everything that happened in the 70s and 80s was evil but this is unlikely or talking about we were drowning which is and stoning people to death in excommunicating them. they were telling jokes and people laughed and it was a hit show in such a hit show the people still want to be watching today just to be told that it was so bad.
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i love the muppets and i don't care if they told the jokes in front of the earning church. it was funny and two judges can sit right here and give me the conservative blue evil. greg: dana proves i was wrong about the graduate. now they are in the workforce in h.r. or corporations scaring the out of the executives who are now just kowtowing to anything. >> disney did this, thankfully they didn't take it all off of the air. there's a little bit of marketing that goes on here. disney did give special thanks to the xinjiang province of china where millions of muslims are locked in concentration camps. the graduates you are talking about, they don't care about that. they care about the muppets in the 70s.
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>> there's a cultural norm we have to keep in mind. c i have to remember that the next time i knock off a liquor store. greg: there are no cultural norms for me to exploit unfortunate because i'm basically culturally offensive. >> i think disclaimers in general are kind of condescending. i've been watching a lot of cheers reruns lately. greg: of course you have. >> before it every episode there's cautioned us program may not be suitable for children. i don't think there's any parent sitting on the couch saying i really thought this show called cheaters with footage of people hooking up with their favre -- affair partners and that confrontation was the great choice for me to share with my 4-year-old but now that i saw the disclaimer i'm going to
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think about it again. better than taking it off but it started in 1976. obviously there'll be things in their that are offensive by 2021 standards. greg: what is really damaging people's brains on tv come you watched 20 hours of forensic files but if you watched that long enough you are convinced the entire united states is full of evil psychotic people and you never want to leave the house. you turned a gore phobic. >> in and the places they find dna. >> did they blur out animal because he is literally naked chasing people. and a lot of parents think that's exactly what their kids should be watching with them. >> daddy is on people's court tonight and i will be on cheaters tomorrow. >> that's "the greg gutfeld show" kind of.
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what it might pictures was on "the greg gutfeld show." it was over a ticket to a boy band. up next in investigative reporting to the scariest bar reporting to the scariest bar fight ever. i've pricked my finger
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3,000 time reporting to the scariest bar fight ever. i've pricked my finger and my a1c was still over 9. then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my ph there's my glucose number. ye i feel like i'm calling the there's myshots,se number. not my diabetes. ye
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for all your news headlines go to greg: welcome back. it's time for. >> hero or.
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greg: check out this action in the men's bathroom. if i had dollar for every time i said that, dana. this viral video of a brawl involves the university of oklahoma football player who didn't know what he was in for. take a look. lipo [bleep] bleep company [bleep]. greg: just another day at kilmeade's barbecue. spencer johnson down the left appears to continue as tiff over the progress before it started that he and his buddy were destroyed by two brothers who happen to be trained wrestlers
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in mixed martial arts fighters. the incident sent jones at the hospital where he's down to hours in surgery to repair his shattered eye socket but according to the brothers they gave us no options. unfortunately we showed restraint. so far no arrests have been made and he has no way of knowing what happened before the video started but it looks like a case of a careful what you wish for like these two fellows. talk about a golf outing. okay tyrus there is a case to be made that having skills as a fighter immediately makes you ineligible to use that skill than what is the use of somebody who gets a lead learning to fight if you can't fight? >> that would be a great
1:32 am
question if that was closely what remotely happened quite taken from a guy of picked a fight before. he beat up the weakest guy in the room. first of all the camera is in magnificent vision. second if you look right before the fight he's smiling and he looks at his brother for knowledge meant. that blood was not of his own and may have been the last group debuted at poor who's getting pummeled their, no, no. >> i am not -- there was nothing about that fight that would need to go to which a rete had them when he slapped him. that kid immediately went into panic mode and the punched him and he fell to the ground.
1:33 am
it's over. at that point your message is made. they were cheering him on and somebody dealt it. this was a setup. i know the deal. you hang out in the bathroom and you talk about people's close. they didn't like him something went down with him and the other type pushed into a come on in the fight came out. he was the only one that got pummeled. look at the smirk on his face. >> are you a lawyer? >> i am not a lawyer. he was set up. >> he was saying to a guy get the [bleep] out of here and he tries to de-escalate the situation. no. also none of them were wearing a mask and they were rolling around in the bathroom. greg: if you watch the video there's a guy in a who walks
1:34 am
over to the people without spilling his drink greater minds me of you, dana. >> you leave it outside. >> a flashback to the abe block. >> you pummel someone because they cost at you. >> i don't like the point that he was saying he tried to de-escalate the situation. >> that's why you hire women. >> he was a kicker receiver. he was the guy on the football team you want to fight greg: this is the greatest segment ever. >> don't have the smirk on your face if you're lucky your brother and wipe it off and slap in to set them up and knock them out. greg: i have to say. >> it's not my first rodeo.
1:35 am
>> if you want to see women women fighting just go the world start hip-hop. joe how many fights have you've been in this week, three or four? >> i don't know why i'm the last person you went to but i think it would be cool to get plastic surgery and to have cauliflower ear so people would believe me when i tell them i'm a fighter. i do think the real victims are the guys trying to use the bathroom and some other guy pulls out a camera and you were just there in the bathroom. >> the whole country seeing you pe. >> i don't know who started it or who is right or wrong but it seems like the people could have walked away. greg: i was a young man once and i was. i think tyrus convince me this might have been a planned event that we have got to move on.
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that was the best segment on fox. mr. potato head gets neutered. that's next.
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greg: coca-cola featured a diversity training program that urges employees to be less way. according to -- tips include usair didn't come it the less certain, be less defensive and stop going apple picking with brian kilmeade radio mine course called confronting racism was hosted by linkedin what is now been removed in coca-cola denies the whiteness training is mandatory. meanwhile there's another brand-name slurping from a woke trough mr. potato does dropping the mr. like a hot potato. did you like back? according to bad company of girl potato can wear pants and a boy
1:41 am
potato might wear earrings. hasbro now blames the mr. potato head characters and changing at all but going forward are the new brand-name will simply be potato head which oddly is a common act in dublin. california. dublin, california. >> i'm out. >> let's have a mr. potato head national championship, shall we? >> wait, wait, wait. [laughter] greg: there you go. kat coca-cola says it's not mandatory but if you didn't go there word would have gotten out that you didn't take the training and you are white. >> i am quite.
1:42 am
yeah i am white. it's just because how can i be less white? i can do the less arrogant thing but as a woman who's had professional help for how much she hates herself i don't think i need that but is it culture appropriation? you don't want me to be less way wanted to be white which i am quite. greg: that's an amazing point. if you reject it then you have to veer towards white supremacy. >> this is how people get radicalized. i mean, on. i can't come my burn. greg: joe you are the second most white. i'll bet no one has ever said that to you. >> it's interesting to me you
1:43 am
can be arrogant to sell sugar water with to a country with a exploding sugar diabetes epidemic. we do stuff like this you are supposed to call it the opposite of what it is so diversity what it really means is orthodoxy and conformity so they should have said white equal or cool training. zero they are coming for white people. greg: bean, coke denies it. >> they were like no, that was the new coke. >> that's why they put you in the lead chair. greg: it's now the dana perino show and i will be hosting. >> you are going love the mornings. greg: would watch that.
1:44 am
greg: i will never do a morning show. let's just agree to that. >> tape it the night before and hope that no news breaks. >> i don't want to do an hour and breaking news, have you noticed? the tyrus what is your advice? >> well it's funny we have gotten to the point where a bunch of white people are asking the black guy how do we be less white? this is the most [bleep] stupid thing i've seen in my life and i will tell you why. you are telling someone to be less white which is the most ignorant thing i've ever heard in my life. you can tell them to be more respectful and sensitive to other people and educate themselves. when you tell someone to be less white it's like same there something wrong with you to begin with it if you said hey tyrus you did a great job on the show but i need you to pull
1:45 am
back. but because we live, if i was white i would be furious by that because the color of my skin has nothing to do with the content of my character. hey don't he a jerk and don't be wrote to people. if you don't know about somebody, ask, be nice. less white, literally -- greg: you should change your name to less white. >> wesley wieder. roving reporter leslie will wieder. >> if you are white you stay in your lane and you were a white person you can't wear that hat with dreadlocks. >> every podcast i say enough said. >> i can't say that he does i'm very white.
1:46 am
>> chalky in fact. it's a nomenclature, chalky, paste. dana perino is a god. greg: it's just makeup. >> i were so much makeup might tastiness just comes through. tastiness just comes through. greg: all r r r r r
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a new study out of india found that people were glasses or three times less likely to catch covid-19 but according to the part most people touched most people touched their eyes an average of three times per hour but the spectacled ones say they touch them a lot less making it more difficult for the virus to get inside of their body to infect them. of course we know coronavirus can spread otherwise -- other ways to drop droplets in the air but i wonder if grass -- glasses provide protection for that? >> i'm here in new york city where i'm talking to people with glasses about their experiences with covid-19.
1:51 am
c i am sorry lady. >> come on, man. oh grows. gross. >> that makes a lot of sense. greg: you know what's amazing dana there is so much good news coming out of this. the vaccine uses a insane in the rapid testing we have overlooked but i test every week and it's a good thing to do. watch reductions in thomases and hospitalizations. i think it's a reason to be optimistic. >> it's a hard to spread it. i think it might be true about the eye thing but who sponsored that study?
1:52 am
somebody is making a lot of money with the glasses. greg: some say goggles are even better than glasses. >> than glasses. >> that's why were surprised they didn't say you should wear goggles. people are willing to give up their constitutional rights but they aren't putting on spectacles. that's absurd. you can't go outside. and no goggles. that's a real step towards greg: i checked wikipedia so i think it's right. tyrus. >> you don't know how old i am? >> you are that white girl, the less white girl. >> i am not touching that one. i think dana made a great point.
1:53 am
you had better wear to mass, swimming goggles and feather hats absorb the molecules in the air. you wear a hat with a taller feather the more safe it is for you to go outside. the plastic is a buffer for keeping people away. i was good with the two masks i guess that the glasses now i think is just, stop it. you wore t didn't need them andu need them. >> i'm nearsighted in one eye but after wearing glasses i was just excited. i love glasses. i look smart and i look a lot more attractive so kopitar no covid glasses make me at least a thousand times better looking.
1:54 am
greg: wow. did that study came out of india to? >> if you see someone crying all of the time. >> if you watch people at the airport they are always doing that. greg: i think i have had enough. we must take a break. more show after this.
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and an integrated dual exhaust. when you have all that, the last thing you'll need... is a road. the chevy silverado trail boss. ready to off-road, right from the factory. greg: dana you told me you do the show only if you could plug your book. >> i'm excited for what's coming in future but that book will come out and everything will be
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okay, life lessons for young women. from a former young woman. greg: and it's a great look and you could check out the podcast. joe d everything to plug? >> kat u.s. nothing and tyrus to want to lay low like. >> i have a book called everything is not going to be okay and everything you need to nobody know by the unmanned. >> i have a fulfilling life full of joy. greg: if you don't have anything to plug apparently that's not true. >> kat at greg: is awesome. dana perino, joe machi kat timpf and tyrus.
2:00 am
thank you. i love you america. limbaugh he- enormously. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the sick obsession, that's the subject of tonight's watters words. the democratic party isn't who they say they are. long gone with the days where they cared about unions, women, children, edge covid-19 don't seem to be a -- a big priority. beside the obvious power and control, the main issue democrats care about are trump
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